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Fredrick Douglas Cemetery
Chilicothe, Hardeman County, Texas

fredrick douglas cemetery
Fredrick Douglas Cemetery

GPS: 34.290683, -99.512256

by Charles Anderson [ph6hjb@gmail.com]
Publsihed: May 15, 2016
Total records: 55

Fredrick Douglas Cemetery is located north of Chillicothe, Texas at the junction of FM 91 and Moffett Road. There are a number of burials marked only with steel rods, broken rocks or illegible funeral home markers.

Cemetery Records

Records listed here were transcribed from all visible and legible markers. Transcribed 10 May 2013 by Elder Lou & Sister Carol Moffitt, Charles & Karon Anderson. For more information contact Charles Anderson.


Baker, Charlie, b. 25-Mar-1893, d. 12-May-1960
Brooks, Dan M, b. 29-Jul-1924, d. 9-Aug-1966
Butler, Mack, b. 1-Mar-1895, d. 15-Jan-1975
Carter, Lawrence, b. 14-Oct-1894, d. 19-Jul-1993
Fobbs, Hoarce Franklin, b. 5-May-1958, d. 21-Jan-1995
Fobbs, Joe E, b. 19-Feb-1967, d. 27-Feb-1967
Grant, W Jr, b. --1937, d. --1968
Graves, Eddie Joe, b. 1-Jul-1922, d. 15-Jan-2009
Graves, Kristy Kay, b. 30-Oct-1965, d. 7-May-1996
Hart, Freeman, b. 3-Apr-1917, d. 5-Dec-1991
Hart, Mattie, b. 5-Oct-1937, d. 1-Oct-1992
Hart, Ora Fay, b. 14-Sep-1970, d. 14-May-1974
Harvey, Perry, b. 29-Jun-1898, d. 3-Jan-1968
Hawkins, Arlee, b. 6-Sep-1929, d. 15-Jun-2008
Hawkins, Edward F, b. 10-Nov-1967, d. --2013
Hawkins, Princess, b. 17-Nov-1950, d. 4-Jun-1998
Hawkins, Willie, b. 18-Dec-1923, d. 13-Nov-1993
Hicks, Roy Henry, b. 1-Sep-1900, d. 5-Jan-1960
Horton, Ernest Jr, b. 17-Mar-1919, d. 3-Feb-1993
Horton, Dovie, b. 27-Jun-1909, d. 18-Nov-1965
Horton, Serena, b. 15-Oct-1986, d. 24-Nov-1986
Hunter, Eugene, b. 14-Feb-1912, d. 7-Nov-1963
Hunter, Leon D, b. 19-Mar-1953, d. 3-Sep-1974
Hunter, Winford, b. 10-Jun-1969, d. 23-Jul-1969
Jackson, C Y, b. --1919, d. 26-Jan-1998
Jackson, Dewanda, b. 26-Mar-1971, d. 24-Jun-2012
Jackson, Elnora, b. 21-Nov-1909, d. 26-Jun-1968
Johnson, Clara Jernigan, b. 28-Feb-1911, d. 12-May-1952
Johnson, Lillie Hunter, b. 26-Dec-1924, d. 15-Jul-2003
Johnson, McDowell, b. 1-Jul-1899, d. 12-Apr-1967
Kendrick, John W, b. 22-Jun-1926, d. 23-Sep-1963
Longmiles, Harold E, b. 15-Oct-1933, d. 6-Feb-1971
Matchett, Birtha, b. 25-Dec-1887, d. 10-Dec-1955
Norice, Bernice, b. 9-Apr-1936, d. 3-Apr-2005
Norice, C-Lester, b. 27-Jan-1944, d. 21-Oct-1946
Norice, Clarence Jr, b. 14-Feb-1927, d. 2-Sep-1951
Norice, Clarence, b. --1945, d. 16-May-1997
Norice, Clarence, b. 27-Sep-1908, d. 4-Jul-1975
Norice, J C, b. 15-Sep-1928, d. 5-Jun-2006
Norice, Kenneth, b. 28-Oct-1957, d. 28-Oct-1957
Norice, Lester A, b. 13-Sep-1952, d. 21-Sep-1996
Norice, Linda P, b. 13-May-1951, d. 7-Dec-1951
Norice, Nathan, b. 11-Sep-1958, d. 11-Sep-1958
Owens, Rosa Lee, b. --1903, d. 13-Jul-1996
Richard, Ludie, b. 15-Feb-1952, d. 28-Oct-1952
Richardson, Eddie Dean, b. 17-Dec-1947, d. 15-Apr-2013
Simmons, Eliza, b. 18-Jun-1908, d. 30-Oct-1993
Smith, Herman Lee, b. 30-Oct-1920, d. 23-Sep-1983
Smith, Mary Francis, b. 7-Apr-1928, d. 16-Aug-1962
Ware, James A, b. 10-Sep-1922, d. 28-Dec-1956
Willis, F C, b. 18-Aug-1896, d. 19-Mar-1960
Wilson, Dora Delaine, b. 19-Aug-1917, d. 9-Feb-1973
Wilson, Sport, b. 21-Nov-1907, d. 27-Jan-1971
Young, Eugene J, b. 14-Aug-1905, d. 8-Dec-1972
Young, Eugene M Jr, b. 22-Jul-1948, d. 8-Dec-1972

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