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Upper Hillside Cemetery - Burial Records
Issaquah, King County, Washington

upper hillside cemetery
Upper Hillside Cemetery

GPS: 47.52857, -122.05201

150 Mt Olympus Dr SW
Issaquah, WA 98027

Date published: September 2, 2017
Total records: 569

Upper Hillside Cemetery is owned and operated by the City of Issaquah.


This is a very small newer cemetery that is fenced in and very well kept. There is lots of parking and a turnaround by the flag pole. The earliest burial found was 1961.

Directions: From intersection of Newport Way NW and W Sunset Way in Issaquah, head west on W Sunset Way (W Sunset Way splits off to the right, Mt Park Blvd to the left). Continue approximately up hill 0.75 miles. Left on Mt Olympus Dr NW 0.2miles. Entrance to the cemetery is on the left side, watch for Upper Hillside Cemetery sign. Drive thru cemetery gate and back to the cemetery.

Cemetery Records

Records published here were transcribed from tombstone inscriptions by Suzanne Livingstone during a visit in May 2011, with a revisit in July 2017.

?, ?, birth: ?, death: ?, asian stone
AAMODT, Linda A, birth: 28-Aug-1948, death: 22-Oct-2003
AASETH, Elmer Alfred, birth: 26-Apr-1916, death: 1-Oct-2015, TSgt US Army Air Forces WWII
AASETH, Rhetta Gale, birth: 22-May-1919, death: 19-Mar-2017
ABBOUD, Claude T, birth: 1962, death: 2007
ABBOUD, Fady Tannous, birth: 25-Aug-1961, death: 1-Oct-2004
ADAMS, Elizabeth, birth: 1918, death: 2013
ADAMS, Robert S, birth: 1915, death: 1997
ADATIA, Haiderali G, birth: 22-Aug-1932, death: 25-Feb-2005
ADATIA, Sherbanu H, birth: 17-Nov-1935, death: 20-Oct-2013
AITON, Clinton Alexander, birth: 25-Sep-1926, death: 13-Mar-2015
AKERLY, John A, birth: 25-Jan-1938, death: 7-Feb-2014
AKERSTROM, Nancy P, birth: 25-Oct-1914, death: 12-Jul-2013
ALI, Haji Safdar, birth: 1933, death: 2003
ANDERSEN, Kendall, birth: 25-Oct-1957, death: 4-Oct-2015
ANDERSON, Victor L, birth: 1920, death: 2005
ANTLAKE, Gloria M, birth: 6-Oct-1904, death: 26-Feb-1999
ARSENIAN, Troy, birth: 18-Oct-1964, death: 31-Dec-2012
BAHARIE, Brent S, birth: 1959, death: 2011
BALLARD, Donna M, birth: 5-Aug-1969, death: 22-Aug-2005
BALLEW, Barbara M, birth: 25-Jan-1924, death: 21-May-2012
BALLEW, William W, birth: 28-May-1921, death: 17-Nov-2013
BANDOW, Donna L, birth: 21-Dec-1937, death: 15-Oct-1999
BANDOW, Neal R, birth: 27-Sep-1934, death: 10-Mar-2017, h/o Donna, Married 11/21/1962
BARKER, Lillian H, birth: 7-Feb-1981, death: 2-Oct-2000
BARKER, Raymond E, birth: 16-May-1926, death: 22-Dec-2010
BARNHOLDT, Arthur L, birth: 14-Sep-1919, death: 17-Oct-1999, US Navy WWII
BARNHOLDT, Douglas A, birth: 5-Sep-1951, death: 17-Sep-2001
BARNHOLDT, Thelma A, birth: 4-Mar-1927, death: 22-Jan-1999, US Army
BARRETT, Linda Wichers, birth: 17-May-1949, death: 9-Jul-2013
BARRINGER, Dewitt A, birth: 1917, death: 1998, US Navy WWII Korea
BARRINGER, Frankie L, birth: 1920, death: 1996
BATEMAN, Shelley Ann, birth: 26-Oct-1958, death: 15-Dec-2015
BATEMAN, Tony Keith, birth: 1961, death: 1999
BAUERMEISTER, Elmer E, birth: 1907, death: 1999
BAUERMEISTER, Katherline L, birth: 1910, death: 2002
BELL, Allen, birth: 1940, death: 2014
BELL, Sherrie, birth: 1955, death: 2013
BENNER, Susanne B, birth: 1948, death: 2007
BENSON, Glenda Lea, birth: 1942, death: 2012
BENSON, Howard L, birth: 1918, death: 1998
BERGLUND, Carl Berger, birth: 17-Aug-1915, death: 4-Jan-2005
BERGLUND, Marguerite Campbell, birth: 29-Sep-1911, death: 5-Dec-2001
BERO, Ellen Patricia, birth: 1918, death: 2011
BEYERSDORF, Michelle C, birth: 6-Dec-1973, death: 11-Feb-2008
BHOJANI, Shirin, birth: 1950, death: 2015
BLACK, James Steven, birth: 1956, death: 2017
BLANCO, Godofredo V, birth: 1940, death: 2009
BOHLAND, Frieda M, birth: 1913, death: 2010
BOHLAND, Ludwig, birth: 1910, death: 1999
BOX, Richard, birth: 1938, death: 2008
BOYLAN, Charles (MD), birth: 1931, death: 1994
BOYLE, Tina Louise, birth: 28-Jan-1956, death: 14-Jun-2009, married 14-Feb-1980, w/o Charles
BRADSHAW, Ernest E, birth: 1946, death: 2003
BRADY, Lee Wain, birth: 7-Sep-1960, death: 2-Mar-1999
BRATTON, Charles, birth: 1952, death: 2007
BRENNAN, Thomas P, birth: 1920, death: 1999, Married 21-Jun-1941
