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White Lake Cemetery - Burial Records
Auburn, King County, Washington

white lake cemetery
White Lake Cemetery

GPS: 47.296824, -122.192524

1599 Dogwood St SE
Auburn, WA 98092

Date published: September 9, 2017
Total records: 378

White Lake Cemetery is owned by the Muckleshoot Reservation, Tribal Office..


White Lake Cemetery is a Native American burial ground. Cemetery is in very good condition and well cared for. The oldest marked grave was from 1898 and the cemetery is still actively used. There is parking for a few cars across the street from the cemetery.

This cemetery has two separate areas. The new section is the section you see as you enter the cemetery. Just as you enter the cemetery in the right hand corner is a walkway to the old section. 

Directions:  Heading East on Hwy 18 from Hwy 167, take exit for WA – 164 E.  follow signs for Muckleshoot Casino.  Turn left on Hwy 164 and continue 1.9 miles.  Turn left onto Dogwood St SE (just after Muckleshoot Casino).  Continue 0.4 miles to cemetery.  Cemetery entrance is on the left side of Dogwood St SE just before the road turns right into Scenic Dr SE

Cemetery Records

Records published here were transcribed from tombstone inscriptions by Suzanne Livingstone during a visit in July 2017.

?, ?, birth: 19-May-1939, death: 17-Aug-2016
?, Donna, death: 1942
ABBS, ?, birth: ?, death: ?
ABBS, ?, birth: ?, death: ?
ABELLA, Joel Michael, birth: 14-Aug-1985, death: 17-Jun-2016, NWC
AHO, Ashley Elvina, birth: 3-Dec-1998, death: 17-Feb-2016
AHO, Charles Joseph, death: 15-May-2015
ALFRED, Nora, birth: 14-Jan-1942, death: 2-May-2005
ALLEN, Alexander Robert, birth: 16-Jun-1960, death: 27-Aug-1960
ALLEN, Matthew B, birth: 2-Sep-1961, death: 28-Jan-1991
ALLEN, Robert, birth: 1909, death: 1980
ALLEN, Virginia M, birth: 3-Nov-1944, death: 22-May-1971
ALLEN, Walter J, birth: 11-Dec-1939, death: 28-Mar-1997
ALLEN, Wanda L, birth: 19-Aug-1948, death: 9-Nov-2002
ALLEN, Wilfred B, birth: 24-Oct-1983, death: 3-Feb-1984
ANDERSON, Brigette Ann, birth: 30-Sep-1986, death: 24-Nov-2016, NWC
ANDERSON, Mark Fernando, birth: 6-Mar-1990, death: 15-Mar-1990
ANDERSON, Shawntaya Bessie, death: 2001
ANDERSON, William R Sr., birth: 27-Oct-1945, death: 14-Nov-2009, NWC
APODACA, Raymond, birth: 1981, death: 2003
BAKER, Alexander, birth: ?, death: 1957
BAKER, Alexander M Jr., birth: 1935, death: 1960
BAKER, Clara Helen, birth: 27-Nov-1952, death: 4-Feb-1953
BAKER, Clifford M, birth: 12-Feb-1979, death: 14-Feb-1979
BAKER, Edward, birth: 1-Dec-1912, death: 12-Jul-1967, WA Pfc 96 Signal BN WWII
BAKER, Floyd J, birth: 13-Oct-1962, death: 17-May-2015
BAKER, Helen, birth: 1915, death: 1973
BAKER, Lenora M, death: Oct 1963
BAKER, Marcella, death: 1968
BAKER, Robert S, birth: 1950, death: 1978
BAKER, Rose Marie, death: 1-Jan-1964
BANKS, Justine Rose Lobehan, birth: 2004, death: 2004, NWC
BARR, BillieJean M, birth: 4-Jan-1976, death: 5-Feb-1993
BARR, Clarence, birth: 1912, death: 1975
BARR, Clarence B, birth: 4-Jan-1957, death: 15-Sep-1973
BARR, Earnest Sr., birth: 27-Dec-1918, death: 7-Feb-1994, US Army WWII
BARR, Evelyn, birth: 1916, death: 1953
BARR, George, birth: 1880, death: 1959
BARR, James K, birth: 6-Jul-1961, death: 4-Jul-1981
BARR, Matilda, birth: 1881, death: 1966
BARR, Merle Jr., birth: 22-Sep-1975, death: 28-Oct-2014, NWC
BARR, Phyllis E, birth: 1936, death: 1978
BARR, Raymond Milton, birth: 20-Sep-1921, death: 26-Mar-1972, WA Pvt US Army WWII
BARRETT, Pauline F Lozier, birth: 11-Nov-1926, death: 7-Feb-1999
BEETLES, Donna, baby
BELLIVEAU, Robert Jr., birth: 6-Aug-1973, death: 28-Nov-2014, NWC
BERRY, Corey James, birth: 14-Jan-19??, death: 22-Jan-2015, NWC
BERRY, Sherene E, birth: 8-Aug-1949, death: 11-Aug-2013, NWC
BEVAY, Arnold, birth: 1946, death: ?
