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Oakland Cemetery
City of Hampton, Virginia

E Pembroke Ave & & Calhoun St Hampton, VA 23669

Lat: 37° 02' 01"N, Lon: 76° 19' 45"W

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 221.

Contributor's Index:

Alford, Evans B., b. 1933, d. 1999, [DS]
Allen, Frederick D., b. 8/4/1925, d. 5/1/2001, PFC US Army World War II, [DS]
Ashburn, Benjamin F., b. 1846, d. 1926, [DS]
Ashburn, Martha Sebree, b. 4/16/1856, d. 9/7/1936, [DS]
Barner, Robert L., b. 1/28/1912, d. 6/29/1996, [DS]
Barner, Ruby L., b. 8/27/1947, d. 9/25/1999, [DS]
Bell, William A., b. 2/8/1908, d. 3/11/1997, US Army World War II, [DS]
Billfeldt, John Alfred, b. 4/24/1880, d. 3/22/1927, [DS]
Bishop, Sandy L. Sr, b. 8/21/1947, d. 9/27/1998, S. Sgt US Army Vietnam, [DS]
Boney, Rice, b. 3/20/1927, d. 12/19/1998, Bro, [DS]
Boone, Patricia, b. 2/28/1980, d. 9/3/1997, Peaches, [DS]
Boulter, William H., b. 1841, d. 1922, [DS]
Boykins, Terance N., b. 10/10/1991, d. 2/20/2001, [DS]
Bradley, Helena R., b. 2/25/1952, d. 3/23/1997, [DS]
Brooks, Perlia J., b. 1916, d. 1997, Your loving family, [DS]
Brooks, Thomas E., b. 1907, d. 1997, Father, [DS]
Brothers, Paul Ernest, b. 9/23/1934, d. 6/19/1999, AIC Us Air Force, [DS]
Brown, Howard A., b. 5/25/1911, d. 9/15/1993, You are forever in our hearts, [DS]
Brown, William H., b. 9/17/1876, d. 9/16/1906, "years might be slightly off, unreadable", [DS]
Brown, Willie Julius Jr, b. 6/8/1945, d. 3/31/1991, SGT Us Army, [DS]
Bullock, Timothy Leon, b. 12/27/1950, d. 8/16/1999, [DS]
Bumpers, Troy, b. 1965, d. 1998, [DS]
Burgess, Adlee H., b. 3/9/1920, d. 8/12/2000, In loving memory, [DS]
Bush, Edward S., b. 7-16-1880, d. 8/25/1936, [DS]
Byrd, Charlie, b. 1920, d. 1998, In loving memory, Beloved father & grandfather, [DS]
Caine, Ann Rebecca Wallace, b. 1-10-1867, d. 7/10/1939, His Wife, [DS]
Caine, George B., b. 1-23-1870, d. 9/20/1952, [DS]
Caine, Maud T., b. 10-25-1874, d. 5/2/1904, Wife of Geo. B. Caine, [DS]
Caine, Thomas Carter, b. 12-12-1867, d. 1/22/1931, [DS]
Carli, Ida, b. 1902, d. 1905, Beloved dau. Of P. & B. Carli, [DS]
Carter, James D., b. 9/19/1967, d. 10/12/1993, If love could have saved him, he never would have died, [DS]
Caton, George Brevard, b. 6-24-1881, d. 9-21-1894, Sacred to the memory of.., [DS]
Cherry, Christine, d. 4/25/1923, Rest In Peace, [DS]
Clary, Fannie W., b. 4/4/1876, d. 12/24/1923, At Rest, [DS]
Cline, Alice, b. (abt 1860), d. 7/8/1913, Mother..Age 53 years Only Sleeping, [DS]
Cluverius, Elizabeth E., b. 2/17/1885, d. 9/18/1970, [DS]
Cluverius, William M., b. 9-19-1884, d. 3/19/1955, [DS]
Cole, Helen Elliott Gage, b. 4/11/1918, d. 4/23/2002, [DS]
Cole, William Bloxom, b. 4/3/1915, d. 5/26/1997, [DS]
Colonna, Alonzo F., b. 1-25-1859, d. 8/4/1929, Father, [DS]
Colonna, Annie Virginia, b. 12-4-1891, d. 12-?-1967, [DS]
