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Maple Valley Hobart Cemetery - Burial Records
Maple Valley, King County, Washington

maple valley hobart cemetery
Maple Valley Hobart Cemetery

GPS: 47.415150, -122.005596

25115 SE 208th Street
Maple Valley, WA 98038

Date published: September 2, 2017
Total records: 912

Maple Valley Hobart Cemetery is owned and managed by the Hobart-Maple Valley Cemetery Association.


Maple Valley Hobart Cemetery was established on two acres of land in 1879 when Mr. and Mrs. C.O. Russell, whose homestead was located there, donated the land as a public burial ground. Originally, it was administered by the United Farmers Alliance until May, 1899, when the Maple Valley-Hobart Cemetery Association was organized.

In 1924, the Association was officially incorporated, and it's this date that appears on the cemetery signage.

Highline Community Church, which was originally next to the cemetery, was destroyed by fire in May 1953.

Cemetery is in very good condition and well cared for. There is a road that goes into the cemetery and has a turn around. The earliest noted burial was 1894.

To reach the Hobart-Maple Valley Cemetery, from the intersection of Highway 18 and the SE 256 th St exit, head east on Highway 18 4.6 miles and take the 244 th Ave SE exit. Turn right onto 244 th Ave SE. Less than a quarter mile ahead take a left onto SE 208 th St. Go down SE 208 th St ½ mile to cemetery. Cemetery is on the right hand side of the road.

Cemetery Records

Records published here were transcribed from tombstone inscriptions by Suzanne Livingstone during a visit in August 2011, with a revisit in July 2017.

?, B
?, Gary, birth: 1940, death: ?
?, Ray, birth: 1920, death: ?, no dates
ADAMS, Clara A, birth: 1903, death: 1991
ADAMS, Elmer Leon, birth: 8-Sept-1885, death: 20-Sep-1980
ADAMS, Maud Reid, birth: 7-Oct-1898, death: 9-Feb-1969
ADAMS, Thomas O, birth: 1899, death: 1978
AHLQUIST, Mary J, birth: 1922, death: 1996
AHLQUIST, Phillip A, birth: 1947, death: 1993
AHLQUIST, Raymond Louis, birth: 10-May-1923, death: 27-Feb-2006, GM2 US Navy WWII
ALLDREDGE, Patricia Ann, birth: 26-Jan-1950, death: 18-Jan-2016
AMES, Elsie F, birth: 10-Mar-1880, death: 30-Dec-1888
AMES, Infant Daughter, birth: 5-June-1882, death: 15-June-1882
AMES, Infant Daughter, birth: 28-Jan-1877, death: 28-Jan-1877
AMES, Infant Daughter, birth: 26-Aug-1872, death: 5-Sept-1872
AMES, Kitturah Ann, birth: 13-Sept-1874, death: 3-Jan-1879
AMES, Lucy May, birth: 7-May-1883, death: 2-Jan-1889
ANDERSON, Carl H, birth: 1905, death: 1991
ANDERSON, Catherine L, birth: 12-Jul-1920, death: 26-Jun-1987
ANDERSON, Ellen, birth: 1893, death: 1915
ANDERSON, Franklin Valentine, birth: 12-Feb-1934, death: 19-Jun-2010
ANDERSON, Mary, birth: 1908, death: 2003
ANDERSON, O'Dell M, birth: 20-Mar-1916, death: 3-Jul-1980
ANDERSON, Oscar R, birth: 10-Aug-1908, death: 17-Oct-1986
ANDERSON, William M (Jr), birth: 17-Jun-1952, death: 29-Oct-2003
ANDRICH, Marilyn Jean (Mandelin), birth: 15-Sep-1961, death: 11-Jun-2005
ANTHONY, Elliott E, birth: 1882, death: 1944
ANTHONY, Hattie Dubigk, birth: 1887, death: 1964
BAGO, Ernest Frank, birth: 9-Feb-1951, death: 1-Feb-1985, US Navy
BAIN, Christina, birth: 1851, death: 1932
BAIN, Henrietta, birth: 1879, death: 1928
BAIN, James H, birth: 1921, death: 1998
BAIN, Joan M, birth: 1931, death: 1992
BAIN, John, birth: 1848, death: 1925
BAIN, Lemuel, birth: 1872, death: 1941
BALDINO, Colleen, birth: 22-Oct-1945, death: 28-Dec-2001
BALDWIN, Max Hyun-Min, birth: 30-Jun-1987, death: 11-Aug-2009
BALL, Albert Newton Sr., birth: 28-Jul-1941, death: 7-Oct-2012
BALL, Eleanor Clemens, birth: 15-Apr-1913, death: 27-Nov-1994
BANGHART, Alice Minnetta, birth: 1896, death: 1986, married February 2, 1924, w/o Dana
BANGHART, Dana Isaac, birth: 1898, death: 1973, married February 2, 1924, h/o Alice
BARRE, Elnora M Dela, birth: 1908, death: 1973
BARRETT, George, birth: 1935, death: 1985
BARRETT, Helen, birth: 1927, death: 1986
BECK, Marshall Lamar, birth: 15-Feb-1952, death: 1-Jul-1992
BECK, Victoria W, birth: 1925, death: 2007, Married July 28, 1951, w/o William
BECKER, Edward j, birth: 1903, death: 1975
BECKER, Florence M, birth: 1902, death: 1975
BEDDINGFIELD, Debi Lou, birth: 1952, death: 1990
BELLEMAN, Guy W, birth: 1930, death: 1997, Married March 22, 1952, h/o Nettie
BELLEMAN, Nettie G, birth: 1930, death: 2002, Married March 22, 1952, w/o Guy
BENDER, Viola Pries, birth: 25-Dec-1914, death: 19-Apr-1992
BERGSMA, Bertha Jean, birth: 24-Dec-1918, death: 27-Feb-1999, Married October 24, 1936, w/o John
BERGSMA, John (Jr), birth: 24-Feb-1916, death: 3-Dec-1999, Married October 24, 1936, h/o Bertha
BERGSMA, John Lewis, birth: 3-Mar-1942, death: 23-Nov-1993, CN US Navy
BERGSMA, Judith A, birth: 1943, death: 2010
BETTS, Angelica Joy, birth: 31-Jan-1975, death: 24-Jun-2008
BETZ, Raymond, birth: 1904, death: 1972
BHATIA, Arjan, birth: 1934, death: 1996
BICKNESE, David Randall, birth: 26-Mar-1956, death: 5-Dec-1991
BICKNESE, Laverne M, birth: 1920, death: 1982, S Sgt US Army WWII
BIPPES, Michael, birth: 1964, death: 2015
BIRD, Betty L, birth: 14-Oct-1936, death: 16-Jan-2017
BIRD, Frank, birth: 11-Apr-1937, Texas, death: 7-Jan-2003, 1st Cav, USAF
BLICHFELDT, Anders S, birth: 1901, death: 1980
BLICHFELDT, Juliet, birth: 1903, death: 1986
BOCK, Ella L, birth: 29-Sep-1904, death: 28-Jun-1989
BOCK, Lawrence William, birth: 11-May-1935, death: 18-Jan-1983, A2C US Air Force Korea
BODVIN, Gerald W, birth: 26-Nov-1936, death: 3-Mar-1993, MSgt US Air Force Vietnam
BONOMI, Gene, birth: 1915, death: 1995
BONOMI, Lucille V Robinson, birth: 1920, death: 2013
BOON, Lee Soon, birth: 26-Jul-1929, death: 13-Jan-2011
BORCHERS, Nancy, birth: October 1934, death: January 1974
BOUGIE, Fanny, birth: 1914, death: 1975
BOWMAN, Annie, birth: May 1907, death: September 1907
BOWMAN, Asa T, birth: 1905, death: 1947
BOWMAN, Catherine, birth: May 1878, death: June 1943
BOWMAN, Ella L, birth: 1906, death: 1979
BOWMAN, Mark, birth: December 1904, death: April 1959
BOWMAN, Rome, birth: July 1881, death: January 1946
BOWMAN, Rome J, birth: 1912, death: 1951
BOX, Jimmy F, birth: 10-May-1941, death: 19-Oct-2009
BRADY, James W, birth: 7-Mar-1903, death: 5-Dec-1994
BRADY, Stella B, birth: 15-Jun-1912, death: 21-Aug-1990
BRANDT, Adolph, birth: 1883, death: 1924
BREAZEALE-STANTORF, Ethel Eva Elliott, birth: 14-Feb-1894, death: 9-Feb-1988
BREN, Jesse Jay, birth: 7-Jan-1966, death: 15-Jun-1990
BRESTER, Lawrence, birth: 14-Nov-1925, death: 16-Jan-2010
BRETZKE, Lawrence Edward, birth: 1939, death: 1999
BRETZKE, Patricia Lee, birth: 24-Jul-1944, death: 20-Mar-1995
BRIMMAGE, James A, birth: 1933, death: 1989, US Army
BROADHEAD, Grace M, birth: 1-Sep-1918, death: 29-Aug-2013
BROADHEAD, Louis W, birth: 11-Apr-1921, death: 27-Mar-1993, Maj US Army WWII Korea
BROOKS, John Michael, birth: 25-Sep-1959, death: 11-Jul-2002, Married June 29, 1992
BROWN, Mamie, birth: 15-Oct-1876, death: 9-Nov-1974
BROWN, Neil D, birth: 28-May-1924, death: 20-Mar-1995, US Air Force WWII
BROWN, Ralph W, birth: 1875, death: 1968
BROWN, Virginia L, birth: 6-Oct-1918, death: 16-Oct-2001
BRUNDAGE, Kimberly, birth: 8-Dec-1957, death: 17-Jun-1996
BRYNER, Frank A (Jr), birth: 1909, death: 1987, Married November 15, 1933, h/o Mary
BRYNER, Mary Helen, birth: 1912, death: 1987, Married November 15, 1933, w/o Frank
BURCH, Phil S, birth: 18-Jan-1924, death: 1-Feb-1975, masonic symbol
BURCHAM, Leroy A, birth: 1909, death: 1982
BURNETT, Chester, birth: 1891, death: 1983
BURNETT, Larry, birth: 16-Feb-1942, death: 26-Nov-2011
BURNHAM, Donel L, birth: 16-Dec-1961, death: 8-Oct-1982
BURNS, Robert E, birth: 1944, death: 2014
BURTENSHAW, Hannah M, birth: 1857, death: 1932
BURTENSHAW, William A, birth: 1854, death: 1944
BYERS, Bud, no dates
CANADY, Joseph Leonard II, birth: 3-Apr-1937, death: 4-Jun-2011, Pvt US Army
CAPPS, Billy C, birth: 18-Mar-1949, death: 31-Aug-2009, US Marine Corps Vietnam
CASE, Julia J, birth: 1900, death: 1959
CASE, Lee C, birth: 1900, death: 1970
CELLE, John Raymond, birth: 16-May-1956, death: 18-Feb-2015
CERVANTES, Melissa Mae, birth: 4-Jan-1922, death: 2-Oct-1988
CHAMBERLAIN, Christopher Stephen, birth: 16-Sep-1968, death: 13-Dec-1987
CHAMPLIN, Harrold L, birth: 14-Oct-1925, death: 11-Jun-1984
CHAPMAN, Chester D, birth: 18-Jun-1915, death: 7-Jan-1983
CHAPMAN, Edmund C, birth: 1883, death: 1973
CHAPMAN, Harold, birth: 1910, death: 1962
CHAPMAN, J, birth: 1878, death: ?
