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Country View Cemetery
Basin City, Franklin County, Washington

country view cemetery, basin city, washington
Country View Cemetery, Basin City, WA
country view cemetery, basin city, wa
Country View Cemetery, Basin City, WA

GPS: 46.5768, -119.1486

Sheffield Rd
Basin City, WA 99343

T13N R29E Section 26

Contributed by: Suzanne Livingstone [mail]
Published: February 25, 2010, last edited January 1, 2022
Total records: 61

Driving Directions

From the intersection of Road 170 and Glade N Rd in Basin City, head south on Glade N Rd 1 mile to Sheffield Rd. Turn right onto Sheffield Rd and continue for 0.7 miles. Cemetery will be on the right side.

Cemetery History

A large standing stone at the front of the cemetery says the following “this land was homesteaded and donated by Lyle and Melba Taylor and is dedicated to their memory and pioneer spirit of the Columbia Basin”. [see photo]

Cemetery is in very good condition and well cared for. Cemetery is not fenced in. There is parking for cars. The oldest marked grave was from 1957 but appears burials didn’t start until 2009. The cemetery is still actively used.

Cemetery Records

Records below were transcribed from tombstone inscriptions by Suzanne Livingstone during an initial visit to the cemetery in November 2009, with a subsequent visit in November 2021. There were at least four (4) plots without grave markers.

ABERCROMBIE, Patricia Jean, b. 2-May-1959, d. 17-Jun-2015, "Cpl US Marine Corps"
ARELLANO, Salvador Martinez, b. 5-Dec-1960, d. 8-Jan-2021
BARNETT, Alice May, b. 6-Dec-1918, d. 17-Dec-2010, "w/o Henry, Married 12-Jun-1938"
BARNETT, Henry J, b. 29-Aug-1917, d. 31-Dec-2017, "h/o Alice, Married 12-Jun-1938"
CHAVARRIA-RAMIREZ, Citlaly, b. 26-Jun-2002, d. 16-Jan-2015
COOK, John Heber, b. 21-Feb-1962, d. 20-Nov-2019
COTTRELL, Max LeRoy, b. 5-Aug-1921, d. 6/13/2010, "US Navy WWII, h/o Teddy, Married 11-Jul-1950"
COTTRELL, Teddy Tenney Coffey, b. 7-Oct-1917, d. 9-Dec-2012, "w/o Max, Married 11-Jul-1950"
CROWTHER, Gordon Y, b. 21-Jan-1925, d. 15-Jan-2013
CROWTHER, Joel Nash, b. 2-Oct-1963, d. 3-Oct-1963, "s/o Gordon and Zora"
DANZ, Steven J, b. 2-Mar-1972, d. 6-Nov-2015
DAVIS, Shannon Jorgenson, b. 12-Dec-1991, d. 25-Apr-2017
EASTERDAY, Gale Allen, b. 13-Mar-1961, d. 10-Dec-2020
FLORES, Hermenejildo Jr., b. 23-May-1994, d. 29-May-2009
FREEMAN, John, b. 16-Aug-1942, d. 10-Dec-2014
GAYDA, Daniel J, b. 6-Jun-1955, d. 26-Jul-2010
GAYDA, John Joseph, b. 2-Dec-1921, d. 8-May-2011, "h/o Paulina, Married 24-Apr-1954"
GAYDA, Pauline Leona, b. 16-Apr-1921, d. 23-Dec-2011, "w/o John, Married 24-Apr-1954"
GONZALEZ, Angel T Ortega, b. 28-Feb-2016, d. 24-Sep-2016
HAWKINS, Brennan Barton, d. 2-Aug-2020
HAWKINS, Bryson Merrill, b. 7-Nov-2017, d. 22-Nov-2017
HOOD, Alma, b. 5-Apr-1929, d. 9-Dec-2011
HOYLE, Barbara J, b. 26-Mar-1937, d. 24-Sep-2017
JOHNSON, Sandra Ann, b. 6-Jan-1943, d. 12-Jul-2012
JONES, Sharee Jean (Burt), b. 13-Apr-1953, d. 12/31/2012
KNIGHT, Eric, b. 8-Jan-1989, d. 6-Nov-2019
MCCARY, Kevin Charles, b. 5-May-1968, d. 16-Apr-2016
MCDONALD, Gary L, b. 25-Jul-1962, d. 27-Jun-2011
MCGARY, LaVon, b. 1930, d. 2011
MELDRUM, Joan C, b. 13-Sep-1934, d. 11-Jul-2013
MERTENS, LeRoy Otto, b. 14-Sep-1941, d. 1-Feb-2019, "US Air Force"
MICKELS, Debora Alice, b. 21-Dec-1947, d. 22-Mar-2018
MOLINA, Ramon Alberto, b. 5-Feb-2011, d. 18-Feb-2011
NAEF, Ferris, b. 22-Sep-1946, d. 27-Jul-2016
NIELSON, Sheryl Marie, b. 20-Feb-1948, d. 21-Aug-2021
NUCKOLLS, William Huston, b. 23-Oct-1947, d. 8-Sep-2010
OROZCO, John, b. 1-Feb-1964, d. 11-May-2018
OROZCO, Ruben Jr., no dates
ORTIZ, Audelia Arellano, b. 28-Aug-1941, d. 8-Aug-2020
PAULY, Judy Bates, b. 9-Jan-1950, d. 18-Jul-2009
PRICE, Rebecca Anne, b. 14-Mar-1976, d. 4-Feb-2019
PRIOR, Robert Lee, b. 28-May-1937, d. 10-Apr-2020
RIVERA, Aurelia, b. 5-Feb-1935, d. 7-Oct-2015
RUSH, Paul G, b. 20-Mar-1926, d. 23-Nov-1998
SALDANA, A Nicolas, b. 4-Sep-1933, d. 4-Jul-2019
SALISBURY, Lyman Blanchard, b. 27-Nov-1922, d. 10-Mar-2012, "Tech5 US Army, WWII, h/o Margaret, Married 24-Jan-1947"
SALISBURY, Margaret Russell, b. 29-Mar-1925, d. 26-Sep-2012, "w/o Lyman, Married 24-Jan-1947"
SMITH, Clarence Arthur, b. 6-Oct-1927, d. 8/15/2015, "h/o Iris"
SMITH, Iris Irene, b. 8-Jun-1928, d. 10/29/2012, "w/o Clarence"
SULLIVAN, Lucas Patrick, b. 8-Mar-1988, d. 9-May-2019
TAYLOR, Corette Ann, b. 24-Nov-1956, d. 16-Mar-2014
TAYLOR, Irvin Lyle, b. 24-Jan-1924, d. 11-Aug-1952
TAYLOR, Paulette, b. 15-Nov-1957, d. 16-Nov-1957
TAYLOR, Sarah Ann, b. 15-Nov-1957, d. 16-Nov-1957
THEROFF, Fred R, b. 11-Sep-1954, d. 9-Jul-2018
TUCKETT, Ray, b. 7-Sep-1920, d. 1-Jan-2015, "h/o Ruth"
TUCKETT, Ruth Haynes, b. 16-Mar-1927, d. 7-Nov-2014, "w/o Ray"
TYRRELL, Lee O, b. 2-Sep-1925, d. 12-Jul-2017, "S1 US Navy WWII"
VELAZQUEZ, Jessica Ramos, b. 25-Aug-1980, d. 4-Jun-2019
WIESELER, Leonard, b. 10-May-1936, d. 11-Jun-2011
ZEPEDA, Maria Ines Lua, b. 20-Jan-1926, d. 18-Sep-2018

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