BILL, Andrew, birth: 16-Aug-1887, death: 6-Sep-1958
BILL, Susie, birth: 7-Jan-1885, death: 29-Jan-1952
BILL, Willard E (Dr) Sr., birth: 25-Sep-1938, death: 26-Dec-2007, NWC
BROADY, Vivian Marie, birth: 29-Jan-1948, death: 11-Oct-1997
BROWN, Tony Lee, birth: 24-Aug-1991, death: 24-Aug-1991
CARRANZA, Kim, birth: 1963, death: 2004
CARRANZA, Maria Ann, birth: 26-May-1945, death: 13-Apr-2016, NWC
CAYOU, Kelsey M, birth: 13-Jun-1995, death: 5-Nov-1995
CHAL-BLUTE, Charmaine Maney Sneatlum, birth: Nov 1962, death: 17-Nov-1999
CHARLES, Carol Ann, death: 1948
CHARLES, Elizabeth M, birth: 3-Jul-1916, death: 29-May-1948
CHARLES, Mary, birth: 1885, death: 1958
CHAVEZ, Herman, death: 4-Jan-2006
CHICO, Kelvin, birth: 9-Feb-1984, death: 22-Mar-1988
COURVILLE, June Rose, birth: 1916, death: 1999
COURVILLE, Laura, birth: 1890, death: 1968
CROMBIE, Kathy Ann, birth: 11-Sep-1951, death: 16-Dec-2015, NWC
CROSS, Alvina, birth: 1906, death: 1973
CROSS, George, birth: 1890, death: 1964
CROSS, George Ronald, death: 1989
CROSS, Kenneth Albert, birth: 16-Jan-1943, death: 9-Dec-2015
CROSS, Linda M, birth: 13-May-1947, death: 13-Apr-1948
CROSS, Loretta, birth: 1-Aug-1937, death: 15-May-1956
CROSS, Rosalie L, birth: 7-Apr-1940, death: 29-Jan-2014, NWC
DANIELS, Dorothy B, birth: 25-Nov-1928, death: 30-Dec-1978
DANIELS, Ernie, birth: 1954, death: 1993
DANIELS, LaVerne T, birth: 7-Aug-1933, death: 4-Oct-1955
DANIELS, Theodore W, birth: 1924, death: 1990, US Army Air Corps WWII
DANIELS-FUGITT, Ann, birth: 21-Sep-1953, death: 25-Aug-2015, NWC
DAVIS, Renee Lorraine, birth: 2-Mar-1993, death: 21-Oct-2016, NWC
DAVIS, Sandy (Johnson), birth: 29-Feb-1960, death: 12-Jun-2015, NWC
DECORH, Baby, death: 30-Jan-1975
DIAZ, Alex J, birth: 1988, death: 1993
DOMINICK, Sherman A, birth: 24-Oct-1940, death: 18-Mar-2009, NWC
EAGLESPEAKER, Isaiah, death: 30-Nov-2015, NWC
ELKINS, Jack A, death: 6-Dec-1968, 1month 16days
ELKINS, James O, birth: 2-Sep-1939, death: 12-Feb-1971
ELKINS, James P, birth: 1965, death: 1993
ELKINS, Jean Olivia, birth: 3-Sep-1966, death: 2-Dec-2014, NWC
ELKINS, Jocelyn L, birth: 24-Sep-1986, death: 6-Jun-2004, NWC
ELKINS, Kenneth Edward, birth: 5-Oct-1992, death: 16-Apr-2006, NWC
ELKINS, Ralph Edgar Jr., birth: 1958, death: 2014, NWC
ELLIOTT, Crystal Rose, birth: 25-Oct-2001, death: 7-Apr-2002
ENICK, Delvin J, birth: 1963, death: 1981
ENICK, Fred, birth: 18-Mar-1955, death: 20-Feb-1987
ENRIQUEZ, Cruz, birth: 1951, death: 2008, NWC
ESCALON, Maryanne Clara, birth: 5-Feb-1986, death: 15-Mar-2007
EYLE, Kathleen Mildred, birth: 14-Jan-1989, death: 23-Feb-2009
EYLE, Norma Lee, birth: 1939, death: 2016
EYLE, Reginald, birth: 12-May-1934, death: 9-Aug-1994, PFC US Marine Corps Korea
EYLE, Reuben, birth: 3-Feb-1939, death: 24-May-2000
FARQUHAR, Shavella, birth: 1955, death: 2006, NWC
FENTON, Robert C, birth: 1915, death: 1964
FERNANDES, Steve Daniel, birth: 1954, death: 2009, NWC
FOSTER, Doreen A, birth: 17-Sep-1947, death: 12-Jan-1987
FOULKES, Wilbert, birth: 27-Nov-1964, death: 27-Sep-2016, NWC
FREEMAN, Marshall Jerry, birth: 1-Dec-2000, death: 1-Dec-2000
GATES, Bertha Erma Starr Siddle, birth: 1917, death: 2005, NWC
GEORGE-MILLER, Kassalena Allenia, death: 9-Sep-2015
GIVEN, Rachel Lucy, birth: 16-May-1990, death: 7-Oct-2013, NWC
HALTSBERGER, Marcia A, birth: 1928, death: 1988
HAMILTON, Henry Bill, birth: 25-May-1924, death: 18-Oct-1955, WA S1 USNR WWII
HAMILTON, Richard A, birth: 1-Nov-1932, death: 18-Nov-1978
HANSEN, Larry D, birth: 26-Oct-1946, death: 16-Dec-1989
HARDEN, Evelyn, death: 27-Sep-1971
HENAN, John, birth: 1857, death: 1911
HOPTOWIT, Andrew D, birth: 8-Sep-1917, death: 5-Feb-1970, WA SP7 262 QM BN Vietnam
HOPTOWIT, Isabelle Marie, birth: 26-Feb-1959, death: 5-Feb-2008, NWC
HOPTOWIT, Terran A, birth: 29-Aug-1966, death: 16-Oct-2010, NWC
HOPTOWIT, Vivian Lee, birth: 18-Jun-1946, death: 17-Feb-1969
HOWDESHELL, Leanette Jenise, birth: 18-Mar-1972, death: 10-Jan-2014, NWC
JACK, Peter, birth: 12-May-1907, death: 23-Dec-1944
JAKE, Daniel Salalas, death: 11-Dec-1929
JAKE, Iva, birth: 1901, death: 1950
JAKE, Thomas, birth: ?, death: ?
JAKE, William Raymond, death: 30-Sep-1939
JAMES, Anthony Alvin, birth: 18-Aug-1945, death: 7-Sep-2015, NWC
JAMES, Barry Dean Anderson, birth: 13-Jun-1988, death: 26-Jan-2007
JAMES, Celia Anton, death: 11-Apr-1902
JAMES, Deanna, birth: ?, death: ?, NWC
JAMES, Dolores M, birth: 1932, death: 1973
JAMES, Elizabeth Jean, birth: 1949, death: 2016, NWC
JAMES, Jesse B, birth: 12-Feb-1943, death: 3-Jan-1976
JAMES, Julius Jr., death: 5-Mar-1940
JAMES, Lorena Ann, birth: 1957, death: 2007, NWC
JAMES, Mary Ann, birth: 1942, death: 1969
JAMES, Robert Martin, birth: 1936, death: 1992
JAMES, Sheila Marie, birth: 10-Jan-1957, death: 12-Nov-2008, NWC
JAMES, Walter A, birth: 8-Jul-1977, death: 13-Aug-2003
JAMES-TEEIAS, Donna M, birth: 8-Jun-1960, death: 3-Jun-2007
JAMES-TEEIAS, Frances E, birth: 6-Oct-1922, death: 28-May-198?
