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Scott Chapel Cemetery
Hill County, Texas

Lat: 31° 50' 07"N, Lon: 97° 11' 04"W

Contributed by Sharon Doyle, Nov 06, 2001, last edited May 08, 2008 [ssdoyle1@aol.com]. Total records = 262.

Take I-35 South from Hillsboro, toward Waco, for 8 miles. Exit to F. M. 1304 (Exit 359); turn right Follow 1304 for 7.3 miles to HCR (Hill Co.Rd.) 2234 At 2234, turn left for 1.1 mile. Cemetery will be seen off to the right. Once you go over a narrow wooden bridge, the cemetery will not be far.

This historic cemetery was started in the 1850s in what was known as the Scott Chapel community. The oldest tombstone in the cemetery is 1859, Fannie Griffin.

In 2001 the Scott Chapel Cemetery Association, Inc. was formed and the association was officially incorporated as "non profit" corporation by the Texas Secretary of State and it was granted a 501(c)(3) federal tax status. The directors, officers and members of the nonprofit association are working to rescue, preserve and maintain the cemetery.

For information one may contact: Glenda Scott Rodriguez, 1203 Midnight Drive, San Antonio TX 78258. [glenda_s_rodriguez@hotmail.com]

There are many unmarked graves in this cemetery and it is possible that burials may have occurred earlier than 1859. The land for the cemetery was donated in 1852 by Mr. Burris Scott.

I walked and read this cemetery in the summer of 2001. It includes all existing and legible headstone readings.

- Sharon Doyle

Abbott, Willie May, b. 1/18/1889, d. 8/24/189l, lot#2
Adcox, Charles F., b. 1916, d. 1921, lot#5, dates may be reversed
Adcox, Charles P., b. 10/29/1877, d. 9/18/1961, lot#5
Adcox, John B. "Shorty", b. 1/13/1914, d. 9/11/1993
Adcox, Lucy D, b. 12/21/1886, d. 7/05/1951, lot#5
Anderson, J. W., b. 12/15/1859, d. 2/18/1901, lot#3, Woodman of the World marker
Anderson, Sophia Catherine, b. 8/31/1876, d. 5/02/1955, lot#3
Anderson, W. E., b. 9/04/1883, d. 3/01/1913, lot#3, Woodman of the World marker
Barron, J. C., b. 11/11/1854, d. 3/04/1918, lot#2
Barron, M. J., b. 3/01/1836, d. 4/02/1883, lot#2
Bell, (infant), b. 8/27/1876, d., lot#2, age: 3m.Dau. of Cyrus T.& Sallie Bell
Bell, Sarah F. M., d. 9/06/1876, lot#2, age: 19y.5m22d, wife of Cyrus T. Bell
Bellamy, Barien L., b. 1/24/1841, d. 2/1/1894, lot#3
Bennett, Ada, b. 8/10/1886, d. 8/16/1909, lot#2, Wife of J.J.Bennett
Bennett, J. J., b. 3/08/1876, d. 8/24/1916, lot#3
Bennett, Vernon, b. 10/23/1908, d. 8/05/1910, lot#2, Son of J.M & L.E.Bennett
Blakely, Samuel L., b. 12/12/1832, d. 1/20/1900, lot#3
Blocker, L. L., b. 1885, d. 1961, lot#3
Blocker, Narcissa A., b. 6/14/1853, d. 1/17/1923, lot#3
