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Grand Army of the Republic Cemetery
Seattle, King County, Washington

1200 W Howe Street, Seattle WA

Lat: 47.63636N Lon: 122.31630W
T25N R4E Section 20

Contributed by: Suzanne Livingstone Jun 12, 2011, last edited Jul 13, 2011.
Total records = 530.

The Grand Army of the Republic Cemetery (GAR) is located in the north end of the Capitol Hill neighborhood in Seattle.

This cemetery is a very well cemetery with a small park adjoining it. There is parking for a few cars. The earliest burial was for 1879.

The cemetery is maintained by the Seattle Parks and Recreation.

I walked and reread all the visible stones in the cemetery in May of 2011.

- Suzanne Knedlik

Adams, James, d. 14 Mar 1913
Adams, John Quincy, d. 6 May 1906, Pvt Co H 26 Ind Inf Civil War
Allen, Henry H, no dates, Co F 6 Mass Inf
Andrews, Hiram R, no dates, Co B 12 IA Inf
Armstrong, Eliphalet D, d. 19 May 1928, Pvt Co D 102 NY Inf Civil War
Ashen, John F, no dates, Co H 38 Ill Inf
Aufderheider, Elizabeth J, b. 16 Oct 1820, d. 14 Jan 1902, age: 81years
Austin, F. C., no dates, Co C 146 Ill Inf
Averill, Chas W, no dates, Co B 28 ME Inf
Avey, Dallas Boyd, d. 25 Jul 1938, Corp Co B 7 Ill Cav Civil War
Avey, Harriett, d. 31 Jul 1938, age: 60years
Bailey, Gideon S, b. 30 Jun 1838, d. 3 Jul 1905, masonic symbol, Grand Lecturer
Baisden, John S, d. 4 Nov 1925, Pvt Co F 5 WV Inf Civil War, POW Andersonville
Baker, Jas, no dates, US Navy
Ballard, James M, d. 18 Jul 1893, Pvt Co H 26 MO Inf
Barrett, Chas E, no dates, Co E 7 Minn Inf
Barrett, John Edward, d. 4 Jan 1929, Pvt Co E 156 Ill Inf Civil War
Baskett, William, no dates, US Soldier
Bates, Minerra J, b. 1851, d. 1945
Bates, William A, b. 1844, d. 1934
Beach, William L, d. 30 Sep 1904, Serg Co K 2 CA Cav
Bellus, Anna E, d. 15 Mar 1908
Belz, Lorenzo, no dates, Sergt Co B 10 US Inf
Bemis, Fannie, d. 22 Jan 1924, age: 73years
Bemiss, John M, b. Dec 1846, d. 16 Dec 1925, Mus Co K 31 Ill Inf Civil War
Benson, Daniel, no dates, Co H 76 Ill Inf
Benson, Nelson, no dates, Corpl Co H 6 VT Inf
Bersie, Hiram, no dates, Co F 22 Wis Inf
Betzer, A.F., no dates, Co B 107 Ill Inf
Bier, Ira S, d. 28 Sep 1922, Pvt Co A 3 NY Cav Civil War
Bigelow, Arletta L, b. 23 Oct 1855, d. 29 Jan 1932
Bigelow, William H, d. 1 Jan 1938, Pvt Co G 10 Minn Inf Civil War
Binns, Anna, b. 1877, d. 1965
Binns, Edwin W, b. 16 May 1838, d. 22 Apr 1925, Corp Co A 24 Wis Inf Civil War
Blair, Aurilla, b. 1844, d. 1922
Blair, John F, b. 1845, d. 1939, Co L 6 KS Cav
Blair, Rufus L, no dates, Sgt Maj 20 IA Inf
Blakeslee, Henry N, d. 3 Dec 1927, Corp Co G 23 Mich Inf Civil War
Blakesley, James N, b. 1832, d. 1908, 5th Mich Cav
Blakesley, Phoebe E. S., b. 1845, d. 1931
Bogart, Jas, no dates, Co A 10 NY Cav
Bois, Frank, b. 13 Sep 1841, d. 25 Jan 1920, Qtr MR US Navy USS Cincinnati Civil War, Medal of Honor
Bondurant, Creighton J, d. 9 Mar 1900, Pvt Co A 5 Minn Inf Civil War
Boot, Albert Franklin, d. 24 Jan 1920, Co C 30 Wis Inf Civil War
Bradford, Florence, d. 29 Jun 1934, age: 84years
Bradford, Robert E, d. 5 Oct 1924, age: 84years
Bradley, Richard, no dates, Co C 12 ME Inf
Bray, George W, no dates, Co K 3 Minn Inf
Bristol, Susan Ann Baird Malson, b. 12 Aug 1848, d. 30 Dec 1927, Oregon Trail Pioneer
Brooks, Andrew, d. 10 Jan 1906, Co I 1 Wash Terr Inf Civil War
Brooks, H. E., no dates, Co G 3 Wis Cav
Brown, Amelia W, d. 21 Dec 1938, age: 86years
Brown, Arlettie, d. 29 Nov 1932, age: 73years
Brown, Charles Wilbur, b. 28 Aug 1849, d. 2 Feb 1912, Pvt Co D 121 NY Inf Civil War
Brown, David Clinton, b. 16 Mar 1847, d. 18 May 1925, Pvt Co I 13 Ind Cav Civil War
Brown, Eli R, b. 1836, d. 29 Jan 1925, Pvt Co F 39 PA Inf Civil War
Brown, William H, b. Mar 1842, d. 9 Jun 1920, Pvt Co G 52 Ill Inf Civil War
Bruns, Mabel W, b. 1850, d. 1933
Bruns, Robert J, b. 1848, d. 1929, 181st Ohio Inf
Budd, H. F., no dates, Co B 1st Ill L.A.
