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West Enosburgh Cemetery
West Enosburgh, Franklin County, Vermont

Lat: 44°51'18"N, Lon: 72°48'10"W

Contributed by Ted Hemenway Sr, May 26, 2001, last edited Jul 31, 2006 [enosbird@yahoo.com]. Total records = 454.

The cemetery is located one mile south of West Enosburg, Vt. on route 108.

There are some members of the cemetery association that are starting to go back through the stones and making double sure of the findings. The list is quite accurate as far as it goes. West Enosburgh cemetery has an active assoc. and is in very good condition. It has three sections in use and a fourth which has not been used yet.

Some are taken from the stones in the cemetery some years ago. This list may not have all burials in the last several years. I searched the burial records in Enosburg Falls, Vt. last winter and listed all the people buried in the West Enosburg Cemetery. These records started in 1923, before that all the records available are the stones in the cemetery.

- Ted Hemenway Sr

Abner, David, d. 27 Feb 1932, Age: 61 yrs
Abner, Melissa Anna Sharlow, d. 6 Jun 1950, Age: 70 yrs
Ames, Chester, d. 23 Feb 1936, Age: 24 yrs
Bailey, Etta M. Lagro, no dates
Bailey, Hayes W., no dates
Bamp, Austin, d. 3 Nov 1931, Age: 39
Bardo, Nancy Zoa Russell, no dates, Charles's Wife
Barup, Austin, no dates
Barup, Bernard Olin, d. 25 Sep 1947, Age: 35 yrs, Veteran
Barup, Eva M., d. 13 Apr 1969, Age: 77 yrs
Barup, Herbert E., d. 19 Feb 1949, Age: 87 yrs
Barup, Mary B., d. 9 Oct 1947, Age: 79 yrs
Beader, Allen A., d. 3 Feb 1933, Age: 35 yrs, Age from page 143
Beakes, Annie C., no dates
Bell, Jno, no dates, Veteran
Bell, Nancy Kennison, no dates
Bennett, George C., no dates
Bennett, Harley O., d. 9 May 1964, Age: 78 yrs
Bennett, Romulus, d. 7 Feb 1928, age 78 yrs
Besse, Jirah A., no dates, Son of Anthony & Sally
Bessey, Henry, no dates
Bessey, Hope, no dates, Samuel's Wife
Bessey, Jane Fassett, no dates, Henry's Wife
Bessey, Samuel, no dates
Bessy, Sarah, no dates, Anthony's Wife
Best, Addie E. Haire, no dates
Betters, Cpl. Garold W., d. 14 Mar 1945, Age: 20 yrs, Veteran
Betters, Garold C., d. 13 Apr 1940, Age: 42 yrs, Wife, Muriel McBryde
Bishopp, Gladys Ruth, d. 1 Apr 1983
Blair, John, d. 3 Mar 1932, Age: 77 yrs
Bordeau, Lucy Casavant, d. 16 Oct 1925, Age: 64 yrs
Bordo, Charles, no dates
Bordo, George, no dates
Bordo, George, no dates
Bordo, Mrs. George, no dates
Borucki, Dorcas Jean, d. 13 Jun 1989
Boutelle, Marthy M., no dates
Brochu, J., d. 31 May 1957, Age: 64 yrs
Broe, Eugene, no dates
Broe, Eva M., d. infant
Broe, Joseph, no dates
Broe, L.M., d. infant
Broe, Mary Buskey, no dates, Joseph's Wife
Brown, Alice E., b. 3 Apr 1902, d. 29 Oct 1988
Brown, Alton R., b. b. 9 Jul 1904, d. 28 Apr 1980
Brown, William, no dates, Veteran
Bryant, Anna S., no dates
Bryant, Elvira A. Stewart, no dates, Rev. John's Wife
Bryant, Frances C., no dates