Blocker, W. T., b. 1/08/1849, d. 1/10/1922, lot#3, Masonic emblem
Blocker, Wm. A., b. 12/05/1876, d. 12/17/1912, lot#3, Woodman of the World marker
Blooker, Roy L., b. 2/14/1901, d. 1/08/1902, lot#3, Son of J.M. & M.M. Blooker
Bolton, Pearl, d. 6/04/1908, lot#2, age: 18y.2m.14d. Dau. of Rev.M.G.& S.E. Bolton
Brogden, Bulah, b. 4/10/1876, d. 4/01/1960, lot#2
Brown, Elmer "Wood", b. 7/15/1878, d. 9/17/1949, lot#3
Brown, Musa Teru, b. 9/29/1881, d. 9/18/1952, lot#3
Brunson, Gerald F., b. 9/15/1938, d. 4/7/2002, US Army
Carico, H. C., no dates, s/w wife, lot#3
Carico, Mrs. H. C., no dates, s/w H.C., lot#3
Cato, Ada, b. 10/24/1891, d. 6/23/1893, lot#3, Dau.of O.M& C.A.Cato
Cato, Anna Mae, b. 5/10/l884, d. 5/27/1909, lot#3, Wife of Earl G.Cato
Cato, Cora A., b. 12/04/1855, d. 5/22/1894, lot#3, Wife of O.M.Cato
Cato, Earl G, b. 6/08/1881, d. 7/24/1966, lot#3, Son of O.M.& C..A. Cato
Cato, H. L., b. 7/31/1876, d. 12/31/1948, lot#3, Son of O.M.& C.A. Cato
Cato, Laura C., b. 11/15/1878, d., lot#3, Dau.of O.M.&C.A.Cato
Cato, Louisa, b. 9/04/l885, d. 4/21/1920, lot#3, Dau.of O.M.& C.A. Cato
Cato, O. M., b. 6/10/1852, d. 11/02/1930, lot#3
Chapma(a), 0llie E., b. 10/07/1887, d., lot#2
Chenault, (infant), b. 8/02/1903, d., lot#2
Chenault, Elizabeth, b. 9/11/1841, d. 4/23/1907, lot#2, Wife of J.M.Chenault
Chenault, John M., d. 3/30/1901, lot#2, age: 65y.7m.25d. Masonic emblem
Chenault, Mildred, b. 2/18/1905, d. 4/07/1907, lot#2, Dau. of S.B.& Dora Chenault
Clampitt, B. F., d. 12/30/1917, lot#3, age: 45y. 11m.21d.
Clampitt, Mary Ellen, b. 3/07/1877, d. 2/23/1936, lot#3
Clampitt, W. J ., b. 1/05/1917, d. 1/l5/1917, lot#3
Coker, Elbert C., b. 4/27/1912, d. 5/25/1914, lot#2
Cook, Loyd Alfred, b. 11/06/1915, d. 9/28/1916, lot#2
Counts, Frankie D, b. 6/27/1892, d. 9/21/1892, lot#2, Dau. of G.M.& Jessie Counts
Counts, Rex M., b. 4/24/1891, d. 8/17/1891, lot#2, Son of C.M.& Jessie Counts
Cox, Freddy, no dates, lot#2, Infant son of I.Earl & M.E. Cox
Cresham, David Clarence, b. 1/12/1890, d. 12/03/1890, lot#2
Cresham, Susan Elsie, b. 11/05/1884, d. 8/06/1885, lot#2
Cunningham, Margaretta, b. 1/20/1841, d. 6/11/1900, lot#2, Wife of W.P. Cunningham
Cunningham, W. P., b. 5/01/1837, d. 5/29/1896, lot#2
Davis, Hester A., b. 5/26/1849, d. 8/06/1905, lot#3
DeShazo, Claudie, b. 2/25/1905, d. 4/04/1905, lot#3, Son of R.M. & Onie Deshazo
DeShazo, Martha J., b. 1/10/1855, d. 2/18/1907, lot#3, Wife of M.E. Deshazo
DeShazo, Sabelia G., b. 3/--/1855, d. 10/05/1905, lot#3, Wife of S.L.DeShazo
Denton, Alice, b. 3/09/1880, d. 11/02/1880, lot#4, Dau. of J.& S.F Denton
Denton, Ernest Lee, b. 8/12/1875, d. 10/27/1880, lot#4, Son of L.& S.F. Denton