JANSEN, Daivid, birth: 1952, death: 1988
JANSEN, Dan, birth: 21-May-1975, death: 22-Jun-2014, NWC
JANSEN, David, birth: 1948, death: 1981
JANSEN, Erick, birth: 1977, death: 1996
JANSEN, Ruth, birth: 9-Jul-1956, death: 11-Oct-1978
JANSEN, Theodore Samson, birth: 4-Oct-1969, death: 10-Jan-2002
JERRY, Clifford L, birth: 1969, death: 1993
JERRY, Clyde A, birth: 22-Apr-1968, death: 8-Jan-1988
JERRY, Daniel Jay, birth: 25-May-1961, death: 9-Sep-2014, NWC
JERRY, Dominick, birth: 1880, death: 1960
JERRY, Donald, birth: 1920, death: 1984, US Army WWII
JERRY, Donald Charles, birth: 29-Apr-1944, death: 18-Nov-1944
JERRY, Eva M, birth: 11-Aug-1914, death: 18-Apr-1992
JERRY, Gertrude Ann, birth: 8-Nov-1953, death: 4-Aug-1955
JERRY, Judith M, birth: 6-May-1950, death: 30-Aug-1984
JERRY, Lawrence, birth: 3-Jun-1933, death: 13-Jan-2011
JERRY, Lawrence Edward Jr., birth: 1933, death: 2011
JERRY, Lawrence Sr., birth: 1906, death: 1983
JERRY, Nora Ann, birth: 5-May-1982, death: 7-Feb-2009, NWC
JERRY, Ronald M, birth: 8-Sep-1946, death: 9-Jul-1983
JERRY, Rose L Moses, birth: 21-Feb-1945, death: 28-Jan-2007
JOHN, Michael Anthony Sr., birth: 15-Jul-1976, death: 19-Dec-2012, NWC
JOHNSON, Gilbert l, birth: 1933, death: 2007
JOHNSON, Helen B, birth: 14-Jan-1926, death: 4-Apr-1993
JOHNSON, Marla Dawn, death: 2009, NWC
JOHNSON, Ongelic, birth: 28-Dec-1993, death: 10-Nov-2016, NWC
JOHNSON, Paul, birth: 19-Dec-1932, death: 7-Jun-1974
JOHNSON, Randy, birth: 1959, death: 1977
JOHNSTON, Cameron Joseph Barrett, birth: 1986, death: 2006, NWC
JUDGE, Jeremy, birth: 1-Nov-1988, death: 1-Nov-1988
JUDGE, Theordore A, birth: 31-Mar-1990, death: 3-Mar-1990
KINDNESS, Mylissa, birth: 24-Sep-2013, death: 24-Sep-2013, NWC
KINGGEORGE, Henry, birth: 1872, death: 29-May-1921
KINGGEORGE, Henry Andrew, birth: 22-Mar-1932, death: 1-Dec-1992
KINGGEORGE, John, birth: 1874, death: 22-Jan-1945
KINGGEORGE, MaryAnn (Pelkey), birth: 30-Mar-1937, death: 20-Apr-2000
KIRK-STUART, Jamie Lee, birth: 28-Oct-1979, death: 2-Oct-2011, NWC
LACLAIR, Clinton Raymond, birth: Aug 1986, death: Oct 2006
LACLAIR, Emily Mary, birth: 6-Jul-1970, death: 21-Aug-2002
LACLAIR, Fred M Jr., birth: 15-Jan-1977, death: 12-Aug-1978
LACLAIR, Leslie Ann, birth: 6-Jul-1973, death: 25-Aug-1995
LACLAIR, Marie Leslie MaryAnne, birth: 25-Nov-1990, death: 2-Feb-1991
LACLAIR, Tracy Jean, birth: 17-Jul-1974, death: 13-Mar-2005
LEITH, Marie (Luke), birth: 1918, death: 2005, NWC
LESLIE, Julia Ann, death: 9-Sep-1912, 55years
LOPEZ, Miralee Mary Moses, birth: 30-Jul-1947, death: 14-Nov-2016, NWC
