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Black Diamond Cemetery
Black Diamond, King County, Washington

black diamond cemetery
Black Diamond Cemetery

GPS: 47.311210, -122.016717

24431 Morgan St.
Black Diamond, WA 98010

Date published: June 20, 2017
Total records: 1,059

Black Diamond Cemetery is owned by the City of Black Diamond.


Black Diamond Cemetery is in very good condition and well cared for and contains many older stones, including those of miners who were killed in local mine explosions. The cemetery has a fence around it and a road that thru it that you can drive around the cemetery on. The cemetery is on the National Registry of Historic Places.

Cemetery Records

Records below were transcribed from tombstone inscriptions by Suzanne Livingstone on August 2011, with a re-reading of tombstones in June 2017. The earliest noted burial was 1887. These may not include all burials, only those that were visible and legible. Per the City of Black Diamond’s website, there maybe as many as 200 more.

?, ?, Birth: 1877, Death: 1918
?, Carl, Birth: ?, Death: ?
?, David D, Birth: 1885, Death: 1887
?, Emma, Death: 8-May-1908, Age: 53years
?, Etta, Birth: ?, Death: ?
?, John, Birth: ?, Death: ?
?, John E, Birth: 6-Feb-1891, Death: 19-Dec-????
?, Livie, no dates or last name
?, Matt, Birth: ?, Death: ?
?, Talie, no dates or last name
?, Thomas, Death: 15-Mar-1898, Age: 1year 4months 7days
ABRAHAM, Ann Rosser, Birth: 19-May-1837, Death: 28-Aug-1909
ABRAHAM, Lewis, Birth: 19-Dec-1831, Death: 31-Oct-1904
ABRAHAM, Meredith L, Birth: 22-Mar-1884, Death: 18-July-1891, s/o D.R. & Maggie
ADAMS, Ivy O, Birth: 30-Dec-1895, Death: 12-Oct-1983
ADAMS, Virgil, Birth: 25-Aug-1889, Death: 30-Mar-1937
AFANASYEV, Anatoliy N, Birth: 20-Apr-1928, Moscow, Death: 2-Apr-2006
AGARI, Domenico, Birth: 1896, Death: 1976
AGARI, Ermellina, Birth: 1881, Death: 1965
AINARDI, Eugenia, Birth: 1883, Death: 1924
ANDERSON, Calvin, Birth: 1923, Death: 2005
ANDERSON, Harold, Birth: 1-Jul-1913, Death: 3-Sep-2007
ANDERSON, Helen, Birth: 1895, Death: 1986
ANDERSON, Hilmar Ernfred, Birth: 22-Apr-1912, Death: 29-Oct-1919
ANDERSON, Loretta, Birth: 1926, Death: 1991
ANDERSON, Susan L, Birth: 16-Mar-1952, Death: 28-Feb-2015
ARMSTRONG, Olive, Birth: 1902, Death: 1992
ARMSTRONG, Stephen, Birth: 1902, Death: 1981
ARNOLD, James F, Birth: Wales, Death: 14-Nov-1891, Age: 34years
ATLLESE, Laura S, Death: 22-Nov-1891, Age: 22years
AUSHKA, Karl, Birth: 1874, Death: 1923
BABCANIK, Anna M, Birth: 1884, Death: 1953
BABCANIK, Michael, Birth: 1876, Death: 1942
BABCANIK, Michael, Birth: 1902, Death: 1958
BAINTON, Anna, Birth: 1867, Death: 1947
BAINTON, August R, Birth: 1896, Death: 1965
BAINTON, Helen, Birth: 1900, Death: 1972
BAINTON, Henry, Birth: 1865, Death: 1935
BAINTON, Marlene Jean, Birth: 17-Dec-1935, Death: 12-Feb-1936
BAINTON, William C, Birth: 22-Dec-1903, Death: 6-Jul-1977
BAKER, Nellie Hyland, Birth: 3-July1852, London, England, Death: 21-Sep-1913
BALTAZAR-SALINAS, Roberta J, Birth: 1956, Death: 2001
BALTAZOR, Robert G, Birth: 7-Nov-1933, Death: 3-Jun-1965, WA Sgt US Marine Corps Res
BALZARINI, Ernesta, Birth: 28-June-1873, Death: 5-Apr-1962
BALZARINI, John, Birth: 9-Oct-1859, Death: 2-Nov-1921
BALZARINI, Joseph, Birth: 1906, Death: 1909
BANCHERO, Angelo, Birth: 1903, Death: 1929
BANCHERO, Carolina, Birth: 1877, Death: 1962
BANCHERO, Delina, Birth: 1884, Death: 1961
BANCHERO, Edith, Birth: 12-Feb-1921, Death: 12-Sep-2016
BANCHERO, Fred, Birth: 1903, Death: 1996
BANCHERO, John, Birth: 1871, Death: 1959
BANCHERO, John X, Birth: 1875, Death: 1948
BANCHERO, Rena Shelton, Birth: 1907, Death: 1986
BARCLAY, John, Birth: 1860, Death: 1947
BARCLAY, Sarah Ann, Birth: 1862, Death: 1955
BARNES, Ann C, Birth: West Cornwall England, Death: 17-Nov-1902, Age: 54years
BARNTON, Jonas, Death: 27-Jan-1918, Age: 84years 11months 27days
BARSOTTI, Frances Niemczyk, Birth: 1910, Death: 1983
BARSOTTI, Henry A, Birth: 1924, Death: 1990
BARTHOLOMEW, Charles L, Birth: 1883, Death: 1967
BARTHOLOMEW, Gerald W, Birth: 1912, Death: 1977
BARTHOLOMEW, Ira Arnold, Birth: 1-Mar-1908, Death: 23-Feb-1987
BARTHOLOMEW, Leon g, Birth: 1924, Death: 1986
BARTHOLOMEW, Lois K, Birth: 1917, Death: 2013
BARTHOLOMEW, Martha A, Birth: 1884, Death: 1962
BARTOLUZZI, Margherita, Birth: 1875, Death: 1911
BARTOLUZZI, Santo, Birth: 1864, Death: 1920
BARTOLUZZI, Walter, Birth: 1903, Death: 1956
BASSINGER, Mike F, Birth: 1871, Death: 1951
BASSINGER, Sarah N, Birth: 1874, Death: 1949
BECKER, Amanda, Birth: 1889, Death: 1980
BECKER, Henry, Birth: 1887, Death: 1925
BECKER, Henry, Birth: 1912, Death: 1948
BENEDETTI, Fred J, Birth: 1866, Death: 1950
BENEDETTI, Fred L, Birth: 1902, Death: 1987
BENEDETTI, Rose m, Birth: 1881, Death: 1979
BERGMAN, Albert, Birth: 1903, Death: 1915
BERGMAN, Clara, Birth: 1865, Death: 1914
BERGSTROM, Enabell, Birth: 1885, Death: 1918
BERGSTROM, Joseph B, Birth: 1881, Death: 1948
BERTOUX, ?, Death: 2-Dec-1930
BERTOUX, Annie, Death: 18-Feb-1912, Age: 35years
BERTOUX, Baby, Death: 18-Feb-1912
BEVILACQUA, Andrew, Birth: 7-July-1876, Death: 29-Feb-1952
BIRCHALL, Ellen H, Birth: 1880, Death: 1968
BIRCHALL, John T, Birth: 1885, Death: 1976
BITTAN, Frank, Birth: 1899, Death: 1923
BLACKLEY, Linda L, Birth: 9-Apr-1947, Death: 5-Oct-2011
BLANTON, Eva M, Birth: 12-Jun-1932, Death: 19-Jun-1986
BLAZKA, Craig A, Birth: 18-Jun-1977, Death: 29-Nov-2006
BOLEWSKI, Edmund A, Birth: 1908, Death: 1992
BOOS, John P, Birth: 1891, Death: 1950
BOOS, Louise, Birth: 1895, Death: 1969
BOOS, Mary R, Birth: 1890, Death: 1978
BOOS, Peter, Birth: 9-Nov-1861, Death: 25-Feb-1927
BOOS, Theresa, Birth: 31-Dec-1870, Death: 27-Jul-1958
BOOS, Twin Babies, Birth: 23-Mar-1923, Death: 30-Oct-1924
BOSCACCI, Gussie, Birth: 1866, Death: 1896
BOSI, Mayme, Birth: 1897, Death: 1967
BOSI, Urbano, Birth: 1889, Death: 1973
BOTTS, Gertrude, Birth: 11-May-1918, Death: 23-Aug-2014
BOTTS, Howard L (Dr), Birth: 1889, Death: 1963, Married November 15, 1921, h/o Phrania
BOTTS, Paul, Birth: 5-Mar-1915, Death: 6-Sep-2006
BOTTS, Phrania I, Birth: 1900, Death: 1966, Married November 15, 1921, w/o Howard
BOTTS, Robert Clark, Death: 21-May-1954, Age: 2months, infant s/o Mr & Mrs H.L. Botts
BOWEN, C. Ed, Birth: 24-Oct-1945, Death: 5-Feb-1986
BOWMER, John R, Birth: 1959, Death: 1985