Donnel, Kathy L., b. 1963, d. 1993
Farquhar, (Infant), b. 1/17/1890, d. 1/17/1890, lot#2, Son of W.E.& M.L. Farquhar
Farquhar, (Infant), b. 9/02/l888, d. 9/02/1888, lot#2, Son of W.E.& M.L. Farquhar
Farquhar, Corey A., d. 10/31/1877, lot#2, age: 2y.lm.16d.Dau.of R.F& S.Farquhar
Farquhar, Dorthy Mae, b. 9/7/1921, d. 3/1/2002
Farquhar, James W., no dates, lot#3, Son of Stephen & Rachel Farquhar
Farquhar, John C., b. 8/21/1857, d. 4/17/1930, lot#2
Farquhar, Lloyd, b. 7/12/1912, d. 12/7/2002
Farquhar, M. E., b. 7/01/1872, d. l0/11/1890, lot#2, Wife of R.R. Farquar
Farquhar, May L., b. 12/28/1868, d. 1/27/1894, lot#2, Wife of W.E. Farquhar
Farquhar, Rachel, b. 3/05/1839, d. 6/30/1892, lot#2, Wife of S. Farquhar Sister of Ellouisa Harris
Farquhar, Richard R.(Dick), d. 1/04/1946, lot#3, age: 83y 10mo 13da
Farquhar, Sarah A., b. 4/26/1858, d. 11/28/1916, lot#2
Farquhar, Steven P., d. 1/11/1878, lot#2, age: 48yr 11mo 25da
Farquhar, Susan C., d. 9/17/1882, lot#2, age: 24yr, Wife of W.E. Farquhar
Farquhar, W. E., b. 12/06/1859, d. 1/01/1922, lot#2, Woodman of the World marker
Frier, (Infant), no dates, lot#4, Son of J.R.& M.E. Frier
Frier, J. R., b. 2/11/l858, d. 11/18/1883, lot#4
Garcia, Mary Lisa, b. 1967, d. 2002
Gillespie, Mrs. M.A., d. 7/26/1939, lot#3, age: 69.y.
Glenn, A. Moody, b. 8/1/1926, d. 7/1/1998
Glenn, Clemmie Lea, b. 6/26/1921, d. 2/19/1922, lot#3
Glenn, Edith Cathrine, b. 6/29/1907, d. 4/28/1908, lot#3, Dau. of W.M.& E.E. Glenn
Glenn, Ina B., b. 1/1/1900, d. 5/22/1971, Wife of John Glenn, wed 7/13/1919
Glenn, Joe, b. 7/27/1908, d. 11/11/1921
Glenn, John A., b. 1/9/1898, d. 5/6/1977, Double marker w/wife, Ina
Glenn, Lillie E., b. 1873, d. 1912, lot#3
Glenn, Sam B., b. 1866, d. 1942, lot#3
Glenn, Sam H., b. 3/17/1902, d. 5/28/1908, lot#3, Son of S.B.& L.E. Glenn
Glenn, Wm. M., b. 5/31/1869, d. 8/14/1909, lot#3
Gray, Charles Robert, b. 8/26/1878, d. l0/16/1879, lot#3, Son of I.C.& M.E. Gray
Gresham, Emily C., b. 4/04/18928, d. 4/05/1899, lot#2, H.P. Harris' Sister
Gresham, G. M., b. 3/18/1859, d. 6/08/1879, lot#2
Gresham, J. R., d. 10/17/1872, lot#2, age: 5y 9m 5d
Gresham, W. B., b. 2/25/1855, d. 12/25/1882, lot#
Griffin, Cynthia A., b. 1/28/1875, d. 9/27/1882, lot#2, Dau. of J.M.& Sarah A. Griffin
Griffin, Fannie E., b. 2/02/1858, d. 2/22/1859, lot#2, Dau.of J.M.& M.E. Griffin
Griffin, James C., b. 9/28/1869, d. 10/27/1870, lot#2, Son of J.M.& M.E.Griffin
Griffin, John W., b. 4/14/1807, d. 6/18/1882, lot#2
Griffin, Mary, b. 2/22/1814, d. 7/03/1893, lot#2, Wife of D.A. Griffin
Griffin, Mollie E., b. 6/30/1872, d. 9/13/1894, lot#2, Dau. of J.M.& S.A. Griffin.