BREWER, Diane M, birth: 1949, death: 2016
BREWER, Helen D, birth: 1923, death: 2001
BREWER, Roland L, birth: 1923, death: 1998
BREWER, Wayne J, birth: 1947, death: 2010
BROOKS, Deborah, birth: 1956, death: 1998
BROOKS, Joseph, birth: 1949, death: 2009
BROWNING, Marjorie, birth: 1922, death: 2009
BRUNE, Ruth Rose, birth: 29-Feb-1928, death: 1-Apr-2000, Married 31-Mar-1951
BRUNK, Teresa K, birth: 15-Mar-1965, death: 9-Jul-2014
BUCK, Helen M, birth: 1919, death: 2004
BUCK, Robert M, birth: 1917, death: 2009
BUCKLEY-TAGER, Margie, birth: 20-Jul-1954, death: 23-Sep-2001
BUDIG, Marjorie Louise, birth: 13-Feb-1932, death: 18-Oct-2009
BULL, Roger John, birth: 5-Nov-1962, death: 24-Apr-2007
BURLINGAME, Nancy, birth: 12-Aug-1955, death: 2-May-2009
BURNS, Richard Steven, birth: 1951, death: 2017
BUSCH, Kathryn A, birth: 1948, death: 2009
BUSCH, Michael E, birth: 1980, death: 1998
BUSH, Jeanne, birth: 1936, death: 2016
CAM, James L.G. (MD), birth: 16-Feb-1940, death: 29-Jul-2007
CARLISLE, Brenda L, birth: 5-Oct-1945, death: 17-Oct-2012
CARLISLE, Michael L, birth: 11-Apr-1950, death: 26-Jul-2006, married 27-Dec-1973, h/o Brenda
CARNEY, Vincent Paul Jr., birth: 26-Sep-1939, death: 18-Aug-2015, SP4 US Army
CARPENTER, Carol Annette, birth: 11-Nov-1940, death: 4-Jul-1966
CARRASCO, Naomi Elias, birth: 28-Apr-1926, death: 5-Apr-2006
CARROLL, Jacqueline J, birth: 1938, death: 2008
CARSON, Donna M, birth: 1930, death: 2009
CARSON, Kris F, birth: 1957, death: 2011
CARVER, Juanita, birth: 1929, death: 2012
CASH, Billy Jean, birth: 20-Jun-1933, death: 19-Jun-2004
CATALANO, Chuck, birth: 1965, death: 2014
CAVANAUGH, Camden A, death: 24-Aug-2013
CHAFE, Matthew John, birth: 17-May-1977, death: 31-Oct-1996
CHANDLER, Andrew Eugene, birth: 1-Sep-1983, death: 2-Jun-2009
CHANG, Jien Ho, birth: 19-Mar-1931, death: 19-Jun-2000, Married 1-Jan-1960
CHARLES, Paul Edward, birth: 6-Feb-1975, death: 11-May-2009, Married 31-Aug-2005, h/o Robin
CHERRY, Scott Shale, death: 18-Feb-2010
CHINA, ?, birth: 4-Dec-1922, death: 23-Feb-2017, asian stone
CHINA, ?, birth: 15-Sep-1935, death: 4-Jan-2006
CHIONG, Chua Hong, birth: 12-Apr-1936, death: 26-May-2015
CHOI, Man S, birth: 1940, death: 2006
CHRISTENSEN, Gordon A, birth: 1934, death: 1998
CHRISTENSEN, Rae, birth: 1933, death: 2001
CHUNG, Betty Hwaja, birth: 10-Oct-1942, death: 23-Jun-2013
CLARK, Evelyn Louise, birth: 1926, death: 1998
CLARK, James G, birth: 1928, death: 2003
CLARK, Marilynne H, birth: 24-Jan-1940, death: 22-Aug-2014
CLARKE, Bonnie Lee, birth: 1941, death: 2016
COATE, Cheryl Ann, birth: 23-Feb-1955, death: 9-Jun-2010
COE, Howard Bernard, birth: 1941, death: 2017
COGAN, Judith Mary, birth: 25-Jan-1939, death: 13-Dec-2013
COGSWELL, Danielle Raye, birth: 23-Jan-1992, death: 28-Jul-2014
COLLINS, Vernetta Rene, birth: 1939, death: 2011
COLLINS, Wesley H, birth: 1979, death: 2012
CONWAY, Patricia Ann, birth: 30-Jul-1949, death: 23-Mar-2010
COOK, Theodore W (Jr), birth: 1929, death: 1998
COSAND, Daryl Dean, birth: 1952, death: 2011
COSTELLO, Timothy M, birth: 10-Apr-1961, death: 18-Sep-2014
COURT, Kathlee Ann, birth: 18-Jun-1953, death: 17-May-2012
CRESSEY, Donald Robert, birth: 13-Sep-1930, death: 15-Jun-2008, Married 22-Jun-1953
CRITTENDEN, Dorothy Ann, birth: 31-Mar-1941, death: 16-Aug-2013, w/o Richard, married 9/10/1966
CRITTENDEN, Richard Byrd, birth: 27-Nov-1932, death: 7-Oct-2015, h/o Dorothy, married 9/10/1966
CROCKER, Lillian Corbett, birth: 13-Apr-1923, death: 18-Oct-2004, Sgt WAC WWII
CROOK, Thomas Russell, birth: 13-Nov-1988, death: 15-Mar-2005
CURRIE, Donald M, birth: 21-Jul-1926, death: 9-Sep-2001, Married 6-Sep-1947, h/o Patricia
CURRIE, Patricia L, birth: 31-Dec-1927, death: 24-Aug-2010, Married 6-Sep-1947, w/o Donald
CURTIS, Donald A, birth: 1933, death: 2002
DALY, Samuel Joseph, birth: 7-Jan-2004, death: 3-Apr-2004
D'AMICO, Thomas E, birth: 6-Jul-1947, death: 23-Jul-2001
DAWSON, Wendy Kay, birth: 8-May-1955, death: 18-Jan-2009
DE ALVAREZ, Lydia Casanova, birth: 3-Aug-1914, death: 15-Nov-2011
DEE, Ignacia, birth: 1919, death: 2010
DEVANNA, Alonzo N (Dr), birth: 30-Jan-1911, death: 29-Aug-1977
DEVANNA, Ruth Olsen, birth: 21-Jan-1911, death: 31-Jan-2004
