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Premont Cemetery
Premont, Jim Wells County, Texas

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 658.

Contributor's Index:

  • [CW] Charlie Ward

Plot information is comprised of Section/Block/Lot, [CW]

Adams, Christine S., b. 10/21/1919, d. 3/10/1996, Plot: D/01/03, [CW]
Adams, Dr. Sylba, b. 12/7/1899, d. 4/22/1985, Plot: F/26/06, [CW]
Adams, Edward R., b. 9/30/1918, Plot: D/01/04, [CW]
Adams, Hattie A., b. 1899, d. 8/5/1978, Plot: B/21/03, [CW]
Adams, John P., b. 2/25/1891, d. 2/10/1972, Plot: B/21/02, [CW]
Adams, Lois, B. 7/6/1902, d. 10/12/1991, Plot: F/26/07, [CW]
Adcock, Stafford Eliza, b. 10/12/1855, d. 1/23/1933, Plot: E/13/01, [CW]
Ahlman, Alfred C., b. 2/19/1903, d. 2/25/1993, Plot: E/23/03, [CW]
Ahlman, Dr. Alfred, b. 11/25/1867, d. 6/5/1940, Plot: E/23/01, Public Servant, [CW]
Ahlman, Infant, b. 7/18/1935, d. 1935, Plot: A/02/02, [CW]
Ahlman, Myrtle Inez, b. 11/28/1877, d. 1/25/1962, Plot: E/23/02, Public Servant, [CW]
Alden, Comer M., b. 3/28/1903, d. 9/27/1966, Plot: A/16/02, [CW]
Alden, Elizabeth R., b. 1/4/1902, d. 9/20/1996, Plot: A/16/03, [CW]
Alden, Thomas Lumpkin, b. 2/26/1869, d. 8/23/1957, Plot: A/16/05, [CW]
Allen, Ben M. Sr., b. 10/6/1909, d. 5/5/1992, Plot: F/15/04, [CW]
Allen, Joan B., no dates, Plot: F/15/02,Same grave as Robert F. Allen, [CW]
Allen, Mary Ann, b. 1/4/1940, d. 12/19/1976, Plot: F/15/03, [CW]
Allen, Robert G., b. 8/12/1938, Plot: F/15/02,Same grave as Joan B. Allen, [CW]
Allen, Rosa J., b. 1/25/1901, d. 1/11/1984, Plot: F/15/05, [CW]
Anderson, Clarence B., b. 9/30/1871, d. 3/1/1932, Plot: A/10/05, [CW]
Anderson, Infant Of S.B., d. 1929, Plot: A/10/02, [CW]
Anderson, Infant-Sylvestor, d. 1927, Plot: A/10/03, [CW]
Anderson, Lillie, b. 10/3/1887, d. 1/15/1982, Plot: A/10/06, [CW]
Anderson, Victoria, d. 5/8/1927, Plot: A/10/01, [CW]
Andrus, Cornalius, b. 9/7/1917, d. 10/1/1940, Plot: E/10/01, [CW]
Arthur, George B., b. 1885, d. 1951, Plot: E/12/04, [CW]
Arthur, Rhoda S., b. 1889, d. 1973, Plot: E/12/05, [CW]
Ashcraft, Carolyn, no dates, Plot: D/06/03, [CW]
Ashcraft, Jeffrey, no dates, Plot: D/06/04, [CW]
Atkison, Bessie Payton, b. 2/22/1894, d. 9/15/1968, Plot: B/25/09, [CW]
Atkison, Challen P., b. 11/28/1918, d. 8/17/1943, Plot: B/25/10, [CW]
Atkison, Howard M., b. 8/29/1895, d. 3/28/1964, Plot: B/25/08, [CW]
Austin, Bobby T., b. 9/21/1932, d. 1/25/1988, Plot: F/25/10, [CW]
Baker, J. D., no dates, Plot: F/16/06, [CW]
Balzar, Arthur, b. 11/14/1900, d. 9/10/1985, Plot: E/07/05, [CW]
Balzar, Lillie, b. 5/25/1902, d. 9/29/1988, Plot: E/07/06, [CW]
Balzer, Infant, b. 10/30/1930, d. 10/30/1930, Plot: A/15/01, [CW]
Barnett, Copeland E., b. 6/7/1914, d. 2/9/1991, Plot: B/27/02, [CW]
Barnett, Rosaline M., b. 1914, Plot: B/27/01, [CW]
Barrera, Eulid, no dates, Plot: D/05/02, [CW]
Barrera, Kathryn, no dates, Plot: D/05/01, Wohlgemuth, [CW]
Bateman, O.C., b. 1/2/1905, d. 5/27/1973, Plot: B/33/03, [CW]
Bean, Vernie Lee, b. 12/4/1901, d. 5/13/1988, Plot: F/17/06, [CW]
Bean, Claude Everett, b. 1904, d. 1982, Plot: F/16/10, [CW]
Bennett, David W., b. 1903, d. 1981, Plot: F/20/04, [CW]
Bennett, Frank, b. 7/6/1862, d. 5/10/1939, Plot: A/05/03, [CW]
Bennett, George Elmer, b. 1/10/1883, d. 4/27/1947, Plot: A/05/06, [CW]
Bennett, Jennie Gray, d. 11/30/1933, Plot: A/05/05, [CW]
Bennett, Marcella L., b. 1899, d. 1982, Plot: F/20/05, [CW]
Bennett, Mary, b. 1863, d. 10/1/1934, Plot: A/05/02,Mrs. Frank, [CW]
Bennett, Sam, b. 7/10/1859, d. 8/26/1929, Plot: A/05/04, [CW]
Billeaud, Stafford S., b. 1/1/1918, d. 7/17/1970, Plot: F/12/02, [CW]
Blackman, Sam A., b. 12/19/1894, d. 10/14/1957, Plot: B/19/03, [CW]
Blackstone, Lavada, b. 9/8/1920, d. 5/27/1998, Plot: F/28/02, [CW]
Blackstone, Joseph Weldon, b. 10/5/1914, d. 8/28/1988, Plot: F/28/01, [CW]
Boerger, Gilbert, b. 1923, d. 1925, Plot: A/08/03, [CW]
Boerger, Selma, b. 1893, d. 1925, Plot: A/08/02, [CW]
Boese, Infant Boy Louis, b. 1952, d. 1/10/1952, Plot: E/07/02, [CW]
Borg, Dorothy, b. 8/20/1912, d. 5/24/1993, Plot: F/30/02, [CW]
Borg, Sigfred E., b. 1909, d. 5/13/1986, Plot: F/30/01, [CW]
Borne, J. K. P., b. 1883, d. 1938, Plot: E/14/01, [CW]
Bowman, Frank, b. 5/9/1898, d. 9/6/1978, Plot: B/32/03, [CW]
Bowman, Juanita, b. 5/22/1907, d. 5/22/1991, Plot: B/32/04, [CW]
Bridges, Rex Monte, b. 1956, d. 1956, Infant, Plot: E/19/01, [CW]
Brod, Maude E., b. 5/2/1913, d. 4/18/1981, Plot: F/15/10, [CW]
Brod, Robert N., b. 4/10/1914, d. 1/25/1991, Plot: F/15/09, [CW]
Broussard, John, d. 11/30/1937, Plot: F/29/01, [CW]
Broussard, Pat, d. 6/19/1943, Plot: F/29/02, [CW]
Brown, Debra Janicek, b. 10/8/1952, d. 11/3/1987, Plot: F/27/06, [CW]
Brown, Homer Alston Jr., b. 9/28/1948, Plot: F/26/10, [CW]
Brown, Homer Alston Sr., b. 7/8/1923, d. 11/6/1985, Plot: F/26/08, [CW]
Brown, Jean Fritcher, b. 10/25/1927, Plot: F/26/09, [CW]
Browning, Joe, no dates, Plot: E/17/03, [CW]
Brunson, Richard, b. 4/10/1915, d. 11/17/1975, Plot: B/11/04, [CW]
Bryan, Dorothy E., b. 9/19/1909, Plot: F/25/08, [CW]
Bryan, Earl A., b. 11/16/1909, d. 5/17/1984, Plot: F/25/07, [CW]
Bryant, Leonard F. Sr., b. 12/17/1915, d. 6/24/1977, Plot: B/23/05, [CW]