BOYD, James, Death: 11-Jul-1912, Age: 19years 6months
BOYOVICH, Frances, Birth: 1888, Death: 1977
BRADY, Edna M, Birth: 1908, Death: 1979
BRADY, Ida Mae, Birth: 1909, Death: 1930
BRADY, Jack N, Birth: 1903, Death: 1990
BRADY, John Christopher, Birth: 1912, Death: 1977
BRADY, John Joseph, Birth: 1886, Death: 1972
BRESNIK, Louis, Birth: 1861, Death: 1945
BRESNIK, Susana, Birth: 1866, Death: 1942
BREZONIK, Cecelia Remshe, Birth: 1891, Death: 1942
BROWN, Louise B, Birth: 1911, Death: 1982
BROWN, W Clark, Birth: 1908, Death: 1987
BRUNI, Giovani, Birth: 1901, Death: 1902
BRUSCHI, Peter, Birth: 1882, Death: 1955
BRYAN, Robert Jay, Birth: 26-Apr-1952, Death: 7-Jun-1956
BRYANT, Maxine B, Birth: 12-Aug-1923, Death: 12-Sep-1991, Married January 31, 1942, w/o William
BRYANT, William R, Birth: 6-Jul-1920, Death: 15-Apr-2008, Married January 31, 1942, h/o Maxine
BRYANT-KINGSTON, Terrie L, Birth: 19-Mar-1946, Death: 29-Apr-2006
BURDITT, Janie H, Birth: 29-June-1877, Death: 4-Apr-1903, w/o H.H. Burditt
BURKELCA, John, Birth: 1880, Death: 1947
BURKELZA, Frank, Birth: 1900, Death: 1957
BURKELZA, Joey, Birth: 1910, Death: 1914
BURKELZA, Joseph, Birth: 1871, Death: 1929
BURKELZA, Louisa, Birth: 1866, Death: 1941
BURRIS, Palmer Earl, Birth: 14-Jul-1907, Death: 12-Apr-1999
BURRIS, Velena Evelyn Long, Birth: 3-Nov-1908, Death: 19-Jan-2005
BUSTI, Casilda, Birth: 1916, Death: 1918
BUSTI, Esther, Birth: 1883, Death: 1917
BUSTI, Reino, Birth: 1914, Death: 1918
BYRES, Esther M, Birth: 1891, Death: 1969
BYRES, Thomas g, Birth: 1892, Death: 1975
CALE, Evan, Birth: 8-May-18??, Death: 13-Dec-1910
CALLERO, Andrew, Birth: 1902, Death: 1985
CALLERO, Clara, Birth: 1905, Death: 1952
CALLERO, Domenico, Birth: 1876, Death: 1965
CALLERO, Rosa, Birth: 1879, Death: 1945
CALLERO, Ruth s, Birth: 1906, Death: 1968
CAMPBELL, Thomas, Birth: 1908, Death: 1992
CAMPBELL, Violet, Birth: 1907, Death: 1995
CAPONI, Pasquale, Birth: 1876, Death: 1939
CARNERO, Antonio, Birth: 1869, Death: 1948
CARNERO, John, Birth: 1864, Death: 1933
CARNINO, Louis, Birth: 4-Dec-1887, Death: 30-Jul-1961
CARNINO, Tersilla, Birth: 8-Feb-1891, Death: 10-Jul-1949
CASASSA, Matilda, Death: 15-Apr-1891, Age: 31years
CASAZZA, David, Birth: 1890, Death: 1968
CASAZZA, John P, Birth: 1892, Death: 1949
CASAZZA, Louis, Birth: 1858, Death: 1935
CASAZZA, Pauline, Death: 1908
CASINI, Eleuterio, Birth: 1897, Death: 1935
CASINI, Mary, Birth: 1905, Death: 1997
CHAPPA, Jack Navone, no dates
CHOLSON, Irene, Birth: 1901, Death: 1938
CHRISTIANSEN, Christian, Birth: 1856, Death: 1925
CHRISTIANSEN, Hannah, Birth: 1859, Death: 1940
CLARK, Eddie, Birth: 1891, Death: 1905
CLIFFORD, George, Birth: 30-May-1890, Death: 27-Nov-1984
CLIFFORD, Hazel V, Birth: 20-Jun-1903, Death: 22-Aug-1982
COBB, Gladys, Birth: 6-Oct-1892, Death: 15-Jan-1985
COCCIONE, Antonio, Birth: February 1880, Death: Apr 1906
COLEMAN, John Patrick, Birth: 13-Mar-1935, Death: 14-Jun-2007, Married November 21, 1958, h/o Maureen
COMSTOCK, E.D., Death: 27-Apr-1891
CORNETT, John Foster, Birth: 3-July-1883, Death: 15-Sep-1963
COSTANZO, Donald Ross, Birth: 17-Sep-1936, Death: 14-May-1998, US Coast Guard
COSTANZO, Mary Burkelca, Birth: 1913, Death: 1983
COSTI, Alfonso, Birth: 15-July-1885, Death: 5-Jan-1919
COSTI, Bart, Birth: 1912, Death: 1959
COSTI, Francis Ida, Death: 6-Jun-1945
COSTI, Frank R, Birth: 1910, Death: 1986
COSTI, Ida, Birth: 28-Mar-1885, Death: 31-Aug-1963
COSTI, Lillian M, Birth: 1908, Death: 1983
COX, John J, Birth: 1942, Death: 1988
CRAIG, Albert, Birth: 1871, Death: 1932
CRAIG, David, Birth: 1897, Death: 1941
CRAIG, Margaret J, Birth: 1870, Death: 1956
CRUDELI, Ermete, Birth: 1884, Death: 1965
DABNEY, W.R., Birth: ?, Death: ?
DAHL, Arnold B, Birth: 25-Oct-1922, Death: 17-Dec-1986, Sgt US Army WWII
DAL SANTO, Alice, Birth: 1918, Death: 1919
DAL SANTO, Anna A, Birth: 1896, Death: 1956
DAL SANTO, Gertrude, Birth: 27-Jun-1918, Death: 23-Jan-1979
DAL SANTO, Joseph, Birth: 1885, Death: 1970
DAL SANTO, Jules, Birth: 15-Apr-1916, Death: 7-Feb-1985
DAL SANTO, Jules (Jr), Death: 1952
DALE, Henry, Birth: 1861, Death: 1918
DARBY, Helen, Birth: 1913, Death: 1992
DARBY, Joseph c, Birth: 1885, Death: 1954
DARBY, Kenneth Charles, Birth: 28-Jul-1951, Death: 2-Jul-2012
DARBY, Margaret, Birth: 1894, Death: 1980
DARBY, Roy, Birth: 1912, Death: 1982
DAVIES, Albert T, Birth: 5-Mar-1880, Death: 9-May-1888, s/o William & Annie
DAVIES, Arthur Clyde, Birth: 23-Apr-1888, Death: 28-Sep-1911
DAVIES, Bessie, Birth: 1903, Death: 1904
DAVIES, Daughter, Death: 1-Apr-1898, Age: 11months 22days, d/o T.M & L Davies
DAVIES, David, Birth: 1888, Death: 1904
DAVIES, Delbert, Birth: 1892, Death: 1907
DAVIES, Elizabeth E, Birth: 1865, Death: 1919
DAVIES, Esther, Birth: 1891, Death: 1893
DAVIES, Evan, Birth: 5-Apr-1891, Death: 9-Feb-1948, WA Pfc 251 Mil Police Co WWI
DAVIES, Irene, Death: 13-Sept-1898, Age: 4years 10months, d/o John & Sina
DAVIES, John C, Birth: 1853, Death: 1908
DAVIES, John E, Birth: 1859, Death: 1950
DAVIES, Katie Jane, Birth: 1862, Death: 1952
DAVIES, Laura M, Birth: 19-Feb-1901, Death: 1-Jan-1919
DAVIES, Margaret, Birth: 1863, Death: 1918
DAVIES, Robert Blaine, Birth: 1885, Death: 1971
DAVIES, Ruth, Birth: 1848, Death: 1907
DAVIES, T.B., Death: 7-Jan-1899, Age: 42years
DAVIES, Thomas, Birth: 1860, Death: 1932
DAVIES, William, Birth: 1894, Death: 1894
DAVIES, William E, Birth: 1837, Death: 1908
DAVIES, William W, Birth: ?, Death: ?
DAVIS, ?, Death: Jan 1899, Age: 4years 4months 9days
DAVIS, Ann Elizabeth, Birth: 1882, Death: 1978
DAVIS, Annie, Birth: 1858, Death: 1901
DAVIS, Baby, no dates
DAVIS, Clarissa,
DAVIS, David J, Death: 25-Mar-1886, Age: 63years 7months 3days
DAVIS, Ethel M, Birth: 1910, Death: 1918
DAVIS, Irene V, Birth: 1906, Death: 1926
DAVIS, Morgan, Birth: 1865, Death: 1946
DAVIS, Reese F, Birth: 1870, Death: 1900
DAVIS, Stella Lewis, Birth: 1893, Death: 1958
DAVIS, Thomas A, Birth: 12-Feb-1842, Death: 21-Feb-1900
DAVIS, Thomas C, Death: 21-Mar-1891, Age: 26years
DAVIS, William R, Birth: 1881, Death: 1909
DEARDEN, Ethel, Birth: 1903, Death: 1991
DEARDEN, Peter, Birth: 1899, Death: 1984
DELAURO, Anna, Birth: 11-July-1884, Death: 6-Jan-1952
DELAURO, John, Birth: 4-July-1874, Death: 31-Mar-1953
DELETRE, Marie-Louise, Birth: 1908, Death: 1993
DERNA, Joseph, Birth: 1904, Death: 1919
DEWEY, William, Birth: ?, Death: ?
