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Saint John Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery
Travis County, Texas

Ev. Luth. St. Johannes Friedhof 1886
17701 Cameron Road

Lat: 30° 25' 21"N, Lon: 97° 31' 57"W

Out of Austin, Texas take US Hwy. 290 East to Manor, Texas. About 1 mile east of Manor on US Hwy. 290 take FM 973 north for about 2 miles to Gregg Lane. Go west (left) on Gregg Lane for about 1.6 miles to Cameron Road (Gregg Lane T's into Cameron Road). Go north (right) on Cameron Road for about 1 mile to Fuchs Grove Road and Cameron Road intersection. Continue straight ahead on Cameron Road for about 1.8 miles. St John Evangelical Lutheran Church is on the right side of road and cemetery is behind the church.

This is not a complete listing of burials in this cemetery. The records below were provided by contributors to Interment.net. Last edited Jul 16, 2007. Total records = 41.

Contributor's Index:

Dossmann, Auc, b. 10 Aug 1842, d. 5 Feb 1916, hus. of Wilhelmine Dossmann, [CM]
Dossmann, F. August, b. 16 Aug 1880, d. 14 Jan 1910, wife of Alfred Hodde, [CM]
Dossmann, Wilhelmine, b. 6 Nov 1843, d. 11 Jan 1910, wife of Auc Dossmann, [CM]
Hebbe, Clara Louise, b. 21 Jul 1900, d. 16 Oct 1990, wife of Erich Hebbe, [CM]
Hebbe, Erich Ernest, b. 17 Jul 1896, d. 27 Oct 1955, Texas PVT 28 CO 165 Depot Brig World War I, hus. of Clara Hebbe, fath. of Hertha, Martin, Leroy Hebbe, son of Gustav and Marie Hebbe, [CM]
Hebbe, Gustav, b. 11 Dec 1869, d. 9 Mar 1946, hus. of Marie Hebbe, fath. of Erich Hebbe, [CM]
Hebbe, Hertha M., b. 3 Feb 1927, d. 18 Oct 1997, dau. of Erich and Clara Hebbe, [CM]
Hebbe, Leroy Kermit, b. 26 Nov 1925, d. 4 Sept 1956, son of Erich and Clara Hebbe, [CM]
Hebbe, Marie, b. 12 Mar 1866, d. 5 Oct 1940, wife of Gustav Hebbe, moth. of Erich Hebbe, [CM]
Hebbe, Martin, b. 11 Jun 1934, d. 30 Oct 1934, son of Erich and Clara Hebbe, [CM]
Hodde, Alfred W., b. 3 Sept 1907, d. 13 Apr 1986, hus. of F. August Dossmann, [CM]
Hodde, Alwina, b. 1885, d. 1976, wife of Louis Hodde, moth.of Loydean Hodde, [CM]
Hodde, Alwine H., b. 14 May 1886, d. 10 Dec 1968, wife of Willie Hodde, [CM]
Hodde, Dora K., b. 1889, d. 1968, wife of Walter Hodde, [CM]
Hodde, Ernest W., b. 1 Aug 1915, d. 5 Jan 1987, hus. of Ethel Hodde, [CM]
Hodde, Ethel E., b. 23 Jan 1914, wife of Ernest Hodde, [CM]
Hodde, Fritz H., b. 30 Aug 1856, d. 23 Jul 1913, hus. of Louise Hodde, [CM]
Hodde, Louis, b. 1884, d. 1960, hus. of Alwina Hodde, fath. of Loydean Hodde, [CM]
Hodde, Louise, b. 15 Sept 1849, d. Mar 1947, wife of Fritz Hodde, [CM]
Hodde, Loydean P., b. 1915, d. 1994, US Army World War II, son of Louis and Alwina Hodde, [CM]
Hodde, Walter J., b. 1885, d. 1958, hus. of Dora Hodde, [CM]
Hodde, Willie F., b. 10 Sept 1885, d. 6 Oct 1928,hus. of Alwine Hodde, [CM]
Kuehner, Margarete, b. 22 Oct 1844, d. 11 Mar 1922, [CM]
Melber, Bernice, 24 Jul 1918, [CM]
Melber, Bertha A., b. 26 Oct 1872, d. 14 Dec 1939, wife of John Melber, [CM]
Melber, Emma M., b. 13 Oct 1900, d. 9 Aug 1943, wife of Herman Melber, [CM]
Melber, Heinrich R., b. 25 Jul 1905, d. 1 Nov 1928, [CM]
Melber, Herman G., b. 19 Jan 1899, d. 18 May 1976, hus. of Emma Melber, [CM]
Melber, Infant, Stillborn 20 Jun 1928, son of William and Lena Melber, [CM]
Melber, John E., b. 27 Mar 1897, d. 4 Nov 1950, Texas PVT 165 Depot Brig World War I, [CM]
Melber, John, b. 17 Dec 1866, d. 4 Jan 1948, hus. of Bertha Melber, [CM]
Melber, Lena M., b. 22 Apr 1896, d. 6 Apr 1980, wife of William Melber, [CM]
Melber, William C., b. 27 Apr 1893, d. 4 Feb 1961, hus. of Lena Melber, [CM]
Priem, John, b. 19 Jun 1889, d. 7 Oct 1905, [CM]
Schoen, Eldor Gustav, b. 1 Oct 1917, d. 18 Dec 1919, [CM]
Schoen, John Aug, b. 31 Dec 1826, d. 3 Mar 1900, [CM]
Schon, Hollie Hermann Albert, b. 11 Apr 1911, d. 30 Mar 1912, [CM]
Schroeder, Catherine M., b. 1857, d. 1944, wife of Rev. Emil Schroeder, [CM]
Schroeder, Emma, b. 2 Dec 1882, d. 18 Jan 1963, [CM]
Schroeder, Rev. Emil, b. 1846, d. 1894, hus. of Catherine Schroeder, [CM]
Ulbrich, Baby, b. 12 Jul 1957, 11:30 AM, d. 12 Jul 1957, 6:30 PM, [CM]

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