Bryant, Rev. John C., no dates
Burrham, Eva, no dates
Burt, Carlton Ralph, d. 17 Feb 1932, Age: 9 yrs
Buskey, Delia, no dates
Buskey, Howard, no dates
Buskey, Isadora Lahue, no dates, Paul's Wife
Buskey, Lee, no dates
Buskey, Linus, no dates
Buskey, Paul, no dates
Carpenter, Belle L., d. 27 Dec 1986, Age: 88 yrs, Fay's Wife
Carpenter, Fay R., d. 27 Nov 1974, Age: 87 yrs
Carr, Clyde B., d. 11 Mar 1935, Age: 50 yrs
Casavant, John W., d. 24 Feb 1935, Age: 58 yrs
Casavnat, Amelia Bardo, no dates
Casavnat, Jason W or P, d. 31 Mar 1926, Age: 44 yrs
Chamberlain, Clarence Harvey, d. 17 Oct 1947, Age: 63 yrs
Chamberlain, Eleanor Burt, no dates, Gaylord's Wife
Chamberlain, Frank Benjamin, d. 30 Nov 1945, Age: 83 yrs
Chamberlain, Gaylord F., d. 7 Nov 1940, Age: 40 yrs
Chamberlain, Glenna M. Casavant, d. 30 Jan 1969, Age: 83 yrs, Clarence's Wife
Chamberlain, Susan Jane, d. 13 Apr 1945, Age: 81 yrs, Frank's Wife
Cline, Arthur A., no dates
Combs, Allen E., d. 5 Jun 1969, Age: 66 yrs
Combs, Eva Burnham, d. 2 May 1948, Age: 49 yrs, Allen's 2nd Wife
Combs, Gertrude M., b. 29 Nov 1899, d. 8 Jun 1997, Allen's 3rd wife
Combs, Kathryn, d. 23 Jun 1926, Vernal's Wife
Combs, Vernal Allen, b. 23 Jul 1922, d. 20 Dec 1993
Crochiere, George N., no dates
Crochiere, Mesire, d. 1 Jul 1955, Age: 88 yrs
Croft, Albert B., no dates
Croft, Ellen Smith, d. 20 Apr 1928, Age: 74 yrs, Wife of Albert B.
Croft, Homer S., no dates
Croft, Joseph B., no dates
Croft, Pamela Buck, no dates
Cross, Isabelle Maria, d. 29 Jun 1932, Age: 73 yrs
Cunningham, Frederick W., no dates
Currier, Orlando S., no dates
Cushman, Nancy Russell, d. 28 Mar 1925, Age: 66 yrs
Cutting, Barbara, no dates, Harold's Wife
Cutting, Filura H. McDougal, no dates
Cutting, Harold, d. 27 Jan 2001, b. 3 Oct 1925
Dagett, Mary Dean, no dates, Wife of John Daggett
Deforge, Sandra Jean, d. 1 Nov 1939, Age: 19 Months, Burns on 50% of body
Deming, Electa E., no dates
Dragett, Willard, no dates
Dunaven, Orettia Elvira, no dates
Duso, , no dates
Duso, , no dates
Duso, Carmi J., no dates
Duso, Hilda Ovitt, d. 27 Nov. 1967, Age: 57 yrs
Eaton, Lucy, no dates, Dau of Jairus & Lucy Eaton
Fassett, Henry, no dates, Veteran
Fassett, Ida Louesa, d. 30 Jun 1926, Age: 72 yrs, Henry's Wife
Fassett, Laura Webb, d. 21 Mar 1937, Age: 60 yrs, Lorenzo's Wife
Fassett, Lena V., no dates
Fassett, Lorenzo, no dates
Field, Cynthia F., no dates
Field, Gerald A., b. 0 May 1911, d. 17 Dec 1999
Field, Grace A., b. 24 Aug 1899, d. 20 Oct 1994, Roy's Wife
Field, Leirion E., d. 12 Dec 1989, b. 27 Jul 1909
Field, Roy Eli, d. 23 Jan 1983, Age: 83 yrs
Field, Samanthia, no dates
Foote, Herbert G., b. 2 May 1906, d. 20 Apr 1982
Foote, Ranalda Robtoy, b. 1 Apr 1914, d. 13 Dec 1990, Herbert's Wife
Forsyth, Bessie B. Frazier, b. 4 Dec 1898d. 3 Sep 1979, Clyde's Wife
Forsyth, Clyde E., d. 19 Mar 1963, Age: 66 yrs, Veteran
Foster, Wilson A., d. 13 Jan 1928, Age: 73 yrs
Frazier, Albert Merrill, d. 9 Jan 1959, Age: 57 yrs