DI JULIO, Filomena E, Birth: 19-Feb-1882, Death: 21-Jun-1970
DI JULIO, Mary Assunta, Death: 4-Feb-1918, Age: 6years
DI JULIO, Nick A, Birth: 20-May-1909, Death: 18-Apr-1990
DI JULIO, Rocco A, Birth: 29-Sept-1879, Death: 29-Nov-1968
DI JULIO, Rocky, Birth: 31-Jul-1936, Death: 1-Sep-2012
DI JULIO, Rosalie M, Birth: 20-May-1911, Death: 22-Feb-2002
DI LAURO, Antonietta, Birth: 1877, Death: 1907
DILLON, Annie E, Birth: 1823, Death: 1910
DISDERO, John, Italy, Age: 4years 4months 3days
DOMINICK, Teresa, Death: 10-June-1898, w/o Joseph
DONCKERS, Frank, Birth: 3-Jan-1898, Death: 29-Aug-1979
DONCKERS, Joseph, Death: 1913
DRAGHI, Joseph, Birth: 1902, Death: 1959
DRAGHI, Lorraine, Birth: 1914, Death: 1997
DRAGHI, Louis, Birth: 1910, Death: 1976
DRAGHI, Nilda, Birth: 1873, Death: 1946
DRAGHI, Peter, Birth: 1868, Death: 1947
DRAGHI, Ray Peter, Birth: 1931, Death: 1955
DRUML, Valentin, Birth: 1880, Death: 1911
DUNCAN, Ethel, Birth: 28-Feb-1928, Death: 14-Feb-2003
DUNCAN, Jack H, Birth: 14-Aug-1922, Death: 15-Mar-1997
DUNCAN, Peter B, Birth: 1885, Death: 1964
DUNCAN, Ruby M, Birth: 1902, Death: 1996
DUNN, Charles, Birth: 1874, Death: 1957
DUNN, Charlotte, Birth: 1903, Death: 1919
DUNN, Eleanor, Birth: 1884, Death: 1940
DUNN, Hilma D, Birth: 19-Nov-1916, Death: 6-Aug-2008
DUNN, Jane Ann, Birth: 1857, Death: 1932
DUNN, John W, Birth: 1858, Death: 1935
DUNN, Joseph L, Birth: 1910, Death: 1958
DUNN, Martha, Birth: 22-Feb-1917, Death: 22-Apr-2003, married September 20, 1938, w/o Merle
DUNN, Martha, Birth: 1880, Death: 1971
DUNN, Merle E, Birth: 22-Dec-1914, Death: 27-Jan-2000, married September 20, 1938, h/o Martha
DUNN, Richard, Birth: 1900, Death: 1966
DUNN, William J, Death: 18-Jul-1904
DZIEDZIC, Alfred Stanley, Birth: 1915, Death: 1984
DZIEDZIC, Philamena Silvestri, Birth: 1915, Death: 2006
ELLIS, Alice L, Birth: 1941, Death: 1989
ELTZ, Jan Margaret, Birth: 28-Mar-1916, Death: 23-Dec-2003
ERATH, Casper, Birth: 1881, Death: 1945
ERATH, Frank J, Birth: 14-Jan-1912, Death: 18-Nov-1956
ERATH, Johanna, Birth: 1888, Death: 1960
ERZEN, Rose, Birth: 1886, Death: 1936
ESPING, Rex R, Birth: 8-Nov-1918, Death: 28-Oct-1989, Sgt US Army WWII
ESTBY, Ralph, Birth: 1914, Death: 2004
ESTBY, Theola, Birth: 1916, Death: 1999
EVANS, Alice M, Birth: 1898, Death: 1983
EVANS, David J, Birth: 1862, Death: 1912
EVANS, Gomer, Birth: 1890, Death: 1963
EVANS, John B, Death: 24-Jan-1897, Age: 56years 11months 24days, 52 Regt 1st Co Penn Vol
EVANS, Taliesyn, Death: 10-Feb-1899, Age: 27years
FAHEY, Rachel E, Birth: 3-Dec-1933, Death: 14-Feb-2012
FAHEY, Terry P, Birth: 29-Dec-1955, Death: 17-Mar-2006
FAHEY, Timothy D, Birth: 30-Jun-1931, Death: 20-Mar-2009
FALLE, Jozef, Birth: 25-Mar-1879, Austria, Death: 9-May-1913
FARRARA, Catherina, Birth: 1-Sept-1867, Death: 8-Mar-1946
FARRARA, John, Birth: 2-Sept-1861, Death: 2-Jul-1942
FAVRO, Elvira, Birth: 12-Sep-1903, Death: 29-Nov-1909
FAVRO, Henry, Birth: 1912, Death: 1914
FAVRO, Joseph, Birth: 1858, Death: 1936
FAVRO, Katie, Birth: 1891, Death: 1931
FAVRO, Mary, Birth: 1864, Death: 1931
FAVRO, William, Birth: 1911, Death: 1912
FERREE, James Charles, Birth: 10-Dec-1919, Death: 3-Apr-2000, Pfc US Army
FERREE, Josephine D, Birth: 1914, Death: 1994
FIELDS, Sherry L, Birth: 22-Jul-1949, Death: 13-Mar-2008
FINN, Sabella M (Davies), Birth: 2-Aug-1873, Death: 20-Feb-1895, w/o W.C. Finn & d/o Martha J & D.B. Davies
FITZPATRICK, Rob, Birth: 1962, Death: 1996
FLOWER, Donald Lee, Birth: 17-Sep-1930, Death: 8-Jan-1970, WA Pfc HQ Co 4 Inf Div
FONTANA, Alberto, Death: 6-Nov-1910, Black Diamond, WA, Age: 24years, died in explosion at Lawson Mine
FONTANA, Carlo, Birth: 1888, Death: 1946
FONTANA, G, Birth: 1882, Death: 1906
FONTANA, Leo P, Birth: 1891, Death: 1950
FONTANA, Natalina, Birth: 1887, Death: 1954
FONTANA, Otto, Birth: 1919, Death: 1958
FORTMAN, Walter,
FOWLER, Joseph, Birth: 1890, Death: 1967
FOWLER, Ronald, Birth: 1924, Death: 1927
FOWLER, Sarah Jane, Birth: 1895, Death: 1946
FRANCHINI, Amedeo, Birth: 1878, Death: 1953
FRANCHINI, Josephine, Birth: 1879, Death: 1966
FREDLUND, George , Birth: 9-Apr-1894, Death: 7-Jan-1895
FREDLUND, Godfry, Death: 1898
FRENCH, Jung Ai, Birth: 31-Oct-1958, Death: 15-Jun-2007
FRITZ, Anton M, Birth: 28-Aug-1921, Death: 3-Apr-1985, Pvt US Army WWII
FULK, Ben S, Birth: 1910, Death: 1994, married September 3, 1971, h/o Leah
FULK, Leah M, Birth: 1913, Death: 1993, married September 3, 1971, w/o Ben
FURMAN, Emory F, Birth: 1870, Death: 1937
GABELEIN, Donna L, Birth: 1943, Death: 2016
GAFFI, Antonio G, Birth: 1884, Death: 1973
GAFFI, Attilio, Birth: 1887, Death: 1958
GAFFI, Iacopa, Birth: 1888, Death: 1977
GAFFI, Mario P, Birth: 28-Aug-1916, Death: 29-Oct-1970, AK Capt Army Air Forces WWII DFC-AM
GALLAGHER, Charles L, Birth: 1967, Death: 1926
GALLAGHER, Ellen, Birth: 1879, Death: 1943
GALLAGHER, Ellen M, Birth: 1905, Death: 1944
GALLAGHER, Julia, Birth: 27-Dec-1874, Death: 18-Apr-1889, d/o P.C. & A. Gallagher
GALLAGHER, Paul, Birth: 1868, Death: 1943
GALLAGHER, Pete, Birth: 1911, Death: 1963
GARBINI, Betty, Birth: 1912, Death: 2005
GARBINI, Lindo, Birth: 1910, Death: 1992
GARDINI, Ferdinando, Death: 6-Nov-1910, Black Diamond, WA, Age: 24years, died in explosion at Lawson Mine
GARDINI, Isidora, Death: 6-Nov-1910, Black Diamond, WA, Age: 22years, died in explosion at Lawson Mine
GARNERO, Lucy, Birth: 1840, Death: 1916
GARRETT, David C, Birth: 1886, Death: 1969, masonic symbol
GARRETT, Harold, Birth: 3-Oct-1924, Death: 2-May-1938
GARRETT, Lilly E, Birth: 1889, Death: 1959
GARRISON, Bethena, Birth: 1917, Death: 1951
GASPER, Josef, Birth: 1883, Death: 1919
GASS, Carl, Birth: ?, Death: ?
GAUTHIER, Daniel J, Birth: 11-Apr-1962, Death: 31-Jan-1963
GAUTHIER, Mary Lee, Birth: 11-Jan-1961, Death: 6-May-1961
GAUTHIER, SR, Gerald R, Birth: 12-Apr-1931, Death: 3-Jun-2012, SSgt US Air Force
GEISKER, Emil, Birth: 1899, Death: 1979
GEMINIANI, Domenic, Birth: 1884, Death: 1972
GERA, Pietro, Death: 14-Mar-1893, Age: 52years
GERMAN, Gloria O, Birth: 26-Aug-1931, Death: 8-May-2001
GEVING, Naomi Barnes, Birth: 1-Feb-1905, Death: 14-Oct-1997
GHIOBATTA, Marie, Death: 4-Jan-1919, Age: 34years
GIACARINI, Adolfo, Birth: 14-Dec-1875, Death: 17-Dec-1950
GIACCARINI, F, Birth: 1901, Death: 1915
GIACOARINI, Ersiglia, Birth: 1869, Death: 1939
GIBBON, David, Birth: 12-Oct-1833, Death: 17-Oct-1903
GIBSON, Ida v, Birth: 1873, Death: 1933
GIBSON, Mary A, Birth: 1898, Death: 1971
GIBSON, Thomas F, Birth: 1868, Death: 1947
GIBSON, Walter F, Birth: 5-Dec-1894, Death: 15-Apr-1967, WA Cook US Army WWI
GILKEY, Lula Ann, Birth: 27-July-1886, Death: 17-Apr-1962
GINDER, Charley, Birth: 30-July-1892, Death: 5-Sept-1892, s/o A&A Ginder
GINGRICH, Kathy A, Birth: 1945, Death: 1987
GIOBATTA, Ghiso, Birth: 5-Oct-1882, Death: 1-Jan-1959
GLINSEK, Mettju Tukaj, Birth: 1913, Death: 1922
GOLDSBERRY, Angela, Birth: 1917, Death: 1984
GOLDSBERRY, Paul E, Birth: 1914, Death: 1981
GOODMAN, Elizabeth, Birth: 1895, Death: 1979
GOODMAN, Floyd, Birth: 1893, Death: 1958
GORDRAY, Chas W, Death: 26-Oct-1914
GOURLAY, Chantai Marthe-Marie Mallereau, Birth: 1940, Death: 2003
GOURLAY, Patrick D Baker, Birth: 24-Sep-1964, Death: 30-Jul-2002
GRADY, Anton, Birth: 1889, Death: 1963
GRADY, Mary L, Birth: 1902, Death: 1979
GRAVERSO, ?, Death: Jun 1906, Age: 15years
GREGG, Bruce, Birth: 1916, Death: 2002
GREGG, Mamie, Birth: 1915, Death: 2001
GRIFFITH, Owen, Birth: 21-Sept-1843, Death: 20-Sep-1905
GRIFFITHS, Catherine, Birth: 1887, Death: 1904
GRIFFITHS, Daniel, Birth: 1851, Death: 1909
GRIFFITHS, Daniel, Birth: 1878, Death: 1956
GRIFFITHS, Elizabeth, Birth: 1880, Death: 1896
GRIFFITHS, Mamie, Birth: 1880, Death: 1954
GRIFFITHS, Margaret, Birth: 1849, Death: 1893
GRIFFTH, Anna, Birth: 1882, Death: 1919
GROSHELL, Frank, Birth: 18-Nov-1864, Death: 1-Oct-1902, died in Lawson Mine explosion
GRZEMKOSKI, S.P.J., Birth: 1866, Death: 1922
GUIDETTI, Enrico, Birth: 1879, Death: 1952
