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Perry Cemetery
Williamson County, Texas

Lat: 30° 43' 08"N, Lon: 97° 53' 19"W

Contributed by James Perry, Mar 22, 2004 [luckyacres678@cs.com]. Total records = 23.

From Georgetown drive west on Hwy 29 about 8 miles to Seward Junction. Then travel north on Hwy 183 to the river. Travel another mile and a half north after crossing the San Gabriel River. County Road 207 will be to the left, take this road for one mile. County Road 211 will be on the left, take this road one-tenth of a mile, The Perry Cemetery will be on the right, in an enclosed chain link fence.

The Perry Cemetery is located on land which was purchased by James Wesley Perry in 1874. Benjamin Perry, father of James Wesley Perry, died in Feb 1891 and was the first person interred. This land was subsequently owned by Olie Overton Perry.

Timy Savanah Perry reserved the one acre plot occupied by the cemetery for use of her heirs when she sold the O.O. Perry estate in 1943. The deed is filed in the Williamson County Clerks Office in Georgetown, Texas.

The site has been surveyed and fenced since that time. It is located in Williamson County, Texas on County Road 211.

This material was compiled by: James "Bud" Perry, Jeffery Perry, James "Jim" Perry and James C. Moore. Graves are enumerated by row letter and grave number. This work was completed in Mar of 2004.

- James Perry

c/o = child of
d/o = daughter of
h/o = husband of
s/o = son of
w/o = wife of
* = no stone

Chapman, Mary Ella, b. Sep 29, 1904, d. May 27, 1928, d/o J.C. and Lou Moore, bur. A-4
Chapman, Robert Louis, b. Oct 14, 1902, d. Mar 08, 1932, h/o Mary Ella Chapman, bur. A-5
Copeland, J. F., b. Dec 5, 1854, d. Nov 10, 1913, bur. E-7
Copeland, Jefferson A., b. Feb 1857, d. no date, bur. E-6 *
Copeland, Mary Davis, b. Mar 1871, d. no date, w/o Jefferson, m. 1886, bur. E-5 *
Copeland, Mary, b. 1811, d. 1905, (Incorrect date on stone, should be b. 1814, d. 1907), bur. E-4
Copeland, Minnie O., b. Dec 22, 1886, 6yr 1mo 24da, d/o J.A. and M. J. Copeland, bur. E-3
Moore, Infant, b. Aug 02, 1907, d. Aug 02, 1907, d/o J.C. and Lou, bur. A-2
Moore, Infant, b. Jun 24,1911, d. Jun 24, 1911, d/o J.C. and Lou, bur. A-1
Moore, J. C., b. Jan 01,1878, d. Oct 21, 1917, h/o Lou Moore, bur. A-3
Perry, Benjamin, b. Nov 24, 1801) Died Feb 5, 1891, age 89yr 2mo 11da, bur. D-4
Perry, Dora A., b. May 26, 1879, d. Aug 29, 1891, d/o J.W. and M.E. Perry, bur. D-3
Perry, Hannah Isabell McAnally, b. Mar 01, 1874, d. Mar 16, 1898, w/o Jefferson Marshall Perry, bur. D-6 *
Perry, Infant, b. Aug 18, 1904, d. Aug 18, 1904, c/o J.W. and D.M. Perry, bur. B-3
Perry, Infant, b. Mar 26, 1902, d. Mar 26, 1902, c/o J.W. and D.M. Perry, bur. B-4
Perry, Infant, b. Jul 04, 1905, d. Jul 04, 1905, d/o J.W. and D. M. Perry, bur. B-2
Perry, Infant, b. Jun 07, 1912, d. Jun 07, 1912, c/o James Lafayette and Josey Perry, bur. C-3
Perry, Infant, b. Sep 07, 1911, d. Sep 27, 1911, c/o James Lafayette and Josey Perry, bur. C-2
Perry, J. W. Jr., b. Sep 26, 1872, d. Dec 22, 1906, bur. B-5
Perry, James Wesley, b. Jan 11, 1840, d. Oct 22, 1907, bur. D02
Perry, John Marshall, b. Sep 12, 1899, d. Feb 17, 1901, s/o Ollie Overton and Timy Perry, bur. C-1
Perry, Margaret, b. Jun 01, 1844, d. Apr 16, 1926, bur. D-1
Perry, Samuel, b. Sep 13, 1900, d. Dec 13, 1910, s/o J.W. and D.M. Perry, bur. B-1

(memoriam to Jefferson Madison Copeland, Mary's husband, who lost his life on a cattle drive near Berry's Creek. The body was not recovered. His grave site, then as now, remains lost forever.
E-1 unmarked child grave
E-2 unmarked child grave

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