Bryant, Verta Mae, b. 1928, d. 1971, Plot: E/14/03, [CW]
Buchen, Charles H., b. 1869, d. 1947, Plot: E/17/01, [CW]
Buchen, Nelda, b. 1872, d. 1949, Plot: E/17/02, [CW]
Buck, Billie C., b. 9/21/1926, d. 12/17/1973, Plot: F/12/07, [CW]
Buck, Haldor R., b. 5/14/1925, d. 12/27/1981, Plot: F/12/06, [CW]
Buller, Charles C. (Rev), b. 1922, d. 1965, Plot: E/07/04, [CW]
Bunch, Nettie Williams, b. 6/3/1891, d. 2/5/1978, Plot: F/17/01, [CW]
Bunch, R. P. Hobson, b. 8/15/1898, d. 4/8/1984, Plot: F/16/05, [CW]
Byler, Warren J., b. 1/21/1935, d. 4/21/1940, Plot: E/20/05, [CW]
Campbell, Copeland O'Dell, b. 2/29/1956, d. 10/31/1974, Plot: B/37/01, [CW]
Canales, Tomasita, b. 9/22/1908, d. 6/25/1987, Plot: E/02/04, [CW]
Cannaday, Cleo, b. 7/7/1911, Plot: D/09/01, [CW]
Cannaday, Willie Mae, b. 5/13/1921, Plot: D/03/05, [CW]
Carlile, R. F., b. 4/24/1907, d. 1/29/1984, Plot: B/35/08, [CW]
Carroll, Anna E., b. 2/21/1903, d. 2/20/1983, Plot: A/18/02, [CW]
Carroll, Charles W., b. 1870, d. 1958, [CW]
Carroll, John F., b. 8/8/1902, d. 8/27/1983, Plot: A/18/01, [CW]
Carroll, Minnie E., b. 1869, d. 1951, [CW]
Chaffin, Lottie, b. 1895, d. 1989, Plot: F/11/05, [CW]
Chafin, Oscar 'Pop', b. 1892, d. 1964, Plot: F/11/04, [CW]
Champlin, Earl B., b. 1907, d. 1980, Plot: E/24/05, [CW]
Champlin, Lola M., b. 1911, Plot: E/24/06, Buried Elsewhere, [CW]
Chapman, A., No dates, Plot: D/05/03, [CW]
Chapman, Johnny, b. 9/12/1964, d. 6/8/1996, Plot: D/05/04, [CW]
Chapman, Millie, no dates, Plot: D/05/05, [CW]
Chapman, Sonny, no dates, Plot: D/11/01, [CW]
Childress, Infant, b. 4/29/1931, d. 4/29/1931, Plot: A/02/04, [CW]
Christ, George, 12/3/1924, [CW]
Christ, Martha, b. 3/29/1879, d. 3/18/1951, Plot: A/15/06, [CW]
Clarke, James Phillip, b. 8/15/1948, d. 4/18/1968, Plot: F/04/08, [CW]
Clarke, James T. 'Rod', b. 7/23/1915, d. 1/4/1995, Plot: F/04/05, [CW]
Clifton, David Rowland, b. 1893, d. 1977, Plot: F/16/03, [CW]
Clifton, Tillie L., b. 1905, d. 1979, Plot: F/16/04, [CW]
Coots, Mildred, b. 7/29/1913, d. 7/1/1992, Plot: B/30/03, Cremated, [CW]
Coots, W. David, b. 5/10/1904, d. 10/13/1971, Plot: B/30/02, [CW]
Corrigan, Edgar J., b. 1881, d. 1960, Plot: B/18/01, [CW]
Corrigan, Lura E., b. 1878, d. 1963, Plot: B/18/02, [CW]
Crane, Bertina, b. 5/25/1905, d. 10/1/1972, Plot: B/31/04, [CW]
Crane, Floyd, b. 12/29/1914, d. 11/29/1978, Plot: B/31/03, [CW]
Crawford, Edgar Green, b. 8/27/1945, d. 4/14/1975, Plot: B/27/03, [CW]
Crockett, C.S., b. 1/30/1933, Plot: E/03/03, [CW]
Cummings, Jesse A., b. 1910, d. 1962, Plot: B/28/01, [CW]
Cummings, Richard H., b. 1/1/1908, d. 4/9/1984, Plot: B/28/02, [CW]
Cummings, Ruby B., b. 2/15/1910, d. 9/10/1981, Plot: B/28/03, [CW]
Daily, Lonnie Ray, b. 11/25/1957, d. 1/18/1958, Plot: B/29/01, [CW]
Damey, Florence, no dates, Plot: A/01/04, [CW]
Damey, Mary (Mrs), d. 10/6/1920, Plot: A/01/05, [CW]
Daniels, Anna, b. 4/25/1904, d. 8/22/1994, Plot: F/24/08, [CW]
Darr, Jessie F., b. 1904, d. 1962, Plot: B/23/03, [CW]
Darr, Susie M., b. 3/1907, d. 12/13/1996, Plot: B/23/04, [CW]
Dauster, Fred L., b. 1/1/1919, d. 5/24/1971, Plot: B/27/04, [CW]
Davis, Allyse B., b. 1924, Plot: F/19/08, [CW]
Davis, Londy Jr., b. 8/20/1920, d. 4/6/1935, Plot: F/19/07, death date illegible. May be 1995, [CW]
Davis, Rex L., b. 1926, Plot: F/19/04, [CW]
Davis, Wanda, b. 1929, d. 1980, Plot: F/19/05, [CW]
Day, Howard Jackson, b. 1915, d. 1988, Plot: D/13/01, [CW]
Day, Josephine Elena 'Billy', b. 2/3/1917, d. 3/14/1993, Plot: D/13/02, [CW]
Deering, Henry M., b. 9/22/1898, d. 3/11/1960, Plot: B/34/03, [CW]
Deering, John Fred, b. 2/28/1896, d. 12/11/1939, Plot: E/13/03, [CW]
Deering, Martha, no dates, Plot: E/19/04, [CW]
Deering, Stella, no dates, Plot: B/34/04, [CW]
Denning, Jack Wayne, b. 1940, d. 1941, Plot: E/20/04, [CW]
Dennis, Mary Patricia, b. 12/16/1915, d. 12/19/1986, Plot: E/01/06, [CW]
Derrick, Clariece L., b. 3/19/1905, d. 7/5/1994, Plot: F/10/05, [CW]
Derrick, James B., b. 1906, d. 1970, Plot: F/10/04, [CW]
Disbro, Andrew 'Andy', b. 6/6/1906, d. 5/12/1978, Plot: B/15/06, [CW]
Disbro, Earl R., b. 7/22/1873, d. 10/7/1957, Plot: B/15/09, [CW]
Disbro, Jean E. Garbe, b. 3/24/1938, d. 8/24/1996, Plot: B/20/02, [CW]
Disbro, John Sr., b. 3/20/1912, d. 2/23/1999, Plot: B/15/04, [CW]
Disbro, Johnny Jr., b. 11/5/1937, Plot: B/20/01, (John K.), [CW]
Disbro, Linwood M., b. 1/2/1903, d. 11/11/1970, Plot: B/20/06, [CW]
Disbro, Louise, no dates, Plot: B/20/07, [CW]
Disbro, Martha, no dates, Plot: B/15/05, [CW]
Disbro, Mary Elizabeth, b. 2/8/1900, d. 4/2/1974, Plot: B/15/07, [CW]
Disbro, Mary K., b. 7/5/1873, d. 9/11/1960, Plot: B/15/10, [CW]
Dobbs, Mary Frances Disbro, no dates, Plot: B/15/03, [CW]
Dodds, Cecil, b. 1907, d. 1971, Plot: F/13/09, [CW]
Donaho, Jack Edwin, b. 10/16/1925, d. 9/1973, Plot: B/11/02, [CW]
Donaho, Treasa A., b. 5/1/1928, d. 9/1973, Plot: B/11/01, [CW]
Dow, Gertrude Kibbe, b. 1877, d. 1971, Plot: F/10/03, [CW]
Dozier, Dr. Joseph V., b. 8/15/1876, d. 1/6/1959, Plot: B/14/02, [CW]
Dozier, Edward C., b. 1907, d. 1962, Plot: B/14/01, [CW]
Dozier, Martha H., b. 1/23/1905, d. 9/1/1992, Plot: B/14/03, [CW]
Duby, Joe, B. 12/12/1955, d. 8/4/1981, Plot: B/42/01, [CW]
Duby, Laverne, d. 8/1/1956, Plot: B/42/02,SMITH, [CW]