Colonna, Lelia R., b. 12-14-1899, d. 6/3/1973, [DS]
Colonna, Sallie R., b. 3-2-1867, d. 9/30/1930, Mother, [DS]
Colonna, Viola, b. 8-30-1895, d. 11/2/1968, [DS]
Copeland, Alexander, b. 6/9/1936, d. 9/23/1999, US Army, [DS]
Coppage, Michael A., b. 9/29/1958, d. 9/29/1997, PFC US Army, [DS]
Courtney, Edward Henry, b. 8-23-1874, d. 4/7/1940, [DS]
Courtney, Josephine Taylor, b. 2-16-1868, d. 7/13/1929, [DS]
Covington, Zarlie W., b. 7/11/1923, d. 3/17/1997, US Army World War II, [DS]
Cross, John B., b. 4/15/1922, d. 10/3/1998, PFC US Army, [DS]
Crowell, Ella J., b. 5/3/1935, d. 6/15/1997, [DS]
Cunningham, James Marion, b. 8/27/1856, d. 2/14/1940, [DS]
Cunningham, James, d. 12/27/1902, [DS]
Cunningham, Susie Scott, b. 11/4/1861, d. 10/26/1900, Beloved wife of James Marion Cunningham, [DS]
Cunningham, William C., b. 1846, d. 1918, Co E 4 VA Inf CSA, [DS]
Davis, Anna S., b. 1874, d. 1930, Mother, [DS]
Davis, Arthur R., b. 1874, d. 1962, Father, 3rd Ill Vol Inft S.A.W., [DS]
De Braux Sr, Thurman E., b. 3/7/1928, d. 2/1/1997, Pvt US Army World War II, [DS]
DeLoatch, Timothy P., b. 3/3/1970, d. 4/12/1999, "Chilli", [DS]
Diehl, Louis, no dates, In memory of, [DS]
Dietrich, Catherine M., b. 11/22/1920, d. 12/14/1978, [DS]
Dixon, George W., b. 28-Mar, d. 2/15/1997, Pvt US Army, [DS]
Drew, Barbara A., b. 9/5/1945, d. 11/28/1998, In loving memory, [DS]
Driscoll, Anna Mary, b. 12/23/1902, d. 11/18/1943, [DS]
Driscoll, John, b. 8/15/1835, d. 9/18/1904, [DS]
Druelle, Xavier Leon La Belle, b. (abt 1832), d. 10/31/1911, Aged 79 years Born in Paris France served in Co. B. Foreign Legion, (rest ilegible), [DS]
Dubsky, Louise, b. 6/21/1881, d. 6/23/1942, [DS]
Dubsky, William, b. 5/11/1878, d. 1/11/1956, [DS]
Dunston, Aris J., b. 9/4/1927, d. unreadable, TA US Navy World War II, [DS]
Ellis, Jane Nichols, b. 1/2/1953, d. 9/19/2001, [DS]
Eloesser, Frances, b. 8/17/1957, d. 2/26/1936, Tho lost to sight, to memory dear, [DS]
Eloesser, Siegfried, b. 7-16-1852, d. 7/9/1932, Tho lost to sight, to memory dear, [DS]
Ewing Jr, Jefferson T., b. 1/17/1922, d. 9/9/199?, US Army World War II, [DS]
Farr, Fannie Mae Dew, b. 2/9/1934, d. 10/20/1999, Loved and missed, [DS]
Farrell, Annie Fallon, d. 1/2/1931, Wife of Edward J. Farrell, [DS]
Farrell, Edward J., b. (abt 1845), d. 7/15/1899, Aged 54 years, [DS]
Field, Frank, no dates, [DS]
Floyd, Ethel M. B., b. Sep-33, d. Feb-01, [DS]
Folger, Clara Joynes, b. 2/16/1884, d. 12/3/1954, [DS]
Ford, Welder C., b. 1938, d. 1998, [DS]
Fortunato, Santina, d. 11/9/1925, Rest In Peace, [DS]
Francis, Henry Louis, b. 12/29/1929, d. 7/17/1995, In God's care, [DS]
Gage, Bertha Lee, b. 2/28/1905, d. 2/24/1986, [DS]
Gage, Lorrien C., b. 5/30/1889, d. 11/21/1961, [DS]
Gage, Sidney S., b. 10/8/1912, d. 3/9/1988, [DS]
Gatling, James T. Sr, b. 8/1/1927, d. 7/11/1997, US Army, [DS]
