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Colorado City Cemetery
Mitchell County, Texas

West Point Ave & Hwy 208, Colorado City TX

Lat: 32° 23' 34"N, Lon: 100° 50' 26"W

This cemetery originated around the 1850s. It is owned by the city of Colorado City and it is still in use. It is a very large cemetery.

This is not a complete listing of the burials in this cemetery. The records below were provided by contributors to Interment.net. last edited Jul 07, 2008. Total records = 25.

Contributor's Index:

Carroll, Lon Milton, b. 27 Jul 1904, d. 2 Mar 1967, [CK]
Grimes, Bessie L., b. 23 Jun 1913 d. 15 Mar 1969, s/w William, [CK]
Grimes, Frank, b. 12 Sep 1882, d. 4 Feb 1962, h/o Pinkie, [CK]
Grimes, Pinkie Mae, b. 3 Apr 1892 d. 28 Dec 1981, w/o Frank, [CK]
Grimes, Roger Frank, b. 9 Jan 1925, d. 4 Apr 1997, s/o Frank, [CK]
Grimes, William Troy, b. 11 Oct 1909 d. 21 Jan 1985, s/o Frank, [CK]
Kitchen, John Raney, b. 8 Aug 1879, d. 15 Oct 1957, [CK]
Kitchen, Laney Ulalia (Bishop), b. 6 Jan 1882, d. 6 Apr 1966, [CK]
Kitchens, Ephron Creighton, b. 21 Jan 1906, d. 26 Jun 1965, s/o John & Laney Kitchen, [CK]
Kitchens, Jewel Amanda (McWilliams), b. 26 Mar 1905, d. 14 Mar 1958, [CK]
Low, James E., b. 22 Feb 1854, d. 8 May, 1922, s/o Abner and Cedona Brevelle Low, [BP]
Low, Zorah Evelyn Franks, b. 16 Feb 1862, d. 3 Dec 1957, w/o James E. Low, d/o James and Louisa Ann Farmer Franks, [BP]
Priddy, Alva Davis, b. 27 Mar 1883, d. 5 Jul 1946, s/o Davis and Mary Beaty Priddy, [BP]
Priddy, Dora, b. 29 Apr 1910, d. 21 Jun 1988, w/o Gurnie B. Priddy, [BP]
Priddy, Gurnie B., b. 31 Jul 1907, d. 11 Feb 1975, s/o Alva and Lillie Priddy, [BP]
Priddy, James Davis, b. 5 Mar 1909, d. 18 Dec 1985, s/o Alva and Lillie Priddy, [BP]
Priddy, Lillie Ida Low, b. 7 Jun 1880, d. 2 Dec 1971, w/o Alva D. Priddy, d/o James and Zorah Low, [BP]
Priddy, Lona Valma McCloud, b. 24 Nov. 1912, d. 10 Jul 1985, w/o James Davis Priddy, [BP]
Priddy, Vernon Dale, b. 3 Aug 1918, d. 27 Mar 1948, s/o Alva and Lillie Priddy, h/o Ada Ballew Priddy, [BP]
Stephens, Jackie Dean (Rusty), b. 12 Jan 1947 d. 26 May 1966, killed in auto accident, [CK]
Stephens, Karl Dean, b. 30 Jan 1965 d. 12 Oct 1986, s/w Jackie, [CK]
Vest, Dona L. Shirley, b. Sep 13, 1885 Ark, d. Jul 30, 1933, 48yr, w/o John Vest, [MD]
Vest, John Elmer, b. Nov 07, 1885 Ark, d. Dec 23, 1959, 75yr, h/o Dona Shirley Vest, [MD]
Wallace, Claude Allen, b. 10 Mar 1888 d. 3 Jul 1965, s/w Julia, [CK]
Wallace, Julia (Echols), b. 18 Oct 1890 d. 25 Dec 1945, [CK]

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