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Big Valley Cemetery
Hardeman County, Texas

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 52.

Contributor's Index:

Baker, "Son", b. 9/23/1917, d. 922/1917, [LC]
Carlton, Charles Thomas, b. 12/14/1898-6/23/1953, [LC]
Coats, Albert Earl, b. 10/13/1901, d. 8/9/1977, [LC]
Coats, Joe C., b. 3/17/1880, d. 7/14/1951, [LC]
Coats, Pearl (Stubblefield), b. 1/14/1879, d. 9/9/1955, [LC]
Coats, Sarah Linnie, b. 7/25/1906, d. 7/27/1994, [LC]
Green, Myrtle Ellen (Lance), b. 3/17/1896, d. 12/13/1972, [LC]
Green, William T., b. (no dates available), [LC]
Griffin, B. W., b. 11 May 1902, d. 30 Oct 1962, h/o Lola Richardson Griffin, [JH]
Griffin, Lola, b. 28 Dec 1907, d. 5 Feb 1972, d/o Jesse and Pearl Richardson, [JH]
Hewell, Eula Orlenia (Walser), b. 9/8/1906, d. 1/1/1958, [LC]
Hewett, S. L. (Doc), b. 8/9/1900, d. 3/30/1975, [LC]
Hopkins, Bernice A. b. 12/21/1907 d. 10/19/1978, s/o P.T. Hopkins, [JH]
Hopkins, P. T., b. 3/19/1880, d. 3/22/1942, [JH]
Lance, Alford Melvin, b. 9/18/1874, d. 10/19/1908, [LC]
Lance, Claudis Melvin, b. 12/13/1892, d. 10/7/1935, [LC]
Lance, John Alexander, b. 2/11/1834, d. 9/8/1911, [LC]
Lance, Margritte Lavina (Little), b. 4/19/1848, d. 4/20/1929, [LC]
Lance, Sarah Lottie (Mulkey, Briscoe), b. 3/2/1896, d. 10/31/1967, [LC]
Lance, William Harrison , b. 1845, d. 5/27/1924, [LC]
Neece, Armine Pearl, b. 11/11/1888, d. 3/13/1920, [LC]
Richardson, Jesse N., b. 10/22/1882, d. 4/19/1968, [JH]
Richardson, Pearl U., b. 10/21/1889 d. 7/9/1935, [JH]
Smith, S. E. 'Bill', d. 1949, [LC]
Smith, Sarah Elenora (Walser), b. 1/12/1912, d. 1/6/1996, [LC]
Stevens, Claude William, b. 10/4/1897, d. 1/6/1982, [LC]
Stevens, Ola Mae (Walser), b. 11/8/1900, d. 8/26/1987, [LC]
Thompson , Lena Alonso (Walser), b. 5/2/1900, d. 8/28/1984, [LC]
Thurman, Adron Vernon, b. 1/22/1895, d. 4/24/1923, [LC]
Thurman, Etta Mae (Walser), b. 9/8/1898, d. 1/16/1995, [LC]
Wall, Carl Edgar, b. 12/23/1898, d. 8/29/1955, [LC]
Walser, Audrey Rebecca (Chandler), b. 9/21/1913, d. 12/25/1992, [LC]
Walser, Beulah Irene (Barnes), b. 7/6/1908, d. 07/18/1999, [LC]
Walser, Calvin Samuel, b. 2/16/1912, d. 7/27/1993, [LC]
Walser, Cephas Alonza, b. 4/3/1875, d. 6/13/1973, [LC]
Walser, Elizabeth Jane (Lance), b. 11/21/1869, d. 7/9/1953, [LC]
Walser, Eva Lena (Allen), b. 11/27/1877, d. 8/6/1968, [LC]
Walser, Flora Mae, b. 7/12/1915, d. 12/28/1918, [LC]
Walser, Gwendolyn Bernice (Sis), b. 12/8/1927, d. 08/4/1997, [LC]
Walser, Hoye Lemuel, b. 11/27/1909, d. 09/3/1993, [LC]
Walser, Irene, b. 11/21/1911, d. 1/11/1912, [LC]
Walser, James David (Buck), b. 2/28/1872, d. 2/26/1951, [LC]
Walser, Jessie Leonia, b. 1/15/1911, d. 4/9/1912, [LC]
Walser, