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Cox Cemetery
Old Union Community, Limestone County, Texas

Lat: 31° 24' 31"N, Lon: 96° 25' 15"W

Contributed by Donna Ayres, Jul 22, 2003 [donna@tol-tx.com]. Total records = 149.

From Groesbeck, you would go south on FM 937 about 12 miles. When you come to FM 3371, take a left. The cemetery is on the left about ¼ mile down the road.

Cox Cemetery is maintained by Union-Cox Cemetery Association. You can contact Donna Hastings Ayres at 254-729-8522 for info. This cemetery is accepting burials.

This is a complete recording of this cemetery as of Jul 22, 2003. I compiled this survey from tombstones. There are about 100 graves marked with rocks, stones or upright cement markers with no info on them.

In 2002, I submitted my work to the Texas Historical Commission. Cox Cemetery is now a Texas Historical Cemetery.

- Donna Ayres

Anglin, Eli, b. 1-22-1882, d. 11-4-1960
Anglin, Maggie, b. 1880, d. 1941
Archer, Alma, b. 4-4-1909, d. 12-24-1989, Married: 7-2-1942
Archer, Astro E., b. 1-31-1902, d. 12-20-1991, Married: 7-2-1942
Brown, Ben, no dates
Brown, C. W., b. 7-16-1926, d. 11-27-1993, Married: 8-8-1962 Foot Marker: PFC US Army World War II
Brown, Edd, no dates
Brown, Lillie B., b. 10-7-1902, d. 3-11-1968
Brown, M. E., b. 4-26-1852, d. 5-9-1875, Wife of Peter Brown
Brown, Maureen, b. 7-16-1944, d. no date
Brown, Peter, b. 2-21-1854, d. 3-1-1879
Brown, Robert Owens, b. 7-19-1884, d. 2-23-1959, Texas PFC Cole 6 Infantry Tx. NG World War I
Brown, Sandra S., b. 1-23-1944, d. no date, Married: 8-8-1962
Brown, William H., no dates, Co. B. 8 Ga Inf. CSA
Brown, Wilson H., b. 5-11-1924, d. 6-12-1996, PFC US Army World War II
Calhoun, Bertie Lorene, b. 7-9-1913, d. 10-29-1925
Calhoun, Clarence V., b. 1-29-1909, d. 12-13-1985, PFC US Army World War II
Calhoun, Jack, b. 1-11-1911, d. 4-14-1958, Son of Maynard Calhoun and Kate Farmer
Calhoun, Kate, b. 10-21-1889, d. 1-28-1972
Calhoun, Maynard, b. 3-28-1886, d. 7-30-1966
Calhoun, Millicent Hazel, b. 4-10-1918, d. 4-20-1986, Daughter of Nathan Earl Yarbrough and Annie Cox
Cockran, Infant, no dates, Son of Howard Cochran
Cockran, Infant, no dates, Son of Mr. And Mrs. Howard Cochran
Cockrum, Odessa L., b. 1914, d. 1958
Cox, Ada Jane, b. 4-2-1887, d. 3-1-1953
Cox, Allen Basstine, b. 4-29-1887, d. 11-2-1957
Cox, Angeline, b. 2-4-1842, d. 2-12-1870, Information supplied by Donna Hastings Ayres, Wife of Obediah Cox, Daughter of William Glover and Nancy Phifer Glover
Cox, Carl, no dates
Cox, Eliza, b. 12-17-1847, d. 11-18-1926, Information supplied by Donna Hastings Ayres, Wife of Obediah Cox, Daughter of William Glover and Nancy Phifer Glover
Cox, George S., b. 12-31-1970, d. 1-23-1889
Cox, Henry C., b. 6-4-1888, d. 5-11-1970
Cox, Henry, b. 5-3-1875, d. 12-13-1875
Cox, Holton, b. 1913, d. 1933
Cox, Isom, b. 1885, d. 1949
Cox, J. W., no dates
Cox, James Matthew, b. 9-23-1865, d. 2-6-1956
Cox, James, b. 10-1-1849, d. 7-24-1909
Cox, Jeremiah, b. 6-30-1871, d. 1-27-1892
Cox, John, b. 1867, d. 1913
Cox, Mary B., b. 1877, d. 1919
Cox, Obediah, b. 2-17-1841, d. 8-9-1914
Cox, Pink B., no dates
Cox, S. B., no dates
Cox, Vinnie, b. 1888, d. 1970
Davis, William P., b. 12-31-1925, d. 9-12-1970, World War II
Deen, James C., b. 9-13-1927, d. 11-7-1982
Farrow, Dan, b. 1896, d. 1977, PVT US Army World War I