GUIDETTI, Frank, Birth: 1907, Death: 1985
GUIDETTI, Lilla, Birth: 1884, Death: 1945
GUIDETTI, Paul, Birth: 1875, Death: 1961
GUIDETTI, Rose, Birth: 1912, Death: 1999
GWILYM, Ellie, Birth: 1870, Death: 1944
GWILYM, Lewis Daniel, Birth: 1861, Death: 1916
GWILYM, Lizzie E, Birth: 1892, Death: 1898
GWILYM, Melvin McKinley, Birth: 1894, Death: 1911
GWILYM, William Reese, Birth: 1867, Death: 1919
HABENICHT, Henry, Birth: 1833, Death: 1915
HABENICHT, Lena, Birth: 1835, Death: 1916
HAGENAU, Margaretha, Birth: 1904, Death: 1980
HALBIN, Stephen, Birth: 10-Oct-1888, Death: 21-Nov-1935
HALBIN, Ursula, Birth: 23-Mar-1899, Death: 6-Mar-1951
HALLIDAY, Charlotte, Birth: 1910, Death: 1994
HALVORSEN, Evelyn Mae, Birth: 10-Jun-1912, Death: 26-Jan-1999
HALVORSEN, Harold Henry, Birth: 13-Jul-1917, Death: 24-Oct-1976, CSF US Navy WWII
HAMILTON, John D, Death: 10-Feb-1894, Age: 44years
HANCOCK, Florence E, Birth: 1872, Death: 1954
HANKINS, Otto, Birth: 1882, Death: 1935
HANSON, Hattie, Birth: 1863, Death: 1919
HARDY, Gwen, Birth: 1905, Death: 1923
HARLEY, Annie, Death: 10-Nov-1902, Age: 3years, infant child of T&V Harley
HARLEY, Thomas, Birth: 16-Jan-1861, West Brumich England, Death: 7-Feb-1908, CleElum, WA
HARP, George D, Birth: 1900, Death: 1962
HARP, Helen E, Birth: 1910, Death: 1990
HARP, Lydia E, Birth: 1879, Death: 1974
HARP, William Charles, Birth: 4-Nov-1945, Death: 5-Sep-2010
HARPER, J.E., no dates
HARPER, Jane, England, Death: 14-Feb-1895, Age: 66years
HARPER, William, Birth: 1833, Death: 1912
HARRIS, Ann, Death: 27-Jan-1907, Age: 67years 2months, w/o William Harris
HAUSER, Elizabeth, Birth: 1858, Death: 1933
HAWTHORNE, Anne, Birth: 1913, Death: 2007
HAWTHORNE, Harry, Birth: 1907, Death: 1997
HAWTHORNE, Jane, Birth: 1912, Death: 1989
HAWTHORNE, William M, Birth: 1913, Death: 1968
HEAD, Charles D (Jr), Birth: 5-Aug-1935, Death: 15-Apr-2008
HEDDRICK, Toni Lynn, Birth: 4-Oct-1952, Death: 23-Apr-2007
HENRY, Peggy B, Birth: 14-Jul-1916, Death: 19-Apr-1999
HERRIN, Catherine, Birth: 1871, Death: 1940
HERRIN, Joseph, Birth: 1871, Death: 1940
HERRIN, Louie, Birth: 1908, Death: 1914
HERRIN, Louie, Birth: 1857, Death: 1925
HERRIN, Margarita, Birth: 1857, Death: 1927
HERRITY, Billie, Birth: 1917, Death: 1918
HERRITY, Hazel, Birth: 1890, Death: 1957
HERRITY, John, Birth: 1880, Death: 1955
HIGGINS, Howard, Birth: 1878, Death: 1926
HIGGINS, Mamie, Birth: 1888, Death: 1965
HILLEARY, Angeline, Birth: 1851, Death: 1919
HOGAN, James W, Birth: 1888, Death: 1958
HOGAN, Mary, Birth: 1901, Death: 1964
HOLDER, Nancy Mae, Birth: 1893, Death: 1994
HOPE, Mary, Birth: 1923, Death: 1995
HOWELL, John, Death: 13-Jan-1892, Age: 64years
HUBBARD, Elizabeth, Birth: 1909, Death: 1972
HUDINA, Mike, Birth: 1905, Death: 1958
HUDSON, James S, Birth: 1884, Death: 1920
HUGHES, Hughie, Birth: 1882, Death: 1920
HUGHES, Mary, Birth: 1839, Death: 1925
HUNLEY, Marie, Birth: 1923, Death: 1939
HUNTER, Eliza J, Death: 19-May-1891, Age: 33years 4months 19days, w/o J.H. Hunter
HWA, Choi Young, Birth: 15-Jan-1929, Death: 17-Jul-2006
ILWITZ, Margaret (Goodman), Birth: 1914, Death: 1988
ILWITZ, Milton, Birth: 1914, Death: 1973
JACKSON, Jack, Birth: 1871, Death: 1913
JACKSON, Selma, Birth: 1884, Death: 1936
JACKSON, Swen Jacob Alfred, Birth: 1906, Death: 1960
JAZBEC, Joseph, Birth: 19-Mar-1873, Death: 8-Feb-1948
JENKINS, David R, Birth: 1877, Death: 1959
JENKINS, Deborah, Birth: 5-May-1879, Ferndale South Wales, Death: 25-Jan-1950
JENNINGS, Daniel L, Birth: 22-Apr-1898, Death: 7-Apr-1970, WA Pvt US Army WWI
JOHNSON, Alpha, Birth: 1911, Death: 1969
JOHNSON, Beryl, Birth: 1899, Death: 1928
JOHNSON, Ed S, Birth: 1909, Death: 1984
JOHNSON, Eli, Birth: 1872, Death: 1952
JOHNSON, Emil U, Birth: 1907, Death: 1930
JOHNSON, Ernest A, Birth: 1906, Death: 1937
JOHNSON, Hannah, Birth: 1882, Death: 1958
JOHNSON, Hortense C, Birth: 1914, Death: 1991
JONES, ?, Birth: ?, Death: ?
JONES, Albert Floyd, Birth: 22-Mar-1894, Death: 27-May-1963, WA Pvt US Army WWI
JONES, Alma R, Birth: 1897, Death: 1972
JONES, Ann Morgan, Birth: 1851, Death: 1932
JONES, Anna E, Birth: 1865, Death: 1938
JONES, Corinne, Birth: 1925, Death: 1939
JONES, David, Birth: Wales, Death: 12-Jan-1896, Age: 65years 9months 26days
JONES, Elizabeth Lloyd, Death: 24-Dec-1918
JONES, Emoline R, Birth: 9-Oct-1850, Death: 6-May-1912
JONES, Evan D, Birth: 1835, Death: 1910
JONES, George F, Birth: 1863, Death: 1906
JONES, George F, Birth: 1907, Death: 1936
JONES, Gwilym D, Birth: 11-July-1849, Death: 5-Jul-1911
JONES, James L, Birth: 1895, Death: 1896
JONES, John, Birth: ?, Death: ?
JONES, John Clinton, Birth: 16-July-1891, Death: 14-Oct-1970, WA Pvt Co A 43 BN US Guards WWI
JONES, John W, Birth: 1852, Death: 1893
JONES, John W, Birth: 1875, Death: 1938
JONES, Laura E, Birth: 1903, Death: 1975
JONES, Lorena, Birth: 18-Mar-1868, Death: 31-Oct-1890, w/o John E Jones
JONES, Robert, Birth: 25-Dec-1845, Death: 6-Feb-1920
JONES, Sherry, Death: 25-Jul-1934
JONES, Thomas, Birth: 1880, Death: 1920, masonic symbol
JONES, Thomas F, Birth: 3-Jan-1830, Death: 2-Apr-1896
JONES, William b, Birth: 15-Oct-1898, Death: 3-May-1959, WA Pvt 836 Eng Avn Sn WWI
JONES, William M, Birth: 1873, Death: 1916
JONES, William R, Birth: 1861, Death: 1911
JONES, William T, Birth: 23-Apr-1841, Wales, Death: 12-Jun-1900, Age: 59years
JORDEN, C.J., Birth: 1863, Death: 1925
JOSUWEIT, Hans J, Birth: 7-Aug-1923, Death: 18-Jun-1992
KELLY, Ida, Birth: 1870, Death: 1911
KELLY, Thomas, Birth: 1869, Death: 1937
KELSO, William J, Birth: 22-Nov-1853, Death: 1-Oct-1912
KENYON, Marian E, Birth: 1927, Death: 1992
KESE, Andrew, Birth: 1883, Death: 1936
KILPATRICK, Thomas W, Birth: 1907, Death: 1937
KING, Mary Melinda Plano, Birth: 1883, Death: 1968
KINGSTON, Russell Lee, Birth: 17-Mar-1939, Death: 29-Sep-2009, US Marine Corps
KINKADE, ?, Death: 1942
KIPPEN, Betty Anne, Birth: 1914, Death: 1981
KONOSKE, Henry H, Birth: 1930, Death: 1994, Married September 23, 1950
KONOSKE, Lorelei Carolene, Birth: 17-May-1994, Death: 4-Oct-1994
KONOSKE, Norman B, Birth: 30-Jul-1958, Death: 22-Dec-1997
KONOSKE, Robert R, Birth: 1892, Death: 1964
KONOSKE, Ruth O, Birth: 1892, Death: 1969
KONOSKE, SR, Stanely Brian, Birth: 17-Sep-1951, Death: 25-Jun-2011
KOVASH, Jason Lee, Birth: 1971, Death: 1978
KOVASH, John Patrick, Birth: 1910, Death: 1955
KOVASH, Ronald Jack, Birth: 1934, Death: 1994
KRALL, Bernadina, Birth: 1876, Death: 1919
KRAMER, Geo, Birth: 1868, Death: 1921
KRAVAGNA, Amelia M, Birth: 23-Aug-1922, Death: 10-Jun-2007
KRAVAGNA, Anton, Birth: 9-Apr-1874, Death: 24-Dec-1960
KRAVAGNA, Antonia, Birth: 9-Apr-1882, Death: 11-Nov-1965
KRAVAGNA, Charles, Birth: 1910, Death: 1970
KRAVAGNA, Mary, Birth: 16-Nov-1868, Death: 8-Oct-1945
KRAVAGNA, Vincent, Birth: 2-Dec-1894, Death: 18-May-1961
KRIZMAN, Peter, Birth: 1863, Death: 1950
KUZARO, Donald H, Birth: 1922, Death: 1987
LANDIS, Emmett, Birth: 14-Jul-1903, Death: 19-Apr-1968, CO Pvt US Army WW1
LANDIS, Harry N, Birth: 30-May-1927, Death: 16-Mar-1958, Lost at Sea
LANDIS, Jessie M, Birth: 1908, Death: 1996
LANDIS, Ricky Dean, Birth: 29-Apr-1953, Death: 9-Jul-1970, s/o of Pat & Henry
LAWRENCE, Carrie A, Birth: 1872, Death: 1961
LAWRENCE, Frank P, Birth: 1871, Death: 1955
LEWIS, Mary E, Birth: 1854, Death: 1905
LEWIS, Maud, Birth: 1886, Death: 1908
LEWIS, Morfydd, Death: 11-May-1890, Age: 8years 6months, d/o T.W. & Catherine Lewis
LEWIS, William J, Birth: 1845, Death: 1929
LINDGREN, Jimmie V, no dates
LLEWELLYN, Evan Ivor, Birth: 26-Apr-1876, Death: 30-Jun-1893, s/o E&G Llewellyn
LLEWELLYN, Idris, Birth: 26-Sept-1879, Death: 14-Mar-1900, s/o E&G Llewellyn
LLOYD, Harold L (Sr), Birth: 1893, Death: 1972
LLOYD, John, Birth: 1850, Death: 1939
LLOYD, John M, Birth: 8-Mar-1869, Death: 9-Dec-1888, s/o John & Elvira Lloyd
LLOYD, Lily V, Birth: 1896, Death: 1972
LLOYD, Mary, Birth: 27-Dec-1873, Death: 13-Feb-1890, d/o J & E Lloyd
LOCKE, Marie, Birth: 1907, Death: 1978
LODOVICO, Fodoro, Death: ?