Frazier, Austin G., d. 18 Aug 1969, Age: 55 yrs, Veteran
Frazier, Beatrice M. or B???, d. 18 Aug 1969, Age: 75 yrs, Jame's Wife
Frazier, Gardner S., d. 21 May 1928, Age: 66 yrs
Frazier, Irene Edith, d. 6 Mar 1976, Age: 78 yrs
Frazier, James W., d. 20 May 1930, Age: 44 yrs
Frazier, Leo Howard, d. 12 May 1945, Stillborn
Frazier, Leon G., b. 17 Oct 1894, d. 14 Jun 1977
Frazier, Leona Jane. Barney, b. 7 Feb 1908, d. 20 Oct 2000, Theodore's Wife
Frazier, Lucy Lahue, b. 27 Mar 1865, d. 24 Jan 1921, Gardner's Wife
Frazier, Mabel Ruth, d. 5 Apr 1941, Age: 54 yrs
Frazier, Rose G., no dates, Austin's Wife
Frazier, Ruth A., b. 28 Apr 1895, d. 29 May 1981
Frazier, Ruth L. Burt, b. 29 Sep 1902, d. 12 Nov 1987, Leon's Wife
Frazier, Theodore E., b. 9 Oct 1905, d. 21 Aug 1978
Furkey, Francis Ronald, b. 2 May 1922, d. 16 Jun 1983
Garrett, Ectus Joseph, d. 20 Oct 1929, Age: 44 yrs
Garrett, Ella Edith Lacross, d. 30 Mar 1952, Age: 61 yrs, Ectus's Wife
Gauvin, Lewis R., no dates
Gauvin, Marsaline B. Wells, no dates, Lewis's Wife
Gelbar, Donald Caley, d. 17 May 1976, Age: 62 yrs
Gelbar, Kathryn M., d. 10 Nov 1974, Age: 57 yrs
Gilbar, Olin, no dates
Graves, , no dates
Graves, no dates
Green, Albert W., d. 2 Mar 1936, 56-3-9
Green, Cecil L., d. infant
Green, Ella Mae Houghton, d. 20 May 1970, Age: 81 yrs, Guy's Wife
Green, Guy Wayland, d. 13 Feb 1973, Age: 89 yrs
Green, Harold, no dates
Green, Mrs Harold , no dates, Harold's Wife
Green, Winnie M. Sharlow, no dates, Albert's Wife
Greenia, Carol Mary, d. 20 Sep 1932, 2 months old
Hadley, Polly M., no dates
Haire, Ethel, d. infant
Haire, Herbert O., no dates
Hall, Delia, no dates
Hall, Diadama Hoadley, no dates
Hall, Horton, no dates
Hall, Lucy M. Houghton, d. 28 Sep 1939, Age: 90 yrs, William's Wife
Hall, Wallace N., d. 29 Mar 1923, Age: 75 yrs
Hall, William W., no dates
Hart, Frank, no dates
Hemenway, Carolyn Frazier, d. 19 Jul 1930, Theodore's Wife
Hemenway, Theodore Sr., d. 18 May 1936
Hendrick, Louise L., no dates
Hogan, Delbert C., d. 13 Dec 1939, Age: 56 yrs
Houghton, Addie Jane Walker, no dates, Darius's Wife
Houghton, Arvilla R., no dates
Houghton, Charles, no dates
Houghton, Darius E., d. 29 Jul 1931, Age: 80 yrs
Houghton, Diantha F., no dates
Houghton, Ethel A., no dates
Houghton, Hannah C., no dates
Houghton, Laura E., no dates
Houghton, Mary J., no dates
Houghton, Reliance, no dates
Houghton, Seymoar, no dates
Hubbell, Amanda C. Spears, no dates, Oscar's Wife
Hubbell, Chancy E., no dates
Hubbell, Edward G., no dates
Hubbell, Eliza K., no dates
Hubbell, Howard R., d. 4 Dec 1974, Age: 80 yrs
Hubbell, Jennie E. Sharpe, d. 14 Apr 1934, Age: 69 yrs, Marshall's Wife
Hubbell, Julia A. Bell, no dates, Edward's Wife
Hubbell, Marshall L., d. 2 May 1945, Age: 77 yrs
Hubbell, Mercia, no dates, Wife of Nathan Hubbell
Hubbell, Oscar, no dates
Hubbell, Phyllis M., b. 6 Jun 1898, d. 2 Feb 1995, Howard's Wife
Hubbell, Timothy J., no dates
