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Jacobs Well Cemetery
Wimberley, Hays County, Texas

Lat: 30° 01' 31"N, Lon: 98° 07' 44"W

Contributed by Patricia Schultz, Dec 03, 2003, last edited Aug 26, 2008 [pschultz@tstar.net]. Total records = 126.

To reach the cemetery from Wimberley Texas, take Ranch Road 2325 west for three miles to Jacobs Well Road where you turn north. The cemetery will be about one-fourth mile further on the right side of the road.

The land for this Cemetery was donated in 1883 by Mr. James Hardy Monroe Spillar. This happened after Moses Bond Egger was thrown by his horse, which broke his leg. Moses froze to death there, where the accident occurred.

This cemetery is now owned and maintained by the Jacobs Well Cemetery Association. To be a qualify to be buried here, you must either be a member of the association or you must have relatives buried here. This requires you obtain permission from the board for approval.

I walked and read this cemetery in the summer of 2003.

- Patricia Schultz

Barder, W. I., b. 10-27-1887, d. 8-17-1891
Black, Leroy Bond Jr., b. 10-11-1895, d. 10-22-1895, (Baby)
Blackwell, James Edward (Blackie), b. 2-10-1904, d. 10-20-1973
Blackwell, James T. (Jim), b. 8-12-1881, d. 8-16-1960
Blackwell, Joe Munroe, b. 11-24-1872, d. 12-7-1937
Blackwell, John Jacob (Jake), b. 8-1-1878, d. 3-11-1951
Blackwell, J. T., b. 1-16-1920, d. 7-24-1920, (Infant Son)
Blackwell, Lila May, b. 2-10-1916, d. 4-30-1924
Blackwell, Lydia Adline (Egger), b. 1-04-1879, d. 12-20-1920, w/o John J. (Jake) Blackwell
Blackwell, Mary F. (Rinard), b. 9-02-1848, d. 12-10-1918
Bundrick, William Lee, b. 9-18-1854, d. 1890, h/o Elizabeth Aaron English
Cure, John Fly, b. 12-06-1903, d. 7-18-1934
Cure, Ruth Ella (Dobie), b. 11-25-1903, d. 8-15-1009
Cure, Willie Anderson, b. 6-04-1925, d. 1-16-1945
Dean, Archibald, b. 1814, d. 1894
Dobie, William J. (Baby), b. 5-29-1902, d. 5-29-1902
Edward, Eric. S., b. 8-07-1820, d. 9-24-1904
Edward, Joseph R., b. 4-06-1808, d. 11-12-1886
Egger, Cynthea (Dean), b. 3-18-1851, d. 2-26-1919, w/o James L. Egger
Egger, Ellie Bond, b. 5-19-1832, d. 9-27-1910, Confederate State's Army
Egger, Emily L. (Patterson), b. 1-19-1909, d. 10-30-1997, w/o Otis T. Egger
Egger,John T., b. 9-28-1854, d. 5-07-1924
Egger, James L., b. 7-13-1847, d. 7-21-1933, 1st Lieutenant 24th Mississippi Infantry Confederate State's Army
Egger, Liddie (Harris), b. 5-01-1813, d. 3-04-1898, w/o Moses Bond Egger
Egger, Libby, b. (Hudson), b. 2-04-1962, d. 4-01-1999, w/o Rosce Thomas Egger
Egger, Milinda Clem (Blackwell), b. 3-04-1863, d. 1-04-1939, w/o William Henry Egger
Egger, Moses Bond, b. 11-11-1798, d. 2-09-1883
Egger, Otis T. Sr., b. 2-16-1907, d. 8-18-1971, h/o Emily (Patterson) Egger, m. Apr 18, 1929, WWII
Egger, Otis T. Jr., b. 10-18-1932, d. 10-21-1932
Egger, Rosce Thomas, b. 12-26-1955, d. 2-03-1996, h/o Libby A. (Hudson) Egger
Egger, Sarah Adaline, b. 1-18-1857, d. 5-06-1918, d/o Moss Bond and Liddie (Harris) Egger
Egger, William Henry, b. 11-28-1866, d. 12-18-1942, h/o Milinda Clem (Blackwell) Egger
Egger, William Thomas Sr., b. 7-11-1935, d. 7-19-1991, s/o Otis T. Sr and Emily L. (Patterson) Egger
Egger, William Thomas Jr., b. 3-12-1957, d. 9-13-1979, s/o William T. Egger Sr