LOZIER, Adrina Valene Rae, birth: 2003, death: 2009, NWC
LOZIER, Besty Stillman, birth: 1862, death: 1957
LOZIER, Buddy, birth: 1974, death: 1990
LOZIER, Cyruss S, death: 16-May-1994
LOZIER, Elma E, birth: 12-Feb-1920, death: 2-Dec-2007
LOZIER, Frank Jr., birth: 11-May-1917, death: 14-May-2002
LOZIER, Frank Sr., birth: 1888, death: 1971
LOZIER, Isabelle, birth: 1894, death: 1976
LOZIER, Kelly Jr., birth: 1979, death: 2010, NWC
LOZIER, Ralph I, birth: 21-Sep-1949, death: 18-Nov-2014, NWC
LOZIER, Sylvia Ann, birth: 27-Feb-1948, death: 12-Jan-1991
LOZIER, Winona, birth: 2-Nov-1946, death: 22-Mar-2017, NWC
LUKE, Genevieve, birth: 26-Jun-1926, death: 6-Apr-2007, NWC
MARTIN, Moon Whitcloud Jr., birth: 19-Jan-1982, death: 17-May-2017, NWC
MASSI, Infant, death: 21-Oct-2016, NWC
MATTA, David Lee, birth: 9-Jun-1948, death: 13-May-1998
MAURICE, Alexander A, birth: 1909, death: 1978
MAURICE, Anita Jo, death: 22-Aug-1982
MAURICE, Anita KingGeorge, birth: 1912, death: 1968
MAURICE, Treva A, birth: 20-Oct-1952, death: 4-Mar-1999
MCJOE, Bertha A, birth: 21-Sep-1908, death: 14-Oct-1983
MCJOE, James, birth: 7-May-1944, death: 8-May-1944
MCJOE, Patrick, birth: 1901, death: 1979
MILLAN, Carmelo Moses Jr., birth: 22-Apr-2000, death: 1-May-2000
MILLER, William C Jr., birth: 19-Apr-1950, death: 11-May-2013, NWC
MILLER-GARCIA, Alexander Julian, birth: 18-Jan-2010, death: 15-Feb-2010, NWC
MISNER, Jeanette, birth: 26-May-1965, death: 24-Dec-2013, NWC
MITCHELL, Kenneth Cleo, death: 16-Jan-1992
MITCHELL, Kimberly L, death: 14-May-1991
MORENO, Luke D, birth: 19-Dec-1988, death: 16-Jun-2015
MORRIS, Lindy Zach, birth: 30-Apr-1990, death: 23-May-2015, NWC
MOSES, Addarius, death: 2007
MOSES, Agnes M, birth: 1889, death: 1977
MOSES, Allen J, birth: 23-Apr-1929, death: 11-Jul-1998
MOSES, Bert, birth: 31-Mar-1921, death: 20-Oct-1982, US Army WWII
MOSES, Cecil, birth: 1955, death: 1983
MOSES, Charlene V, birth: 7-Apr-1969, death: 6-Aug-1993
MOSES, Dennis Lee, birth: 4-Feb-1960, death: 4-Dec-1998
MOSES, Elvina R, birth: 1937, death: 2003
MOSES, Elzena L, birth: 1937, death: 1981
MOSES, Harold, birth: 1923, death: 2003
MOSES, Herman, birth: 27-Apr-1930, death: 11-Jun-1980, Pvt US Army Korea
MOSES, Howard, birth: 1927, death: 1981
MOSES, Joannie, birth: 23-Jul-1947, death: 21-Oct-1992
MOSES, Jodie Lee, death: 2002
MOSES, Joseph Dean II, birth: 12-Aug-1970, death: 19-May-2008, NWC
MOSES, Joyce
MOSES, Larry V, birth: 18-May-1975, death: 2008, NWC
MOSES, Lena, birth: ?, death: ?