CHAPMAN, Joseph A, birth: 19-Mar-1877, death: 24-Dec-1898
CHAPMAN, Rhoda, birth: 1907, death: 1963
CHAPMAN, Tim L, birth: 22-May-1956, death: 7-Mar-2015
CHEENEY, Mary, birth: 1922, death: 1992
CHIGILEICK, Eugene, birth: 21-Oct-1940, death: 8-Dec-2014
CHRISTENSEN, James, birth: 1884, death: 1955
CHURCH, Charles A, birth: 1918, death: 1988
CHURCH, Gerald E, birth: 27-May-1957, death: 3-Jan-2015
CHURCH, John H, birth: 24-Jan-1931, death: 19-Sep-2001, Army Korea 1949-1952 Married 6/11/1966, h/o Clarine
CHURCH, Phillip I, birth: 27-Nov-1955, death: 5-Jun-2001
CLARK, Brandon Wayne, birth: 5-Feb-1974, death: 22-Jun-1993
CLARK, Irene, birth: August 1924, death: December 1924
CLARK, Lester, birth: 1887, death: 1956
CLARK, Lewis, birth: 1912, death: 1936
CLARK, Sarah, birth: 1885, death: 1952
CLEEK, Michael M, birth: 1942, death: 1994
CLEMENTS, Ira w, birth: 1890, death: 1957
CLEMENTS, Lillie M, birth: 1897, death: 1981
CLEVELAND, Jeffrey R, birth: 28-Feb-1963, death: 22-Jun-1980
COCHRAN, John Albert, birth: 17-Nov-1924, death: 15-Jan-1993, Tec5 US Army WWII
CODIGA, Betty Loraine, death: 20-Feb-1939
CODIGA, Henry, birth: 1908, death: 1973
CODIGA, John, birth: 1870, death: 1939
CODIGA, Onorina, birth: 1877, death: 1949
CODIGA, Pansy E, birth: 1894, death: 1970
CODIGA, Sylvia Hilda, birth: 4-Sep-1919, death: 6-May-1995
CODIGA, Vincent Joseph, birth: 1-Mar-1918, death: 24-Apr-2005
COFFIN, Bill, birth: 22-Jun-1956, death: 10-Aug-2006
COFFIN, Rose Mary, birth: 5-May-1935, death: 22-Jan-2012
COLE, Barbara A (Swan), birth: 11-Jun-1925, death: 7-Jan-2003
COLE, Jan Renae, birth: August 1956, death: September 1998
COLE, Ronny J, birth: 26-Jan-1959, death: 20-Apr-2002
COLKETT, Albert E, birth: 1867, death: 1948
COLKETT, Elizabeth, birth: 1866, death: 1913
COLLIER, Joshua Berl, birth: 9-Aug-1911, death: 13-Apr-1997, Married November 10, 1942, h/o Pansy
COLLIER, Pansy Estelle, birth: 17-May-1915, death: 8-Feb-1994, Married November 10, 1942, w/o Joshua
COOK, Janice Sue, birth: 9-Jul-1940, death: 22-Mar-2010
CORBETT, C, death: 1981
COREY, Genevieve, birth: 1916, death: 1977
CORUM, Vida V, birth: 1910, death: 1983
CORUM, W. Wayne, birth: 1911, death: 1992
CROSSON, Annie, birth: 10-July-1887, death: 27-Aug-1908
CROSSON, Annie T, birth: 26-July-1863, death: 9-Jun-1918
CROSSON, Charles, birth: 7-May-1853, death: 13-Dec-1923
CRUMB, Walter M, birth: 25-July-1884, death: 12-Dec-1980, US Army
CUDDY, John Charles, birth: 10-Apr-1939, death: 12-Nov-1996
CURRY, Darlene G Hart, birth: 1934, death: 1987
CURTISS, Cooper John, death: 15-Jul-2007
DAMAN, John W, birth: 11-Apr-1932, death: 18-Feb-1992, US Air Force
DANIELS, Robert William, birth: 8-Dec-1920, death: 5-Jun-2009
DARDIS-BOUTROS, Deborah Ann, birth: 15-Apr-1960, death: 14-Jun-2006
DATIN, Ellen Marie, birth: 13-Nov-1956, death: 7-Nov-2003
DAVENPORT, Arthur Lee, birth: 28-Jul-1912, death: 21-Mar-2003, US Coast Guard WWII
DAVENPORT, Eliza Ann, birth: 2-Jun-1913, death: 5-Feb-1994, Capt US Army WWII
DAVIDSON, Earlene A Noll, birth: 25-May-1926, death: 31-Mar-2003
DAVIDSON, Gunnar H, birth: 1-Oct-1914, death: 29-Nov-2001
DAWSON, C. Nadine, birth: 14-Sep-1922, death: 4-Nov-2004
DAWSON, Wendell R, birth: 17-Apr-1916, death: 25-Jul-2011, PFC US Army WWII
DECKER, Katherine Marie, birth: 2-Oct-1959, death: 5-Apr-2002
DERNACH, Mary, birth: 1888, death: 1965
DESA, Carla Renee, death: 31-Mar-1972, infant
DICKSON, Clyde M, birth: 1902, death: 1981
DICKSON, Luella B, birth: 1901, death: 1995
DIMATTEO, Jim, birth: 1920, death: 1993
DIMATTEO, Jimmer, birth: 1950, death: 1991
DIMATTEO, May , birth: 1919, death: 2010
DONAHUE, Donald J, birth: 17-Oct-1910, death: 27-Nov-1992, US Navy WWII
DONAHUE, Donna L, birth: 30-May-1921, death: 8-Dec-2002
DOUGHERTY, Mary Jo, birth: 1956, death: 1977
DRAZEY, George Wesley, birth: 28-Aug-1929, death: 17-Oct-1979, Pfc US Army Korea
DRENNEN, Terry E, birth: 15-Sep-1961, death: 18-Aug-2001
DUBIGK, Emil, birth: 1903, death: 1978
DUBIGK, Frank, birth: 1889, death: 1904
DUBIGK, Gladys N, birth: 1908, death: 1983
DUBIGK, Henry Richard, birth: 15-Dec-1929, death: 14-May-2014
DUBIGK, Joanne Arlene, birth: 31-Oct-1930, death: 7-Oct-2013
DUBIGK, Julia, birth: 1863, death: 1911
DUBIGK, Louis, birth: 1896, death: 1978
DUBIGK, Louis C, birth: 1896, death: 1978
DUBIGK, Richard, birth: 1852, death: 1914
DUBIGK, Wiley E, birth: 11-Jul-1956, death: 31-May-1983
DUMOVIC, Grace Ann Machak, birth: 21-Dec-1948, death: 21-Sep-1998
DUNCAN, Maggie M, death: 21-Jan-1906, 5years 6months 21days, d/o A.M. & M, stone on its side, fallen over
DUNCAN, Steven (Jr), birth: 1973, death: 1988
DUNCAN, Willie F, birth: 20-Nov-1915, death: 1-Jun-1976, T Sgt Army Air Forces WWII
DUPUY, Evelyn, no dates
DUSENBERRY, Judy Ann, birth: 1957, death: 1987
DYKES, Helga M, birth: 21-Aug-1928, death: 7-Jun-2001
EAGER, Madge A, death: 1965
EISENMANN, Elke A, birth: 1934, death: 1987
EK, Allan L, birth: 1931, death: 1980, Married February 16, 1951, h/o Verley
EK, Verley E, birth: 1928, death: 1978, Married February 16, 1951, w/o Allan
ELLENWOOD, Everett E, birth: 1899, death: 1977
ELLIOTT, Lorraine P, birth: 1923, death: 1996, Married May 17, 1945, w/o Thomas
ELLIOTT, Thomas W, birth: 1925, death: 1987, Vet WWII, married May 17, 1945, h/o Lorraine
EMYER, ?, birth: 1901, death: 1984
ENGEL, J, birth: 12-Feb-1985, death: 1-Jan-2003
ENGEL, Marlys M, birth: 20-Jan-1939, death: 15-Oct-2006
ENGEL, Nicole Mae, birth: 25-Jan-1986, death: 17-Apr-1986
ENGLE, Louis, birth: 1894, death: 1984
ENGLE, Myrtle E, birth: 1902, death: 1996
ENGLISH, Marion L, birth: 31-May-1921, death: 21-Dec-1994
ERWIN, Louis, birth: 28-oct-1848, death: 13-Jan-1915, 66years
ESTBY, John, birth: 1938, death: 1974
ESTBY, Pauline, birth: 1925, death: 1972
ESTES, James, birth: 1907, death: 1981
ESTES, Vera, birth: 1915, death: 1985
EVANS, Andrew, birth: 1878, death: 1955
EVANS, Andrew, birth: 3-Dec-1914, death: 23-Mar-2001
EVANS, Barbara, birth: 1881, death: 1958
EVANS, Borgny Marie, birth: 8-Feb-1920, death: 6-Jun-2011
EVANS, George S, birth: 1921, death: 2001, US Coast Guard 1942-1945
EVANS, Phyllis i, birth: 1909, death: 1994
EVANS, Stephen, birth: 1911, death: 1929
EWIN, Mabel E, birth: 1896, death: 1990