English, Aaron, b. 10-29-1828, d. 4-15-1890, h/o Sarah Anne M (Garland) English, m. 1850, Confederate, Also a Pfc. State Army Texas Co. "A" 17th Regiment Texas Infantry
English, Aaron Wilson, b. 5-12-1909, d. 1- -1913
English, John Anderson, b. 10-24-1861, d. 1- -1948
English, Josephine S. (Josie) (Mathis), b. 5-05-1857, d. 5-28-1903, w/o Samuel Newton English, m. Nov. 19, 1885
English, Liddie Louisa, b. 11-03-1905, d. 1- -1913
English, Lina May, b. 7-31-1911, d. 1- 1913
English, Nancy Leona (Hayes), b. 8-28-1871, d. 12-11-1930, w/o John Anderson English
English, Samuel Newton, b. 8-22-1859, d. 6-05-1921, h/o Josephine I. N. (Mathews) English
English, Sarah. Anne (Sally) (Garland), b. 11-18-1833, d. 6-23-1917, w/o Aaron English
Fiedler, Alice, b. 12-24-1890, d. 11-16-1979
Forehand, Francis L., b. 5-11-1929, d. 12-29-2001, h/o Marietta Forehand, TSgt US Air Force Vietnam
Forehand, Linda Marie, b. 12-01-1955, d. 1-27-1973
Forehand, Marietta, b. 6-14-1932, d. 1-27-1973, Mother of Linda M. Forehand
Gallo, Debra Lee (New), b. 10-25-1961, d. 11-14-2000, w/o Dale Wayne Gallo
Garnett, Barry, b. 10-12-1875, d. 11-28-1955, h/o Ruby Garnett, m. Dec 18, 1899
Garnett, Basil, b. 3-25-1905, d. 10-22-1969, h/o Dollie Garnett
Garnett, Dollie, b. 5-28-1902, d. 2-24-1992, w/o Basil Garnett
Garnett, Gordon M., b. 3-21-1901, d. 7-03-1965
Garnett, ( Infant Girl) , b. 1968, d. 1968
Garnett, Mollie Rose, b. 11-05-1910, d. 1-02-1915
Granett, J. B., b. 8-26-1913, d. 6-03-1915
Garnett, Ruby ( ), b. 12-02-1872, d. 6-22-1931 w/o Barry Garnett
Gilmore, Aquilla, b. 1853, d. 1917
Hodge, Lee Jr., b. 6-21-1947, d. 4-17-1975
Hodge, Lee Sr., b. 1-18-1908, d. 7-30-2003, h/o Leone Hodge
Hodge, R. F., b. 2-21-1880, d. 3-29-1929
Hons, John H., b. 1815, d. no date, h/o Laura Elizabeth Hons, Confederate State Army
Hons, Laura Elizabeth, b. 1822, d. no date, w/o John Hons
Hunnicutt, Billy Jack, b. 7-14-1953, d. 1-27-1973
Hunnicutt, Carroll, b. 6-07-1897, d. 3-06-1974
Hunnicutt, Ethel Mae, b. 10-04-1909, d. 1-01-1990, w/o Lewis Hunnicutt
Hunnicutt, Jean I., b. 9-25-1926, d. no date, w/o James W. Hunnicutt
Hunnicutt, James W., b. 8-08-1923, d. 7-21-1974, h/o Jean I. Hunnicutt
Hunnicutt, Lewis M., b. 3-17-1900, d. 3-19-1982, Pvt. U.S., h/o Lillie Pearl Hunnicutt and Ethel Mae Hunnicutt, Army WWI
Hunnicutt, Lillie Pearl, b. 6-26-1899, d. 10-20-1936, w/o Lewis M. Hunnciutt
Hunnicutt, L. F., b. 12-27-1920, d. 1-03-1921
Hunnicutt, Nora Belle, b. 6-05-1919, d. 4-08-1990
Hunnicutt, (Infant Girl), d. 1947
Hyde, (Infant Son), b. 1890, d. 1890
Jennings, Annie A, (McCuistion), b. 8-29-1852, d. 8-22-1908, w/o Thomas G. J. Jennings m. on Nov 25, 1878
Justice, Aaron, b. -16-1851, d. 12-09-1932
Justice, Amanda M. C. (Blain or Blair), b. 9-25-1860, d. 9-21-1933, w/o Eli M. Justice
Justice, Arlena, b. 12-08-1901, d. 8-30-1908
Justice, David T., b. 2-16-1851, d. 5-30-1938
Justice, Eliza (Brown), no legible dates, w/o John Justice, m. on Feb 25, 1886
Justice, Eli M., b. 9-28-1852, d. 12-22-1930, h/o Amanda M. C.Justice, m. Jan 28, 1877
Justice, Emma Caroline (Egger), b. 4-28-1881, d. 7-19-1939
Justice, John, no legible dates, h/o Eliza Justice
Justice, James Edward, b. 12-08-1878, d. 9-26-1954, h/o Kate S. Justice
Justice, James W., b. 1922, d. 6-09-1993
Justice, June, no legible dates
