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Stevens Cemetery
Barnet, Caledonia County, Vermont

Barnet Town Clerk, 802-633-2256

Lat: 44°17'51" N, Lon: 072°02'57"W

Submitted by Wally, Aug 21, 2003 [rriderb@hotmail.com]. Total records = 151.

To reach cemetery from I-91, take the Barnet exit, go north on US Rt 5 less than a quarter of a mile, on left across the road from the Town Clerk Office is the cemetery.

This cemetery was discontinued 1896 the earliest and latest stones being, "1796" & "4/3/1896". Although, the journal of Enos Stevens says, under the date of Apr 13, 1787: "All hands fencing in the burying place which I gave to the inhabitants of Barnet." and under Apr 18: The neighbors came and finished the fence around the burying place."

According to Rev. Goodwillie (son and successor of the town's first settled minister), Daniel Hall's wife was the first person who died in town soon after settlement began in 1770 and is buried here in an unmarked grave. Two descendants of Mayflower passengers are buried here, including Stevens Rider, Barnet's first Town Clerk and Constable.

The stones in the cemetery have recently been cleaned, standing upright, mostly clearly readable in good cross-light at mid-day.

I walked this cemetery in May 30, 2000, doing a personal inspection of all of the gravestones. I also measured the stones and the distances between them. No Sexton's records or map existed for this burying ground. I hope my work has corrected this problem with the transcription below.

"a" following a birthdate, indicates date calculated from deathdate minus age. Some of the supplemental info is from Vital Records and some was not in previous Town Clerk cemetery record.