Duby, Mark, No dates, Plot: B/41/01, [CW]
Duby, Mark, No dates, Plot: B/41/02, [CW]
Duerksen, John W., b. 1891, d. 1953, Plot: E/06/03, [CW]
Dyer, Ancil L., d. 11/16/1914, Plot: F/12/10, [CW]
Dyer, Dorothy V., b. 3/21/1920, d. 3/21/1984, Plot: F/13/06, [CW]
Engleking, Amanda, b. 2/13/1870, d. 12/17/1930, Plot: A/08/05, [CW]
Engleking, H. C., b. 11/18/1859, d. 8/18/1929, Plot: A/08/04, [CW]
Engleking, H. Martin, b. 12/5/1898, d. 2/18/1979, Plot: B/05/03, [CW]
Engleking, Paul, b. 1911, d. 1912, Plot: A/08/01, [CW]
Engleking, Ruby G., b. 10/21/1907, d. 7/27/1959, Plot: B/05/04, [CW]
English, Eva K., b. 1885, d. 1973, Plot: E/18/02, [CW]
English, Nelson, b. 1883, d. 1951, Plot: E/18/01, [CW]
Estes, Arlie, b. 9/21/1916, Plot: B/31/05, [CW]
Evans, Carl, No dates, Plot: D/04/05, [CW]
Evans, Darrell, b. 3/13/1962, d. 8/19/1968, Plot: F/08/05, [CW]
Evans, Effie Foster, b. 6/2/1882, d. 3/1/1969, Plot: E/17/04, [CW]
Evans, Imogene, no dates, Plot: A/01/03, [CW]
Fast, Melba Louise, b. 10/15/1936, d. 11/13/1936, Plot: E/10/02, [CW]
Fast, Tena, B. 1888, d. 1943, Plot: E/09/05,Mrs. J.P., [CW]
Fewox, Esperanza, b. 8/25/1937, Plot: D/07/04, [CW]
Fewox, Marion Jr., b. 9/2/1947, d. 2/24/1998, Plot: D/07/03, [CW]
Fewox, Marion, b. 1/28/1922, d. 1/27/1991, Plot: D/07/05, [CW]
Fine, Judith, b. 12/30/1946, d. 6/2/1956, Plot: B/24/03, [CW]
Fine, Phyliss, d. 10/1997, Plot: B/24/01, [CW]
Fine, Thomas C., b. 1/28/1921, d. 9/2/1994, Plot: B/24/02, [CW]
Finley, Barney, b. 6/11/1908, d. 1/10/1983, Plot: E/21/04, [CW]
Finley, H. H., b. 5/1871, d. 5/1960, Plot: E/21/01, [CW]
Finley, Joanna, d. 1849, d. 1935, Plot: A/25/05, [CW]
Finley, Maurine, b. 6/24/1913, d. 4/25/1983, Plot: E/21/05, [CW]
Finley, Mrs. R. A., b. 3/14/1869, d. 1/29/1936, Plot: E/21/02, [CW]
Finley, T. M., b. 1847, d. 1930, Plot: A/25/04, [CW]
Fisher, Milma Martens, b. 4/6/1901, d. 1/13/1932, Plot: A/09/04, [CW]
Fitz, Clovis, b. 8/19/1923, d. 8/31/1996, Plot: B/40/01, [CW]
Fitz, Nettie, b. 5/15/1923, d. 8/2/1975, Plot: B/40/02, [CW]
Flaming, Albert, b. 8/27/1897, d. 12/1/1987, Plot: E/01/01, [CW]
Flaming, Anna, b. 11/17/1877, d. 11/29/1936, Plot: E/10/04, [CW]
Flaming, Marie, b. 9/28/1898, d. 7/16/1989, Plot: E/01/02, [CW]
Flaming, Roma, b. 6/11/1924, d. 4/10/1997, Plot: D/06/02, [CW]
Foster, Jobe Devillbis, b. 7/13/1872, d. 11/26/1953, Plot: E/17/05, [CW]
Foster, Zona, b. 7/28/1979, d. 10/28/1975, Plot: E/12/01, dates may be backwards, [CW]
Franz, Augusta F., b. 1/15/1888, d. 2/9/1955, Plot: E/22/02, [CW]
Franz, Gladys Grace, b. 9/26/1926, d. 11/18/1931, Plot: E/22/03, [CW]
Franz, Lee Henry, b. 1/14/1889, d. 7/18/1936, Plot: E/22/01, [CW]
Friesen, Herbert P., b. 10/1911, d. 7/23/1993, Plot: E/01/04, [CW]
Friesen, John R., b. 5/2/1882, d. 6/5/1954, Plot: E/06/04, [CW]
Friesen, Katie Jansen, b. 9/22/1885, d. 2/13/1968, Plot: E/04/01, [CW]
Friesen, Mary, b. 1881, d. 1938, Plot: E/09/06, [CW]
Friesen, Olga E., b. 11/10/1913, d. 4/19/1986, Plot: E/01/05, [CW]
Fuller, Orby B., b. 1902, d. 1953, Plot: B/25/01, [CW]
Gafforth, Carlton Wayne, b. 1/9/1989, d. 1/9/1989, Plot: B/20/10, [CW]
Garrett, Howard Noel Sr., b. 3/8/1924, d. 1/22/1971, Plot: F/06/06, [CW]
Gartner, Albert D., b. 6/7/1900, d. 9/12/1988, Plot: F/24/01, [CW]
Gartner, Helen P., b. 10/4/1903, Plot: F/24/02, [CW]
Gebert, Helen, b. 12/15/1929, Plot: D/03/03, [CW]
Gebert, Kermit, b. 7/11/1922, Plot: D/03/04, [CW]
Gibson, Bates, b. 1888, d. 1968, Plot: B/22/01, [CW]
Gibson, Hattie Ann, b. 1933, d. 1985, Plot: B/22/03, [CW]
Gibson, Mary, b. 1897, d. 1984, Plot: B/22/02, [CW]
Gordon, Tobie Edward, b. 11/29/1924, d. 3/25/1995, Plot: F/21/06, [CW]
Gordon, Virginia, no dates, Plot: F/21/07, [CW]
Gore, Ethel G. Clendening, b. 8/20/1996, d. 12/28/1983, Plot: B/34/02, [CW]
Gore, John L., b. 8/2/1894, d. 2/16/1960, Plot: B/34/01, [CW]
Grantham, J.C., b. 3/19/1917, Plot: B/43/03, [CW]
Grantham, John Carlton, b. 12/1/1952, Plot: B/43/05, [CW]
Grantham, Winnie Ruth, b. 2/11/1920, Plot: B/43/04, [CW]
Greytok, Marta Jackson, no dates, Plot: B/20/03, [CW]
Grisham, Virgil E., b. 1/20/1906, d. 11/10/1960, Plot: B/23/01, [CW]
Grisham, Winnie J., b. 11/26/1906, d. 5/20/1971, Plot: B/23/02, [CW]
Guthrie, Doris M., b. 11/6/1914, d. 9/3/1969, Plot: B/01/03, [CW]
Guthrie, Grace, d. 6/13/1913, [CW]
Hammon, Robert F., b. 1951, d. 1973, Plot: B/29/05, [CW]
Hammons, C., B. 1920, d. 1982, Plot: B/33/05, [CW]
Hamner, Joe M., b. 4/18/1940, d. 8/17/1989, Plot: A/21/03, [CW]
Hamner, Shirley Laughlin, 4/10/1940, Plot: A/21/02, [CW]
Harden, Jesse, no dates, Plot: F/34/02, [CW]
Harder, Abe, B. 1908, d. 1973, Plot: F/11/08, [CW]
Harder, Ann, B. 1908, d. 5/12/1991, Plot: F/11/09, [CW]
Harder, C. F., b. 2/25/1884, d. 3/1/1970, Plot: E/09/04, [CW]
Harder, Elizabeth, b. 12/23/1883, d. 3/3/1955, Plot: E/08/06, [CW]
Harms, Peter S., b. 1877, d. 1992, Plot: E/08/02, [CW]
Harris, Infant, b. 5/9/1927, d. 5/9/1927, A/15/03, Twin s/o R.H. Harris, [CW]
Harris, Infant, b. 5/9/1927, d. 5/9/1927, A/15/03, Twin s/o R.H. Harris, [CW]
Hazelwood, Jack F., b. 8/20/1915, d. 7/8/1974, Plot: F/06/08, [CW]
Hensen, Christopher, b. 3/23/1868, d. 4/21/1946, Plot: E/15/05, [CW]
Hinkle, Andrew J., b. 6/20/1922, d. 9/11/1979, Plot: B/34/05, [CW]
