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Mount Pleasant Methodist Church Cemetery
Charles City, Virginia

Contributed by Tom Fenton, Jan 04, 2001 [tominrva@aol.com].
Total records = 115.

Cemetery is located on Old Union Road, Charles City, VA 23030

Mt. Pleasant Methodist Church was formed in 1876. Demolished in the 1950's upon opening of a new church, Memorial United Methodist Church, near the Charles City County courthouse.

File contains all the known or visible burials up to 1992.

- Tom Fenton

Bacon, Lucenia H.,
d. 01 Jan 1932, 'Aged 43 yrs', 'Beloved wife of Geo. W. Bacon', 'Asleep in Jesus blessed sleep F
Barham Thos, Child of, no dates, from Marston Document
Barham, Thomas Barham, d.
Barnett, Alice C., d.
Bates, Fred L., Sr., d. 01 Jan 1979
Bates, Ruth B., d. 01 Jan 1971
Binford, Phil, no dates, from Marston Document
Bowery, John, no dates, from Marston Document, Child 1
Bowery, John, no dates, from Marston Document, Child 2
Bradley, Archie H., d. 02 Oct 1949
Bradley, Emmett R., d. 10 Jul 1919, 'At Rest'
Bradley, G. T., d.
Bradley, James Thomas, d. 04 Feb 1946, 'Blessed are the pure in heart'
Bradley, Liette, no dates, from Marston Document
Bradley, Mary Eliza, d. 01 Jan 1926, 'Widow of Tazewell Bradley M.D.'
Bradley, Mary J., d.
Bradley, Sallie Nance, d. 03 Apr 1965
Bradley, Tazewell, M.D., d. 26 Feb 1915, 'Not my will, but thine be done'
Bradley, William B., d. 28 Sep 1910
Cassell, James Rhea, b. 01 Jan 1935, d. 01 Jan 1976, ,"New grave since 1975 survey, metal plaque at ground level
Christian, Walter Barksdale, b. 16 Jul 1916, d. 18 Aug 1916, 'Son of JG & SE Christian'
Eberly, Linda Maria Marston, d. 24 Apr 1918, 'Wife of Reuben B. Eberly'
Erby, ???, no dates, from Marston Document
Garrett, Roy, no dates, from Marston Document
Garrett, Thomas C., d. 01 Jan 1925, 'Erected in loving remembrance of our friend and Brother 'Past Master' Murray Lodge'
Herrick, Leman M., d. 22 Dec 1910, 'Asleep in Jesus'
Herrick, Sarah S., d. 28 Feb 1910
Hubbard B., Child of, no dates, from Marston Document
Hubbard, Emma S. Nimmo, d. 31 Jan 1929, 'His wife'
Hubbard, J. E., d. 26 Jan 1916
Hubbard, James Nimmo, d. 10 Nov 1970
Hubbard, Lousia Nance, d. 18 Aug 1979
Ladd, James Allen, d.
Ladd, Robert A., d. 03 Jan 1920
Ladd, Sarah E., d. 27 Dec 1900
Lucas, Annie Garrett, d. 04 Nov 1955
Major, Benjamin Glarster, d. 22 Sep 1941
Major, Charles Virgil, d. 21 Jun 1907, 'Son of Geo. & Mary S. Major'
Major, E. Virgil, b. 04 Feb 1902, d. 01 Jan 1930, 'Aged 28 years'
Major, Edward, no dates, 'My Husband'
Major, Frances Anne, b. 01 Mar 1909, d. 01 May 1909, 'Daughter of G. & MS Major', 'Asleep'
Major, George, d. 17 Mar 1952
Major, Gertrude N., d. 23 Apr 1969
Major, Julia Ann, d. 02 Jan 1915, 'Wife of Edward Major',Headstone laying flat on ground at time of this listing.
Major, Mary Susan, d. 21 May 1932, 'Wife of George Major', 'At rest'
Major, William, d. 23 Jul 1957
Marston, Ann B., no dates, 'Consort of Win A. Marston', 'A devoted wife mother friend and christian'
Marston, Anna M., d. 09 Jan 1908, 'Beloved wife of Littleberry A. Marston', 'Peace I leave with you my peace I giv
Marston, Annie May, no dates, 'Our Baby', 'Age 14 months'
Marston, E. G., d. 01 Jan 1934, 'Beloved husband of W.A. and ARM', 'Aged 44 years', 'Blessed are the dead who di
Marston, Edward H., d. 03 Dec 1936, 'Son of L.A. & Anna M. Marston'
Marston, Elizabeth C., d. 24 Sep 1952, check name, another document has Bessie P. Marston
Marston, George W., d. 23 Jun 1943, 'In God's Care'
Marston, John Henry, d. 26 Sep 1900, 'In memory of our beloved Father and Brother', 'Blessed are the pure in heart fo