Hubbell, Timothy, no dates
Hubbell, William M., no dates
Huckins, Stella S., no dates
Hull, Ernest N., b. 29 Sep 1889, d. 12 Jun 1981
Hull, Florence Kelly A., d. 21 Nov 1964, Age: 71 yrs, Ernest's Wife
Hull, Wendell Corliss, b. 24 Sep 1914, d. 25 Dec 1999
Hunt, Sherry, no dates
Ingram, William , no dates
Jacobs, Grant B., b. 15 Jan 1920, d. 19 Nov 1995
Jenne, , no dates
Jenne, Carlton, no dates
Jenne, Elsie Ruth Frazier, d. 8 Jun 1971, Age: 47 yrs
Jenne, Gladys Lambert, no dates, Harry's Wife
Jenne, Harry Gilbert, d. 27 Feb 1974, Age: 81 yrs
Jenne, Mrs Carlton, no dates, Carlton's Wife
Jenne, Norman P., no dates
Keith, Eula Holly, d. 1918,
Kelly, Ada Ovitt, d. 27 Aug 1934, Age: 45 yrs
Kimball, Laura Maria, d. 1858,
Lacross, Harry, T., d. 30 Mar 1972, Age: 79 yrs
Lacross, Hazel S or M???, d. 29 Nov 1964, Age: 60 yrs
Lacross, Mattie D., d. 8 Jan 2000
Lacross, Victor I., b. 2 Apr 1898, d. 17 May 1980
Ladd, Marion Bessey, d. 3 Sep 1940, Age: 85 yrs
Ladue, Alexander, no dates
Ladue, Ellener L., d. 23 Sep 1965, Age: 75 yrs
Ladue, George A., no dates
Ladue, Henry Joseph, d. 3 Dec 1947, Age: 90 yrs
Ladue, Leigh, no dates
Ladue, Louisa Murray, d. 28 Feb 1938, Age: 74 yrs, Henry's Wife
Lagro, no dates
Lagro, Andrew S., d. 30 Dec 1927, Age: 77 yrs
Lagro, Angeline, no dates, Lewis's Wife
Lagro, Benjamin Lee, d. 24 Apr 1941, Age: 51 yrs
Lagro, Edward, d. 6 Oct 1940, Age: 69 yrs
Lagro, Elizabeth E. Lamonda, d. 13 Oct 1933, Age: 80 yrs, Andrew's Wife
Lagro, Henry, no dates
Lagro, Janet Provo, no dates, Henry's Wife
Lagro, Leander H., no dates
Lagro, Lewis, no dates
Lagro,, no dates, Is this Edware or Ben ???
Lamonda, Charles, b. 5 Jan 1903, d. 6 May 1981
Lamonda, Lillian, d. 5 Dec 1965, Age: 45 yrs
Lamonda, Marie Irene, d. 1 Mar 1953, Age: 8 yrs
Lamonda, Mrs. Charles, no dates, Charles's Wife
Lapan, Estella M. Lagro, no dates
Lepper, Alexander C., no dates
Lepper, Lizzie, no dates
Lepper, Mary J. Glendening, no dates, William's Wife
Lepper, William, no dates
Longe, Alice E., d. 22 Aug 1961, Age: 56 yrs, Lewis's Wife
Longe, Daniel W., b. 8 Dec 1929, d. 23 Nov 1980
Longe, Lewis W., d. 30 Jun 1981 1892
Longe, Linwood, d. 6 Sep 1964, Age: 28 yrs, Son of Alice & Lewis
Longey, Beulah Marie, d. 13 Jan 1963, Age: 67 yrs
Longey, Dennis Allen, d. 9 Oct 1957, 50 minutes
Longey, Leonard S or C., d. 10 Dec 1930, Age: 15 yrs
Longey, Maurice L., d. 26 Feb 1964, Age: 71 yrs
Longley, Bernice, no dates, Cedric's Wife
Longley, Bernice, no dates
Longley, Bertha L., b. 27 Aug 1920, d. 31 Oct 1992
Longley, Cedric, no dates
Longley, Cedric, no dates
Longley, Clarence H., b. 5 Jan 1912, d. 8 Mar 1999
Lumbra, Albert Z., no dates
Lumbra, Cliffore R., no dates
MacBryde Thomas A., d. 4 Apr 1978, Age: 62 yrs
MacBryde, Muriel A. Betters, b. 10 Sep 1896, d. 6 Nov 1986, Thomas's Wife
Martin, Charles, d. 18 May 1946, Age: 76 yrs
Martin, Josephine Tanner, d. 18 Feb 1946, Age: 86 yrs, Mrs Charles Martin ?????