Hinkle, Robert R., b. 1877, d. 1949, Plot: E/13/04, [CW]
Hinkle, Stella E., b. 1890, d. 1960, Plot: E/13/05, [CW]
Hinkle, Violet, no dates, Plot: B/39/01, [CW]
Hodges, Bernice, b. 1929, d. 1978, Plot: F/15/01, [CW]
Hoisengson, Howard Tipp, b. 7/7/1900, d. 6/6/1968, Plot: B/21/01, [CW]
Holliman, Carroll, no dates, [CW]
Holliman, Carroll, no dates, [CW]
Holliman, Ida Mae, b. 7/6/1900, d. 1/25/1970, Plot: A/17/05, [CW]
Holloman, William E., 5/2/1927, Plot: A/17/04, [CW]
Hope, Child Of Howard, d. 4/2/1925, Plot: A/11/04, [CW]
Hope, Lizzie, no dates, Plot: A/11/05, [CW]
Hornsby, Charles 'Charley', b. 11/17/1919, d. 8/16/1991, Plot: E/02/05, [CW]
Hornsby, Grace Canales, b. 5/19/1919, Plot: E/02/06, [CW]
Howard, Arthur R., b. 8/6/1927, d. no date, Plot: A/20/05, [CW]
Howard, Curtis Clifton, b. 10/31/1937, d. 7/14/1939, Plot: E/20/06, [CW]
Howard, Marjorie, b. 9/28/1929, d. 11/1/1978, Plot: A/20/06, [CW]
Howard, Nora Lee, b. 12/5/1939, d. 3/10/1988, Plot: A/01/02, LINQUIST, [CW]
Howard, Stanley G., b. 5/31/1940, d. 9/13/1988, Plot: A/01/01, [CW]
Howell, Eugene Vincent, b. 10/28/1919, d. 8/2/1997, Plot: B/05/01, [CW]
Howell, Ivah Iluah, b. 11/6/1868, d. 1/20/1963, Plot: B/10/01, [CW]
Howell, Mary J. McElroy, b. 1/26/1878, d. 11/11/1949, Plot: B/10/02, [CW]
Hoyle, Marilyn, b. 1/18/1944, d. 9/21/1989, Plot: F/27/10, [CW]
Hoyle, Robert J., b. 3/21/1941, Plot: F/27/09, [CW]
Hughes, Annie A., b. 1863, d. 1927, [CW]
Hughes, John D., b. 7/24/1938, d. 8/28/1991, Plot: F/07/01, [CW]
Hughes, John T., b. 1848, d. 1923, Plot: A/21/05, [CW]
Hunt, Fillmore D., b. 6/13/1921, d. 8/26/1986, Plot: E/05/05, [CW]
Hunt, Mary E., d. 12/19/1922, Plot: E/05/06, [CW]
Hunter, Cynthia V., b. 1840, d. 1923, [CW]
Isham, Janette Elaine, b. 7/25/1957, d. 12/19/1963, Plot: F/04/05, [CW]
Isham, Mary Goodey, b. 1890, d. 1967, Plot: F/04/04, [CW]
Isham, Wilber Viner, b. 1874, d. 1969, Plot: F/04/03, [CW]
Janicek, Bernadette, b. 3/8/1928, Plot: F/34/01, [CW]
Janicek, J. C., d. 10/28/1923, Plot: F/33/05, [CW]
Jansen, Jacob G., b. 11/5/1875, d. 11/29/1937, Plot: E/09/03, [CW]
Johnson, Bessie L., b. 2/3/1882, d. 1/28/1949, Plot: B/07/02, [CW]
Johnson, Claud E., b. 12/12/1882, d. 5/24/1967, Plot: B/07/01, [CW]
Johnson, Everett Lena, b. 10/9/1904, d. 1/31/1982, Plot: B/07/03, [CW]
Jones, Clyde David, b. 2/8/1951, d. 12/26/1995, Plot: F/14/03, [CW]
Jones, Clyde Todd, b. 1887, d. 1968, Plot: F/09/01, [CW]
Jones, Ermon Robert, b. 8/18/1904, d. 10/8/1985, Plot: F/23/08, [CW]
Jones, Josephine Aslan, b. 9/18/1912, d. 2/12/1992, Plot: F/14/02, [CW]
Jones, Leamon M., b. 8/18/1910, d. 12/26/1993, Plot: F/14/01, [CW]
Jones, Luverna, b. 3/19/1887, d. 2/8/1993, Plot: F/09/02, [CW]
Jones, Marie, b. 1912, d. 7/14/1991, Plot: F/23/09, [CW]
Jones, Nancy, no dates, Plot: F/14/04, [CW]
Jungman, Cynthia Ann, b. 9/2/1953, d. 10/27/1985, Plot: F/24/07, [CW]
Keith, Evie E., b. 1892, d. 1966, Plot: A/22/05, [CW]
Keith, Wesley A., b. 1888, d. 1981, [CW]
Kelso, Theresa, b. 2/21/1928, d. 8/2/1992, Plot: F/32/02, [CW]
Kemp, Edgar T., b. 2/8/1851, d. 1/1/1944, Plot: E/18/03, [CW]
Kennedy, Lawrence George, b. 11/27/1913, d. 3/12/1992, Plot: F/23/06, [CW]
Kennedy, Mary Nancy, b. 10/27/1915, Plot: F/23/07, [CW]
Keosoff, Charles, b. 1/13/1919, d. 1/18/1977, Plot: B/31/01, [CW]
Keosoff, Imogene (Estes), 1/23/1926, Plot: B/31/02, [CW]
Kershaw, Donald E., b. 12/12/1922, d. 7/17/1979, Plot: A/20/04, [CW]
Kershaw, Edwin, d. 5/7/1896, d. 5/8/1960, Plot: A/20/02, [CW]
Kershaw, Evelyn, d. 1903, d. 1976, Plot: A/20/03, [CW]
Keuther, Alvin Clarence, b. 1895, d. 1977, Plot: B/24/04, [CW]
Kirbo, Hamilton, b. 12/31/1907, d. 5/7/1971, Plot: F/10/06, [CW]
Knellinger, Charles E., b. 3/6/1874, d. 3/15/1954, Plot: F/02/01, [CW]
Knellinger, Edward E., b. 12/4/1913, d. 9/15/1978, Plot: F/02/06, [CW]
Knellinger, Elizabeth W., b. 1/10/1923, Plot: F/02/07, [CW]
Knellinger, John S., b. 12/12/1919, d. 3/29/1974, Plot: F/02/04, [CW]
Knellinger, Josephine Blom, b. 1/31/1924, Plot: F/02/05, [CW]
Knellinger, Margaret E., b. 4/27/1880, d. 7/27/1971, Plot: F/02/02, [CW]
Knellinger, Minnie Marie, b. 10/9/1911, d. 4/27/1993, Plot: F/02/10, [CW]
Knellinger, W. Harold, b. 1909, d. 1985, Plot: F/02/09, [CW]
Koyle, M., No dates, Plot: A/10/04, [CW]
Kuether, Albert E., b. 1864, d. 1935, Plot: A/04/02, [CW]
Kuether, Bertha, b. 1872, d. 1959, Plot: A/04/03,Mrs. A.E., [CW]
Kuhn, A., D. 1918, Plot: A/04/01, [CW]
Lacy, J. A., B. 5/10/1890, d. 6/17/1935, Plot: E/12/02, [CW]
Larue, Gordon J., b. 3/4/1923, d. 12/8/1981, Plot: F/17/07, [CW]
Larue, Jeana M., d. 2/1/1932, Plot: F/17/08, [CW]
Laughlin, Jesse R., b. 10/30/1874, d. 1/2/1969, Plot: B/24/05, [CW]
Laughlin, Julia Knowles, b. 8/17/1921, d. no date, Plot: A/24/01, [CW]
Laughlin, Marguerite K., b. 12/25/1916, d. no date, Plot: A/24/02, [CW]
Laughlin, Mattie Louise, b. 1890, d. 1957, [CW]
Laughlin, William M., b. 6/25/1921, d. 12/18/1989, Plot: A/23/03, [CW]
Laughlin,Charles Martin, b. 1872, d. 1946, [CW]
Laughlin,Woodrow Charles, b. 8/14/1913, d. 9/4/1984, Plot: A/25/01, [CW]
Lee, Maude, B. 1885, d. 1968, Plot: F/06/01, [CW]
Leigh, Alma Mattox, b. 7/2/1883, d. 9/5/1955, Plot: E/19/03, [CW]