FARRIS, Lue G, birth: 1911, death: 1980
FARRIS, Mildred L, birth: 1904, death: 1984
FEELY, Dorothy T, birth: 1905, death: 1964
FEELY, Jennie, birth: 1867, death: 1934
FENSCH, Judith N, birth: 1945, death: 1991
FERRIS, Glen L, birth: 13-Aug-1912, death: 11-Oct-1974
FERRIS, Helene M, birth: 28-May-1917, death: 31-May-2000
FINNELL, Charles, birth: 1863, death: 1900
FINNELL, Mary I, birth: 1866, death: 1952
FISHKIN, Douglas Earl, birth: 4-Jan-1937, death: 18-Aug-2001
FLATEBO, Kristi, birth: 1872, death: 1937
FLATEBO, Styrk, birth: 1872, death: 1928
FLEMING, April Rose, birth: 4-Jun-1978, death: 26-Mar-1996
FLINT, William H, birth: 30-Sep-1905, death: 25-Feb-1980
FORD, Arthur C, birth: 1904, death: 1981
FORD, Hazel M, birth: 12-Jan-1893, death: 16-Sep-1989
FORD, John S, birth: 13-Feb-1923, death: 4-Apr-1986, 1st Sgt US Army WWII Korea Vietnam
FORE, Lida, birth: 1891, death: 1973
FOSS, Carl E, birth: 23-May-1942, death: 13-Sep-2004
FOX, Cynthia Alice, birth: 19-Jul-1971, death: 5-Jun-1986
FREDERICKSON, Marjorie, birth: 9-Feb-1931, death: 30-Oct-1994
GAMRADT, Jon Joseph, birth: 13-Apr-1968, death: 18-Nov-1973
GANOWSKY, Annis R, birth: 1923, death: 2002, Married September 2, 1945, w/o Herbert
GANOWSKY, Herbert R, birth: 1911, death: 1994, Married September 2, 1945, h/o Annis
GARHART, Eric Wm, birth: 4-Dec-1968, death: 15-Mar-1994
GARIN, Bessie Chapman, birth: 1892, death: 1967
GARRETT, Margaret L, birth: 1920, death: 2001
GARRETT, Margaret L, birth: 1920, death: 2011
GARRETT, Vernon V, birth: 1919, death: 1998
GERARD, Joseph P, birth: 1888, death: 1954
GESELL, Madeleine K, birth: 1905, death: 1983
GESELL, Robert R, birth: 1900, death: 1973
GIBBON, Jeannette S, birth: 16-Jun-1867, death: 16-Nov-1895
GIBBON, Ronald Perry, birth: 5-Mar-1929, death: 9-Jun-2004
GIBBON, Rosetta Perry, birth: 1904, death: 1988
GIBSON, Jesse R, birth: 29-Apr-1974, death: 26-Mar-1995
GIERKE-CAMPBELL, Justin Tyler, birth: 16-Aug-1977, death: 21-May-2005
GILBERT, Hilda A, birth: 1910, death: 1983
GILBERT, John W, birth: 29-Aug-1930, death: 12-Mar-1993, US Navy Korea
GILBERT, John W, birth: 1909, death: 1986
GILBERT, Ruby Lorena, birth: 1903, death: 1999
GINGRICH, Barbara A, birth: 15-Jul-1941, death: 3-Mar-2006
GINGRICH, L. Carl (Sr), birth: 1914, death: 1979
GINGRICH, Virtue M, birth: 1918, death: 2004
GIRTEN, James P, birth: 1952, death: 1978
GLEASON, Marion Eunice, birth: 17-Nov-1911, death: 23-Jan-1982
GODFREY, Bernice B, birth: 1893, death: 1983
GOODROW, Dwight E, birth: 1911, death: 1986
GOODROW, Lois K, birth: 1911, death: 1991
GOODSELL, Darline J, birth: 9-Feb-1928, death: 20-Jul-2014
GOODSELL, Frank L, birth: 8-Jan-1927, death: 16-Mar-1985, Cpl US Army WWII Army Air Forces
GORDON, Mary A, birth: 1-May-1880, death: 12-Apr-1969
GOTT, Glenn Joseph, birth: 16-Jun-1958, death: 13-Oct-2014
GRADISHNICK, Joseph, birth: 1913, death: 1922
GRADY, Julia, birth: 1889, death: 1990
GRADY, Rudolph C, birth: 1911, death: 1981
GRADY, Rudolph J, birth: 1885, death: 1976
GRAHAM, Rice E, birth: 14-Jul-1923, death: 12-May-1974, ADRC US Navy Ret
GRAHAM, Romana B, birth: 28-Feb-1918, death: 6-Jul-2002
GREEN, Don, birth: 1970, death: 1988
GREENSIDE, Anchor E, birth: 1898, death: 1982
GREENSIDE, Christine Elizabeth, birth: 18-Feb-1994, death: 19-Feb-1994
GREENSIDE, Laverne H, birth: 1895, death: 1980
GREENSIDE, Patrick G, birth: 10-Oct-1963, death: 16-Sep-1989
GREENSIDE, Patrick Michael, birth: 22-Jun-1990, death: 5-Sep-1990
GREENSIDE, Robert L, birth: 23-Sep-1927, death: 11-Jun-2009, Vet US Army WWII
GREENWOOD, Frances, birth: 1-Feb-1910, death: 18-Jun-1977
GRIFFIN, Elaine Helen, birth: 1-Jun-1920, death: 22-Mar-1986, S1 US Navy WWII
GROEHLER, Delphine, birth: 22-May-1924, death: 10-Oct-2003
GROEHLER, Veryle E, birth: 30-Jan-1917, death: 23-Aug-1995, Pfc US Army WWII
GROUSE, James Kenneth (Sr), birth: 23-Jul-1910, death: 10-Dec-1994
GRUBE, Lester Elmer, birth: 1-Sep-1914, death: 15-May-1994, US Navy
GRUBE, Mae Florence, birth: 30-Apr-1913, death: 7-Apr-2002
GRUENES, Anna M, birth: 1855, death: 1929
GRUENES, Blanche, birth: 1891, death: 1980
GRUENES, Edna, birth: 4-Nov-1921, death: 6-Sep-1998, no dates
GRUENES, Francis G, birth: 25-Dec-1891, death: 15-Apr-1921, overseas war vet, Co G 8th US Inf
GRUENES, George, birth: 5-Jul-1915, death: 1-Sep-2007, no dates
GRUENES, Joseph, birth: 1882, death: 1967
GUNDERSON, Michael J, birth: 25-Sep-1957, death: 15-Jun-2011
HABENICHT, Frederick Vernon, birth: 16-Jul-1930, death: 19-Jun-2006, Married September 29, 1951, h/o Dorothy
HADLEY, Shawn Avery, birth: 9-Jul-1975, death: 13-Nov-1975
HAGEN, Robert L, birth: 1918, death: 1984
HAIG, Lloyd f, birth: 1915, death: 2005
HAIG, Lucille E, birth: 1916, death: 1985
HALIKAS, James, birth: 1924, death: 1989, Vet WWII
HAMMOND, Rona JO, birth: 1956, death: 1993
HANNAH, Dawn Marie, birth: 25-Feb-1966, death: 3-Apr-1980
HANNON, Irene, birth: 1900, death: ?
HANSEN, Harry, birth: 1908, death: 1980
HANSEN, Lucille, birth: 1912, death: 2008
HANSEN, Theodore Jay, birth: 5-Jun-1937, death: 23-Dec-2013
HANSEN, Virginia Ann (Whitney), birth: 31-Jul-1939, death: 7-Mar-2016
HARRIS, Earl Neil, birth: 2-Aug-1929, death: 20-Jan-1997, Sgt US Army
HARSTAM, Phyllis May Zeller, birth: 1925, death: 1999
HART, M, birth: 1940, death: 2007
HATCH, Horace Harley, birth: 4-Jan-1922, death: 5-Feb-1973, WA SM3 US Navy WWII
HAUGEN, Kristin Marie, birth: 19-Jan-1973, death: 2-Jan-2009
HAWKEN, Andrew A, birth: 23-Sep-1974, death: 2-Mar-2007
HAWLEY, Cheryl Lynn, birth: 21-May-1954, death: 25-Jun-2009
HAWLEY, Dorie, birth: 2-Feb-1916, death: 5-May-1997
HAWLEY, Frank, birth: 25-Feb-1914, death: 2-Jun-2004
HEDIN, Albert Tangness, birth: 24-Apr-1938, death: 21-Aug-2016
HEDIN, August, birth: 1894, death: 1927
HEDIN, Bertha, birth: 1865, death: 1942
HEDIN, J.E., birth: 1856, death: 1926
HEFLINGER, Harold, birth: 28-Jun-1914, death: 3-Mar-1998, US Army WWII
HEGLAND, Pauline F, birth: 21-Aug-1923, death: 26-Jan-1993
HENDRICKSON, Dale Everett, birth: 23-Sep-1952, death: 4-Aug-2007
HENRY, RenEllen, birth: 16-Aug-1962, death: 27-Aug-2014
HERMAN, Frank D, birth: 1922, death: 1985
HERMAN, Goldie L, birth: 1927, death: 2001
HERMAN, Russ, birth: 18-Dec-1945, death: 11-Jun-2016
HERZMAN, Barney, birth: ?, death: ?
