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Eaton Cemetery
Thornton, Limestone County, Texas

Lat: 31° 22' 53"N, Lon: 96° 35' 18"W

Contributed by Bruce Jordan, Oct 19, 2003 [bjordan@galde.net]. Total records = 44.

From intersection of Hwy 14 & FM 1246 in Thornton, take Hwy 14 south for two miles. Turn left on LCR 725. The cemetery is at the end of the road which is about .5 miles long.

The Richard Eaton family came to Texas in 1833 as members of the Robertson Colony. They moved to the Eaton area in 1845. The cemetery was started on the Eaton land when Richard's first wife, Mary, died in 1848. Richard and his second wife, Charity, are also buried there.

This is a complete recording of this all existing headstones in this cemetery as of Aug, 2003. There are perhaps other unmarked graves.

- Bruce Jordan

Barnett, B. C., b. 15 Sep 1876, d. 27 Sep 1877, Son of J. M. & M. A. Barnett
Barnett, H. A., b. 20 Mar 1883, d. 1 Dec 1889, Son of J. M. & M. A. Barnett
Barnett, J. M., b. 19 Nov 1851, d. 11 Aug 1910, s/w Martha Barnett
Barnett, Martha, b. 19 Jun 1856, d. 1 Aug 1923, s/w J. M. Barnett
Barnett, Z. M., b. 7 Mar 1879, d. 14 Jun 1881, Son of J. M. & M. A. Barnett
Cox, Augustine, d. 5 May 1884, Twin to Augusta Cox Henderson
Cox, Infant, d. 1883, "Died in infancy"
Cox, Infant, no dates, Child of Sam & Lydia Cox
Cox, Infants, no dates, Children of Sam & Lydia Cox
Cox, Lydia Josephine, b. 12 Feb 1859, d. 20 Jun 1933, Buried in the Union Cemetery
Cox, Ramond Randolph, b. 1835, d. 1864, Pvt Co H 20 Texas Cav CSA
Cox, Samuel Cathmore, b. 12 Sep 1850, d. 25 Jul 1921
Cox, Wilfred, b. & d. 23 Dec 1897, Twin to Willis Lewis Cox
Eaton, , Daughter of John Eaton
Eaton, Benjamin Jnr., b. 1806 in KY, d. 1864 in TX, "1842 TX Citizen"
Eaton, Charity Arnold, b. ca. 1787, d. 1854, "Citizen of the Republic of Texas 1836-1846", Children: Nancy, Thumash, Martha, Alfred P., Samuel, Malinda, Richard A., Polly Ann, s/w Stephen H. Eaton
Eaton, John, b. 8 Sep 1828, d. 11 Oct 1909, Pvt Co K 20 Texas Cav CSA
Eaton, Malinda Eaton, b. 12 Nov 1805 in KY, d. 1873 in TX, Daughter of Richard and Mary "Polly" Eaton, "Pioneer Wife of Benjamin Eaton Jnr. of KY, Wed 26 Apr 1862 in Palestine, IL, 1842 TX Citizen"
Eaton, Mary "Polly" Robertson, b. 1785 in KY, d. 1848 in TX, "Pioneer Wife of Richard Eaton, Wed Jan. 3, 1803 Russellville, KY, 1833 TX Citizen"
Eaton, Mary, b. 1827, d. 1914, "Mother"
Eaton, Percilla, b. 1834, Wife of John Eaton
Eaton, Richard, b. 1782 in VA, d. 1855 in TX, "Pioneer, 1809 Ft. Lamotte IL, 1812 MTD Ranger Brown's Co. Cranford Co., IL, 1833 TX Citizen"
Eaton, Silas, b. 1827, d. 1871, "Father"
Eaton, Stephen H., b. ca. 1784, d. 1848, Texas Revolution War 1836 Veteran", Children: Nancy, Thumash, Martha, Alfred P., Samuel, Malinda, Richard A., Polly Ann, s/w Charity Arnold Eaton
Edwards, Caroline, b. 1853, d. 1929
Edwards, Infant, Daughter of John and Anne M. Edwards
Edwards, J. R., b. 1916, d. 1933
Edwards, Mavlice, 1 Jul 1927, Died at 11 months, Son of John & Annie Edwards, Twin of Keithen
Edwards, N. B., b. 1860, d. 1933
Fullen, George W., b. 1831, d. 1889, Pvt Co H 20 Texas Cav CSA
Gresham, Clarence D., b. 31 Jul 1876, d. 17 Feb 1879
Herring, Infant, b. & d. Jan 1925
Jones, J. C., b. 9 Jan 1850, d. 11 Feb 1874
Monaghan, Raymon, b. 18 Dec 1898, d. 19 Dec 1899, Son of D. S. & A. C. Monaghan
Noble, Carmon D., b. 29 Mar 1915, d. 19 Aug 1933, s/w Ella Mildred Noble
Noble, Ella Mildred, b. 28 Dec 1923, d. 13 Jan 1929, s/w Carmon D. Noble
Oliver, John Otis, b. 14 Apr 1893, d. 28 Dec 1902
Stroud, Earl, b. 1 Nov 1882, d. 31 Aug 1890, Son of W. H. & M. J. Stroud
Stroud, Willie, b. 23 May 1896, d. 23 May 1899, Daughter of W. H. & M J. Stroud
Tate, Lee, no dates
Tate, Lucy (Eaton), no dates
Walts, Pink Rose Lee, b. 1 Feb 1860, d. 22 Apr 1922
Walts, Pinkie R., b. 1 Feb 1860, 24 Apr 1900, Listed on old marker
Wilson, Myrtle Oliver, b. 25 Jul 1889, d. 5 Sep 1914

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