Leigh, John William Jr., b. 4/22/1918, d. 6/12/1970, Plot: B/03/03, [CW]
Leigh, John William Sr., b. 10/01/1881, d. 4/10/1939, Plot: E/19/02, [CW]
Leistner, Louis, d. 2/17/1912, Plot: A/07/04, [CW]
Linquist, Eric R. Sr., b. 12/23/1909, d. 4/6/1993, Plot: B/42/04, [CW]
Livingston, Howard A., b. 9/16/1908, d. 7/19/1976, Plot: F/03/05, [CW]
Livingston, James Frank, b. 1/14/1944, d. 7/2/1964, Plot: F/03/03, [CW]
Livingston, Josephine M., b. 5/20/1907, d. 6/2/1984, Plot: F/03/04, [CW]
Lobrecht, Infant, b. 1929, d. 1929, [CW]
Longbotham, Betty L. Finley, b. 1933, d. 1966, Plot: F/05/10, [CW]
Lowrance, Infant Of James, b. 10/20/1954, d. 10/20/1954, Plot: E/15/06, [CW]
Lowrance, Odene, b. 1917, d. 2/1/1999, Plot: F/07/06, [CW]
Lowrance, William Andrew, b. 5/10/1914, d. 7/14/1989, Plot: F/06/10, [CW]
Lucas, Harold, b. 12/10/1907, d. 9/2/1911, Plot: A/03/03, [CW]
Lucas, Herman Perry, b. 7/1/1930, d. 10/11/1923, Plot: A/02/01 Robert 'Buddy' (Dates are probably reversed), [CW]
Lucas, Leah M., b. 02/17/1879, d. 8/22/1913, Plot: A/03/02, [CW]
Lucas, Martha, b. 3/12/1888, d. 2/25/1938, Plot: A/02/03, [CW]
Lucas, Robert Perry, b. 2/28/1897, d. 10/18/1946, Plot: A/13/01, [CW]
Lucas, Willie P., b. 6/16/1873, d. 12/7/1942, Plot: A/03/01, [CW]
Luellen, John, b. 9/30/1859, d. 4/4/1937, Plot: A/07/06, [CW]
Luellen, Mary Leistner, b. 2/21/1866, d. 1/1/1935, Plot: A/07/05, [CW]
Lytle, Buford Ray, b. 1/29/1924, d. 11/26/1984, Plot: F/22/06, [CW]
Lytle, Charlene L., b. 10/7/1922, Plot: F/22/09, [CW]
Lytle, Floyd F., b. 5/20/1919, Plot: F/22/08, [CW]
Lytle, Hazel V., b. 1897, d. 1980, Plot: F/18/02, [CW]
Lytle, Leland C., b. 1891, d. 1971, Plot: F/18/01, [CW]
Maderer, Anna R., b. 1875, d. 1961, Plot: B/13/05, [CW]
Maderer, Arthur, b. 1901, d. 1963, Plot: B/13/02, [CW]
Maderer, Charles M., b. 1873, d. 1961, Plot: B/13/04, [CW]
Maderer, Esther, b. 1900, d. 1971, Plot: B/13/03, [CW]
Maderer, Nettie, no dates, Plot: A/07/03, [CW]
Maderer, William, b. 3/20/1909, d. 2/6/1998, Plot: A/07/02, [CW]
Martens, Wilhemina F., b. 4/3/1876, d. 2/27/1936, Plot: A/09/05, [CW]
Martens, Linda Elizabeth, b. 1/12/1913, d. 8/26/1913, Plot: A/09/01, [CW]
Martens, Wilhem Fredrich, b. 3/2/1868, d. 11/19/1921, Plot: A/09/06, [CW]
Martinez, Janie, d. 4/28/1950, Plot: F/32/10, [CW]
Martinez, Oscar, d. 8/24/1948, Plot: F/32/09, [CW]
Masters, Bradley Clark, b. 7/15/1966, d. 7/15/1966, Plot: B/18/03, [CW]
Matulick, Henry C., b. 12/13/1912, d. 1/16/1987, Plot: F/15/07, [CW]
Matulick, Lorraine M., b. 12/4/1916, d. 4/23/1993, Plot: F/15/08, [CW]
May, Eugene V., b. 4/13/1888, d. 2/10/1969, Plot: B/22/04, [CW]
Mayhill, Charles P., b. 1895, d. 1968, Plot: F/01/09, [CW]
Mayhill, Eva J., b. 1900, d. 1965, Plot: F/01/10, [CW]
Mayhill, Valerie Lee, b. 6/13/1967, d. 9/14/1986, Plot: F/09/10, [CW]
Mc Clanhan, Mildred L., b. 11/17/1916, d. 5/27/1998, Plot: B/29/03, [CW]
Mc Clanhan, Virgil A., b. 5/22/1910, d. 12/22/1977, Plot: B/29/02, [CW]
Mc Crary, Infant Girl, b. 2/13/1972, d. 2/13/1972, Plot: B/16/05, [CW]
Mc Curry, Forest, b. 5/13/1919, d. 9/13/1975, Plot: F/03/09, [CW]
Mc Daniel, Estelle G., b. 12/19/1925, Plot: F/20/03, [CW]
Mc Daniel, Jim F., b. 10/25/1924, d. 1/21/1981, Plot: F/20/02, [CW]
Mc Donald, Joe S., b. 10/24/1899, d. 3/15/1971, Plot: B/12/04, [CW]
Mc Farlane, Edgar, b. 1/26/1911, d. 5/27/1968, Plot: F/04/10, [CW]
Mc Farlane, Fred R. Jr., b. 2/15/1909, d. 9/2/1973, Plot: F/05/07, [CW]
Mc Farlane, Patricia Nance, b. 5/11/1911, d. 11/24/1997, Plot: F/05/08, [CW]
Mc Farlane, Rose E., b. 1886, d. 1965, Plot: F/05/06, [CW]
Mc Gill, Col. Joseph E., b. 1894, d. 1964, Plot: F/04/01, [CW]
Mc Gill, Irene Banfill, b. 1891, d. 1983, Plot: F/04/02, [CW]
Mc Keller, Lillie Inez, b. 11/13/1910, d. 3/24/1995, Plot: B/37/04, [CW]
Mc Keller, William, b. 2/19/1908, d. 1/26/1976, Plot: B/37/05, [CW]
Mc Krell, Clifton M., b. 2/15/1898, d. 2/21/1978, Plot: B/26/01, [CW]
Means, Lois, No dates, Plot: B/16/02, [CW]
Means, William H. 'Buck', b. 6/5/1918, d. 2/13/1994, Plot: B/16/03, [CW]
Merchant, Lawrence Sr., b. 8/21/1907, d. 1982, Plot: B/04/01, [CW]
Merchant, Ollie O'Neil H, b. 12/26/1997, d. 3/11/1908, Plot: B/04/02, [CW]
Mertens, Augie C., b. 1901, d. 1963, Plot: A/11/01, [CW]
Mertens, Margaret, b. 3/7/1906, d. 5/13/1984, Plot: B/12/03, [CW]
Mertins, August, b. 1859, d. 1937, Plot: A/11/02, [CW]
Mertins, Elise, b. 1863, d. 1942, Plot: A/11/03,Mrs. August Mertins, [CW]
Mertins, Sister Of August, no dates, Plot: A/11/06, [CW]
Meyers, Helene, b. 1/13/1887, d. 2/20/1943, Plot: A/13/05, [CW]
Meyers, Olga, b. 1902, d. 1992, Plot: F/28/08, Hoyle, [CW]
Meyers, Theodore F., b. 2/24/1885, d. 6/14/1963, Plot: A/13/04, [CW]
Miller, Adelle Disbro, b. 1898, d. 1946, Plot: B/15/08, [CW]
Miller, Elizabeth Ann, b. 5/6/1937, d. 10/6/1950, Plot: E/11/06, [CW]
Miller, Irvin J., b. 3/11/1907, d. 11/14/1978, Plot: F/17/02, [CW]
Miller, Kate Mrs., b. 5/11/1862, d. 7/14/1947, Plot: A/14/05, [CW]
Miller, Morgan Jr., b. 1916, d. 8/10/1998, Plot: A/14/06, [CW]
Miller, Morgan Sr., b. 11/1883, d. 5/14/1947, Plot: A/14/04, [CW]
Miller, Olive M., b. 9/13/1909, Plot: F/17/03, [CW]
Millir, Clayton B., b. 10/10/1919, d. 11/14/1978, Plot: B/36/05, [CW]
