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Evergreen Washelli Memorial Park
Seattle, King County, Washington

11111 Aurora Avenue North
Seattle, WA 98133
(206) 362-5200

Lat: 47° 42' 52"N Lon: 122° 20' 44"W

This is a large cemetery complex in north Seattle, on busy Aurora Avenue. Washelli Cemetery is located on the eastern side of Aurora, while Evergreen Cemetery is on the western side of the street. Now part of a single complex. Washelli's earliest burial dates to 1884. Evergreen Cemetery was begun in 1919, purchasing Washelli in 1922.

This is not a complete listing of burials! Records below provided by contributors to Interment.net. Last edited Nov 02, 2006. Total records = 71.

Letters appearing in brackets [ ] at the end of each record refer to the person who submitted the record to this website. Please visit the Submitters Index Page to view the submitter details.

Adams, E. Thomas, b. Jul 1952, d. 01 Mar 2000, age: 48, Front of Crypt 3255, [PW]
Anderson, Alfred, b. Oct 1, 1899 in Superior WI, d. May 24, 1937, h/o Hannah Jones, [AP]
Anderson, Christina, b. Aug 07, 1864 in Sweden, d. Jul 19, 1938, w/o Olaus (Ole) Anderson, [AP]
Anderson, Olaus (Ole), b. May 26, 1853 in Sweden, d. Dec 23, 1919, h/o Christina Anderson, [AP]
Anderson, William I., b. Sep 19, 1896 in Duluth MN, d. Sep 21, 1956, h/o Olta J. Welshons, [AP]
Arnett, Betty Jean, b. Dec 2, 1922, d. Nov 19, 1963, d/o James M. LaFon and Frances Josephine Harbison, w/o John H.Arnett, [ND]
Arnett, John Helder, b. Jun 03, 1918 Seattle, King Co. Wa., d. Oct 19, 1991 Bellevue, King Co. Wa, s/o John Arnett and Agnes Lelia Miller, h/o Betty Jean LaFon, [ND]
Baunsgard, Anton Edward, b. 1870, d. 1947, h/o Emma L. Baunsgard, s/o Jens Peter & Inga Marie Baunsgard (Jenson), [RF]
Baunsgard, Emma Lillian, b. 1878, d. 1961, w/o Anton E. Baunsgard, d/o Gustave W. Anderson & Martha Schillestad, [RF]
Bigham, John R., b. 1831, d. 1919, Washelli Side, [DB]
Bigham, Rose T., b. 1833, d. 1924, Washelli Side, [DB]
Bigham, Ross T., b. 1875, d. 1955, s/w Carrie Bigham Hills, Washelli Side, [DB]
Blekum, Oscar, b. 14 Jun 1892, d. 19 Oct 1974, age: 82, [PW]
Carpine, Frank, b. Aug 21, 1900, Coal, Creek, Co, d. Sep 1957, Seattle, Wa., h/o. Florence, bur. Masonic Sect., [LM]
Carpine-Cottrell, Florence Rodstrom, b. 1906 Centerville, Iowa, d. 1997 Seattle, Wa., m. Frank Carpine 1923, in Renton, Wa., Children: Tony, Lillian, Franklin, Robert and William, [LM]
Christensen, Jean V., b. 02 Dec 1920, d. 23 Aug 1981, age: 61, Beloved Wife and Mother, Next to Edna, Front of Crypt 3255, [PW]
Christensen, Loyd (Chris), b. no dates, No marker/ashes spread on ground by Jean, Front of Crypt 3255, [PW]
Clisby, John Robert George Kent, b. Jul 1895 Battleford, Saskatchewan, Canada, d. 24 Oct 1968 Seattle, King, Washington, m. 20 Nov 1918, [LS]