- Wally

Appelby, (sic) Thomas, b. 02/17/1835a, d. 05/31/1836, age: 15 mo & 14 days, son of William & Ellen Appelby (sic)
Ayer, Lucy M. Stevens, b. 1792a, d. 12/13/1823, age: 31 yr, wife of Wm. Ayer & daughter of Sophia & Enos Stevens Esq, died at Barton, At her request she was moved to this place by her Brothers and Sisters
Ayer, William Mr., b. 1794a, d. 03/21/1833, age: 38 yr
Ayers, Sophia S., b. 02/28/1821a, d. 04/02/1825, age: 4 y. 1 m. 2 d, Dau. of William & Lucy M
Beard, Harrison, b. 11/19/1822a, d. 02/04/1833, age: 10 yr 2 mo 15 days, son of James & Eliza
Beard, John Q., b. 09/14/1820, d. 12/06/1863 Co. D 1st Vt. Vols
Beard, Lucy L. Fisher, b. 05/07/1837, d. 03/26/1911, wife of John Q
Beard, Marshall C., b. 05/--/1825a, d. 01/31/1862, age: 36 yr. & 8 mo
Beard, Mary, b. 1828a, d. 04/30/1852, wife of Marshall C Beard, age: 24, next line: "Gilbert" rest of stone buried, in concrete, they had a son Gilbert (09/16/1851-03/03/1852 (BVR)), Stone broken by falling tree winter 1999--several pieces found stacked, in woods, some pieces still missing
Beard, Moses Moody, b. 1815a, d. 03/07/1833, age: 18 yr, son of Moody & Betsy
Bingham, Daniel Buck, b. 11/07/1815a, d. 09/17/1824, age: 8 yr 10 months & 10 days, son of Elijah G. & Caroline B. Bingham
Bingham, an, infant, b. 01/18/1823a, d. 01/27/1823, age: 9 days, children of Elijah G. & Caroline B
Bingham, an, infant, b. 02/06/1824?, d. 02/06/1824, children of Elijah G. & Caroline B
Bovee, Elizabeth Redding, b. 1777, d. 07/11/1834, in the 58 yr of her age, wife of Jacob Bovee, Mayflower Descendant
Bovee, Jacob, b. 1773a, d. 01/02/1842, age: 68 y'rs
Carroll, Ellen, b. 1800a, d. 02/16/1843, age: 42, wife of Jeremiah, A native of Hilmurray Co Cork Ireland, died, in Barnet
Clement, Hellen, b. 05/11/1829a, d. 02/02/1841, age: 11 yr 6 mo & 21 days, daughter of Caleb & Ruth
Covney, Joun, b. 01/--/1823, d. 07/29/1849, age: 16 yr's 7 mos, Native of Ireland, dau'r of John
Crandal, Hazen R., b. 1824a, d. 05/19/1843, age: 19 YR'S, son of John & Sarah
Crandall, Sarah A., b. 1817a, d. 03/01/1843, age: 26 Y'rs, daughter of John & Sarah
Da___, infant son, b. 04/02/1830a, d. 06/18/1830, age: 11 weeks 2 days, in memory of an infant, son of Elijah & Mary B. Da___ (see also: stone under Hubbard, John Davi_)
Davidson, Janet, b. 1800a, d. 08/23/1866, age: 66, wife of John
Davidson, John, b. 1800a, d. 07/23/1856, age: 56
Duncan, Adam Jr., b. 1813a, d. 10/23/1824, age: 11 yr, Son of Adam & Dorothy
Duncan, Adam, b. 1782, d. 12/04/1826, age: 45 yr, born in Ackworth N.H, footstone reads: "A.D."
Duncan, Dorothy Lancaster, b. 1783, d. 1841, age: 58 yr, His wife, footstone reads: "D.D."
Duncan, Horace B., b. 02/--/1824a, d. 08/22/1825, age: 18 months, Son of Adam & Dorothy
Duncan, John Lancaster, b. 1807a, d. 12/16/1819, age: 12 yr, son of Adam Duncan Esq & Dorothy his wife
Eastman, Edward Dana, b. 05/--/1849a, d. 09/23/1850, age: 1 y'r 4 mo, son of E. J. & Lima H
Eastman, Franklin Tuttle, b. 1842a, d. 10/24/1848, age: 6 yr, son of E. J. & Lima H
Gammell, Archibald B., b. 06/--/1810a, d. 12/08/1816, age: 6 y's. 6 mo, son of Samuel & Sarah
Gammell, Gates Guy, b. 05/--/1856a, d. 08/22/1866, age: 10 yr 3 ms, children of A. H. & Mary M. Gammell
Gammell, Gibbs, b. 11/--/1850a, d. 08/29/1852, age: 21 ms, children of A. H. & Mary M. Gammell
Gammell, Jane D., b. 01/--/1828a, d. 05/24/1834, age: 6 yr. 4 mo, dau of Samuel & Sarah
Gammell, John A. P., b. 01/--/1844a, d. 05/27/1868, age: t. 24 ys. 10 ms
