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Mt. Si Memorial Cemetery
North Bend, King County, Washington

Mt. Si Memorial Cemetery

GPS: 47.485505 -121.766681

43000 SE North Bend Way
North Bend, WA 98045

Date published: August 27, 2017
Total records: 1,434

Mt. Si Memorial Cemetery is currently privately owned.


From Interstate 90 take exit 32, 468th Ave SE and head north 0.6 miles.  Turn left at stop sign onto SE North Bend Way. Continue for 0.5 miles.  Cemetery will be on your right hand side, just after the Mt Si Mobile Home Park.

Mt. Si Memorial Cemetery was officially established in 1907, originally named North Bend Cemetery.

Jerry and Deanna Kaasa bought the cemetery, along with Snoqualmie Valley Funeral Chapel, in 1975. In 1986, they sold the funeral chapel. Jerry passed away in 2010, leaving Deanna to take over.

Cemetery Records

Records published here were contributed by Suzanne Livingstone based on inscriptions of all visible tombstones during visits in August 2011 and again in July 2017.

The earliest noted burial was 1902.

?, Albert R, Birth: 1884, Death: 1932
?, Blaine, Birth: 18-May-1920, Death: ?
?, Charles M, Birth: ?, Death: ?
?, Gertrude, Birth: ?, Death: ?
?, Hugh, Birth: 1-Jan-1920, Death: ?
?, Ray W, Birth: 1940, Death: ?
ADAMS, Elma Englehardt, Birth: 22-Jul-1913, Death: 7-Dec-2004
ADCOX, E.E., Birth: 1915, Death: 1987
ADCOX, Edna, Birth: 1916, Death: 2015
ADKINS, Beatrice, Birth: 1902, Death: 1922
ALGER, Mary Jane, Birth: 1876, Death: 1948
ALLEN, James B, Birth: 1859, Death: 1932
ALLEN, Viola V, Birth: 1861, Death: 1945
ALM, Alice, Birth: 1910, Death: 1946
ALM, Carl P, Birth: 1917, Death: 1929
ALM, Clarence, Birth: 23-Jan-1907, Death: 5-Feb-1998
ALM, Emma, Birth: 6-Oct-1911, Death: 12-May-1996
ALM, Emma M, Birth: 1880, Death: 1984
ALM, Ivar Ron, Birth: 25-May-1938, Death: 18-Aug-2013
ALM, M Phyllis, Birth: 29-Sep-1915, Death: 6-May-2005
ALM, Peter J, Birth: 1874, Death: 1951
ALTVATER, Ruth M, Birth: 25-Dec-1939, Death: 29-Nov-2003
AMBROSE, Floyd A (Sr), Birth: 1906, Death: 1981
ANDERSON, Addaline M, Birth: 1901, Death: 1988
ANDERSON, Barbara Jean, Birth: 1933, Death: 1992
ANDERSON, Elmer A, Birth: 1900, Death: 1989
ANDERSON, Katherine A, Death: 3-Dec-1993
ANDERSON, Luella R, Birth: 1867, Death: 1941
ANGEVINE, James E, Birth: 1916, Death: 1994, US Navy WWII
ANGEVINE, Katherine, Birth: 24-Jun-1920, Death: 8-May-2000
ANTONE, Ella A, Birth: 1911, Death: 1998
ANTONE, John, Birth: 1905, Death: 2002
ANTONE, Robert S, Birth: 24-May-1946, Death: 21-Jan-1973, WA SP4 US Army Vietnam
ARNETT, Hilda M, Birth: 1892, Death: 1968
ARNETT, James W, Birth: 1891, Death: 1948
ARRINGTON, Rose, Birth: 28-Jan-1915, Death: 3-Sep-2007
ASH, Owen B, Birth: 12-Jan-1926, Death: 3-Mar-1994, US Navy WWII
ASKEY, Annie E, Birth: 1856, Death: 1939
BABCOCK, David G, Birth: 1943, Death: 2001
BAILEY, Lucy E, Birth: 1907, Death: 1994
BAILEY, Paul K, Birth: 1902, Death: 1969
BAILEY, Ruth, Birth: 1892, Death: 1956
BALDER, Joseph, Birth: 1918, Death: 1929
BALDER, Joseph, Birth: 1918, Death: 1929
BALDER, Mary, Birth: 1880, Death: 1932
BALSIGER, Richard Earl, Birth: 19-Jan-1936, Death: 10-May-1996
BANTA, Annie Belle, Birth: 1867, Death: 1935
BANTA, Peter A, Birth: 1856, Death: 1934
BARKER, Douglas L, Birth: 1950, Death: 1989
BARKER, Linda C, Birth: 1950, Death: 1985
BARRETT, Lilliann M, Birth: 1912, Death: 1995
BARRETT, Richard M, Birth: 16-Jul-1903, Death: 26-Oct-1937
BARRETT, Roy Hamilton, Birth: 17-Jun-1901, Death: 11-Oct-1963, WA FC1 US Navy
BARTH, Pearl Wyse, Birth: 1888, Death: 1960
BARTLING, Eliza C, Birth: 1873, Death: 1942
BARTLING, Herman A, Birth: 1869, Death: 1949
BASHAW, Gladys I, Birth: 1897, Death: 1983
BASHAW, William A, Birth: 11-Oct-1953, Death: 15-Oct-1974, Pvt US Army
BASSLER, Laura J, Birth: 1871, Death: 1927
BEALS, Bill, Birth: 11-Nov-1952, Death: 21-Jun-1986
BEALS, Russell W, Birth: 28-Nov-1921, Death: 8-Feb-1997
BEALS, Ruth L, Birth: 3-Jul-1928, Death: 7-Feb-1992
BEATTIE, James A, Birth: 1868, Death: 1924
BEAUBIEN, Glen L, Birth: 1904, Death: 1992
BEAUBIEN, Nina G, Birth: 1917, Death: 2009
BECK, Jeffery Layne, Birth: 1965, Death: 1994
BECKMAN, Alma, Birth: 1876, Death: 1957
BECKMAN, Henry, Birth: 1874, Death: 1947
BEECROFT, Wayne R, Birth: 21-May-1921, Death: 19-Aug-1997, Tec 5 US Army WWII
BEESLER, Shirley Ann, Birth: 23-May-1934, Death: 29-Jul-2004
BENSON, Carl Art, Birth: 1891, Death: 1967
BENSON, Carl J, Birth: 8-May-1955, Death: 5-Aug-1998, Sgt US Army
BERKEBILE, Adron David, Birth: 8-Dec-1910, Death: 17-Dec-1970
BERKEBILE, Aloha R, Birth: 11-Aug-1929, Death: 21-Feb-2008
BERKEBILE, Donald Nye, Birth: 11-Oct-1928, Death: 11-Jun-1999
BERKEBILE, John Crist, Birth: 1882, Death: 1973
BERKEBILE, Kimberley Ann, Birth: 1964, Death: 2016
BERKEBILE, M. Dove, Birth: 1880, Death: 1949
BERKEBILE, Sarah Ruth Cecelia, Birth: 12-Mar-1992, Death: 23-Jun-1923
BERKEBILE, Tod Eric, Birth: 13-Jun-1969, Death: 29-Nov-1986
BERKEIBILE, John C (Jr), Birth: 1905, Death: 1940
BEROSEK, George, Birth: 1889, Death: 1945
BEROSEK, Gladys M, Birth: 1894, Death: 1975
BERRY, Cecil, Birth: 1900, Death: 1918
BERRY, Susie, Birth: 1877, Death: 1932
BETHARDS, L. Eloise, Birth: 1914, Death: 2015
BETHARDS, Milton T, Birth: 1912, Death: 1996
BEVENS, Pauline C, Birth: 14-Jan-1909, Death: 5-May-1970
BEVENS, Pauline G, Birth: 4-Jan-1909, Death: 5-May-1970
BEVIS, Florence May Barber, Birth: 6-Sep-1926, Iron River, WI, Death: 18-Jan-1988
BICHICH, George, Birth: 6-Jul-1926, Death: 13-Jul-2002, S Sgt US Army WWII
BICHICH, George, Birth: 1902, Death: 1933
BICHICH, George (Jr), Birth: 16-Nov-1949, Death: 28-Nov-1949
BICHICH, Louise, Birth: 1904, Death: 1949
BISCHOFBERGER, Josephine Fuerst, Birth: 6-Mar-1871, Death: 15-Jan-1960
BLADES, Josephine
BLADES, Margaret, Birth: 1907, Death: 1932
BLADES, Rosemary, Birth: 1929, Death: 1932
BLANCHER, Isabel, Birth: 1863, Death: 1947
BLANCHER, Philip L, Birth: 1866, Death: 1943
BLUHER, Robert, Death: 22-Jun-1947
BOALCH, Edgar T, Birth: 1863, Death: 1937
BOALCH, Goldie, Birth: 12-July-1899, Death: 21-May-1971
BOALCH, Grace B, Birth: 1878, Death: 1938
BOALCH, Rodney T (Ensign), Birth: 1922, Death: 1945, USNR
BOALCH, Theodore A, Birth: 17-Oct-1897, Death: 7-Dec-1976, QM3 US Navy
BODWICK, Charles J, Birth: 1-Aug-1914, Death: 30-Sep-2004
BODWICK, Eleanore H, Birth: 7-Apr-1915, Death: 25-Apr-2000
BOGGS, Abby C, Birth: 1865, Death: 1943
BOGGS, Grace, Birth: 8-Jul-1901, Death: 12-Oct-1998
BOGGS, L. C., Birth: 24-Mar-1897, Death: 6-Feb-1971
BOGGS, William, Birth: 1854, Death: 1929
BONOMI, Joseph C, Birth: 1953, Death: 1973
BOONE, Doris, Birth: 1920, Death: 1988
BOONSTRA, Andrew, Birth: 1944, Death: 2010
BOONSTRA, Kenneth E, Birth: 1965, Death: 2013
BOOTH, Dorothy, Birth: 1884, Death: 1967
BOSWORTH, Ray D, Birth: 1927, Death: 2005
BOTTEN, Dennis Allen, Birth: 17-Jan-1944, Death: 4-Jun-2008
BOUDREAU, Estelle M, Birth: 1879, Death: 1941
BOURDONNAY, Edna Rose, Birth: 31-May-1905, Death: 2-Oct-1991
BOURDONNAY, Edward D, Birth: 15-Oct-1904, Death: 19-Dec-1985, F1 US Navy WWI
BOWER, Katharine Elizabeth, Death: 9-Oct-1987
BOWERMAN, ?, Birth: ?, Death: 8-Sep-1921
BOWERMAN, Harry E, Birth: 8-Mar-1865, Death: 6-Sep-1921
BOYD, Ada Louise, Birth: 1889, Death: 1961
BRADSTOCK, Agnes Margaret, Birth: 1913, Death: 1964
BRADY, Dorothy, Birth: 1920, Death: 1990
BRADY, Martin P, Birth: 1905, Death: 1989
BRAGG, Beulah E, Birth: 17-Mar-1926, Death: 11-Jun-1989
BRAIN, Alex C, Birth: 1893, Death: 1965
BRAIN, Alma A, Birth: 1907, Death: 1973
BRANCHO, Mike P, Birth: 1892, Death: 1944
BREES, Bertha A, Birth: 1884, Death: 1946
BREES, Lora F, Birth: 1877, Death: 1969
BRIDGES, Charles H, Birth: 8-Nov-1859, Death: 5-Oct-1906
BRISTER, Andrew C, Birth: 1875, Death: 1957
BROCK, Agnes, Birth: 30-Oct-1889, Death: 8-Jun-1959
BROCK, David E, Birth: 1912, Death: 1951
BROCK, George W, Birth: 1909, Death: 2000
BROCK, James, Birth: 20-May-1884, Death: 21-Sep-1966
BROCK, Leon James, Birth: 18-Apr-1939, Death: 21-Apr-2000
BROKOFSKY, Jordan Rose, Death: 29-Aug-1994
BRONSKY, Andrew, Birth: 1888, Death: 1972
BRONSKY, Nellie m, Birth: 1894, Death: 1940
BROOKE, Herbert S, Birth: 10-Dec-1916, Death: 9-Apr-1986, Tec 3 US Army WWII
BROWN, Duncan A, Birth: 1860, Death: 1932
BROWN, Ella Allen, Birth: 1891, Death: 1932
BROWN, Esther May, Birth: 1-Sep-1916, Death: 18-Sep-2010
BROWN, Gertrude, Birth: 1904, Death: 1922
BROWN, Jennifer Lyn, Death: 20-Sep-1984
BROWN, Judy D, Birth: 21-Sep-1907, Death: 11-Nov-1983
BROWN, Nora Offield Cook, Birth: 14-Jan-1900, Death: 23-Mar-1969
BROWN, Warren F, Birth: 31-Mar-1916, Death: 1-Oct-2007, Sgt US Army WWII
BROWN, Wesley G, Birth: 16-Apr-1895, Death: 30-Aug-1961, WA Cook US Army WWI
BROWNE, Byron E, Birth: 1909, Death: 1984
BROWNE, Elinor M, Birth: 1909, Death: 2002
BROWNSON, Naomi V, Birth: 1926, Death: 1969
BRYAN, John Thomas, Birth: 1852, Death: 1942
BRYAN, Marcia H, Birth: 30-June-1896, Death: 19-Dec-1966
BRYAN, Robert B, Birth: 25-Sept-1888, Death: 25-Dec-1980
BRYAN, Sarah Jane, Birth: 1866, Death: 1962
BURLEY, Buck, Birth: 17-Aug-1903, Salt Fork, OK Ind Terr, Death: 26-Aug-1982, North Bend
BURLEY, Goldie, Birth: 29-Feb-1908, Cedervaleks, Death: 22-Aug-1968, Caldwell, ID
BURNHAM, Elizabeth Carr, Birth: 1881, Death: 1965
BURNHAM, Fay R, Birth: 23-May-1916, Death: 6-Aug-2001, S Sgt US Army Air Forces WWII
BURNHAM, Paul W, Birth: 1903, Death: 1933
BURNHAM, Richard Maxwell, Birth: 25-Jan-1913, Death: 16-Jun-1988, Cpl US Army WWII
BURNHAM, V. Eugene, Birth: 1866, Death: 1949
BUSH, Naomi Jane, Birth: 10-May-1921, Death: 14-Mar-2010
BUSH, Sharon R, Birth: 5-Aug-1942, Death: 8-Feb-2008
BUSH, Thomas William, Birth: 15-Mar-1915, Death: 4-Jul-1977, Momm2 US Navy WWII
BUSTER, Charles M, Birth: 1878, Death: 1940
BUSTER, Dora E, Birth: 1886, Death: 1953
BUXTON, Elizabeth D, Birth: 1915, Death: ?
