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Vinson Cemetery
Thornton, Limestone County, Texas

Lat: 31° 22' 44"N, Lon: 96° 32' 09"W

Contributed by Bruce Jordan, Oct 19, 2003 [bjordan@galde.net]. Total records = 36.

From Thornton take FM 2749 south to LCR 728. Turn left and go 1.6 miles. Vinson Cemetery is on the right, just past King Cemetery.

Wiley and Phebe Vinson came to Texas from Alabama in 1851 and operated a grist mill and tanning yard. In 1870 Wiley Vinson donated 1/2 acre of land for the cemetery. Wiley Vinson died in 1871 and was the first person to be buried there.

Vinson Cemetery was restored in 1962 by members of the Fox Family Cemetery Association who continue to maintain it. They are descendants of Wiley Vinson.

This is a complete recording of this all existing headstones in this cemetery as of Aug, 2003. There are perhaps other unmarked graves.

- Bruce Jordan

Bailey, E. A., b. 1811, d. 30 Mar 1879, Aged 68 yrs
Baker, Ila L., b. 3 Sep 1899, d. 12 Sep 1904, Daughter of M. T. & F. E. Baker
Barnhart, L. R., no dates
Barnhart, Mary J., d. 7 Apr 1899, Age 50 yrs, Wife of L. R. Barnhart
Boothe, Sarah A. Vinson Baker, b. 27 Aug 1827, d. 27 Sep 1903, Wife of Amos Monroe Baker
Brown, Mary, b. 7 Aug 1890, d. 20 Dec 1890, Daughter of B. F. & M. E. Brown
Fox, Infant, b. 7 Nov 1889, d. 7 Nov 1889, Son of W. H. & S. B. Fox
Fox, Infant, Son of H. G. & B. E. Fox
Fox, Jane, b. 10 Jan 1805, d. 25 Feb 1879, Wife of Wm Fox, s/w William Fox
Fox, Mary E., b. 17 Feb 1866, d. 2 Sep 1873, Daughter of H. G. & B. E. Fox
Fox, William H., b. 22 Dec 1883, d. 6 Sep 1899
Fox, William, d. 12 Jun 1889, Born in Canada, s/w Jane Fox
Gum, Mary A. M., b. 6 Jun 1836, d. 1 Sep 1896, Wife of W. C. Gum
Gum, William C., b. Oct 1830, d. Aug 1906, Pvt Co D 20 TX Inf CSA
Hogue, M. J., b. 10 Jun 1839, d. 12 Feb 1903
Johnson, Thomas C., b. 10 Apr 1892, d. 29 Jul 1892, Son of M. B. & M. E. Johnson
Jones, Mollie M., b. 1894, d. 1906, s/w Shadrack A. Morris and Martha I. Morris
Moore, M. W., b. 11 Nov 1868, d. 3 Sep 1877, Daughter of R. E. & Kate Moore
Morris, Martha I., b. 1855, d. 1927, s/w Shadrack A. Morris and Mollie M. Jones
Morris, Rosa E., b. 14 Nov 1888, d. 22 Jul 1890, Daughter of S. A. & M. I. Morris
Morris, Shadrack A., b. 1856, d. 1894, s/w Martha I. Morris and Mollie M. Jones
Seale, Charles Bunyon, b. 21 Oct 1887, d. 22 Oct 1888
Smith, Harry, 15 Feb 1879, Age 33y
Smith, Melissa A., 3 Mar 1877, Age 30y 9m 12d, Wife of Harry Smith
Vinson, Addie M., b. 28 Dec 1865, d. 3 May 1866, Daughter of James M. & Prudence Vinson, s/w Prudence Adeline Herod Vinson and Prudence A. Vinson.
Vinson, C. Frances, b. 1848, d. "after 1860 census", Daughter of Wiley & Phebe Vinson
Vinson, Charles Walter, b. 7 Jun 1874, d. 3 Nov 1882, s/w Wiley Vinson
Vinson, Phebe, b. 1805, d. 1873, s/w Wiley Vinson
Vinson, Prudence A., b. 28 Dec 1865, d. 29 Dec 1865, Daughter of James M. & Prudence Vinson, s/w Prudence Adeline Herod Vinson and Addie M. Vinson
Vinson, Prudence Adeline Herod, b. 26 Mar 1843, d. 29 Dec 1865, Wife of James Madison Vinson, s/w Prudence A. Vinson and Addie M. Vinson
Vinson, Robert Carlton, b. 26 Sep 1899, d. 1900, s/w Wm Rupert Vinson
Vinson, Robert, b. 15 Dec 1845, d. 30 Mar 1876, Pvt Co 1 TX Cav CSA, (There are two markers. The older marker gives birth date as 18 Dec 1845.)
Vinson, Wiley Jr., b. 1840, d. 1869, 2nd Serg Co H 20 TX Cav CSA
Vinson, Wiley, b. 1801, d. 1871, s/w Phebe Vinson
Vinson, Wiley, b. 31 May 1872, d. 4 Aug 1877, s/w Charles Walter Vinson
Vinson, Wm Rupert, b. 1 Sep 1901, d. 1901, s/w Robert Carlton Vinson

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