DEWAN, Leda V, birth: 1925, death: 2005
DHANANI, Sherali Jafferali, birth: 12-Feb-1942, death: 6-Jun-2012
DIETZ, Barbara L, birth: 9-Dec-1926, death: 24-Feb-2007
DIETZ, Lloyd H, birth: 5-Feb-1921, death: 4-Nov-2006
DILLON, Maureen Adele Oneill, birth: 1948, death: 1998
D'MELLO, Trevor Joshua, birth: 1996, death: 2016
DOLOWY, Elizabeth A, birth: 7-Apr-1956, death: 26-Apr-2010
DOLOWY, William C, birth: 1927, death: 2011
DRASS, Roy Martin, birth: 19-Feb-1982, death: 21-Apr-2002
DRESSEL, Claudia Dianne, birth: 22-Apr-1943, death: 13-Aug-1996
DUFFY, Patricia, birth: 1923, death: 2003
DUSTO, Arthur, birth: 1929, death: 2015
DUSTO, Diane, birth: 1934, death: 2014
DUSTO, Janet, birth: 1959, death: 2017
EARNHEART, Eva Lee Pevey, birth: 30-Aug-1911, death: 11-Jun-2002, Married 1937, w/o Merlin
EARNHEART, Merlin Eugene, birth: 7-Aug-1912, death: 2-Nov-1999, Married 1937, h/o Eva
EDALATI, Mark Reza, birth: 2-May-1926, death: 20-Dec-2011
EDDY, Wayne Jerome, birth: 18-May-1952, death: 20-Oct-2015
EIDE, James R, birth: 7-Mar-1920, death: 3-Nov-2001
EIDE, Lorraine E, birth: 19-Aug-1920, death: 22-Nov-2011
EIDE, Richard James, birth: 9-May-1951, death: 4-Mar-2016
EKREN, Robert M, birth: 26-Apr-1940, death: 26-Mar-2009, Married 1-Jul-1961, h/o LaVonne
ELENES, Ioan, birth: 1925, death: 2014
ELLIOTT, Christopher Stewart, birth: 6-Nov-1960, death: 13-Jun-2002
ELLISON, Brittany Ann, birth: 1988, death: 2007
FARIDA, Gul, birth: 4-Dec-1948, death: 28-Aug-2009
FEHRING, Charles W, birth: 1871, death: 1961
FEHRING, Eva Marie, birth: 1914, death: 1998
FEHRING, Wendell B, birth: 1911, death: 1997
FERENZ, Paula, birth: 6-Sep-1911, death: 25-Jul-2005
FERRARINI, Ann Polhemus, birth: 12-Nov-1937, death: 27-Feb-2006, Married 25-Aug-1962, w/o Richard
FERRY, Laurence Hugh, birth: 15-May-1948, death: 3-Aug-2013
FIKUI, JoAnn Eischen, birth: 8-Aug-1959, death: 28-Sep-2013
FINNEY, MaryAnn, birth: 5-Sep-1940, death: 11-Sep-2009
FITZPATRICK, Paul Joseph, birth: 18-Nov-1994, death: 12-Sep-2013
FOLKINS, Virginia Marie, birth: 22-Sep-1927, death: 2-Jul-1996
FORD, Karri-Lee, birth: 1957, death: 2013
FORD, Patrick Arthur, birth: 7-Jul-1939, death: 25-Dec-2004
FORSMAN, Gretchen Marie, birth: 8-Mar-1977, death: 7-Mar-2009
FRASER, Chad Douglas, birth: 9-Jul-1976, death: 10-Oct-1992
FULTON, Betty Mae, birth: 1929, death: 2011
GARBUSJUK, Joanne, birth: 21-Jan-1950, death: 5-Sep-2001
GERMINO, Scott Thomas, birth: 24-Nov-1968, death: 19-Jul-2014
GERVIN, John H, birth: 16-Aug-1915, death: 19-Jun-2006
GERVIN, Thelma C, birth: 17-Apr-1921, death: 22-Jun-2005
GEZAHEGN, Yoseph, birth: 31-Dec-1975, death: 5-Apr-2013
GHOSN, Tyler John, birth: 2-Jan-1999, death: 19-Mar-2015
GIBERSON, Wendell E, birth: 13-Jun-1917, death: 9-Mar-2000, US Army WWII
GIDDINGS, Charles W, birth: 1917, death: 2002, Married 19-Dec-1942, h/o Elizabeth
GIDDINGS, Elizabeth A, birth: 1917, death: 1996, Married 19-Dec-1942, w/o Charles
GILANI, Habib H, birth: 1-Oct-1947, death: 1-Apr-2010
GLEASON, Alta May, birth: 20-Dec-1923, death: 27-Dec-2001
GODDING, Brent E, birth: 1951, death: 2004
GOLDBERG, Jacob, birth: 8-Nov-1925, death: 3-Sep-2012, Maj USAF WWII Korea Vietnam
GOLDBERG, Terence Aaron, birth: 1965, death: 2009
GONZALEZ, Dulce Madrigal, birth: 12-Sep-1939, death: 23-Feb-2013
GOTTLIEB, Jerome, birth: 16-Oct-1935, death: 15-Nov-2005
GOWEN, Katherine F, birth: 1-Jan-1918, death: 1-Apr-1998
GOWEN, Louis V, birth: 26-Jul-1915, death: 11-Jul-1998
GRASSO, Ryan John, birth: 20-Mar-1990, death: 12-Dec-2005
GREENE, Daniel Nathan, birth: 27-Feb-1975, death: 18-Sep-2008
GREENER, Dennis G, birth: 1940, death: 2008
GRESS, Helen Marie, birth: 27-Aug-1928, death: 20-Aug-2005
GRIFFEE, Clinton, birth: 1944, death: 2017
GRINNELL, Frederick w, birth: 10-Jun-1917, death: 15-Jun-1996
GROGAN, Mary Suzanne, birth: 25-May-1932, death: 3-Sep-2006
GUENTHER, David Bradley, birth: 19-Jul-1954, death: 29-Dec-1998
GUENTHER, Sheri R, birth: 20-Aug-1965, death: 24-Sep-2000
GUNDERSON, Blaine, birth: 9-Mar-1944, death: 21-Feb-2003
GUNDERSON, Reita Lee, birth: 19-Jul-1949, death: 27-Apr-2013
GURDIAN, Alejandro, birth: 1935, death: 2003
HABERL, Hans Peter, birth: 1942, death: 2016