Griffin, Robert, b. 8/17/1868, d. 11//17/1868, lot#2, Son of J.M.& M.E. Griffin
Guthrie, Elmo R., b. 8/14/1885, d., lot#2, age: 1y.20d. Son of J.S. & L.A. Guthrie
Haile, Sallie Boyett, b. 1848, d. 1929, lot#3
Hammel, E. D., b. 1/06/1826, d. 7/10/1892, lot#2, Wife of. H.J.Hammel
Hammel, Edga F., b. 7/26/1867, d. 1/22/1870, lot#2, Son of H.J.& E.D. Hammel
Hammel, H. J., b. 11/19/1819, d. 8/29/1877, lot#2
Hammel, John M., b. 10/23/1863, d. 7/09/1889, lot#2
Hammel, Rebecca T., d. 9/6/1880, lot#2, age: 19y.9m.21d. Dau. of H.J. & E.D.Hammel
Hancock, Jeanette Hope, b. 3/06/1858, d. 4/19/1911, lot#2, A.53y.1m.13d, wife of J.E. Hancock, dau of T.M.& Semantha Word"
Hardin, (Infant), b. 5/22/1900, d. 5/22/1900, lot#3, Dau. of C.G.& T. Hardin
Hardin, (Infant), b. 7/04/1898, d. 7/04/1898, lot#3, Dau. of C.G.& T. Hardin
Hardin, (Infant), d. 9/8/1881, lot#4, Son of J.W. & M.M.Hardin
Hardin, (infant), b. 9/4/1899, d. 9/04/1899, lot#3, Son of C.G. & T.Hardin
Hardin, Bettie, b. 3/07/1892, d. 9/08/1892, lot#3, Dau. of C.C.& B.F.Hardin
Hardin, Clifford Erl, b. 1/4/1899, d. 5/30/1901, lot#3, Son of J.W. & M.M.Hardin
Hardin, Henry P., b. 1/28/1867, d. 11/13/1883, lot#4
Hardin, Henry Roe, b. 6/25/1891, d. 7/18/1892, lot#3, Son of J.W. & M.M. Hardin
Hardin, James W., b. 4/25/1893, d. 8/16/1894, lot#3, Son of J.W. & M.M. hardin
Hardin, Jimmie, b. 10/29/1900, d. 7/04/1901, lot#3
Hardin, Jimmie, b. 11/02/1862, d. 11/20/1900, lot#3, Wife of Ben Hardin
Hardin, Lum C., b. 1892, d. 1923, lot#3, Pvt Co.F, 11th, Inf. 5th. Div.
Hardln, James Bennie, b. 1/01/1891, d. 2/21/1893, lot#3, Son of Ben & JimmieHardin
Harris, (Infant), d. 1/17/1887, lot#2, Dau. of W.C. & L.C. Harris
Harris, Ellouisa, b. 7/20/1837, d. 5/14/1896, lot#3, Wife of H.P. Harris
Harris, H. P., b. 4/20/1830, d. 2/21/1917, lot#3, marker placed 1/14/2000
Harris, Lucy C., b. 11/14/1867, d. 5/11/1889, lot#2, Wife of W.C. Harris, Dau. Of T.M. & Semantha Word"
Harris, Mattie, d. 8/19/1899, lot#2, Wife of W.C. Harris
Harris, W. C., b. 4/2/1865, d. 10/11/1903, lot#2, Woodmen of the World marker
Henderson, (Infant), d. 9/13/1887, lot#2, Son of J.F. & M.E.Henderson
Henderson, I. B., b. 8/5/1824, d. 3/22/1887, lot#4
Henderson, I. W., b. 3/8/1874, d. 12/3/1877, lot#4, Son of I.B. & A. Henderson
Henderson, L. A., b. 10/21/1856, d. 9/01/1871, lot#4, Dau.of I.B.& A.Henderson
Hestilow, Mary Francis, d. 12/20/1950, lot#5
Hestilow, N. B., d. 5/31/1939, lot#5, age: lm.1d.
