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Brownsboro Cemetery
Kendall County, Texas

North River Bend Rd
Comfort TX

Lat: 29°58'23"N, Lon: 98°49'43"W

Contributed by Janis Trayler, Nov 03, 2001 [jtrayler@austin.rr.com]. Total records = 37.

The cemetery is near the Guadalupe River, near a couple of houses out in the country. The cemetery has a fence around it and at the time we were there, one of the families had put a goat inside to keep the weeds down. They could have put in a couple more and it might have helped more. Thank goodness he was semi-friendly.

Ron Cloyd and I walked this cemetery 7/4/1999, and read all the markers. There were 6-7 graves that were unmarked, or the markers were unreadable.

??, R. C., d, 1930 Jul 10, acui des can san los rest de Pedro Sara bia fall
Bier Schwale, Chas., b. 1855 Dec 25, d. 1889 Apr 25, "Kendall County Alliance, Goodby Charles, dear …(unreadable), We thy loss most deeply feel, but the God who has bereft us, he can all our sorrows heal."
Bier Schwale, Henry, b. 1877 Nov 27, d. 1877 Dec 6, "Henry, Son of H & B.E. bier Schwale"
Bier Schwale, Infant Daughter, b. 1889 Mar ?, d. 1890 Jun 30, Infant daughter of C.H. & Mattie Bier Schwale
Brown, J. C., b. 1838 Jul 17, d. 1919 Nov 25, "Native of Texas, spent his life mostly in Kendall County, He harmed no one but wished everyone well"
Brown, Lizzie T., b. 1856 Jun 14 Sacramento City, CA, d. 1885 May 12, Beloved wife of I.L. Brown, 28 years 10 mos 29 days
Brown, Martha J., b. 1842 Mar 29, d. 1917 Oct 1, "A great lover of home, she spent her life caring for her children and home"
Davila, Dr. T., no dates
Davila, Maria dela Luz, b. 1919 Mar 3, d. 1921 Jun 14, recuerdo de sus padres Esquivel y Petra Trevenio Davila
Dier Schwale, Henry, b. 1845 Jun 22, d. 1877 Nov 27
Giles, W. E., b. 1819 Jul 27, d. 1885 Jan 10
Hatcher, L. T., b. 1845 Mar 2, d. 1891 Feb 9, "Lonely are moments and sad are the hours since thy meek smile is gone, But, oh, a brighter home than ours, for heaven is now thy own, Aged 45 years, 11 months, 21 days"
Haufler, Chr., b. 1843 Jan 3, d. 1901 Jun 1, Father
Haufler, R, b. 1888 Dec 30, d. 1910 Sep 11
Haufler, Rosa, b. 1848 Dec 24, d. 1925 Jan 15, Mother
Howell, Levi W., b. 1826 Jun 23 Wales, England, d. 1897 Jul 27 Kendall County, TX, "An honest Christian, the nobelest work of God lies sweetly resting here, beneath the Texas sod"
Howell, Sarah E., b. 18?8 Nov 3 Williamson County TX, d. 1887 Nov 28, "Remember me as you pass by, As you are now, so once was I, As I am now, so you will be, So be prepared to follow me," Moved to Texas 1850
Lee, William T., b. 1865 Aug 9, d. 1903 Jun 17
Manning, Sarah J., b. 1834 Apr 7, d. 1884 Oct 26, Wife of Tho. Manning, 50 yrs. 19 days
Mirales, Eneike, d, 1948 Apr 15, eaki los res. DeAntonia
Nichols, G.W., b. 1821 Aug 29, d. no date, lower part of tombstone unreadable
Nowlin, Alice, b. 1869 May 29, d. 1917 Jul 5, How many hopes lie buried here.
Nowlin, James B., b. 1846 Feb 1, d. 1925 Dec 23
Nowlin, Little R.L., b. 1888 Aug 15, d. 1896 Jan 19
Nowlin, Mary T., b. 1848 May 5, d. 1901 Jan 23, "He that followeth after righteousness and mercy findeth life, righteousness …. Proverbs XXI-2…"
Nowlin, Thomas, b. 1879 May 20, d. 1933 Jan 10
Rocha, Gomecindo, b. 1842, d. 21 Apr 1905
Rocha, Sra. Felicitas, b. 1905 Jun 10, d. 1931 Mar 20, Recuerdo de sus padres y hermanos
Rose, Infant Baby, b. 1898, d. 12 Mar 1905, Infant baby of E and Y Rose
Rose, Josie A., no dates
Rose, Rebecca, b. 1847, d. 11 Mar 1905
Stribling, Edgar M., b. 1851 Sep 1976, d. 1924 Apr 12
Stribling, Eliza C, b. 1824 Jun 10, d. 1915 Sep 12, "Mother / Life, Love, Truth"
Stribling, Frank K, b. 1858 Jul 8, d. 1917 Aug 30, At rest
Stribling, Richard, b. 1815, d. 1896 Feb 17, "Bound by no sect or creed, yet good at heart, He strove through life to live an honest part, He thought he saw in God's eternal plan that he fulfills it best who helps his fellow man"
Stribling, Walter A., b. 1861 Jun 24, d. 1902 Jun 21, Gone But Not Forgotten
Wallace, Samuel, d, no date, Limestone tombstone badly broken and unreadable

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