HILER, Elva Lorraine Gibson, birth: 14-Sept-1898, death: 28-Dec-1988, Major US Army Nurse Corps
HILL, Carol L, birth: 1932, death: 2002
HILL, Edwyn A, birth: 1934, death: 1991
HINDMAN, Amanda Cheray, birth: 18-Oct-1968, death: 20-Mar-1996
HINDMAN, Roxana S, birth: 5-Feb-1940, death: 26-Mar-1996
HIPP, Dianne L, birth: 19-Sep-1936, death: 19-Jun-2005
HITCHCOCK, Patricia G, birth: 1-Oct-1946, death: 1-Dec-2000
HNIN, Sang Cung, birth: 11-Nov-1992, death: 27-Aug-2011
HODGE, Genine Mary, birth: 9-Aug-1958, death: 14-Aug-1992
HODGE, Norma C, birth: 8-Nov-1932, death: 3-Jul-1992, Married July 28, 1951, w/o William
HOFF, Carmen Nancy, birth: 6-Jan-1970, death: 25-Nov-1995
HOLT, Randy Wayne, birth: 9-Apr-1953, death: 31-Dec-1988
HONEYCUTT, Earl M, birth: 1913, death: 1985
HOOD, Kevin Neill, birth: 21-Aug-1967, death: 17-Jun-1990
HOPPER, Annabell Mae, birth: 1927, death: 1973
HORN, Annie, birth: 1860, death: 1918
HORN, R.L., birth: 1891, death: 1918
HOUGH, Ruth A, birth: 1923, death: 1997
HOWLAND, Arthur Sidney, birth: 9-Aug-1920, Edinburgh, Scotland, death: 14-Feb-2002
HUBL, Rose C, birth: 6-Nov-1921, death: 20-Feb-2007
HUGHES, Robert E, birth: 19-Oct-1924, death: 3-Oct-1994, US Army Air Corps WWII
HUNT, Amanda Marie, birth: 22-Jan-1981, death: 22-Jun-2015
HUSE, Noble E, birth: 2-Mar-1919, death: 14-Nov-2003, h/o Verisse, married 9/9/1940
HUSE, Verisse N, birth: 25-Sep-1921, death: 5-Jun-2009, w/o Noble, married 9/9/1940
HUTH, Samuel, birth: 30-Nov-1873, death: 7-Dec-1907
HYDE, Doris E, birth: 3-Mar-1918, death: 23-Apr-2005
HYNES, Cecelia M, birth: 1920, death: 2010
HYNES, Harold, birth: 1921, death: 1923
HYNES, Jack, birth: 1917, death: 1919
HYNES, James w, birth: 1919, death: 1998
IRWIN, Darlene L, birth: 1922, death: 1979
JACKSON, Ronald L, birth: 10-Sep-1938, death: 2-Dec-1991, US Navy
JACOBS, Ashlee Anne, birth: 18-Oct-1987, death: 12-May-2007
JAMES, Ross C, birth: 14-Dec-1943, death: 10-Dec-2008
JENKS, Earl, birth: 1900, death: 1983
JENKS, Merine m, birth: 1922, death: 2003
JOHANSON, Elizabeth, birth: 1864, death: 1953
JOHNSON, Alma, birth: 1863, death: 1918
JOHNSON, Edmund, birth: 1904, death: 1951
JOHNSON, Edwin, birth: 1872, death: 1934
JOHNSON, Elsie Gruenes, birth: 1889, death: 1967
JOHNSON, Frank, birth: 1894, death: 1939
JOHNSON, Fred A, birth: 5-Sep-1906, death: 11-May-1987, Married November 17, 1930, h/o Minnie
JOHNSON, Hannah E, birth: 1869, death: 1959
JOHNSON, Helen, birth: 1897, death: 1983
JOHNSON, Ingval, birth: 16-Jun-1913, death: 20-Dec-1921
JOHNSON, Jacqueline Lee, birth: 15-Mar-1934, death: 18-Jul-2013
JOHNSON, Minnie E, birth: 11-Aug-1906, death: 16-Sep-1998, Married November 17, 1930, w/o Fred
JOHNSON, Oscar, birth: 1862, death: 1947
JOHNSON, Ralston S, birth: 1889, death: 1968
JOHNSON, Rick, birth: 1892, death: 1914
JOHNSON, Tyler Wayne, birth: 26-Jul-1981, death: 19-Feb-2009
JOHNSTON, Edward L, birth: 1924, death: 1998, WWII Vet
JOLK, Gerald M, birth: 15-Jul-1935, death: 31-Jan-2007, Married May 12, 1961, h/o Gail
JONES, Helen M, birth: 7-Jan-1909, death: 17-Oct-1994
JONES, Leslie A, birth: 26-Jan-1913, death: 8-Nov-1978
JUDD, Doris L, birth: 25-Feb-1922, death: 17-Jan-2007, Married July 15, 1949, w/o Raymond
JUDD, Raymond F, birth: 30-Nov-1919, death: 20-Jan-1978, Married July 15, 1949, h/o Doris
JUNIVICZ, Adam, birth: 1879, death: 1925
JUNIVITCH, Joseph, birth: 13-Jun-1916, death: 6-Oct-1999
KAMP, Jeffery J, birth: 27-Jul-1959, death: 18-Dec-2008
KANE-BROOKS, Mary , no dates
KARAIM, Michael J, birth: 25-Jun-1960, death: 20-May-2004
KARPEN, Margaret, birth: 1917, death: 1980
KARPEN, Warren, birth: 1917, death: 1995
KARR, Day Andrew, birth: 6-May-1969, death: 18-May-1980
KARR, Michael Murray, birth: 16-Oct-1970, death: 18-May-1980
KASPAR, Daniel S, birth: 5-Jul-1965, death: 11-Apr-1994, Sgt US Marine Corps
KASPAR, Robert Verle, birth: 17-May-1920, death: 8-Apr-2005, US Army WWII
KEENER, Carolyn Ann, birth: 10-Mar-1943, death: 13-Jul-1985
KELLER, Arnold O, birth: 1922, death: 1994, Married July 3, 1943, h/o Maxine
KELLER, Maxine L, birth: 1925, death: 1984, Married July 3, 1943, w/o Arnold
KELLY, Lynda Marie, birth: 6-Oct-1957, death: 21-Jul-2010
KERO, Jill Louise, birth: 1-Nov-1963, death: 22-Jun-1980
KERO, Juanita Jean, birth: 1933, death: 1991
KHOR, James Gatmai, birth: 1-Jan-1988, death: 18-Dec-2011
KIMBALL, Marie Holder, birth: 2-Mar-1944, death: 3-Mar-2009
KING, Shirley J, birth: 1931, death: 2014
KING, Weston T, birth: 1919, death: 1998, WWII Vet
KINNEY-RATHJEN, Markus M, death: 18-Feb-1993
KINZLER, Celeste Ann, birth: 16-Mar-1956, death: 9-Jan-1994
KNOTT, Victoria, birth: 1889, Poland, death: 1968
KNOTT, William J, birth: 1917, death: 1930
KNOTT, William J, birth: 1889, England, death: 1955
KNUDSEN, Judith A, birth: 1926, death: 2016, w/o Lorense, Married 4/30/1946
KNUDSEN, Lorense C, birth: 1918, death: 1991, Married April 30, 1946, h/o Judith
KOCHEVAR, Anne Margaret, birth: 15-Apr-1911, death: 28-Nov-2007
KOCHEVAR, Antonia, birth: 1886, death: 1928
KOCHEVAR, Joseph V, birth: 25-Apr-1914, death: 22-Mar-1997
KOCHEVAR, Valentine, birth: 1874, death: 1955
KORTES, Alto, birth: 1912, death: 1979
KORTES, Wilho, birth: 8-Nov-1913, death: 25-Jul-1984, PNC US Navy WWII
KRASSER, Barbara Ann, birth: 1934, death: 1993
KRISTIANSEN, Lillian, birth: 16-Oct-1934, death: 16-Oct-1997
KROPP, Chantrelle, birth: 26-Apr-1982, death: 3-Jul-1982
KROUT, Robert LeRoy, birth: 1943, death: 2005, married June 5, 1964
KUHN, Germaine Catherine, birth: 23-Oct-1922, death: 7-May-2010
KUHN, Wheitzelle Frederick, birth: 13-Apr-1924, death: 21-Dec-2010
KUHUSKI, June Louise, birth: 1942, death: 2003
KUOL, Chol Mayen, birth: 1-Jan-1984, death: 31-Oct-2014
LAMBERT, Benjamin, birth: ?, death: ?
