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Edwall Catholic Cemetery
Lincoln County, Washington

Contributed by Pat Rice, Jul 06, 2000, last edited Apr 18, 2009 [rcrice@centurytel.net]. Total records = 37.

Edwall (Catholic) Cemetery is one of two cemeteries lying southwest of the unincorporated town of Edwall in Lincoln County. To reach it, after going west on Highway 2 from Reardan, continue about 11 miles south on route 231 to the town of Edwall. About a mile west of town on Bluestem Road, the cemetery lies out of sight to the south in a pasture. It lies in the SE corner of Sec. 11 T23N R38 and was a block approximately 147 feet by 242 feet at the time of its sale to the District in 1974.

The earliest known death buried in this cemetery, was in 1893 and the most most recent, in 1997. All records refer to it simply as the Edwall Catholic Cemetery. The present cemetery district commissioner and the town historian both know it only as Edwall Catholic. Both agree that in their memory, this cemetery, was never connected with a church.

The cemetery began, so the story goes, when Thomas McMahon died in 1899. His funeral party had to go to Sprague in a horrible blizzard, arriving too late for funeral mass to be said that day. When the next Catholic member of the Edwall community died, Mrs. McMahon gave a small piece of ground to be used only by Catholics. McMahons retained title to the ground until a member of McMahon family sold it, and the access road, to Lincoln County Cemetery District #6 in 1974.

The first Catholic Church in Edwall, was called St. Barnabus, later renamed Sacred Heart. This church burned in 1935 as it was being prepared for Margaret McMahon's funeral, according to a report in the Odessa Record of August 30. A similar report in the Davenport Times-Tribune said she had been a faithful attendee since its construction 40 years prior. She is buried in this cemetery.

This cemetery is accessed through private property on a dirt road through pasture, but easement for the road, was included, when Ann McMahon sold the cemetery to Cemetery District #6 for $1. Once leaving Canby Road to the south, proceed on the dirt road for about 1200 feet to the small fenced cemetery. The gate is at the north, west corner.

Marge Womach and Pat Rice, walked this cemetery in the spring of 1999.

Abbreviations include: mm/dd/yr as date format, w/=shares stone, with, s/o=son of, d/o=daughter of, w/o= wife of, h/o=husband of, c=cause, (maiden name). There are several bases, with no stones.

ABELMAN, Hugh, d. 6/2/1916 infant, 12 hours
ABELMAN, Mary Irene, d. 3/31/1913
ABELMAN, Mary, d. 6/9/1916 25y, c=angina pectoris
ABELMAN, Minnie Alice, b. 6/22/1890, d. 6/9/1916
ABELMAN, Philip LeRoy, d. 5/30/1916
ANDERSON, Sarah Pearl, b. 1888, d. 1967
APPEL, Anna, b. 4/28/1859 in Russia, d. 10/9/1914
FLEMING, Elizabeth, b. 1845, d. 1907
FLEMING?, baby, d. 1900, adjacent to Eliz. no surname
HANLON, Frank A., b. 1877, d. 1966, w/Mary E.
HANLON, Mary A., b. 8/10/1875, d. 3/2/1921
HANLON, Mary E., b. 1840, d. 1911, w/Frank
HANLON, William J., b. 6/27/1880, d. 4/29/1918
HOWELL, Nellie, d. 1/15/1920, 30y, (Hogan), w/o Charles, c-Bright's disease
HOZNAGEL, Martin, d. 12/2/1914, 77y, b=Germania, no stone
JANS, Cecila, b. 5/10/1908, d. 3/25/1997, w/Henry
JANS, Henry, b. 4/13/1901, d. no date
KLEIN, John F., b. 1882, d. 1975, w/Nettie
KLEIN, Nettie, b. 1890, d. 1955, w/John
LEONARD, Hugh, b. 1840, d. 1911, w/Mary
LEONARD, Mary, b. 1902, d. 1927, w/Hugh
McGOURIN, John, d. 11/16/1900, w/Mary &, William, h/o Sarah, 69y, CoE 17th, Wis Vol, Civil, Rest soldier, rest, thy, warfare o'er, sleep the sleep that kno, ws no, waking
McGOURIN, Mary Elizabeth, d. 10/31/1863, w/John, William, 4y, bur. Wisconsin
McGOURIN, Robert bur. 3/13/1905 in Edwall, d. Tonapah, Nev.
McGOURIN, Sarah, d. 12/21/1913, church ledger, no stone
McGOURIN, Wilfred, b. 1910, d. 1996, 'Bill'
McGOURIN, William Henry, d. 5/16/1893, w/John, Mary, 35y
McMAHON, Albert, b. 1879, d. 1940, no surname, in McMahon plot
McMAHON, Ann, b. 6/17/1898, d. 1/12/1981, w/John T.
McMAHON, Edward B., b. 1882, d. 1947, no surname, in McMahon plot
McMAHON, Frank, b. 1884, d. 1955, tin marker
McMAHON, Herbert L., b. 1880, d. 1947, no surname, in McMahon plot
McMAHON, John T., b. 8/7/1895, d. 12/16/1962, w/Ann
McMAHON, Margaret, d. 8/21/1935, w/Thomas, 80y11m24d
McMAHON, Thomas, d. 2/31/1899, w/Margaret, 47y11m28d, b=Clare, Ireland
SPRINGER, Bertha, b. 3/27/1847, d. 5/1/1917, w/Frederick, Mother, Germany
SPRINGER, Frederick, b. 4/18/1843, d. 12/27/1902, w/Bertha, Father, Germany

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