Clisby, Rose Edna Van Eaton, b. 22 Nov 1893 Spanaway, Pierce, Washington, d. 3 Jul 1958 Washington, m. 20 Nov 1918, Buried in Evergreen 4; Lot 238; Grave 5, [LS]
Coleman, Aaron Rubery, b. 11 Nov 1916, d. Aug 10 1979, m. Mar 1941 to Hope Virginia Smith, s/o Samuel Jennings Coleman, [WC]
Durdy, Ethel C., b. 1916, d. 1980, w/o Don J. Durdy, [RD]
Franklin, Allen, b. 10/26/1930 Drumright, OK, d. 9/16/1971 Saigon, S.V N., Korean War, h/o Willadene (Billie) Grover 9/3/1954, s/o Mamie Eldrith Allen, [DH]
Gerard, Ezra W, b. 30 Jun 1903, d. 18 Dec 1954, h/o Vera Allis, s/o Fred W Gerard and Jessie May Burtch, [EC]
Gray, Dorthy L., b. 29 Jun 1913, d. Nov 1999, age: 86, Fountain Terrace 205, [PW]
Gray, Herbert T., b. 01 Nov 1907, d. 12 Jan 1975, age: 67, Fountain Terrace, Next to Dorothy, [PW]
Hills, Carrie Bigham, b. 1861, d. 1966, s/w Ross T. Bigham, Washelli Side, [DB]
Iszler, Wilbur (Willy), b. Feb 25, 1927 in Ashley, N.D., d. Aug 09, 1974 in Seattle, Wa., s/o Christ and Magdalena Iszler, [JA]
Johanesen, Esther Naomi (Anderson), b. Mar. 10, 1903, d. Dec 20, 1967 in Kirkland WA, w/o Raleigh T. Walker and Nelles Johanesen, [AP]
King, Frances Josephine, b. Nov 02, 1902, d. Nov 12, 1959, d/o Martin Luther Harbison and Mary Isabelle Wray, w/o James M. LaFon, Jack L. King, [ND]
Knierim, Allen, b. 14 May 1922, d. 19 Jun 1964, Fountain Terrace,Above Herb Gray, [PW]
Knierim, Anna Irene, b. 19 Mar 1894, d. Jun 1958, age: 59, 19 Whispering Willows, Lt 97 Grave 3, [PW]
Lambert, Margaret Pearl, b. Apr 4, 1888, d. Jun 18, 1984, m. Aug 14, 1909, w/o William Bernard Lambert, d/o Willian John Pratt & Mary Jane Sutcliffe, [RH]
Lambert, William Bernard, b. May 18, 1889, d. Sep 24, 1949, m. Aug 14, 1909, h/o Margaret Pearl (Pratt) Lambert, d/o Dexter J. Ruggles and Sarah Jane Lamb, [RH]
Leary, Daniel H., b. 20 May 1926, d. 30 Apr 2000, age: 73,(Ashes spread at Dosewallips River), Crypt 3255 Tier 3, Mausoleum, [PW]
Leary, Karen P., b. 22 May 1900, d. 24 Nov 1979, age: 79, Crypt 3255, Tier 3 Mausoleum, [PW]
Leary, Shirley J., b. 13 Aug 1932, d. Nov 1983, age: 51, Front of Crypt 3255, [PW]
Long, Roy Lee, b. 9 Oct 1943 Olney, OK, d. 24 Oct 1998 Seattle, WA, h/o Helen (Cain) Long, s/o Roy Sidney and Wanda Evelyn Long, [RW]
Lyman, John, b. 7 Jun 1855 Sweden, d. 20 Nov 1941, m. Cora Wassenius, s/o Andrew and Katherine S Lyman, [VW]
Moen, Elmer R., b. 17 Sep 1912, d. Oct 1977, [AS]
Moen, Michael W., b. 15 Jan 1954, d. Mar 1973, [AS]
Myers, Alfred M., b. 1906 Huron SD, d. 1950 Seattle WA, [AM]
Myers, Greta L., b. 1908 Mandan ND, d. Jul 05, 1961, Seattle WA, [AM]
Nelson, Ellen May, b. Jul 29,1883, d. 1920, m. Feb 24, 1904, w/o Charles Arthur Nelson, d/o William John Pratt and Mary Jane Sutcliffe, [RH]
Pratt, Cuthbert, b. 1864, d. Jul 4, 1937, h/o Margaret Pratt, s/o William Pratt and Margaret Wren, [RH]
Pratt, Margaret, b. 1871, d. Dec 29, 1947, w/o Cuthbert Pratt, [RH]