BUXTON, Harry L, Birth: 1897, Death: 1979
BUXTON, Olive Edith, Birth: 14-Nov-1899, Death: 6-Feb-1988
BYBEE, Kate H, Birth: 1891, Death: 1927
CABE, Julius Sidney, Birth: 1905, Death: 1930
CABE, Lou Ann, Birth: 29-June-1883, Death: 13-Mar-1979
CABE, Norma L, Birth: 1-Mar-1925, Death: 20-Dec-2000
CABE, Paul C, Birth: 27-Feb-1923, Death: 23-May-2003
CABE, Thomas Jess, Birth: 16-Mar-1878, Death: 6-Aug-1953
CAINES, Donna E, Birth: 1885, Death: 1966
CAINES, George S, Birth: 1884, Death: 1975
CALDWELL, Richard M, Birth: 27-Sep-1934, Death: 21-Dec-1985, Sgt US Army Vietnam
CALDWELL, Robert J, Birth: 1907, Death: 1963
CALDWELL, Theo K, Birth: 27-May-1910, Death: 4-Dec-1987
CAMBLEY, H. Patrick, Birth: 1908, Death: 1950
CAMERON, Albert M, Birth: 1906, Death: 1975
CAMERON, Ann D, Birth: 1910, Death: 1969
CAMP, Anna, Birth: 1904, Death: 1936
CANTY, Ann Weber, Birth: 13-Dec-1922, Death: 11-Aug-2003
CARLIN, Cecil, Birth: 1893, Death: 1983
CARLIN, Loy E, Birth: 1891, Death: 1982
CARLIN, Midge Iva, Birth: 1908, Death: 1980
CARLIN, Nancy Elizabeth, Birth: 1905, Death: 1932
CARLIN, Owen, Birth: 1895, Death: 1981, masonic symbol
CARLIN, Robert E, Birth: 1927, Death: 1984
CARLIN, Sudie, Birth: 1859, Death: 1922
CARLIN, Thomas, Birth: 1856, Death: 1940
CARMICHAEL, Hume, Birth: 1905, Death: 1959
CARMICHAEL, W. Michael, Birth: 1941, Death: 1974, SP4 US Army
CARRIVEAU, Emma J, Birth: 9-July-1895, Death: 12-Sep-1958
CARROLL, Aaron, Birth: 1914, Death: 1993
CARROLL, Andrew Francis, Birth: 1-May-1906, Death: 10-Jan-1980, US Army WWII
CARROLL, Bertha Marie, Birth: 16-May-1916, Death: 10-Jan-1980
CARSTENS, Lillie, Birth: 1873, Death: 1949
CARSTENS, Peter, Birth: 1869, no date of death
CARVER, Henry H, Birth: 1891, Death: 1978
CARVER, Ivy B, Birth: 9-Dec-1898, Death: 22-Jan-1947
CATLING, Jessie M, Birth: 1916, Death: 1963
CATLING, Marion R Dillman, Birth: 1921, Death: 1969
CATLING, Paul H, Birth: 1909, Death: 1976, masonic symbol
CAULFIELD, Mena Elizabeth, Birth: 1905, Death: 1968
CERVINE, Carol Jean, Birth: 9-Jul-1957, Death: 10-May-2001
CHAMBERLAIN, Arthur, Birth: 1887, Death: 1963
CHAMBERLAIN, Charles J, Birth: 1883, Death: 1961
CHAMBERLAIN, Edna W, Birth: 1891, Death: 1949
CHAMBERLAIN, Glenn V, Birth: 25-Aug-1916, Death: 7-Oct-1959, WA Tec4 US Army WWII
CHAMBERLAIN, Letha A, Birth: 1860, Death: 1936
CHAMBERLAIN, Thomas A, Birth: 1854, Death: 1946
CHANDLER, George, Birth: 1860, Death: 1928
CHAPMAN, Clay, Birth: 8-May-1975, Death: 2-Jul-1991
CHAPMAN, Clay D, Birth: 8-May-1975, Death: 2-Jul-1991
CHASE, Hazen, Birth: 1881, Death: 1961
CHRISTENSEN, Olaf, Birth: 8-Sept-1879, Death: 11-Oct-1960
CHRISTENSEN, Susie E, Birth: 2-May-1878, Death: 6-Aug-1950
CHRISTNEY, Delbert A, Birth: 1939, Death: 1940
CHRISTNEY, Elvie Irene, Birth: 13-Apr-1907, Death: 4-Sep-1995
CHRISTNEY, John, Birth: 1877, Death: 1962
CHURCH, Tyler Andrew, Birth: 25-Jan-1994, Death: 17-Apr-1994
CHURCHILL, Blanche M, Birth: 1898, Death: 1969
CHURCHILL, James H, Birth: 1920, Death: 1996
CHURCHILL, Phillip, Birth: 1886, Death: 1927
CHURCHILL, Phillip E, Birth: 22-Oct-1918, Death: 13-Aug-1975, Cpl US Army WWII
CHURCHILL, Rhoda E, Birth: 1926, Death: 1992
CHURCHILL, Thomas J, Birth: 27-Jul-1947, Death: 14-Aug-1971, WA SP4 US Army Vietnam
CLARIDGE, Blanche M, Birth: 7-June-1888, Death: 22-Oct-1969
CLARK, Adrien Marie, Birth: 11-Aug-1958, Death: 9-Aug-2003
CLARK, Elizabeth M, Birth: 1908, Death: 1960
CLARK, Hiram M, Birth: 1873, Death: 1928, masonic symbol
CLARK, Maud A, Birth: 1875, Death: 1948
CLARK, Robert Dean, Birth: 1937, Death: 2000
CLARK, William, Birth: 1902, Death: 1958
CLAUSON, Marilyn, Birth: 4-Jan-1923, Death: 16-Jul-2011
CLAUSON, Wallace W, Birth: 16-Nov-1922, Death: 2-May-1991
CLEVELAND, Toni, Birth: 1970, Death: 1988
CLEVEN, George A, Birth: 1901, Death: 1956
CLEVEN, Kathryn, Birth: 1902, Death: 1980
CLOCKSIN, Herman , Birth: 1859, Death: 1943
CLOCKSIN, Laura, Birth: 1865, Death: 1943
CLOSE, Elizabeth, Birth: 1867, Death: 1937
CLOSE, James D, Birth: 22-Feb-1839, Death: 5-Dec-1915
CLOSE, Jimmie Klever, Birth: 11-Jan-1914, Death: 24-Dec-1916
COCKLE, Edith E, Birth: 2-Jul-1902, Death: 16-Dec-1970
COCKLE, Laurence C, Birth: 26-Feb-1896, Death: 3-Oct-1968, WA Sgt US Army WWI
COKEWELL, Robert T, Birth: 1930, Death: 2002, USAF, masonic symbol
COLLINGWOOD, Elizabeth, Birth: 1852, Death: 1919
COLLINGWOOD, John, Birth: 1850, Death: 1916
COLLINS, Gertrude, Birth: 1895, Death: 1973
COLLINS, Helen, Birth: 1912, Death: 1958
COLLINS, Walter V, Birth: 1886, Death: 1956
CONKLIN, Jessie F, Birth: 1930, Death: 1983
CONKLIN, Maggie, Birth: 1895, Death: 1955
CONKLIN, Mannings William, Birth: 1905, Death: 1974
CONN, Donna Marie, Birth: 25-Apr-1948, Death: 9-Aug-1997
CONNELLY, Timothy J, Birth: 1953, Death: 1977, US Army Vietnam
CONSTANTINE, Donald L, Birth: 19-May-1933, Death: 15-Aug-1995
CONSTANTINE, Ellen Marie, Birth: 3-Jan-1963, Death: 17-Feb-1969
CONWAY, Jeannine Lynn, Birth: 12-Mar-1957, Death: 28-Nov-2008
COOLEY, Curtis C, Birth: 1901, Death: 1937
COOLEY, Lydia Alice, Birth: 1880, Death: 1941
COOLEY, Story W, Birth: 1874, Death: 1943
COOPER, Alice C, Birth: 1908, Death: 1930
COOPER, Irene Martell, Birth: 12-Mar-1928, Death: 22-Nov-1984
COOPER, Lewis N, Birth: 7-Feb-1921, Death: 4-Dec-1990, S Sgt US Army Air Corps WWII
COOPER, Marjorie M, Birth: 1884, Death: 1975
CORCORAN, Kasaundra, no dates, funeral home marker
CORNELISON, Adina M, Birth: 1970, Death: 1973
CORNELISON, Gwenda P, Birth: 1952, Death: 1973
CORRIGAN, Donald Thomas, Birth: 1923, Death: 1974
CORRIGAN, Donna Anne, Birth: 7-May-1952, Death: 23-Jun-1998
CORRIGAN-GASSMANN, Sue Wheeler Frey, Birth: 1904, Death: 1992
COTE, August, Birth: 1865, Death: 1951
COTE, Clara, Birth: 1869, Death: 1962
COWLEY, Marcella W, Birth: 10-Jan-1926, Death: 26-Mar-2009
COWLEY, JR, Spencer D, Birth: 5-Jun-1923, Death: 27-Dec-2012
COX, Betty Jane, Birth: 23-Oct-1937, Death: 17-Oct-2009
COX, Richard L, Birth: 24-Aug-1936, Death: 28-Dec-1986, SP3 US Army Korea
COX, Richard L (Jr), Birth: 31-Dec-1961, Death: 3-Jul-1997
CRAKER, Merrill A, Birth: 6-July-1884, Death: 16-Mar-1979, Sgt US Army WWI
CRAMER, Anna, Birth: 1888, Death: 1975
CRAMER, Matthew, Birth: ?, Death: ?
CRAMER, Peter, Birth: 1878, Death: 1969
CRAWFORD, Earl, Birth: 1907, Death: 1970
CRAWFORD, Mary Josephine, Birth: 4-Nov-1914, Death: 16-Nov-1959
CRAWFORD, Patricia Ann, Birth: 2-Aug-1939, Death: 26-Dec-1959
CRIBLEY, Mary Jane, Birth: 1840, Death: 1909
CROOK, James Gadsby, Birth: 1903, Death: 1966
CROOK, Louisa Pike, Birth: 1907, Death: 1994
CROSS, Garnet M, Birth: 1917, Death: 2002
CROSS, Lawrence M, Birth: 1912, Death: 1975
CROWDER, Elaine K, Birth: 26-Mar-1928, Death: 31-Jan-1995
CURRIE, Angus M, Birth: 1901, Death: 1969
CURRIE, John Angus, Birth: 1925, Death: 2010
CURRIE, Marie E, Birth: 1907, Death: 1992
DAIGNEAULT, John Bernard, Birth: 1856, Death: 1930
DAIGNEAULT, Mary Louise, Birth: 1868, Death: 1952
DAIGNEAULT, Vitaline, Death: 24-Aug-1914, 80 years
DALLIER, Frank W, Birth: 29-June-1888, Death: 14-Apr-1952
DALTON, Ivan J, Birth: 1878, Death: 1947
DAMBURAT, Frederick, Birth: 1873, Death: 1965
DAMBURAT, Hortense, Birth: 1880, Death: 1960
DANFORTH, C. Rhodes (Jr), Birth: 1951, Death: 1990
DANFORTH, Carroll Rhodes, Birth: 1915, Death: 2010, Cpt US Army WWII
DANFORTH, Wendy Abbott, Birth: 1949, Death: 2006
DANIELS, Carol S, Birth: 13-Dec-1932, Death: 4-Jan-1994
DANIELS, Kieth G, Birth: 1927, Death: 1990, MOMM3 US Navy WWII
DANIELS, Max F, Birth: 1906, Death: 1980
DANIELS, Myrtle L, Birth: 1891, Death: 1971
DANIELS, Violet, Birth: 1912, Death: 1979
DARNELL, James W, Birth: 1854, Death: 1930
DAUBERT, Peggy Elaine, Birth: 1942, Death: 1962
DAVIDSON, Alistair McEwan, Birth: 1926, Death: 2000, Parachute 6 Airborne 1
DAVIDSON, Barbara J, Birth: 1-Jan-1938, Death: 15-Jan-1978
DAVIDSON, Brian D, Birth: 30-Jul-1961, Death: 7-Sep-1989
DAVIDSON, Cecil C, Birth: 1913, Death: 1967
DAVIDSON, David R, Birth: 1904, Death: 1975
DAVIDSON, Gertrude Anne, Birth: 1939, Death: 1999
DAVIDSON, Helen A, Birth: 1907, Death: 2002
DAVIDSON, Kenneth A, Birth: 9-Jan-1937, Death: 13-Sep-1993
DAVIDSON, Thelma Legg, Birth: 27-May-1902, Death: 17-Jul-1960
DAVIS, Carol Ann, Birth: 1948, Death: 1989
DAVIS, William E, Birth: 14-Nov-1898, Death: 31-Oct-1966, WA Mus 2 Cl HQ Co 1 Inf WWII
DAWSON, Charles A, Birth: 18-Aug-1917, Death: 14-Jun-1974
DAWSON, Irene Patricia, Birth: 1-Jan-1927, Death: 7-Mar-1991
DAWSON, Ruth E, Birth: 1895, Death: 1953
DELAHAY, Jean C, Birth: 2-Jan-1969, Death: 29-Jun-1998
DELURME, Rob, Birth: 7-Nov-1977, Death: 5-Jul-1996
DESAUTEL, Eleanor May, Birth: 23-Mar-1919, Death: 18-Jun-2002
DIERST, Anna Catherina, Birth: 16-Sep-1920, Death: 12-Feb-2011
DILLMAN, Anna, Birth: 1872, Death: 1947
DILLMAN, Henry E, Birth: 1869, Death: 1912
DILLMAN, John F, Birth: 1910, Death: 1964
DILLMAN, Maisie H, Birth: 1913, Death: 1997
DORE, Irma, Birth: 1863, Death: 1943
DORE, Louis, Birth: 1875, Death: 1938
DORLAND, Earl W, Birth: 1887, Death: 1972
DORLAND, Faye C, Birth: 1888, Death: 1971
DOTSON, Eilene D, Birth: 1925, Death: 2006
DOTSON, Etta F, Birth: 1888, Death: 1953
DOTSON, Henry H, Birth: 1914, Death: 1991
DOTSON, Henry R, Birth: 1876, Death: 1964
DOUGHERTY, Ellen, Death: 20-Nov-1915
DOUGLASS, Cecilia E, Birth: 1876, Death: 1965
DOUGLASS, Charles W, Birth: 1877, Death: 1967
DOVENBERG, D Maxine, Birth: 1923, Death: 2014
DOVENBERG, H.I., Birth: 1919, Death: 1993
DRISCOLL, Linda Diane, Birth: 1964, Death: 1968
DROST, P, Birth: 1862, Death: 1911
DUHAIME, Alice J, Birth: 5-May-1921, Death: 31-Mar-1994
DUSH, Iva M, Birth: 19-Dec-1927, Death: 19-Aug-2014
DUVALL, Amy E, Birth: 1881, Death: 1950
DUVALL, Mildred, Birth: 1907, Death: 2008
DUVALL, Ray L, Birth: 1901, Death: 1973
DUZELL, Helen M, Birth: 26-Aug-1914, Death: 25-Mar-2016
DUZELL, Knut K, Birth: 1911, Death: 1993, Sgt US Army wWII
EATON, Eugene O, Birth: 1938, Death: 1983, Sgt US Army Korea
EATON, Josephine K, Birth: 24-Dec-1917, Death: 1-Dec-2010
EATON, Melvin W, Birth: 25-May-1916, Death: 10-Apr-1985, US Army WWII
EDSON, Robert J, Birth: 1934, Death: 1984, US Army Korea
EGGERS, Erna Brown, Birth: 1888, Death: 1967
EGGERS, Genevieve, Birth: 1889, Death: 1965
EGGERS, M Peter, Birth: 1882, Death: 1968
EGGERS, Milo, Birth: 1900, Death: 1969
EKMAN, Helga, Birth: 1911, Death: 1979
EKMAN, Thorsten, Birth: 1904, Death: 1998
ELDRED, Eulalia Juanita Berkebile, Birth: 22-Jul-1925, Death: 26-Jan-1974
ELKINS, Luther L, Birth: 8-Aug-1920, Death: 19-Jul-1973, TN Tec4 US Army WWII
ELLIS, Alice, Birth: 1857, Death: 1914
ENGELHARDT, Johanna, Birth: 1888, Death: 1985
ENGELHARDT, Leoboldt, Birth: 1879, Death: 1938
ENGLAND, Angeline, Birth: 1919, Death: 1989
ENGLAND, Edward E, Birth: 1904, Death: 1997
ENLOW, Tina Lewis
ERDMAN, Clara Grace, Birth: 1877, Death: 1964
ERDMAN, Edward, Birth: 1888, Death: 1942
ERLAND, Christopher, Birth: 1875, Death: 1940
ERLAND, Edna Mae, Birth: 1893, Death: 1938
ERLAND, Helen J, Birth: 1-Jan-1921, Death: 4-May-1988
ESCOTT, Charles T, Birth: 19-Jun-1880, Death: 16-Oct-1960
ESCOTT, Leona, Birth: 11-Jun-1925, Death: 14-Sep-1982
ESCOTT, Neta M, Birth: 7-June-1883, Death: 14-Jan-1973
ESCOTT, William W, Birth: 1920, Death: 1980, US Navy
EVANS, Harlem L, Death: 12-Sep-2003
EVERLY, Jesse M, Birth: 3-Nov-1883, Death: 4-Jan-1976
FALLING, Gilbert, Birth: 4-Aug-1894, Death: 13-Sep-1975
FALLING, Mabel, Birth: 28-Feb-1895, Death: 31-Jul-1956
FELIX, Hazel Donnie, Birth: 1941, Death: 1985
FERGUSON, John, Birth: 1879, Death: 1963
FERGUSON, Julia, Birth: 1872, Death: 1964
FERREN, M, Birth: ?, Death: ?
