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Courville Cemetery - Burial Records
Enumclaw, King County, Washington

courville cemetery
Courville Cemetery

GPS: 47.233276, -122.109835

40923 174th Ave SE
Enumclaw, WA 98092

Date published: September 9, 2017
Total records: 47

Courville Cemetery is owned by the Muckleshoot Reservation, Tribal Office..


Courville Cemetery is a Native American burial ground. Cemetery is in very good condition and well cared for. The oldest marked grave was from 1975 and the cemetery is still actively used. There is parking for a few cars across the street from the cemetery.

Directions: Heading East on Hwy 18 from Hwy 167, take exit for WA – 164 E.  follow signs for Muckleshoot Casino.  Turn left on Hwy 164 and continue 7.7 miles.  Turn right onto SE 408th St.  Stay to the left as road will become 174th Ave SE.  Cemetery is on the right hand side just a short distance down the road.

Cemetery Records

Records published here were transcribed from tombstone inscriptions by Suzanne Livingstone during a visit in July 2017.

?, Donna M, birth: 17-Jan-1951, death: ?
AMES, Linda Lee Courville, birth: 1948, death: 1990
BAKER, Martin, birth: 23-Oct-1960, death: 19-Jun-1982
BARR, ?, birth: ?, death: 198?
BARR, James Jr., birth: 25-Apr-1936, death: 30-Aug-1998, PV2 US Army
CIUNCI, Alex J, death: 30-Sep-2000
COMENOUT, Pamela M, birth: 31-Jan-1957, death: 6-Jul-1978
COMENOUT, Wally David, birth: 10-Nov-1994, death: 4-Mar-2011
COMENOUT, Wally Doran, birth: 14-Mar-1973, death: 16-Aug-1991
COURVILLE, Alicia Alexxie, birth: 12-Jun-1998, death: 5-Nov-2012
COURVILLE, Clarence, birth: 10-Apr-1920, death: 23-Feb-1999
COURVILLE, Del Sr., birth: 26-Feb-1941, death: 26-Aug-2011
COURVILLE, Delwin J Jr., birth: 13-Aug-1974, death: 30-Jun-2005
COURVILLE, Leon Warren, birth: 10-Feb-1952, death: 26-Aug-1975
COURVILLE, Nevitt S, birth: 8-Jun-1924, death: 27-Jul-2000
COURVILLE, Sky Lloyd Sampson, birth: 7-Jun-1989, death: 1-Jul-2006
COURVILLE, Stephanie Rose, birth: 1-Feb-1994, death: 10-Aug-1997
COURVILLE, Stephen, birth: 11-May-1941, death: 19-Sep-1979
DANIELS, Anthony James, birth: 27-Sep-1956, death: 8-Sep-2002
DANIELS, Francis W Sr., birth: 9-Sep-1964, death: 25-Feb-1996
DANIELS, Leo Jr., birth: 26-Aug-1932, death: 29-Mar-2017
DANIELS, Lillian Delores, birth: 2-May-1969, death: 3-Feb-2016
DANIELS, Michael E, birth: 19-Nov-1957, death: 13-Jan-1979
DANIELS, Michael Eugene Paul, birth: 11-Jan-1986, death: 15-Mar-2006
DANIELS, Pamela Jeannette, birth: 7-Dec-1986, death: 4-Apr-2016
DANIELS, Randi Michelle, birth: 11-Jan-1989, death: 3-Jul-2006
DANIELS, Robert, birth: 26-Jan-1941, death: 16-Jan-2002
DANIELS, Theresa E (McKay), birth: 25-Nov-1937, death: 17-Jan-1988
DANIELS, Theresa Rose, birth: 18-Jul-1984, death: 8-Aug-1986
EYLE, Ryan, birth: 2-Mar-1986, death: 6-Dec-2008
HAMILTON, Levi R, birth: 1935, death: 1986
JOHN, Fredrick, birth: 1945, death: 1995
LAMERE, Braden Tate, birth: 22-Jan-2015, death: 7-Apr-2015
LOUIE, Darin C, birth: 1969, death: 1991
LOUIE, Stephanie S
MATZ, Rodney C, birth: 11-May-1950, death: 8-Dec-2004
MILLER, Jeannette Brown Morrison, birth: 15-Sep-1939, death: 27-Jun-2010
MORRISON, Dale R, birth: 15-Feb-1978, death: 7-Aug-1978
PAUL, Helen Rose, birth: 5-Dec-1989, death: 21-Jun-1997
REMPFER, Alice Daniels, birth: 1924, death: 1999
RICKS, Titus James, death: 27-May-2011
SCHULTZ, Charles J, birth: 7-Mar-1930, death: 7-Mar-2016, Cpl US Army Korea
SCHULTZ, Eleanor C, birth: 1928, death: 1991
SISKAR, Albert, birth: 13-Apr-1926, death: 7-Sep-2015
STARR, Daniel Jeorge, birth: 23-May-1986, death: 24-Jun-1986
STARR, L. Roy, birth: 2-Sep-1967, death: 23-Apr-1990
TECUMSEH, Alman, birth: 30-Mar-1989, death: 3-Jul-2006

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