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Davenport Catholic Cemetery
Lincoln County, Washington

Lat: 47° 38' 35"N, Lon: 118° 11' 02"W
T25N R37E Sec 20

Contributed by Pat Rice, July 2000, last edited Apr 18, 2009 [rcrice@centurytel.net]. Total records = 71.

Davenport Catholic Cemetery, known earlier as Cemetery of the Immaculate Conception, although the only place that name has appeared is on the plat.

The Davenport Catholic Cemetery is located to the west of Mountain View Cemetery, the cemetery that is maintained by the city. Both are west and just south of the city of Davenport . Head out of Davenport on Highway 28 south and go west on Mt. View Cemetery Road for about 1 1/4 miles.

The cemetery is in the SW 1/4 of Sec 20 T25 R37. It can be reached via the directions above, or by traveling west from Davenport on Highway 2 for one mile, then south one mile. It was a 23 rod square, less the county road to the south, according to a letter written in 1963 by Rev. John O'Brien, of the Immaculate Conception Parish. The plat record identifies it as the Cemetery of Immaculate Conception but it is known in most other cases as the Davenport Catholic Cemetery. The church by that name is still active in Davenport. The cemetery was formed in November of 1901 when the James Holland family of Davenport donated the land.

Father O'Brien was corresponding with the Bishop of Spokane over the deplorable condition of the cemetery, asking the Bishop's permission to request the city to take over the cemetery. The city did not. In Father O'Brien's letter he said that the saddest thing about the cemetery was the condition of its records and to his knowledge, there was no recording book for it. There was a map, but it does not agree with what is actually there, tombstones aren't where they should be and many graves are unmarked. He added that he had made a new map, coming up with 56 names and 60 graves with room for 6- or 700 more.

In the summer of 1992 Davenport Boy Scout Tim Coley took on the cleaning of this cemetery as his Eagle Project. For a year or so it looked good, but with no one designated as care taker, it has reverted to its previous condition. There have been several documented incidents of vandalism.

The cemetery was walked several times by Pat Rice and Marge Womach, with the last time being in June 2000.

Abbreviations include: s/o=son of, d/o=daughter to, w/o=wife of,
h/o=husband of, w/=shares stone with, (maiden name), 'direct quote',
date is mm/dd/yr, RB=in record book, O=obituary said. Numbers as the first
entry in the notes denote section and block, d. 1/7, as listed in
informal records compiled in 1963.