FERREN, Michael Ray, Birth: 1942, Death: 1989
FERRIER, Johnny T (Jr), Birth: 1937, Death: 1982
FERRIER, Joy L, Birth: 1940, Death: 2009
FERRY, Jules J, Birth: 1951, Death: 2003
FINKS, Betty Lou, Birth: 17-Sep-1924, Death: 26-Nov-2015
FINKS, Frank A, Birth: 1910, Death: 1992
FINKS, Lillian, Birth: 1905, Death: 1990
FINLEY, Arvin A, Birth: 16-Jul-1916, Death: 29-Nov-1977, US Army
FLEGEL, William F, Birth: 1952, Death: 1983, SP4 US Army Vietnam
FLORENCE, Blanche, Birth: 1900, Death: 1906
FLORENCE, Dolly, Birth: 1892, Death: 1906
FLORENCE, Erastus B, Birth: 1843, Death: 1917
FOELSCH, Shirley A, Birth: 27-Sep-1938, Death: 18-Jul-1999
FORSLIN, Eric H, Birth: 1913, Death: 1991
FORSLIN, Fern D, Birth: 1918, Death: 2000
FORT, Margie, Birth: 1934, Death: 1987
FOWLER, Alice, Birth: 1886, Death: 1933
FRANCIS, Alta V, Birth: 1918, Death: 1984
FRANCIS, Harry G, Birth: 1916, Death: 1981
FRANCIS, Marie E, Birth: 1913, Death: 1982
FRANCIS, William W, Birth: 1910, Death: 1989
FRANKE, Charles Albert, Birth: 27-Jul-1921, Death: 24-Feb-2005, Tec 5 US Army WWII
FRANKE, Sylvia E, Birth: 23-May-1916, Death: 22-Mar-1997
FRANKLIN, Isabella L, Birth: 1893, Death: 1944
FRASHIER, Norman, Birth: 1877, Death: 1949
FREDRICKSON, Fred R, Birth: 1910, Death: 1987
FREDRICKSON, Thomas E, Birth: 1938, Death: 1958
FREDRICKSON, Virginia L, Birth: 1913, Death: 1987
FREEMAN, Ronald Dean, Birth: 1-Apr-1960, Death: 3-Mar-1996
FREEMAN, Rose M, Birth: 17-Jul-1930, Death: 6-Jan-1995
FREER, Susanna, Birth: 2-Oct-1861, Death: 10-Oct-1943
FRY, Scott B, Birth: 7-Aug-1958, Death: 8-Mar-1971
FUERST, Christian, Birth: 1871, Death: 1933
FULLER, Bess M, Birth: 1887, Death: 1976
FULLER, H. Ray, Birth: 1885, Death: 1960
FURULIE, Oswald Norman, Birth: 4-Mar-1927, Death: 31-May-1989, US Navy WWII
FURY, Conrail Pike, Birth: 5-Dec-1911, Death: 5-Oct-1971
FURY, Ella Pike, Birth: 18-Oct-1883, Death: 30-Jul-1916
FURY, Frances A, Birth: 27-Nov-1878, Death: 5-Feb-1965
FURY, Irene Mae, Birth: 16-May-1913, Death: 21-Dec-2006
FURY, Wayne, Birth: 27-Jul-1914, Death: 15-Feb-1998
FURY, William J, Birth: 4-May-1876, Death: 22-Feb-1950
GAINES, Adelaide, Birth: 1855, Death: 1932
GAINES, Lamar, Birth: 1916, Death: 1981
GAINES, Lester, Birth: 1850, Death: 1940
GAPEN, Michael V, Birth: 1-Jan-1962, Death: 17-Aug-1971
GARCIA, Maria Clemente, Birth: 1957, Death: 2012
GARCIA, Marygil, Birth: 23-Jan-1986, Death: 3-Apr-2002
GARDINER, Aileen Prince, Birth: 29-Oct-1923, Death: 26-Jan-2005
GARDINER, Alexander Marston, Birth: 1882, Death: 1957
GARDINER, Louisa D, Birth: 7-Feb-1877, Death: 6-Apr-1933
GARDINER, Marguerite McIntyre, Birth: 1892, Death: 1976
GARDINER, Marie Reynolds, Birth: 1894, Death: 1983
GARDINER, William K, Birth: 1892, Death: 1965
GARDINER, William T, Birth: 2-May-1847, Death: 3-Mar-1908
GARNEY, Lyla J Offield, Birth: 15-Dec-1929, Death: 22-May-1997
GARNEY, Ralph O (Jr), Birth: 22-Jun-1951, Death: 18-Feb-1992
GARRETT, Elmer L, Birth: 1882, Death: 1959
GARRETT, John L, Birth: 1900, Death: 1979
GARRETT, Lillie A, Birth: 1905, Death: 1982
GARRETT, Queen A, Birth: 1894, Death: 1980
GARRETT, Sarah, Birth: 1877, Death: 1929
GARRISON, William K, Birth: 15-Mar-1868, Death: 6-Sep-1938
GASPER, Margaret Kohfloft, Birth: 1916, Death: 1996, Married June 23, 1935
GASPER, Steven Henry, Birth: 1914, Death: 1993, Married June 23, 1935
GEISELMAN, Melissa, Birth: 1882, Death: 1958
GEISELMAN, Nikolaus, Birth: 1874, Death: 1957
GELINAS, Rudolph, Birth: 23-Dec-1888, Death: 18-May-1947, WA Horseshoer 267 Co MP WWI
GENSON, Allan Richard, Birth: 1922, Death: 1923
GENSON, Charles, Birth: 1875, Death: 1955
GENSON, Ella L, Birth: 11-Jul-1912, Death: 24-Feb-1990
GENSON, Ethel, Birth: 1878, Death: 1951
GENSON, Harry Nathan, Birth: 1905, Death: 1976
GERVAIS, Leona Fern, Birth: 19-Dec-1926, Death: 13-Dec-2008
GERVAIS, Robert Joseph, Birth: 19-Feb-1919, Death: 26-Sep-1970
GESE, Marie, Birth: 1915, Death: 1987
GESE, Peter J, Birth: 1914, Death: 2002
GIBBS, Carlos Charles, Birth: 23-Jun-1909, Death: 3-Sep-2007
GIBBS, Lillie B, Birth: 18-Feb-1914, Death: 24-Feb-1993
GIBSON, Clara M, Birth: 1873, Death: 1948
GIBSON, Elijah C, Birth: 1871, Death: 1938
GIDLOF, Anna, Birth: 1882, Death: 1968
GIDLOF, Axel, Birth: 1909, Death: 1989, US Army WWII
GIDLOF, Jonas, Birth: 1864, Death: 1954
GILDERSLEEVE, Gertrude E, Birth: 21-Jan-1917, Death: 17-Jun-1992
GILDERSLEEVE, John W, Birth: 1879, Death: 1961
GILDERSLEEVE, Nancy W, Birth: 1880, Death: 1951
GILDERSLEEVE, Vincent H, Birth: 21-Dec-1913, Death: 10-May-1992, US Navy WWII
GLENN, David, Death: 30-Oct-1997
GOCHANOUR, Franklin E, Birth: 8-May-1924, Death: 25-Dec-1991, Cox US Navy WWII PH
GOIN, Dorothy Mae, Birth: 26-May-1934, Death: 13-Jul-1989
GOIN, Gerald Davis, Birth: 7-Jan-1927, Death: 28-Apr-1996
GOODWIN, Elmer E, Birth: 1910, Death: 1951
GORDON, Bessie, Birth: 1890, Death: 1939
GORDON, G, Birth: 1915, Death: 1994, masonic symbol
GORDON, Mack W, Birth: 1879, Death: 1945
GORDON, Nancy L, Birth: 1-Sep-1951, Death: 26-Apr-1995
GORNELL, Dolores J, Birth: 16-Dec-1925, Death: 4-Nov-1988
GRAHAM, Donald D, Birth: 1933, Death: 1986, US Navy Korea
GRAHAM, Leroy, Birth: 1899, Death: 1992
GRANT, Charles W, Birth: 1882, Death: 1962
GRAYBEAL, Starlin S, Birth: 1-Mar-1903, Death: 30-Jan-1967
GRAYBEAL, Verna W, Birth: 21-Apr-1905, Death: 27-Apr-1984
GREEN, Rickey Charles, Birth: August 1958, Death: June 1980
GREGER, John, Birth: 24-June-1841, Death: 24-Sep-1902
GREGER, Kate, Birth: 3-Mar-1849, Death: 13-Oct-1907
GREGORY, George L, Birth: 1951, Death: 1985
GREMS, Dean R, Birth: 1932, Death: 1992
GREMS, Delores E, Birth: 1933, Death: 1987
GRIFFITH, John Franklin, Birth: 1852, Death: 1934
GRINA, Inga, Birth: 14-Oct-1887, Death: 21-Apr-1962
GRINA, Ole P, Birth: 4-Feb-1877, Death: 25-Nov-1956
GRINA, Parnell, Birth: 1911, Death: 1998
GUNDERSEN, John Davis (Sr), Birth: 7-Dec-1913, Death: 5-Jun-2006
GUNDERSEN, June Bernice Miller, Birth: 10-Jan-1925, Death: 12-May-2011
GUNDERSON, Beatrice, Birth: 1906, Death: 1994
GUNDERSON, Hans, Birth: 1911, Death: 1956
GUSTAFSON, Anna J, Birth: 1908, Death: 1954
GUSTAFSON, August, Birth: 1894, Death: 1940
GUSTAFSON, Bernard George, Birth: June 28 ????, Death: May ? 1926
GUSTAFSON, Nils R, Birth: 1934, Death: 1948
GUTHRIE, Erma, Birth: 10-Dec-1910, Death: 28-Apr-1998
GUTHRIE, Jacqueline J, Birth: 9-Mar-1940, Death: 28-Nov-2008
GUTHRIE, Wayne, Birth: 20-Jun-1917, Death: 14-Jun-1999, US Army WWII Sgt 1st Div
HAACK, William, Birth: 1917, Death: 1986, US Army
HACKNEY, Frank M, Birth: 1905, Death: 1989
HACKNEY, Margaret, Birth: 1904, Death: 1995
HAGEN, Georgia L, Birth: 1946, Death: 1994
HAGLER, Amanda, Birth: 1-Sep-1989, Death: 11-Nov-1989
HAIGH, Clara O, Birth: 7-Apr-1891, Death: 2-Aug-1954
HAIGH, John W, Birth: 14-Mar-1894, Death: 19-Mar-1956
HALE, Wayne, Birth: 1928, Death: 1972
HALL, James E, Birth: 3-Apr-1944, Death: 29-Jan-2016
HALVERSON, Arthur T, Birth: 15-Sep-1913, Death: 12-May-1963, WA MM2 USNR WWII
HALVERSON, Casper J, Birth: 1894, Death: 1978, US Army
HALVERSON, Jessie M, Birth: 1898, Death: 1955
HALVERSON, Roger A, Birth: 7-Jul-1946, Death: 26-Aug-1948
HAMERLY, Sharon Laatsch, Birth: 1935, Death: 1978
HAMODEY, Francis L, Birth: 7-Jul-1926, Death: 4-Nov-1984, HA1 US Navy WWII
HANNAH, Mary E, Birth: 1891, Death: 1979
HANNAH, Matthew, Birth: 1885, Death: 1952
HANSON, Jerry, Birth: 1944, Death: 1945
HARDING, Albert C, Birth: 13-Jun-1900, Death: 26-Apr-1969, WA Pvt US Army WWII
HARRIS, Mary L, Birth: 1908, Death: 1995
HARTLEY, Victor, Birth: 1-Dec-1921, Death: 29-Nov-1944, WA GMC US Navy WWII
HASTING, Derek M, Birth: 10-May-1971, Death: 6-Dec-1990
HAWK, Daisy P, Birth: May 1910, Death: June 2007
HAWK, Elmer , Birth: 1929, Death: 1998
HAWK, Elmer A, Birth: 1885, Death: 1968
HAWK, Florence E, Birth: 1886, Death: 1953
HAWK, Phillip C, Birth: 24-Dec-1915, Death: 5-May-1984
HAWK, Wilbert A, Birth: February 1910, Death: December 1998
HAYTER, Louis G, Birth: 1877, Death: 1943