Bundy, Edgar, no dates, Co E 71 Ohio Inf
Burcham, Jas, no dates, Co I 7 Ind Inf
Burdick, E. C., no dates, Co H 102 NY Inf
Burley, Freeman, no dates, Co E 62 Ohio Inf
Burlingame, Marvin L, d. 28 Mar 1904, Pvt Co A 97 NY Inf Civil War, POW
Burns, John, d. 3 Feb 1888, Pvt 1 Indpt Btry Iowa Lt Arty Civil War
Bushman, Samuel Allen, d. 21 Jan 1928, Pvt Co B 56 PA Inf Civil War
Cahill, Jeremiah, d. 20 Dec 1901, Pvt Co K 33 Wis Inf Civil War
Calhoun, John j, d. 15 Jan 1906
Camp, Asa E, no dates, Sergt Co C 13 NY HA
Campbell, Samuel, b. Jan 1832, d. 30 Jun 1901, US Navy Civil War
Carl, David R, d. 14 Oct 1924, age: 82years
Carr, Albt H, no dates, LT Co K 3 NY L.A.
Carroll, George, no dates, Co F 18 Wis Inf
Cheatham, Henry, no dates, 3 Minn L.A.
Clark, C. H., no dates, Co D 4 Minn Inf
Clark, Charles J, d. 7 Jul 1913, 59 Ind Inf Civil War
Clark, Helen, d. 25 Oct 1925
Clark, Jefferson M, b. 9 Oct 1843, d. 28 May 1911, LT Co F 13 Ind Inf Civil War
Clarke, Edward T, b. 1840, d. 11 Aug 1932, Serg Co F 10 US Col D Inf Civil War
Clother, Lillian, b. 1874, d. 1959
Clothier, Daniel, b. 1846, d. 1935, Pvt Co K 1 Neb Inf Civil War
Clow, Malcolm, no dates, Co C 1st Minn Inf
Coady, Patrick, d. 3 Sept 1895, Pvt 3 Indpt Btry Minn Lt Arty Civil War
Coffin, Clara Amanda, d. 17 Mar 1944, age: 58years
Coffin, Frank S, no dates, Co D 6 Minn Inf
Coffin, George, d. 23 Nov 1925
Coffin, Ida Marie, b. 1879, d. 1957
Coffin, Jemima, b. 1857, d. 1935
Coffin, John, b. 9 Jan 1885, d. 6 Oct 1968
Coffin, Samuel D (MD), b. 1878, d. 1952
Colby, Wm W, no dates, 4 Wis L.A.
Colson, Miles S, b. 1845, d. 1936
Colson, Sarah C, b. 1850, d. 1939
Cone, John J, d. 19 Jan 1905, Mus Co C 22 Wis Inf Civil War
Conner, James J, b. 26 Mar 1842, d. 6 Dec 1920
Conyne, Dan'l, no dates, Co I 20 NY Cav
Cookson, Elisha, no dates, Co I 42 Ind Inf
Cooper, Alvah B, d. 30 Oct 1923, Mus Co I 3 NY Lt Arty Civil War
Couch, Mandeville Aaron, b. Feb 1848, d. 10 Mar 1927, Pvt Co C 14 Iowa Inf Civil War
Covington, J. A., no dates, LT Co D 4 NY Inf
Covington, Sarah A, b. 1854, d. 1939
Cramer, J. H., no dates, Co O 24 Ind Inf
Crandall, Ezra Jeremiah, b. 27 Sep 1848, d. 12 Jul 1927, Pvt Co F 144 Ind Inf Civil War
Crawford, A. D., no dates, Co E 75 Ill Inf
Creager, Cornelius E, d. 30 Nov 1918, Pvt Co B 1 MD Cav Civil War
Creswell, Michael J, d. 19 Feb 1902, Corp Co D 17 PA Cav Civil War
Crim, Morris, no dates, Co F 25 IA Inf
Critchet, George D, d. 3 Feb 1900, Pvt Co A 15 Mass Inf Civil War
Cromwell, Nath'l, no dates, US Navy
Crumrine, Rosa, d. 15 Jun 1936
Culpitt, Wm, no dates, Co D 14 Wis Inf
Cummings, Charles S, d. 5 Sept 1890, Lt Adjutant 29 Mich Inf
Cure, Hiram, d. 25 Sept 1899, Serg Co I 6 KY Cav Civil War
Curtis, Charles H, d. 1904
Curtis, Thomas, b. 1841, d. 1908, LDS USS Santiago De Cuba Civil War
Cutshall, Geo, no dates, Co A
Daggett, Monroe, no dates, Co E 1 ME Cav
Daniels, Charles H, d. 17 Nov 1922, Co A 13 VT Inf Civil War
Daniels, Marion D, d. 22 Apr 1908, Co F 31 Ill Inf Civil War
Davidson, Jacob W, d. 23 Jan 1896, Pvt Co E 2 Mich Inf Civil War
Davis, John, b. 1840, d. 1923, US Navy
Davis, Vettura, b. 1856, d. 1935
Dean, Herbert F, d. 31 Aug 1902, Pvt Btry E 1 Wise Hv Arty Civil War
DeBerneau, John F, d. 11 Jan 1899, 14 NY Heavy Arty Civil War
Desellem, Alb't, no dates, Co G 169 Ohio Inf
Deuble, John, no dates, Co D 7 Ind Cav
Deuble, Lena, b. 1849, d. 1933
Dickinson, Andrew Hemple, b. Feb 1845, d. 30 Nov 1919, Pvt Co G 21 Mich Inf Civil War
Disbrow, William Horatio, b. 11 Nov 1847, d. 19 Jul 1937, Drummer Co I 5 Wis Inf Civil War
Doerrer, William G, b. Jan 1849, d. 2 Aug 1922, Pvt Co I 10 Tenn Inf Civil War
Donley, Kittie M, b. 8 Dec 1856, d. 24 Oct 1928