Gibson, John A., b. 7/29/1925, d. 1/5/1999, PFC US Army, [DS]
Godfrey, June E., b. 6/17/1930, d. 6/23/1938, Our darling, [DS]
Grady, Ann Pattinson, b. 1/19/1842, d. 2/4/1922, I will dwell in the house of the lord forever, [DS]
Grady, Austin, b. 8-29-1830, d. 2/6/1907, "inscription unreadable", [DS]
Grant, Robert Lee Jr, b. 12/20/1971, d. 9/3/1998, May he rest in peace, [DS]
Gray, Charles H. Jr, b. 12/16/1954, d. 7/3/1997, Your loving family, [DS]
Hansford, Sarah, b. 6-1-1825, d. 5/14/1908, [DS]
Hargis, Marian E., b. 1923, d. 1999, Coronation completed, [DS]
Hargraves, Floyd A., b. 1957, d. 1999, In loving memory, [DS]
Harrison, Robert B. Jr, b. 10-17-1865, d. 7/23/1936, [DS]
Hart, Allie Andrews, b. can't read, d. can't read, Wife of E.L. Hart, [DS]
Harvey, William Jr, b. 1/24/1972, d. 1/6/1999, [DS]
Haynes, Andrew R., b. 1927, d. 6/20/1905, MSG US Army World War II, [DS]
Haynes, Dennis Lee, b. 12/7/1947, d. 2/16/2001, US Army, [DS]
Heffernan, Thomas Jr, b. 6/14/1921, d. 4/13/1922, Our baby, [DS]
Holland, Virtley Mae, b. 4/11/1922, d. 10/7/1999, [DS]
Holloway, Charles W., b. 4/30/1880, d. 11/20/1927, [DS]
Holloway, Lula H. Phipps, b. 6/10/1881, d. 12/16/1958, [DS]
Hopkins, Birdie Lee, b. 10/31/1878, d. 11/15/1898, Aged 20 years, [DS]
Hopkins, John J., b. 2/13/1854, d. 11/17/1924, [DS]
Hopkins, John W., b. 1/3/1883, d. 10/2/1929, At Rest, [DS]
Hopkins, Laura Bell, b. 11/18/1858, d. 1/9/1941, At Rest, [DS]
Hopson, Johnnie G., b. 10/17/1926, d. 5/30/1997, US Army World War II, [DS]
Hubbard, Kevin Alonzo Sr, b. 6/15/1967, d. 9/14/2001, For all of us he did his best, God Grant him eternal rest, [DS]
Iardella, Felix, b. 6/3/1854, d. 4/16/1927, [DS]
Iardella, Minna K. (Keppler), b. 3/25/1861, d. 6/16/1958, [DS]
Jenkins, Willie Allen, b. 3/6/1918, d. 11/29/1997, SGT Us Army, [DS]
Johnson, George R., b. 8-19-1894, d. 7/31/1928, [DS]
Johnson, Herbert A, b. 10/29/1867, d. 12/2/1930, Beloved husband of Isabel, [DS]
Johnson, Isabel Grady, b. 10/7/1873, d. 6/18/1927, Give her of the fruit of her hands, and let her own works praise her in the gates, [DS]
Johnson, Rev. Dr. Isaac, b. 1939, d. 1998, Your loving family, [DS]
Johnson, Rose Mary, b. 2/19/1927, d. 5/29/1928, [DS]
Jones, Virginia M., b. 2/10/1905, d. 2/27/1999, [DS]
Joynes, Albert S., b. 1886, d. 1929, [DS]
Joynes, Mary Susan, b. 12/1/1856, d. 12/31/1937, [DS]
Joynes, Shelton S., b. 11/8/1861, d. 5/12/1930, [DS]
Keller, Ida Jane, b. (abt 1877), d. 5/9/1916, Age 39 yrs, At rest, [DS]
Kemmerling, Paulette L., b. 1/30/1927, d. 4/20/2000, [DS]
King, James Edward, b. 3/6/1924, d. 4/2/1995, Pvt US Army, [DS]
Krautz, Robert, b. 12/11/1898, d. 7/?/1899, [DS]
Langford, Charles O., b. 8/7/1962, d. 6/13/1997, Chuckie C Horse..Your loving family, [DS]
Lewis, Maggie W., b. 10/24/1933, d. 9/27/2000, [DS]
Lino, Rose M., b. 2/28/1947, d. 2/1/1997, [DS]
