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Antioch Cemetery
Houston County, Texas

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 59.

Contributor's Index:

Located 5 miles SW of Lovelady on FM 230, Data gathered 1985-1997, [GT]

Adams, Charles R., b. 6-24-1902, d. 9-16-1983, s/o Wm. F. Adams & Lula, [GT]
Adams, Ella Jane, b. 1900, d. ----, Ella J. Maxey w/o Wallace H, [GT]
Adams, Ethel Alma, b. 6-22-1893, d. 9-21-1987, Ethel A. Williamson w/o W. F. Adams, [GT]
Adams, Harold B., b. 3-24-1927, d. 10-5-1956, s/o John Quincy Adams & Lillie Belle Long, [GT]
Adams, Karl Dean, b. 12-18-1920, d. 1997, s/o T. G. Adams & Minnie Gardner Adams, [GT]
Adams, Lillie Fay, b. 6-26-1904, d. 6/15/1986, Lillie F. Maxey w/o Chas. R. Adams, [GT]
Adams, Lula Frances, b. 6-19-1878, d. 8-28-1905, Frances Etheridge w/o W.F. Adams, [GT]
Adams, Minnie L., b. 8-19-1877, d. 12-15-1971, Minnie Gardner w/o T. G. Adams, [GT]
Adams, Thomas C, b. 4-18-1901, d. 4-3-1982, Thomas Clinton s/o T.G. Adams & Minnie, [GT]
Adams, Thomas G., b. 3-23-1872, d. 3-16-1957, Thomas Graves Adams s/o Archie Adams & Selia Harrison, [GT]
Adams, Virginia L., b. 12-31-1904, d. 2-5-1991, Virgie Leon Atkinson w/o Thomas C. Adams d/o Henry F. Atkinson & Mary(Mollie) L. Andrews, [GT]
Adams, Wallace H., b. 10-1897, d. 1971, s/o Wm. F Adams. & Lula F. Etheridge, [GT]
Adams, Wanda E., b. 10-12-1932, d. 12-3-1949, d/o Wm. F. Adams & Ethel A. Williamson, [GT]
Adams, William Francis, b. 3-15-1874, d. 11-21-1961, s/o Archie Adams, and Selia Harrison Adams, [GT]
Adams, Zelma, b. 1911, d. ----, w/o Harold B. Adams, [GT]
Ashworth, Edna Williamson, b. 15 Jan 1920, d. 18 Mar 1982, w/o LA, d/o Henry & Lue, [BD]
Athey, Minnie Ora, b. 2-27-1910, d. 4-6-1934, w/o Bascomb Athey d/o T.G. Adams & Minnie Gardner, [GT]
Atkinson, Daniel, b. 1836, d. 3-3-1887, s/o William & Jane Atkinson, [GT]
Atkinson, Elias, b. 10-14-1819, d. 11-18-1890, [GT]
Atkinson, Hulda, C., b. 9-30-1845, d. 6-8-1925, w/o Louis Atkinson, [GT]
Atkinson, Louis, b. 7-17-1841, d. 10-17-1905, s/o Wm. & Jane Atkinson, [GT]
Atkinson, Missouri, b. 1878, d. 1880, d/o Elias Atkinson & Queen V. Shaw, [GT]
Cox, Josh Marion, b. 1896, d. 1966, s/o Julius M Cox & Nannie (Amanda) Guines, [GT]
Cox, William T., b. 1874, d. 1915, s/o Julius M. Cox & Nannie Guines, [GT]
Etheridge, Georgia A., b. 3-1861, d. 2-12-1948, Mother of Lula Etheridge, [GT]
Etheridge, John Thomas, b. 3-26-1854, d. 6-29-1918, f/o Lula F. Etheridge, [GT]
Evan, Katy b. Dec 17, 1887, Lovelady, Houston Co., Tx, d. Jan 4 1889 Lovelady, Houston Co, Tx, d/o Thomas Charles and Sarah Ellen Evans, [JA]