LODOVICO, Madalena, Death: ?
LOMBARDI, Dario, Birth: 1874, Death: 1956
LOMBARDI, Rosa, Birth: 1887, Death: 1976
LOMBARDINI, Gerald, Birth: 1948, Death: 1993
LOMBARDINI, John (Jr), Birth: 1911, Death: 1967
LOMBARDINI, John B (III), Birth: 22-Oct-1936, Death: 18-Nov-2009
LOMBARDINI, Livia S, Birth: 1914, Death: 2004
LOUGHEED, Eugene E, Birth: 1886, Death: 1939
LOUGHEED, Grace, Birth: 29-May-1893, Death: 5-Sept-1893
LOUGHEED, James, Birth: 1853, Death: 1929
LOUGHEED, Mary, Birth: 1859, Death: 1946
LOUGHEED, Rueben W, Birth: 5-June-1881, Death: 9-Feb-1889
LUCCHESI, Adele c, Birth: 1884, Death: 1973
LUCCHESI, Alfred, Birth: 1925, Death: 1928
LUCCHESI, John A, Birth: 1879, Death: 1929
LUCCHESI, Vivian J, Birth: 1916, Death: 1994
LUNDEN, David Albinus, Birth: 1875, Death: 6-Nov-1910, Black Diamond, WA, died in explosion at Lawson Mine
LUSHING, Dorothy L, Birth: 1918, Death: 1967
LUSHING, Evgen, Birth: 25-Dec-1915, Death: 30-Nov-1994, US Army WWII
LUSHING, Katie, Birth: 4-Jan-1883, Death: 20-Dec-1977
LUSHING, Louis, Birth: 16-July-1883, Death: 21-Jul-1958
LYTZ, Jane, Death: 23-Sep-1902, Age: 48years 5months
MAGNANI, Aniceto, Birth: 1881, Death: 1933
MAHER, Levi M, Birth: 26-Aug-1884, Vale Summit, MO, Death: 9-Sep-1911, Black Diamond, WA
MAKS, John, Birth: 1875, Death: 1950
MAKS, Mary, Birth: 1884, Death: 1947
MAKS, Tom H, Birth: 1918, Death: 1985
MALATESTA, Armelinda, Birth: 1861, Death: 1939
MALATESTA, John, Birth: 1860, Death: 1938
MALAVOTTE, Lisa Louise, Birth: 15-Mar-1977, Death: 20-Jul-1944
MALECKI, Antone, Birth: 1859, Death: 1921
MALECKI, Elizabeth, Birth: 1873, Death: 1929
MALGARIN, Donna Mae, Birth: 1923, Death: 2007
MALGARIN, Evelyn R, Birth: 22-Mar-1907, Death: 6-Aug-2001
MALGARIN, Mansueto A, Birth: 21-Sept-1895, Death: 15-Jan-1979, Cpl US Army
MALGARINI, Esther, Birth: 17-Dec-1894, Death: 25-Jun-1963
MALGARINI, Victor, Birth: 2-Sept-1890, Death: 2-Jan-1939
MANOWSKI, Anna, Birth: 1876, Death: 1937
MANOWSKI, Cornell, Birth: 1875, Death: 1950
MANOWSKI, Harry, Birth: 1916, Death: 1940
MARDILA, Nick, Death: 31-Dec-1912, Age: 32years
MARDILLA, Helga C, Birth: 23-May-1885, Death: 28-Jun-1948
MARE, Vickie L, Birth: 27-Jun-1949, Death: 6-Sep-1980
MARIS, Clarence, Death: 1919
MARIS, Edward, Death: 1910
MARKHAM, Violet E, Birth: 9-Jun-1926, Death: 28-May-1987
MARLER, Gwendolyn, Birth: 1911, Death: 1969
MARSHALL, LaVerne M, Birth: 9-Jan-1926, Death: 2-May-1999, Married June 11, 1949, w/o Douglas
MARTENCEC, John, Birth: 1890, Death: 16-Nov-1915, Age: 25years, died in Ravensdale mine explosion
MARTIN, Agnes Lanora, Birth: 24-Sep-1933, Death: 26-Aug-2008
MARTIN, William Henry, Birth: 1885, Death: 1936, masonic symbol
MARTINA, Elena, Birth: 1848, Death: 1910
MARTINELLI, Antonio, Death: 20-Oct-1917, Age: 23years
MATTEI, Ottavio, Birth: 1878, Death: 1938
MAY, Anna, Birth: 1884, Death: 1943
MCCARTHY, Elsie, Birth: 1908, Death: 1997
MCCLOUD, Darrel M, Birth: 1910, Death: 1981
MCCLOUD, Jewell e, Birth: 1912, Death: 2009
MCCULLEY, Icie Marler, Birth: 1874, Death: 1959
MCDONOUGH, Thomas M, Birth: 13-Nov-1903, Death: 28-Feb-1965, WA SK1 USNR WWII
MCGHEE, Pamela Louise, Birth: 15-May-1946, Death: 18-May-2014
MCGIBBON, Ernest, Birth: 11-Nov-1919, Death: 7-Feb-1989, US Navy WWII
MCGIBBON, Violet May, Birth: 8-Jun-1920, Death: 18-Oct-1998
MCINTYRE, Donald, Birth: 1941, Death: 1996
MCINTYRE, Finley, Birth: 1867, Death: 1936
MCINTYRE, Helen, Birth: 1880, Death: 1958
MCINTYRE, Helen Jonientz, Birth: 1909, Death: 1979
MCKENRICK, Penny Carolene, Birth: 29-Apr-1951, Death: 6-Apr-2015
MCKINNON, Charles, Birth: 1867, Death: 1916
MCKINNON, Edith, Birth: 1877, Death: 1916
MCLEAN, Daniel, Birth: 12-Feb-1857, Death: 13-Feb-1892
MCLOUGHRY, Essie j, Birth: 1890, Death: 1962
MCLOUGHRY, William H, Birth: 1886, Death: 1961
MCNEELEY, David L, Birth: 1944, Death: 2009
MCNEELEY, Donald L, Birth: 1939, Death: 2009
MEDICA, Angelo, Death: 12-Sept-1890, Age: 2years, s/o Carlo & Paola
MEIRANA, Giovanni, Birth: 26-Oct-1888, Death: 18-Nov-1901
MEIRANA, Silvio, Birth: 27-Mar-1894, Death: 23-Feb-1895
MENEGHENI, Mary, Birth: 1877, Death: 1935
MENEGHENI, Santo, Birth: 1865, Death: 1943
MENEGHINI, Fodoro, Birth: 21-Feb-1897, Death: 5-Apr-1946
MERCIER, Mary J, Birth: 1850, Death: 1937
MERCIER, Mike, Birth: 1843, Death: 1914
MERLINI, Nello, Birth: 1891, Death: 1979
MERLINI, Olivia, Birth: 1901, Death: 1967
MERRILL, Bonnie M, Birth: 1923, Death: 1977
MERRILL, Richard N, Birth: 17-Mar-1915, Death: 17-Sep-1978, Lt Col US Army WWII
MERZ, Leo, Birth: 28-June-1852, Death: 22-Nov-1888
METZLER, Albert, Birth: 1924, Death: 1925
METZLER, Alberta, Birth: 1924, Death: 1925
METZLER, Emil, Birth: 1890, Death: 1906
METZLER, Joseph, Birth: 1883, Death: 1979
METZLER, Margaret, Birth: 1890, Death: 1948
METZLER, Pauline, Birth: 1865, Death: 1910
MILLS, Elizabeth, Death: 12-Mar-1892, Age: 32years, w/o J.X. Mills
MILLS, John X, Death: 16-Sep-1920, Age: 70years, h/o Elizabeth Mills
MILROY, Bertha Morgan, Birth: 1894, Death: 1978, w/o Edris Morgan
MINAGLIA, Louisa, Birth: 1868, Death: 1911
MINAGLIA, Luigi, Birth: 1870, Death: 1915
MINAGLIA, Maria, Birth: 1870, Death: 1966
MINAGLIA, Mario, Birth: 1905, Death: 1959
MINAGLIA, Peter, Birth: 1870, Death: 1948
MISLENSKI, Stanley, Birth: 1882, Death: 1966
MISLENSKI, Walter, Birth: 1888, Death: 1967
MLACHNIK, Mary, Birth: 1910, Death: 1914
MLYNAR, Agnes, Birth: 24-Nov-1914, Death: 7-Aug-1921
MLYNAR, Josephine, Birth: 23-Oct-1929, Death: 9-Aug-1930
MOFFATT, Annie Mills Davis, Birth: 17-Feb-1881, Death: 3-Sep-1973
MOFFATT, Thomas S, Birth: 1884, Death: 1970
MOISIO, Everett, Birth: 1871, Death: 1948
MOISIO, Selma, Birth: 1876, Death: 1938
MOLICHNIK, Tony, Birth: 1891, Death: 1952
MOORE, ?, Death: ?