Magee, John B., no dates, Son of Capt. Magee Born at sea, [DS]
Mahone, Robert C., b. 1839, d. 1888, Sgt. Co A 32 VA Inf CSA, [DS]
Malin, Alfred J Jr, b. 1/23/1921, d. 12/30/1998, PS 34:8 No Reserve, No retreats, no regrets, [DS]
Markham, Charles, b. 1873, d. 1926, [DS]
Markham, Corinne, b. 1874, d. 1970, [DS]
Marrow, Mary A., b. 1911, d. 1999, [DS]
Marshall, Emilie Marion, b. 5/12/1864, d. 3/?/1936, beloved wife of Garner Marshall, [DS]
Marshall, Garner, b. 5/28/1866, d. 11/14/1936, In loving memory...Died at sea, [DS]
Marshall, Ruby, b. 7/6/1897, d. unreadable, Beloved daughter of Garner and Emilie Marshall, [DS]
Mason, Clarence B., b. 1947, d. 2000, Your loving family, [DS]
Matthews, Delma Jr, b. 2/14/1948, d. 3/27/1999, [DS]
Mc Namara, Joseph B., b. 1-20-1878, d. 10/12/1900, [DS]
Mc Namara, Mary Tennis, b. 3-3-1839, d. 10-20-1894, [DS]
McIntosh, Robert G. Jr, b. 7/8/1944, d. 8/20/1999, Dad, Always in our hearts your loving children, [DS]
McPherson, Chas. A., b. 10/22/1870, d. 1/5/1927, [DS]
McPherson, Ellen, b. 4/13/1873, d. 7/14/1942, [DS]
Meredith, Percell S., b. 12/30/1920, d. 12/7/1998, PFC US Army World War II, [DS]
Morrison, Bernice L., b. 6/16/1877, d. 7/15/1958, [DS]
Morrison, J. H., b. 7/16/1877, d. 4/16/1928, [DS]
Morrison, King R., b. 11/15/1899, d. 6/1/1981, [DS]
Morrison, Margaret F., b. 8/11/1906, d. 12/20/1985, [DS]
Morrow, Mary A., b. 1911, d. 1999, [DS]
Neal, Doris L., b. 3/16/1940, d. 12/17/1999, [DS]
Nelson Frederick A. Sr,, b. 5/13/1921, d. 3/26/2000, [DS]
Nelson, Amy Babb, b. 10/12/1919, d. 5/16/1993, We all love you, [DS]
Odom, Alvin Jr, b. 7/4/1949, d. 8/27/2000, US Marine Corps, [DS]
Parker, Mark K., b. 2/17/1977, d. 1/25/1995, Beloved Son, [DS]
Pere, Bernard, b. 2/24/1869, d. unreadable, Father, [DS]
Pere, Clementine, b. 12/21/1884, d. unreadable, Mother, [DS]
Perez, Ramon A., b. 1/1/1930, d. 12/15/1994, [DS]
Perry, Ashley A., b. 11/16/1985, d. 8/23/1998, We Love you Pam, Doo-lu and Mama, [DS]
Phoebus, Kate M., d. 5/24/1906, Wife of H.C. Phoebus, [DS]
Platt, Susan, b. 9/26/1828, d. unreadable, [DS]
Porter, Elsie R., b. 10/5/1891, d. 8/11/1993, Mother, [DS]
Portlock, Martha I., b. 1/6/1942, d. 9/5/2000, Loving mother, [DS]
Pulley, Ulysses E., b. 7/12/1941, d. 4/18/1999, US Army, Bronze Star Medal, [DS]
Randolph, Richard L. Sr, b. 1940, d. 1997, [DS]
Redding, Ryan R., b. 3/14/1967, d. 8/15/1997, Father, [DS]
Reiley, John O., b. 1840, d. 1910, County Cork Ireland, [DS]
Ridenour, Lucy, d. 3/16/1942, Rest In Peace, [DS]
Schmidt Sr, Emil John, b. 4/2/1883, d. 6/25/1960, [DS]
Schmidt, Clara Ferber, b. 7/11/1895, d. 12/18/1985, [DS]
Schmidt, Elizabeth A. V., b. 11/19/1881, d. 7/19/1882, [DS]
Schmidt, Frederick Casper, b. 10/18/1884, d. 9/22/1941, [DS]
Schmidt, Margaretha H., b. 2/27/1847, d. 12/30/1908, Memoriam of, Mother, [DS]
Scott, Nellie S., b. (Abt 1855), d. 8-16-1898, Aged 43 years, [DS]