Farrow, Virginia Hunter, b. 11-18-1905, d. 2-29-1988
Goolsby, Margaret Elaine, b. 11-20-1931, d. 8-21-1989
Gossett, Myrtle I., b. 5-3-1903, d. 5-11-1983
Gossett, Neal B., b. 1-2-1893, d. 2-19-1963
Grain, Timothy Scott, b. 6-25-1991, d. 6-25-1991
Harris, Martha Ann, b. 8-17-1838, d. 11-16-1872, Wife of T. H. Harris
Hastings, Alvis Lee, b. 1908, d. 1959, World War II
Hastings, David, b. 4-13-1908, d. 4-13-1908, Son of Mr. And Mrs. Jim Hastings. Says infant on stone
Hastings, Elvie Jay, b. 6-20-1911, d. 1-8-2000
Hastings, Ida Belle Alexander, b. 11-13-1915, d. 9-26-2001, Eastern Star On Marker Wife Of Alvis Lee Hastings
Hastings, James Stephen, b. 2-17-1886, d. 11-13-1961, Information supplied by Donna Hastings Ayres: James Stephen Hastings
Hastings, Jewel, b. 5-14-1907, d. 5-26-1907, Daughter of Mr. And Mrs. Jim Hastings
Hastings, John Wilse, b. 3-17-1853, d. 2-4-1931, Information supplied by Donna Hastings Ayres: John Wilse Hastings born in Alabama
Hastings, Johnie William, b. 10-13-1913, d. 6-4-1955
Hastings, Margaret Irene Sherrod, b. 9-30-1890, d. 11-11-1969, Information supplied by Donna Hastings Ayres: Margaret Irene Sherrod Hastings. Wife of James Stephen Hastings. Daughter of Sam Washington Sherrod and Nancy Jane Tyler Sherrod
Hastings, Nancy Raney, b. 3-8-1845, d. 7-8-1912, Information supplied by Donna Hastings Ayres: Wife of J. W. Hastings. Daughter of William Glover and Nancy Phifer Glover
Hastings, Ollie Jane, b. 11-9-1886, d. 10-26-1975, Information supplied by Donna Hastings Ayres: Ollie Jane Herod Hastings. Wife of Thomas D. Hastings. Daughter of James Buchanan Herod and Anna Eliza Wright
Hastings, Thomas D., b. 1-31-1875, d. 6-4-1968, Information supplied by Donna Hastings Ayres: Thomas Daniel Hastings born in Alabama. Husband of Ollie Jane Herod Hastings. Son of John Wilse Hastings and Mary Jane Evett
Henderson, Charlie H., b. 10-5-1908, d. 7-30-1963, Texas TEC 5 HQ Co. 32 Armored Regt. World War II
Henderson, Eglentine, b. 2-25-1852, d. 4-8-1935
Henderson, Houston, b. 11-22-1847, d. 11-22-1936
Henderson, Jewell, b. 4-8-1906, d. 8-19-1986
Henderson, Orlena Ann, b. 3-11-1874, d. 8-21-1888
Henderson, Walter Ran, b. 8-28-1901, d. 11-19-1979
Henderson, William L., b. 12-31-1884, d. 1-15-1962
Henderson, Willie Iva, b. 11-21-1905, d. 1996
Herod, Anna Eliza Wright, b. 9-11-1854, d. 4-21-1902, There are no dates on head stone. Information supplied by Donna Hastings Ayres: Anna Eliza Wright. Wife of James Buchanan Herod
Herod, Arminda, b. 11-9-1892, d. no date, There are no dates on head stone. Information supplied by Donna Hastings Ayres: Daughter of Anna Eliza Wright and James Buchanan Herod
Herod, Buck, b. 1-26-1857, d. 3-26-1901, There are no dates on head stone. Information supplied by Donna Hastings Ayres: James Buchanan Herod. Husband of Anna Eliza Wright. Son of James Madison Herod and Sarah Caroline Glover Herod
Herod, Conard A., b. 8-20-1905, d. 5-25-1985
Herod, Katie A., b. 11-15-1903, d. 10-27-1991
Herod, Lee, b. 10-30-1894, d. no date, There are no dates on head stone. Information supplied by Donna Hastings Ayres: Charley L. Herod. Son of James Buchanan Herod and Anna Eliza Wright Herod
Herod, Sidney, no dates, Information supplied by Donna Hastings Ayres: Sidney Herod born 3-6-1880 in Limestone County, Texas. Son of James and Anna Wright Herod
