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Mueschke Cemetery
Houston, Harris County, Texas

Contributed by Earnest Seabolt, January 30, 2000 [lightfoot2@worldnet.att.net]. Total records = 138.

Mueschke Cementary is located in NW Harris County, at a dead end streetby the same name. Key map location is 333-J. It is a small cementary partly fenced, but parts of the fence is down. There are alot of unmarked graves, but here is a list of the people with readable tombstones.

Acreman, Paula Elaine, b.December 06,1948, d.December 29,1948
Armstrong, John S.D., b.May 17,1842, d.January 24,1901, Georgia CPL HURTS BTRY ALA LT. ARTY CONFEDERATE STATES ARMY
Blanton, Majorie Ann, b.June 30,1929, d.December 15,1981
Bonds, Doris L., b.Dec.23,1918, d.Nov.25,1937
Brooks, Clarence P., b.June12,1907, d.Jan.28,1985
Brooks, Mae, b.Dec.23,1901, d.Aug.31,1966
Broussard, Augusta, b.Nov.19,1877, d.Aug.04,1950, s/w Ulysse
Broussard, Ulysse, b.Aug.13,1877, d.Apr.15,1947, s/w Augusta
Burroughs, Eliza May, b.Dec.23,1886, d.Feb.18,1931
Burroughs, Hardy L., b.Apr.02,1912, d.Dec.23,1939
Burroughs, Ralph R., b.June18,1884, d.Apr.15,1961
Callahan, Joseph M, b.1884, d.1943
Carr, ???srtine, b.1904-1990
Cramer, Baldwin Boetther, July06,1861, d.Nov.22,1912, WOW
Cramer, Helen, b.Dec.24,1847, d.Apr.06,1917
Cramer, Louis, b.Dec.05,1844, d.Mar.11,1935
Downs, Annie E., b.May25,1881, d.Sept.20,1906, Daughter
Dryer, Erich E., b.September 15,1891, d.September 23, 1987, on tombstone with Mathilde
Dryer, Mathilde C., b.October 10,1897, d.August 22,1976, on tombstone with Erich
Dunn, A.B., b.Jan.12,1863, d.Jan.01,1925
Dunn, J.J., b.July 22,1883, Dec.18,1925
Dunn, Mrs.V.L., Oct.30,1849
Dunn, W.F., b.Mar.03,1860, d.June 10,1921
Elder, Bennie L., b.December 09,1925, d.June 29,1997
Elder, Louis H., b.April 09,1889, d.January 04, 1945
Elder, Miss Lena, b.December 14,1891, d.May 24,1922, registered nurse, Supreme Forest Woodsmen Circle
Elder, Vera, b.12-14-1902, d.03-18-1993
Elder, William Plas, b.Jan. 26,1890, d.June 25,1967, Cook 304 Repair Unit WWI
Findley, Calvin C., b.August 1945, d.only date
Findley, Edward E, b.July 02,1907, d.August 11,1974, Pvt. US Army
Findley, Ettie, February 26,1943, only date
Findley, Louis L., November 04, 1960, only date
Findley, Martha Helena, b.November 03,1898, d.Death date broken off, Daughter of C.C.& Ettie
Findley?, Childs Grave, buried between Ettie & Calvin, no stone or markings
Fussell, Dave L, b.Aug.06,1862, d.Aug.15,1946
Fussell, Ida, b.1882, d.1882
Fussell, J.W., b.Nov.13,1862, d.Feb.09,1931
Fussell, Julia Bender, b.Feb.14,1886, d.Dec.17,1947
Fussell, Marie S., b.Feb.03, 1879, d.Mar.29,1922
Fussell, Riley Jr., b.Aug.11,1909, d.June24,1920
Fussell, Riley P., b.July09,1878, d.Nov.30,1941
Fussell, Thomas, b.1885, d.1886
Gace, Elizabeth, b.July 25,1879, d.May 09,1977
Grissett, Clarence L., b.May24,1911, d.Dec.30,1986
Grissett, Elsie L., b.June12,1905, d.Dec.23,1980
Harriso, Viola, b.January 21,1912, d.August 01,1952, MAMA
Harrison, John H. Jr., b.October 15,1947, d.March 31,1980, Beloved son Buba
Harrison, Popa John Henry, Sr., b.July 21,1904, d.August 01,1982
Hildebrandt, Maria, CEB, Marz. 27,1859, GEST, Nov.01,1897, Heir Ruhet U N Gott
Hildebrandt, Selma Helene, dates unreadable
Hindebrandt, Mr & Mrs. Wm. Sr., b.Aug.29,30,1916, d.Dec.05,1931?
Humphrey, Katie, b.1885, d.1920
Jackson, Ada Jackson, b.February 05, 1894, d.December 09, 1925
Johnson, Emma S., b.Sept.13,1875, d.May24,1953
Johnson, J.F., b.June27,1872, d.Sept.25,1917, Woodsmen of the world;
Jones, Girl, no dates, Klein Funeral Home
Jones, Henry Jones, There were no dates only a small metal plate.
Kaiser, Anna Marie, b.May 08,1905, d.Dec.10,1903
Kaiser, Dora Bertha Hendebrandt, b.June 1, 1903, d.Sept.02,1935
Kaiser, Ernest T., b.Nov.08,1903, d.Apr.05,1972
Kaiser, Infant, b.Sept.21,1929, d.Sept.21,1929, son of Mr.& Mrs.Ernest T. Kaiser, One large tombstone with Ernest, Dora & Anna M.
Kimmel, Edward Friedrich, b.May16, 1911, d.Jan.18, 1928
Kimmel, Matilda L., b.Jan.17,1880, d.Feb.07,1969
Krimmel, Fred C., b.Nov.14,1869,July 31,1942
Krimmel, Fritz, b.Feb.05,1850, d.Apr.08,1906
Krimmel, Infant, Jan.02,1853, son of Alma
Krimmel, John, b.Apr.15,1876, d.Dec.24,1901
Krimmel, William Fred, b.April 13,1900, d.Nov. 24, 1969
Krimmel, Wm. J., b.1877, d.1959
Lane, Madelene M.,1931
Lane, Mary L., 1928
Lemire, George Gaza, b.February 16,1961, d.April 26,1964 W.P.F., no dates, Small broken stone,
Ligon, Elsie, b.Feb.26,1931, d.No date
Ligon, Ernest Ray, b.June15,1924, d.Aug.06,1988
Ligon, Ernest Ray, b.June15,1924, d.Aug.06,1988, MM2 US NAVY WWII B.
Ligon, Nelson L., b.Jan.11,1950, d.Apr.12,1979
Matthews, Earl Lewis, b.July28,1903, d.July 27,1927
McBee, Arnold J., b.Mar.20,1912, d.Jan.21,1956
Merchant, Katie E., b.Dec.10,1879, d.May19,1951
Millie Taylor, b.1894, d.1917
Mittlestedt Rosa, b.Dec.19,1907, d.Feb.09,1908, Dau. of Wm.
Mittlestedt, August, Aug.09,1922
Mittlestedt, Elvina, b.Mar.13,1870, d.Mar.15,1951
Mittlestedt, Infant, b.July18,1898, d.July19,1898, Dau. of Wm.
Mittlestedt, Martha A., b.Sept.11,1879, d.Jan.20,1968, s/w Olga Runnels & Wm. E.
Mittlestedt, Robert, Mar, 30,1947 Apr.28,1947
Mittlestedt, Valentine R., b.Feb.24,1858, d.Apr.04,1944
Mittlestedt, William E., b.Feb.18,1873, d.Mar.12,1955
Mize, John James, May 05,1880, d.1939, "Pat"
Mueschke, Olga C., b.Sept.25,1861, d.Apr.21,1924
Mueschke, Paul, b.Mar.24,1856, d.Mar.13,1917
Mugs, Emma, b.Apr.26,1886, d.Aug.01,1900
Myers, Bertha M., b.Dec. 03,1872, d.June 18,1892
Myers, Maria B., b.Feb.08,1890, d.Mar.20,1891
Myers, Oscar, b.1863, d.1948
Owens, Jewel Faye, b.Oct.24,1924, d.July22,1998
Reaves, Almeda, b.b.Feb.02,1920, d.Sept.25,1976, Mother, s/w O.L.
Reaves, O.L., b.July 31,1914, d.Apr.19,1992, Father, s/w Almeda
Reaves, Wendy K., b.June 17,1969, d.June 17,1969
Rendon, Loraine S., b.October 16,1902, d.July 23,1939 {Mother}
Rendon, Walter F., b.September 16,1881, d.February 03,1964 {Father}
Riojas, Crecorio, Contreras, Tx Pvt. Depot Brig
Roach, Elizabeth, b.Apr.16,1884, d.Sept.21,1916
Roach, Infant, Nov.01,1900, d,Nov.02,1900, child of Henry J.
Roberts, Terry Ray, b.Aug.13,1956, d.April 14,1969, {Head Marker was made, of highly laquered wood}
Runnels, Olga Clara, b.1887, d.1964
Sandor, R. Gace, b.August 13,1884, d.December 13,1955, Sandor in large letters
SHAVER, Edith E., b.July22,1879, d.Sept.16,1935
SHAVER, Elmer B., b.Oct.04,1877, d.Dec.15,1929
SHAVER, Reuben,1850, d.1930
SHAVER, Rucelia, b.1850, d.1931