Sealey, George W., b. 12/9/1852, d. 2/28/1914, Father, [DS]
Seawright, Norman Sr, b. 10/4/1928, d. 11/6/1997, TSGT US Air Force, [DS]
Sherrill, Inez, b. 7/4/1912, d. 8/31/1999, In loving memory, mother, grandmother, great grandmother, [DS]
Shibly, H., b. 7-17-1864, d. 1/12/1903, Born in Syria, [DS]
Shipley, Frances S., b. 11/25/1823, d. 7/21/1896, Wife of Samuel Shipley, [DS]
Shipley, Samuel, b. 1842, d. 1905, [DS]
Shumate, Martha H., b. 4/19/1885, d. 1/23/1984, [DS]
Shumate, Sterling P., b. 4/11/1885, d. 1/6/1937, [DS]
Smith, Mary E., b. 1915, d. 1993, [DS]
Snead, Yvonne, b. 2/5/1946, d. 8/27/2000, Beloved daughter and Mother, [DS]
Spivey, Nicole A., b. 9/21/1973, d. 2/20/1998, Your loving family, [DS]
Stanley, Johnny W., b. 4/10/1954, d. 4/25/1999, Loving husband father, [DS]
Stewart, Debbie A., b. 1/22/1960, d. 2/26/2000, Mother, [DS]
Stone, William F., b. 2/22/1860, d. 6/7/1928, [DS]
Sulzberger, Delmore, no dates, [DS]
Sulzberger, Hattie, no dates, [DS]
Sulzberger, Theresia S., b. 2/10/1871, d. 7/30/1940, [DS]
Sulzberger, William Carl, b. 3/20/1892, d. 12/21/1957, [DS]
Sulzberger, William E., b. 11/14/1861, d. 11/5/1930, [DS]
Swilling, Louis D. Jr, b. 4/14/1951, d. 8/8/2000, Loving Son and Brother, [DS]
Sydnor, William G., b. 4/19/1937, d. 9/3/1993, [DS]
Tomlinson, Sarah Ida, b. 4-29-1867, d. 2/17/1902, [DS]
Tuite, Yvonne B., b. 10/10/1926, d. 12/9/1926, daughter of E.J. & S.L. Tuite, [DS]
Utz, Genevieve J., b. 9/23/1914, d. 1/29/2001, Beloved Mother, [DS]
Verderaime, Theresa, b. 11/21/1859, d. 11/22/1929, Mother, [DS]
Warren, Charles H., b. 1872, d. 1958, [DS]
Warren, Clara H., b. 1875, d. 1945, [DS]
Washington Jr, William E., b. 5/7/1960, d. 5/13/1993, "J.W." Beloved brother, [DS]
Watson, Larry D., b. 1953, d. 2000, [DS]
West, Mary L., b. 5/6/1935, d. still living, [DS]
West, Pernell J., b. 5/1/1930, d. 5/20/1997, [DS]
Wharton, William Freeman Jr, b. 5/30/1902, d. 4/21/1932, [DS]
Whitaker, Willie Mae, b. 12/30/1949, d. 8/9/2001, Proud mother of Sidney, Sharon, Stacey, Tracey and Katrina, [DS]
White, Cleveland Earl, b. 8/1/1950, d. 12/23/1996, US Army Vietnam, [DS]
White, Edwin H. Sr, b. 5-25-1884, d. 4/6/1959, [DS]
White, Lillian E., b. 12-5-1883, d. 5/30/1939, [DS]
Williams, Annie D., b. 10/12/1940, d. 9/21/1998, "Momma", [DS]
Williams, Cary Jr, b. 6/27/1939, d. 5/12/1997, "Jr", [DS]
Williams, Hiawatha, b. 1/8/1929, d. 9/18/1999, Pvt US Army, [DS]
Williams, Julia P., b. 3/10/1958, d. 12/4/2000, [DS]
Wilson, Joseph M. Jr, b. 1964, d. 1997, [DS]
Woodard, Deloris Mae, b. 9/23/1935, d. 9/16/1998, Beloved friend, [DS]
Woodward, Evan E., no dates, Co. G. 124 PA Inf, [DS]
Wright, Francis Shipley, b. 10/30/1894, d. 6/12/1901, [DS]
Wyatt, Susie Cunningham, b. 6/24/1891, d. 3/31/1961, [DS]
Zalud, Marie, b. 4/11/1854, d. 6/6/1928, [DS]

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