Holt, Harry Lee, b. 8/12/1871, d. 8/27/1882, lot#4, Children of J.O.& F.M. Holt
Holt, William Edgar, b. 12/23/1869, d. 12/18/1884, lot#4, Children of J.O.& F.M. Holt
Hyatt, Curtis Isidora, b. 2/28/1897, d. 10/26/1904, lot#3, Son of O.M.& L.N. Hyatt
Hyatt, L. N., no dates, lot#3
Jackson, Amanda C., b. 4/10/1810, d. 11/22/1885, lot#2, Mother of H.P. Harris and Emily C. Gresham
Jackson, Edward, d. 10/28/1882, lot#2, age: 3m 18d, son of E.L.& M.E. Jackson
Jackson, Nannie Vashti, b. 7/15/1886, d. 11/08/1887, lot#2, Dau. of E.L.& M.E.Jackson
Johnston, E. E., b. 1/01/1826, d. 4/08/1908, lot#2, Wife of A.L.Johnston
Johnston, Martha J., b. 6/22/1862, d. 4/12/1886, lot#2, Wife of D.P. Johnston
Johnston, age: L., b. 7/01/1823, d. 12/28/1888, lot#2
Jourdin, J. W., b. 8/02/1862, d. 3/05/1912, lot#3
Jourdin, Virgil H., b. 8/29/1885, d. 4/04/1914, lot#3, Camp 798, Chandler Texas Woodmen of the world marker "
Keith, Oscar L., b. 8/6/1848, d., lot#4, Husband of M.A.Keith
Kendrick, Mary M., d. 2/15/1877, lot#4, age: 45y 8m 9d, Wife of W.H.Kendrick
Kennedy, J. M., b. 5/15/1854, d. 1/12/1935, lot#3
Kennedy, John G., d. 5/27/1881, lot#3, age: 33
Kennedy, John M., b. 10/4/1869, d. 1/6/1899, lot#4
Kennedy, Martha May, b. 7/07/1889, d. 5/l6/1902, lot#3, Dau. of J.M.& M.E.Kennedy
Kennedy, Mary P., b. 7/24/1891, d. 10/24/1926, lot#3, Dau. of J.M.& Mina Kennedy
Kennedy, Mina, d. 2/14/1952, lot#3
Lambert, Amanda S., b. 9/26/1871, d. 4/07/1910, lot#3, Wife of P.D.Lambert
Lambert, Ernie Don, b. 6/30/1957, d. 7/4/1995
Lambert, John William "Big Dad", b. 12/16/1896, d. 9/3/1986
Lambert, Marvin Shirley, b. 7/13/1920, d. 12/27/1994
Lambert, Sarah, no dates
Lambert, Warren Blake, b. 1962, d. 2004
Martin, Arthur G, b. 2/11/1829, d. 2/04/1872, lot#2
Martin, John H., d. 11/07/1881, lot#4, age: 15y. Son of U.& Polly Martin
Martin, John, b. 3/03/1801, d. 3/29/1867, lot#2, age: 66y.26d
Martin, Mary D., b. 7/12/1865, d. 1/03/1879, lot#2
Martin, Sarah E., d. 4/16/1876, lot#4, age: 39y 15d, Dau.of J.W.& Patsey Scott
Martin, Wm.L., b. 4/19/1826, d. 2/27/1872, lot#2
Mathews, D. W., b. 4/25/1860, d. 8/20/1891, lot#2
McFall, Catharine, d. 8/20/1889, lot#1, age: 72y, wife of Sam McFall
McFall, Sam, no dates, lot#1
Moor, (Infant), b. 7/31/1900, d. 7/31/1900, lot#3, Son of Mr.& Mrs. J.L.Moor
Moor, Laura A., b. 3/7/1899, d. 12/29/1900, lot#3, Dau.of Mr.& Mrs. J.L.Moor
Moore, Louise Cato, no dates, lot#3
Morrison, Fletcher, b. 3/19/1883, d. 4/05/1884, lot#2, Son of J.C.& F.M. Morrison
Morrison, Robert P., d. 7/05/1882, lot#2, age: 2y 9m 16d, Son ofJ.C. & F.M.Morrison
Morton, Jessie Norma, b. 5/23/1883, d. 12/14/1883, lot#2
Morton, Maggie May, b. 6/18/1878, d. 10/04/1882, lot#2
Neyhard, Charles J., b. 3/01/1880, d. 9/12/1955, lot#3
Neyhard, Elizabeth M., b. 10/06/1890, d. 11/25/1918, lot#2
Neyhard, Pvt.Charles F., b. 8/30/1913, d. 11/02/1941, lot#3
Neyhard, Rosie Lee, b. 8/17/1911, d. 1/15/1940, lot#2
Peeples, Eula Bell Blooker, b. 1/28/1896, d. 1/16/1923, lot#3, Wife of E.B. Peeples
Petty, John M., b. 1806, d. 6/29/1870, lot#2
Petty, Judiethe, b. 3/08/1860, d. 9/16/1889, lot#2, Wife of C.W. Petty
Pledger, R. W., b. 12/14/1823, d. 7/14/1875
Price, Washington, d. 9/05/1885, lot#4, age: 49y.
