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Bennett-Lenoir Cemetery
Limestone County, Texas

Contributed by Donna Ayres, Jul 22, 2003 [donna@tol-tx.com]. Total records = 48.

This Cemetery is located on FM 1245, between Groesbeck and Prairie Hill. It is on private property.

This cemetery was in sad need of repair. The owner of the property had let his cows tear and trample the headstones. Many were so bad that I could not read them.

I walked and read this cemetery in 2002. This includes all existing headstones which are readable.

- Donna Ayres

Bennett, Townsend, b. 1797, d. 1855, Wife is Mary Runnels buried at Mt. Antioch Cemetery
Berry, Infant, b. 3-24-1880, d. 3-27-1880, Son of F.C. and M.J. Berry
Boyd, Hattie, b. 10-26-1868, d. 12-22-1888, Wife of L.B. Boyd
Boyd, L. B., b. 8-7-1860, d. 4-24-1909
Boyd, Laura, b. 11-9-1867, d. 11-31-1898, Wife of L.B. Boyd
Butler, Oris, b. 7-22-1915, d. no date
Conrad, Infant, b. 6-8-1888, d. 6-9-1888, Son of Dr. J.M. and J. Conrad
Dawley, Chester "Red", b. 7-14-1914, d. no date, Married: 5-18-1947
Dawley, Mary Eady, b. 2-27-1910, d. 2-13-1995, Married: 5-18-1947
Eady, Arilus D., b. 5-9-1877, d. 2-15-1944
Eady, D. H., b. 6-4-1871, d. 5-27-1944
Eady, Harvey, b. 11-9-1896, d. 4-17-1947, Foot Marker: Texas PFC 144 Inf. 36 Div. World War II
Eady, Helen, b. 7-24-1901, d. 1-14-1980
Eady, Leander, b. 5-15-1836, d. 9-13-1927, 1st Lt. Col. 133rd Alabama Inf. Confederate Soldier
Eady, Mary O., b. 6-30-1879, d. 12-2-1918, Wife of D. H. Eady
Eady, Stanley D., b. 6-21-1906, d. 6-2-1925
Eady, Susan M., b. 8-24-1844, d. 10-25-1900
Eady, Zuma C., b. 9-25-1889, d. 7-30-1975
Hays, J. N., b. 1812, d. 1883
Hays, Susanah, b. 6-11-1811, d. 5-6-1882, Consort of J.N. Hays. Born in Brown County, Ohio. 71 yrs. 11 mos. 8 days
Jackson, G. W., b. 9-25-1826, d. 6-2-1889, Masonic Emblem
Jackson, Malinda, b. 6-7-1829, d. no date, Wife of G.W. Jackson
Jackson, W. K., b. no date, d. no date
Langston, , b. 1842, d. 1911
Langston, , b. 1844, d. 1878
Langston, , b. 1870, d. 1878
LeNoir, James Y., b. 1849, d. 3-18-1908, 59 years
LeNoir, Maggie F., b. 1870, d. 1953
Mayo, Eliza J., b. 1-18-1848, d. 2-22-1883, Wife of R.W. Mayo
Mayo, Martha F., b. 8-18-1870, d. 6-24-1876, Daughter of R. W. and E.J. Mayo
Pelton, Claude E., b. 2-18-1891, d. 8-6-1932, Woodmen of the World marker
Pelton, Lexie J., b. 6-5-1891, d. 10-1-1953, Married: 8-3-1906
Pelton, Ona J., b. 1892, d. 1966, Mother
Pelton, Sarah E., b. 7-10-1855, d. 8-12-1902
Pelton, Wendy D., b. 8-12-1895, d. 2-12-1896, Daughter of W.M. and S.E. Pelton
Pelton, William M., b. 7-17-1856, d. 1-10-1907, Woodmen of the World marker
Pelton, William Nane, b. 7-25-1884, d. 10-20-1955, Married: 8-3-1906
Pollock, Susie Alice Pelton, b. 1-30-1910, d. 1-29-1936
Runnels, Mary, b. 7-8-1851, d. 1-10-1863, Daughter of John and Mary Runnels
Shriver, Mary M., b. 1840, d. 1909
Starritt, Edith Eugenia, b. 12-30-1874, d. 4-30-1932
Starritt, Ewin William, b. 9-21-1894, d. 4-1-1941
Starritt, Lee, b. 8-10-1898, d. 9-8-1900
Starritt, William Benjamin, b. 12-7-1866, d. 2-15-1960
Thetford, Clarence, b. 1892, d. 1893, Son of H.G. and L.H. Thetford
Thetford, H. G., b. 1858, d. 1917
Thetford, Lelia Horton, b. 1873, d. 1900
Waters, , b. 12-16-1898, d. 9-20-1900, Daughter of A.R. and T.C. Waters

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