Enclosed in concrete border;
1.Schulz, Ella Therase, b.February 07,1905, d.February 02,1907
2.Schulz, Alma Louise, b.July 09,1907, d.October 29,1908
3.Schulz, Anne Lyoia, b.November 17,1902, d.December 16,1918
4.Schulz, Anna, b.May 20,1879, d.September 16,1953
5.Schulz, Henry, b.1872, d.1933
6.Schultz, Henry C Schultz, b.February 03,1911, d.December 19,1960, {only grave marked Schultz}
{all 6 graves within a concrete rectangle}

Snyder, Ella C., b.August 16,1874, d.May 24,1967 {Grandmother}
Snyder, James Garrett, b.July 30,1900, d.Feb.14,1952
Tautenhahn, Baby, Sept.26,1934
Tautenhahn, Carl Herman, b.Oct.11,1829, d.Sept.25,1912
Tautenhahn, Katherine, b.Nov.22,1835, d.Mar.31,1910
Taylor, Child, No date
Taylor, D.M.,
Taylor, John S., b.June24,1874, d.May18,1934
Taylor, Susan Taylor,
Tillman, John W., b.August 22,1870, d.August 20,1935
Ulmer, Pinkney Lee,
Weaver, L.C., b.November 28,1913, d.July 15,1985, Father, stone with Selma
Weaver, Selma H., b.October 02, 1916, d.October 11, 1974, Mother, stone with L.C.
West, Eliza McLachlan, b.1849, d.1914
West, Ima, b.September 30, 1892, d.April 04,1931
West, J.R.& Isabella, b.June 05,1857, d.June09,1941
Wheeler, Ether V., b.Jan.20,1880, Aug.12,1966
Wheeler, Frank, Co.C.1 Tex Cav. Sp. Am. War
William C. West, b.July05,1872, d.July07,1909
Williams, Wanda, b.1924, d.?

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