HEARING, Juanita M, Birth: 1919, Death: 1983
HENDERSON, Joshua Shane, Birth: 1982, Death: 2012
HENDRICKSON, Elaine N, Birth: February 1911, Death: January 1999
HENRY, Rita Mae, Birth: 30-Jul-1932, Death: 28-Nov-1976
HIDAY, Archibald, Birth: 1858, Death: 1944
HIGGINBOTHAM, Vera, Birth: 1911, Death: 1959
HILKEY, Howard E, Birth: 1893, Death: 1990
HILL, Jerry Wayne, Birth: 29-Sep-1966, Death: 24-Mar-1970
HILL, Jimmy R, Birth: 13-Dec-1926, Death: 24-Dec-1996, US Navy WWII Korea
HILLYER, Emma J, Birth: 1862, Death: 1933
HILLYER, Nita Baldwin, Birth: 1893, Death: 1913
HILLYER, William P, Birth: 1854, Death: 1933
HINKLE, Clarence R, Birth: 1901, Death: 1969
HINKLE, Marlys Westerlund, Birth: 21-Jan-1927, Death: 28-Apr-1976
HINKLE, Richard M, Birth: 15-Dec-1926, Death: 12-Jul-1998, SFC US Army WWII
HOAG, Minnie E, Birth: 1882, Death: 1963
HOAG, Rodney T, Birth: 1890, Death: 1971
HOLLANDS, George, Birth: 1883, Death: 1938
HOLLOPETER, Vincent k, Birth: 1921, Death: 1952
HOLMES, Betty Jean Landrum, Birth: 11-Dec-1942, Louisiana, Death: 15-Feb-1985
HUDGINS, Carolyn J, Birth: 17-Feb-1937, Death: 17-Dec-1998
HUHN, Bernice A, Birth: 1913, Death: 1985
HUHN, Henry J, Birth: 1907, Death: 1985
HUNT, Annie Edith, Birth: 1910, Death: 1989
HUNT, James Harlon, Birth: 1906, Death: 1988
ISOM, Steven S, Birth: 1966, Death: 1971
JACKSON, Lawrence D, Birth: 1859, Death: 1934
JACKSON, Rhoda M, Birth: 1897, Death: 1967
JACKSON, William Emmett, Birth: 1892, Death: 1968
JACOBSON, Virginia, Birth: 1915, Death: 2001
JAGGAR, Charles O, Birth: 1-Sept-1897, Death: 10-May-1942
JAGGAR, LaNuma E, Birth: 29-July-1899, Death: 23-Mar-1979
JEFFERY, Charles J, Birth: 10-Sept-1859, Death: 23-Jun-1951
JEFFERY, Nettie E, Birth: 22-Feb-1874, Death: 5-Sep-1961
JEFFREYS, Ernie J, Birth: 11-Jun-1969, Death: 11-Feb-1971
JENSEN, Behrend F, Death: 4-Aug-1930, WA Pvt 305 Inf 77 Div
JENSEN, Herman W, Birth: 1888, Death: 1963
JENSEN, Louis B, Birth: 21-Nov-1890, Death: 10-Feb-1952, MT Cook 836 Aero SQ WWI
JEROCHIM, Gerd, Birth: 22-Feb-1942, Death: 4-Jan-2017
JOHNSEN, Albert J, Birth: 1921, Death: 1994
JOHNSEN, Alexander J, Birth: 22-Feb-1972, Death: 14-Apr-1995
JOHNSEN, Edwin, Birth: 1910, Death: 1972
JOHNSEN, Margaret J, Birth: 1920, Death: 1985
JOHNSEN, Mary, Birth: 1913, Death: 2006
JOHNSON, Deborah F, Birth: 1897, Death: 1929
JOHNSON, Kayla Ann, Birth: 17-Mar-2010, Death: 17-Mar-2010
JOHNSON, Mary Frances, Birth: 22-Apr-1934, Death: 27-Aug-2004
JOHNSON, Mary T, Birth: 1888, Death: 1965
JOHNSON, Nellie K, Birth: 4-Oct-1929, Death: 28-May-2007
JOHNSON, Robert Louis, Birth: 4-Feb-1933, Death: 4-Jan-1992
JOHNSON, Sue, Birth: 1939, Death: 1980
JOHNSON, Warner L, Birth: 19-Apr-1930, Death: 12-Jan-1998
JOHNSTON, Jane, Birth: 20-Aug-1852, Death: 14-Oct-1916
JOINER, Charles E, Birth: April 1892, Death: June 1928
JONES, Daniel Ray, Birth: 16-Dec-1957, Death: 7-Sep-1977
JONES, James, Birth: 1836, Death: 1923
JONES, Mary, Birth: 1880, Death: 1966
JONES, Patricia Ann, Birth: 20-Dec-1937, Death: 2-Sep-1996
JONES, Robert W, Birth: 1929, Death: 1990
JONES, Samuel, Birth: 1908, Death: 1930
JONES, Sophia, Birth: 1847, Death: 1921
JONES, Thomas J, Birth: 1877, Death: 1945
JORGENSEN, Carl R, Birth: 5-Sep-1944, Death: 30-Nov-1992
JORGENSEN, Elisabeth, Birth: 29-Mar-1934, Death: 4-Mar-2008
JORGENSEN, Stanley T, Birth: 8-Sep-1936, Death: 19-Sep-1994, PFC US Army
JUDKINS, Charlotte, Birth: 13-Dec-1898, Death: 18-Dec-1990
JUDKINS, Osmer B, Birth: 9-June-1894, Death: 13-Oct-1973, SD Cpl US Army WWI
KAASA, Martin, Birth: 1889, Death: 1954
KAASA, Pauline H, Birth: 1888, Death: 1985
KAYSEN, Ethel C, Birth: 1898, Death: 1974
KAYSEN, Paul J, Birth: 1894, Death: 1972
KEATING, Mike, Birth: 1866, Death: 1911
KEITH, Floyd L, Birth: 17-Apr-1901, Death: 8-Apr-1969, WA Cpl 31 Inf Band
KELLER, Dorothy P, Birth: 1916, Death: 1977
KELLER, Maurice E, Birth: 1917, Death: 1993
KELLEY, Edward, Birth: 11-Oct-1890, Death: 12-Oct-1908
KELLEY, Fremont, Birth: 1856, Death: 1935
KELLY, Edra jean, Birth: 5-Aug-1914, Death: 9-Jul-1997
KELLY, Edward J, Birth: 25-Nov-1948, Death: 1-May-1991, Cpl US Marine Corps Vietnam
KELLY, Harold Joseph, Birth: 22-May-1912, Death: 24-Aug-1995
KEMP, Evelyn, Birth: 1908, Death: 1914
KENNEDY, Arlene Mae, Birth: 26-Mar-1928, Death: 16-Sep-2006
KENNEDY, Henry, Birth: 14-Sep-1915, Death: 27-Nov-1979, S2 US Navy WWII
KICKHAFER, M. Tingley, Birth: 1885, Death: 1936
KIMBALL, Clifford T, Birth: 7-Dec-1910, Death: 29-Dec-1944
KING, Frederick G, Birth: 1877, Death: 1955
KING, Myrtle, Birth: 1876, Death: 1945
KINKEL, Grace L, Birth: 1928, Death: 1977
KINKEL, Harry Charles, Birth: 27-May-1921, Death: 17-Sep-2000
KIRBEY, Jennie B, Birth: 1866, Death: 1944
KIRBEY, Leonard W, Birth: 1861, Death: 1950
KIRK, Francis Robert, Birth: 1-Feb-1909, Death: ?, WA RT1 US Navy WWII
KIRK, Marie A, Birth: 18-Apr-1910, Death: 6-Feb-1971
KIRK, Marie R, Birth: 1937, Death: 1989
KIRKPATRICK, Linda L, Birth: 1957, Death: 1984
KISKE, Delila Irene, Birth: 1929, Death: 1988
KLACSAN, Quinn Archer, Birth: 1961, Death: 1975
KLINE, Viola V, Birth: 1904, Death: 1927
KNAPP, Calvin A, Birth: 14-Jun-1922, Death: 14-Aug-1998, US Army WWII
KNAPP, Guy S, Birth: 19-Mar-1895, Death: 26-Oct-1964, NE Pvt Btry D 338 Field Arty WWI
KNAPP, Jeanette, Birth: 8-Feb-1933, Death: 19-Jul-2005
KNAPP, Mildred G, Birth: 1903, Death: 1966
KNISELEY, Jeanne Bardue, Birth: 1909, Death: 2001
KNISELEY, John Mitchell, Birth: 1902, Death: 1994
KNISLEY, Sean Warren, Birth: 26-Oct-1967, Death: 5-Apr-1987
KNOWLES, Elizabeth A, Birth: 1869, Death: 1935
KNOWLES, Frank E, Birth: 1882, Death: 1970
KNOWLES, G. Phyllis, Birth: 13-Jul-1925, Death: 29-Dec-2010
KNOWLES, John Martin, Birth: 8-Feb-1845, Death: 6-Nov-2005
KNOWLES, Louis Winfield, Birth: 16-Aug-1924, Death: 12-May-2015, Sgt US Army WWII
KNOWLES, Martha M, Birth: 1861, Death: 1941
KNOWLES, Robert J, Birth: 28-Nov-1911, Death: 6-Jul-1991, US Army WWII
KNOWLES, Viola P, Birth: 1885, Death: 1983
KNOWLES, William H, Birth: 1865, Death: 1952
KNUDSEN, Myrtle A, Birth: 1878, Death: 1964
KOESTER, Edward (Pvt), Birth: 1899, Death: 1918
KOHLRUSS, Walter A, Birth: 1904, Death: 1991
KORSMO, Don s, Birth: 8-Dec-1937, Death: 20-May-2010
KORSMO, Doris A, Birth: 1915, Death: 1995
KORSMO, John O, Birth: 1911, Death: 1997
KORSMO, Olav, Birth: 1876, Death: 1959
KORSMO, Tekla, Birth: 1867, Death: 1949
KRAUSE, Celia, Birth: 1854, Death: 1948
KRAUSE, Herman, Birth: 1849, Death: 1928
KREITZER, Joseph, Death: 2-Jun-1912
KRESS, Ann Lane, Birth: 1851, Death: 1911
KRESS, Joseph N, Birth: 1853, Death: 1944
KRING, Christina, Birth: 1872, Death: 1954
KRING, George, Birth: 1866, Death: 1950
KRITZER, Adolf, Birth: 1894, Death: 1957
KRITZER, Elizabeth, Death: 1923
KRITZER, Marie, Birth: 1870, Death: 1933
KRONA, Joan E, Birth: 23-Dec-1931, Death: 11-Dec-1986
KRONA, Pamela, Birth: 20-Apr-1953, Death: 20-Jul-2007
KROPI, Dorothy A, Birth: 1941, Death: 1975
KUCKUK, Robert J (Jr), Birth: 1951, Death: 1982, US Navy Vietnam
KUEMPEL, Carmela R, Birth: 1930, Death: 1960
LAATSCH, Emma, Birth: 1869, Death: 1952
LAATSCH, Eva L, Birth: 2-May-1905, Death: 4-Nov-1970
LAATSCH, Frank Victor, Birth: 1908, Death: 1986
LAATSCH, Marion Irene, Birth: 1912, Death: 2007
LAATSCH, Walter W, Birth: 23-Aug-1896, Death: 18-Oct-1957, SD Pvt 20 Inf WWI
LAHEY, Arthur Williamson, Birth: 1877, Death: 1952
LAHEY, George D, Birth: 31-Jan-1921, Death: 16-Oct-1990, Pfc US Marine Corps WWII PH
LANCE, Clara Florence, Birth: 19-Jun-1925, Death: 15-Jun-1982
LANDFORCE, Andrew L, Birth: 1876, Death: 1959
LANDFORCE, Elsie, Birth: 1882, Death: 1960
LANE, Ed, Birth: 1903, Death: 1988
LANGTON, James P, Birth: 1885, Death: 1948
LANGTON, Kenneth E, Birth: 1910, Death: 1968
LANGTON, Myrtle Isabelle, Birth: 1-Jan-1886, Death: 24-Jul-1964
LANSFORD, Donald, Birth: 11-Oct-1953, Death: 9-Dec-1977
LAPORTE, Lillian A, Birth: 27-Aug-1944, Death: 31-Jul-2006
LARSEN, Belle, Birth: 1879, Death: 1962
LARSEN, Marie, Birth: 1909, Death: ?