Rayford, Elenee, d. 12/27/1874, lot#2, age: 56y.7m.24d Wife ofR.Rayford
Rayford, Elijah, d. 7/13/1893, lot#2, age: 27y.9m.14d. Son of R.E. Rayford
Rayford, Robert, d. 2/20/1878, lot#2, age: 56y.llm.10d.
Reece, Ider H., d. 9/23/1870, lot#2, age: 9m.4d.Dau. of H.H. & N.I. Reece
Rogers, Ed, b. 1870, d. 1953
Rogers, L. B., b. 1/12/1905, d. 5/19/1960, lot#3
Rogers, Nick Edward, b. 10/27/1906, d. 8/22/1988
Rogers, Nora, b. 1880, d. 1976
Scoggins, (Infant), b. 6/25/1905, d. 6/25/1905, lot#4, Dau. of W.W. & H.C. Scoggins
Scoggins, Will W., b. 1/14/1876, d. 11/6/1914
Scott, Ann, b. 12/14/1849, d. 10/29/1913, lot#4, Wife of W. Scott
Scott, J.C.B., b. 1823, d. 2/29/1888, lot#4
Scott, James W., d. 10/30/1877, lot#4, age: 73y.10m.22d
Scott, James W., d. 11/22/1870, lot#4, age: 19y.2m.14d
Scott, Lawrence, b. 2/13/1899, d. 1/26/1900, Son of W.H. & L.E. Scott, lot#4
Scott, Louella, b. 6/7/1878, d. 12/09/1900, Wife of W.H. Scott, lot#2
Scott, Louisa, b. 10/22/1827, d. 9/15/1905, Wife of P.G. Scott, lot#4
Scott, Monroe m., d. 4/4/1886, age: 19y.2m.26d., lot#4
Scott, P. G., b. 6/13/1825, d. 1/28/1892, lot#4
Scott, Walter, b. 6/30/1849, d. 1/10/1911, lot#4
Shaw, Katie F., b. 1/15/1879, d. 9/04/1958, lot#3
Smith, Glenn V., b. 10/6/1935, d. 10/6/1935
Spharleb, Oscar H.S., b. 4/17/1880, d. 6/25/1883, Son of F.R.& Kate Spharleb, lot#2
Steele, (Infant), b. 1915, d. 1915, Son of Mr.& Mrs. Wile Steele, lot#3
Steele, David E, b. 12/02/1815, d. 9/30/1905, Husband of Margaret C. Steele, lot#2
Steele, Josephene, b. 10/13/1883, d. 10/20/1883, lot#2
Steele, Kenneth, b. 11/22/1925, d. 6/20/1927, Son of Mr.& Mrs. J.F. Steele, lot#3
Steele, Lousia F., b. 1852, d. 1926, lot#3
Steele, M. S. (M. Sanford), b. 4/16/1864, d. 3/24/1883, Son of David & Margaret Steele, lot#2
Steele, Margaret A., d. 9/28/1880, lot#2
Steele, Margaret Carroll, b. 1/27/1824, d. 3/22/1901, Wife of David E. Steele (double marker), lot#2
Steele, Sam N., b. 1849, d. 1922, Son of David E. & Margaret Steele, lot#3
Steele, T. C. (Thomas Crockett), b. 9/25/1850, d. 12/01/1872, Son of David E. & Margaret Steele, lot#2
Steele, Wiley, b. 1890, d. 1918, lot#3
Stembridge, J. H., b. 4/13/l820, d. 2/18/1902, lot#4
Stembridge, Laura, b. 7/12/1880, d. 1/23/1896, Dau. of H.R.& M.A. Stembridge, lot#4
Stembridge, Minnie Pearl, b. 5/30/1897, d. 3/11/1900, Dau. of H.R.& M.A. Stembridge, lot#4
Suggitt, William Earl, b. 10/18/1929, d. 12/20/1995, PFC US Army - Korea
Swoar, Melviny, d. 10/20/1892, age: 74y, Wife of B.F. Swoar, lot#3