MOSES, Leorra Lee, birth: 5-Jul-2011, death: 17-Sep-2011
MOSES, Lionel Ray, birth: 2-Sep-1985, death: 17-Jan-1986
MOSES, Mildred E, birth: 6-Jul-1918, death: 31-Mar-1962
MOSES, Nora, birth: 8-Jun-1965, death: 11-Apr-1966
MOSES, Otto, birth: 1897, death: 1986
MOSES, Philomena L, birth: 1914, death: 1982
MOSES, Robert J, birth: 9-Aug-1966, death: 27-Oct-1987
MOSES, Robert J Sr., birth: 1943, death: 1981
MOSES, Ronald, birth: 1937, death: 1978
MOSES, Samuel James, birth: 9-Aug-1967, death: 17-Oct-1992
MOSES, Sandra Jean, birth: 25-Jun-1960, death: 31-Mar-1980
MOSES, Selena B, birth: 9-Feb-1921, death: 2-Feb-1987
MOSES, Stanley, birth: 6-Jul-1918, death: 14-Apr-1967, WA PFC US Army WWII
MOSES, Virginia, birth: 16-Jul-1951, death: 14-Jul-2015
MUNRO, Cash, death: 25-Oct-2011, NWC
MURENO, Theodore John, birth: 1924, death: 1980, US Army WWII
NELSON, Anthony C, birth: 15-Dec-1955, death: 14-Apr-2014, NWC
NIEMI, Julie, birth: 1969, death: 2005, NWC
OBROVAC, Nicholas J, birth: 1952, death: 2005, NWC
OLIVER, Quinn Leon, birth: 1-Jul-1986, death: 24-Dec-2012, NWC
ORTIZ, Maria B, birth: 12-Mar-1990, death: 26-Jul-1990
PAUL, Herman Wallace Raymond, birth: 29-May-1919, death: 1-Jan-2000
PAUL, Marie G, birth: 6-Apr-1928, death: 28-Mar-2014
PAUL, Patsy, birth: 19-Aug-1957, death: 6-Jan-2011
PEDRO, Peteru Iosefa, birth: 26-Feb-1964, death: 13-Jan-2014, NWC
PENN, Daniel Esau, birth: 20-Jan-1979, death: 6-Nov-2015, NWC
PENN, Donna Cortes, birth: 9-Jan-1975, death: 3-Nov-2010, NWC
PENN, Ronald Spencer III, birth: 29-May-1990, death: 21-Feb-2012, NWC
PEREZ, JaySean Carlos, birth: ?, death: ?, NWC
PEREZ, Sabrina, birth: 1992, death: 1993
PIERCE, Kylee, death: Sept ? 2009, NWC
PIERCE, Reggie, death: Sept ? 2009, NWC
PIERCE, Roberta Lynn, birth: 23-Oct-1973, death: 28-Sep-2009, NWC
PRICE, Clifford W, birth: 25-Dec-1963, death: 23-Oct-1988
PRICE, Edith M (Elliott), birth: 12-Apr-1939, death: 2-Nov-2006
PRICE, Harold Clinton, birth: 2-Jan-1926, death: 5-Jul-1974, PFC US Army WWII
PULSIFER, Titus Hunter, birth: 12-Jun-2013, death: 6-Jul-2013, NWC
PURCELL, Ernest H, birth: 27-Feb-1921, death: 20-Jul-1957, WA PFC US Army WWII
PURCELL, Paul, birth: 1940, death: 1987
PURDY, Amy, birth: 30-Jun-1946, death: 9-May-2016, NWC
RODARTE, Joseph L III, birth: 6-Feb-1970, death: 31-May-1970
RODRIGUES, Steven Jr., birth: 1945, death: 2011, SP4 US Army, NWC
RODRIGUEZ, Norma Jean Penn, birth: 27-Mar-1938, death: 14-Jun-2011, NWC
ROSS, Alexander, death: 1967
ROSS, Alfreda Eva, birth: 3-Aug-1981, death: 6-Jul-2008, NWC
ROSS, SR, Mary, birth: 14-May-1951, death: 19-Feb-2012, NWC