LARSEN, Neils, Birth: ?, Death: 1919
LARSEN, Peter, Birth: 1893, Death: 1967
LARSEN, Sigurd E, Birth: 1896, Death: 1963
LARSON, Charles B, Birth: 1902, Death: 1978
LARSON, Eddie, Birth: 1922, Death: 1998, Married October 11, 1940
LARSON, Grace L, Birth: 1908, Death: 2001
LARSON, John H, Birth: 16-Jan-1922, Death: 8-Jul-1999
LARSON, Merle, Birth: 1911, Death: 1994, Married October 11, 1940
LASSEN, Charlotte, Birth: 1907, Death: 1996
LASSEN, Peter P, Birth: 1901, Death: 1990
LAWS, Meagan Ann, Birth: 23-Apr-1991, Death: 6-Mar-1995
LAWSON, Curtis R, Birth: 1942, Death: 1994, US Air Force Vietnam
LAWSON, Lyle Calvin, Birth: 25-Dec-1929, Death: 25-May-1999, married 50 years
LAYLOR, Edward, Birth: 22-Oct-1956, Death: 21-Mar-1914
LEE, Andrew E, Birth: 1870, Death: 1922
LEE, Arthur H, Birth: 2-May-1897, Death: 25-Apr-1956, WA Pvt Co B 62 Inf WWI
LEE, Grover G, Birth: 21-Apr-1920, Death: 4-Dec-2008, 1st LT US Army WWII
LEE, James C, Birth: 1882, Death: 1955
LEE, James W, Birth: 1925, Death: 1989, US Navy WWII
LEE, Juanita, Birth: 3-Sep-1922, Death: 18-Nov-1984
LEE, Lillian G, Birth: 1887, Death: 1979
LEE, Merta A, Birth: 4-Aug-1896, Death: 6-Apr-1975
LEE, Patrick, Birth: 7-Feb-1865, Death: 21-Jan-1929
LEE, Ray A, Birth: 11-Feb-1922, Death: 9-Nov-2011
LEHNER, Sue E, Birth: 31-Oct-1951, Death: 12-Nov-1983
LEONARD, Dwight P, Birth: 1919, Death: 1989, US Army WWII
LEWIS, Mildred A, Birth: 1898, Death: 1985
LEWIS, Ruth H, Birth: 1920, Death: 2010
LEWIS, Ward Allen, Birth: 29-May-1919, Death: 11-Oct-1991, Lt US Navy WWII
LHOTKA, Grace, Birth: 1876, Death: 1962
LINDBACK, Margaret, Birth: 29-Mar-1937, Death: 21-Oct-1988
LINDBACK, Margaret L, Birth: 29-Mar-1937, Death: 21-Oct-1988
LINDER, Emilie, Birth: 1889, Death: 1970
LINDER, Karl, Birth: 1888, Death: 1946
LINDSAY, Joy, Birth: 1890, Death: 1988
LINDSAY, Ned, Birth: 1893, Death: 1952
LOBB, Margery Doreen, Birth: 5-Jan-1929, Death: 12-Oct-2011
LOGIE, Mae McGill, Birth: 1924, Death: 1997
LOKEN, Marilynn G, Birth: 1931, Death: 1990
LONGENECKER, Linda Jo, Birth: 16-Nov-1944, Death: 27-Apr-1945
LUDWIG, Artie, Birth: 1879, Death: 1933
LUDWIG, Evelyn, no dates, funeral home marker
LUDWIG, Lester, no dates, funeral home marker
LUNDEMO, Deanna N, Birth: 20-Sep-1979, Death: 4-Oct-1994
LUNDWALL, Geneva A, Birth: 1921, Death: 1995
LUNDWALL, Ridgely J, Birth: 1916, Death: 1984
LUTGEN, Mary, Birth: 18-Nov-1877, Death: 7-Apr-1950
LYNCH, Ruth Carole, Birth: 1916, Death: 1997
MACRIS, George, Birth: 31-Mar-1933, Death: 16-May-2003
MADSEN, Gurine, Birth: 1891, Death: 1959
MAGDLIN, Benjamin John, Death: 14-Jul-1983
MAGDLIN, H. Jack, Birth: 1913, Death: 1974
MAGDLIN, K. G., Birth: 1915, Death: 1987
MAHDAVI, Fereidoon, Birth: 20-Jun-1942, Death: 21-May-2002
MAHONEY, Joseph A, Birth: 1890, Death: 1936
MAHONEY, Roy Joseph, Birth: 1924, Death: 1926
MALLERY, Baby, Death: 1953
MALLERY, Earl B, Birth: 17-Nov-1884, Death: 12-Feb-1949
MALONEY, Annie C, Birth: 9-Aug-1879, Death: 26-Feb-1965
MALONEY, Peter J, Birth: 22-Aug-1865, Death: 27-Feb-1942
MALONEY, Wallace J, Birth: 9-Aug-1918, Death: 7-Mar-1974, S Sgt US Army
MANNING, Walter J, Birth: 13-Jul-1908, Death: 21-Mar-1969
MARGREITER, George, Birth: 1893, Death: 1955
MARGREITER, Lillian, Birth: 1898, Death: 1987
MARKS, Garrison H, Birth: 21-Nov-1908, Death: 22-Aug-1959, VA Cpl 263 Mil Police Co WWII
MARTELL, Edmund J, Birth: 23-Sep-1912, Death: 19-May-1981
MARTIN, Ionne M, Birth: 1917, Death: 2017
MARTIN, Jean Leonard, Birth: 21-Oct-1919, Death: 2-Jan-1994, US Army WWII
MARTIN, Jessie Eileen, Birth: 1911, Death: 1985
MARTIN, Robert E, Birth: 25-May-1928, Death: 19-Mar-1998
MARTIN, Ruth A (RN), Birth: 1906, Death: 1967
MARTIN, Sidney A, Birth: ?, Death: ?
MARTIN, William, Birth: 1900, Death: 1980
MARTINSEN, Albert O, Birth: 1899, Death: 1959
MARTINSEN, Sarah D, Birth: 1903, Death: 1951
MARUM, Mark Benjamin, Birth: 16-Jan-1963, Death: 15-Sep-1990
MASON, Elizabeth, Birth: 28-Aug-1909, Death: 3-May-1909
MATTHES, Ludwig, Birth: 1891, Death: 1983, US Army WWI
MATTHEWS, Lon, Birth: 1880, Death: 1962
MATTHEWS, Pearl, Birth: 1880, Death: 1956
MAY, Abram, Birth: 1859, Death: 1921
MAY, Abram, Birth: 30-Oct-1830, Death: 17-Jan-1914
MAY, Constance Wade Anderson, Birth: 1908, Death: 1979
MAY, Cora, Birth: 1867, Death: 1941
MAYOCK, James W, Birth: 1923, Death: 1993, US Army
MAYRAND, Barbara Jean, Birth: 1888, Death: 1975
MAYRAND, Gideon, Birth: 1887, Death: 1941
MCBANE, Clara M, Birth: 8-Feb-1889, Death: 23-Oct-1956
MCBANE, John P, Birth: 19-Oct-1917, Death: 12-Aug-1994, US Army WWII
MCCALL, Johnathan William, Death: 1-Dec-1998
MCCLELLAN, Jerome W, Birth: 23-Sept-1897, Death: 11-Dec-1947, WA Pvt 65 Arty CAC WWII
MCCLELLAN, Mary A, Birth: 27-May-1874, Death: 16-Aug-1960
MCCLELLAN, William C, Birth: 22-Oct-1864, Death: 28-Nov-1942
MCCRACKEN, Boyd B, Birth: 2-May-1911, Death: 3-Oct-1989, SP1 US Navy WWII
MCCRACKEN, Jean (Lee), Birth: 28-Nov-1919, Death: 6-Oct-2006
MCDANIEL, Betty Jo, Death: 14-Jul-1945
MCDANIEL, Claude E, Birth: 1914, Death: 1962
MCDANIEL, Emma , Birth: 1884, Death: 1920
MCDANIEL, George F, Birth: 1912, Death: 1968
MCDANIEL, Ila D, Birth: 1923, Death: 2006
MCDONALD, Thomas A, Birth: 1861, London, Death: 1930
MCFADDEN, Bob, Birth: 1930, Death: 2012
MCFADDEN, Vicky, Birth: 1952, Death: 1983
MCGILL, W. Lee, Birth: 1923, Death: 1965
MCGUIRE, Estelle M, Birth: 8-Sep-1918, Death: 22-Jul-2003
MCINTYRE, Lucile, Birth: 1878, Death: 1967
MCKAY, Viola, Birth: 1912, Death: 1972
MCKEAN, George J, Birth: 1898, Death: 1960
MCKEAN, Violet M, Birth: 1901, Death: 1973
MCKINLEY, Margaret, Birth: 1932, Death: 2009
MCLEAN, Betty J, Birth: 31-Jan-1930, Death: 14-Jan-1968
MCLEAN, Howard E, Birth: 29-Nov-1923, Death: 21-Nov-2002
MCNELEY, Mary Beth, Death: 23-Jul-1932
MCREA, Lillian, Birth: 1889, Death: 1982
MCTEE, Mary Lou, Birth: 13-Apr-1955, Death: 19-Mar-2011
MEIER, Lenora A, Birth: 4-Nov-1950, Death: 2-Mar-1988
MELIN, David W, Birth: 5-Jan-1936, Death: 16-Oct-2007
MELIN, Wanda, Birth: 1934, Death: 2017
MELIN, William H, Birth: 1959, Death: 1981
MEREDITH, Michael J, Birth: 13-Apr-1942, Death: 29-Jul-1978
MERRILL, Helen Louise, Birth: 2-Nov-1911, Death: 24-Feb-1963
METZ, Berlynn, Birth: 1905, Death: 1973
METZ, Clarence A, Birth: 18-Jan-1890, Death: 12-Mar-1951, ND OK 164 depot Brigade WWI
MEUSBURGER, Gebhart, Birth: 1859, Death: 1928
MEUSBURGER, Marie, Birth: 1867, Death: 1940
MICHAEL, Penni Lynne, Birth: 26-Jul-1962, Death: 5-Sep-1962
MILLER, Daisy B, Birth: 1898, Death: 1980
MILLER, Dorothy E Pickett, Birth: 8-Sep-1914, Death: 7-Aug-2004
MILLER, Herbert W, Birth: 22-Jan-1902, Death: 3-Jun-1970, WA QM2 US Navy WWII
MILLER, James I, Birth: 1933, Death: 1953
MILLER, Kathleen Claire, Birth: 25-Apr-1942, Death: 28-Jan-2011
MILLER, Oscar B, Birth: 6-Apr-1913, Death: 5-Sep-1986, Mayor North Bend 1968 1984
MITCHELL, Colline May, Birth: July 1965, Death: July 1965
MITCHELL, Otto W, Birth: 23-Nov-1922, Death: 23-Dec-1987, BM3 US Navy WWII
MOE, Jean Rae, Birth: 19-Feb-1941, Death: 21-Jan-1989
MOORE, Benjamin William, Birth: 2-Jul-1982, Death: 28-Aug-1982
MOORE, Carl, Birth: 28-Apr-1888, Death: 13-Aug-1908
MOORE, Dan, Birth: 1861, Death: 1945
MOORE, Elizabeth Jane, Birth: 1870, Death: 1936
MOORE, Ermina H, Birth: 1879, Death: 1932
MOORE, Eugene, Birth: 1862, Death: 1939
MOORE, Ira, Birth: 1874, Death: 1932
MORGSON, Kennith L, Birth: 1960, Death: 1978
MORRIS, Amanda, Birth: 1858, Death: 1941
MORRIS, John W, Birth: 1854, Death: 1937
MORRISON, Donald B, Birth: 29-Jun-1930, Death: 13-Oct-1994, US Air Force Korea
MORRISON, Mae Arline, Birth: 24-May-1938, Death: 28-Mar-2012
MORRISON, Margaret D, Birth: 1911, Death: 1993
MORRISON, Maria, Birth: 1969, Death: 1972
MORRISON, Mark, Birth: 1964, Death: 1972
MORRISON, Walter Boyd, Birth: 17-Aug-1899, Death: 27-Jul-1964, WA Pfc Btry D 63 Arty CAC
MORRISSEY, Cecelia Marie, Birth: 1886, no date of death listed
MORRISSEY, Michael H, Birth: 1882, Death: 1965
MORRISSEY, Patrick Jerome, Birth: 1885, Death: 1956
MOSHER, Jonathan Paul, Birth: 1967, Death: 1985
MOUNCE, H Prentice, Birth: 1912, Death: 1929
MOUNCE, Lenora E, Birth: 1881, Death: 1937
MOWRY, Mary M, Birth: 13-Oct-1940, Death: 18-Apr-2003
MOWRY, Robert G, Birth: 1901, Death: 1956
MOWRY, Ruth E, Birth: 1912, Death: 1985
MOYE, Christopher David, Birth: 1982, Death: 1983
MOYE, David Estil, Birth: 1-Feb-1968, Death: 10-Apr-2005
MUELLER, Arnold, Birth: 8-May-1891, Death: 27-Nov-1908
MUELLER, Barton L, Birth: 15-Aug-1921, Death: 10-Dec-1997
MUELLER, Dora, Birth: 1859, Death: 1941
MUELLER, Elva E, Birth: 1903, Death: 1970
MUELLER, Grace Wolverton, Birth: 1890, Death: 1978, Married 1909
MUELLER, Lula B, Birth: 11-July-1887, Death: 26-Jul-1964
MUELLER, Otto Herman Frans, Birth: 1885, Death: 1976, Married 1909
MUELLER, Richard, Birth: 1857, Death: 1946
MUELLER, Theodore M, Birth: 1900, Death: 1966
MUELLER, Wilhelm A, Birth: 18-July-1883, Death: 6-Nov-1954
MUSTARD, Rae H, Birth: 21-Jul-1928, Death: 4-Dec-1995
MUSTARD, T V S, Birth: 9-Nov-1921, Death: 10-May-1961, WA RM3 USNR WWII
MYERS, Frank M, Birth: 8-May-1930, Death: 24-Sep-2013
NAYLOR, Edna May, Birth: 1919, Death: 1980
NAYLOR, Gilbert, Birth: 1913, Death: 2010
NEAL, Yuba T, Birth: 1913, Death: 1977
NELSON, Albert, Birth: 1918, Death: 1980
NELSON, Carl, Birth: 28-Jul-1919, Death: 9-Apr-1985, masonic symbol
NELSON, Carl A, Birth: 27-Apr-1881, Death: 30-Mar-1961
NELSON, Dianna Jene, Birth: 13-Sep-1991, Death: 29-Jul-2011
NELSON, Helen Maria, Birth: 7-Jul-1905, Death: 4-Jan-1973
NELSON, Hulda Maria, Birth: 1883, Death: 1954
NEWMAN, Barbara Ann, Birth: 1933, Death: 2008
NICKSIC, Hilda L, Birth: 1920, Death: 1963
NOBACH, Florence L, Birth: 1917, Death: 2003
NOBACH, Richard P, Birth: 1904, Death: 1985
NOBLE, Etta O, Birth: 1937, Death: 2008
NOLL, Frances, Birth: 1916, Death: 1941
NORGARD, Minnie Mae, Birth: 1-Jan-1899, Death: 18-Nov-1950
NORMAN, Dean A, Birth: 1965, Death: 2009
NORMAN, Dean M, Birth: 1900, Death: 1976
NORMAN, Gloria J, Birth: 1926, Death: 1930
NORMAN, Joan P, Birth: 1934, Death: 1989
NORMAN, Marie H, Birth: 1904, Death: 1997
NORMAN, Richard M, Birth: 1931, Death: 2010
OCHOXNER, Duane W, Birth: 1-Feb-1931, Death: 18-Jun-1984, AD2 US Navy Korea
ODLIN, Amy B, Birth: 1911, Death: 1938
OFFIELD, Alton, Birth: 16-Apr-1925, Death: 13-May-1928
OFFIELD, Barbara Mary, Birth: 1931, Death: 1936
OFFIELD, Eva May, Birth: 1866, Death: 1959
OFFIELD, Evelyn Marcia, Birth: 8-Jan-1922, Death: 9-Jan-2004
OFFIELD, George C, Birth: 1885, Death: 1954
OFFIELD, Laverne A, Birth: 23-Dec-1904, Death: 11-Apr-1963
OFFIELD, Thurman H, Death: 23-Dec-1910, WA Pvt US Army
OFFIELD, W. Henry, Birth: 1865, Death: 1933
OLSEN, Charles W, Birth: 16-Jul-1914, Death: 13-Dec-1997
OLSEN, Eleanor May, Birth: 14-Dec-1924, Death: 28-Sep-1997
OLSON, Betty, Birth: 1904, Death: 1972
OLSON, Donald K, Birth: 1930, Death: 2007
OLSON, Joan H, Birth: 1929, Death: 1986
OLSON, Oscar, Birth: ?, Death: ?