Donley, Thomas, b. 3 Mar 1837, d. 19 May 1920, Pvt Co F 28 Mich Inf Civil War
Dooley, John R, d. 5 Sep 1934, Co B 43 Ill Inf Civil War
Dorman, James W, d. 17 Oct 1936, Serg Co D 51 Ind Inf Civil War
Dorman, Martha A, d. 18 Mar 1942, age: 92years
Dormer, John, no dates, Co A 22 NY Cav
Doveney, P.S., no dates, Co I 28 Mass Inf
Downs, Ella, d. 20 Mar 1928, age: 64years
Downs, Patrick, b. 1839, d. 1903, Corp Co F 6 Iowa Cav Civil War
Doyley, Chris, no dates, Musn Co F 7 CT Inf
Driscoll, Peter, no dates, Co A 12 US Inf
Dudley, Levi Edwin, d. 7 Aug 1913, Pvt Co A 13 Mass Inf Civil War
Dunbar, Ann, d. 6 Oct 1938, age: 91years
Dunbar, Thomas E, b. 20 Aug 1837, d. 23 Jan 1933, Pvt Co E 16 Wis Inf Civil War
Dunlap, Charles H, no dates, Co I 4 Iowa Inf
Dunseth, Ann, d. 16 Nov 1928, age: 88years
Dunseth, Marion A, b. 21 Jan 1843, d. 9 Sep 1928, Serg Co D 63 Ill Inf Civil War
Earl, David R, b. 1842, d. 1924, Pvt US Army Civil War
Ecker, James C, no dates, Co D 5 W VA Cav
Eckert, John, b. 19 Dec 1846, d. 27 Mar 1913, Pvt Co C 7 Ill Cav Civil War
Eckstrand, J. H., no dates, Co 61 Ill Inf
Eddingfield, Charles, b. 10 Jul 1842, d. 31 Jul 1905, Pvt Co G 21 Ill Inf Civil War
Edson, Henry S, no dates, Co B 5 Iowa Cav
Edson, Rhoda, d. 3 Aug 1934, age: 83years
Ellis, William Herman, b. Mar 1847, d. 31 May 1910, Pvt Co F 4 CA Inf Civil War
Ellsworth, Andrew, no dates, Co A 60 Mass Inf
Engle, Levi, b. 23 Nov 1840, d. 1 Jul 1924, IN Pvt Co A 88 Regt Ind Inf Civil War
Erskine, Royal, b. 1843, d. 1928, SEA US Navy Civil War
Estep, William H, no dates, Co C 12 Ill Cav
Esterly, Peter P, b. 1843, d. 13 May 1884, Pvt Co C 10 Ill Inf Civil War
Ewing, Jas, no dates, Co B 27 Ohio Inf
Farnum, George W, b. 1847, d. 1902, Pvt Co A 2 Mass Inf Civil War
Farr, James, d. 30 Aug 1898, Pvt 6 Indpt Btry Mass Lt Arty Civil War
Fausell, Christian, no dates, Co A 2 MO LA
Fearing, Theodore w, no dates, Co I 44 IA Inf
Field, Charles W, b. 1847, d. 1940
Fishell, John, b. 1837, d. 1930, Pvt Co E 1 MI Sharpshooters Civil War
Flanagan, Sylvester A, b. 1844, d. 1900, Corp Co E 10 Mich Inf Civil War
Flint, Moses C, b. 3 Aug 1840, d. 5 Jul 1901, Pvt Co I 22 Mass Inf Civil War
Floyd, George S, d. 21 Nov 1941, age: 97years, Pvt 26 Ill Inf
Forbes, Lorenzo D, d. 1 Aug 1937, Pvt Co F 12 Mich Inf Civil War
Foster, Frank, no dates, US Navy
Fountain, Carrie, d. 8 Sep 1905, age: 78years
Fountain, John, no dates
Frame, Robert A, b. 1840, d. 1925, Capt Co B 76 Ill Inf Civil War
Frees, Hammon C, b. 1842, d. 1905, Pvt Co A 100 Ind Inf Civil War
French, Wm H, no dates, Co I 34 Ill Inf
Frisbee, Roswell R, no dates, Lt Co B 46 PA Inf
Fry, Daniel L, no dates, Co B 133 Ind Inf
Gallant, Sophia, d. 6 Mar 1912, age: 84years
Garber, John H, b. Jun 1840, d. 9 Jun 1906, Pvt Co C 3 Wis Cav Civil War
Garrison, George A, b. 11 Feb 1837, d. 22 Sep 1907, Pvt Co D 25 Mich Inf Civil War
Garton, Alfred D, d. 31 Jan 1910, age: 72years
Gates, Chas H, no dates, Co K 11 Minn Inf
Geiger, Henry H, no dates, Corpl Co A 85 Ind Inf
Giddings, H. M., no dates, Corpl Co A 92 Ill Inf
Gilbert, Carolyn, d. 13 Oct 1955, age: 93years
Gilbert, Zachariah L, b. 19 Apr 1846, d. 22 Jan 1942, Pvt Co 11 CT HV Arty Civil War
Glass, Jno, no dates, Co E 7 Minn Inf
Glasscock, Amanda, d. 1944
Glick, Abraham W, d. 18 Mar 1928, 9 Indpt Btry Ohio Lt Arty Civil War
Glick, Sadie, d. 1 Jul 1928, age: 78years
Graham, William Thomas, d. 1921, Pvt Co C 50 Wis Inf Civil War
Graves, Festus L, b. 20 Dec 1835, d. 12 Apr 1904, 2d LT Co A 1 Wis Hv Arty Civil War
Gray, Henry L, no dates, LT R.Q.M 23 Wis Inf
Griswold, Isaac H, no dates, Co A 4 Ill Cav
Gullity, Eugene, no dates, Co B 1 USVV Engr R.S.