HALANI, Sakarhanu, birth: 24-Jul-1930, death: 16-Jul-2013
HALBAKKEN, Roger M, birth: 1942, death: 1996
HALIMI, Nadide, birth: 1936, death: 2017
HAMILTON, Laurette, birth: 3-Jan-1933, death: 6-Feb-2017
HAMMERSLA, Richard D, birth: 22-Oct-1936, death: 15-Mar-2015
HAMMRICH, Kenneth John, birth: 29-Jan-1985, death: 31-Aug-2009
HAN, Young Bok, birth: 11-Aug-1950, death: 27-Jun-2006
HARDIN, John David, birth: 10-Feb-1961, death: 8-Mar-2009
HARUNI, Bajram, birth: 1939, death: 2008
HAYNES, Eleanor A, birth: 15-Feb-1927, death: 21-Jul-1997
HAZEN, Veronica Suzanna, birth: 1921, death: 1999
HEIMBIGNER, Alvin E, birth: 1916, death: 2003, Married 3-Apr-1938
HEIMBIGNER, Marjorie , birth: 1917, death: 1997, Married 3-Apr-1938
HELGESON, Maureen J, birth: 1941, death: 1995
HELLAND, Michelle Ann, birth: 9-Aug-1952, death: 4-Sep-2004
HENAULT, Daniel J, birth: 25-Nov-1914, death: 4-Dec-2004
HENAULT, Gertrude L, birth: 14-Jun-1924, death: 25-Sep-2004
HENRICKSEN, Linda Joy, birth: 8-Jul-1951, death: 13-Aug-2003
HENRICKSEN, Robert C, birth: 7-Dec-1945, death: 9-Jan-2012
HERRON, Donald Edward, birth: 24-Oct-1937, death: 17-May-2007
HIRSCH, Judith Kay, birth: 14-Aug-1939, death: 22-Aug-2012
HOLLICKY, John James, birth: 26-Aug-1955, death: 20-Apr-2005
HOLT, Cornelia, birth: 16-Feb-1952, death: 19-May-2007
HONG, Michael J, birth: 14-May-1988, death: 16-Aug-2005
HONG, Young M, birth: 1936, death: 2006
HSU, Daniel T, birth: 1943, death: 2016
HUBBARD, Terry G, birth: 1-Feb-1955, death: 28-Jul-2011
HUFF, David Wayne, birth: 30-Nov-1952, death: 2-Oct-2016
HUGHES, Susan Welle, birth: 1941, death: 2000
HUSSEN, Ajbai Gulam, birth: 25-Dec-1914, death: 3-Sep-2004
HUTCHINGS, Jeff, birth: 27-Mar-1959, death: 8-Apr-2004
IONEL, Maria, birth: 1922, death: 2003
ISETT, Annie, birth: 26-Apr-1988, death: 20-Apr-2000
ISMAIL, Suelman, birth: 7-Jul-1931, death: 15-Sep-2011
IVAN, Cristian Florin, birth: 14-Oct-1979, death: 18-Jun-2014
JAHANGIRI, Bibijan, birth: 1-Jan-1918, death: 19-Nov-2010
JAHN, Catherine E, birth: 24-Sep-1919, death: 30-Jun-2004
JAHN, William E, birth: 16-Dec-1920, death: 4-Jul-1996
JARAWAN, Zechariah Phillip, birth: 3-Feb-2010, death: 8-Jun-2010
JAY, Bobby, birth: 1923, death: 1997, Married 28-Apr-1956, h/o Agnes
JAYASINGH, Salome S, birth: 14-Apr-1951, death: 28-Mar-2017
JENKINS, Christine Louise, birth: 30-Aug-1960, death: 22-Jan-2002
JENKINSON, Patricia Jennifer Diane, birth: 1940, death: 2011
JENSEN, Mark Lee, birth: 27-Sep-1967, death: 16-Sep-2013
JESSA, Shirinkhanu, birth: 1924, death: 2008
JETHA, Fatmakhanu A, birth: 10-Jul-1923, death: 22-Jan-2007
JIN, Jin Zu Sheng, birth: 5-Mar-1934, death: 8-Apr-2010
JOHNSON, Douglas Paul, birth: Dec 1936, death: May 2008
JOHNSON, Florence Marguerite, birth: 24-Aug-1924, death: 23-Aug-2014
JOHNSON, Kathleen C, birth: 24-Sep-1947, death: 19-Nov-2001
JOHNSON, Norman E, birth: 19-Oct-1920, death: 15-Jan-1997, US Army Air Corps WWII
JOHNSON, Paul D, birth: 1942, death: 2014
JOHNSON, Willard, birth: 14-Oct-1909, death: 6-Jan-1998
JOKISCH, Shirley Jean, birth: 1928, death: 2005, Married 3-May-1952, w/o Alfred
JONES, R. Keith, birth: 3-May-1935, death: 3-Jun-2010
JUN, Soon Jae, birth: 14-May-1921, death: 13-Apr-1999
KAJANI, Zubaida, birth: 7-Oct-1942, death: 13-Feb-2015
KANG, Mu S, birth: 1918, death: 2015
KANG, Young Ok, birth: 15-Jan-1917, death: 20-Dec-2002
KARA, Rashida, birth: 1957, death: 2010
KARIM, Anisha A, birth: 16-Apr-1996, death: 28-Jul-2005
KARIM, Wazirali, birth: 5-Feb-1939, death: 13-Apr-2006
KARMALI, Akbar, birth: 21-Oct-1969, death: 31-Mar-2010
KATSANES, Joseph A, birth: 27-Jun-1961, death: 8-Sep-1997, US Air Force
KEENAN, Daniel C (Jr), birth: 20-Apr-1978, death: 15-Mar-2007
KEENAN, Robert C (Sr), birth: 21-Mar-1937, death: 5-Feb-2005
KELLY, Gisela Eleanore Maria, birth: 27-Jul-1955, death: 1-Sep-2005
KELLY, Guy E IV, birth: 8-Apr-1980, death: 22-Nov-1997
KELLY, Pam, birth: 8-Aug-1943, death: 12-Jul-2007
KENDALL, Richard L, birth: 17-Dec-1966, death: 12-Aug-2004
KENNEALLY, John Edward, birth: 6-Jun-1937, death: 30-Oct-2004
KENNY, Mary, birth: 7-Sep-1917, death: 12-May-1997
KERN, Pamela Gail, birth: 1943, death: 2011
KERR, Charles Leigh, birth: 21-Aug-1945, death: 10-Sep-2009