OLSZEWSKI, Ida P, Birth: 1927, Death: 2005
OLSZEWSKI, Walter J, Birth: 1918, Death: 1989
OMAR, Sam, Birth: 1888, Death: 1946
ORISS, John, Birth: 184?, Death: 1929
ORR, Amanda K, Birth: 7-Aug-1977, Death: 11-Aug-1977
ORR, Arthur M, Birth: 3-Nov-1926, Death: 22-May-1989, US Navy WWII
ORR, Ellen Ilene, Birth: 13-Oct-1933, Death: 11-Sep-2004
ORR, Frank D, Birth: 9-Dec-1896, Death: 16-Apr-1930
ORR, Kevin A, Birth: 10-Aug-1959, Death: 3-Mar-2000
OWENS, Betty Z, Birth: 24-Aug-1921, Death: 27-Nov-1966
OWENS, Charles W, Birth: 28-Dec-1913, Death: 31-Jul-1992
PADLEY, John A, Birth: 1870, Death: 1958
PADLEY, Kathryn, Birth: 1887, Death: 1960
PALMER, Albert W, Birth: 1876, Death: 1923
PALMER, Andrew J, Birth: 1853, Death: 1940
PALMER, Kelley, Birth: 8-Aug-1889, Death: 6-Jul-1909
PALMER, Lena, Birth: 1857, Death: 1931
PALOLA, Alex, Birth: 1902, Death: 1989
PALOLA, Anna, Birth: 1912, Death: 1996
PAQUIN, Marie C, Birth: 1908, Death: 1986
PARKER, Herbert Allen, Birth: 1917, Death: 1978, Tec5 US Army WWII
PARKER, Sandra L, Birth: 1961, Death: 1981
PARKES, John H, Birth: 1917, Death: 1996
PARKES, S. Juanita, Birth: 1925, Death: 1978
PATTESON, John E, Birth: 1914, Death: 2000
PATTESON, Margaret C, Birth: 1916, Death: 1999
PEARSON, Edith Maxine, Birth: 23-Aug-1923, Death: 19-Feb-1907
PEARSON, Herbert, Birth: 9-Jul-1920, Death: 16-Mar-1990, Cpl US Army WWII
PEOPLES, Andrew, Birth: 1908, Death: 1961, Married October 13, 1932
PEOPLES, Charles N, Birth: 1939, Death: 1983, US Army
PEOPLES, Genevieve, Birth: 1912, Death: 1993, Married October 13, 1932
PERAZZO, Charlotte F, Birth: 6-Apr-1959, Death: 14-May-1995
PERAZZO, Frederick E, Birth: 28-Aug-1961, Death: 12-Feb-2016
PERAZZO, Steven S, Birth: 5-Jun-1968, Death: 7-Jun-1982
PERRYMAN, William D, Birth: 1940, Death: 1993
PETERMAN, Vera Texola, Birth: 1-Dec-1916, Death: 31-Dec-2007
PETERMAN, William A, Birth: 1-Feb-1918, Death: 7-Aug-2012, S2 US Navy WWII
PETERSON, Charles A, Birth: 1895, Death: 1971
PETERSON, Clara E, Birth: 1913, Death: 1985
PETERSON, Glennwood Allen, Birth: 31-May-1939, Death: 2-Jun-1939
PETERSON, Glennwood Allen, Birth: 2-May-1941, Death: 5-May-1941
PETERSON, J. C., Birth: 1909, Death: 1990
PETERSON, John Edwin, Birth: 2-May-1941, Death: 3-May-1941
PETTIGROVE, Virginia M, Birth: 1907, Death: 1984
PETTIGROVE, William H, Birth: 1902, Death: 1965
PHILLIPS, Darius H, Birth: 1866, Death: 1950
PHILLIPS, Ethel G, Birth: 1876, Death: 1961
PHILLIPS, Franklin G, Birth: 12-Mar-1924, Death: 6-Jul-1955, WA Pfc US Army WWII
PICKETT, Hazel L, Birth: 1910, Death: 1985
PICKETT, Leland, Death: 1934
PICKETT, Lester D, Birth: 1911, Death: 1945
PICKETT, Osee C, Birth: 1908, Death: 1974
PIKE, Bert A, Birth: 1875, Death: 1937
PLUTE, Robert E, Birth: 28-Jun-1966, Death: 7-May-2011
PLUTE, Robert Eugene, Birth: 1966, Death: 2011
PONDER, Chester H, Birth: 17-Jan-1894, Death: 7-Feb-1957, WA Sgt Co E 140 Inf WWI
POOLER, Iva C, Birth: 1902, Death: 1981
POOLER, Willard W, Birth: 1892, Death: 1953
POSEY, Edna M, Birth: 1906, Death: 1977
POSEY, Lewis E, Birth: 1895, Death: 1985
POSEY, Michael James, Birth: 22-Sep-1954, Death: 12-May-1974
POST, John L, Birth: 1872, Death: 1948
POST, Lillian f, Birth: 1882, Death: 1974
POWERS, Samuel Z, Birth: 1914, Death: 1933
PRANTE, Mary, Birth: 22-Mar-1910, Death: 1-Nov-1993
PRESLEY, ?, Birth: 20-Jan-1956, Death: ?
PRESTON, Kathryn Sloan, Birth: 4-Jul-1924, Death: 16-Apr-2010
PROVO, Donna Rae, Birth: 1963, Death: 1992
PROVO, John Neil, Birth: 26-Sep-1940, Death: 2-May-2011, US Navy
PRUETT, Esther Martha, Birth: 9-Dec-1910, Death: 27-Dec-1984
PURDY, Monica A, Birth: 1892, Death: 1966
QUIMBY, Edith M Lee, Birth: 6-Feb-1951, Death: 3-Jun-1987
RAINES, Owen, Birth: 31-Jan-1933, Death: 16-Aug-1956, WA Cpl US Army
RAINWATER, Ora Albert, Birth: 15-Mar-1892, Death: 1-Dec-1957, OR Pvt US Marine Corps Res WWI
RAMEY, George W, Birth: 17-Oct-1921, Death: 11-May-1977, Pvt US Air Force WWII Korea
RANDALL, Kenneth C, Birth: 1935, Death: 1993, Married June 1, 1952
RANDALL, Kenneth L, Birth: 5-Dec-1953, Death: 23-Nov-1996
RAUSCHMIER, Brenda J, Birth: 13-Jul-1941, Death: 26-Apr-1993
RAUSCHMIER, Ethel H, Birth: 12-Mar-1911, Death: 30-Mar-1989
RAUSCHMIER, Kenneth, Birth: 28-Feb-1903, Death: 17-Apr-1979
REED, Naomi, Birth: 14-Sep-1916, Death: 19-Aug-1986
REED, Wayne C, Birth: 15-May-1925, Death: 20-Jul-2007, Pfc US Army WWII
REEVES, Anna Jackson, Birth: 1910, Death: 1963
REEVES, Jane W, Birth: 1914, Death: 2006
REEVES, Lester, Birth: 1906, Death: 1986, masonic symbol
REICHENBACH, Clare, Birth: 1913, Death: 1997
REICHENBACH, Ernest, Birth: 1906, Death: 1996
REICHERT, William C, Birth: 23-Aug-1921, Death: 24-May-1988, GM3 US Coast Guard WWII
REINKE, Louise j, Birth: 5-Feb-1917, Death: 1-Aug-1997
RENTON, David, Birth: 1851, Death: 1930
RENTON, Viola G, Birth: 1862, Death: 1929
RESIDE, Harold B (III), Birth: 12-Feb-1963, Death: 15-Apr-2007
RESIDE, Harold B (Jr), Birth: 15-Jul-1928, Death: 29-Oct-1987, Sgt US Army WWII
REYNOLDS, Aileen, Birth: 1903, Death: 1988
REYNOLDS, Jennie M, Birth: 1871, Death: 1934
RHEA, Dayle M, Birth: 1954, Death: 2005
RIBARY, Alpha, Birth: 3-Jul-1902, Death: 21-Mar-1951
RIBARY, Joseph, Birth: 1-Apr-1884, Death: 3-Mar-1962
RICE, Florence, Birth: 1884, Death: 1965
RICE, Genevieve, Birth: 20-Mar-1925, Death: 27-Feb-1949
RICE, John R, Birth: 29-Nov-1868, Death: 13-Aug-1954
RICKERT, Charles, Birth: 6-Oct-1875, Death: 2-Jul-1947, NY Pvt Hosp Corps SP AM War
RICKERT, Coca, Birth: 1871, Death: 1942
RIEKE, Jori Marie, Birth: 20-Dec-1991, Death: 22-Jul-2009
RIEKE, Marvin G, Birth: 1942, Death: 2014
RIEKE, Tammy L, Birth: 14-Oct-1966, Death: 7-Apr-1999
RIEXINGER, Tonya Jean, Birth: 19-Aug-1962, Death: 29-May-2003
ROACH, Charles A, Birth: 8-Nov-1905, Death: 17-Mar-1972, WA SC2 US Navy WWII
ROBERTS, Charles H, Birth: 1861, Death: 1943
ROBERTS, Frank D, Birth: 1865, Death: 1936
ROBERTS, Jeffrey Russell, Birth: 1970, Death: 1992
ROBERTS, Mary, Birth: 1862, Death: 1953
ROBERTS, Mary A, Birth: 1869, Death: 1949
ROBERTS, Myron, Birth: 1905, Death: 1931
ROBERTSON, Elina, Birth: 1867, Death: 1957
ROBERTSON, Frances Encheris, Birth: 17-May-1918, Death: 30-Jun-1989
ROBERTSON, Ivar, Birth: 1874, Death: 1939
ROBERTSON, Martha Stuhr, Birth: 1905, Death: 1990
ROBERTSON, Milton Armeberg, Birth: 1904, Death: 1985
ROBINSON, ?, Birth: ?, Death: ?
