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Stonehenge WWI Memorial
Goldendale, Klickitat County, Washington

stonehenge wwi memorial, maryhill wa
Stonehenge WWI Memorial

GPS: 45.694382, -120.806013

97 Stonehenge Dr.
Goldendale, WA 98620

Date published: May 28, 2018
Total records: 14

Stonehenge WWI Memorial is owned and operated by the Maryhill Museum of Art.


Commissioned by Samuel Hill, a local industrialist and philanthropist, this replica of the original Stonehenge in Salisbury Plain, England began construction in 1918 as a memorial to 14 local Klickitat County residents who died fighting in World War I. It was completed in 1929.

Several of the pillars inside the replica Stonhenge contain brass plaques with the names of these men.

Cemetery Records

Records listed below were transcribed directly from the brass plaques fixed to the pillars in this memorial site.

ALLYN, James Henry
, born April 12, 1897, died July 15, 1918
AUER, Charles, born July 17, 1984, died June 6, 1918
BROMLEY, Dewey V., born July 15, 1898, died April 13, 1918
CHESHIRE, John W., born June 13, 1890, died, Feb'y 5, 1918
CHILDS, Evan, born July 14, 1893, died Sept. 30, 1918
CLARY, William O., born Oct. 10, 1884, died Jan. 4, 1919
DUNCAN, James D., born July 15, 1987, died June 16, 1917
GOTFREDSON, Harry, born May 6, 1894, died July 30, 1918
GRAHAM, Robert F., born Feb'y 29, 1896, died April 17, 1917
LEIDL, Louis, born March 5, 1984, died Oct. 14, 1918
LESTER, Carl A., born Oct 6, 1888, died March 15, 1918
LINDBLAD, Edward, born March 25, 1899, died Sept. 15, 1918
PIENDL, Henry O., born Sep. 18, 1893, died July 30, 1918
VENABLE, Robert F., born Sept. 27, 1898, died May 21, 1917

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