KESSLER, Jane Callander, birth: 30-Apr-1954, death: 11-Oct-1998
KEY, Justin David, birth: 11-Oct-1983, death: 14-Dec-2009
KEY, Shirlee Kinnane, birth: 4-Jul-1928, death: 4-Jul-2011
KIHICZAK, Michael, birth: 5-Mar-1917, death: 5-Mar-2002
KIRBY, Virginia W, birth: 6-Oct-1927, death: 4-Feb-2007
KIRILOV, Alexander, birth: 1947, death: 2003
KLEINGARTNER, Franklin, birth: 30-Jan-1939, death: 25-Dec-2005
KLIPPSTEIN, Michael R, birth: 16-Oct-1970, death: 10-Apr-2003
KLIPPSTEIN, Raymond, birth: 24-Nov-1936, death: 1-Oct-2013
KNAPPETT-WITTRESS, Clare Cristine, birth: 1966, death: 2010
KNOERNSCHILD, Gene, birth: 1939, death: 2005
KNOWLES, Mary E Fedko, birth: 7-Feb-1956, death: 29-Jun-2015
KOWALCZYK, Joseph, birth: 11-Mar-1925, death: 23-Nov-1997
KRAMER, Barbara M, birth: 17-May-1914, death: 1-May-2006
KROEGER, Harry R, birth: 1930, death: 2011
KROEGER, Joanne, birth: 17-Sep-1930, death: 23-Mar-2009
KUPFER, Ryan, birth: 1974, death: 2005
LADDY, Shirley Ellen, birth: 28-Jan-1930, death: 21-Aug-2010
LALANDE-BOUVIER, Christina, birth: 25-Feb-1966, death: 28-Feb-2009
LAUGHLIN, Dan Francis, birth: 10-Oct-1964, death: 23-Nov-2014
LAUGHLIN, Elmer Francis, birth: 1-Nov-1930, death: 30-Jan-2005, Married 12-Apr-1952, h/o Betty
LAVERTY, Carrick McKinley, birth: 29-Jan-2010, death: 8-Mar-2010
LAW, Leland LeRoy, birth: 11-Sep-1942, death: 10-Jun-2012, US Army
LAWRENCE, Brad Eugene, birth: 28-Jul-1960, death: 14-Nov-2009
LEE, Kaylan, death: 11-Apr-2000
LEE, Kaylyn, death: 11-Apr-2000
LEE, Young Kyun, birth: 22-Nov-1951, death: 19-Jun-2008
LENSCHOW, Hans H, birth: 1923, death: 2014
LEROY, Marjorie Virginia, birth: 6-Oct-1927, death: 18-Jun-2004
LEVIN, Valentin S, birth: 28-Jan-1944, death: 8-Apr-2015
LEWIS, Catherine Rose, birth: 24-Dec-1951, death: 20-May-2014
LING, Tong Chu, birth: 12-Oct-1912, death: 12-Jul-2012
LITTLE, Donald Robert, birth: 1914, death: 2003
LITTLE, Dorothy May, birth: 1919, death: 2015
LOE, Koreen Kay, birth: 1947, death: 2008
LUBINSKI, Conrad S, birth: 1934, death: 1998
LUBINSKI, Lawrence W, birth: 1939, death: 2000
LUCAS, Brian K, birth: 12-Mar-1969, death: 9-May-1999
LUCAS, Dollie B, birth: 13-Jun-1946, death: 5-Mar-1999
LUCAS, Tyler James, birth: 1992, death: 2011
LUDWICK, Ernest Dean, birth: 1958, death: 2013
MADHANI, Zarina Abdulla, birth: 1940, death: 2014
MAGLEY, Bette M, birth: 8-May-1933, death: 11-Dec-2013
MAGLEY, Floyd L, birth: 1-Nov-1928, death: 15-Dec-2000
MAHANIAN, Mirza Agha, birth: 4-Mar-1921, death: 4-Jul-2013
MAHANIAN, Roohangiz Malakooti, birth: 25-Dec-1927, death: 19-Feb-2012
MANJI, Huzur Mukhani Shakerhanu, birth: Oct 1921, death: June 2005
MANJI, Mansurali, birth: 1941, death: 2010
MANJI, Mansurali, birth: 20-Nov-1941, death: 12-Dec-2010
MARTINEZ, Willis A, birth: 31-May-1928, death: 15-Aug-2009, Married 25-Nov-1983, h/o Marilyn
MASANES, Aiden I, death: 27-Nov-2010
MASANES, Darleen J, birth: 5-Feb-1944, death: 10-Oct-2005
MASEN, Trisha Leigh Hogan, birth: 4-Sep-1971, death: 5-Aug-2009
MASRI, Jaroslava, birth: 21-Dec-1934, death: 16-Dec-2012
MASRI, Kamal, birth: 6-Sep-1935, death: 4-May-2015
MATTHEWS, Malcolm LeRoy, birth: 9-Jan-1932, death: 9-Jun-2010
MATUSEK, Bernadine Mary, birth: 13-Jul-1921, death: 30-Oct-2007
MATUSEK, Laslie S, birth: 11-Sep-1915, death: 21-Aug-2005
MATZNER, Jaromir J, birth: 1937, death: 2015
MATZNER, Marta, birth: 1940, death: 2010
MAUGHAN, Peter, birth: 8-Jul-1993, death: 15-Sep-2013
MAYER, Kim, birth: 1973, death: 2002
MCCLOSKEY, Brendan J, birth: 1931, death: 2010
MCCORMICK, Dorothy, birth: 1920, death: 2011
MCCORMICK, Esther Maude, birth: 21-Feb-1915, death: 4-Sep-2004
MCDANIELS, M. Bernice, birth: 1930, death: 2017
MCDOUGAL, Holly Marie, birth: 5-Jun-1982, death: 7-Aug-2000
MCGREW, Opal, birth: 1916, death: 2007
MCGUIRE, Mark, birth: 18-May-1952, death: 31-May-1998
MCINNIS, Donna Marie, birth: 4-May-1960, death: 11-Nov-2009
MCLEAN, Dorothy L, birth: 15-Aug-1928, Snoqualmie Falls, WA, death: 13-Sep-2009, Killarney, Ireland
MCNISH, Margaret Klinger, birth: 14-Sep-1919, death: 20-Jul-2007
MCWILLIAMS, Clarence W, birth: 11-Apr-1891, death: 16-Nov-1981, Married 29-Aug-1925
MCWILLIAMS, Naomi f, birth: 11-Sep-1893, death: 25-Nov-1977, Mariied 29-Aug-1925, w/o Clarence
