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Union Chapel Cemetery
Loraine, Mitchell County, Texas

Lat: 32° 26' 53"N, Lon: 100° 43' 50"W

Contributed by Lisa Hale, Sep 29, 2004 [lllhale@yahoo.com]. Total records = 24.

You will find this cemetery on county road 442 going north from Loraine, Texas. The cemetery is on the right side of road. Have to watch for it carefully.

I have not varified this as fact, but some people say this cemetery used to be a black cemetery, and was later used by all for burials. There used to be a school at Union Chapel.

When I was there this cemetery was very un-kept, high grass and weeds, except for a few plots, and there appeared to be many unmarked graves. I could have missed some markers of tombstones in the high grass. The cemetery appeared to be abandoned after the late 1970s.

I walked and read this cemetery in 1990. This includes all existing and legible stones and markers found at that time.

- Lisa Hale

Atkins, Seab, b. 1923, d. 1975, Funeral Home Marker.
Booth, Billy, b. 20 Feb 1909, d. 31 Jul 1910, enclosed in a small fenced in area.
Brown, Evelyn Jestine, d. 1927, only date "our baby".
Casey, Delila, b. 8 Feb 1827, d. 19 Apr 1910.
Cook, Nancy, b. 11 Feb 1827, d. 30 Sep 1911.
Cook, Oscar, b. 5 Feb 1834, d. 27 Dec 1907
Daniel, Mary Ann E., b. 28 Nov 1845, d. 4 Sep 1907, "wife of William Daniel."
Hale, Lester E., b. 23 Mar 1904, d. 2 Feb 1964, "Son"
Hale, M. E., b. 9 Mar 1872, d. 3 Jan 1914, "wife of W. O. Hale," nee Mary Elizabeth Swafford
Harris, George W., b. 5 May 1924, d. 15 May 1924, "son of Mr. & Mrs. W. F. Harris."
Johnson, W. H. H., b. 1836, d. 1911
Lindley, Mrs. Z. A., b. 20 Nov 1847, d. 11 Feb 1917.
Nunley, Arthur Lawarence, b. 14 Sep 1904, d. 6 May 1907, son of J. N. & Jennie Nunley
Nunley, Claudie Morrison, b. 29 Mar 1907, d. 1 Apr 1907, son of W. B. & M. A. Nunley
Nunley, Henry Lesslie, b. 18 Sep 1902, d. 27 Apr 1907, son of J. N. & Jennie Nunley
Sanchez, Manuel, "Fallecia El 18 dea 8 Osto A La Edad" ? Will have to try to trans this one later.
Schoettle, Herman, b. 23 Sep 1882, d. 6 Mar 1910.
Smith, Joe M., b. 17 Jan 1848, d. 31 Mar 1915.
Smith, Mrs. C. E., b. 10 Apr 1863, d. 23 Jan, 1940, "Our Mother."
Swinford, Johnie L., b. 27 Jan 1895, d. 19 Mar 1916
Tidwell, Albert D., b. 14 Jan 1914, d. 9 Mar 1914, "son of H. G. & Clara Tidwell."
Townsend, Lewis E., b. 11? Apr 1934, d. 22 or 27? Mar 1977, Funeral Home Marker, very hard to read.
Wood, James, b. 3 Oct 1843, d. 16 Mar 1924, double marker with Martha Ann.
Wood, Martha Ann, b. 29 Jul 1848, d. 31 Jan 1910, wife of James Wood, double marker with James Wood, Casey Grave And Wood Graves Inside a cyclone fenced lot. Looks like several more unmarked graves in it.

2 large crosses marking unnamed graves
Unknown grave marked with a limestone rock and iron T bar
Small fenced in area, no tombstone or name marked

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