Martin, Mrs. Charles, no dates
Maynard, Almira, no dates, Ellison's Wife
Maynard, America M., no dates
Maynard, Charles B., no dates
Maynard, Clara Watkins, no dates, Stephen's Wife
Maynard, Edith B., no dates
Maynard, Eliza Ann, no dates, Dau of Eunice & Charles B.
Maynard, Ellison, no dates
Maynard, Eunice, no dates, Charles's B. Wife
Maynard, Julia R., no dates, Dau of Ellison Maynard
Maynard, Phebe M., no dates, Dau of E & A Maynard
Maynard, Samuel, no dates
Maynard, Serena Sanders, no dates, Samuel's Wife
Maynard, Stephen B., no dates
McAllister, Abby Boutelle, no dates, Charles's Wife
McAllister, Archibald, no dates
McAllister, Charles S., no dates
McAllister, Daphney, no dates
McAllister, Elizabeth R., no dates, Dau of Archibald & Naomi
McAllister, George D., no dates
McAllister, Hannah, no dates
McAllister, Ira, no dates, Born in Enosburgh
McAllister, James, no dates
McAllister, Laura E., no dates, Dau of Archibald & Naomi
McAllister, Loretta Farnsworth, no dates, George's Wife
McAllister, Margret, no dates, William's Wife in lot 10
McAllister, Mary, no dates, Dau of William & Mary
McAllister, Melinda Sawyer, no dates, William's Wife
McAllister, Naomi Wilson, no dates, 1st Wife
McAllister, Phebe Cutler, no dates, 2nd Wife
McAllister, Robert Craige, no dates
McAllister, William, no dates
McAllister, William, no dates
McAllister, William, no dates
McFadden, Helen Jean. Frazier, b. 19 Oct 1940, d. 9 Apr 1998
McGovern, Cordella M. Rushford, b. 14 Jan 1881, d. 1 Apr 1980, Thomas's wife
McGovern, Thomas J., d. 27 Jul 1933, Age: 55 yrs
McNall, Emma B. Tracy, d. 11 Mar 1946, Age: 74 yrs, Joel's Wife
McNall, Frankie, no dates
McNall, Joel, no dates, Veteran
McNall, Matilda, no dates
McNall, Minnie, no dates
McNall, Polly, no dates, William's Wife
McNall, Sarah Ann, no dates
McNall, William, no dates
Morgan, June Ruth, d. 19 Jun 1930, Age: 8 yrs
Murray, Etta, no dates
Newell, Ethel, no dates
Ordway, Lucy A. Rushford, d. 2 Oct 1932, Age: 73 yrs
Ovitt, Allida B., no dates
Ovitt, Amanda B., no dates
Ovitt, Bailey B., no dates
Ovitt, Carrie E. Stone, no dates, Frederick's Wife
Ovitt, Cora Eliza, d. 26 Feb 1931, Age: 70 yrs
Ovitt, Elisha A., d. 28 May 1970, Age: 85 yrs
Ovitt, Elisha C., no dates
Ovitt, Fidelia Homes, no dates, Elisha's Wife
Ovitt, Fredrick E., d. 23 Jun 1924, Age: 67 yrs
Ovitt, Hiram B., no dates
Ovitt, Lester, no dates
Ovitt, Margaret Pells, no dates, Hiram's Wife
Ovitt, Mary Murphy, no dates
Ovitt, Meredith Hoben, d. 13 Feb 1928, Age: 5 months