MELIN, Melvin, no dates
MELIN, Sharon, no dates
MELKI, Violette, birth: 1925, death: 2008
MERCHANT, Gulbanoo, birth: 1925, death: 2006
MERILATT, Jennifer Carole, birth: 14-Nov-1960, death: 3-Apr-2013
MIKAILIANS, Hayrapet, birth: 1-Jan-1934, death: 5-Jan-2001
MILLER, Kate, birth: 1950, death: 2001
MINGHINI, John Thomas, birth: 12-Oct-1946, death: 27-Sep-1998, US Army Vietnam
MIYAKE, Kinju, birth: 8-Mar-1919, death: 4-Dec-2008
MONDRZYK, Gabriella E, birth: 1909, death: 2004
MOREAU, Alice I, birth: 1907, death: 1998
MORRIS, Daniel E, birth: 24-Jul-1934, death: 12-Feb-2017, h/o Janet, married 6/20/1964
MORRIS, Janet D, birth: 26-May-1939, death: 26-Jan-2013, w/o Daniel, married 6/20/1964
MOSSES, David J, birth: 1912, death: 1990
MOSSES, Nancy A, birth: 1913, death: 2003
MURRELL, Franklin O, birth: 14-Dec-1939, death: 28-Nov-2014
MYERS, Marilyn M, birth: 1934, death: 2008
NADEIN, Boris (Capt), birth: 7-Oct-1945, death: 31-Dec-2012
NAFEZI, Mahlagha, birth: 4-Oct-1938, death: 17-Jun-2013
NAIRSIDANI, Zarin J, birth: 1947, death: 2002
NALLIPOGU, Suseela, birth: 25-Aug-1944, death: 10-Jan-1943
NARAYANA, Bitty, birth: 18-Aug-2005, death: 18-Aug-2005
NEIL, Jerry Roland, birth: 22-Sep-1942, death: 6-Apr-2004
NELSON, Brian Jeffrey, birth: 2-Sep-1963, death: 3-Aug-2016
NELSON, Mark William, birth: 4-May-1981, death: 6-Nov-2005
NICE, Yasmin, birth: 13-Aug-1947, death: 18-Mar-2005
NICKELL, Jeffrey K, birth: 27-Jul-1967, death: 17-Feb-2003
NIELSON, Doreen Libby Friedman, birth: 1937, death: 2015
NIMSEDA, Mastoureh, birth: 1923, death: 2010
NOORMOHAMED, Hassanali, birth: 2-Mar-1929, death: 14-Feb-2009
NUNN, Robert S, birth: 1954, death: 1998
NYBERG, Joseph Wade, birth: 23-Jun-1945, death: 2-Dec-2001, US Air Force Vietnam
NYBERG, Joseph Warren, birth: 9-Jun-1922, death: 30-Nov-2007
O'BRIEN, Joseph J, birth: 1938, death: 2000
O'BRIEN, Judy A, birth: 1940, death: 1997
O'BRIEN, Kathleen Marie, birth: 30-Jul-1956, death: 3-Apr-2014
O'CONNOR, Brock, birth: 12-Dec-1980, death: 22-Jun-2000
ODELL, Joy P, birth: 3-Jan-1938, death: 3-Dec-2006, Married 3-Sep-1955, w/o Roy
ODELL, RoyL, birth: 10-May-1935, death: 7-Nov-2015, h/o Joy, married 9/3/1955
OGLE, Samuel N, birth: 24-Dec-1931, death: 3-Dec-2006
OLNEY, Clayton T, birth: 18-Oct-1983, death: 22-Dec-2008
OLSEN, Deborah Lynn, birth: 1949, death: 2002
OLSON, Arlene Marie, birth: 16-Sep-1931, death: 15-Mar-2017
OLSON, Arthur Lamar, birth: 22-May-1930, death: 26-Jul-2009, married 27-Aug-1952, h/o Arlene
OLSON, Robert C, birth: 5-Mar-1929, death: 28-Dec-2006, Married 16-Jun-1956, h/o Barbara
OMUSORU, Vincentiu Adrian, birth: 23-May-1977, death: 19-Feb-2014
O'SHEA, Sean Patrick, birth: 21-Nov-1967, death: 19-Feb-2005
OSTENBERG, Georgia Anne, birth: 22-Feb-1933, death: 8-Sep-2016
OVADIUC, Nicolae, birth: 14-Feb-1961, death: 5-Nov-2008
PAGE, Jacob Douglas, birth: 24-Nov-1984, death: 24-Sep-2002
PAPWORTH, Marvine E, birth: 1-Jan-1915, death: 2-Nov-1998
PARDHAN, Roshan Ali, birth: 4-Apr-1936, death: 3-Jul-2004
PARLET, Karen, birth: 14-Aug-1947, death: 15-May-2014
PATTEN, William, birth: 1-Mar-1937, death: 24-Sep-1998, Married 6-Jun-1958, h/o Diane
PAULAVICIUS, Lukas, birth: 7-Aug-1988, death: 4-Sep-2008
PAULSEN, Glenn Adam, birth: 1960, death: 1997
PEARSON, Jennifer, birth: 17-Jul-1983, death: 9-May-2015
PEASHKA, Nikolai Thomas, birth: 1989, death: 2011
PEASHKA, Thomas Wayne, birth: 1950, death: 2015
PENN, Cynthia, birth: 9-Apr-1962, death: 6-Nov-2009
PETITT, Donald Harry, birth: 10-Aug-1932, death: 3-Mar-1997, Married 23-Sep-1950, h/o Barbara
PFITZNER, Gary E, birth: 22-Dec-1954, death: 18-Mar-2014
PLEWA, Kenneth Anthony, birth: 8-Apr-1953, death: 11-Jun-2010
PODGAYETS, Alla, birth: 17-Nov-1949, death: 21-May-2012
POOL-NORBY, Emma Askid, death: 14-Feb-2007
POPA, Ion Simion, birth: Mar 1938, death: 13-Oct-2008
POPA, Silvia Vasmina, birth: 25-Aug-1927, death: 15-Apr-2009
POPIV, Yaroslav D, birth: 5-Apr-1949, death: 26-Mar-2014
PORTUGAL, Niza Eura, birth: 3-Jan-1944, death: 21-Mar-2006
POWELL, Robert Neale Sr., birth: 15-Nov-1938, death: 23-Dec-2015
PRICE, Karen Steinhoff, birth: 1961, death: 2000
PRICE, Lester A, birth: 19-Jun-1932, death: 31-Oct-2008
PUCHOSIC, Stan, birth: 30-Dec-1937, death: 19-May-2013
