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Griffith Cemetery
Adams County, Washington

Lat: 47° 15' 24"N, Lon: 118° 23' 07"W
T20N R35E NE corner SE� of Sec 3

Contributed by Marge Womach, Nov 02, 2003, last edited Jul 03, 2008 [coffee@sisna.com]. Total records = 21.

To reach the Griffith Cemetery, drive 8.5 miles north of Ritzville on Marcellus Rd on the west. The cemetery will be to your left or west.

The dedication of the land for the cemetery and accompanying legal description was filed on May 08, 1923. The plat map for that date shows nine owners. The cemetery was recorded by Georgia and Joe Hays on Sep 05, 1975, those tombstones were yet visible on Dec 16, 1999.

When the cemetery was restored a huge wooden sign was placed in the foreground with the following:

"William C Griffith gave two acres to the community for this cemetery in 1890. The Griffiths, Margaret Griffith Sheppard, Thomas L, Wm C, George A, Joseph M, and James M, came from Canada in 1876-1897 to homestead and farm about 1/2 mile south. William opened a store and established a US Post Office in 1891 for the village of Griffith, WA, which closed in 1905. Graves marked Griffith, Larmer and Kramer are descendants, others are neighbors. Restored in 1985."

The following data is taken from the tombstones on Dec 16, 1999, except Parr & Sheppard. The earliest date of death is 1890.

- Marge Womach

Cordes, baby, d. Sep 25, 1916
Gobel, baby, d. Feb 10, 1923 (s/s w/ Martha)
Gobel, Martha, b. Aug 3, 1894, d. Feb 10, 1923 (s/s w/ baby)
Gobel, Mary Hannah, b. May 25, 1919, d. May 26, 1919, (infant d/o John & Martha)
Gobel, Obediah Jacob, b. Feb 6, 1915, d. Apr 23, 1923 (s/o John & Martha)
Griffith, Gracie Clara, d. Nov 13, 1891, age 9y 6m (d/o WC & AE)
Griffith, Hazle E, d. Apr 16, 1894, age 1 year 2 months (s/s w/ Sarah A), footstone HEG
Griffith, Jesse W, b. Mar 7, 1879, d. Mar 26, 1902 (s/o WC & AE)
Griffith, Sarah A, d. Dec 10, 1890, aged 20 days (s/stone w/ Hazel)
Kramer, Grace Matilda, b. Oct 5, 1921, d. Oct 4, 1922
Larmer, Annie, d. Apr 5, 1895, aged 18 years 9 months (s/s w/ Geo, Mary & Mary M)
Larmer, Arthur, b. Mar 1, 1909, d. Mar 21, 1909 (s/s w/ Walter R & Emma J)
Larmer, Emma J, b. Feb 6, 1875, d. Sep 16, 1919 (s/s w/ Walter R & Arthur)
Larmer, George F, d. June 5, 1894, aged 34 years (s/s w/ Mary M, Mary, & Annie)
Larmer, James Robert, d. June 19, 1925, aged 57 yr 1 mo 29 days (no visible stone)
Larmer, Mary M, d. Nov 15, 1891, aged 4 years with footstone (ML) (s/s w/ Geo, etc)
Larmer, Mary, d. Feb 9, 1894, aged 55 years (s/s w/ Mary M, Annie, & George)
Larmer, Walter R, b. Jan 30, 1911, d. Dec 13, 1913 (s/s w/ Arthur & Emma J)
Morrison, Francis C, b. May 5, 1891, d. Sep 3, 1902, s/o CN & AE, footstone (FCM)
Parr, Woodson B, d. Dec 23, 1898, (no visible tombstone)
Sheppard, Chas, d. Jan 22, 1899, age 22, (no visible tombstone)

Unknown gravesite, 2'X2'X2' granite base, no visible stone
Unknown gravesite, cement stone (data illegible)
Unknown gravesite, metal marker near the Larmer plots
Unknown gravesite, wooden fence with no visible stone

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