Ovitt, Minnie J., d. 22 Feb 1968, Age: 75 yrs, Elisha's Wife
Ovitt, Muriel, no dates
Ovitt, Olive A., d. 13 Aug 1975, Age: 86 yrs
Ovitt, Pearl W., no dates
Ovitt, Rozella F., no dates, Bailey's Wife
Page, Edna J. Fassett, no dates, Henry's Wife
Page, Henry, d. 17 Apr 1928, Age: 81 yrs, Veteran
Page, Linnie Stanton, no dates
Papaw, George, no dates, Veteran
Perry, Bertha Bailey, d. 18 Jan 1959, Age: 81 yrs, William's Wife
Perry, Clyde A., b. 29 Aug 1906, d. 26 Nov 1994
Perry, Earl M., b. 9 Apr 1905, d. 24 Aug 1983
Perry, Edwin R., b. 12 May 1916, d. 22 Jul 1984
Perry, Florence, no dates
Perry, Gertrude LaPier, d. 20 Sep 1971, Age: 57 yrs
Perry, Hilda, H., d. 16 Feb 1974, Age: 57 yrs
Perry, Ivan W., d. 15 May 1969, Age: 61 yrs
Perry, Marion C., b. 27 Jun 1909, d. 15 Apr 1981
Perry, Mrs. Ivan, no dates, Ivan's Wife
Perry, William Ernest, d. 28 Nov 1958 18 hours
Perry, William Hartford, d. 30 Jul 1949, Age: 73 yrs
Pfansteil, Clarice L., no dates
Pfansteil, Fred, d. 18 Apr 1929, Age: 69 yrs
Pfansteil, Josephine Foch, d. 6 Jun 1936, Age: 78 yrs, Fred's Wife
Pfansteil, Landon, no dates
Pfansteil, Matilda, no dates
Pfansteil, Olive Freda Fassett, d. 10 Jan 1970, Age: 83 yrs, William's Wife
Pfansteil, Phyllis, no dates
Pfansteil, William, d. 26 Feb 1949
Plouff, Marjorie Wells Fassett, no dates
Pray, Benjamin, no dates
Pray, Francelis Ovitt, no dates, Benjamin's Wife
Pronto, Philip, no dates
Putnam, Mildred S., d. 26 Oct 1976, Age: 81 yrs
Reed, Dorthy, no dates
Reed, Newton William, d. 16 Mar 1973, Age: 60 yrs
Reynolds, Eleanor Emma, d. 22 Jul 1963, Age: 61 yrs
Reynolds, Gordon S., b. 13 Aug 1908, d. 24 Jan 1984
Robideau, Lucy K. Jean, d. 15 Jan 1949, Age: 77 yrs
Robtoy, Elrick Gugene, d. 3 Aug 1953, Age: 72 yrs
Robtoy, Mary E. Burnor, b. 28 Mar 1896, d. 13 Sep 1984, Elrick's Wife
Rogers, Herman R., no dates
Rogers, Pearl, no dates
Rounds, Charles, no dates, Veteran
Rounds, George, no dates
Rounds, Jane A. Green, no dates, Charles's Wife
Rounds, Polly, no dates, Stephen's Wife
Rounds, Stephen, no dates
Rushford, Emeline, d. 14 Jul 1929, Age: 80 yrs
Rushford, Harvey, d. 16 Mar 1925, Age: 65 yrs
Rushford, Henry, no dates
Rushford, Lennard, no dates
Rushford, Leonard C., no dates
Ryea, Bernice L., d. 11 Feb 1972, Age: 59 yrs
Ryea, Diane M., no dates
Ryea, Peter Zehrian, b. 24 Apr 1911, d. 2 Apr 1989
Ryea, Reginald R., d. 27 May 1967, Age: 24 yrs
Saulters, Bernice C., d. 2 Feb 1965, Age: 54 yrs
Savage, Roger B., b. 10 Oct 1951, d. 2 Apr 1996
Schofield, Carrie , d. 7 Dec 1931, Age: 61 yrs, Is this Candance C. ???