Moore, Dr. Victor, b. 11/17/1924, d. 3/9/1986, Plot: F/27/07, [CW]
Moore, Ella B. 'Susie', no dates, Plot: F/27/08, [CW]
Moore, Fern, D. 2/13/1911, Plot: 8/25/1980,B/06/02, [CW]
Moore, Ted, B. 8/27/1907, d. 3/18/1973, Plot: B/06/01, [CW]
Morgan, John, b. 11/18/1905, d. 1/4/1977, Plot: F/14/06, [CW]
Morris, Eugene, no dates, Plot: D/12/01, [CW]
Morrison, Charles R., b. 1882, d. 1949, Plot: A/06/05, [CW]
Morrison, Cloyde, b. 9/19/1912, d. 6/9/1914, Plot: A/06/02, [CW]
Morrison, Fanny, b. 1885, d. 1963, Plot: A/06/06, [CW]
Morrison, Robert, b. 8/25/1910, d. 12/21/1911, Plot: A/06/03, s/w & twin to Rupert W. Morrison, [CW]
Morrison, Rupert W., b. 8/25/1910, d. 12/21/1911, Plot: A/06/03, s/w & twin to Robert Morrison, [CW]
Morse, Allie A. Lockridge, b. 9/5/1897, d. 12/24/1951, Plot: E/15/02, [CW]
Morse, Robert Henry, b. 7/5/1890, d. 10/16/1976, Plot: E/15/01, [CW]
Mullholland, Mildred F., b. 1/26/1888, d. 1/11/1978, Plot: E/12/03, [CW]
Murdoch, Helen Emma, b. 1909, d. 3/13/1988, Plot: F/11/02, [CW]
Murdoch, Jay D., b. 2/13/1939, d. 7/20/1987, Plot: F/31/04, [CW]
Murdoch, John D. J., b. 1913, d. 1968, Plot: F/11/01, [CW]
Murdoch, Leslie D., b. 11/8/1942, Plot: F/31/05, [CW]
Murphey, Albert T., b. 1/12/1903, d. 1/13/1978, Plot: F/06/04, [CW]
Murphey, Nola Med, b. 4/4/1906, d. 10/23/1973, Plot: F/06/05, [CW]
Murrell, James Leon, b. 9/23/1903, d. 7/3/1987, Plot: F/08/10, [CW]
Nagel, Phillip, b. 7/7/1866, d. 2/5/1945, Plot: E/14/02, [CW]
Neal, Lillie Maud, b. 10/28/1903, d. 3/16/1971, Plot: F/13/05, [CW]
Neumann, Goldie M., b. 3/11/1925, Plot: F/16/09, [CW]
Neumann, Henry A., b. 8/31/1916, d. 5/31/1981, Plot: F/16/08, [CW]
Nichol, Peter 'Pete', b. 1878, d. 1962, Plot: E/06/06, [CW]
Nicholson, Edna A., b. 10/26/1910, d. 6/18/1985, Plot: F/01/06, [CW]
Nicholson, James P., b. 6/10/1914, d. 7/1987, Plot: B/38/01, [CW]
Nicholson, Leilla P., b. 9/23/1884, d. 3/27/1962, Plot: E/14/06, [CW]
Nicholson, Lucy Pride, b. 2/16/1917, d. 1/7/1996, Plot: B/38/03, [CW]
Nicholson, Marion D., b. 10/16/1919, d. 12/20/1995, Plot: B/38/02, [CW]
Nicholson, W. T., b. 3/6/1872, d. 12/2/1941, Plot: E/14/05, [CW]
Nicholson, William V., b. 8/16/1910, d. 10/1/1949, Plot: E/14/04, [CW]
Nolen, Claude, b. 10/27/1905, d. 2/21/1989, Plot: F/08/03, [CW]
Nolen, Mildred, b. 1/31/1911, Plot: F/08/04, [CW]
North, Elizabeth J., b. 7/9/1916, d. 1/17/1991, Plot: F/16/02, [CW]
North, Hubert M., b. 9/14/1922, d. 3/24/1977, Plot: F/16/01, [CW]
North, Jennie, b. 1889, d. 1971, Plot: B/21/05, [CW]
North, William T., b. 1900, Plot: B/21/04, Buried in Luling, [CW]
Norton, Randall Jay, b. 5/18/1962, d. 5/4/1985, Plot: F/25/05, [CW]
Parker, Faye W., b. 1910, Plot: B/13/01, [CW]
Parker, Richard Delton, b. 4/11/1907, d. 6/24/1980, Plot: F/18/03, [CW]
Parker, Robert H., b. 12/19/1913, d. 2/22/1982, Plot: B/13/01, [CW]
Patten, Charles J., b. 11/16/1920, d. 7/26/1965, Plot: B/17/04, [CW]
Patten, Margie, d. 1920, Plot: B/17/05, [CW]
Paul, Infant Of H.G., b. 4/16/1957, d. 4/16/1957, Plot: B/25/02, [CW]
Pausky, Norman E., b. 1/28/1914, d. 10/5/1995, Plot: B/39/02, [CW]
Pelham, Dennis Alvin, b. 9/18/1905, d. 1/11/1991, Plot: F/24/03, [CW]
Pelham, Winifred Hazel, b. 9/26/1906, d. 11/8/1997, Plot: F/24/04, [CW]
Pennell, Gladys M., b. 5/5/1898, d. 10/25/1987, Plot: F/23/05, [CW]
Phillips, Bessie, no dates, Plot: B/28/05, Bessie Ann Cates Phillips, [CW]
Phillips, John M., b. 1890, d. 1966, Plot: B/28/04, John Monroe Phillips, [CW]
Pickering, Alton C., b. 11/25/1911, d. 3/28/1993, Plot: B/44/01, [CW]
Pickering, Florience T., b. 7/6/1912, d. 1/10/1995, Plot: B/44/02, [CW]
Pickering, Terry Hale, b. 9/12/1946, Plot: B/44/03, [CW]
Pierce, Adelbert E., b. 1856, d. 1924, Plot: A/04/05, [CW]
Pierce, Angelina J., b. 5/25/1896, d. 5/28/1981, Plot: F/21/02, [CW]
Pierce, Ardell E., b. 11/20/1897, d. 1/6/1953, Plot: B/25/07, [CW]
Pierce, Florence R., b. 1/19/1921, d. 1/20/1923, Plot: A/04/04, [CW]
Pierce, Franklin A., b. 8/25/1932, d. 12/26/1982, Plot: B/30/08, [CW]
Pierce, J. A. Sr., b. 11/8/1898, d. 9/8/1985, Plot: F/21/01, [CW]
Pierce, Jason Clay, b. 11/5/1970, d. 6/20/1987, Plot: F/21/03, [CW]
Pierce, Leland E., b. 12/24/1889, d. 11/17/1957, Plot: B/30/06, [CW]
Pierce, Rosalie M., b. 2/12/1893, d. 1/1/1965, Plot: B/30/07, [CW]
Pierce, Tena B., b. 1865, d. 1946, Plot: A/04/06, [CW]
Poetker, Henry H., b. 1865, d. 1940, Plot: E/08/03, [CW]
Powell, Julia Maxine, b. 9/22/1925, d. 4/1/1982, Plot: F/19/10, [CW]
Powell, Tufles Conly, b. 12/22/1867, d. 6/6/1940, Plot: E/13/02, [CW]
Powell, Vernon D. Jr., b. 1/24/1924, d. 6/5/1987, Plot: F/19/09, [CW]
Premont, Charle, b. 7/10/1867, d. 11/7/1941, Plot: A/06/04, [CW]
Pride, Eva, B. 4/7/1879, d. 6/17/1969, Plot: B/38/04, [CW]
Purdam, Arelia Murdock, b. 3/8/1937, d. 3/29/1995, Plot: F/24/09, [CW]
Ramsey, Ronald, b. 1952, d. 1973, Plot: B/32/05, [CW]
Reeder, Cecil C., b. 11/22/1909, d. 3/21/1993, Plot: B/41/03, [CW]
Reeder, Laverne, b. 8/4/1918, Plot: B/41/04, [CW]
Reid, James Laske, b. 1860, d. 1939, Plot: E/19/05, [CW]
Reid, Mattie E., b. 1872, d. 1945, Plot: E/19/06, [CW]
Reist, H. Frank, b. 1881, d. 1967, Plot: E/04/03, [CW]
Reist, Lula M., b. 1883, d. 1974, Plot: E/05/01, [CW]
Rhodes, Sarah Kershaw, b. 1870, d. 1927, [CW]