Gammell, Lucretia Maud, b. 08/--/1859a, d. 09/13/1860, age: 13 ms, children of A. H. & Mary M. Gammell
Gammell, Sarah, b. 10/--/1787a, d. 02/02/1871, age: 83 y's 4 m's, wife of Samuel
Gilchrist, Alexander Esq, b. 1762a, d. 03/02/1824, age: 62 yr
Gilchrist, Jane, b. 1770a, d. 09/18/1842, age: 72, wife of Alexr Gilchrist Esq
Gilchrist, Jean Mrs., b. 1733a, d. 12/18/1828, age: 95 yr, wife of James Gilchrist Esq
Gilfillan, Della J. E., b. 03/21/1853a, d. 08/15/1854, age: 1 yr. 4 mo. & 24 dys, dau. of James & Hannah W. Gilfillan, BVR contain mc of Hannah to James Gilfillan, in 1852 and Hannah's dc giving her condition as "single" (prob div? as James' m. again, in 1858 (BTHp435) and then m. 2nd(?!) (BVRmc), in 1883)
Greenbank, Elizabeth, b. 1814a, d. 06/02/1841, age: 27 yr, wife of Timothy
Greenbank, George, b. 1775a, d. 02/07/1844, age: 68
Greenbank, Susannah, b. 1777a, d. 11/17/1867, age: 90, His wife
Hall, Mrs Daniel, d. 177-?, per the son and successor of the town's first settled minister, she was the first person who died, in town soon after settlement began, in 1770. Her grave is not marked
Harvey, Elizabeth L. Ayer, b. 1823a, d. 06/16/1887, age: (flaked away) yr, wife of John Harvey
Haseltine, Assenath Mrs., b. 1777a, d. 08/15/1807, age: 30 yr, wife of Capt Timo
Haseltine, Timo. Capt., b. 1758a, d. 08/20/1818, age: 60 yr
Howe, Mary H., b. 1793a 06/09/1835, age: about 42 yr, wife of Wm
Howe, William, b. 1784a, d. 03/15/1821, age: about 37 yr
Hubbard, John Davi_, b. 12/22/1825a, d. 04/12/1826, age: 3 months & 20 days, son of John & Harriet Hubbard (see also: stone under Da___)
Hyndman, Ann, b. 1815a, d. 03/21/1832, in the 17 yr of her age, dau. of John & Ann (sic)
Hyndman, Anna, b. 1784a, d. 12/26/1863, age: 79, wife of John
Hyndman, Freeman, b. 1810a, d. 09/15/1851, age: 41
Hyndman, Jennet, b. 1739a, d. 10/28/1831, age: 92 yr, wife of Deacon John, died at Barnet
Hyndman, John Dea., b. 1739a, d. 05/11/1834, age: 94 yr, a Native of Scotland
Jackman, William C., b. 07/13/1842a, d. 02/23/1843, age: 7 mo's & 10 d, son of Daniel P. & Susan G
Johnson, Albert H., b. 06/--/1849a, d. 09/13/1850, age: 1 yr 3 M'S & 5 D'S, son of J. A. & J. B
Johnson, Ellen D, b. 08/03/1833a, d. 03/24/1836, age: 2 ys 7 ms & 21 days, daughter of Josiah A & J. Johnson
Johnson, Jane B., b. 04/--/1846a, d. 08/29/1850, age: 4 yr & 4 M'S, dau of J. A. & J. B
Johnson, Sarah, b. 1776a, d. 06/07/1840, age: 64, Relict of John
LaPoint, Mary, b. 06/--/1849a, d. 04/05/1863, age: 13 Y's, 10 Ms
Mason, Catherine, b. 1780a, d. 07/01/1858, age: 78, wife of Thomas
Mason, John, b. 02/--/1820a, d. 11/19/1852, age: 32 y'rs 9 mo
Mason, Thomas, b. 1779a, d. 10/07/1847, age: 68 y'rs
McKnown, Henry, b. 1813a, d. 05/15/1845, age: 31 yr (sic)
McKown, Clarrissa, b. 1812a, d. 05/18/1842, age: 29 yr, wife of Henry
McKown, Robert T., b. 07/--/1836a, d. 09/23/1858, age: 22 Y's 2 M's
McKown, Robert, b. 1806a, d. 01/09/1890, age: 84 y'rs
McKown, Thomas, b. 1885a, d. 06/22/1855, age: 70
McLaren, Edwin, b. 12/--/1820a, d. 05/30/1856, age: 35 y's 6 m's
Morrison, Betsy Rider, b. 02/--/1898a, d. 12/27/1831, age: 33 yr 10 mo's, wife of David Morrison
O'Neil, James, b. 1843a, d. 05/17/1850, age: 7 yr's, Native of Cork County Ireland, son of Dennis & Ellen
O'Sullivrn, Cornelious, b, d. 1817a 09/28/1850, age: 33. Native of B�ntry Coy Cork Ireland
Pearsons, John, b. 07/19/1831a, d. 01/07/1836, age: 4 yr 5 mo & 18 days, son of Wm. & Elizabeth Pearsons
Porter, Eliza, b. 12/31/1807a, d. 04/04/1810, age: 2 yr 3 mo. & 4 days, dau of Mr James & Mrs Jane