Scofield, Amy Simkins, no dates, Oliver's Wife
Scofield, Candace C., no dates
Scofield, Oliver S., no dates
Scofield, Seril E., no dates
Sharlow, Chester, no dates
Sharlow, Florence Loukes, d. 7 Jan 1934, Age: 77 yrs, Lewis's Wife
Sharlow, Frank G., d. 1 Dec 1941, Age: 67 yrs
Sharlow, Guy F., b. 3 May 1899, d. 23 May 1988
Sharlow, Lewis H., no dates
Smith, Abbie M., no dates, Orville's Wife
Smith, Bernard, d. 9 Oct 1969, Age: 79 yrs
Smith, Betsey M. Stanhope, no dates
Smith, Charles Perkins, d. 30 Aug 1934, Age: 79 yrs
Smith, Charlotte Hull, no dates, Homer's Wife
Smith, Dorothy B., d. 3 Feb 1979, Age: 83 yrs
Smith, Eunice A., d. 26 Aug 1948, Age: 83 yrs
Smith, Harlow C., no dates, Veteran
Smith, Homer M., no dates
Smith, Homer, no dates
Smith, Julia C., no dates
Smith, Patience, no dates, Wife of Oliver Smith
Sorrel, Roxanna Burnor, d. 27 May 1970, Age: 55 yrs
Sorrell, Fred F., b. 3 May 1906, d. 7 Oct 1987
Sorrell, John, no dates
Squires, Jennie Garner, d. 1 Apr 1968, Age: 80 yrs
Squires, Leonard A., d. 14 Jul 1968, Age: 77 yrs
Stanton, Emlon L., no dates
Stanton, Ivan Lee, d. 3 Feb 1974, Age: 78 yrs
Stanton, Lillian B. Green, no dates, Emlon's Wife
Stanton, Linnie A. , d. 2 May 1955, Age: 80 yrs
Stanton, Marion Hunter, d. 3 Oct 1968, Age: 59 yrs, Ivan's Wife
Stanton, Neil H., no dates
Stevens, Charles, E., d. 14 Feb. 1947, Age: 77 yrs
Stevens, Etta Jane Baker, no dates, Charles's Wife
Stone, Burton O., d. 11 Jul 1930, Age: 66 yrs
Stone, Charlotte M. Dadmun, no dates, Burton's Wife
Sweet, Crista Jane Gauvin, d. 26 Jan 1929, Age: 77 yrs
Sweet, Herman, no dates
Thomas, Charlotte Elizabeth, d. 23 Dec 1927, Age: 74 yrs
Thomas, Eliza Green, no dates, Henry's Wife
Thomas, Henry, no dates
Thomas, Lottie Gauvin, no dates, Henry's Wife
Tracy, Marion, no dates
Walker, Diantha Field, no dates
Warner, Leland, no dates
Warner, Mrs. Leland, no dates
Washer, Florence, no dates
Washer, Herbert Foster, b. 8 Oct 1904, d. 30 Sep 1981
Watkins, Male, no dates (Son of William Watkins)
Watkins, William, no dates
Webster, Arvilla R., no dates
Webster, Eliza, no dates
Webster, Jason, no dates
Webster, Joel, no dates
Webster, Matilda Blaisdell, no dates, Joel's Wife
Wells, Mae Delia Tracy, d. 25 Sep 1944, Age: 69 yrs, Miles's Wife
Wells, Miles Lagrange, d. 20 Jan 1958, Age: 87 yrs
Wetherby, Calvin Ralph, d. 10 Nov 1924, Age: 2 days
Wheelock, Marie Roaine, b. 19 Aug 1900, d. 24 Nov 1989
White, Capt. Marvin, no dates, Veteran
White, Clarra, no dates, Marvin's Daughter
Williams, Ralph A., b. 6 May 1918, d. 26 Sep 1996
Williams, William F., d. 28 Jan 1987, Age: 50 yrs
Williams, William Jr., d. 13 Dec 1985, Age: 27 yrs
Wood, Ellin Alberta Lepper, no dates, Lewis's Wife
Wood, Lewis H., d. 30 May 1933, Age: 98 yrs
Young, Austin Charlie, d. 5 Aug 1972, Age: 73 yrs
Young, Carlton, no dates
Young, Emmons Ashton, d. 20 Sep 1969, Age: 68 yrs
Young, Gertrude M., d. 8 Feb 1969, Age: 88 yrs
Young, Hattie, d. 2 Feb 1965, Age: 77 yrs, Lee's Wife
Young, Katie L., d. 19 Jan 1982, Age: 82 yrs
Young, Katie, no dates
Young, Lee J., d. 11 Nov. 1969, Age: 81 yrs
Young, Nellie G. Perkins, d. 14 Dec 1974, Age: 78 yrs, Emmons's Wife

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