Evan, Ora Lee, b. Oct 13 1889, Lovelady, Houston Co, Tx, d. Oct 12 1889, Lovelady, Houston Co., Tx, s/o Thomas Charles and Sarah Ellen Evans, [JA]
Evan, Sarah Ann Ellen, b. Nov 30, 1867 in Moscow, Polk Co TX, d. Apr 7, 1954 in Houston, Harris County TX, d/o Caleb Grant Summers Jr.& Mary Jane Oats, m. Thomas Charles Evans, Nov 22, 1883 in Texas, [JA]
Evan, Thomas Charles, b. Mar 28, 1852 in Miss, d. Nov 12 1902, Lovelady, Texas, s/o Israel Evans & Barbara Allen Long, m. Sarah Ann Ellen Summers Nov 22, 1883, [JA]
Francis, Lucinda C., b. 29 Dec 1920, d. 2 Jun 1900, w/o J.P. Francis, [BD]
Harnett, Charlotte Crawford, b. 1854, d. 1932, d. 6 Jul 1932, w/o Michael, [BD]
Harnett, Michael, b. 1834, d. 20 May 1894, [BD]
Harrelson, Lillie Mae, b. 4-7-1898, d. 9-7-1923, d/o T.G. Adams & Minnie Gardner, [GT]
Hollingsworth, Fannie D., b. 1878, d. 1964, d/o Levi & Ellen, [GT]
Hopkins, Caswell, b. 21 Jan 1915, d. 1 Oct 1993Husband of Daisy, [BD]
Hopkins, Daisy Williamson, b. 1 Mar 1913, d. 17 Sep 1995, w/o Caswell, d/o Henry Williamson, [BD]
Keels, Robert Loranzo, b. 09 Sep 1902,D. 25 Nov 1983, h/o Willie Belle, [BD]
Keels, Willie Bell Williamson, b. 25 Apr 1907, d. 17 Jul 1964, d/o Henry & Lue Williamson, [BD]
McMichael, Arthur Clinton, b. 8 Aug 1891, d. 31 Dec 1969, [BD]
McMichael, Mamie Williamson, b. 18 Feb 1896, d. 21 Sep 1982, w/o Arthur McMichael, [BD]
Peacock, Anna Ruth, b. 9-27-1905, d. 8-28-1928, d/o Wm. & Mary Peacock, [GT]
Peacock, Mary Anna, b. 6-8-1886, d. 9-7-1977, d/o Archie Adams & Selia Harrison, [GT]
Peacock, Wm. Jasper, b. 11-14-1897, d. 4-16-1947, husband of Mary Anna Adams, [GT]
Sharp, Martin, b. 1875, d. 1918, [BD]
Sims, Buelah Williamson, b. 6 Jun 1918, d. 5 Dec 1995, w/o Ernest, [BD]
Sims, Ernest Winburn, b. 5 Apr 1916, d. 7 Aug 1993, [BD]
Slaughter, Louie, b. 28 Dec 1917, d. 23 Dec 1999, h/o Lorene Williamson, [BD]
Williamson, Augusta Hartnett, b. 16 Sep 1887, d. 23 Feb 1960, w/o Emmitt, [BD]
Williamson, Chas. F., b. c.1846, d. 12-25-1925, s/o John Williamson & Rhoda, [GT]
Williamson, Emmitt Nesbit, b. Jul 1888, d. 2 Feb 1960, [BD]
Williamson, Fred, b. 18 Jun 1909, d. 19 Nov 1967, [BD]
Williamson, Henry Irvine, b. 18 Jul 1881, d. 11 Apr 1976, [BD]
Williamson, Jasper Pelage, b. 26 Feb 1884, d. 12 Mar 1976, [BD]
Williamson, Lue Ellen, b. 24 Dec 1882, d. 12 Jul 1968, w/o Henry I. Williamson, [BD]
Williamson, Mary Eliz, b. 4-8-1870, d. 1-21-1938, Mollie Horn w/o Chas F. Williamson, [GT]
Williamson, OK, b. 10 Apr 1924, d. 13 Oct 1977, [BD]
Williamson, OK, b. 10 Apr 1924, d. 13 Oct 1977, [BD]
Williamson, Willie Buelah Hartnett, b. 27 Jun 1890, d. 2 Aug 1951, w/o Jasper, [BD]

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