PURSCHWITZ, Susan Marie, birth: 1969, death: 2003
RABIE, Lee Charles, birth: 9-Apr-1932, death: 30-Dec-2015
RACHUY, Hilda Reeve, birth: 11-Feb-1915, death: 6-May-2005
RAHAMANI, Sherbanu Mangalji, birth: 1920, death: 2002
RAHIMI-MOVAGHAR, Cyrus, birth: 6-Dec-1931, death: 15-May-2009
RAJANI, Zulekha, birth: 19-Aug-1953, death: 15-Nov-2015
RAMZAN, Mahmood, birth: 5-Jun-1960, death: 28-Jun-2012
RANKIN, E. Brian, birth: 5-Nov-1971, death: 13-Jan-2006
RANKIN, Edward Craig, birth: 8-Feb-1947, death: 24-Oct-1997
REBER, Faye, birth: 1913, death: 1998
REHER, Anneliese Marie, birth: 21-Jun-2012, death: 27-Oct-2012
RICHARDS, Kaia, birth: 1998, death: 2015
RICHMOND, Lowell David, birth: 26-Dec-1929, death: 24-Mar-2008
RILEY, Myrtis Fortenberry, birth: 1-Sep-1929, death: 16-Jan-2006
RISDON, Gary D, birth: 1953, death: 2007
RITCHEY, Julia, birth: 31-May-1922, death: 24-Apr-2010
ROBERTS, Edward Newman (III), birth: 12-Aug-1919, death: 12-Dec-2006, Married 5-Aug-1945, h/o Montez
ROBERTS, Lois Sue Ward, birth: 1947, death: 2007
ROBINSON, Alexandra, birth: 6-Sep-1997, death: 9-Dec-2003
ROBINSON, Patricia, birth: 7-Jul-1935, death: 22-Feb-2010
ROCKCASTLE, Lorne C, birth: 26-Jul-1956, death: 5-Nov-2003
ROMEO, Victor J, birth: 1931, death: 2001
ROSS, George Frederick, birth: 1926, death: 2014
ROSSIYTSEV, Pavel N, birth: 1926, death: 2016
ROUNDY, Blaine Q, birth: 1914, death: 2000
ROUNDY, Eli Quinn, death: 3-Jun-2009
ROUNDY, Jake, death: 4-Dec-1997
ROUNDY, Orlean B, birth: 1914, death: 2009
ROUSE, W. Stuart, birth: 1916, death: 1996
ROUTH, Allan, birth: 1960, death: 2007
ROYBAL, Marilyn J, birth: 26-Jun-1960, death: 22-Apr-2005
RUBADUE, Mary D, birth: 1928, death: 2015
RUBADUE, Richard F, birth: 1928, death: 2014
RUCK, V. John (III), birth: 7-Mar-1957, death: 25-Dec-2004
RUSSELL, Patricia A, birth: 27-Aug-1918, death: 21-Dec-2007, Married 16-Apr-1943, w/o Richard
RUSSELL, Richard M, birth: 19-Jan-1917, death: 14-Jul-2008, Married 16-Apr-1943, h/o Patricia
RYAN, Linda Susan, birth: 30-Jan-1955, death: 5-May-2001
SALDANA, Mary, birth: 1916, death: 1999
SALINAS, Merced Garcia, birth: 2-Oct-1912, death: 27-Oct-1999
SANCEWICH, Michael Anthony, birth: 3-Feb-1972, death: 16-Sep-2004
SANCHEZ, Balbina Rodriguez, birth: 30-May-1916, death: 25-Jun-2012
SANCHEZ, Mildred C, birth: Feb 1915, death: June 2006
SANTOS, Kathryn D, birth: 1-Jan-1967, death: 6-Dec-2011
SCHABER, James, birth: 11-Feb-1954, death: 2-Oct-2009
SCHILPEROORT, Paul Robert, birth: 1929, death: 2014
SCHLEMEIER, Carlene E, birth: 7-Jul-1939, death: 13-Oct-2011
SCHLEMLEIN, Robert L, birth: 29-Sep-1924, death: 10-May-2011, EM3 US Navy WWII Purple Heart
SCHLEMLEIN, Robert Lewis, birth: 1924, death: 2011
SCHOOLING, Paul William, birth: 14-Feb-1930, death: 30-May-1999, Married 30-Apr-1950, h/o Betty
SCHOPF, Harriette M, birth: 1915, death: 2002, Married 16-Aug-1934, w/o Joseph
SCHOPF, Joseph a, birth: 1909, death: 2006, Married 16-Aug-1934, h/o Harriette
SEDLACEK, Antonia, birth: 15-Jul-1929, death: 27-Mar-2011
SEDLACEK, Rudolf, birth: 21-Aug-1918, death: 30-Jun-2003
SEITHER, Thelma J, birth: 1930, death: 2006
SEMPLE, Bruce, birth: 1925, death: 2010
SHADMAN, Ali, birth: 1933, death: 2016
SHAFAPAY, Mehrdad Mike, birth: 1964, death: 2014
SHALLWANI, Mushtaqali Suleman, birth: 11-Nov-1946, death: 13-Nov-2011
SHAN, Chow Gan, birth: 15-Aug-1907, death: 12-Feb-1971
SHANNON, Nadine Sanburg, birth: 5-Jan-1923, death: 23-Aug-2004
SHERRARD, Edith, birth: 1936, death: 2011
SHOGHANIAN, Albert M, birth: 1-Sep-1957, death: 17-May-2014
SILVERMAN, Linda S, birth: 13-Apr-1939, death: 22-Jul-1997
SKOGLUND, Evelyn F, birth: 13-Apr-1905, death: 28-Feb-2001
SMITH, Kathryn H, birth: 3-Aug-1955, death: 2-Oct-2015
SMITHERS, Edwin M, birth: 13-May-1925, death: 2-Feb-2013
SOLDANO, Drucilla M, birth: 1926, death: 1999
SOLDANO, Michelle M, birth: 1954, death: 2015
SOLDANO, Nicholas J, birth: 1924, death: 2008
SPIGEL, Samantha W, birth: 4-Sep-1998, death: 27-Jul-2016
SPRANGER, Paul B, birth: 5-May-1923, death: 9-Nov-1999
ST. PIERRE, Matthew J, birth: 1979, death: 2010
STACY, Jean Ann Braem, birth: 8-Mar-1955, death: 13-Jul-2015
STAMP, Sherry L, birth: 23-Apr-1956, death: 6-Feb-2013