BAIR, George, b. 4/28/1874, d. 1/6/1938, 3/7, no stone
BAIR, Mary Ellen, b. 6/15/1892, d. 9/10/1941, no stone, RB, O=d/o James Holland, 2 daus
BAUMGARNER, Bernard, infant, 2/6, no stone
BEER, George, d. 1940, 3/7, no stone
BEER, Louis, 5/7, no stone
CAREY, A., 2/1, no stone
CARPENTER, Julia A., d. 7/8/1908, 5/5, 44y, w/o Patrick
CONWAY, John, 2/1, no stone
CONWAY, William, 2/1, no stone
CURTIN, Bessie, see Leonard, RB
DUGAL, Emil, 6/-, no stone
FLANNEY, Geo., d. 1937, 6/-, no stone, 76y, Iowa
GILFORTH, Ann, 5/1, no stone
GREEN, A., 1/-, no stone
HAMMETNECK?, Sarah , 2/5, no stone, RB not clear
HAYTER, Sam Foss, 6/-, no stone, 86y
HECKET, Alicia, b. 6/23/1896, d. 9/23/1940, 4/1
HECKET, Antonia E., b. 2/11/1867, d. 9/6/1954 , 4/1, w/Frank, O=pioneer
HECKET, Frank, 4/1, w/Antonia
HECKET, Henry B., b. Jan 23, 1894, d. 12/23/1950 4/-
HECKET, Joseph J., b. 6/6/1893 , d. 5/13/1943, 4/1
HIGGINS, D, no stone, RB
HOEY, J., 2/1, no stone
HOLLAND, James J. (Jr.), b. 1908 , d. 1961 (2?) 3/7, RB, Bud
HOLLAND, James J., b. 1848 , d. 1926, 3/7, w/Mary
HOLLAND, M., 5/5, no stone
HOLLAND, Mary, b. 1870 , d. 1943, 3/7, w/James (elder)
HUCK, August, 3/17/1852, d. 10/07/1912 5/1, w/Michael, RB=Augusta
HUCK, Michael, b. 1/13/1843, d. 6/28/1917 5/1, w/Augusta
HULLNOW, M., no stone
LEANZ, Wn. (Wm?), 2/1, no stone
LEONARD, Bessie B, d. 8/14/1900, 4/2, 50y, w/o Daniel, m/o Jos. & Austin Curtin
MALONEY, Pat, d. 1930, 6/-, no stone, 65y, Ireland
MARTIN, Catherine, b. 4/5/1845 , d. 4/17/1903 w/o John
McDONALD, Dan, no stone, 6/-
MORROW, Phillip E, d. 6/24/1924, 5/6, 28y, Wash. Pvt 113 Spruce Sq
MURPHY, David Joe, b. 1865, d. 1939, 6/-, w/Emma
MURPHY, Emma J., b. 1868 , d. 1933, 6/-, w/David
MURPHY, Mary Helen, b. 12/9/1903, d. 10/2/1903 6/-, d/o Emma and David
MURPHY, William, 5/2, no stone
NEFF, Antone W., b. 9/11/1913, d. 5/24/1945 5/4, Wash. Pfc. 306 Inf WW II
NEFF, Rosalie, b. Apr 23, 1872, d. Jun 11, 1969
NEFF, William, b. Mar 04, 1872, d. May 28, 1928, Father, 5/4
QUIRK, Jim, 1/1, no stone
REDDY, John, b. 5/2/1859, d. 6/6/1903 6/-, b=Ontario, Canada
REILAND, Josephine, 5/2, no stone
REILAND, Katherine, 5/2, no stone
REILAND, William, 5/2, 80y 4m, RB=1/22/1907, of Rockland
SARASIN, see Spooner, Joseph
SAVELESKY, Henry Lewis, b. 6/16/1905, d. 3/19/1966 68y, father, inf dau Cynthia
SAVELESKY, Verna Pearl, b. 10/01/1908, d. 11/26/1977 'mother', (Bolenus), O=says her son, Father Savelesky officiated at her service.
SCHMITZ, John, b. 1856, d. 1913 RB
SCHREDER, Elizabeth, b. Jan 25, 1836, d. Sep 25, 1903, 3/8, Women of Woodcraft
SCHROEDER, Joe, d. 1935, 3/8, no stone
SHENE, Roy Patrick , no stone, 6/-, from Lincoln
SKELLEY, Michael, d. 4/5/1905, 79y, 5/5, RB=Mike
SMICHT, Joe, 5/2, no stone
SPOONER, Aglaee, b. 1847, d. 1925 5/3, w/Joseph, d-1933
SPOONER, Alphonso, b. 1870, d. 1963 5/3
SPOONER, Frank, b. 2/4/1887, d. 3/2/1974 Montana, Pvt Army WWI
SPOONER, Joseph Sarasin, b. 1850, d. 1925 5/3, w/Aglaee
SPRINGER, infant, 4/6
SULLIVAN, Richard B., b. 8/5/1905 , d. 7/15/1908
SWEENEY, Frank L., b. 8/24/1888, d. 10/18/1907 5/1, w/James
SWEENEY, James H., b. 9/11/1886, d. 10/5/1905 5/1, w/Frank
SWEENY, Bill, d. 1929, 5/1, no stone, 28y
VAY, Wm., 2/7, no stone

1. ------, Myrtle, b. 5/11/1898, d. 5/21/1909, Stone broken, not all pieces there. Pieces left indicate
2. wooden stake
3. pipe surround that sits on the ground, size indicates infant
4. stone in shape of cross, 6" thick, 18-24" tall, no data

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