MORGAN, David, Birth: 2-Dec-1874, Death: 19-Jul-1952
MORGAN, David T, Birth: 28-Aug-1860, Death: 21-Jul-1911
MORGAN, Edris D, Death: 16-Nov-1915, Age: 23years, died in Ravensdale mine explosion
MORGAN, Ellen, Birth: 1896, Death: 1898
MORGAN, Esther, Birth: 1853, Death: 1931
MORGAN, Frank H, Death: 20-Mar-1939, WA Pvt 14 inf 19 Div
MORGAN, John W, Birth: 1825, Death: 1887
MORGAN, Luther, Birth: 1894, Death: 1912
MORGAN, Margaret, Birth: 26-July-1871, Death: 14-Aug-1960
MORGAN, Margaret L, Birth: 1839, Death: 1914
MORGAN, Martha J, Birth: 12-Oct-1862, Death: 24-Mar-1944
MORGAN, Mary, Birth: 31-Dec-1877, Death: 1-Jan-1962
MORGAN, Timothy, Birth: 1839, Death: 1927
MORGAN, Waldo,
MORGANS, Augustine M, Birth: 20-Feb-1884, Death: 14-Nov-1910, s/o Thomas & Hannah
MORGANS, Morgan W, Birth: 9-Dec-1900, Death: 26-Aug-1902
MORGANTI, Carolina, Birth: 1885, Death: 1984
MORGANTI, Joseph, Birth: 1886, Death: 1954
MORGANTI, Sisto, Birth: 1880, Death: 1907
MORRIS, Edwin, Birth: 1858, Death: 1929
MORRIS, Mary M, Birth: 1864, Death: 1940
MORRIS, Thomas, Birth: 2-Oct-1864, Death: 28-June-1891, 5th s/o B&S Morris
MORRIS, William E, Death: 25-Mar-1934, WA Pvt Chemical Warfare Service
MOSCHETTO, Marie, Death: 21-Dec-1918, Age: 32years
MOSS, A. Elmer, Birth: 14-Feb-1891, Death: 3-Dec-1918
MOTSON, ?, Birth: ?, Death: ?
MULLIN, Erwin F, Birth: 24-Mar-1936, Death: 31-Oct-2012
MURKOSKI, Josephin, Birth: 1840, Death: 1920
MURPHY, William J, Birth: 2-Apr-1878, Newcastle, wA, Death: 26-Nov-1954
MUSTONIN, Andrew P, Birth: 1878, Death: 1952
NELSON, Albert, Birth: 1885, Death: 1943
NELSON, Isabel, Birth: 1881, Death: 1943
NELSON, Marlene Ann, Birth: July 1953, Death: Feb 1995
NEWTON, Tristan Tyler, Birth: 12-Jan-1986, Death: 5-Aug-2013
NIEMCZYK, Alexander, Birth: 11-Aug-1908, Death: 23-Aug-1942
NOAKES, William L, Birth: ?, Death: ?
NORTON, Alice A, Birth: 1931, Death: 2012
NORTON, Michael H, Birth: 1934, Death: 1990
OEHM, Annie, Birth: 31-Oct-1885, VanMeter, LA, Death: 4-Oct-1898, d/o Mat & Eva
OEHM, Josephine, Birth: ?, Death: ?
OLLI, Tyyne Maria, Birth: 6-May-1907, Death: 12-May-1916
OLSON, Dollie, Birth: September 1901, Death: May 1983
OLSON, Ora, Birth: March 1899, Death: November 1982
OREHEK, Frank, Birth: 1884, Death: 1966
OREHEK, Karol, Death: 27-Dec-1914
OREHEK, Rose, Birth: 1892, Death: 1966
OREHEK, Tony, Birth: 1888, Death: 1962
OSTELLINO, Juanita G, Birth: 1908, Death: 1987
OSTELLINO, Marcello, Birth: 17-Apr-1896, Death: 21-May-1959, KS Pvt HQ Co 70 Inf WWI
PAAVOLA, Ida, Birth: 1905, Death: 1964
PAAVOLA, Matilda, Birth: 1882, Death: 1927
PAAVOLA, Mike, Birth: 1873, Death: 1937, masonic symbol
PAGANI, Aurora, Birth: 15-July-1882, Death: 13-Nov-1971
PAGANI, Louise C, Birth: 21-Sep-1912, Death: 3-Sep-1989
PAGANI, Luici, Birth: 22-Nov-1876, Death: 5-Oct-1912
PAINE, Julia A, Death: 3-May-1901, Age: 28years
PALUMBO, Doris, Death: 1917, infant
PAOLUCCI, Giovanni, Birth: 1879, Death: 1940
PAOLUCCI, James Albert, Birth: 11-Dec-1909, Death: 1-Jun-1994, Sgt US Army
PAOLUCCI, Maria A, Birth: 1887, Death: 1980
PARISH, Virginia R, Birth: 6-Oct-1931, Death: 21-Mar-2009
PARISIO, Adelaide, Birth: 18-Dec-1885, Death: 6-Aug-1916
PARISIO, Albertina E (Grosso), Birth: 7-Apr-1911, Death: 9-Jul-1985
PARISIO, Eugene Maurice, Birth: 29-Oct-1940, Death: 8-Oct-2001
PARISIO, Mario, Birth: 13-Feb-1909, Death: 18-Jun-1996
PARKINSON, D.M., Birth: 1873, Death: 1951
PARKINSON, Doris, Birth: 1923, Death: 1967
PARKINSON, E.G., Birth: 1881, Death: 1965
PEARSON, Elvira T, Birth: 21-Feb-1909, Death: 24-Dec-1960
PEDRINI, Kitty, Birth: 1875, Death: 1946
PENNACCHI, Abramo, Birth: 1881, Death: 1958
PENNACCHI, Adele, Birth: 1871, Death: 1932
PENNACCHI, Amelia, Death: 22-Dec-1918, Age: 26years
PENNACCHI, Mansueto, Death: 16-Nov-1915, Age: 33years, died in Ravensdale mine explosion
PENNACCHI, Maria Pierotti, Death: 17-Dec-1937
PENNACCHI, Mary R, Birth: 1914, Death: 1996, Married November 21, 1931, w/o Natale
PENNACCHI, Natale J, Birth: 1909, Death: 1994, Married November 21, 1931, h/o Mary
PENNACCHI, Nate Abramo, Birth: 1933, Death: 1983
PETTERSEN, Fred W, Birth: 1910, Death: 1982
PETTERSEN, Wilma C, Birth: 1922, Death: 1965
PHILLIPS, Caroline, Birth: 1890, Death: 1963
PHILLIPS, Louis, Birth: 1890, Death: 1938
PIEROTTI, Leonard, Birth: 1905, Death: 1927
PIEROTTI, Richard P, Birth: 31-Jul-1903, Death: 18-Oct-1989
PIOLI, Carlo, Birth: 1879, Death: 1955
PIOLI, Rosa, Birth: 1872, Death: 1958
PLAHUTA, Rosalia, Birth: 9-July-1885, Death: 21-Feb-1978
PLANO, Daniel A, Birth: 1886, Death: 1947
PLANO, Emilia, Birth: 1894, Death: 1900
PLANO, Enrico, Birth: 1888, Death: 1894
PLANO, Enrico B, Birth: 1895, Death: 1944
PLANO, Joseph, Birth: 1840, Death: 1926
PLANO, Marcellino, Birth: 18-June-1871, Death: ?
PLAVEC, Anton, Birth: 29-Apr-1917, Death: 14-Feb-1919
POLESKI, Anton, Birth: 1874, Death: 1945
POLESKI, Ophiela, Birth: 1874, Death: 1944
POLLEY, Mary Hilleary, Birth: 1867, Death: 1949
PORENTA, Mary, Birth: ?, Death: ?
POTOCHNIK, F, Birth: 24-Apr-1876, Death: 13-Jan-1917
POWELL, Mary, Birth: 1858, Death: 1932
POWELL, Morgan W, Birth: 23-Oct-1886, Willamsburg, CO, Death: 12-Aug-1904, Black Diamond, WA, s/o Dave & Mary
POWERS, Earl E, Birth: 1895, Death: 1947
POWERS, Florence, Birth: 1890
PRIMOZICH, John, Birth: 1878, Death: 1953
PRIMOZICH, Joseph, Birth: 1886, Death: 1948
PRIMOZICH, William J, Birth: 12-Oct-1918, Death: 27-Apr-1972, WA S Sgt Army Air Forces WWII
PRINCE, Joseph, Birth: 1871, Death: 1911
PRINCE, Lena, Birth: 1879, Death: 1922
PRINCE, Tony, Birth: 1903, Death: 1955
PRITCHARD, ?, Birth: 28-June-1890, Death: 4-Sept-1898, s/o John H & annie
PRITCHARD, John, Birth: Shropshire England, Death: 21-May-1894, Age: 72years 11months
PRITCHARD, Rebecca, Birth: 22-May-1826, England, Death: 16-Nov-1901, w/o J Pritchard
PRUNNILLA, Alfred, Death: 19-Jul-1914, Age: 32years
PUCCINELLI, Gilda, Birth: 1901, Italy, Death: 1940, Ravensdale, WA
RAISON, Frank, Birth: 24-July-1884, Death: 22-Jul-1934
RAUSCH, Alexander, Birth: 1893, Death: 1972
RAUSCH, Katherine, Birth: 1882, Death: 1962
RAY, Bonnie F, Birth: 1917, Death: 2007
REESE, Margaret, Birth: 1-Feb-1860, South Wales, Death: 6-Oct-1904, Black Diamond, WA, w/o William T
REESE, Rachel, Birth: 1867, Death: 1941
REESE, Reese T, Birth: 1859, Death: 1907
REINERS, Carol j, Birth: 25-Dec-1942, Death: 29-Apr-2004
REINERS, John J, Birth: 19-Mar-1936, Death: 19-Sep-2013
REMSHE, Jack, Birth: 1887, Death: 1939
REX, Edith, Birth: 1890, Death: 1971
REX, George (Corp), Birth: 1884, Death: 1937, Pioneers CEF-LPF Canada
RICHARDS, Rachel Williams, Birth: 15-Apr -1857, Death: 8-Jun-1922
RICHTER, Agnes, Birth: 1890, Death: 1982
RICHTER, Jack, Birth: 1886, Death: 1978
RIGHI, Pia, Birth: 28-Oct-1915, Death: 14-Dec-1915
RISTVELDT, Wanda M, Birth: 24-Feb-1937, Death: 14-Jul-2011
RIVERSIDE, Alma, Birth: 1882, Death: 1969
RIVERSIDE, Henry, Birth: 1873, Death: 1944
ROGINSKI, Elizabeth, Birth: 1887, Death: 1946
ROGINSKI, Jack, Birth: 1-Feb-1909, Death: 26-Mar-1966
ROGINSKI, Leo, Birth: 1920, Death: 1927
ROGINSKI, Peter, Birth: 1883, Death: 1941
ROMEDO, Edna E, Birth: 1908, Death: 1976
ROMEDO, Ernest, Birth: 1915, Death: 1997
ROMEDO, Joseph, Birth: 1914, Death: 1992
ROMEDO, Juanita, Birth: 1921, Death: 1990
ROMIDO, Anita, Birth: 1881, Death: 1924
ROMIDO, Meno, Birth: 1881, Death: 1959
ROSA, Angelo, Birth: 1881, Death: 1940
ROSA, Maria, Birth: 1850, Death: 1920
ROSA, Silvio, Birth: 25-July-1875, Death: 14-Apr-1906, s/o Baldo & Euphemia Rosa
ROSEC, Frank, Birth: 1881, Death: 1961
ROSSI, Amedeo, Birth: 1886, Death: ?