Gutshall, George, no dates, Co A 158 PA Inf
Hadley, G. W., no dates, Co A 77 PA Inf
Hagan, John, no dates, Sergt Co I 11 PA Cav
Haggett, , no dates, Co E 1 ME Cav
Hallett, Marshall, b. 1842, d. 1930, Co A 1st NY Cav
Halvorson, Thomas W, no dates, Co H 1 Minn H.A.
Hamer, Anna M, b. 1860, d. 1949
Hamer, Victor H, b. 1883, d. 1938
Hamilton, C. S., no dates, Co C 7 PA Cav
Hamilton, Robert, no dates, Co D 33 USCT
Hamilton, William G, b. 15 Jul 1838, d. 5 Jul 1912, Pvt Co D 37 Ill Inf Civil War
Hansen, F.M., no dates, Co D 23 MO Inf
Harber, Wm, no dates, Co D 105 Ohio Inf
Haring, Clinton L, b. 1842, d. 1904, Serg Co F 88 Ill Inf Civil War
Harris, William Henry, b. 14 Mar 1843, d. 21 Mar 1925, Pvt Co I 9 NY Hv Arty Civil War
Harvey, Wm, no dates, Sergt Co A 1 Mich Engrs
Hastie, Addison W, d. 28 Dec 1924, age: 77years
Hastie, Harriett H, d. 5 Jan 1912, age: 55years
Havens, Albert T, d. 3 Feb 1933, Corp Btry L 2 Ill Lt Inf Civil War
Hawes, Oscar A, b. 16 Jan 1847, d. 16 Jul 1925, Pvt Co K 3 Minn Inf Civil War
Hawthorn, Willard K, no dates, Co B 28 ME Inf
Hazelton, Frazier G, b. 22 Aug 1844, d. 8 May 1907, Co E 10 Wis Inf
Heman, F. P., no dates, Co D 18th US Inf
Herrick, John, b. 1832, d. 1907, Pvt Btry B 1 Ill Lt Arty Civil War
Herrman, E.A., no dates, Lt Co C 2 Ohio H.A.
Hervey, Gilford, no dates, Co F 59 US ?
Heywood, Reuben, no dates, Co A 25 Mass inf
Hill, Ezera P, b. 1842, d. 1926, masonic symbol
Hill, Ezra Philip, b. 24 May 1841, d. 7 Oct 1926, Pvt Co B 22 Ohio Inf Civil War
Hill, Sarah, d. 20 Dec 1928, age: 80years
Himburger, Sophia, d. 30 Dec 1928, age: 76years
Hodgdon, J. M., no dates, Co C 12 NH Inf
Hodge, Wm C, no dates, Co C 36 IA Inf
Hodgen, G. H., no dates, US Navy
Hoffman, Jacob, no dates
Hoffman, John C, b. 1843, d. 1899, Serg Co L 1 MO State Mil Cav Civil War
Hogle, Washington, b. 10 Jun 1816, d. 2 Jun 1899, Co B 11 Wis Inf
Hollman, Hiram, b. 1838, d. 1920, Pvt Co F 152 Ill Inf Civil War
Holmes, Mary F, d. 7 Sep 1929, age: 78years
Horr, Henry H, no dates, Sergt 1 IA LA
Howard, C. E., no dates, Co C 2 Minn Cav
Hoyt, J. M., no dates, Co K 19 Ill Inf
Hubbard, Lydia M, b. 13 Jun 1844, d. 14 Dec 1902
Hunt, Thomas S, b. 16 Feb 1840, d. 22 Oct 1912, USS R R Cuyler & Quaker City US Marine Corps Civil War
Hunter, Abner M, d. 23 Jul 1938, age: 93years
Hurd, Frederick H, b. 1843, d. 1929
Hurd, Kate L, b. 1844, d. 1920
Hutchins, Charles M, d. 23 Oct 1910, Co D 4 Minn Inf Civil War
Jabush, Ralph, b. 1846, d. 1932, Teamster Co E 1 Wis Cav Civil War
Jackson, Andrew J, d. 22 Oct 1906, Corp Co H 177 Penn Inf Civil War
Jackson, James A, b. 11 Jun 1844, d. 6 Nov 1923, Pvt Co H 15 Ohio Inf Civil War
Jackson, Julia E, b. 12 Oct 1846, d. 16 Oct 1947
Jacobs, Osman B, d. 1 Sep 1901, Pvt Co H 1 Minn Cav Mounted Rangers Civil War
Jacques, William, b. 1845, d. 1926
Jobes, Washington, d. 27 Oct 1922, Farrier Co A 14 Ill Cav Civil War
Johnson, Carson M, d. 17 May 1908, Pvt Co G 54 Ill Inf Civil War
Jones, Jennie S, d. 7 Dec 1928, age: 84years
Jordan, Charles M, d. 14 May 1902, Corp Co F 1 US Vol Sharp Shooters Civil War
Keevey, Patrick, d. 11 Mar 1904, Pvt Co G 11 Minn Inf Civil War
Kelly, John H, d. 9 Nov 1905, Pvt Co F 11 Ill Cav Civil War
Kelly, William R, d. 28 Feb 1912, Serg Maj Co A 2 Prov Enlisted MO Militia Civil War
Kennedy, Edwin, d. 31 Oct 1914, Pvt Co B 13 Wis Inf Civil War
Kienstra, G. F., no dates, Co F 60 SCHA
Kieth, Benj J, no dates, Co F 12 Mass Inf
Kilbourn, Edgar C, b. 1848, d. 20 Jul 1924, Pvt Co D 11 Mich Cav Civil War