Robnett, Myrt, b. 11/17/1906, d. 3/31/1984, Plot: B/32/02, [CW]
Robnett, William R., b. 1/30/1895, d. 8/20/1971, Plot: B/32/01, [CW]
Rose, Alta B. Johnson, b. 6/6/1910, d. 1984, Plot: B/07/05, [CW]
Rose, Annie, B. 10/25/1900, d. 12/28/1958, Plot: B/25/06, [CW]
Rotge, Ann Patricia, b. 1947, d. 6/29/1996, Plot: F/30/04, [CW]
Rotge, Dan Mc Neil III, b. 12/15/1964, d. 10/26/1991, Plot: F/30/03, [CW]
Rotge, Dan Mcneil Sr., b. 8/3/1909, d. 2/6/1969, Plot: B/12/01, [CW]
Rotge, Grace Estelle, b. 9/21/1918, d. 12/22/1979, Plot: B/12/02, [CW]
Rowland, Edith M., b. 1864, d. 1941, [CW]
Rowland, William B., b. 1865, d. 1943, [CW]
Scales, Otis E., d. 1886, d. 1968, Plot: A/24/02, [CW]
Scales, Rose B., d. 1889, d. 1980, Plot: A/24/03, [CW]
Schaulis, Mona, b. 10/24/1915, d. 12/11/1978, Plot: B/36/04, [CW]
Schaulis, William S., b. 4/16/1913, d. 5/9/1992, Plot: B/36/03, [CW]
Schneider, Camilla C., b. 1897, d. 1977, Plot: E/25/04, [CW]
Schneider, Estelle, b. 1908, Plot: E/25/06, [CW]
Schneider, Frieda W., b. 1871, d. 1937, Plot: E/25/02, [CW]
Schneider, Peter, b. 1867, d. 1954, Plot: E/25/01, [CW]
Schneider, Wilmer E., b. 1902, d. 1967, Plot: E/25/05, [CW]
Schnierle, Margaret, d. 1/15/1916, Plot: A/07/01, [CW]
Schuchart, Charles L., b. 11/27/1904, d. 3/16/1955, Plot: B/09/01, [CW]
Schuchart, Leah Bonnie, b. 3/21/1910, d. 5/1990, Plot: B/09/02, [CW]
Schuchert, Clyde, b. 2/22/1929, d. 8/2/1987, Plot: E/02/02, [CW]
Schuchert, Glenn A., b. 1952, d. 1960, Plot: E/06/01, [CW]
Schuchert, Hilda Mae, no dates, Plot: E/02/03, [CW]
Schuchert, Leon C., b. 1950, d. 1954, Plot: E/06/02, [CW]
Schuchert, Robert Wayne, b. 9/19/1945, d. 9/21/1945, Plot: A/13/02, [CW]
Schultz, Lois T., b. 7/23/1910, Plot: F/18/07, [CW]
Schultz, Louis Benjamin, b. 12/29/1899, d. 7/14/1983, Plot: F/18/06, [CW]
Schuster, Alma Nita, b. 11/16/1925, d. 3/3/1976, Plot: B/17/03, [CW]
Screws, George, b. 11/20/1911, d. 6/13/1973, Plot: B/06/03, [CW]
Screws, Margaret, b. 10/10/1918, d. no date, Plot: B/06/04, [CW]
Seago, Steven M., b. 1/14/1918, d. 8/29/1947, Plot: E/17/06, [CW]
Self, Cliff, No dates, Plot: B/15/01, [CW]
Self, Doris Speer, no dates, Plot: B/15/02, [CW]
Shade, Kenneth E., b. 3/7/1943, d. 10/15/1955, Plot: E/15/03, [CW]
Sharer, Betty, b. 1/12/1928, Plot: D/07/01, [CW]
Sharer, F. E., b. 11/4/1926, d. 3/24/1992, Plot: D/01/05, [CW]
Shelton, Lauris H., b. 1909, d. 1983, Plot: B/14/04, [CW]
Shelton, Lowrain J., b. 1911, d. 1984, Plot: B/14/05, [CW]
Shelton, M. A., no dates, Plot: B/40/06, [CW]
Shely, Alma E., b. 11/11/1906, d. 7/20/1997, Plot: B/17/02, [CW]
Shely, Michelle Ranee, b. 9/11/1969, d. 11/26/1970, Plot: B/12/05, [CW]
Shely, Terry L., b. 5/11/1907, d. 4/7/1963, Plot: B/17/01, [CW]
Shively, Leo L., b. 5/11/1911, d. 9/15/1983, Plot: B/02/03, [CW]
Shively, Melvin, b. 11/1/1905, d. 6/23/1991, Plot: B/02/01, [CW]
Shively, Nelda G., b. 1/7/1882, d. 4/15/1974, Plot: B/02/02, [CW]
Shivley, Levi, b. 1867, d. 1933, Plot: A/02/06, [CW]
Shivley, Tommy Jean, b. 1938, d. 1938, Infant Ed., Plot: E/20/03, [CW]
Smiddy, Gene D., b. 2/18/1911, d. 1/15/1974, Plot: B/06/05, [CW]
Smith, Candice Vanessa, b. 5/24/1962, d. 5/25/1962, Plot: B/30/01, [CW]
Smith, Claud Edgar, b. 3/8/1888, d. 5/22/1958, Plot: B/19/01, [CW]
Smith, James Hughes, b. 7/29/1852, d. 3/3/1926, Plot: A/14/03, [CW]
Smith, James Sr., b. 2/16/1824, d. 1/22/1911, Plot: A/14/02, [CW]
Smith, Jane E., b. 4/21/1824, d. 1/22/1911, Plot: A/14/01, [CW]
Smith, John Carl, no dates, Plot: A/06/01, [CW]
Smith, Nettie Addaline, b. 10/3/1888, d. 1/13/1960, Plot: B/19/02, [CW]
Sneed, Vera Ester, b. 6/10/1914, d. 5/22/1985, Plot: F/13/04, [CW]
Sneed, Willie B., b. 1902, d. 1955, Plot: E/15/04, [CW]
Snyder, Allan 'Al or Pop', b. 10/15/1905, d. 3/31/1994, Plot: F/01/01, [CW]
Snyder, Bessie Beatrice, b. 11/1/1915, d. 6/2/1980, Plot: F/01/02, [CW]
Solomon, Ty Herrington, b. 11/30/1992, d. 12/15/1992, Plot: D/09/04, [CW]
Sonnier, Bobby, b. 1/2/1922, d. 5/26/1994, Plot: F/10/08, [CW]
Sonnier, Kenneth James, b. 2/4/1949, d. 2/19/1971, Plot: F/10/10, [CW]
Speer, Infant, b. 1915, d. 1915, Plot: A/12/06, W.W. & Rosalind, [CW]
Speer, Louis M., b. 1861, d. 1948, Plot: A/12/02, [CW]
Speer, Mary Alice, b. 10/23/1920, d. 1987, Plot: E/23/05, [CW]
Speer, Millie W., b. 1870, d. 1944, Plot: A/12/03, [CW]
Speer, Rosalind Disbro, b. 1896, d. 12/31/1991, Plot: A/12/05, [CW]
Speer, William Wood Jr., 1918, Plot: E/23/04, [CW]
Speer, William Wood, b. 1890, d. 1948, Plot: A/12/04, [CW]
Stephens, Euna Faye, b. 7/18/1923, d. 12/15/1974, Plot: F/01/08, [CW]
Stephens, Troy Thomas, b. 2/3/1910, d. 1/9/1973, Plot: F/01/07, [CW]
Stewart, Garland Glenn, b. 1908, d. 1927, Servant, [CW]
Stewart, Gordon W., b. 4/25/1912, d. 12/7/1949, Plot: A/23/05, Servant, [CW]
Stewart, Luvanda R., b. 1873, d. 1954, w/o Preacher, [CW]
Stewart, William B., b. 1887, d. 1967, Preacher, [CW]
Stobbs, Elna Noma, no dates, Plot: F/01/04, [CW]
Stobbs, Leland Curtis, b. 11/7/1928, d. 8/13/1972, Plot: F/01/03, [CW]
Storm, Donna Lisa, b. 1/6/1954, d. 6/18/1971, Plot: F/09/08, [CW]
Storm, Jack Porter, b. 10/21/1925, d. 2/8/1984, Plot: F/25/01, [CW]
Storm, Marcella A., b. 10/22/1930, Plot: F/25/02, [CW]
