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Lawnhaven Memorial Gardens
San Angelo, Tom Green County, Texas

4989 FM 1223
San Angelo TX 76905
(325) 944-5000

Lat: 31° 24' 31"N, Lon: 100° 23' 40"W

Established in 1948 by Alderwoods Group. It now has 17 beautifully maintained sections with room for future development.

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Last edited Feb 22, 2006. Total records = 25.

Contributor's Index:

Brandvold, Marjorie A., b. Mar 14, 1930, d. Dec 31, 1999, [MR]
Butler, Floyd Ray, no dates, h/o Lela Binion, s/o John Butler, [DW]
Cross, Sally Belle, b. 13 Feb 1929, d. 28 Sep 2003, bur. 1 Oct 2003, d/o Robert and Bessie Wallace Hibbitts, w/o Garland Victor Cross Sr., [PM]
Dobson, Bertha Grace (Livingston), b. 1948 AL, d. 1991, w/o Joseph S., Mausoleum Couch Crypt 177 Tier 3 Niche 2 b/h, [SD]
Dunn, Elbert, b. 6 Jul 1914, d. 5 Jun 1976, son, Apostles Lane, [SL]
Dunn, William J., b. 1879, d. 1965, father, Apostles Lane, [SL]
Dunn, Zennie, b. 1891, d. 1966, mother, Apostles Lane, [SL]
Gagnon, Elizabeth Marie, b. b. 18 Mar 1923, d. 17 Mar 1999, d/o Thomas and Minnie Kenlein, [BS]
Gagnon, Eugene James, b. 19 July 1916 d. 2 Jun 1984, s/o Napoleon and Theresa Gagnon, [BS]
Hernandez, Jose Antonio, b. Sep 21, 1943, d, Mar 26, 2003, h/o Emma O., [MR]
Huntley, Caston Thurlow, b. 14 Feb 1915 El Dorado Ark, d. 28 May 2001, h/o Nina O., Christus Annex, Lot-405, #3, [SD]
Huntley, Mary Pastora (Primm), b. 19 Oct 1882 Union Co Ark, d. 17 Oct 1968, w/o Robert T., Christus Annex, Lot-315, #1, [SD]
Huntley, Nina Mae(Overholser), b. 23 Sep 1921 Ranger Eastland Co TX, d. 28 Feb 1991, w/o Caston T., Christus Annex, Lot-405, #2, [SD]
Huntley, Robert Thurlow, b. 29 May 1880 Garner Twp Union Co Ark, d. 09 Feb 1954, h/o Mary P., Christus Annex, Lot-315, #2, [SD]
Leach, Elizabeth Barbara, b. 12 Sep 1943, d. 15 Feb 1981, d/o Eugene and Elizabeth Gagnon, [BS]
Lindsey, Orbie Lee 'Doc', b. Nov 22, 1915, d. Jan 03, 2000, 84, bur. Jan 05, 2000, Johnson FH, [MR]
Malone, Billie Gene (Overholser), b. 22 Sep 1929 San Angelo Tom Green Co TX, d. 05 Oct 2002, w/o Kenneth, Apostles Garden-East Side, Lot-180D, #3, [SD]
McCleery, James Fred, d. Jan 03, 2000, age: 84yr, Johnson FH, [MR]
Montgomery, Ruth W., b. Aug 11, 1925, d. Jan 03, 2000, age: 74yr, [MR]
Overholser, Hazel Lovell (Emberlin), b. 8 Mar 1902 Weatherford Parker Co TX, d. 29 Mar 1973, w/o Weaver O., Apostles Garden-East Side, Lot-180D, #4, [SD]
Overholser, Weaver Oscar (WO), b. 28 Feb 1892 Perkins Okla Territory, d. 06 Nov 1982, d/o Hazel L. Overholser, Christus Annex, Lot-405, #1, [SD]
Robles, Armando, b. Jun 16, 1955, d. Mar 26, 2003 Abilene, Johnson FH, [MR]
Turn, Claude Oscar Wayne, b. 7 Feb 1920 Brady TX, d. 24 Jul 1998, h/o Helen Turn, Christus Annex, Lot-230, #?, [SD]
Turn, Helen Kate (Overholser), b. 23 May 1923 Ranger Eastland Co TX, d. 13 Jun 2001, Bronte Coke Co TX,w/o Wayne Turn, Christus Annex, Lot-230, [SD]
Wester, Washington Addison, b. Apr 12, 1898 Pickwick TX, d. Sep 01, 1976, [DP]

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