Kilburn, D. N., no dates, Co H 23 Mass Inf
Kilgore, A. M. C., no dates, Co H 2nd Cal Cav
King, Jas B, no dates, Sergt Co E 27 IA Inf
Kingsbury, Delos D, d. 26 Oct 1939, Co I 117 NY Inf Civil War
Kingsbury, S. D., no dates, Co H 135 Ind Inf
Kittredge, Charles B, d. 4 Jul 1928, Pvt Co G 46 Mass Inf Civil War
Kittredge, Katherin S, d. 31 May 1935, age: 83years
Knight, P, no dates, Co M 3 Colo Cav
Kuhn, J. M., no dates, 1st MD LA
Labar, Rufus, d. 25 Oct 1909, Corp Co A 1 Conn Hv Arty Civil War
LaDuke, Mitchell, d. 11 Jan 1903, Pvt Co K 16 NY Inf Civil War
Lake, T. W., no dates, Co D 1st Wis Inf
Lane, Theron W, b. 25 Feb 1838, d. 27 Sept 1895, 1st Lt Co D 1 Wis Cav Civil War
Langdon, Cortez A , d. 15 Aug 1924, Prin Mus Co F 23 Wis Inf Civil War
Langdon, George H, d. 30 Sep 1909, Serg Co L 2 IA Cav Civil War
Langley, Joseph R, d. 18 Nov 1925, Pvt Btry B 1 ME Hvy Arty Civil War
Langworthy, S.D., no dates, Co B 2 Kan Inf
Laramie, Theophile, no dates, Co I 7 NH Inf
Larimer, Robert C, d. 16 Dec 1903, Pvt Co C 34 Penn Inf Civil War
Larson, Andrew, b. 1842, d. 1903, Pvt Co C 3 US Arty Civil War
Larson, Lars, d. 13 Jul 1927, Co E 146 Ill Inf Civil War
Lavendar, John, no dates, Co I 26 Mich Inf
Legate, D. H., no dates, Co B 52 Ill Inf
Legate, Mary C, b. 1843, d. 1929
Lentz, Henry F, d. 20 Feb 1926, Pvt Co A 3 Colo Cav Civil War
Lepper, William M, d. 28 Dec 1908, Serg Co B 6 US Cav Civil War
Leuter, William, no dates, Co C 1st MO LA
Lewis, Jno, no dates, PA Vol
Leyde, Samuel F, d. 14 Oct 1899, Serg Co A Hatch's Indpt BN Minn Cav Civil War
Lincoln, Alvin G, b. 1843, d. 1907, Co H 3rd Mass
Lincoln, Emma A, b. 1860, d. 1944
Lincoln, George W, b. 1847, d. 1927, Co H 3rd Ill Cav
Lind, Alice, d. 15 Dec 1908
Lind, Edward, b. 25 Jun 1840, d. 5 Oct 1921, Pvt Co I 6 Wis Vols Iron Brigade
Lindgren, Richard C, no dates, US Transport Warren
Little, Charles H, d. 4 Oct 1938, US Navy Civil War
Lock, Newton Bushnell, b. 16 Apr 1834, d. 7 Aug 1907, Pvt Co 84 Ill Inf Civil War
Lockard, Margaret, b. 1834, d. 1898
Loop, George L, d. 11 May 1920, Pvt 9 NY Cav
Louis, Frank, no dates, Co K 18 KY Inf
Mahan, Cecil, b. 1890, d. 1905
Mahan, Thos F, no dates, 11 Ohio L.A.
Maher, John, b. 1847, d. 2 Sep 1909, Corp Co K 51 NY Inf Civil War
Mains, Maxwell, d. 17 Apr 1924, age: 80years
Mainwaring, Edward, no dates, Co C 20 Iowa Inf
Makin, John, d. 1879
Manning, A. A., no dates, Co C 6 Mass Inf
Marsh, Chas, no dates, Co L 6 Mich Cav
Martin, Ephraim, no dates, Co I 2 Minn Inf
Martin, Lida E, b. 1852, d. 1934
Martis, Charles H, b. 1839, d. 31 Dec 1910, SEA USS Ohio Civil War
Mason, James F, d. 28 Jul 1908, Pvt Co D 7 CA Inf Civil War
Masters, Eli, d. 7 Mar 1912, Pvt Co H 16 NY Hv Arty Civil War
Maurer, Otto, d. 1 Jan 1905, Pvt Co K 1 Del Inf Civil War
McAllister, M. B., no dates, Co C 21 Wis Inf
McCabe, Peter, no dates, Co E 2nd PA Inf
McCabe, Winfield Scott, d. 28 Dec 1929, Pvt Co M 10 Mich Cav Civil War
McCarthy, George Guy, d. 20 Jan 1922, WA Cpl 118 Engrs
McCarthy, Timothy, b. 1844, d. 1 Feb 1902, Pvt Co B 4 NY Hv Arty Civil War
McCarty, Jerry, d. 14 Mar 1912, Pvt Co A 8 Penn Cav Civil War
McCauley, J. H., no dates, Co E 8 Cal Cav
McCauley, John, b. 1837, d. 4 Jan 1913, Pvt Co I 1 Del Inf Civil War
McClure, Byron, no dates, Co B 161 Ind Inf
McCurdy, James, b. 1839, d. 30 Mar 1909, Corp Co D 6 ME Inf Civil War
McDonald, George E, d. 9 Feb 1929, Pvt Co E 2 Ill Cav Civil War
