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Bohemian Cemetery
Odessa, Lincoln County, Washington

Lat: 47° 18' 24"N, Lon: 118° 41' 23"W
T21N R33E Sec 17

Contributed by Cherie Peterson Feb 18, 2002, last edited Apr 18, 2009 [shurre@aol.com]. Total records = 53.

Located just 2 miles south of Odessa, Lincoln, Washington on west side of SR 21.

This is a very small but very well kept cemetery, which was established in the year 1901. It does not appear to have room for any more graves.

I have transcribed from a survey of the cemetery, which I did in 9-9-1999.

- Cherie Peterson
Allum, Kenneth J., b. 1933, d. no date, m. 2-1950, Together Forever, s/w Mary Ann
Allum, Mary Ann Totusek, b. 1933-1994, m. 2-1950, Together Forever, s/w Kenneth J
Coleman, Deanna K., b. 4-1-1965, Our Baby
Coleman, Marie O., b. 2-24-1943/7-28-1981, The Lord is My Shepard
Collins, Florence, b. 4-24-1910, d. 5-10-1984
Dlouhy, Anna, b. 6-29-1841/4-14-1914
Dlouhy, Anton, b. 4-16-1839/6-25-1912
Droz, Daniel Verne, Jr, b. 9-11-1922, d. 6-8-1983, Et1 US Navy WWII Korea
Graham, Mable Clara, b. 12-27-1904, d. 11-27-1980
Iksic, Louis Jr, b. 1-28-1931, d. 8-8-1995, Ssgt US Air Force Korea
Motycka, John, No Dates
Ott, Jacob, b. 7-15-1886, d. 12-20-1964
Ott, Victoria Totusek, b. 11-28-1892, d. 12-24-1987
Paviska, Joseph, b. 10-8-1888/5-11-1968, Father
Svihel, Alvin, b. 12-5-1909/1-2-1910
Svihel, Elvin, b. 1-10-1907/2-20-1907
Totusek , Alise M., b. 1916, d. 1990, s/w Frank M, Together Forever
Totusek , Frank M., b. 1924, d. no date, s/w Alise M, Together Forever
Totusek, Clara, b. 12-6-1903/8-27-1997
Totusek, Frank B., b. 10-15-1891, d. 5-23-1967, Wa. Bugler 1CL 147 Field Arty WWI
Totusek, Frank Vancel, b. 2-4-1894, d. 8-16-1963
Totusek, Genek, b. 4-2-1850, d. 6-2-1903
Totusek, James, No Dates
Totusek, Jerome, b. 10-4-1896, d. 9-28-1968, Washington PVT Btry F 346 Field Arty WWI
Totusek, Jeroslav "Jerry", b. 4-14-1901, d. 12-8-1977
Totusek, Joseph, b. 1889, d. 1970
Totusek, Ladimer, b. 12-10-1896, d. 10-2-1916
Totusek, Lidumil E., b. 1899-1989, s/w Olga M
Totusek, Lucille, No Dates
Totusek, Margaret Anna, b. 7-10-1938, d. 8-5-1992, Beloved Daughter & Sister
Totusek, Mary M., b. 1-4-1899, d. 5-27-1983, Loving Wife & Mother
Totusek, Max W., b. 7-3-1931, d. 11-4-1991, Beloved Dad
Totusek, Miroslav, b. 11-15-1890/1-15-1969
Totusek, Olga M., b. 1889-1973, s/w Lidumil E
Totusek, Olga, No Dates
Totusek, Ruby Leah, b. 7-16-1902, d. 3-8-1999, Beloved Wife & Mother
Totusek, Vincent W., b. 1-4-1889, d. 2-29-1908
Velek, Jonny, No Dates
Wraspir, Arthur Edward, b. 10-2-1911, d. 5-23-1994, (Has photo on Gravestone)
Wraspir, Darlene Mae, b. 1-29-1939, d. 2-1-1939, Our Baby Sister
Wraspir, Donald, b. 8-12-1929, d. 7-6-1965, Wa. A1C USAF
Wraspir, Dorothy, b. 1-27-1907, d. 2-25-1997
Wraspir, Emma T., b. 1906, d. 1957 Mother
Wraspir, Leona H. Pfeifer, b. 7-28-1917, d. 5-28-1946 (Has photo on Gravestone)
Wraspir, Louis Mirumil, b. 11-29-1904, d. 6-21-1993, Loving Father
Wraspir, Louis Sr., b. 1877, d. 1950 Dad
Wraspir, Louise L., b. 7-23-1908, d. 4-4-1999, Beloved Mother, Grandmother & Great Grandmother
Wraspir, Marie Annie, b. 1868, d. 1955 Mother
Wraspir, Melissa A., b. 8-4-1955, d. 5-25-1963
Wraspir, Robert, 1930
Wraspir, Rose Marie, b. 8-24-1927, d. 12-3-1953, Washington PVT 346 Lt Fld Arty 91 Div
Wraspir, Stanley, b. 5-9-1907, d. 5-7-1988
Wraspir, William B., b. 1-17-1914/2-7-1999

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