STANTON, Laurie H, birth: 1957, death: 2005
STEELE, Sue Ann rase, birth: 1941, death: 2000
STEWART, Erol Loraine, birth: 1959, death: 2009
STRISSEL, Richard L, birth: 29-Jan-1937, death: 1-Nov-2008
SULEMAN, Mary (Shalina) R, birth: 1-Mar-1961, death: 28-Dec-2014
SULLIVAN, Wendy Lee, birth: 14-Jul-1954, death: 21-Dec-2001
SUNADA, Jiro S, birth: 19-May-1976, death: 10-Apr-1996
SUNADA, Leo Shigeru (MD), birth: 11-Apr-1932, death: 22-Dec-1996, Married 25-Jul-1967, h/o Carol
TAGLAND, Arthur Herbert, birth: 6-Mar-1920, death: 24-May-2015, LCDR US Navy WWII
TCHEKOU, Ameyo Louise (Dagan), birth: 25-Aug-1956, death: 1-May-2014
TEMCOV, Duane Michael, birth: 7-Mar-1967, death: 25-Feb-2001
TEMEREANCA, Ovidiu G, birth: 1969, death: 2010, Married 7-Oct-1995
THIERRY, Robert Pierre, birth: 1930, death: 2007, Married 26-Jun-1954, h/o Shirley
THOBANI, Khatija, birth: 1913, death: 2008
THOMAS, Jared, birth: 22-Mar-1988, death: 8-May-2010
THOMPSON, Bruce M, birth: 1932, death: 2004, US Air Force Vietnam
THOMPSON, Gertrud C, birth: 1925, death: 2011
THOMSON, Elizabeth, birth: 31-Mar-1960, death: 12-Jan-2008
THURGOOD, Robert V, birth: 4-Feb-1937, death: 30-Jun-2013
TORK, Kevin Conroy, birth: 29-May-1993, death: 30-Mar-2009
TRAMONTE, Lucy K, birth: 7-Mar-1958, death: 3-Apr-2006
TUDOR, Oprea, birth: 1930, death: 2005
UNKNOWN, Unknown, birth: 1941, death: 1996, broken stone
UTOFT-ALLISON, Catherine, birth: 22-Sep-1949, death: 3-Jun-2002
VAKIL, Shirin Camruddin, birth: 1-Apr-1921, death: 15-Feb-2005
VALJI, Gulamhussein P, birth: 1922, death: 2013
VALJI, Sakina H, birth: 7-Nov-1931, death: 13-Jul-2006
VAN DER HOLST, Naomi, death: 8-Jun-2004
VAN TRIES, Donald T, birth: 15-Oct-1929, death: 27-Nov-1996, US Army Korea
VAN ZANEN, Dwight B, birth: 1949, death: 2012
VANDENBROEK, Herman, birth: 16-May-1937, death: 15-Dec-2013
VANDENBROEK, June Michelle, birth: 1971, death: 1999
VANORMAN, Jennifer Beagley, birth: 9-Aug-1969, death: 31-Jul-2011
VARGAS, Julio Cesar Aguilar, birth: 1977, death: 2016
VENN, Georgette Afram, birth: 24-May-1934, death: 25-Jan-2017
VIDES, Noah, death: 13-Aug-2001
WALKER, David James, birth: 17-Apr-1944, death: 16-May-2014
WALLACE, Timothy F, birth: 18-Dec-1955, death: 31-Jan-2004, Married 1-Dec-2000, h/o Charlene
WALSH, Eva E, birth: 1929, death: 1997, married 47years, w/o Patrick
WALSH, Michael J, birth: 1959, death: 2013
WALSH, Patrick J, birth: 1928, death: 2010, married 47years, h/o Eva
WEBBER, Thomas Paul, birth: 4-Jul-1956, death: 31-Mar-2000
WEBSTER, Alma M, birth: 12-Jun-1916, death: 26-Oct-2010
WEBSTER, Eugene M, birth: 31-Aug-1911, death: 22-Sep-1999
WEEDMAN, Paige Marie, birth: 16-Jul-1988, death: 9-Oct-2008
WELSH, John Charles, birth: 11-Jun-1921, death: 18-Jun-2005
WESTERLUND, Kenneth R, birth: 9-Aug-1959, death: 3-Feb-1998
WESTERLUND, Rolf T. G., birth: 5-Feb-1934, death: 8-Sep-1996
WHEELER, Jessie M, birth: 19-Jan-1922, death: 15-Dec-2013
WHEELER, June m, birth: 11-Dec-1919, death: 10-Oct-2002
WHEELER, Myron R, birth: 5-Oct-1912, death: 26-Nov-1998, US Army WWII
WHEELER, Tracy E, birth: 29-Apr-1923, death: 2-Sep-2002, Married 15-Jun-1946
WHITE, David Paul, birth: 12-Jun-1944, death: 17-Jan-2009
WHITE, Derek Jefferson, birth: 19-Aug-1993, death: 19-Aug-2015
WHITE, Jacquelyn S, birth: 1940, death: 2012
WHITEHURST, Shannon, birth: 15-May-1966, death: 6-Sep-2014
WIECK, Kelly O'Brien, death: 10-Jul-1999
WILLIAMS, Joshua Philip, birth: 7-Aug-1985, death: 21-Jan-2002
WILLIAMS, Pearl Cynthia, birth: 6-Aug-1928, death: 3-Apr-2010
WILLIAMS, Phyllis M, birth: 1936, death: 2015
WOOD, Aaron Randolph, birth: 27-Sep-1982, death: 13-Sep-2004
WOODS, Carol Rice, birth: 19-Mar-1951, death: 14-Apr-2000
WOODWORTH, Brenda King, birth: 1940, death: 1999
WRIGHT, Bonnie E, birth: 1943, death: 2004, Married 28-Aug-1965, w/o Jae
WRIGHT, Jae F, birth: 1943, death: 2007, Married 28-Aug-1965, h/o Bonnie
WU, Yuan Kang, birth: 1929, death: 2001
YOUNGBLOOD, Cynthia, birth: 1957, death: 2010
YOUNGBLOOD, Elsie P, birth: 10-Oct-1916, death: 29-Apr-2009
ZAGARS, Barbara M, birth: 5-Feb-1937, death: 23-Jun-2003
ZINNOW, Gertrud, birth: 27-Feb-1922, death: 15-Aug-2007

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