McFarland, William, d. 13 Mar 1922, Pvt Co E 5 Wis Inf Civil War
McGaffey, Joseph, d. 18 Oct 1908, Pvt Co K 29 Iowa Inf Civil War
McGee, George Ransford, b. 21 Jul 1848, d. 15 Feb 1934, Pvt Co I 6 Minn Inf Civil War
McKay, R. G., no dates, Co F 1st Mich Cav
McKernan, Phillip, d. 4 Jan 1900, age: 63years
McMann, Robert M, d. 11 Jul 1920, Corp Co M 1 Ohio Cav Civil War
Mead, William W, d. 26 Nov 1906, Pvt Co I 5 IA Cav Civil War
Mercer, Jacob Nelson, b. Dec 1840, d. 28 Dec 1928, Pvt Co D 7 Iowa Cav Civil War
Michaelis, John T, b. 1842, d. 11 Aug 1903, USS New Ironsides Civil War
Miller, Anna E, d. 1924
Miller, Chas, no dates, U.S.R.C.S
Miller, Cyrus, b. 27 Jan 1844, d. 23 Aug 1924, Pvt Co C 128 Ohio Inf Civil War
Miller, G. D., no dates, Co I 92 Ill Inf
Million, William C, d. 14 Jan 1913, Co 1 3 Wis Inf Civil War
Mitchell, James S, d. 13 Dec 1909
Montgomery, William V, d. 6 Nov 1921, age: 74years
Morgan, Jenkin, b. 1841, d. 1911, masonic symbol
Murphy, Abbie, d. 21 Nov 1906
Myers, George, b. 14 Aug 1818, d. 1956, Co B 85 Ill Vol Inf
Myers, Robert, b. 1842, d. 3 Jun 1899, Pvt Co E 18 NY Inf Civil War
Nabinger, Anthony, d. 25 Dec 1922, Pvt Co D 97 NY Inf Civil War
Nash, Anthony, d. 1 Feb 1919, Pvt Co C 153 NY Inf Civil War
Nash, Isaac T, no dates, Co C 5 Ind Cav
Neidig, Henry Nehemiah, b. 1838, d. 20 May 1904, Pvt Co A 19 Ohio Inf Civil War
Nelson, Aubrey c, no dates, Co B 2 Mass H.A.
Nelson, Charles, no dates, Co F 4 NH Inf
Nelson, Daniel, no dates, Corpl 76 Ill Inf
Newman, Francis F, b. Mar 1832, d. 31 May 1906, Artif Co L 1 NY Engineers Civil War
Nivison, Mary O, d. 19 May 1936, age: 84years
Nivison, Wm W, no dates, Co M 5 Mich Cav
Norman, G. R., no dates, Co A 8 NY HA
Northup, Benson Leonidas, b. 14 Jan 1845, d. 21 Apr 1926, Pvt Co B 16 NY Hv Arty Civil War
O'Brione, Nellie, b. 24 Feb 1878, d. 19 Jun 1956
Olmsted, Andrew D, no dates, Sergt Co I 146 Ill Inf
Osgood, Cassie, d. 16 Apr 1898, age: 50years, , w/o CWP Osgood,
Osgood, Clarence, no dates, Co A 8 ME Inf
Otto, Joel s, no dates, Corpl Co B 23 NY Inf
Otto, Mary J, b. 30 Jan 1859, d. 19 Jan 1946
Oviatt, Cornelius B, b. May 1848, d. 2 Mar 1902, Pvt Co I 38 Wis Inf Civil War
Page, Ella L, d. 16 Apr 1938, age: 88years
Paine, Saml S, no dates, Chaplain 2 Minn Cav
Pains, Maxwell , d. 17 Apr 1924, Mus Co G 55 Ind Inf Civil War
Parker, Lawrence Riley, b. 1 May 1841, d. 12 Mar 1928, Pvt Co C 2 Colo Inf Civil War
Parker, Mary A, d. 4 Jan 1928, age: 79years
Parker, W, b. 1829, d. 13 Oct 1914
Patton, Henry R, no dates, Sergt Co L 12 NY Cav
Patton, Martha J, b. 23 Dec 1860, d. 25 Oct 1948
Paup, Ella, b. 1859, d. 1943
Paup, Martin, b. 3 Oct 1846, d. 1 Oct 1938, Pvt Co B 9 MD Inf Civil War
Pearson, Bevan, b. 12 Sep 1834, d. 26 Mar 1902, Pvt Btry E PA Lt Arty Civil War
Peck, John, no dates
Peckham, George O, b. 4 Jan 1835, d. 8 Aug 1913, Serg Co A 1 Iowa Inf Civil War
Pennock, Louise A, d. 13 Jun 1928, age: 89years
Perkins, James William, b. 9 Apr 1835, d. 24 Jan 1911, Pvt Co E 10 KY Cav Civil War
Peterson, Charles, b. 1839, d. 31 Jul 1906, SEA USS Batt Civil War
Philips, Annie J, d. 10 Jan 1937, age: 89years
Phillips, William, b. 1842, d. 24 Feb 1934, Pvt Co H 11 Mass Inf Civil War
Pickle, Matilda M, d. 22 Nov 1928, age: 85years
Pierce, Daniel a, b. 1845, d. 1921, Co B 193 Penn Regt
Pike, William L, b. 1820, d. 25 Feb 1897, Serg Co K 77 NY Inf Civil War
Pinches, William, no dates, Co E 8 Ill Cav
Planck, W. H., no dates, Co C 114 Ill Inf
Pond, E. G., no dates, Co C 2 Mass H.A.