LAMBERT, Bertha A, birth: 29-Dec-1921, death: 22-Aug-2007
LAMBERT, Edith Elizabeth, birth: 30-Apr-1954, death: 30-Sep-1991
LAMBERT, Jennings G, birth: 19-Feb-1899, death: 26-Aug-1991, US Navy WW1
LAMBERT, Robert D (III), birth: 1-Oct-1981, death: 21-Jun-1983
LAMOUREUX, Barbara Marie, birth: 14-Jun-1916, death: 16-Aug-1999
LAMOUREUX, David Earl, birth: 27-Oct-1943, death: 18-Nov-2009
LAMOUREUX, Donald Edwin, birth: 18-Nov-1914, death: 23-Oct-1989
LANCASTER, Clarence Bill, birth: 1901, death: 1976
LANCASTER, James, birth: 1939, death: 1956
LANCASTER, Lillian, birth: 1902, death: 1979
LANCASTER, Lois E, death: 17-Apr-1936
LANCE, Anne Carleton, birth: 1910, death: 1991
LARSON, Lawrence M, birth: 26-Aug-1886, death: 21-Feb-1954
LAVENS, Agnes Bartholomew, birth: 1924, death: 2005
LEE, Miranda Joyce, death: 4-Feb-1994
LEE, Richard Rex, birth: 21-Aug-1957, death: 9-Sep-2004
LEGRANDE, Gerald Loren, birth: 9-Oct-1940, death: 18-Oct-2007, SP5 US Army
LEGRANDE, John William, birth: 29-Dec-1929, death: 20-Aug-1989, US Army
LEGRANDE, Paul A, birth: 7-Mar-1939, death: 6-Nov-1981
LESSER, Eunice, birth: 18-Apr-1916, death: 2-Mar-1998
LESSER, Samuel, birth: 18-Jun-1912, death: 2-Oct-1991
LESSER, Sol, birth: 1928, death: 1993
LEWIS, Allen L, birth: 1949, death: 1989
LEWIS, Peter Leon, birth: 18-Oct-1940, death: 19-Oct-2008
LICKISS, Melissa Megan, birth: 1980, death: 2011
LILLYWHITE, Pearl Lenore, birth: 8-Mar-1920, death: 7-Mar-1986
LINDEMAN, Laura Chapman, birth: 1912, death: 1981
LINDSTROM, Lewis W, birth: 6-Nov-1921, death: 2-Feb-1992, US Army WWII
LINZA, Robert W, birth: 1921, death: 1971
LIVINGSTON, Buddie, birth: 25-Jul-1941, death: 24-Aug-1941
LIVINGSTON, Gail D (Sr), birth: 6-Jun-1919, death: 24-Nov-2004
LIVINGSTON, Louise F, birth: 30-Jan-1923, death: 30-Mar-1990
LOHR, Leta May, birth: 1890, death: 1977
LOTZ, Daryl Carl, birth: 1945, death: 1980, Cpl US Army Vietnam
LUBY, Benjamin Ray, birth: 30-Jul-1959, death: 28-Apr-1961
LUBY, Robert George, birth: 8-Sep-1935, death: 20-May-1979, Sgt US Air Force Korea
LUND, B. Yvonne Lawson, birth: 22-Apr-1932, death: 12-Oct-1983, married October 4, 1951, Sealed 1/13/1972, w/o Leo
LUND, Leo Bernt, birth: 11-Nov-1921, death: 24-Jul-2011, WWII
LUND, Marilyn A, birth: 12-Feb-1931, death: 23-Sep-1996
LUND, Robert D, birth: 21-Apr-1930, death: 25-Apr-2011
LUNDBERG, Clarence J, birth: 1919, death: 1980, US Coast Guard WWII
MACDONALD, Hugh T, birth: 19-Sep-1921, death: 28-Sep-2009
MACDONALD, Jerry Keith, birth: 8-Apr-1926, death: 3-Mar-2008
MAHAFFEY, Miriam E, birth: 1867, death: 1953
MAHNKE, Clarence C, birth: 6-Sep-1908, death: 18-Sep-1985
MAHNKE, Helen Ruth, birth: 24-Jan-1918, death: 13-Jul-1989
MANDELIN, Clifford A, birth: 1-Aug-1923, death: 27-Jan-2008
MARTENS, Betty Louise, birth: 18-Nov-1934, death: 28-Oct-2005
MASTERON, Raymond, birth: 1918, death: 1987
MATHISON, Caleb Luccas, birth: 23-Jun-2001, death: 25-Aug-2009
MATHISON, Maria del Carmen Ardene, birth: 20-Oct-1983, death: 7-Jul-2006
MATTAHEUS, Lucille E, birth: 1907, death: 1993
MATTAHEUS, Walter V, birth: 25-Jan-1908, death: 6-Jul-1982, S Sgt US Army WWII
MAXWELL, Clarasa, birth: 28-Oct-1843, death: 13-Aug-1910
MAXWELL, Donia, birth: 1878, death: 1955
MAXWELL, Evelena, birth: 20-July-1884, death: 24-July-1884
MAXWELL, Frederick W (IV), birth: 25-Aug-1970, death: 10-Apr-1993
MAXWELL, Herschel W, birth: 29-Mar-1900, death: 5-Mar-1981, 58years, h/o Madge
MAXWELL, Madge P, birth: 4-Jan-1903, death: 12-Aug-1995, 58years, w/o Herschel
MAXWELL, Mattie, birth: 1875, death: 1957
MAXWELL, William M, birth: 16-June-1838, death: 18-Jan-1919
MCCARTHY, Dennis N, birth: 30-Mar-1929, death: 10-Jul-1977
MCCARTHY-SMITH, Carlene, birth: 26-May-1934, death: 7-Mar-2010
MCCLUNG, Jesse Madison, birth: 25-Feb-1925, death: 22-May-1987, US Navy WWII
MCCOY, Margaret, birth: 1886, death: 1972
MCCULLOUGH, Ansel W, birth: 1-Jan-1929, death: 11-Mar-2001, Married 7/21/1950, h/o Genevieve
MCCUTCHAN, Don J, birth: 24-Jun-1926, death: 17-Nov-1990, US Army WWII
MCDANIEL, Shawn K, birth: 1962, death: 1997
MCDANIEL, Virginia J, birth: 1942, death: 2013
MCDOUGALL, Donald A, birth: 1894, death: 1989
MCDOUGALL, Dorothy Wisely, birth: 2-Oct-1900, death: 13-Jun-1977
MCDOUGALL, Helen R, birth: 1902, death: 1977
MCEWEN, Mack O, birth: 13-Mar-1922, death: 16-May-2006
MCGARR, Alice Patricia, birth: 22-Jun-1933, death: 28-Nov-2012
MCGHEE, Lisa Joy, birth: September 1986, death: January 1988
MCHUGH, Donna Mae, birth: 1945, death: 2010
MCKINNON, Alma M, birth: 8-Sep-1903, death: 21-Jul-2000
MCKINNON, James A, birth: 24-may-1899, death: 21-Jan-1973
MCPHEE, Donald Duane, birth: 1955, death: 2011
MCPHEE, James R, birth: 1933, death: 1987
MCPHERRON, Helen M, birth: 1911, death: 1996
MCPHERRON, Howard B, birth: 1908, death: 1991
MCPHERRON, Jared Paul, birth: 25-Mar-1943, death: 28-Dec-2000
MCVEY, James Oliver, birth: 25-Aug-1902, death: 25-Feb-1980, Pvt US Marine Corps WWI
MELSOM, Knute Frederick, birth: 24-Aug-1934, death: 14-Sep-2014, A1C US Air Force Korea
MERCER, Marvin Lee, birth: 18-Jan-1937, death: 22-Nov-2010
MEYERS, Marie Elta, birth: 2-May-1883, death: 7-Mar-1970
MEYERS, Victor Eugene, birth: 14-Dec-1887, death: 28-Jul-1970
MIKULICH, Eleanor J, birth: 22-Jul-1919, death: 11-Jul-2003
MIKULICH, Victor G, birth: 31-Dec-1915, death: 19-Oct-2009
MILES, David M, birth: 5-Aug-1930, death: 8-Mar-1992, US Marine Corps Korea
MILES, Ross V, birth: 17-Oct-1916, death: 23-Sep-1988, US Marine Corps WWII
MILLARD, J, death: 1986
MILLER, Harry Nicholas, birth: 1924, death: 1990, GM1 US Navy WWII
MILLER, Jerry Lee, birth: 16-Dec-1947, death: 9-Feb-1994
MILLER, Walter, birth: 7-May-1925, death: 22-Oct-2006, Cpl US Marine Corps WWII
MITCHELL, Esther Anne, birth: 13-Apr-2001, death: 30-Jul-2001
MITCHELL, Ina P, birth: 1893, death: 1985
MITCHELL, William B, birth: 1894, death: 1976
MOORE, Dustin Michael, birth: 18-Dec-1990, death: 10-Sep-2007
MORGAN, Alma M, birth: 1912, death: 1994
MORGAN, Axel, birth: 1907, death: 1986
MORGAN, Edward, birth: 1910, death: 1976
MORGAN, Jalmar w, birth: 1877, death: 1946
MORGAN, Martha Dagne, birth: 1915, death: 1950
MORGAN, Regina Moisio, birth: 1879, death: 1961
MORGAN, Waino, birth: 1909, death: 1928
MORGAN, William, birth: 1901, death: 1966
MORROW, Catherine, birth: 25-Apr-1912, death: 12-Dec-1995
MORROW, Robert John, birth: 1912, death: 1985, Cpl US Army WWII
MOUREY, Roberta Ann, birth: 1937, death: 1981
MOUREY, William Lloyd, birth: 1909, death: 1986
MULLER, Roscoe M, birth: 18-Apr-1920, death: 17-Feb-1988, MM2 US Navy WWII
MUZZY, Wilma L, birth: 22-Feb-1909, death: 10-Nov-1989
MYERS, Ronald A, birth: 1938, death: 1995
NELSON, Peter G, birth: 1870, death: 1958
NEUBAUER, Ervin V, birth: 6-Nov-1929, death: 25-Jul-1979, US Army Korea
NEW, Emily A, birth: 1910, death: 1995
NICKELL, John, birth: 1875, death: 1983
NIEMI, Arne Emil, birth: 22-Sep-1903, death: 21-Aug-1971, WA Pfc Co D 400 MP BN WWII
NIEMI, Daisy v, birth: 29-Jun-1906, death: 12-Dec-1984
NIORD, Robert A, birth: 1915, death: 1985
NIORD, Ruby i, birth: 1912, death: 1980
NODRUM, Anton, birth: 1873, death: 1952
NODRUM, John, birth: 1860, death: 1944
NODRUM, Martin, birth: 1857, death: 1943
NODRUM, Sam, birth: 1876, death: 1958
NOE, Orleen Kay, birth: 8-Nov-1948, death: 7-Dec-1998, Married December 20, 1974, h/o Lincoln
NOLET, Irean, birth: 29-Dec-1912, death: 24-Jul-1913, d/o J.C. & E Nolet
NOLL, Oscar H, birth: 13-May-1900, death: 19-Oct-1984, Cpl US Army WWI
NOLL, Ruby T, birth: 1900, death: 1980
NORD, John, birth: ?, death: ?