Hudson, Alton, b. 9-30-1916, d. 10-30-1994
Hudson, Aulton Grant, b. 1-4-1940, d. 1-24-1989, AIC US Air Force
Hudson, Ruby, b. 11-20-1916, d. 11-12-1986
Hunter, Bence V., b. 2-2-1897, d. no date
Hunter, Donnie E., b. 4-16-1907, d. 10-30-1992
Hunter, Durwood, b. 8-7-1933, d. 10-5-1952
Hunter, Hattie L., b. 1881, d. 1944
Hunter, Infant, b. 1-20-1912, d. 1-20-1912, Son of T. S. and H. Hunter
Hunter, James Arnold, b. 10-3-1900, d. 1-20-1917, Son of T. S. and H. Hunter
Hunter, John, no dates
Hunter, Lem F., b. 10-5-1898, d. 7-25-1970
Hunter, Massolion, no dates
Hunter, Oma Dent, b. 5-21-1909, d. no date
Hunter, Ruby L., b. 2-26-1928, d. 9-13-1994, Married: 1-24-1944
Hunter, Thomas Erwin, b. 2-1-1902, d. 3-9-1971
Hunter, Thomas S., b. 1873, d. 1930
Hunter, Thomas V., b. 1-26-1922, d. 10-13-1962, Texas TEC 4 Signal Corps. World War II
Hunter, Waydell, b. 6-26-1925, d. 12-23-1983, Married: 1-24-1944
Hunter, Zelda Lewis, b. 8-27-1912, d. no date
Hyden, Cornielus B., b. 12-17-1875, d. 11-30-1959
Hyden, Nancy C., b. 8-23-1882, d. 11-24-1969
Lewis, Infant, no dates, Child of Norman Lewis
Lewis, Jeanette, no dates
Lewis, Jeraldine, no dates
Lewis, John S., b. 1841, d. 1925
Lewis, Lionel L., b. 1-13-1907, d. 8-14-1955
Lewis, Mary F., b. 10-22-1843, d. 2-4-1933
Lewis, Mary M., b. 1907, d. no date
Lewis, Norman A., b. 1904, d. 1973
Lopez, Charley Jr., b. 10-21-1962, d. 3-16-1965
Martin, Lennard, b. 9-18-1902, d. 10-10-1974, Rest In Peace
Maynard, Roger Leroy, b. 6-20-1929, d. 8-1-1989
Pinkerton, Edith Ann Hastings, b. 4-20-1936, d. 7-8-2000, Daughter of Mr. And Mrs. Alvis Lee Hastings
Polk, Susie Ann, b. 6-25-1889, d. 10-17-1955
Powell, Ida E., b. 1872, d. 1950
Powell, Janie Crystelle, b. 10-14-1913, d. no date
Powell, Ned B., b. 1869, d. 1930
Powell, Richard C., b. 4-19-1910, d. no date
Prado, Roy C., no dates
Reed, B. F. Mrs., no dates
Reed, B. F., no dates
Reed, Holton, no dates
Richardson, Matildia J., b. 2-10-1892, d. 3-6-1893
Rickman, Erma Davis, b. 9-20-1907, d. 10-2-1995, TEC 5 US Army World War II
Roberts, H. B., b. no date, d. 12-14-1893
Roberts, Jackson H., b. 3-26-1865, d. 2-10-1886
Roberts, Mary Elizabeth, b. 4-26-1852, d. 5-9-1875, Wife of Peter Roberts
Smith, Amy Garnice, b. 7-17-1922, d. 10-20-1977
Smith, Anice, no dates
Smith, Lee Crawford, b. 5-21-1921, d. 7-4-1982
Syphrett, Anna Beth, b. 9-13-1928, d. no date
Thomas, Irene Hunter, b. 11-15-1908, d. no date
Unfried, Henry, b. 1832, d. 10-18-1872, Born in Riel, Germany
Unfried, Lena, b. no date, d. 1873
Unfried, Maggie, b. 1832, d. 2-25-1873, Born in Riel, Germany
Unfried, Peter, b. no date, d. 1872
White, Bertie Roberts, b. 3-19-1907, d. 6-30-1988
White, Calvin Jasper, b. 1-10-1868, d. 12-8-1955
White, George Sidney, b. 11-27-1872, d. 12-27-1955
White, Glen Donald, b. 8-11-1934, d. 11-2-1948
White, Jesse Calvin, b. 9-3-1910, d. 8-17-1991
White, Mary Nancy Elizabeth, b. 7-8-1891, d. 3-3-1981
White, Mattie Bulah, b. 7-7-1874, d. 5-19-1953
Wright, Isaac, b. 9-13-1817, d. 11-16-1889
Wright, Nancy, b. 12-20-1900, d. no date, 74 Years
Yarbrough, Annie, b. 9-9-1878, d. 8-8-1943
Yarbrough, Melvin Percy, b. 3-2-1904, d. 3-7-1965
Yarbrough, Nathan E., b. 9-9-1873, d. 11-5-1952
Yarbrough, Virginia Ruth, b. 3-20-1905, d. 1-27-1983

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