ROBINSON, Carl, Death: 4-Oct-1923
ROBINSON, Charles W, Birth: 1862, Death: 1937
ROBINSON, Clara C, Birth: 1931, Death: 1985
ROBINSON, Jane, Death: 28-Dec-1922
ROBINSON, Minnie V, Birth: 1876, Death: 1963
ROBINSON, Ruth Adelia, Birth: 15-Aug-1905, Death: 19-Sep-1990
ROBINSON, Vera M, Birth: 1907, Death: 1936
ROBISON, Gerald, Birth: 1909, Death: 1959
ROBISON, Hubert, Birth: 1933, Death: 1944
ROESTLE, Garry J, Birth: 16-Jul-1951, Death: 11-Mar-2010
ROGERS, Hadley Dean, Birth: August 1935, Death: June 2012
ROGERS, Kenneth D, Birth: 1910, Death: 1993
ROGERS, Mark John, Birth: 1966, Death: 1985
ROGERS, Medora M, Birth: 1910, Death: 1997
ROGERS, Neil R, Birth: 13-Sep-1945, Death: 26-Feb-2001
ROLLINS, Lela Verna, Birth: 1879, Death: 1918
ROONEY, Dennis J, Birth: 1922, Death: 1980
ROONEY, Vera M, Birth: 5-Nov-1925, Death: 26-Mar-2004
ROONEY, William, Birth: 31-Jul-1926, Death: 7-Jun-2009
ROSEBOROUGH, James T, Birth: 1858, Death: 1944
ROSEBOROUGH, Sarah, Birth: 1864, Death: 1943
ROSELAIR, Bert, Birth: 1904, Death: 1965
ROSELAIR, Martha A, Birth: 8-Aug-1911, Death: 26-Aug-2006
ROTH, Ella, Birth: 1916, Death: 2003
ROTH, John, Birth: 1904, Death: 1955
ROUGHTON, Edna, Birth: 1899, Death: 1991
ROUGHTON, James R, Birth: 19-July-1892, Death: 23-Jan-1954, WA Pfc Co G 126 Inf WWI
ROYCE, Anna F, Birth: 10-Aug-1905, Death: 7-Jul-1996
ROYCE, George Webster, Birth: 23-Dec-1883, Death: 19-Jun-1956, MN Pfc 36 Co Trans Corps WWI
RUFFCORN, Grant C, Birth: 1948, Death: 1971
RUFFCORN, Sharon Lee, Death: 25-Apr-1945
RUFFCORN, Toby Boyd, Birth: 24-Sep-1968, Death: 19-Mar-2006
RUTHRUFF, Jess H, Birth: 1909, Death: 2004
RUTHRUFF, Mary A, Birth: 1919, Death: 2009
RYAN, Carrie, Birth: 1868, Death: 1948
RYAN, John, Birth: 1869, Death: 1929
SAAR, Matthew, Birth: 2-Sept-1867, Death: 25-Dec-1927
SAAR, Wilhelmina, Birth: 10-Sept-1869, Death: 15-Sep-1910
SANDERS, Morgan Taylor-Meyer, Death: 12-Jun-1992
SANGREN, Roga LaVern, Birth: 1943, Death: 1988
SARLES, Lella Belle, Birth: 1916, Death: 1994
SARLES, Lloyd Wesley, Birth: 1908, Death: 1970
SARVER, Neva P, Birth: 4-Jun-1918, Death: 15-Mar-1975
SATTELBERG, Dustin Matthew, Birth: 24-Nov-2007, Death: 15-Apr-2008
SAUNDERS, Arthur T, Birth: 1889, Death: 1983
SAUTTER, Barbara, Birth: 1865, Death: 1928
SAUTTER, Bernard G, Birth: 1860, Death: 1930
SAUTTER, Mabel M, Birth: 1894, Death: 1961
SCHACKER, Henry, Birth: 1870, Death: 1944
SCHACKER, Minnie, Birth: 1872, Death: 1944
SCHEUCHZER, Charles L, Birth: 17-Oct-1915, Death: 13-Feb-1946, WA Pfc 4025 S1G Service Grp WWII
SCHEUCHZER, Ethel Marie, Birth: 1920, Death: 1921
SCHEUCHZER, Fred, Birth: 1854, Death: 1936
SCHEUCHZER, Geo. H, Death: 6-May-1942, WA Sgt 334 Aero SQ
SCHEUCHZER, Lavina, Birth: 1858, Death: 1951
SCHEUCHZER, Leila, Birth: 1896, Death: 1947
SCHEUCHZER, Tevis F, Birth: 21-Jun-1933, Death: 25-Jul-1959, WA E3 US Navy
SCHNEIDER, Charlotte, Birth: 23-Mar-1943, Death: 8-May-1953
SCHNEIDER, Kenneth John, Birth: 11-Jul-1944, Death: 8-Jun-2012
SCHOLER, Lewis Phillip, Birth: 1895, Death: 1947, US Army WWI
SCHROEDER, Dora K, Birth: 1912, Death: 1997
SCHROEDER, Marvin F, Birth: 1903, Death: 1981
SCHULTZ, Alvin Robert, Birth: 4-Jun-1916, Death: 24-Jan-1982, US Army WWII
SCHULTZ, Geneve Ann Myra, Birth: 18-Mar-1927, Death: 23-Mar-2008
SCOTT, Charles Edward, Birth: 1908, Death: 1974
SCOTT, Helen Viola, Birth: 31-Dec-1921, Death: 14-Jan-1922
SCOTT, Irene, Birth: 1910, Death: 2010
SCOTT, John t, Birth: 1902, Death: 1993
SCOTT, Minnie D, Birth: 1906, Death: 1998
SCOTT, Nellie M, Birth: 1879, Death: 1947
SCOTT, Ronald G, Birth: 2-Jul-1952, Death: 28-Nov-1988
SCOTT, Winfield D, Birth: 1861, Death: 1940
SCRICHFIELD, Evelyn R, Birth: 1910, Death: 1959
SCRICHFIELD, Harry , Birth: 1904, Death: 1985
SCRICHFIELD, Iretta M, Birth: 1927, Death: 1984, US Army Korea
SERVENTI, Lena Marie, Birth: 23-Jul-1924, Death: 25-Nov-2004
SETZ, Charlotte, Birth: 1893, Death: 1955
SETZ, Thomas, Birth: 1903, Death: 1954
SHANAHAN, Thomas F, Birth: 1936, Death: 2003
SHANKLIN, ?, Birth: ?, Death: ?
SHANKLIN, Paul, Birth: 1914, Death: 1921
SHAPLEIGH, Edward L, Birth: 17-Aug-1918, Death: 3-Feb-2003
SHAPLEIGH, Frances L, Birth: 23-Dec-1921, Death: 22-Apr-2016
SHAW, Mildred I, Birth: 1920, Death: 2004
SHAW, Robert A, Birth: 1916, Death: 1989
SHEA, Anna, Birth: 5-Feb-1900, Death: 12-Feb-1966
SHERWOOD, Loyd D, Birth: 1889, Death: 1963
SHINN, Anna E, Birth: 1874, Death: 1953
SHINN, Robert F, Birth: 1861, Death: 1940
SHOOK, Harry William, Birth: 14-Jul-1924, Death: 17-Dec-1985, Sgt US Marine Corps WWII
SHOOK, Maude M, Birth: 1918, Death: 2010
SHOOK, Ralph W, Birth: 1907, Death: 1977
SIEFFERMAN, Frank W, Birth: 1922, Death: 1980, WWII
SIEGENTHALER, Chris, Birth: 1880, Death: 1966
SIEGENTHALER, Pauline, Birth: 1886, Death: 1938
SILVA, Emanuel, Birth: 1894, Death: 1927
SILVA, Margaret Taylor, Birth: 1896, Death: 1927
SIMMONS, Christine P, Birth: 24-May-1934, Death: 18-Oct-2000
SIMMONS, James, Birth: 1942, Death: 1995
SIMON, Earnest M, Birth: 19-Jul-1922, Death: 9-Feb-1993, US Navy WWII
SIMON, Shirley M, Birth: 18-Jan-1926, Death: 27-Oct-2012
SIMPLOT, Baby Boy, Death: 22-Jul-1980
SIMS, David M, Birth: 1926, Death: 2003, US Navy WWII
SIZEMORE, Daniel K, Birth: 14-Feb-1918, Death: 4-Sep-2001, h/o Wilhelmina, married 9/4/1939
SIZEMORE, Wilhelmina L, Birth: 11-Jan-1924, Death: 7-Nov-2016, w/o Daniel, married 9/4/1939
SMITH, Eva Louise, Birth: 9-Jun-1940, Death: 3-Nov-1999
SMITH, Frank R, Birth: 1890, Death: 1951
SMITH, Glen E, Birth: 19-Aug-1933, Death: 30-Sep-1984, US Army
SMITH, Leslie E, Birth: 13-Apr-1944, Death: 26-May-2008
SMITH, Martha Jeanne, Birth: 10-Jun-1928, Death: 12-Oct-1994
SMITH, Rosella Florence, Birth: 1913, Death: 1996
SMOJVER, George R, Birth: 1891, Death: 1985
SNIDER, George C, Birth: 1888, Death: 1963
SNYDER, Harry Alan, Birth: 1891, Death: 1977
SNYDER, Isabelle Gardiner, Birth: 1895, Death: 1981
SOLOMON, Barbara Jean
SOLOMON, Cale, Birth: 13-Apr-1985, Death: 12-Jan-2009
SOLOMON, Linnea, Birth: 1909, Death: 1992
SOLOMON, Theodore R, Birth: 11-Mar-1901, Death: 28-Sep-1958, WA S2 US Navy WWI
SOLOMON, Wayne L, Birth: 1947, Death: 1991, S Sgt US Army
SOMERS, Anna Laylor, Birth: 1866, Death: 1933
SORENSEN, Emil M, Birth: 1906, Death: 1955
SORENSEN-PICKERING, Thelma D, Birth: 1910, Death: 1994
SOWARDS, Howard, Birth: 17-Feb-1915, Death: 18-Aug-2004
SPENCE, Ivan Duke, Birth: 27-Apr-1906, Death: 17-Apr-1983
SPENCE, Orvel, Birth: 1879, Death: 1941
SPERLING, Herman A, Birth: 1916, Death: 1980, Cpl US Army WWII Korea
SPERLING, Rita B, Birth: 1917, Death: 1990
SPIEKER, Cornelis, Birth: 1918, Death: 1989
SPIEKER, Frits L, Birth: 8-Nov-1914, Death: 29-May-2000, USN
SPIEKER, Johan K, Birth: 1914, Death: 1981
SPIEKER, Margaret, Birth: 1921, Death: 1999
SPIEKER, Peter Christian, Birth: 1925, Death: 2017
SPIEKER, Winifred V Leamy, Birth: 25-Mar-1918, Death: 28-Apr-1993
SPRINGER, John W, Birth: 6-Oct-1973, Death: 19-May-1947, PA Cpl 41 US Vol Inf
SPRINGER, Mable C, Birth: 25-Dec-1879, Death: 15-Apr-1972
SPUHLER, Marrian, Birth: 1913, Death: 1998
STALLMAN, Todd M, Birth: 1962, Death: 1988
STANLEY, Alice, Birth: 1893, Death: 1970
STANLEY, Bronson, Birth: 1893, Death: 1929
STANLEY, Mildred L, Birth: 1928, Death: 2007
STEELE, Elizabeth, Birth: 1848, Death: 1919
STEKLY, Anton V, Birth: 1889, Death: 1974
STEKLY, Rose C, Birth: 1890, Death: 1975
STEM, Julie Winter, Birth: 1905, Death: 1991
STEPHAN, George, Birth: 1863, Death: 1955
STEPHAN, Marie, Birth: 1863, Death: 1944
STEPHENS, Minnie L, Birth: 1897, Death: 1980
STILLICK, Anna B, Birth: 1882, Death: 1966
STILLICK, Fern P, Birth: 1874, Death: 1949
STOKES, Betty Louise, Birth: 18-Nov-1920, Death: 31-May-2004
STOKES, Richard H, Birth: 15-Mar-1919, Death: 18-Nov-1997, S2 US Navy WWII
STRIEB, Fred A, Birth: 1889, Denmark, Death: 1979
STRIEB, Harriett O, Birth: 1888, Death: 1974
STROHL, Avon, Birth: 1940, Death: 2005
STUBBLEFIELD, Beryl L, Birth: 1917, Death: 1942
SUCKE, John James, Birth: 1919, Death: 1945
SULT, Donald, Birth: 1-Sep-1914, Death: 1-Nov-1978
SULT, Nina P, Birth: 28-May-1921, Death: 13-Apr-1986
SUNDBERG, Ellen M, Birth: 1909, Death: 1984
SUNDERLAND, Gladys, Birth: 1907, Death: 1988
SUNDERLAND, Ted, Birth: 1905, Death: 1971
SUNDQUIST, Johan Pahlson, Birth: 28-Jan-1861, Finland, Death: 1-May-1920
SWANEY, Margaret Sucke, Birth: 1916, Death: 1935
SWANSON, Theo, Birth: 7-Sept-1880, Death: 17-Apr-1918
SWENSON, George W, Birth: 1926, Death: 1991
SWENSON, Hazel Stewart, Birth: 1889, Death: 1955
SWENSON, Jean, Birth: 1926, Death: 2004
SWENSON, Ralph J, Birth: 1885, Death: 1964
SWENSON, Steven A, Death: December 1947
SWINGEL, Effie M, Birth: 1892, Death: 1951
SWINGEL, Theodore, Birth: 1919, Death: 1976
SYGITOWICZ, Joseph R, Birth: 16-Dec-1918, Death: 5-Nov-2002, Pvt US Army
SYGITOWICZ, Wilma C, Birth: 1923, Death: 1982
SZCZEPANIK, David Richard, Birth: 31-Oct-1980, Death: 21-Nov-1998
TAFT, Robert Orvis, Birth: 26-Nov-1943, Death: 4-Sep-1962, WA SR US Navy
TALMAGE, Gerald DeWitt, Birth: 1930, Death: 2009, US Navy
TAYLOR, David S (Jr), Birth: 8-Mar-1903, Death: 8-Oct-1998, US Army
TAYLOR, Jonathan C, Birth: 1863, Death: 1935
TAYLOR, Thomas M, Birth: 1857, Death: 1927
TAYLOR, William H, Birth: 1853, Death: 1941
TEAFF, Paul S, Birth: 18-Jan-1956, Death: 28-Mar-2005
TEAFF, Sam E, Birth: 24-Oct-1950, Death: 27-Sep-1981
TEICHMAN, Frederick, Birth: 1874, Death: 1975
TEICHMAN, Gertrude M, Birth: 1906, Death: 1976
TEICHMAN, Max F, Birth: 1901, Death: 1984
TEMPLIN, Olive L, Birth: 1-Aug-1909, Death: 24-Aug-1994
TEMPLIN, Ralph E, Birth: 1905, Death: 1980
TERHUNE, Anna Gusta, Birth: 1866, Death: 1917
TERHUNE, James B, Birth: 1858, Death: 1941
TERRELL, Donald R, Birth: 1923, Death: 1981
TERRELL, Georgina A, Birth: 1927, Death: 2013