SAH, Manuel D, birth: 1955, death: 2008, NWC
SAM, Benjamin Ronald, birth: 20-Dec-1982, death: 5-Apr-2001
SAM, Dora Lin, birth: 1879, death: 1962
SAM, Sallie, birth: 1850, death: 1920
SAM-BARR, Loreen B, birth: 5-Sep-1965, death: 5-May-2008, NWC
SANDLIN, Sarah Elizabeth, birth: 24-Mar-1976, death: 16-Aug-2016, NWC
SATANAS, Alice, birth: 1884, death: 1974
SATANAS, George, birth: 10-July-1880, death: 15-Jul-1963
SELALIS, Dan, birth: 1838, death: 25-July-1898
SHAW, Hattie, birth: 1878, death: 1964
SHELDON, Frank L, birth: 1952, death: 1978
SIDDLE, Herbert D, birth: 21-Aug-1932, death: 11-Sep-2000
SIDDLE, Lyman B, birth: 1867, death: 1918
SIDDLE, Willie D, birth: 1904, death: 1909
SIMMONS, Bridget Eloise Elins Ungaro, birth: 31-Mar-1964, death: 6-Apr-2012, NWC
SIMMONS, George V, birth: 1942, death: 1981
SIMMONS, Joseph, birth: 22-Nov-1882, death: 29-Mar-1960
SIMMONS, Joseph Jr., birth: 6-Nov-1904, death: 14-Sep-1990
SIMMONS, Landon S, birth: 6-Jul-1979, death: 22-Dec-2012, NWC
SIMMONS, Ramona C, birth: 1-Jul-1941, death: 12-Oct-1979
SIMMONS, Raymond D, birth: 18-Aug-1939, death: 15-Apr-1965
SLOCKEM, ?, birth: ?, death: ?
SNEATLUM, Charles A, birth: 19-Mar-1931, death: 16-Dec-2007, Cpl US Army Korea
SNEATLUM, Clifford, birth: 8-Jan-1958, death: 16-May-1958
SNEATLUM, Derek A, birth: 30-Mar-1983, death: 7-Sep-2002
SNEATLUM, Shirley M, birth: 19-May-1937, death: 24-Dec-1989
SNEATLUM-TEO, Sheryl, birth: 28-Jun-1961, death: 17-Mar-2010
SOHAPPY-TAHKEEL, Baby, birth: 25-Oct-2016, death: 25-Oct-2016
SOLOMON, Alexander, birth: 2003, death: 2003
STAHUM, Dan, birth: 1838, death: 1938
STARR, Alfred R Sr., birth: 1946, death: 2000
STARR, Alphonse Virgil, birth: 5-Nov-1952, death: 21-Nov-1952
STARR, Amy K, birth: 1876, death: 1943
STARR, Blanche, birth: 1925, death: 1964
STARR, Dawn, death: 1964
STARR, Debra Lee, birth: 1956, death: 1984
STARR, Harry, birth: 17-Dec-1939, death: 25-Nov-1970, WA SN US Navy
STARR, Kevin Lawrence, birth: 1965, death: 1981
STARR, Kimberly Michelle Bargala, birth: 17-Apr-1992, death: 17-Feb-2008, NWC
STARR, Lawrence, birth: 1939, death: 1969
STARR, Leonard, birth: 19-Oct-1951, death: 11-Dec-1951
STARR, Louis, birth: 6-Sept-1898, death: 29-Jun-1991
STARR, Mabel, birth: 10-Jul-1910, death: 23-Dec-1953
STARR, Maxine C, birth: 1939, death: 1966
STARR, Melvin, birth: 1-Aug-1948, death: 26-Apr-1969, WA Pfc 82nd Airborne
STARR, Norman L, birth: 8-Apr-1916, death: 4-Jul-1990
STARR, Phillip, birth: 1863, death: 1952
STARR, Reginald, birth: 24-Feb-1942, death: 22-Apr-1942
STARR, Timothy, death: 1964