Storm, Pat Glick, b. 12/6/1931, d. 10/5/1986, Plot: F/09/07, [CW]
Storm, Virginia, b. 1891, d. 1983, Plot: F/09/05, [CW]
Storm, Walter, b. 8/6/1931, Plot: F/09/06, [CW]
Storm, Wash Sr., b. 1886, d. 1969, Plot: F/09/04, [CW]
Stripling, Sammie T., b. 8/18/1904, d. 4/30/1959, Plot: B/09/05, [CW]
Stripling, Thelma Oglesby, b. 1904, d. 1959, Plot: B/09/04, [CW]
Stubblefield, Cora, b. 09/06/1858, d. 7/19/1938, Plot: A/03/06, Shattock, [CW]
Stubblefield, Park L., b. 10/4/1897, d. 5/20/1967, Plot: B/03/04, [CW]
Stubblefield, W. P., b. 03/18/1864, d. 7/28/1932, Plot: A/03/05, [CW]
Sutton, F. Glenn, b. 1921, d. 3/11/1927, Plot: A/02/05, [CW]
Swain, Angus A., b. 10/21/1877, d. 3/26/1958, Plot: B/35/06, [CW]
Swain, Ethel M., b. 12/8/1888, d. 10/7/1959, Plot: B/35/07, [CW]
Swartz, Charles 'Chuck', no dates, Plot: E/03/01, [CW]
Swartz, Edward L., b. 1900, d. 1969, [CW]
Swartz, Gene, no dates, Plot: E/03/02, [CW]
Swartz, June Evelyn, b. 6/5/1922, d. 3/28/1980, Plot: B/08/02, [CW]
Swartz, Lena A., b. 1871, d. 1961, Plot: B/08/05, [CW]
Swartz, Tura M., d. 1893, Plot: 12/22/1996, [CW]
Swartz, Vernie, no dates, Plot: B/08/01, [CW]
Swartz, Vernie, no dates, Plot: D/02/01, [CW]
Swartz, Vernie, no dates, Plot: D/08/01, [CW]
Synoground, Billie, no dates, Plot: E/20/01, [CW]
Synoground, Lillie Hubert, b. 5/5/1938, d. 11/9/1886, Plot: E/20/02, [CW]
Teague, Billy C., b. 1935, d. 1948, Plot: E/16/03, [CW]
Teague, Christine Gale, b. 3/28/1958, d. 8/31/1980, Plot: E/16/04, [CW]
Teague, Grace, b. 1912, Plot: E/16/02, [CW]
Teague, Tom W., b. 1898, d. 1961, Plot: E/16/01, [CW]
Theriot, Richard H., b. 7/23/1938, d. 10/24/1972, Plot: F/11/06, [CW]
Thomas, Clara Mae, b. 8/29/1924, d. 2/22/1974, Plot: F/12/09, [CW]
Thomas, Fred C., b. 1875, d. 1962, Plot: E/05/03, [CW]
Thomas, Katherine, b. 1880, d. 1932, Plot: E/10/06, [CW]
Thomas, Wesley C., b. 2/9/1923, Plot: F/12/08, [CW]
Thompson, Cleo, b. 1909, d. 1990, Plot: F/33/03, [CW]
Thompson, Fanny Lou, b. 12/1/1907, Plot: F/33/04, [CW]
Thormachlem, L. E. 'Doc', b. 12/22/1913, d. 9/12/1976, Plot: B/43/01, [CW]
Thormachlem, Shannon, b. 11/12/1919, d. 9/15/1994, Plot: B/43/02, Rothe, [CW]
Trammel, Teddy Theodore, b. 7/7/1945, d. 7/12/1945, Plot: E/13/06, [CW]
Tuma, Kit C., b. 12/1/1907, d. 5/7/1972, Plot: F/08/08, [CW]
Turner, E. A., b. 1895, d. 1956, Plot: F/22/01, [CW]
Turner, Infant, no dates, Plot: A/03/04, [CW]
Turner, Lee, B. 1898, d. 1990, Plot: F/22/02, [CW]
Valencia, John Joseph, b. 4/6/1982, d. 4/7/1982, Plot: F/11/03, [CW]
Valentine, Frances B., b. 1869, d. 1964, [CW]
Valentine, Herman C., b. 1867, d. 1951, [CW]
Vaughn, Hoyt, no dates, Plot: F/29/03, [CW]
Warkentin, Katherine, b. 10/9/1896, d. 8/12/1960, Plot: E/08/05, [CW]
Wayman, G.E., no dates, Plot: B/30/05, [CW]
Webb, Adeline W., b. 2/22/1847, d. 1/20/1927, Plot: A/22/02, [CW]
Weigel, Bertha, d. 1916, Plot: F/29/05, [CW]
Weigel, L. A. 'Perk', b. 1902, d. 1/21/1992, Plot: F/29/04, [CW]
Weise, Sharon, no dates, Plot: F/31/03, [CW]
Weston, Cecil Clyde, b. 1906, d. 1989, Plot: F/07/07, [CW]
Weston, Gladys, b. 5/5/1910, Plot: B/18/05, [CW]
Weston, Riley, b. 5/4/1898, d. 11/4/1966, Plot: B/18/04, [CW]
White, Issac, b. 1857, d. 1915, Plot: A/15/04, [CW]
Whitley, Capatola, b. 1912, d. 1981, [CW]
Whitley, Hall W. Jr., b. 1910, d. 1968, [CW]
Wilkinson, Herman Stanley, b. 6/29/1909, d. 7/2/1983, Plot: F/17/09, [CW]
Wilkinson, Lucille B., b. 9/14/1910, d. 8/28/1995, Plot: F/17/10, [CW]
Winburn, Alva, b. 5/6/1912, d. 7/23/1986, Plot: E/24/03, [CW]
Winburn, Jessie Weber, b. 11/12/1872, d. 11/6/1957, Plot: E/24/02, [CW]
Winburn, Richard W., b. 7/12/1873, d. 10/2/1941, Plot: E/24/01, [CW]
Wishard, James D., b. 12/28/1931, d. 11/20/1994, Plot: F/33/07, [CW]
Wishard, Marvin J., b. 3/20/1906, d. 10/8/1978, Plot: F/08/01, [CW]
Wishard, Melvin J., b. 4/30/1934, d. 7/28/1986, Plot: F/27/04, [CW]
Wishard, Mickey Joe, b. 11/23/1951, d. 10/13/1994, Plot: F/33/02, [CW]
Wishard, Ona Lee, b. 5/8/1938, Plot: F/27/05, [CW]
Wishard, Rosa Lee, b. 8/8/1906, d. 1/19/1980, Plot: F/08/02, [CW]
Wishard, Sheryl Diane, b. 1957, d. 1957, Plot: B/30/01, [CW]
Wohlgemuth, Ezra, no dates, Plot: E/01/03, [CW]
Wohlgemuth, Hanna Ruth, b. 8/31/1935, d. 4/19/1992, Plot: E/08/01, [CW]
Wohlgemuth, Henry W., b. 1895, d. 1939, Plot: E/09/02, [CW]
Wohlgemuth, Infant, b. 12/6/1932, d. 12/6/1932, c/o Henry, Plot: E/10/03, [CW]
Wohlgemuth, John, b. 1938, d. 1951, Plot: E/07/03, [CW]
Wohlgemuth, Martha, b. 1/2/1898, d. 12/13/1997, Plot: E/09/01, [CW]
Wohlgemuth, Mary Phyliss, b. 11/12/1932, d. 1/13/1996, Plot: D/03/02, [CW]
Wohlgemuth, Paul, no dates, Plot: D/03/01, [CW]
Wohlgemuth, Virginia, no dates, Plot: E/02/01, [CW]
Wolf, Jess L., b. 1899, d. 1969, Plot: B/33/01, [CW]
Wolf, Zora, B. 1902, d. 1983, Plot: B/33/02, [CW]
Worthey, Infant Tom, no dates, Plot: A/13/06, [CW]
Worthey, John T., b. 1841, d. 1925, Plot: A/13/03, [CW]
Wright, Clyde Lee, b. 8/3/1894, d. 2/5/1973, Plot: B/03/01, [CW]
Wright, Virginia, b. 11/5/1905, d. 12/2/1988, Plot: B/03/02, Mc Bride, [CW]
Young, Beatrice L., b. 2/12/1907, Plot: B/16/01, [CW]
Young, Verner, b. 7/25/1898, d. 5/11/1980, Plot: B/11/05, [CW]

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