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Merrill Cemetery
Colchester, Chittenden County, Vermont

Contributed by Jim Haire, Jan 01, 2001 [jhaire2@msn.com]. Haire Memorials
Total records = 62.

The Cemetery is located on the South side of Vermont Route 15, between St. Michael's College and the former Fanny Allen Hospital. There is also a Military cemetery within a half mile on the North side of the Fanny Allen Hospital.

This list was received from Rebecca Munson. It was recorded by James M. Cutler in the fall of 1977. Prepared and formatted for computer by Jim Haire

Austin, Edmund, d. 18 Jul 1858, age 39
Austin, Mary Ann Sibley, d. 26 Jul 1859, age 37y 8m, w/o Edmund Austin
Balch, Lemuel I., d. 23 Mar 1866, age 29y
Brigham, Phineas, d. 11 Jun 1843, age 24y
Brown, Mary E., d. 29 Aug 1867, age 11m 11d, d/o John & Matha? Brown
Carter, Charles W., d. 10 May 1869, age 2m, s/o C. H. & C. F. Cater
Chase, Eliza H., d. 16 Sep 1864, age 36, d/o D. & H. Warren
Dominy, Hattie M., d. 20 Mar 1872, d/o C. H. & E. A. Dominy
Fadden, Albert, d. 29 Jun 1862, age 14y 9m, s/o C & A Fadden
Fadden, Comfort, d. 02 Apr 1851, age 19d, s/o Comfort & Amanda Fadden
Fadden, Sarah, d. ?? Dec 1860, age 14m, d/o Comfort & Amanda Fadden
Fairbanks, Henry, d. 1946
Fairbanks, Katherine, d. 19??, w/o Henry
Fenwick, Charles, d. 31 Oct 1871, age 8y 4m, s/o G & C Fenwick
Fenwick, William, d. 23 Feb 1869, age 7y 4m, s/o G. & C. Fenwick
Gianelli, Arnold, b. 1908, d. 1973
Gianelli, Mary, b. 1918, w/o Arnold
Gordon, Robert W., d. 28 Feb 1920, age 5m, s/o J. R. & M Gordon
Grannis, Charles W., d. 09 Nov 1843, age 59y
Hatcher, ??, b. 23 Aug 1914, d. ?? Feb 1915, (of Mr & Mrs Hatcher)
Hayden, Sarah, d. 12 Aug 1867, age 55y, w/o Henry F. Hayden
Hurlbert, Celia Lord, b. 1849, d. 1932
Hurlbert, George H., b. 1870, d. 1922
Hurlbert, Phila, b. 1871, d. 1874
Joy, Shuah, d. 11 Sep 1836, age 56y, w/o Thomas Joy
Leavitt, Caroline C. Wells, d. 05 Dec 1890, age 59y, w/o Hiram Leavitt
Leavitt, Hiram, b. 22 Mar 1835, d. 13 Nov 1910
McCarthy, Loretta, b. 1910, w/o James P. O'Bierne
Merrill, A. J., 19 May 1891, age 76y
Merrill, Ara, d. 22 Jan 1849, age 66y
Merrill, Cornelius A., d. 18 Aug 1830, age 3y
Merrill, Emma Moss, b. 1862, 1934, w/o W. H. Merrill
Merrill, Fanny M. (Pike), d. 08 Oct 1878, age 58y, w/o A. J. Merrill
Merrill, Frances E., b. 1844, d. 1905
Merrill, Frederick J., b. 1896, d. 1970
Merrill, Hannah, d. 21 Aug 1870, age 86y
Merrill, W. T., b. 1858, d. 1897
O'Bierne, James P., b. 1913, d. 1974
Penniman, Harriett L., d. 05 Jul 1858, age 22y 11m, d/o Udney H. & Adeline
Penniman, Udney H., d. 17 Sep 1862
Perry, Amelia, d. 02 Aug 1853, age 56y
Perry, Eliza B., No dates, age 24y 9m, d/o J.A. & L.D. Perry, (stone broken)
Perry, Ellen, d. 12 Jan 1846, age 4y 11m, d/o Joseph & Lydia Perry
Perry, Joseph, d. 22 Mar 1865, age 56y
Perry, Lydia D. Merriam, d. 18 Apr 1867, age 57y, w/o Joseph
Ritchie, John J., b. 1868, d. 1929
Sherman, Infant, d. 11 Mar 1872, age 15d, s/o Geo D. & Mary A. Sherman
Smith, Elbert, b. 29 Aug 1879, d. 17 Oct 1879, s/o U.F.& J.E. Smith
Smith, Jennie E., b. 15 Jan 1859, d. 28 Dec 1905, w/o Ulysses
Smith, Ulysses F., b. 28 Feb 1854, d. 13 Dec 1903
Stoehr, Dr. Richard, b. 1874, d. 1967
Taylor, Barbara Clark, d. 24 Jun 1896, age 77y, w/o Harvey F.
Taylor, Ellaida, No dates, age7y, d/o Harvey & Barbara
Taylor, Harvey F., d. 30 Dec 1902, age 81y
Taylor, James D., No dates
Taylor, James H., No dates, age 11y, s/o Harvey & Barbara
Taylor, Mary Frances, No dates, age 2y, d/o Harvey & Barbara
Williams, Charles N., d. 29 Sep 1900, age 44y
Williams, Emorgene L., d. 11 Jun 1879, age 23y 4m, w/o C. N. Williams
Williams, Wm., d. 19 Jun 1842, age 45y
Woodard, Almond, d. 29 Oct 1840, age 1y3m5d, s/o D.W. & Catherine Woodard
Woodard, Herbie, No dates, s/o E.D. & S.A. Woodard

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