ROSSI, Frank, Birth: 1874, Italy, Death: 1946
ROSSI, Genevieve R, Birth: 1920, Death: 1998
ROSSI, Harry R, Birth: 1919, Death: 1980
ROSSI, Howie Koch, Birth: 20-May-2011, Death: 28-Nov-2014
ROSSI, Tony, Death: 3-Oct-1918, Age: 11months
ROSSI, JR, Harry Recco, Birth: 23-Sep-1939, Death: 15-Feb-2014
ROSSO, Luigi, Birth: 1877, Death: 1921
ROSSO, Spiritina, Birth: 1885, Death: 1953
ROULST, Arthur, Birth: 1893, Death: 1919
ROULST, Auguste, Birth: 1862, Death: 1933
ROULST, Ethel, Birth: 1895, Death: 1990, married 75 years, w/o Frank
ROULST, Frank, Birth: 1891, Death: 1989, married 75 years, h/o Ethel
ROULST, Frank L, Birth: 23-Aug-1916, Death: 30-Jan-2013, US Navy WWII
ROULST, Jack, Birth: 1914, Death: 1987, US Navy WWII
ROUNDS, Maude E, Birth: 1875, Death: 1940
ROUNDS, Willis M, Birth: 1872, Death: 1947
RUA, John, Birth: 1876, Death: 1944
RUA, Katie, Birth: 1884, Death: 1908
SAFTICH, Hans H, Birth: 28-Apr-1934, Death: 12-Jul-2010, Sgt US Army
SAFTICH, Joseph P, Birth: 23-Nov-1893, Death: 14-Nov-1964
SAFTICH, Louise M, Birth: 4-Jun-1902, Death: 27-Jan-1975
SANTI, Mary Ann, Birth: 22-Apr-1942, Death: 1-May-1942
SANTI, Santos, Birth: 1890, Death: 1940
SANTINI, Elisa, Birth: 1885, Death: 1958
SANTINI, Emilio Luigi, Birth: 26-Aug-1893, Death: 25-Dec-1995, Cpl US Army WWI
SANTINI, M, Birth: 1918, Death: 1919
SANTINI, Peter, Birth: 1883, Death: 1967
SAVAGE, Donna M, Birth: 31-May-1906, Death: 17-Jul-2001
SAVAGE, Roy P, Birth: 18-Jan-1903, Death: 5-Jul-1981
SAVICKE, George P, Birth: 15-Mar-1914, Death: 25-Sep-1995
SAVICKE, May L, Birth: 26-Nov-1918, Death: 29-Oct-2006
SAWICKE, Anna, Birth: 1874, Death: 1954
SAWICKE, Paul A, Birth: 1874, Death: 1950
SAWICKE, Paul P, Birth: 1906, Death: 1925
SAWYER, Ann K, Birth: 1918, Death: 1966
SCHWARTZ, David, Birth: 1884, Death: 1936
SCHWARTZ, Mildred, Birth: 1887, Death: 1968
SCUNO, Joseph, Birth: 16-Feb-1890, Death: 16-Nov-1915, Age: 25years, died in Ravensdale mine explosion
SHARLACK, Felix, Birth: 2-Feb-1909, Death: 8-Sep-1996
SHARLACK, Jack, Birth: 1879, Death: 1920
SHARROCK, William, Birth: 1926, Death: 1931
SHOTKOWSKI, John, Birth: 1890, Death: 1965
SIGMUND, Joseph, Birth: 1883, Death: 1947
SIGMUND, Stefanie, Birth: 1884, Death: 1977
SIGMUND, Walter A, Birth: 1913, Death: 1990
SILVESTRI, Carlo, Birth: 1880, Death: 1929
SILVESTRI, Clotilde, Birth: 1891, Death: 1963
SIMONS, Jake T, Death: 17-Mar-2014
SIMONS, Marina K, Birth: 31-Oct-1989, Death: 17-Mar-2014
SIMPSON, ?, Birth: ?, Death: 1919
SIMPSON, James, Birth: 1844, Death: 1910
SIMPSON, Mary J, Birth: 1846, Death: 1913
SIMSEK, Emma, Birth: 8-Apr-1878, Austria, Death: 8-Feb-1919
SLAPNICK, Joseph W, Birth: 19-Mar-1903, Death: 25-Feb-1959, WA Pvt Med Det 1953 Svc Unit WWII
SLOPNICK, Anton, Birth: 1868, Death: 1941
SLOPNICK, Frances, Birth: 1867, Death: 1931
SMITH, Hiram S (Dr), Birth: 12-Sept-1869, Death: 10-Oct-1934
SOBRATO, John, Birth: 1871, Death: 1907
SOLBERG, Helen J, Birth: 7-Apr-1907, Death: 3-Jan-1998
SPAIGHT, George, Death: 27-Apr-1899, Age: 3years 6months 22days, s/o thomas & Lizzie
SPAIGHT, Gladys G, Birth: 1909, Death: 1992
SPAIGHT, Thomas G, Birth: 1906, Death: 1997
STARK, Allan, Birth: 1846, Death: 1917
STARK, Marjorie, Birth: 1848, Death: 1911
STEIERT, Adolf, Birth: 1867, Death: 1927
STEIERT, Joseph, Birth: 1860, Death: 1922
STEIERT, Rosa, Birth: 1866, Death: 1955
STEINACKER, Dolores J, Birth: 22-Jan-1935, Death: 17-Oct-2010
STELLPELUE, Earl S, Birth: 25-July-1896, Death: 21-Jan-1981
STELLPELUE, Florence A, Birth: 11-Nov-1889, Death: 9-Oct-1960
STELLPFLUE, Ella Horner, Birth: 3-May-1900, Death: 28-Apr-1987
STENSENG, Margaret E, Birth: 1921, Death: 2010
STEPHENS, Esther, Birth: 1873, Death: 1963
STEPHENS, William L, Birth: 1865, Death: 1930
STERNIG, Mary, Birth: 1883, Death: 1958
STERNIG, Pat, Birth: 1919, Death: 2004
STERNIG, Philip, Birth: 1884, Death: 1947
STERNIG, Val, Birth: 1908, Death: 1979
STONEBRIDGE, Martha E, Birth: 2-Nov 1883, Death: 14-Feb-1910
STONEBRIDGE, Phillip Hyde, Birth: 9-Mar-1914, Death: 23-Dec-1919
STRATTON, Linda Sue, Birth: 15-Feb-1952, Death: 5-Feb-2009
STRUZNIK, Marija, Birth: 1881, Death: 1921
SUFFREDINI, Anunziata, Birth: 1889, Death: 1923
SUFFREDINI, Pasquale, Birth: 1884, Death: 1961
SUHOVERSNIK, Edward, Birth: 1911, Death: 1992
SUHOVERSNIK, Julia, Birth: 1909, Death: 1997
SULLIVAN, Brian Pius, Birth: 26-Apr-1943, Death: 2-Sep-2012, SP4 US Army
SULLIVAN, Justine, Birth: 1903, Death: 1989
SULLIVAN, Sam, Death: 1924
SULLIVAN, Zerby A, Birth: 19-Sep-1938, Death: 6-May-2012
SWANN, Dorothy, Birth: 1922, Death: 1982
SWANN, Eileen, Birth: 1920, Death: 1949
SWANN, Everett, Birth: 1921, Death: 2005
SWANN, Florence, Birth: 1901, Death: 1966
SWANN, Ray C, Birth: 1895, Death: 1949
SWANSON, August, Birth: 1870, Death: 1946
SWANSON, Frida, Birth: 4-Sept-1883, Sweden, Death: 20-Feb-1919, w/o Arvid Swanson
SWANSON, Hulda E, Birth: 1881, Death: 1918
SWANSON, Roy A, Birth: 1913, Death: 1935
SWEH, Frank, Death: 27-Jan-1918, Age: 37years
TAIPALE, Anna A, Birth: 1894, Death: 1918
TAYLOR, Howard Robert, Birth: 15-Feb-1923, Death: 12-Sep-2000
TAZIOLI, Louie, Death: 16-Nov-1915, Age: 39years
TEDDER, Doris W, Birth: 26-Jul-1930, Death: 2-Jan-2012
TEDDER, Tommy R, Birth: 20-Jul-1950, Death: 6-Jun-2008
TERBOVEC, John, Birth: 1879, Death: 1916
TERRY, Miriam A, Birth: 23-May-1963, Death: 14-May-2014
THIEBAUT, Palmyre, Birth: 1881, Death: 1915
THOMAS, Charles W, Birth: 1905, Death: 1987, Married March 31, 1926, h/o Gladys
THOMAS, Elizabeth, Death: 29-Sep-1902
THOMAS, Elizabeth J, Birth: 1848, Wales, Death: 1931
THOMAS, Elizabeth L, Birth: ?, Death: 1943
THOMAS, Evans J, Birth: 12-Dec-1841, Wales, Death: 7-Dec-1895
THOMAS, Gladys V, Birth: 1908, Death: 1999, Married March 31, 1926, w/o Charles
THOMAS, Howell, Birth: 25-Apr-1834, Wales, Death: 28-Jan-1902, Age: 68years
THOMAS, Joseph J, Death: 6-Mar-1890, Age: 9years 8months, s/o H.J & Elizabeth Thomas
THOMAS, Lewis, Death: ?