NORRIS, Richard George, birth: 30-Nov-1926, death: 22-Mar-1991, Cpl US Army WWII
NUNNALLEE, Edmund P, birth: 1906, death: 1986
NUNNALLEE, Jeanette E, birth: 1911, death: 2002
NYSTROM, Pheobe A, birth: 1889, death: 1972
OARSO, G, birth: 1873, death: 1936
OGDEN, Marie A, birth: 30-Nov-1902, death: 7-Aug-1985
OGDEN, Robert J, birth: 3-May-1903, death: 14-Oct-1991
OLSON, Carl Hjalmar, birth: 9-Mar-1919, death: 1-Feb-2003, Tec 4 US Army WWII
OLSON, Dan Lee, birth: 17-Mar-1960, death: 20-Feb-2009
OLSON, Nancy Lohr, birth: 6-Jul-1924, death: 26-Feb-2001
OPPELT, Emily Randall, birth: 1860, death: 1906
OWENS, Charles, birth: 7-May-1932, death: 14-Jan-2015, US Army 1949-1952
PAANANEN, Albert, birth: 18-Dec-1900, death: 31-Jul-1919
PAANANEN, Andrew, birth: 5-Aug-1873, death: 6-Aug-1927
PAANANEN, Edla, birth: 19-Nov-1869, death: 6-May-1949
PAANANEN, George, birth: 31-Oct-1907, death: 17-Jun-1923
PAGET, Robert Roy, birth: 5-Oct-1948, death: 24-Sep-1994, SP5 US Army
PALEN, Robert C (Sr), birth: 21-Jul-1920, death: 31-Oct-1982, Sgt US Army WWII
PALEN, Violet S, birth: 27-Oct-1921, death: 25-Jul-2005, US Navy WWII
PALMER, Caitlin Bernice, birth: 11-Feb-1989, death: 24-Jun-2002
PALMER, Nelson J, birth: 13-Aug-1960, death: 3-Jun-1982
PALMER, Rosemarie Jean, birth: 26-Sep-1952, death: 1-May-2005
PALMI, Anna, birth: 29-Aug-1898, death: 1-Feb-1925
PALMI, Vivian, birth: 28-Feb-1918, death: 23-Jul-1924
PANKIEVICH, Els-Britt M, birth: 23-Nov-1942, death: 6-Mar-2007, Married February 2, 1962, w/o William
PANKIEVICH, William R, birth: 1-Jan-1942, death: 9-Aug-2006, Married February 2, 1962, h/o Els-Britt
PARKS-HIGDON, timothy William, birth: 17-Jul-1990, death: 3-Oct-1990
PASKO, Richard Stanley, birth: 29-Apr-1935, death: 18-Nov-2015
PATTERSON, Jehuie, birth: ?, death: ?, dates not legible
PATTERSON, Nancy, birth: ?, death: ?, dates not legible
PATTERSON, Samuel, birth: 22-Jan-1801, death: 27-Apr-1894
PATTERSON, William W, birth: ?, death: ?, dates not legible
PAULSON, Larry F, birth: 21-Jun-1957, death: 3-Nov-1968
PEACOCK, ?, birth: ?, death: ?
PEACOCK, Bonnie Christine, birth: 1940, death: 2011, Married July 13, 1963
PEACOCK, Ellen, birth: 26-Oct-1852, death: 14-May-1919
PEACOCK, Flora, birth: 1881, death: 1951
PEACOCK, Fred, birth: 1881, death: 1963
PEACOCK, Hubert W, birth: 1911, death: 1985, married June 7, 1936, h/o Marian
PEACOCK, Marian, birth: 1911, death: 2006, married June 7, 1936, w/o Hubert
PEACOCK, Rose, birth: 1883, death: 1963
PEACOCK, William, birth: 1885, death: 1967
PEARSON, Nels T, birth: 1872, death: 1932
PEASE, Arthur Eugene (Sr), birth: 16-Jan-1939, death: 30-Sep-2008, married June 19, 1965, h/o Norma
PEASE, Eugene, birth: 22-Feb-1914, death: 23-Jun-1990, married April 12, 1938
PELTON, Harold Scott, birth: 1903, death: 1993
PELTON, Louise Helen Dubick, birth: 1896, death: 1987
PERRY, Frank E, birth: 1878, death: 1970
PERRY, Katherine M, birth: 1880, death: 1968, married 66years
PERSSON, Donald Perry, birth: 2-Jan-1958, death: 20-Apr-2013
PETCHNICK, Ian Ryan, birth: 10-Aug-1980, death: 27-Aug-1983
PETCHNICK, Rudolph, birth: 1904, death: 1978, Married 1938, h/o Olga
PETERSON, Dallas Jay, birth: 12-Apr-1943, death: 10-Feb-2016
PETERSON, Emma M, birth: 1894, death: 1983
PETERSON, Everett J, birth: 30-Mar-1921, death: 9-Jan-1972, WA Tec5 US Army WWII
PETERSON, Karen Gail, birth: 31-Mar-1945, death: 11-Oct-2010
PETERSON, Madeleine May, birth: 1-Apr-1926, death: 20-Sep-2007
PETERSON, Mildred F, birth: 1923, death: 1984
PETERSON, Robert F, birth: 1922, death: 1997
PHILLIPS, George Robert, birth: 9-May-1924, death: 8-Feb-1980, TM3 US Navy WWII
PHILLIPS, Merle V, birth: 20-May-1912, death: 3-Feb-2000
PICKININI, Chester, birth: 28-Sep-1918, death: 17-Aug-1985, S Sgt US Army WWII
PICKININI, Victoria R, birth: 11-Sep-1918, death: 10-Mar-2001
PIERIDES, Nick, birth: 1936, death: 2012
PIGG, John H, birth: 1906, death: 1989
PIGG, Pearl M, birth: 1912, death: 1979
PIGGOTT, Mabelle M, birth: 25-Oct-1880, death: 25-Jun-1970
PIGGOTT, Wallace H, birth: 17-Apr-1884, death: 3-Dec-1975
PILANTZ, Lydia j, birth: 10-Oct-1897, death: 8-Feb-1973
PILANTZ, Martin A, birth: 1905, death: 1987
PILGRIM, Flora Louise, birth: 15-Jul-1923, death: 9-Nov-1998
PILGRIM, Walter William, birth: 14-Feb-1917, death: 22-Feb-2013
POHLREICH, Edward Leo Jr., birth: 29-Dec-1966, death: 28-Mar-2016
POHLREICH, Mary Anne, birth: 28-Dec-1962, death: 23-Jun-1990
PORTER-STICH, Alice, birth: 21-Feb-1960, death: 30-Jul-2004
POTTER, Shannon Ann, birth: 10-Jul-1979, death: 10-Aug-1990
POTTLE, Alice Faye Marie, birth: 1921, death: 2010
POTTLE, Kenneth Lacey, birth: 1920, death: 2006
POWELL, Bill, birth: 1894, death: 1977
POWELL, Eunice, birth: 1905, death: 1970
PRENN, Carole, birth: 17-May-1946, death: 30-Oct-1984
PRIES, George A, birth: 12-Feb-1910, death: 17-Feb-1971
PRINGLE, Edward A, birth: 1913, death: 1963
PRINGLE, Nora C, birth: 1915, death: 2004
RASMUSSEN, Mads P, birth: November 1844, death: September 1909
RASMUSSEN, Marie, birth: June 1859, death: March 1925
RASMUSSEN, Martin, birth: August 1888, death: September 1909
RATIGAN, Jack, no dates
RAWLEY, Claude O (Sr), birth: 1884, death: 1972
RAWLEY, Claude O Jr., birth: 11-Mar-1926, death: 18-Feb-2015
RAWLEY, Hazel, birth: 1894, death: 1944
READ, Edwina Isobel Wetzel, birth: 1919, death: 2007
READ, Walter James, birth: 1917, death: 1973
REDICK, Krista Marie, birth: 19-Jul-1985, death: 18-Oct-2007
REID, Mary Huth, birth: 11-Dec-1879, death: 3-May-1957
RENNICK, Albert L, birth: 23-May-1928, death: 10-Feb-1980, Married June 8, 1946, w/o Donna
RENNICK, Donna L, birth: 10-Jul-1928, death: 22-Jan-1999, Married June 8, 1946, h/o Albert
RENNICK, Kelly L, birth: 3-Jul-1956, death: 10-Nov-1991
REYNOLDS, Carl H, birth: 19-May-1939, death: 4-Apr-2009
RICHTER, Cindy C, birth: 1963, death: 1995
RIDEAU, Valine, birth: 1901, death: 1975
RIVAS, Terri L, birth: 20-Sep-1960, death: 3-Jun-2009, married February 17, 1996, w/o Steven
ROBERTS, Lorraine, birth: 6-Feb-1948, death: 23-Jan-1992
ROBERTS, Lou, birth: 3-Oct-1929, death: 11-Jun-1989
ROBERTSON, William J, birth: 15-Sep-1919, death: 6-Jun-1995, Tech 5 US Army WWII
ROBERTSON, William J, birth: 15-Sep-1919, death: 6-Jun-1995
ROE, Delphina Rosa, birth: 10-Sep-1926, death: 6-Oct-1988