Quimby, Almira, b. 1828a, d. 02/01/1856, age: 28 y'rs, dau of Hubbard & Mehiuable (sic)
Rider, Stevens Mr., b. 1750a, d. 11/11/1829, age: 79 yr, Mayflower Descendant
Salter, Bossenger, b. 1750a, d. 12/07/1802, age: 52 yr, Husband of Ines Hand, born in Boston about 1750, Lived died & buried at Bath N H
Salter, Caroline W, b. 1791a, d. 10/12/1857, age: 66, wife of N. H. Salter
Salter, Hannah W., b. 1813a, d. 07/07/1881, age: 67 y'rs, dau of N. H. & Caroline, BVR contain mc to James Gilfillan, in 1852 and dc giving condition as "single" (prob div? as James' m. again, in 1858 (BTHp435) and then m. 2nd(?!) (BVRmc), in 1883)
Salter, Ines Hand, b. 1761a, d. 09/--/1834, age: 73 yr, wife of Bossenger Salter, born in Conn, in 1761, Lived at Bath N.H. & died at Barnet
Salter, Mary E, b. 1821a, d. 11/27/1848, age: 27 y'rs, dau'r of Nathan & Caroline
Salter, Nathaniel H., b. 01/--/1788a, d. 08/02/1864, age: 76 y's 7 m's
Salter, Sophia S., b. 1815a, d. 04/03/1896, age: 80 y'rs, dau of N. H. & Caroline
Salter, Willard K, b. 1818a, d. 08/16/1844, age: 26 yr
Sawyer, Prudence Stevens, b.1794a?, d. 12/31/181 (9?), age: 25 yr, only clear part of DOD is "31, 181)" and clearly bottom half of 1st letter of month is "D" not "O" - however, per BTHp.623 (published, in 1923) Dr. Phineas' dau. Prudence (b. 6/8/1796, d. 10/31/1819) m. John Sawyer, but no BVRmr or dr for either
Shaw, John Mr., b. 1747a, d. 11/16/1829, age: 82 yr, A native of Scotland, Stone broken by falling tree winter 1999--over 20 pieces found stacked, in woods, some pieces still missing
Sillars, Jane, b. 08/26/1839a, d. 08/29/1842, age: 3 y's & 3 d's, dau of Donald & Margaret
Smillie, Margaret J., b. 1827a, d. 11/01/1843, age: 16 yr, daut. of James & Susannah Smillie
Smith, Amanda M. Hopkins, b. 1826a, d. 12/11/1855, age: 29, wife of John, & daur. of Chandler & Sally Hopkins, Also an, infant daughter
Smith, Andrew, b. 05/20/1853a, d. 04/10/1854, age: 10 mos 20 ds, son of J. M. & Amanda M
Smith, John, b. 04/15/1836, d. 05/01/1836, age: 2 weeks, 2 days, son of William & Julia
Smith, Julia Mrs., b. 1810a, d. 04/23/1836, age: 26 yr, wife of Mr. William
Smith, Olive, b. 03/--/1798a, d. 11/29/1852, age: 54 y'rs 8 mo's, wife of Andrew
Smith, infant dau, b. 1855?, d. 1855?, infant daughter of John & Amanda M
Somers, Agnes Mrs., b. 1744a, d. 07/13/1824, in the 81 yr of her age, wife of Mr. Claud
Somers, Agnes, b.1779a, d. 10/08/1861, age: 82 y'rs, wife of Bartholomew
Somers, Augusta A., b. 05/--/1806, d. 11/16/1871, age: 65 y's 6 m's
Somers, Bartholomew, Esq., b. 1771a, d. 03/29/1847, age: 76
Somers, Claud Mr., b. 1766a, d. 12/31/1828, age: 62 yr
Somers, Claud, b. 1740a, d. 06/01/1818, age: 78 yr
Somers, Edward, b. 1815a, d. 03/03/1843, age: 28, Son of Hugh & Jane, died at Payson, Adams Co, Illinois
Somers, Hannah G., b. 05/--/1841a, d. 04/08/1853, age: 11 y's. 11 mo, dau'r of Thomas & Maria
Somers, Henry, b. 1817a, d. 06/08/1824, age: 7 yr, son of Hugh & Jane, died at Barnet
Somers, Hugh, b. 1780a, d. 11/28/1852, age: 72
Somers, Hyndman, b. 03/--/1812a, d. 02/04/1833, age: 20 yr 11 months, son of Cloud & Jane Somers
Somers, Jane Cross, b. 01/--/1785a, d. 10/22/1881, age: 95 yr 10 ms, His wife
Somers, Jennet, b. 1774a, d. 09/30/1847, age: 73 y'rs, wife of Cloud (sic)
Somers, Nancy, b.1802a, d. 08/24/1820, age: 18 yr, daughter of Mr. Claud & Mrs. Jane
Somers, Sarah Jane, b. 01/--/1840a, d. 05/14/1853, age: 13 y's. 4 mo, dau'r of Thomas C. & Maria
Somers, William, b.1795a, d. 08/20/1821, age: 26 yr
Stevens, Benjamin Franklin, b. 05/19/1829, d. 02/21/1833, children of Henry & Candace Stevens