Pope, Joseph D, b. 24 May 1843, d. 29 Aug 1924, Pvt Co D 8 MO Inf Civil War
Porter, Hayes Hamilton, b. 16 Oct 1842, d. 24 Jul 1900, 1st Sgt Co A 4 Ohio Cav
Porter, Malissa, d. 3 Jan 1905
Powell, Nellie, b. 8 Feb 1848, d. 4 May 1900
Powell, Richard Farrar, b. 25 Dec 1837, d. 15 Aug 1910, 1st Lt Co H 74 Ohio Inf Civil War
Pressey, Chas, no dates, Sergt Co F 19 US Inf
Purkeypile, David, no dates, Co B 6 Ohio Inf
Range, Harriett R, d. 30 Jun 1927, age: 73years
Range, Joseph W, d. 14 Jul 1924, age: 80years
Reams, Daniel A, b. 1846, d. 1943, 75 Ill Inf Civil War
Reams, Henry, b. 1833, d. 1897, Capt Co F 12 Ill Cav
Reed, Thomas, no dates, Co C 11 Mich Cav
Remington, Joseph, no dates, Co E 81 NY Inf
Reynolds, Amelia, d. 27 Feb 1930, age: 78years
Reynolds, Daniel N, b. 1848, d. 3 Jun 1925, Pvt Co G 11 Mich Cav Civil War
Reynolds, Edgar C, b. 1845, d. 26 May 1922, Pvt Co G 11 Mich Cav Civil War
Rhoades, C.P., no dates, Co E 29 Ohio Inf
Rice, Jas T, no dates, Co F 7 Wis Cav
Richards, T. S., no dates, Lt Co B 33 Wis Inf
Richter, Robert, no dates, Co I 35 Mass Inf
Risedorph, John, b. 10 Nov 1844, d. 10 Dec 1910, Serg Co E 4 Minn Inf Civil War
Risley, Harvey B, no dates, Co A 1st Ill LA
Robinson, Sarah, d. 12 Dec 1927, age: 72years
Robinson, Wm, no dates, Sergt Co F 16 IA Inf
Rockwell, Eva, no dates
Rockwell, Justus O, b. 19 Apr 1834, d. 25 May 1932, 1st LT Co E 97 NY Inf Civil War
Rodgers, C. H., no dates, Co H 39 Wis Inf
Rose, Henry Mathias, b. 27 Jul 1835, d. 20 Jan 1912, Pvt Co D 53 Wis Inf Civil War
Rowley, Saml, no dates, Co B 129 PA Inf
Runkle, Eliza R, d. 8 Dec 1933, age: 75years
Runkle, George M, b. 1825, d. 19 Dec 1892, Pvt Co K 93 PA Inf Civil War
Russell, Charles Otis, b. 13 Apr 1845, d. 31 Mar 1931, Pvt Co C 5 Minn Inf Civil War
Russell, Sarah F, d. 24 Apr 1927, age: 80years
Sabboll, George, no dates, Co F 18th KY Inf
Sadler, S.N., no dates, Corpl 4 ME Inf
Sanborn, Geo, no dates, Musn Co B 15 VT Inf
Sarver, Martin, no dates, Co H 74 Ill Inf
Scahill, Mark, b. Feb 1835, d. July 1907, F2 USS Paul Jones Civil War
Schmidt, Herman, no dates, Corpl Co B 5 Mich Inf
Schrack, Edw'd M, no dates, Major 133 PA Inf
Schultz, N.E., no dates, Co B 12 Ill Inf
Searight, C.C., no dates, Co I 85 Ohio Inf
Segar, Samuel, no dates, Co C 23 PA Inf
Seidel, Frank H, b. 1844, d. 1907, Pvt Co K 12 Ill Cav Civil War
Selby, William, no dates, US Navy
Shook, Benjamin, b. 3 Jan 1834, d. 3 Jan 1907, Pvt 1 Wis Cav Civil War
Sibley, Adam, no dates, Co L 7 Ohio Cav
Silver, Ragnheldur, b. 1869, d. 1903
Silver, S. D., no dates, Co G 12 Ind Inf
Skinner, H. C., no dates, Co B 17 Mass Inf
Sly, Geo A, no dates, Co I 8 Wis Inf
Smith, Barnett, no dates, Corpl Co H 103 Ill Inf
Smith, C.A., no dates, Co C 21 US Inf
Smith, George, b. 1836, d. 1926, Co H 11 Wis Inf Civil War
Smith, James, d. 29 Oct 1902
Smith, Jos, no dates, Co B 6 ME Inf
Snow, George T, b. 30 Jul 1847, d. 25 Aug 1925, 1 Boy US Navy Civil War
Spear, F. J., no dates
Starbuck, John, d. 28 Oct 1927, Pvt Co A 20 Iowa Inf Civil War
Stevens, John S, b. 1844, d. 1924, Pvt Co M 2 Ill Lt Arty Civil War
Stiffler, Jacob R, b. 1841, d. 1918, Co M 12 PA Cav
Stiman, Henry, no dates, Corpl Co B 22 Ind Inf
Stiman, Katherine, d. 6 Jan 1934, age: 73years
Stowe, Eva J, b. 1854, d. 1937
Stowe, Henry, b. 9 Jul 1844, d. 30 Jan 1929, OH Pvt Co G 177 Regt OH Inf Civil War
Straw, C. S., no dates, Co K 6 Minn Inf
Stryker, Eureka, d. 13 Mar 1901, age: 45years
Stryker, W. W., no dates, Co L 2 Mich Cav
Stultz, George W, b. 19 Oct 1845, d. 26 Feb 1901, Pvt Co H 45 Ill Inf Civil War
Sturgeon, Joseph, no dates, Co B 2 Ill Cav
Sturgeon, Mary, d. 20 Jul 1934, age: 82years
Sullivan, John h, b. 1848, d. 1926, 1 Boy US Navy Civil War
Swan, Edgar W, d. 31 Dec 1927, Co B 92nd Ill Mtd Inf
Sweetland, Mary E, b. 1848, d. 1931
Sweetland, Thomas H, b. 1842, d. 1906, 5th RI H.A.