STARR, Vera Mae, birth: 22-Feb-1943, death: 29-Oct-1944
STEWART, Angel J.J. Jones, death: Aug 2010, NWC
TANEWASHA, Bernice J, birth: 1914, death: 1986
TEEIAS, Alphonus J, birth: 1899, death: 1943
TEEIAS, Walter James, birth: 1904, death: 1974
TEEIAS, Walter James Sr., birth: 1869, death: 1948
THOMAS, Debra (Bird), birth: 20-Jun-1956, death: 11-Sep-1998
THOMAS-WYNNE, Misty Rose, birth: 26-Jul-1975, death: 5-Dec-2016, NWC
TORRES-PENN, Marisyana, death: 7-Apr-2008
TSOSIE, Levena, death: 8-Mar-2014, NWC
TUCKER, Sally, birth: 9-Mar-1969, death: 27-Feb-2011, aka Vera Purcell, NWC
VARGERA, Ermelinda, death: 1986
WARD, Eli, birth: 14-Jul-1967, death: 7-Jan-2003, NWC
WAYNE, ? Sr., death: 2011, NWC
WAYNE, Baby, death: 1985
WAYNE, Brian M, birth: 1966, death: 1972
WAYNE, Judy M, birth: 12-Nov-1948, death: 21-Jul-2011, NWC
WAYNE, Leonard Lluan III, birth: 15-Oct-1965, death: 10-Aug-2013, NWC
WAYNE, William Joseph, birth: 8-Dec-1964, death: 27-May-2005, NWC
WHITEEAGLE, Christopher D.R., death: 25-Jan-1999
WHITEEAGLE, Jospeh Robert, birth: 1958, death: 1985
WHITEEAGLE, Phillip Edward, birth: 1947, death: 1982
WHITEEAGLE, Ralph M, birth: 1-May-1949, death: 14-May-1974, Pvt US Marine Corps
WHITEEAGLE, Ricky D, birth: 1973, death: 1989
WILBUR, A, birth: ?, death: 2000
WILBUR, Ollie, birth: 10-May-1993, death: 5-Jan-2000
WILBUR, Roland R, birth: 6-Jul-1959, death: 6-Jul-1984
WILLIAMS, Alex Sr., birth: Nov 19??, death: 12-Oct-20??, NWC
WILLIAMS, Alexander, birth: 10-Feb-1935, death: 6-Jan-1962, WA ADAN USNR
WILLIAMS, Alexander J, birth: 1901, death: 1970
WILLIAMS, Alice V, birth: 1943, death: 1944
WILLIAMS, Alvin T, birth: 1965, death: 1966
WILLIAMS, Ben, birth: 1975, death: 1975
WILLIAMS, Carol A, birth: 1948, death: 1951
WILLIAMS, Dorothy A, birth: 1914, death: 1973
WILLIAMS, Ellen, birth: 19-Oct-1923, death: 4-Jan-2016
WILLIAMS, Harriet, birth: 1940, death: 1986
WILLIAMS, Joseph J, birth: 26-Feb-1926, death: 5-Sep-1959, WA Tec5 1584 Engr Service Co WWII
WILLIAMS, Leroy J, birth: 1939, death: 1961
WILLIAMS, Lillian Mary Billy, birth: 6-Jul-1913, death: 23-Sep-1977
WILLIAMS, Loren Ivan, birth: 15-Oct-1976, death: 7-Sep-2001
WILLIAMS, Nekole G, birth: 1975, death: 1992
WILLIAMS, Patricia L, birth: 1944, death: 1968
WILLIAMS, Ruby, birth: 9-Jul-1929, death: 5-Sep-1959
WILLIAMS, Viola J, birth: 1924, death: 1964
WILLIAMS, Wilda R, birth: 13-Dec-1924, death: 8-Feb-1999
WILSON, Hattie, birth: 1850, death: 1913
WILSON, James J Sr., birth: 1-Jun-1918, death: 5-Nov-1998, Pfc US Army WWII Bronze Star Medal

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