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New Hope Cemetery
Mineola,Wood County, Texas

Lat: 32° 38' 42"N, Lon: 95° 25' 05"W

To reach cemetery from Mineola, drive east from Road 2422 onto Hwy 80 for about 1/2 mile. The cemetery is on the south side of the highway, which is south of the community of New Hope about 3/4 mile.

New Hope Cemetery was established and associated with the New Hope Baptist Church since 1864. The earliest grave marker is 1875, being that of Sarah J Fouse, d. 1875. The cemetery was first owned by the church in 1917 although other area residents used it. In the 1970s an association was formed to maintain the cemetery. The New Hope Cemetery Association meets annually to care for the grounds. It is a historic cemetery.

This is not a complete listing of all of the burials in this cemetery. The records below were provided by contributors to Interment.net. Last edited May 12, 2008. Total records = 38.

Contributor's Index:

Alexander, Carrie B., b. 12 Aug 1923, d. no date, m. 19 Sep 1944, s/w Preston E., [CJ]
Alexander, Preston E., b. 25 Apr 1920, d. 2 Jun 1988, m. 19 Sep 1944, s/w Carrie B., [CJ]
Brower, Jeremiah L., Co H, 18?, Ark. Inf., C.S.A, [NA]
Brown, Bertie O., b. 3 Jan 1891, d. no date, Into the hands I commend my spirit ?, s/w Thomas C., [CJ]
Brown, Curtis W., b. 1 Oct 1919, d. 15 Sep 1950, Texas Cpl 14 Infantry World War II Korea, [CJ]
Brown, Thomas C., b. Mar 1887, d. no date, Into the hands I commend my spirit ?, s/w Bertie O., [CJ]
Carroli, John M., b. 29 Apr 1859, d. 28 Dec. 1904, WOW, [NA]
Chrietzberg, Avis M., b. 19 Jun 1911, d. 25 Oct 1987, s/w Charles T. Sr, [CJ]
Chrietzberg, Charles T. Sr, b. 3 Feb 1918, d. 8 Jun 1996, s/w Avis M., [CJ]
Donahue, Marshall C., b. 18 Oct. 1965, d. 18 May 2000, Navy, [NA]
Dyes, John, b. 1803, d. 1883, [NA]
Garrett, Alma Hall, b. 22 Aug. 1902 d. 21 Jan. 1986, [NA]
Garrett, Hurschel B., b. 23 Feb. 1902, d. 4 Aug. 1987, [NA]
Ham, Mary Jane, b. 2 Nov 1855, d. 17 Apr 1936, At Rest, [CJ]
Hamil, Wheeler L., b. 18 Apr 1910, d. 3 June 1989, WW 2, [NA]
Hickman, Billa M., b. 5 May 1932, d. 3 May 1994, s/w T. Gilley, [CJ]
Hickman, T. Gilley, b. 9 Nov 1928, d. 3 Dec 1995, s/w Billa M., [CJ]
Jack, Irion, b. 24 Oct 1891, d. 6 Feb 1987, Father, [CJ]
Jack, Mary, b. 8 Dec 1897, d. 1 Nov 1964, Mother, [CJ]
Johnson, J. W., b. 23 Jan 1919, d. 12 Jun 1983, Precious Memories, [CJ]
Mantooth, Lula Redding, b. 5 Feb 1903, d. 24 Mar 1968, [CJ]
Mitchell, Martha Ellen, b. 16 Oct 1873, d. 15 Jan 1952, s/w Stephen Bird, [CJ]
Mitchell, Stephen Bird, b. 26 Jan 1857, d. 16 Oct 1942, s/w Martha Ellen, [CJ]
Morrow, Jason Patrick, b. 1976, d. 1982, s/o Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie Morrow, [NA]
Pfister, Leroy E., b. 21 Apr 1916, d. 17 Apr 1983, m. 16 Jan 1961, s/w Lydia Ruth, [CJ]
Pfister, Lydia Ruth, b. 28 Sep 1924, d. no date, m. 16 Jan 1961, s/w Leroy E., [CJ]
Phillips, Vera C., b. 3 Dec. 1907, d. 8 Oct. 1992, [NA]
Phillips, William Everett, b. 5 Sep 1908, d. 7 Mar 1987, 9 children listed on base stone, [NA]
Riddle, Doris L., b. 26 Oct 1934, d. no date, m. 6 Jan 1951, s/w Weldon D., [CJ]
Riddle, Weldon D., b. 20 Jun 1932, d. no date, s/w Doris L., [CJ]
Russell, A. Harrison, b. 19 Mar 1861, d. 8 Mar 1934, [NA]
Russell, S. Margret, b. 22 Nov. 1831, d. 3 Jan. 1920, [NA]
Summerville, Raymond, b. 1917, d. 1983, PFC US Army World War II, [CJ]
Taylor, Bill M., b. 9 Oct. 1868, d. 1 Jul 1957, s/w Jessie (Richey), [NA]
Taylor, Jessie (Richey), b. 22 Sep 1882, d. no date, s/w Bill M., [CJ]
Thompson, Walton H., b. 13 Oct. 1851, d. 25 Feb. 1944, [NA]
Tucker, Uriah Taylor, b. 4 Jan 1898, d. 25 Oct 1962, s/w Vera Ella, [CJ]
Tucker, Vera Ella, b. 26 Aug 1894, d. 1 Jan 1974, s/w Uriah Taylor, [CJ]

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