THOMAS, Mary, Birth: 29-May-1854, Death: 4-Jan-1940
THOMAS, Pearl M, Birth: 18-May-1897, Death: 24-Mar-1898
THOMAS, Robert, Birth: Wales, Death: 3-Oct-1909, Age: 67years
THOMAS, Thomas H, Birth: 1851, Merthys Wales, Death: 29-Apr-1888
THOMAS, Thomas T, Birth: 13-May-1844, Death: 14-Feb-1900
THOMAS, Tommy, Death: 24-Feb-1887, Age: 4years 1month 17days, s/o H.J & Elizabeth Thomas
THOMAS, William M, Birth: 2-Dec-1932, Death: 22-Feb-1987, Pfc US Army Korea
THOMPSON, Charles, Birth: 4-Feb-1909, Death: 7-Nov-1997
THOMPSON, Elsie, Birth: 1882, Death: 1963
THOMPSON, Henry, Birth: 1871, Death: 1944
THOMPSON, Irene L, Birth: 3-Nov-1913, Death: 17-Oct-2003
THOMPSON, Sherrill A, Birth: 11-Oct-1932, Death: 11-Jan-2014
THORSETT, Anne Remshe, Birth: 1920, Death: 2016
THORSETT, C. Orel, Birth: 1915, Death: 1991
TOLLEFSEN, Elizabeth L, Birth: 23-Jan-1922, Death: 26-Jul-1986
TONDA, Ernest, Birth: January 1920, Death: Apr 1920
TONDA, Steve, Birth: 28_Nov-1865, Death: 16-Sep-1949
TONDA, Vincenza, Birth: 20-Nov-1863, Death: 8-May-1944
TONEY, Marvelle Venetia Burris, Birth: 24-Feb-1931, Death: 28-Jun-2005
TORREY, Curtis Lee, Birth: 16-Jan-1978, Death: 8-Jul-2014
TOSCHI, Ignazio, Birth: 1885, Death: 1965
TOSCHI, Iro, Birth: 19-May-1915, Death: 24-Apr-1917
TOSCHI, Olivia, Birth: 1888, Death: 1970
TOWERS, John, Birth: 1877, Death: 1950
TRATNIK, Joseph, Birth: 1891, Death: 1952
TRAVERSO, Victorina, Birth: 1872, Death: 1911
TRAVERSO, Vincent, Birth: 1875, Death: 1927
TROVER, Orville James, Birth: 1927, Death: 2012
TROVER, Roxanna S, Birth: 1926, Death: 1976
TYERMAN, David Lloyd, Birth: 5-Jul-1926, Death: 2-Nov-1944, WA Seaman 1 CL USNR USS Barataria
TYERMAN, Harold , Birth: 6-Jan-1898, Death: 23-Dec-1967, masonic symbol
TYERMAN, K.W., Birth: 1931, Death: 1981, masonic symbol
TYERMAN, Norah A, Birth: 28-Apr-1899, Death: January 7, 1983
TYERMAN, Wanda L, Birth: 1922, Death: 1997
TYLER, Thomas M, Birth: 1924, Death: 1993
TYLER, Wilma, Birth: 1922, Death: 1983
UPTON, Elizabeth A, Birth: 1876, Death: 1939
UPTON, George, Death: July 2, 1899
UPTON, George W, Birth: 1860, Death: 1927
UPTON, Joseph, Birth: 1868, Death: 1953
VALDRICHI, Irene, Death: 1920
VERNARELLI, Diodato, Birth: 1901, Death: 1982
VERNARELLI, Elizabeth, Birth: 1867, Death: 1948
VERNARELLI, Ercole, Birth: 1877, Death: 1963
VERNARELLI, Gladys M, Birth: 22-Jul-1904, Death: 13-Jul-1970
VERNARELLI, Infants, Birth: 1922, Death: 1925
VERNARELLI, James, Birth: 1906, Death: 1989, Cpl US Army WWII
VERNARELLI, Mary, Birth: 1890, Death: 1975
VERNARELLI, Stefano, Birth: 1869, Death: 1957
VERNARELLI, Steve, Birth: 1916, Death: 1933
VESTNYS, Mary Frances, Birth: 7-May-1817, Death: 21-Oct-1891, w/o Peter
WALLACE, Billy, Death: 9-May-1916
WALTERS, Elizabeth, Death: 28-Feb-1900, Age: 32years
WARGO, John, Birth: 10-Jan-1903, Death: 20-May-1953
WATKINS, Charles R, Birth: 1864, Death: 1932, masonic symbol
WATKINS, David, Birth: 1865, Death: 1950
WATKINS, Elizabeth, Birth: 1869, Death: 1961
WATKINS, John, Birth: 12-Dec-????, Wales, Death: 8-May-????
WATKINS, Louisa, Death: 18-Aug-1893, Age: 25years, w/o John B Watkins
WATKINS, Louisa , Death: 18-Jun-1901, Age: 69years 11months
WAUGH, Alexander, Death: 17-Sept-1899
WAUGH, David, Death: 12-Aug-1898, Age: 40years 10months 17days
WAUGH, Taliesyn, Death: 3-Apr-1907, child of John & Lydia
WEAVER, Lydia, Birth: 11-Sept-1890, Death: 17-Mar-1920
WEBBER, David, Birth: 1842, Merthyr Wales, Death: 16-Mar-1900, masonic symbol
WESTMANN, Amelia, Death: 7-Jul-1904, Age: 24years 2days, w/o Gust
WESTMANN, Infant Girl, Death: 30-Jun-1904, d/o Gust & Amelia
WESTMANN, Infant Son, Death: 10-Oct-1902, s/o Gust & Amelia
WESTON, D. Charles, Birth: 1884, Death: 1948
WESTON, Daniel, Birth: 1858, Death: 1934
WESTON, Elizabeth E, Birth: 1859, Death: 1940
WESTON, Georgina,
WESTON, Johanna,
WETTON, Richard H, Birth: 1903, Death: 1959
WIELTSCHNIC, Agnes, Birth: 1876, Death: 1966
WIELTSCHNIC, Simon, Birth: 1881, Death: 1910
WIELTSCHNIC, Thomas, Birth: 1876, Death: 1967
WILKINSON, Edwin T, Birth: 1900, Death: 1903
WILKINSON, Walter, Birth: 1868, Death: 1912
WILLIAMS, ?, Death: ?
WILLIAMS, ?, Death: ?
WILLIAMS, Albert W, Birth: 1879, Scranton PA, Death: 1903, Age: 24years
WILLIAMS, Charles, Death: 26-May-1893, Age: 4months 9days
WILLIAMS, Charles S, Birth: 7-Mar-1855, Death: 3-Aug-1903
WILLIAMS, David W, Birth: 1879, Death: 1962
WILLIAMS, Edward J, Birth: November 1869, Death: June 1891
WILLIAMS, Gwillyn, Death: 18-Apr-1889, Age: 38years
WILLIAMS, James R, Birth: 9-Feb-1858, Bryncoch South Wales, Death: 7-Aug-1890, h/o Rachel Williams
WILLIAMS, Janet R, Birth: 1843, Merthyr South Wales, Death: 1905, Age: 62years
WILLIAMS, John T, Birth: 2-Jan-18??, Death: 14-Nov-1898
WILLIAMS, Margaret P, Birth: 1850, Death: 1909
WILLIAMS, Marie, Birth: 1912, Death: 1962
WILLIAMS, Mary, Birth: October 1822, Death: September 1891
WILLIAMS, Rachel Ann, Birth: 15-Sept-1868, Death: 10-Feb-1880, d/o J.T. & M Williams
WILLIAMSON, Kirk S, Birth: 1960, Death: 1986
WILSON, Rex, Birth: 19-Nov-1921, Death: 21-Mar-1976, Pfc US Army WWII
WIMER, Imo B, Birth: 10-Mar-1912, Death: 12-Apr-1959
WING, Alice, Birth: 1886, Death: 1966
WING, Frank E, Birth: 1913, Death: 1973
WING, Muriel E, Birth: 1917, Death: 1986
WINN, Margaret E, Birth: 1901, Death: 1957
WOODS, Harry, Birth: 16-Jul-1924, Death: 23-Apr-1991, SC1 US Navy WWII Korea
WYSOCKI, Betty Jane, Birth: 1929, Death: 2001
WYSOCKI, Earl A, Birth: 1-Nov-1926, Death: January 11, 1983, F1 US Navy WWII
YOULES, Pauline E, Birth: 1916, Death: 1973
YOULES, Walter T, Birth: 1911, Death: 1974
ZAFFARANO, Joe, Death: 1-Mar-1916, Age: 40years
ZINTER, Mary, Birth: 1892, Death: 1962
ZINTER, Simon, Birth: 1879, Death: 1963
ZONOCO, Carlo, Birth: 12-Dec-1962, Death: 19-Apr-2000
ZUMEK, David Thomas, Birth: 24-Sep-1941, Death: 1-Oct-2009, LTC US Army
ZUMEK, Frank, Birth: 1918, Death: 1984
ZUMEK, Frank, Birth: ?, Death: 1998
ZUMEK, Georgia Mae, Birth: 19-Jun-1921, Death: 26-Apr-2002
ZUMEK, Lois, Birth: 1917, Death: 2014
ZUMEK, Thomas (Sr), Birth: 22-Jul-1921, Death: 10-Jul-2002
ZUMER, Michael M, Birth: 24-May-1919, Death: 6-Oct-1997
ZUMER, Muriel C, Birth: 19-Feb-1919, Death: 2-May-1987
ZUPAN, Martin, Birth: 1894, Death: 1945
ZUPAN, Rose, Birth: 1878, Death: 1947

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