Pratt, Mary Jane (Sutcliffe), b. Mar 29, 1863, d. Dec 12, 1926, m. Sep 27, 1882, w/o William John Pratt, [RH]
Pratt, William John, b. Apr 30,1858, d. Apr 1, 1951, m. Sep 27,1882, h/o Mary Jane Sutcliffe, s/o William Pratt and Margaret Wren, [RH]
Ripley, Bertha, b. 1892, d. 1978, [TE]
Ripley, Jean A., b. 1888, d. 1949, [TE]
Ross, Albert, no dates, [KR]
Saltzgiver, Ethel Virginia "Chapman", w/o Roy, b. Dec 10, 1909 Cable Co. WV, d. May 9, 1954, Seattle Washington, [LL]
Saltzgiver, Kenneth LaWayne Jr., b. Dec 9 1972, Seattle Washington, d. Jul 7, 1980 Seattle Wash, Grands/o Roy and Ethel Saltzgiver, [LL]
Saltzgiver, Roy LaWayne, b. Apr 14, 1903 DeKalb, Malta Ill., d. Aug 16, 1950 Seattle Wash, [LL]
Seater, Edna, b. 24 Mar 1898, d. 31 Mar 1981, age: 83, Beloved Mother, Next to Jean, Front of Crypt 3255, [PW]
Sherer, Mary Elizabeth, b. Jul 15,1863, d. Oct 3, 1934, w/o James Edward Sherer, dau. of Leo O'Bryan and Mary Alevy, [FG]
Shultz, Benjamin E., b. 14 Nov 1880, d. 8 May, 1975, h/o Emma Louise Erickson, s/o Elmore W. Shultz and Eunice M. Jones, [MS]
Smith, Herman Albert, b. Jun 09, 1889, d. May 1959, m. Marion Campbell, s/o Herman and Maria Lorentzen, [WC]
Smith, Hugh Thomas, b. Jul 1917, d. 1920, s/o Herman Albert Smith, Marion Campbell Smith, [WC]
Smith, Margarite Lillian, b. Jun 15, 1918, d/o Herman Albert Smith, Marion Campbell Smith, [WC]
Smith, Maria Louise, b. 1925, d/o Herman Albert Smith, Marion Campbell Smith, [WC]
Smith, Marion Campbell, b. Jun 19, 1894, Escanaba, Mich, d. Oct 19, 1972 in Seattle, m. Herman Albert Smith, d/o Archibald Alexander Campbell, Mary Nugent Campbell, [WC]
Sullenger, Elsie T., b. 15 Nov 1924, d. 1951, w/o James Sullenger, d/o Carl and Selma Lundstrom, [NS]
Taylor, Judson A., m. 1939, [TE]
Taylor, Marie, d. 1978, [TE]
Tibbetts, Blanche, b. Oct 25, 1895, d. Apr 12, 1966, m. 1st to Bert Arthur Foreman-Aug 28,1915, 2nd R. Tibbetts-Jan 25, 1941, w/o Robert Tibbetts, d/o William John Pratt and Mary Jane Sutcliffe, [RH]
Tibbetts, Robert Hilton W., b. Aug 7,1896, d. Aug 3,1970, m. Jan 25, 1941, h/o Blanche Pratt, [RH]
Walker, Dorothy Esther, b. Dec 22, 1926, d. Jan 14, 1943, d/o Esther Naomi Anderson and Raleigh Theodore Walker, [AP]
Walker, James Oliver, b. Jun 03, 1877 in Cassville MO, d. Jan 18, 1946, in Bothell WA, h/o Patsy Wierman, [AP]
Walker, Raleigh Theodore, b. Sep 28, 1901 in Purdy MO, d. Jun 18, 1928, h/o Esther Naomi Anderson, [AP]
Wright, DeEtta Oreanna (Boone), b. Aug 26, 1876 Kansas City Mo, d. Apr 18, 1956 Des Moines, Wa, m. Emmett Wright abt. 1890, cremains on the main floor to the right as you enter, [LW]
Wright, Emmett, b. Aug 16, 1869 in Indiana, d. Nov 28, 1945 in Seattle, Wa., m. to DeEtta above. Their children were Georgina Oreanna, twins Walter & Wilbur, Sidney, Eugene, Irvin & Stanton, the last two died as infants, Cremains on the main floor to the right as you enter, [LW]

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