ROE, Lawrence (Sr), birth: 17-Jan-1923, death: 2-Oct-2009
ROMILLY, Charles W, birth: 1-Oct-1918, death: 2-Feb-2003
ROTH, Geraldine L, birth: 29-Sep-1925, death: 25-Apr-1993, w/o Richard
RUSSELL, L, death: 26-May-1908, 80years
SALAMONE, Angeline Grace, birth: 25-Jul-1920, death: 12-Sep-2004, Married June 10, 1939, w/o Joseph
SALAMONE, Joseph Michael, birth: 29-Dec-1917, death: 17-Feb-2011, Married June 10, 1939, h/o Angeline
SALTER, Ruth, birth: 1894, death: 1979
SAMPSON, Eric Gene Curry, birth: 2-Jun-1991, death: 20-Mar-2011
SANDAHL, Percy A, birth: 6-Jul-1902, death: 6-Aug-1902
SCANLON, Aaron Thomas, birth: 2-Jul-1980, death: 20-Aug-1980
SCELI, Gordon L, birth: 1961, death: 1991
SCHAEFER, Lorna M, birth: 1957, death: 2008
SCHELLHASE, Richard Wayne, birth: 11-Jan-1956, death: 31-May-2006
SCHLOTMAN, Henry A, birth: 1844, death: 1920
SCHLOTMAN, Lena S, birth: 1847, death: 1924
SCHOENROCK, Matthew William, birth: 29-May-2007, death: 30-May-2007
SCHOLTENS, Hattie, birth: 1903, death: 1973
SCHOLTENS, Siebolt, birth: 1894, death: 1977
SCOTT, Fred M, birth: 1898, death: 1981
SCOTT, Gladys C, birth: 1911, death: 1988
SCOTT, William Robert, birth: 3-Jul-1948, death: 18-Aug-1967
SCOVEL, Merle Edward, birth: 7-Oct-1965, death: 5-Jun-2005
SCOVEL, Virginia Brandt, birth: 1915, death: 1998
SEGER, Joseph F, birth: 9-Oct-1947, death: 14-Dec-1989
SEIGFRED, Mary Louise, birth: 10-Oct-1923, death: 7-Apr-1992
SETERA, David A (Sr), birth: 26-Jun-1939, death: 3-Jul-2002, Married May 11, 1961, h/o Helena
SETERA, Helena G, birth: 17-Dec-1940, death: 2-Jun-2013
SEVERSON, Grant S, birth: 5-Sep-1926, death: 27-Jan-1986, MOMM2 US Navy WWII
SHANK, Ronny Lee, birth: 16-Sep-1951, death: 6-May-2014
SHANKS, Henry C, birth: 26-May-1919, death: 2-Sep-1992, US Coast Guard WWII
SHARP, Larae C, birth: 1929, death: 1995
SHAW, Rebecca Lynne, birth: 30-Apr-1984, death: 12-Feb-2009
SHERIFF, Sandra Jean, birth: 2-Apr-1957, death: 19-Oct-2010
SHERRARD, Elon E, birth: 10-Mar-1917, death: 21-Mar-1991
SHERRARD, Mary A, birth: 12-Aug-1919, death: 2-Nov-2008
SHERWOOD, Vernon R (Dr), birth: 10-Nov-1922, death: 11-Nov-1989
SHORT, Eugenia M, birth: 17-Aug-1957, death: 14-Jul-2007
SHORT, Herbert M, birth: 4-Mar-1908, death: 24-May-1998, Married May 21, 1940, h/o Mariam
SHORT, Ira Rueben, birth: 20-May-1922, death: 20-Aug-1982, S1 US Navy WWII
SHORT, Marian M, birth: 31-Oct-1915, death: 16-Jun-2012
SIALING, Tawk Hnin Zam, birth: 5-Jun-1982, death: 11-Sep-2011
SIDEBOTHAM, George, birth: 1867, death: 1941
SIDEBOTHAM, George Alexander, birth: 21-Jan-1924, death: 18-Sep-2002, US Navy WWII
SIDEBOTHAM, Hazel, birth: 1894, death: 1915
SIDEBOTHAM, Henry , birth: 9-Nov-1838, death: 24-Nov-1916, masonic symbol
SIDEBOTHAM, Henry (Jr), birth: 29-Aug-1878, death: 25-May-1910
SIDEBOTHAM, Jennie, birth: 21-Apr-1873, death: 20-May-1890
SIDEBOTHAM, Selina, birth: 28-Aug-1836, death: 26-Sep-1911
SIMON, Frances M, birth: 1924, death: 2005
SIMON, Jack F (Jr), birth: 17-Jan-1956, death: 14-Mar-2005
SIMON, Laina A, birth: 4-Oct-1917, death: 11-Dec-1986
SIMON, Robert J, birth: 1919, death: 1989
SIMON, William J (Sr), birth: 12-Feb-1917, death: 11-Mar-1973, WA Pvt 304 Inf 76 Inf Div WWII
SIMPSON, Ethel I, birth: 1906, death: 1972
SIMPSON, Wemyss I, birth: 1907, death: 1996
SIMS, Cpl Alpha Clyde, birth: 28-May-1924, death: 9-Sep-2001, Married June 1947, h/o Jerusha
SIMS, Gary Neil, birth: 21-Jan-1954, death: 5-Dec-1996
SIMS, Jerusha Myrtle, birth: 1-Nov-1926, death: 19-Jun-2009, Married June 1947, w/o Alpha
SIMS, Robin Lynn Burton, birth: 6-Apr-1951, death: 8-Sep-1971
SIPAN, Paul, birth: 1901, death: 1979
SIPILA, Impie Marion, birth: 7-Nov-1902, death: 27-Nov-1989
SIPILA, Thomas M, birth: 10-Jun-1947, death: 2-Nov-2005
SIPILA, Walter Axel, birth: 10-Apr-1925, death: 18-Aug-2013, S1 US Navy WWII
SLAUGHTER, Ada F, birth: 1894, death: 1977
SLAUGHTER, Sidney S, birth: 1885, death: 1958
SMITH, Ann A, birth: 5-Sep-1908, death: 25-Mar-1995
SMITH, Claire M, birth: 14-Jul-1921, death: 7-Sep-2003, Married 54years, w/o David
SMITH, Donald P, birth: 3-Jan-1919, death: 3-Jul-1980, US Navy WWII
SMITH, Frances Ann, birth: 27-Sep-1917, death: 10-Jul-1996
SMITH, Laura G, birth: 6-Jan-1945, death: 16-Sep-1995
SMITH, Stanley, birth: 1958, death: 1979
SMITH, William T (Rev), birth: 20-Jun-1907, death: 7-Apr-2000
SNOW, Carla Marie, birth: 31-May-1946, death: 24-May-2002
SNOW, Hershel B (Jr), birth: 8-Dec-1939, death: 19-Jun-2008, SP5 US Army
SODERBERG, Gilbert F, birth: 3-May-1910, death: 8-Mar-1989, T Sgt US Army WWII
SODERBERG, Shawn Marie, birth: 22-Aug-1963, death: 4-Jun-1980
SOLTIS, Andrew J, birth: 10-Mar-1913, death: 13-Feb-1983
SORG, Harry David, birth: 27-May-1932, death: 6-Jun-2002, Cpl US Army Korea
SORG, Julia Marie, birth: 25-Nov-1936, death: 15-Sep-2010
SPENCER, Ione, birth: 1928, death: 2000, married December 7, 1946, w/o Shorty
SPENCER, Ruth Marie, birth: 1-Sep-1968, death: 14-Aug-1979
SPENCER, Shorty, birth: 1924, death: 1994, married December 7, 1946, h/o Ione
SPRAGUE, Walter Daniel, birth: 18-Sep-1931, death: 26-Jan-1989, Pvt US Army Korea
SPRATLEY, Carl C, birth: 31-May-1919, death: 10-Aug-1998
SPRATLEY, Mary A, birth: 9-Feb-1922, death: 6-Jun-1998
STANFIELD, Charles E, birth: 1920, death: 1982, Married July 19, 1970, h/o Dorothy
STANFIELD, Dorothy L, birth: 1923, death: 2016
STAUDINGER, Melvin G, birth: 2-Apr-1940, death: 11-Oct-1987
STEGALL, Glenda Rae, birth: 25-Aug-1954, death: 8-Feb-1997
STEINMETZER, Craig, birth: 31-Jul-1973, death: 4-Mar-1995
STICH, Shawn Michael, birth: 10-Dec-1951, death: 24-Sep-2010
STORMO, Marian E, birth: 1907, death: 1989
STORRS, Gary Bryan, birth: 15-Jul-1959, death: 21-Apr-1989
STORRS, Jerry Richard, birth: 11-Jan-1958, death: 30-Mar-2011, US Army
STORY, Mark P, birth: 7-Feb-1956, death: 18-Feb-1995, SP4 US Army
STUMP, Donald J, birth: 1922, death: 2006, Married October 2, 1955, h/o Mina
STUMP, Mina M, birth: 1932, death: 1990, Married October 2, 1955, w/o Donald
SUGARBAKER, Coral lee, birth: 1945, death: 1946
SUGARBAKER, Jerry, birth: 1921, death: 1984, married November 26, 1942, h/o Virginia
SUGARBAKER, Virginia, birth: 1924, death: 1993, married November 26, 1942, w/o Jerry
SULLIVAN, Kasandra, birth: 14-Mar-1938, death: ?