Justice, Kate S. (Gilmore), b. 12-14-1881, d. 8-13-1993, w/o James Edward Justice
Justice, M. R. (Justice), b. 8-28-1856, d. 12-30-1930, w/o James W. Justice, m. Oct. 31-1888
Justice, Mary E., b. 12-09-1896, d. illegible
Justice, Nattie, b. 5-15-1881, d. 5-27-1885
Justice, Wilma Jim, b. 12-08-1901, d. 9-08-1908
Justice, W. Herman, b. 10-11-1891, d. . 2-16-1978
Leverenz, Frederick Johann Christian, b. 9-27-1831, d. 1-08-1913
Leverenz, George, b. 8-03-1885, d. 1-08-1913
Massey, Castanuella (Cassie) (Weaver), b. 2-14-1851, d. 4-16-1900, w/o James Forter Massey
Massey, David L., b. 9-21-1926, d. 4-09-1998
Massey, Evelyn A., b. 5-11-1921, d. 6-29-1987
Massey, Helen J., b. 7-29-1928, d. 4-21-1994
Massey, Henry J., b. 2-18-1920, d. 4-23-1991
Massey, James Forter, b. 12-26-1850, d. 3-02-1932, h/o Cassie E Massey
Massey, Ollie May (Shenner), b. 1885, d. 8-22-1917, Mother
McCuistion, Agnes (Clopton), b. 10-28-1866, d. 3-31-1944, w/o William. R. McCuistion, m. Nov 27
McCuistion, Elisha, b. B. 4-21-1818, d. 12-08-1902, h/o Ellen McCuistion, Confederate State Army
McCuistion, Ellenor (Soules-Rinard), b. 2-03-1820, d. 11-17-1902, w/o Elisha McCuistion, m. Oct 31, 1851
McCuistion, Lizzie (Massey), b. 3-30-1906, d. 1-26-1983, w/o Louis C. McCuistion
McCuistion. Louis C., b. 10-15-1894, d. 11-20-1973 W.W. I, h/o Lizzie (Massey) McCuistion
McCuistion, Visa (Hodge), b. 1887, d. 1905
McCuistion, William R., b. 10-31-1888, d. 3-04-1903, h/o Agnes McCuistion
Morren, Myrtle Wilma (Blackwell), b. 7-02-1909, d. 8-16-2001, w/o Walter T. Morren Sr m. Jan 19, 1935
Morren, Walter Travis Sr, b. 10-20-1906, d. 2-16-1979, h/o Myrtle Wilma (Blackwell) Morren. m. Jan 19, 1935
Pevler, Morrie R., b. 9-15-1925, d. 4-26-1986, US Marine Corps WWII, s/o Alice Pevler
Pevler, Alice, b. 12-24-1890, d. 11-16-1979 (Pidler's on her stone)
Polvado, Henry J., b. 11-13-1906, d. 12-09-1993, h/o Lillie Polvado
Polvado. Lillie F.(Massey), b. 1-30-1904, d. 6-09-2003, w/o Henry R. Polvado
Quist, Charles C., b. 11-02-1917, d. 11-02-1917
Richey, James Dale, b. 12-11-1958, d. 5�02-1996
Smithley, Alton Lee, b. 7-27-1926, d. 12-21-1999, h/o Juyce Smithley
Spillar, George B., b.8-20-1877, d. 6-16-1891
Weaver, John W., b. 1863, d. ?
Weaver, Julice L Scott, b. 2-05-1891, d. 1906
Scott, Baby, b. 1906, d. 1906
Walker, Anderson C. (Dixie), b. 7-18-1919, d. 11-10-1968, W.W. II North Carolina MMC US Navy
Walker, Calvin, b. 2-11-1954, d. 9-15-1979, W.T.F.A US Navy Vietnam War
Walker, Isabell R., b. 11-09-1932, d. 5-23-2003
Walker, Kenneth Scott, b. 10-08-1959, d. 7-24-1986
Whisenant, Alvin, b. 10-31-1932, d. 11-02-1932
Quist, Charles C., b. 11-02-1917, d. 11-02-1917

Clopton, Infant Baby, no legible dates
Edward, (There are three Edward graves with no dates are first names on them
Egger, One grave with no given name or date on it
Finch, Infant Child,There is no given name or date on the grave
Justice, There are two grave's with no given name or date on them
Mexican, There are five Mexican grave's in the upper left corner of the Cemetery
There is no given name or date on the grave Confederate State Army
Simon, no legible dates
Skinner, There are two children's graves with no given name or date
Dobie, Six graves with no dates of given names on them

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