Taylor, Jessie, d. 1/05/1900, age: 18y, wife of W.C. Taylor, lot#3
Taylor, Richard L., b. 11/10/1899, d. 1/26/1900, Son of Wm.C.& J.Taylor, lot#3
Thomas, (infant), b. 2/11/1900, d. 2/11/1900, Son of Mr.&Mrs. C.W.Thomas, lot#4
Tipps, Cynthia, d. 10/12/1881, lot#4, age: 58y.11m.7d Wife of P.W. Tipps
Tipps, J. W., d. 11/06/1877, lot#4, age: 1y.2m.16d. Son ofJ.W.& M.E. Tipps
Tipps, Rev. P. W., b. 8/24/1821, d. 3/5/1885, lot#4
Treadwell, Freddie, d. 5/27/1881, lot#4, age: 8d. Son of W.W.& C.E. Treadwell
Treadwell, H. H., d. 8/18/1874, lot#2, age: 2y.6m.1d.Son of V.V.& W.A. Treadwell
Treadwell, H. R., b. 5/02/1827, d. 6/02/1862, lot#4
Treadwell, Henry C, d. 8/02/1868, lot#4, age: 1y.6m.26d. Son of W.W.&C.L. Treadwell
Treadwell, J. M., d. 12/09/1875, lot#2, age: 3y.9m.16d.Son of V.V.& W.A. Treadwell
Treadwell, L. C., d. 8/21/1877, lot#2, age: 2y.4d. Son of V.V. & W.A. Treadwell
Treadwell, Martha D., b. 11/29/1857, d. 6/08/1873, lot#4, Dau. of H.R.D.& S.E. Treadwell
Treadwell, S. L., d. 9/03/1874, lot#2, age: 7m.19d. Dau. of V.V.& W.A. Treadwell
Treadwell, Willie D., d. 8/23/1889, lot#4, age: 4y.8m.18d. Son of W.W.& C.E. Treadwell
Triplet, (Infant), b. 9/02/1888, d. 1/03/1889, lot#2, Dau. of F.B.& M.E. Triplet
Triplet, Ruthy, b. 12/30/1893, d. 2/13/1894, lot#2
Triplett, Frankin E., b. 1/16/1850, d. 8/19./1894, lot#2, Masonic emblem
Tripplett, Mary E., b. 9/08/1854, d. 2/10/1914, lot#2
Walker, S. E., b. 3/31/1852, d. 8/26/1881, lot#4, Wife of James Walker
Wallace, Cora Lee, b. 1/15/1892, d. 10/09/1913, lot#2, Wife of H.M. Wallace
Webb, John, b. 5/16/1851, d. 11/15/1906, lot#3, Woodman of the World marker
Webb, Mary J., b. 12/10/1859, d. 12/01/1930, lot#3
Williford, Bill, no dates
Williford, Carson, b. 1888, d. 1969
Williford, Ceclia, no dates
Williford, Hollis Doc, b. 11/18/1918, d. 11/20/1989, US Army WWII
Williford, Hub, no dates
Williford, Mattie, b. 1894, d. 1914
Woodard, Pearl, b. 5/6/1893, d. 3/08/1901, lot#3, Wife of J.Woodard
Word, James M., d. 12/04/1888, lot#3, age: 1m.25d.Son of J.M.&Nannie Word
Word, Lucy, b. 2/11/1886, d. 10/07/l895, lot#3, Dau. of J.M.& Nannie WordWord
Word, Nannie, b. 10/18/1888, d., lot#3, A.27y.1m.24d, wife of J.M.Word, Dau.of T.M.& Semantha Word"
Wylie, Emiley B. E., d. 3/29/1884, lot#2, age: 59y, wife of L.J. Wylie
Wylie, Louis J., d. 1/25/1886, lot#2, age: 72y.
Yarborough, Emma Eleanor, b. 9/27/1878, d. 7/31/1894, lot#3, Dau. of D.M.& Ada E. Yarborough
Young, Lunicia E., d. 10/30/1878, lot#2, age: 35y, wife of J.W.Young

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