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Clapp Cemetery
Walker County, Texas

Contributed by Gene Traiteler [gene-trait@worldnet.att.net]. Total records = 45

Take Hwy 230 out of Trinity past the prison farm to the community of Weldon. The cemetery is on Hwy 1893 which is the old Weldon to Trinity Hwy. Turn off Hwy 230 into what once was the community of Weldon, go past the Weldon Cemetery and continue about a mile across the Houston/Walker Co. border. Clapp Cemetery is on the left. There are many unmarked graves.

Note on Clapp Cemetery: Land for Clapp Cemetery was probably donated by W. L. Clapp. There are probably several members of the Clapp family buried there but the only identifiable grave is that of Benjamin J. Clapp.

Andrews, Florence, 2/1880, 1918, d/o Daniel Atkinson Jr. & Ann P. Allbright w/o Robt. B. Andrews
Andrews, William, 10-22-1844, 2-21-1900, s/o Elisha B. Andrews & Martha Johnston
Andrews, Walter A., 12-27-1874, 1-18-1951, s/o Wm. Andrews & Sarah Guines
Andrews, Charles A., 11-1876, 1933, s/o Wm. Andrews & Sarah Guines
Andrews, Herbert, 9-27-1902, 10-3-1975, s/o Chas. A. Andrews & Georgia White
Andrews, Bertie, 2-22-1913, 1-18-1986, w/o Herbert Andrews
Andrews, William J., 2-1878, ? , s/o Wm. A. Andrews & Sarah Guines
Andrews, Minnie W., 2-6-1882, ? , Minnie Hashaw w/o Wm. J. Andrews
Andrews, Albert B., 3-16-1881, 12-8-1954, s/o Wm. A. Andrews & Sarah Guines, some sources have birth date as 1879
Andrews, Mamie, 6-10-1888, 4-2-1966, w/o Albert B. Andrews
Andrews, Robert Marion, 3-1881, 2-1951, s/o Wm. A. Andrews & Sarah Guines
Andrews, Lucie Ann, 1880, 1894,
Andrews, Julius M., 11-1887, 3-9-1956, s/o Wm. A. Andrews & Sarah Guines. Some sources have birth date as 1884
Andrews, James E., 5-1889, 1961, s/o Wm. A. Andrews & Sarah Guines
Andrews, Robert B., 1845, 4-16-1929, s/o Elisha B. Andrews & Martha Johnston
Andrews, James M., 10-31-1858, 3-26-1894, s/o Elisha B. Andrews & Martha
Andrews, Nancy, C1858, 1930, Nancy Humphries w/o James M. Andrews
Andrews, Benjamin A., 2-1853, 1935, s/o Elisha B. Andrews & Martha Johnston
Andrews, Matilda J., 3-1855, 1947, Matilda Guines w/o Ben A Andrews
Atkinson, William H., 7-27-1872, 5-7-1917, s/o Lewis Atkinson & Hulda C.
Atkinson, Quinella, 12-16-1873, 12-23-1932, Quinella Huntsman w/o Wm. H. Atkinson
Atkinson, Ernest N., 2-16-1895, 11-11-1982, Ernest Nelson s/o Wm. H.
Atkinson, Sarah M., 9-21-1895, 4-6-1984, Sarah Andrews d/o Ben A. and Matilda Guines w/o Ernest N. Atkinson
Atkinson, Robert D., 8-17-1903, 12-29-1969, s/o Wm. H. & Quinella
Atkinson, Gertrude, 12-23-1905, 10-4-1983, w/o Robert D. Atkinson
Atkinson, Ben H., 7-21-1900, 3-9-1968, s/o Wm. H. & Quinella
Atkinson, Beulah A., 11-22-1897, 12-5-1965, w/o Ben H. Atkinson
Atkinson, John J., 4-16-1886, 1-25-1968, s/o John Atkinson & Tempie Williamson
Atkinson, Mollie, 5-1892, 10-15-1987, Mollie Odom w/o John J. Atkinson
Atkinson, Henry F., 9-8-1875, 1935, s/o John Atkinson & Tempie Williamson
Atkinson, Mary L., 1-1880, 1-26-1962, Mollie Andrews d/o Ben A. Andrews & Matilda Guines, w/o Henry F. Atkinson
Atkinson, Howard C. Jr., 4-22-1925, 10-3-1951, s/o Howard Atkinson & Pearl Clark, gs/o Henry /Atkinson & Mollie Andrews
Atkinson, Molly, 10-1890, 10-15-1987, Molly Odom w/o John J. Atkinson
Carroll, James B., 1-27-1881, 7-23-1960, h/o Lucy Ann Johnston
Carroll, Lucy Ann, 12-25-1885, 1-13-1977, d/o Isaac Johnston & Mattie Guines, gd/o Harmon R. Guines & Emily Whittington
Clapp, Benjamin J, 1848, 1874.
Cox, Josh Mainer, 8-14-1891, 2-26-1973, s/o Julius M. Cox & Amanda Guines gs/o Harmon Guines & Emily Whittington
Huffman, Ervin, 1901, 1985, s/o Tishua Odom Huffman
Huffman, Hubert, 6-30-1903, 10-13-1967, s/o Tishua Odom Huffman, gs/o Richard Odom & Mary E.Guines
Long, George Albert, 1868, 1954, h/o Nancy E. Johnston
Long, Nancy Emily, C1874, ? , Nancy Johnston d/o Isaac Johnston & Mattie
Odom, Harmon R., 3-8-1883, 3-29-1950, s/o Richard Odom & Mary Guines. Other sources have birth date as 1882
Odom, Julia, 6-1885, 11-10-1921, Julia Atkinson s/o Harmon Odom, d/o John Atkinson & Tempie Williamson
Williamson, Jessie, 1-5-1982, 7-11-1976,
Williamson, Mamie H., 3-1892, 12-10-1970, Mamie Andrews w/o Jessie Williamson d/o Ben Andrews & Matilda Guines. Some have birth date as 1893

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