Marston, Joseph Williams, b. 14 Nov 1913, d. 15 Jul 1932, 'Blessed are the pure in heart'
Marston, Joseph Wm. (Edw), no dates, from Marston Document
Marston, Littleberry A., d. 27 Sep 1922, 'If ye love me keep my commandments'
Marston, Littleberry Allen, Jr., d. 05 Sep 1947, 'At Rest'
Marston, Littleberry Allen, no dates, from Marston Document
Marston, Martha L., no dates, Beloved wife of J. H. Marston', 'Aged 53 years'
Marston, Mary Warren, d. 16 Aug 1959, 'The Lord is my Sheperd'
Marston, Mrs. Fannie P., no dates, 'Consort of Thomas H. Marston', 'aged 52 years'
Marston, Nell Lynn, d. 15 Jul 1956
Marston, Rebecca, d. 19 Nov 1943, 'Love makes memory eternal'
Marston, Robert F., d. 12 Jun 1924
Marston, Thomas Henry, no dates, 'He died as he had lived with full confidence and an humble trust in God'
Marston, Thomas Ward, d. 27 Jul 1949, 'At Rest', 'Son of John Henry and Martha A. Marston'
Marston, Thurston A., d. 10 Jan 1958
Marston, Virginia Quarles, d. 24 Apr 1968, 'At Rest', 'Wife of Thomas W. Marston'
Marston, Waverly, no dates, 'Son of L.A. & A.M. Marston'
Marston, William W., no dates, 'Companion of Lucenia Harrison', 'and the world ... forever 1 JOHN 17'
Nance, -----, no dates, 'Infant daughter of E.E. & M.S. Nance'
Nance, Ada V., no dates, 'Infant daughter of LM & ED Nance'
Nance, B. A., no dates, ,Inscription barely readable
Nance, Bennie W., no dates, ,Inscription barely readable
Nance, Charles E., d. 01 Jan 1979, ,New grave since 1975 survey
Nance, Charles Manly, d.
Nance, Charles Stagg, d. 10 Jun 1933, 'Sweet be thy rest'
Nance, Edmonia Taylor, d. 13 May 1930, 'His wife'
Nance, Edwin Everett, d. 01 Jan 1944, 'At Rest'
Nance, Ella Stavro, d. 26 Jun 1970, 'She loved and lifted
Nance, Everett Arthur, no dates, 'Infant son of Edwin E. & S. Edna Nance'
Nance, Fannie, d. 01 Jan 1993
Nance, James, no dates, 'Son of John F. & M. C. Nance', 'aged 1 yr 10 months'
Nance, John Fleming (1), d.
Nance, John Fleming (2), d. 24 Mar 1929, 'The Lord God giveth them light and they shall reign for ever and ever: Rev 22-5
Nance, Lelia Henry, d.
Nance, Lisette Marian, no dates, 'First born of LM & ED Nance'
Nance, Littleberry Manly, d. 04 May 1929
Nance, Margaret C., d. 01 Jan 1934, 'Well done, thou good and faithful servant: Enter thou into the joy of thy Lord:
Nance, Margaret Collier, d.
Nance, Mattie Camilla, d. 25 Jul 1966
Nance, Mattie S., no dates, 'Aged 22 years', 'Beloved wife of Wm. M. & LW Warimner
Nance, Sally G., d. 25 May 1926, 'Sweet be thy rest'
Nance, Sarah Edna, d. 01 Jan 1955, 'At Rest'
Nance, Susan E., no dates, '58 years old'
Nance, Walter W., d.
Nance, William Albert, M.D., no dates, 'Son of B.A. & S.E. Nance'
Nimmo, Sarah J., d. 01 Feb 1925
Osby, Amos, d. 01 Jan 1958, 'from their labors rest'
Osby, Erick, d. 01 Jan 1944, 'An honest man, the noblest work of god'
Osby, Jacob E., d. 01 Jan 1917, 'Tho lost to sight, in memory dear'
Osby, Kari, d. 01 Jan 1928, 'Her life an ideal, her memory an inspiration'
Pearman, Fannie Marston, no dates, from Marston Document
Quarles, J. B., d. 20 May 1909
Stoddard, Irene Marston, d. 01 Jan 1946
Stoddard, Mort, d. 01 Jan 1949
Taylor, Alice M., d. 04 Jan 1902
Taylor, Camilla, no dates, 'Daughter of W.H. and Alice V. Taylor'
Taylor, George A., no dates, 'Son of W.H. and Alice V. Taylor'
Tunstall, Bessie Nance, d. 23 Feb 1936
Tunstall, Littleberry Nance, b. 08 Mar 1916, d. 23 Oct 1922
Tunstall, Manly W., b. 23 Oct 1913, d. 25 Feb 1933
Via, Mattie B., d. 24 Jun 1961, 'In God's Care'
Waddill, Henrietta, no dates

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