SWAN, Earl W, birth: 31-Jul-1962, death: 5-Aug-2010
SWANSON, Emma, birth: 1878, death: 1940
SWANSON, Irene, no dates
SWANSON, John L, birth: 1869, death: 1925
SWANSON, Melvin G, birth: 13-Feb-1922, death: 6-Aug-2000, US Army Air Forces WWII
SWANSON, Robert John, birth: 13-Jan-1956, death: 14-Jun-1997
SWANSON, Stillman, birth: 1915, death: 1927
SWANSON, Willnor E, birth: 8-Mar-1914, death: 5-Jul-1977, Pfc US Army WWII
SWEET, Gloria Rawson, birth: 18-Feb-1933, death: 8-Jan-2006
TAE, Kwon Moon, birth: 13-Oct-1927, death: 26-Dec-2010
TAYLOR, Virginia K, birth: 16-May-1962, death: 29-Jan-1982
TEDFORD, Andy, birth: 1983, death: 2014
TEIGE, Bernhard, birth: 1904, death: 1995
TEIGE, Bernhard (Jr), birth: 17-Jul-1942, death: 13-May-1982, MM3 US Navy
TEIGE, Gladys M, birth: 1904, death: 1980
TEIGE, James Bernhard, birth: 30-Apr-1938, death: 8-Feb-1961, WA MRFA US Navy
THANG, Hram Hlei, birth: 1-Jan-1967, death: 4-Jul-2013
THOMAS, Travis Robert, birth: 18-Aug-1986, death: 12-Jan-2006
THOMPSON, Jennie F, birth: 9-Apr-1889, death: 26-Feb-1986
THOMPSON, Lisa, death: April 1970
THORLIN, Terri L, birth: 16-Nov-1955, death: 8-Apr-1999
THRING, Bert, birth: 1931, death: 1997
THRING, Rachel, birth: 1928, death: 2016
TICKNOR, Carl Wayne, birth: 19-Oct-1926, death: 24-Nov-1996, Phm3 US Navy WWII
TICKNOR, Carolyn Ann, birth: 7-Aug-1925, death: 7-Mar-2001
TICKNOR, Keith Alan, birth: 8-Sep-1965, death: 4-May-2000
TOBIN, William Joseph, birth: 20-Jan-1925, death: 24-Nov-1994, Flt O US Army Air Corps WWII
TOFFLEMOYER, Arlene M, birth: 1934, death: 1984
TOFFLEMOYER, Marlene M, birth: 1-Jul-1939, death: 21-Aug-2008
TOFFLEMOYER, Ronald R, birth: 21-Jul-1933, death: 11-Oct-2008
TOMLINSON, Ernest, birth: 1917, death: 1991, US Army WWII
TOMLINSON, Thelma D, birth: 1908, death: 2004
TORKELSON, Liv Ann, birth: 11-May-1955, death: 7-May-1995
TOUBY, Howard Albert, birth: 26-Sep-1910, death: 8-Jan-1995, EN1 US Navy WWII
TRIMBERGER, Dorothy g, birth: 4-Dec-1960, death: 25-Jul-2004
TROJOVSKY, Virginia K, birth: 29-Oct-1935, death: 20-Jul-1988, US Navy Korea
TRULSON, Alan F, birth: 1-Apr-1943, death: 6-Sep-2001
TURLINGTON, Karen Kay, birth: 13-Oct-1943, death: 13-Dec-1991, married March 13, 1961
TUURIE, Rita E, birth: 25-Mar-1959, death: 29-Oct-2003
ULNER, Laura, birth: 1928, death: 1974
UNDIS, Laverne M, birth: 1928, death: 1990
UNDIS, Wayne W, birth: 1951, death: 1990
UNDIS, William J, birth: 1924, death: 1997
VALENTINE, Chas E, birth: 1861, death: 1927
VALENTINE, Eliz. J, birth: 1868, death: 1951
VANDERBILT, Dorathea, birth: 1899, death: 1983
VANDERBILT, W.D., birth: 1890, death: 1975
VANDERFLUTE, Mary J, birth: 18-Jan-1960, death: 20-Oct-2006
VAUGHNS, Louis, birth: 22-May-1928, death: 30-Jul-2003, US Army WWII
VERMILLION, Emmitt E, birth: 25-Dec-1924, death: 20-Oct-1983, US Army WWII
VERRALL, Richard C, birth: 10-Jul-1932, death: 7-May-1989, SR US Navy Korea
WALKER, Paul J, birth: 3-Apr-1935, death: 6-Mar-1976
WALLACE, Ronald D, birth: 1939, death: 2000
WALLENMAIER, Herman, birth: 18-Apr-1889, death: 11-Aug-1954, MT Pfc Co D 16 Inf WWI DSC-SS & OLC-
WALSH, Dorothy M, birth: 1920, death: 2004
WALSH, Phillip W, birth: 22-Nov-1944, death: 7-May-1997
WALSH, Roger P, birth: 1914, death: 1995
WALSTRAND, Jennifer Lynn, birth: 20-Nov-1981, death: 31-Aug-2010
WALSTRAND, June Lucille, birth: 13-Jun-1942, death: 4-Jul-2003
WALSTRAND, Norman Allen, birth: 11-Apr-1961, death: 15-Jun-1961
WALVATNE, Romoner, death: 4-Feb-1971, baby
WAPLES, Darrell, birth: 7-Feb-1904, death: 19-Feb-2005, Married August 19, 1924, h/o Masel
WAPLES, Masel M, birth: 13-May-1906, death: 28-Oct-1986, Married August 19, 1924, w/o Darrell
WARD, Estelle B, birth: 12-Apr-1923, death: 11-Nov-2005
WARREN, Daniel Lewis, birth: 20-Jan-1967, death: 2-Oct-1973
WEAVER, Marlene Linda, birth: 8-Apr-1947, death: 22-Apr-2009
WEBSTER, G.F., death: 1-Jul-1904, 69years
WEIS, Sibyl, birth: 11-Jan-1904, death: 10-Jun-1986
WELSKOP, David J, birth: 23-Feb-1956, death: 19-Jan-2004
WESTOVER, Calvin D, birth: 18-Aug-1948, death: 18-May-2003
WHITAKER, Alice L, birth: 24-Dec-1935, death: 20-Oct-1997
WHITE, G. Ken, birth: 1918, death: 2001
WHITE, H. Audrey, birth: 1921, death: 1986
WHITNEY, Harry, birth: 1885, death: 1976
WHITNEY, Karl, birth: 1913, death: 2002
WHITNEY, Marie, birth: 1886, death: 1976
WHITNEY, Virginia, birth: 1911, death: 1983
WILCOX, E.D., birth: 1930, death: 1979
WILEY, Ashley Nichole, birth: 4-May-1983, death: 29-May-2000
WILKE, Barbara, birth: 15-Apr-1905, death: 18-Nov-1977
WILKE, Carl, birth: 23-May-1899, death: 4-Apr-1975
WILKE, Diane, birth: 15-Aug-1933, death: 12-Jul-1990
WILKE, Karl Anthony, birth: 11-Aug-1981, death: 19-Jun-1982
WILLIAMS, Charlotte A, death: 1932
WILLING, Donald N, birth: 1-Nov-1950, death: 15-Jul-1987, SP4 US Army Vietnam
WILLING, Frank (Sr), birth: 4-Feb-1949, death: 4-Aug-1999
WILLING, John, birth: 6-Jan-1917, death: 24-Apr-1996, US Army WWII
WILLING, Ruben J, birth: 31-Aug-1920, death: 15-Nov-2000, MOMM3 US Navy WWII
WILSON, Clarence J, birth: 1903, death: 1978
WILSON, James Paul, birth: 22-Jul-1946, death: 11-Mar-1998
WILSON, Steven A, birth: 18-Jun-1956, death: 8-Feb-2009
WINTER, Gregory C, birth: 9-Jul-1951, death: 13-Jun-1976
WINTER, Neil Adam, birth: 28-Apr-1961, death: 16-Jul-1979
WISE, Jerry Lee, birth: 1947, death: 1996, Sgt US Army Vietnam
WISNISKI, Frances, birth: 1908, death: 1918
WISNISKI, John, birth: 1872, death: 1925
WITTE, Robert H, birth: 1865, death: 1915
WITTE, Willie, birth: 1907, death: 1912
WITTNER, Norman, birth: 12-Jul-1934, death: 25-Mar-1999
WITZKE, Margaret M, birth: 1913, death: 2006
WITZKE, William A, birth: 1900, death: 1983, masonic symbol
WOLFGARTH, Barbara, birth: 9-Apr-1916, death: 26-Sep-1988
WOLFGARTH, George, birth: 1-Feb-1909, death: 8-Nov-1993
WOOD, Skye Elizabeth, death: 21-Feb-2009
WOODARD, Lucille, birth: 1924, death: 1985
WRIGHT, David Emerald, birth: 14-Mar-1927, death: 5-Dec-2011, S1 US Navy WWII
WRIGHT, Edith J, birth: 1902, death: 1998
WRIGHT, Emerald G, birth: 1899, death: 1983
YONKEY, John H (Sr), birth: 1905, death: 1974, masonic symbol
YONKEY, Louise C, birth: 1914, death: 1978, married October 10, 1958
YOUNG, Joseph, death: 8-May-1892, 65years 9months 22days
ZAHN-HICKS, Elizabeth, birth: 12-Feb-1965, death: 27-May-1999
ZAPEL, David M, birth: 20-Nov-1963, death: 4-Oct-2008
ZELLER, Albert, birth: 1888, death: 1909
ZELLER, Bertha, birth: 1861, death: 1920
ZELLER, Charles, birth: 1887, death: 1920
ZELLER, Frederick, birth: 1845, death: 1921
ZOLLER, Mark Alan, birth: 11-Sep-1977, death: 15-Jun-1992
ZOOBLEY, Waldemar, birth: 1887, death: 1955

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