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Cameron Pioneer Cemetery
Milam County, Texas

Lat: 30° 51' 11"N, Lon: 96° 58' 37"W

Contributed by Judy Reamy, Feb 25, 2003 [jreamy@msn.com]. Total Records = 81.

Situated just off the road on Hwy 190/Hwy 77 in the town of Cameron TX.

This is a Historical cemetery. I think any new burials have to be approved and must be related in some way to those already there.

This includes all of the existing stones I could find when I walked the cemetery in early Dec. of 2001.

- Judy Reamy

Arnold, Charley, d. 1883
Arnold, D. D., no dates, CO. R, 8 TX Inf., CSA
Arnold, Florence, d. 2/27/1877 age 1 yr
Arnold, Lillie, d. 1874
Arnold, Lizzie, d. 10/4/1867 age 1 yr
Arnold, Minnie, d. 6/18/1880 age 3 yrs
Arnold, Mrs. D. D., b. 2/22/1888(?), d. 1/3/1900
Baggerly, Lula M., b. 9/15/1887, d. 5/6/1957, s/w Wiley
Baggerly, Wiley B., b. 12/15/1877, d. 9/6/1947, s/w Lula
Bailey, Mary F., b. 10/14/1867, d. 10/24/1939, w/o Matt B. Bailey
Barkemeyer, Albert Joe, b. 7/17/1955, d. 7/29/1955
Barkemeyer, Billy Eugene, b. & d. 11/7/1943
Batte, Albert, d. 11/15/1873 age 22 yrs
Batte, Capt. G. A., d. 11/16/1870
Batte, Child, no dates, ? yrs, 2 mos
Batte, E. C., d. ?/22/1855 age 36 yrs, w/o G.A.
Batte, Infant, d. 11/11/1854 age 2 mos, s/o G.A. & E.C. Batte
Batte, Ira A., d. 11/15/1885, infant s/o B.(R) L. & Jessie Batte
Batte, James, d. 8/22/1866 age 7 yrs
Batte, Willie, d. 1/8/1876 age 18 yrs
Beauchamp, Dr. J. B., b. 1/22/1829 Bowling Green KY, d. 1/25/1868 Cameron TX
Bigbee, Eliza Latimore, b. 1819 Sumner Co. TN, d. 1862 Cameron, d/o Wm. & Catherine Burney Latimore
Collins, Ellen N., b. 1871,d. 1950, s/w Allen
Collins, W. Allen, b. 1884, d. 1952, s/w Ellen
Crawford, Mary S. Turner, b. 12/7/1856, d. 6/9/1948, sleeps beside Robert Turner
Dunlap, Charlie C., b. 1872, d. 1949,s/w Josie
Dunlap, M. Josie, b. 1870, d.l 1956, s/w Charlie
Fitzgerald, Dora E., b. 1/2/1898, d. 11/18/1948
Harmon, Caladonia, b. 11/28/1843(?), d. 9/20/1849
Harmon, Harriette, b. 3/12/1846(8), d. 9/20/1849
Harmon, John H., broken
Harmon, Worren C., b. 12/3/1854, d. 6/20/1859
Hawkins, Joe B., b. 1902, d. 1939
Hawkins, Kenard, no readable dates, stone broken
Hawkins, Woodson, b. 1883, d. 1941
Jeffries, Annie J., d. 5/26/1861 age 21 yrs., w/o James Jeffries Jr.
King, Willie, b. 10/22/1896, d. 3/8/1900, s/o W.L. & O.B. King
Meyers, Elizabeth, d. 1873, "Mom"
Meyers, Emmie, b. 1/8/1888, d. 4/4/1889, d/o Ludwick and Margaret Meyers
Meyers, Fred, d. 1870, "Dad", s/w Elizabeth
Meyers, Ludwick, b. 1858, d. 1934, s/w Margaret
Meyers, Margaret, b. 1862, d. 1945, s/w Ludwick
Munson, John G., d. 5/19/1861 19 yrs
Pitts, Ella V., b. 6/15/1875, d. 2/4/1944, s/w Samuel
Pitts, Infant, b. 7/23/1908, d. 7/28/1908, s/o S.E. & E.V.
Pitts, Little Mirl, b. 8/27/1899, d. 9/4/1899, d/o S.E. & E.V.
Pitts, Samuel E., b. 3/17/1868, d. 7/22/1949, s/w Ella
Ramires, Elena, DEP?, d. 3/22/1881
Reynolds, Harriet D., b. 1873, d. 1950, s/w Isaac
Reynolds, Isaac H., b. 1869, d. 1941, s/w Harriet
Rice, Bessie Pitts, b. 4/19/1913, d. ----, s/w Walter
Rice, Walter Jerry, b. 5/28/1897, d. 5/15/1952, s/w Bessie
Rogers, Lizzie, b. 1/6/1870(?), d. 8/9/1871(?), d/o J.C. & M. Rogers
Rogers, Maj. J. C., b. 3/24/1824, d. 2/27/1885, s/w N.C.
Rogers, N. C., b. 1/17/1837, d. 8/26/1866, w/o Maj. J.C. Rogers
Smith, Frank M., b. 1/6/1824 Anderson District, SC, d. 11/28/1881 Cameron
Smith, Thomas, b. 8/17/1886, d. 11/30/1896, s/o W.H. & M.L. Smith
Sparks, Emma, b. 12/25/1860, d. 10/10/1878, d/o J.A. & M. Sparks
Streetman, Amos L., d. 10/10/1857 age 55 yrs?
Streetman, Sarah Douglas, b. 9/29/1800, d. 4/9/1885
Strewhern, Emma Brooks, b. 1854, d. 1920
Turner, Dennis, b. 1909, d. 1911
Turner, John N., b. 1/21/1867,d . 4/30/1909
Turner, Miss Rachel, b. 1859, d. 1944, sleeps beside Robert
Turner, R.E.L., b. 12/2/1864, d. 2/15/1926
Turner, Robert Bruce, b. 12/14/1836, d. 10/13/1925, sleeps between Rachel and Mary Crawford
Turnham, Elisabeth, b. 9/6/1788,d. 3/6/1861
Turnham, Joel, b. 9/23/1783, d. 8/24/1862
Walden, Amanda Turner, b. 1874, d. 1895, m/o Cecil C.Walden
Wallace, M. J., b. 2/11/1856, d. 11/19/1880
Ward, Bertha Turner, b. 1880, d. 1898
Ward, Martha, b. 9/6/18??, d. 8/6/1872, d/o J.A. & M.A. Ward
Ward, Mary A., b. 8/7/1866, d. 9/28/1870, d/o J.A. & M.A. Ward
Ward, Minnie, b. 6/23/1860, d. 1/17/1890, w/o W.R. Ward
Watson, Lizzie, b. 3/16/1876, d. 7/15/1894, w/o J.N. Watson
Watson, Sarah F., b. 4/7/1837, d. 2/20/1886
Wilkerson, C. P., b. 8/17/1845, d. 12/15/1890, "Husband"
Wills, Elisabeth, b. 9/14/1813, d. 10/5/1885
Woods, Lawson, b. 5/11/1828, d. 2/17/1874, "A Negro"
Woods, Minnie, b. 4/26/1872, d. 5/23/1886
Yarbrough, Vera M., b. 9/12/1886(8), d. 9/17/1886(8)

Harmon, unreadable
Harmon, unreadable

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