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Middlebrooks Cemetery
Dripping Springs, Hays County, Texas

Lat: 30° 11' 01"N, Lon: 98° 09' 20"W

Contributed by David K Clark, Feb 15, 2004 [dclark@sprintmail.com]. Total records = 26.

This cemetery is a hike through woods and fields SE of the intersection of Creek Road and County Road 189 about 1/2 mile and west of Dripping Springs the same distance.

I have not found who owns this cemetery. The stones indicate this dates back to the 1870's. The last date shown was 1967. All stones were intact other than natural erosion processes.

It was well-fenced, and not overgrown. There was some high grass, tho not too much. A bit of cactus was growing on some graves. This place was not manicured, but it was not un-cared for from what I could see.

This is a list of all existing and legible markers. Transcribed during visit by David, Gary, and Valerie Clark on Feb 15, 2004. There were other markers, illegible or blank.

- David K Clark

Boyd, V P, b. Mar 5 1844, d. Aug 28 1884 "In memory of"
Byars, Georgia A M, b. Feb 1 1846, d. Feb 8 1930 (wife of J J)
Byars, Joseph J, b. Jun 17 1842, d. Feb 20 1907 (husband of G A M)
Byars, W K, b. Aug 7 1877, d. Dec 22 1879 "son of J.J. and G.A.M. Byars"
Fairly, Hugh J, b. Jul 29 1874, d. Sep 5 1939 "Gone but not forgotten"
Fairly, Infants, no names or dates
Fairly, Lula J, b. Sep 22 1884, d. Aug 14 1967
Harbour, Mattie, b. 1861, d. no date, "Mother" "Asleep in Jesus"
Harbour, S B, b. 1854, d. 1936 "Father"
Middlebrook, Mary A, b. Nov 22 18?8, d. Oct ? 1903
Middlebrook, Seaborn Sims, b. Jul 12 1807, d. Feb 11 1883
Middlebrooks, J B, b. Feb 11 1881, d. Feb 20 1918 "Here I lay my burden down. Change the cross into a crown."
Middlebrooks, Mrs H L, b. Mar 20 1847, d. May 8 1910 "Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God"
Patton, Bethel G, b. Feb 4 1904, d. Dec 25 1912 "Our Brother"
Patton, Mary Elizabeth Byars, Dec 16 1872, d. Aug 18 1911 "His Wife" (T G Patton)
Patton, Tom Green, b. Feb 8 1865, d. Oct 4 1960 "resting With Jesus"
Quick, Elizabeth, b. Jun 7 1880, d. Sep 18 1900 "At Rest" "She was the sun shine of our home"
Quick, J C, b. Mar 19 1833, d. Dec 15 1912 "Think of me as you pass by. As you are now, so once was I"
Quick, Jacob Clawson, b. Mar 19 1833, d. Dec 15 1912 "? Co F Texas Inf Confederate States Army"
Quick, Mary Ann, b. Sep 9 1836, d. Nov 1 1926 "In Memory of Our Mother"
Seward, E V, b. Jan 25 1875, d. Dec 28 1876 "In memory of"
Seward, F L, b. Aug 31 1878, d. Oct 23 1880 "In memory of"
Sirmon, Mrs. M, b. Feb 25 1861, d. Dec 18 1881 (Palms Above) "In memory of"
Smith, H E, b. Feb 16 1833, d. Apr 17 1880 "In memory of"
Stephenson, Mrs G.A.H., b. Nov 14 18??, d. Sep ????
Wade, Mary Jane, b. Feb 20 1793, d. Mar 7 1875 "In memory of" "May She Rest in Peace"

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