THOMAS, Robyn LaVerne, Birth: 1978, Death: 1979
THOMPSON, Caroline Kingsley, Birth: 24-Mar-1916, Death: 28-May-1996
THOMPSON, Cecil Roy, Birth: 16-Feb-1916, Death: 18-Mar-1999
THOMPSON, Chester M, Birth: 10-Oct-1915, Death: 21-Nov-1969, Pvt US Army WWII
THOMPSON, Don R, Birth: 1930, Death: 2011
THOMPSON, Frank E, Birth: 1870, Death: 1946
THOMPSON, Frank J, Birth: 1918, Death: 1979
THOMPSON, Idessa M, Birth: 1876, Death: 1930
THOMPSON, Janice L, Birth: 1935, Death: 2002
THOMPSON, Lois E, Birth: 15-Jan-1904, Death: 7-Mar-1918
THOMPSON, Mabel Alma, Birth: 1898, Death: 1975
THOMPSON, Patrician Ann, Birth: 4-Mar-1939, Death: 6-Feb-1993
THOMPSON, Roy E, Birth: 1893, Death: 1952
THOMPSON, William E, Birth: 1905, Death: 1966
THONSTAD, Dennis Palmer, Birth: 17-May-1944, Death: 27-May-1944
THOREN, Carl E, Birth: 1911, Death: 1981
THOREN, Jadvine E, Birth: 1913, Death: 2011
THORESON, D. Joan Lee, Birth: 29-Jul-1927, Death: 22-Jun-1988
THORESON, Mattie Sue, Birth: 1901, Death: 1969
THORESON, Oscar, Birth: 1891, Death: 1931
THORNTON, Agnes C, Birth: 1922, Death: 1997
THORNTON, James M, Birth: 1943, Death: 2009
THORNTON, Lester L, Birth: 1919, Death: 1994, Pfc US Army Air Corps WWII
THRASHER, Charles E, Birth: 30-Apr-1870, Death: 22-Sep-1949
THRASHER, Dora A, Birth: 9-Jan-1881, Death: 3-Apr-1972
THRASHER, John Earl, 4 years
THRONDSEN, Louise A, no dates, funeral home marker
TIBBETTS, Earl I, Birth: 1930, Death: 2008
TIBBETTS, S. Marie, Birth: 1932, Death: 2003
TIFFIN, Charles, Birth: 18-June-1874, Death: 24-Jan-1919
TIFFIN, Christine, Birth: 1868, Death: 1928
TILLSON, Dorothy J, Birth: 1925, Death: 1994
TILLSON, Robert H, Birth: 1926, Death: 1991
TIOKASIN, Annie, Birth: 1901, Death: 1957, Married 1926
TIOKASIN, Sam, Birth: 1897, Death: 1973
TOMLINSON, David R, Birth: 15-Feb-1969, Death: 21-Nov-1987
TORGUSON, Edna F, Birth: 1917, Death: 1995
TORGUSON, Martin, Birth: 1902, Death: 1984
TOWNSEND, Robert E, Birth: 1936, Death: 1981, US Air Force
TRAFTON, Phyllis Gross, Birth: 3-Nov-1918, Death: 28-Sep-1974
TROUTMAN, John Stephen, Birth: 10-Mar-1958, Death: 25-Oct-1988
TUBBS, Adrial Herbert, Birth: 3-Jul-1924, Death: 6-Jul-2010
TUBBS, Eunice Marie Buck (RN), Birth: 1923, Death: 1980
TUBBS, H James, Birth: 19-Jan-1944, Death: 3-Dec-1979, SP5 US Army Vietnam
TUBBS, Harold James, Birth: 24-Oct-1915, Death: 30-Dec-2003, PL Sgt US Marine Corps WWII, Silver Star Medal
TUBBS, Mitch, Birth: 23-Aug-1949, Death: 21-Jan-2004
VALLION, John L, Birth: 3-Sep-1917, Death: 10-May-1990
VALLION, Margaret, Birth: 22-Feb-1912, Death: 12-Sep-1993
VANCE, Patricia J, Birth: 1937, Death: 1956
VENABLE, John R, Birth: 1865, Death: 1942
VERD, Frances Pauline McCarty, Birth: 1904, Death: 1986
VERVYNCK, Essie M Hayter, Birth: 1887, Death: 1966
VEZZONI, Patricia J, Birth: 1932, Death: 2005
VICK, Edna May, Birth: 1901, Death: 1987
VICK, Virden O, Birth: 1904, Death: 1988
VLAHOVICH, Grace H, Birth: 1914, Death: 2004
VLAHOVICH, Thomas A, Birth: 1910, Death: 1957
WADE, Cecilia M, Birth: 1912, Death: 1972
WADE, George T, Birth: 1897, Death: 1980
WADE, Robert, Death: 1920
WAKSTROM, Clarence, Birth: 1898, Death: 1950
WALKER, Clyde L, Birth: 1930, Death: 1951
WALKER, Fred, Birth: 1895, Death: 1988
WALKER, Marguerite, Birth: 1905, Death: 1978
WALLACE, Irma B, Birth: 1909, Death: 1982
WALLACE, William F, Birth: 1911, Death: 1998
WARD, Jessie A, Birth: 1915, Death: 1978
WARN, Caron Ann, Birth: 2-Dec-1948, Death: 19-Apr-1994
WARRICK, Marvin, Birth: 4-Aug-1936, Death: 8-Oct-1937
WEAVER, D. H., Birth: 1858, Death: 1945
WEAVER, David C, Birth: 1904, Death: 1972
WEAVER, Minnie O, Birth: 1863, Death: 1909
WEAVER, Vera V, Birth: 1909, Death: 1979
WEBB, LaVerna Mae, Birth: 23-Sep-1943, Death: 27-Nov-2006
WEBB, Teresa Ann, Birth: 13-Nov-1966, Death: 23-Feb-1982
WEBER, Harold E, Birth: 1949, Death: 1964
WEBER, Joseph H (Jr), Birth: 23-May-1918, Death: 22-Jan-1972, WA CM1 US Navy WWII
WEBER, Una Mary (RN), Birth: 1-Oct-1918, Death: 8-Oct-2006
WEBSTER, Gloria A, Birth: 1920, Death: 1969
WEIHE, William A, Birth: 22-Oct-1878, Death: 14-Nov-1947
WELLER, Carlton V, Birth: 1917, Death: 1996
WELLER, Emma, Birth: 1889, Death: 1959
WELLER, Florence M, Birth: 1918, Death: 1991
WELLER, Gordon W, Birth: 1913, Death: 1985
WELLER, Laural, Birth: 5-Jul-1914, Death: 9-Jul-1934
WELLER, Minnie M, Birth: 1914, Death: 2002
WELLER, William, Birth: 1886, Death: 1967
WELLING, Orin Dow, Birth: 1854, Death: 1927
WELLING, Robert, Birth: 1922, Death: 1933
WELTER, Viola M, Birth: 1901, Death: 1991
WELTER, William, Birth: 1897, Death: 1970
WENTZ, Martha, Birth: ?, Death: 1931
WEPPLER, William Ashley, Birth: 1953, Death: 1971
WESSON, Ellen Westerlund, Birth: 14-Apr-1929, Death: 15-Nov-1996
WESSON, Ralph, Birth: June 17 ????, Death: July 18 ????
WESSON, Sherman, Birth: 4-Feb-1936, Death: 29-Oct-1997
WESTERLUND, Bonnie Jo, Birth: 1960, Death: 1977
WESTERLUND, Don A, Birth: 2-Mar-1928, Death: 31-Aug-1990, Sgt US Air Force
WESTERLUND, Edna B, Birth: 1895, Death: 1966
WESTERLUND, Frank, Birth: 1891, Death: 1963
WESTOVER, Chas A, Birth: 2-Apr-1878
WESTOVER, Florence P, Birth: 1883, Death: 1961
WHIPP, Alma, Birth: 1906, Death: 1924
WHIPP, Ernest, Birth: 1883, Death: 1957
WHIPP, Ethel A, Birth: 1884, Death: 1965
WHIPP, Marion, Birth: 1912, Death: 1987
WHITCOMB, Addie M, Birth: 1854, Death: 1930
WHITE, Kathryn, Birth: 1946, Death: 1999
WIEFELHOFER, C. Roy, Birth: 1921, Death: 1986
WIEFELHOFER, Lucille j, Birth: 1925, Death: 1987
WIINIKKA, Richard Waino, Birth: 8-Feb-1930, Death: 30-Aug-1993
WILDER, Julia, Birth: 29-Jan-1851, Death: 26-May-1937
WILDER, Lucien E, Birth: 24-Nov-1849, Death: 21-Aug-1930
WILES, Lucy M, Birth: 1911, Death: 1978
WILES, Maurice, Birth: 1911, Death: 1958, masonic symbol
WILLARD, Bert, Birth: 31-Jan-1891, Death: 23-Aug-1969, WA Pfc US Army WWI
WILLEY, Ebba, Birth: 1891, Death: 1919
WILLHIGHT, David G, Birth: 1929, Death: 1944
WILLHIGHT, Elna, Birth: 1918, Death: 1957
WILLHIGHT, James Lee, Birth: 19-Mar-1878, Death: 12-Jun-1952
WILLHIGHT, Letha B, Birth: 1903, Death: 1993
WILLHIGHT, Louis T, Birth: 1902, Death: 1981
WILLIAMS, Bartlett, Birth: 1860, Death: 1925
WILLIAMS, Charles Oliver, Birth: 1899, Death: 1965
WILLIAMS, Douglas C, Birth: 8-May-1958, Death: 10-Jun-1988, PFC US Army
WILLIAMS, Earl L, Birth: 1952, Death: 1976
WILLIAMS, Emma , Birth: 1870, Death: 1950
WILLIAMS, Etta M, Birth: 1910, Death: 1976
WILLIAMS, Fred L, Birth: 1929, Death: 2002
WILLIAMS, Haywood, Birth: 22-Oct-1909, Death: 12-Feb-1991
WILLIAMS, Hazel O, Birth: 1903, Death: 1978
WILLIAMS, James S, Birth: 1869, Death: 1955
WILLIAMS, Jane E, Birth: 1897, Death: 1989
WILLIAMS, Jesse B, Birth: 1905, Death: 1941
WILLIAMS, Lena O, Birth: 1870, Death: 19??, no date of death
WILLIAMS, Leo, Birth: 1897, Death: 1919
WILLIAMS, Linda C, Birth: October 1957, Death: July 1971
WILLIAMS, Louise , Birth: 1911, Death: 1915
WILLIAMS, Marjorie Grace, Birth: 1913, Death: 1990
WILLIAMS, Owen C, Birth: 1887, Death: 1934
WILLIAMS, Robert A, Birth: 1915, Death: 1983, PFC US Army WWII
WILLIAMS, Virginia, Birth: 1908, Death: 1910
WILLIAMS, William C, Birth: 1900, Death: 1972
WILSON, William D, Birth: 8-Feb-1911, Death: 25-Aug-1992, Pvt US Army WWII
WILTSE, Nancy A, Birth: 23-Jun-1947, Death: 21-Jun-1999
WINGENTER, Joseph, Birth: 1888, Death: 1927
WINTER, Friederike Christina, Birth: 1869, Death: 1955
WINTER, Max R, Birth: 1858, Death: 1941
WINTER, Sophia, Birth: 1900, Death: 1923
WINTERS, Carl F, Birth: 1899, Death: 1941, masonic symbol
WITTNEBEN, Elizabeth J, Birth: 15-Feb-1923, Death: 18-Apr-2003
WITTNEBEN, Henry F, Birth: 3-Oct-1917, Death: 29-Oct-1980, Lt Col US Air Force WWII Korea Vietnam
WOLVERTON, Flora, Birth: 1878, Death: 1960
WOLVERTON, Floyd, Birth: 6-Dec-1896, Death: 1904
WOLVERTON, Jesse , Co C Ill Cav
WOLVERTON, Louisa, Birth: 31-Aug-1854, Death: 17-Feb-1906
WOOD, Martin C, Birth: 1918, Death: 1998
WOODS, Alice V, Birth: 1857, Death: 1944
WOODS, David B, Birth: 1857, Death: 1933
WOODS, Evelyn F, no dates, funeral home marker
WOOLSLAYER, Bert, Birth: 1882, Death: 1973
WOOLSLAYER, Irene, Birth: 1898, Death: 1969
WOTRUBA, Joseph A, Birth: 1888, Death: 1961
WOTRUBA, Mary Jane, Birth: 1866, Death: 1943
WOTRUBA, Michael, Birth: 1857, Death: 1938
WOTRUBA, Thomas A, Birth: 18-June-1887, Death: 16-Apr-1946, WA Pvt 1 CL 62 Inf 8 Div
WRIGHT, Anthony K, Birth: 1903, Death: 1966
WRIGHT, Katie Elizabeth, Birth: 6-Oct-1980, Death: 7-Oct-1980
WRIGHT, L. Floyd, Birth: 1901, Death: 1966
WRIGHT, Lewis F, Birth: 1874, Death: 1964
WRIGHT, Maude, Birth: 1877, Death: 1973
WRIGHT, Nellie C, Birth: 16-Sep-1914, Death: 21-Sep-1977
WRIGHT, Susie A, Birth: 1912, Death: 1999
WYATT, Shirley, Birth: 1943, Death: 1977
WYRSCH, Anna, Birth: 1885, Death: 1926
WYRSCH, Frank H, Birth: 1919, Death: 2006
WYRSCH, George, Birth: 26-Jul-1914, Death: 6-Mar-2010
WYRSCH, Mary Ellen, Birth: 1952, Death: 1959
WYRSCH, Minnie Shaw, Birth: 1916, Death: 2004
WYSE, Mike, Death: 1917, 81 years
YOUNG, Ada V, Birth: 1879, Death: 1956
YOUNG, Ann Martha, Birth: 1916, Death: 1984
YOUNG, Fannie, Birth: 1907, Death: 1973
YOUNG, Floyd F, Birth: 1905, Death: 1978
YOUNG, Gertrud M, Birth: 15-Oct-1931, Death: 22-Mar-2003
YOUNG, Leo D, Birth: 5-Nov-1924, Death: 12-Dec-2006
YOUNG, S. James, Birth: 1918, Death: 1919
YOUNG, Thomas, Birth: 1870, Death: 1942
ZEIG, Loa G, Birth: 1916, Death: 1978
ZIEGLER, George C, Birth: 1904, Death: 1967
ZURFLUEH, Ella, Birth: 1895, Death: 1980
ZURFLUEH, Hans, Birth: 1887, Death: 1955
ZURFLUEH, Henry C, Birth: 15-Jul-1918, Death: 22-Nov-1993, masonic symbol
ZURFLUEH, Herbert R, Birth: 1-May-1912, Death: 1-Jan-1979
ZURFLUEH, Mildred Young, Birth: 1914, Death: 1941

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