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Yancey Family Cemetery
Mecklenburg County, Virginia

Contributed by Fred Krauss, Sep 14, 2000, updated Oct 22, 2002 [krauss@iname.com]. Krauss Homepage Total records = 18.

Preface The information contained here was composed by Frederick John Krauss of King William Co., Virginia (Son of Blanche Lorraine Yancey Krauss and great grandson of Edward W Yancey). Special thanks to Mary Wade Atkins daughter of Blanche Eudora Yancey Atkins and Marlene Overby Yancey Harris daughter of Jordan Edward Yancey. Without their assistance this information would be incomplete. Mary is my 1st cousin one removed and Marlene is my 2nd cousin. Maps and photos of the Yancey Family Cemetery and each grave are available at The Krauss Home Page located HTTP://COME.TO/KRAUSS or http://beam.to/krauss

Home Place
The Yancey family home place in Mecklenburg County, Virginia was built before 1855 and was situated on over 300 acres of land off of the main road by over one half mile. It was a grand house for the times with both a front and side porch. Two fireplaces on the first and second floor head the home. After the death of Edward W Yancey, my great grandfather, the farm was divided among several of his children. Yancey's no longer own the land the cemetery is on.

Directions The home place and cemetery is located about six miles south of Clarksville, Virginia in Mecklenburg County just two miles north of the Virginia and the North Carolina state line. From Clarksville, route 15 and 49 take route 15, go about two miles. Turn right on route 723, go about 2 1/2 miles to route 811. Go about 4 tenths mile and look for Goodwin Drive on the right. Goodwin Drive is a dirt trail that leads to the Yancey cemetery. Bare left and you will see a house on the right at about one tenth mile. From here on, the road gets worse. From here on keep baring right at each cutoff trail for about 3/4 of a mile. Look for a abandoned utility pole on right with number HB267. From here go about two tenths mile and look for cedar trees on left. Just past the cedar trees is a trail to the left. It is grown up so you might miss it. The Yancey home place is just behind the cedars by about 150 feet. If you want to see the house don't try to go through the cedars. Instead, go down the trail about 100 feet and walk in. The house is on the left and the cemetery on the right. To get to the cemetery from where you turned onto this trail, go about two tenths mile. You are almost there. To the left about 200 feet in the woods is the cemetery. You can also walk in from route 723. Going in this way you cannot drive over the creek at the bottom, but it is closer. It is best to visit after the first hard freeze in the fall and before early spring. Any other time it is difficult to find and you will have plenty of ticks to bring back with you.

Cemetery The cemetery is off to the back side of the house approximately 400 feet. At the time the cemetery was built it was in an open field and could be seen from the house. However, in 2000 the field has grown up into woods with trees as big as three feet across. The cemetery cannot be seen from the house or from the edge of the woods. The cemetery consists of 18 graves, 12 of which are inside a cast iron fence approximately 40 feet across the front by 25 feet deep. The first person laid to rest in the Yancey cemetery was the first infant of George Thomas Yancey & Exony Mariah Sizemore Yancey who died before 1857. The last person laid to rest here was Blanche Eudora Yancey Atkins who died August 7, 1976. If you plan to visit the cemetery, I recommend you use a pickup truck, sport utility vehicle or walk in. Do not use a car, because you might get stuck. If you walk in, it is closer to go in from route 723.

Atkins, Blanch Eudora (Yancey), b. Apr 23, 1881 Mecklenburg Co. VA, d. Aug 7, 1976,daughter of Edward W. Yancey and Catharine Rebecca Newton
Atkins, Julia Blair, b. Mar 4, 1915 Mecklenburg Co. VA, d. Jun 16, 1916 Mecklenburg Co. VA, daughter of W.I. and B.E. Atkins
Atkins, Walter I, b. 1870, d. 1925
Fossett, Daniel R, b. Apr 17, 1872, d. Nov 11 1945 Mecklenburg Co, VA
Loyd, Catherine (Yancey), b. Feb 27, 1864 Mecklenburg Co. VA, d. May 26 1919, Daughter of George Thomas Yancey and Exony Mariah Sizemore Yancey
Noblin, George Washington, b. Dec 23, 1864 Mecklenburg Co. VA, d. Mar 12, 1933, h/o Sarah
Noblin, Sarah Rosabell (Yancey), b. Aug 27, 1867 Mecklenburg Co. VA, d. Feb 26 1927 Mecklenburg Co. VA, Noblin, w/o George, daughter of George Thomas Yancey and Exony Mariah Sizemore Yancey
Pittard, Son, b. Jul 4, 1918 Mecklenburg Co. VA, d. Jul 4, 1918 Mecklenburg Co. VA, Child of Fred Louis and Addie Belle Williamson Pittard
Williamson, Daughter, b. and d. 1895 Mecklenburg Co. VA, Infant Dau. of W.H. & M.A. Williamson
Yancey, Addie Lee, b. May 17, 1866 Mecklenburg Co. VA, d. Nov 4 1913, Daughter of Geo. Thom. Yancey and Exony Mariah Yancey
Yancey, Charlie T, b. Aug 12, 1869 Mecklenburg Co. VA, d. May 30, 1883 Mecklenburg Co. VA, Son of George Thomas Yancey and Exony Mariah Sizemore Yancey
Yancey, Edward W, b. Dec 12, 1830 Mecklenburg Co. VA, d. Jun 24, 1914 Mecklenburg Co. VA, Wife bur. Oakhurst Cemetery Clarksville VA., CO. I. 38 VA INF CSA Confederate States of America, footstone
Yancey, Exony Mariah (Sizemore), b. Apr 25, 1832, d. Nov 14, 1903, wife of George Thomas Yancey
Yancey, George Thomas, b. Dec 12, 1824 Mecklenburg Co. VA, d. Dec 16 1902 Mecklenburg Co. VA, G.T. Yancey, b. Dec. 12, 1824, d. Dec. 16, 1902, George Thomas Yancey
Yancey, Infant, b. before 1857 Mecklenburg Co. VA, d. before 1857 Mecklenburg Co. VA, First infant of G.T. & Ony M. Yancey, before 1857
Yancey, John S, b. & d. after 1872 Mecklenburg Co. VA, last infant of G.T. & Ony M. Yancey
Yancey, Lucy Charlotte, b. Jun 12, 1910 Mecklenburg Co. VA, d. Jun 25, 1914 Mecklenburg Co. VA, Daughter of Floyd E. and Ada Lee Yancey d. from allergic reaction to eating peanuts
Yancey, William J, b. Sep 16, 1857 Mecklenburg Co. VA, d. Aug 1, 1923 Mecklenburg Co. VA, William J Yancey, Son of George Thomas Yancey and Exony Mariah Sizemore Yancey

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