Stevens, Candace Salter, b. 07/16/1792, d. 04/21/1874, age: 82 yr, Born at Bath, N.H, Married Henry Stevens Mar. 16, 1815
Stevens, Elizabeth Pearson Whitehill, b. 06/06/1839, d. 03/26/1925, wife of Enos
Stevens, Elizabeth, b. 03/14/1835, d. 04/30/1835, children of Henry & Candace Stevens
Stevens, Enos Esqr, b. 1739a, d. 06/07/1808, age: 69
Stevens, Enos, b. 07/22/1799a, d. 04/07/1819, age: 19 yr, 8 month & 15 days, son of Enos & Sophia
Stevens, Enos, b. 1815a, d. 01/31/1877, age: 61 y'rs
Stevens, George Lieut, b. 06/08/1821, d. 05/18/1846, age: 25 yr, Son of Henry and Candace. Graduated at West Point Class of 1843 2 Dragoons US Army on Gen. Taylor's staff Mexican War. Drowned while crossing the Rio Grande with the General's advanced Guard & buried at Fort Brownin Texas
Stevens, Henry, b. 12/13/1791, d. 07/30/1867, age: 75 yr, Born at Barnet
Stevens, Mary Woodward Mrs., b. 1764a, d. 09/14/1807, age: 43 yr, wife of Doct. Phineas
Stevens, Mary, b. 1793a, d. 04/04/1872, age: 78 y'rs, wife of Willard
Stevens, Phineas Dr, b. 1744a, d. 05/11/1799, age: 54 yr
Stevens, Samuel, b. 04/16/1831, d. 03/16/1833, children of Henry & Candace Stevens
Stevens, Samuel, b. 09/17/1823, d. 05/27/1827, children of Henry & Candace Stevens
Stevens, Simon, b. 04/03/1801a, d. 06/24/1826, age: 25 y'rs. 2 mo's. & 21 d's, son of Enos & Sophia
Stevens, Sophia, b. 02/07/1765, d. 09/23/1815 (sic), age: 55 yr (sic), Born Feb 7, 1765 (sic), wife of Enos
Stevens, Sophia, b. 03/20/1817, d. 02/06/1820, children of Henry & Candace Stevens
Stevens, Sophia, b. 12/14/1797a, d. 09/18/1798, age: 9 months & 4 days, daughter of Enos & Sophia Stevens
Stevens, Willard, b. 08/17/1794, d. 11/11/1870, age: 76 yr, Born at Barnet
Stevens, unnamed son, b. 1796, d. 1796, in memory of two stillborn sons of Enos & Sophia Stevens who were born AD 1796 and 1807
Stevens, unnamed son, b. 1807, d. 1807, in memory of two stillborn sons of Enos & Sophia Stevens who were born AD 1796 and 1807
Symes, Rebekah, b. 03/--/1831a, d. 05/16/1853, age: 22 y's 2 mo, dau'r of Alexander & Margaret
Thomas, Caroline E. Salter, b. 1829a, d. 09/05/1877, age: 48, died and was buried, in Providence, R.I, their dau'tr & wife of Justus Thomas
Waterhouse, Ida M., b. 05/--/1852a, d. 02/11/1854, age: 21 months, dau of Miles & Julia P
Welch, Eliza Cummings, b. 1815a, d. 06/10/1893, age: 78 yr, wife of James (Mother)
Welch, Eliza J., b. 08/--/1847a, d. 10/15/1863, age: 16 y's 2 m's, dau of James & Eliza
Welch, Ellen, b. 08/--/1843, d. 04/11/1852, age: 8 Y's 8 M's
Welch, Ellen, b. 08/--/1843, d. 04/11/1852, age: 8 Y's 8 M's, dau'r of James & Eliza
Welch, James, b. 1809a, d. 08/11/1887, age: 78 yr (Father)
Welch, John C., b. 12/--/1835a, d. 07/23 (sic)/1837, age: 19 mo
Welch, John C., b. 12/--/1835a, d. 07/29 (sic)/1837, age: 1 Y'r 7M's
Welch, Martha E., b. 05/--/1850a, d. 09/14/1850, age: 4 M's
Welch, Martha E., b. 05/--/1850a, d. 09/14/1850, age: 4 mo, dau'r of James & Eliza
Wright, Abiathar, b. 1814a, d. 08/01/1827, age: 13 yr, son of widow Abigail & the late Doct. Abiathar Wright
Wright, Abiather Dr., b. 1774a, d. 01/10/1815, age: 41
Wright, Abigail, b. 1775a, d. 03/05/1859, age: 84 yr, wife of the late Dr. Abiather Wright
Wright, Ashley, b.1798a, d. 04/12/1840, age: 42
Wright, Elizabeth, b. 03/06/1821a, d. 07/02/1843, age: 22 yr's 3 mo. & 26 ds, wife of Zadock
Wright, Sally Stevens, b. 09/--/1786a, d. 06/03/1835, age: 48 y's 9 m's, wife of James Wright

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