Swift, Albert, b. 1831, d. 1913, Serg Co I 19 NY Cav Civil War
Tear, Emily, d. 3 Jan 1932, age: 75years
Tear, Wallace, no dates, LT Co M 14 US
Teeple, Charles B, b. 27 May 1845, d. 1 Feb 1905, Pvt Co H 87 Ind Inf Civil War
Tellers, Isaac, no dates, Co D 81 NJ Inf
Tenny, Wilbur E, b. July 1836, d. 25 Oct 1911, Pvt Btry M 1 NY Lt Arty Civil War
Terwilliger, Simeon, no dates, Co E 20 NY Inf
Thatcher, G. W., no dates, Co C 26 Iowa Inf
Thomas, W. J., no dates, Co F 1st MO Cav
Thompson, Andrew C, b. 19 Jul 1848, d. 24 Mar 1924, Pvt Co G 57 Mass Inf Civil War
Thompson, Charles L, d. 12 Sep 1927, US Navy Civil War
Thompson, David A, b. 1841, d. 1905, Serg Co B 15 Ohio Inf Civil War
Tinkman, George E, no dates, Co B 21 Iowa Inf
Tobin, Jno, no dates, Co F 6 Iowa Inf
Todd, Smith M, b. 1832, d. 1915, Corp Co C 6 Iowa Cav Civil War
Traux, G. A, no dates, Corpl Co D 2 Wis Cav
Tyler, Jas, no dates, Co K 114 Ill Inf
Tyler, Thomas W, b. 15 Aug 1839, d. 5 Apr 1936, Pvt Co H 39 Ohio Inf Civil War
Vandever, James H, d. 8 Oct 1930, Pvt Co D 44 Iowa Inf Civil War
VanTyne, Madison C, b. 1840, d. 1923, 104 NY Inf Civil War
Vettura, David, b. 1856, d. 1935
Villars, Alfred J, b. 1843, d. 1927
Villars, Harriet E, b. 1844, d. 1925
Wait, Simon, no dates, Co F 10 Minn Inf
Walker, J. H., no dates, Co F 128 Ohio Inf
Wallace, Nathaniel, b. 1836, d. 16 May 1901, Pvt Btry B 6 NY Hv Arty Civil War
Walling, Elisha R, b. 11 Sep 1843, d. 15 Oct 1920, Pvt Co A 28 Ill Inf Civil War
Ward, Amos, b. 1838, d. 1928, pvt Co F 6 Maine Inf Civil War
Ward, Jos. H., no dates, US Navy
Warren, Jasper N, d. 21 May 1902, Serg Co G 2 Ind Cav Civil War, POW Andersonville
Warren, Mary, d. 6 Nov 1934, age: 101years
Waterman, A. W., no dates, Co I 7 Wis Inf
Waterman, Eva M, d. 19 Sep 1908, age: 52years
Waters, Ella, d. 28 Jul 1912, age: 58years
Waters, Joseph, d. 8 Dec 1915, age: 76years
Webster, Cora E, d. 28 Nov 1939, age: 84years
Webster, Hannah S, d. 7 Feb 1910, age: 74years
Webster, Minor A, no dates, Co H 74 Ill Vol
Webster, Oscar J, b. 23 Aug 1840, d. 19 Dec 1932, Mus Co A 7 Minn Inf Civil War
Wells, George W, b. 1845, d. 1925, Pvt US Army Civil War
Westover, John P, d. 22 Jan 1925, age: 81years
Wilcox, J. H., no dates, Co 1 11 ME Inf
Wilcoxen, Isaac, no dates, LT Co G 8 NY Cav
William, Archie, d. 25 Feb 1901
Williams, Ceylon , b. 1843, d. 1926, Bglr Co C 1 NE Cav Civil War
Williams, David A, b. 1847, d. 1928, Corp Co D 9 Iowa Cav Civil War
Williams, Elizabeth, d. 19 Nov 1939, age: 80years
Williams, J. M, no dates, Co B 4 VT Inf
Williams, Mary, d. 28 Mar 1926, age: 85years
Williamson, Axel, b. 1841, d. 1906, US Navy Civil War
Williamson, Daniel R, b. 23 Jul 1832, d. 12 Feb 1900
Willock, J. A., no dates, Co D 12 PA Inf
Wilson, C. G., no dates, Co F 21 Iowa Inf
Wilson, David, b. 1833, d. 1903, Pvt Co A 43 Ind Inf Civil War
Wilson, Jesse, no dates, Co B 3rd Ind Cav
Winchell, T. S., no dates, Lt Co C 50 Wis Inf
Wiseman, David, b. 1845, d. 1926, Pvt Co K 8 KY Inf Civil War
Wolf, Peter, no dates, Co E 19 Wis Inf
Wolfe, Sam'l A, no dates, Co B 27 NJ Inf
Wright, Anna L, b. 1849, d. 1943
Wright, Benjamin L, b. 1832, d. 1902, Pvt Co A 2 Ill Cav Civil War
Wright, Levi, b. 1845, d. 1933
Zabely, Loren, no dates, Co B 10 US Inf
Zacher, E. C., no dates, Co E 41 NY Inf

4 Unknowns

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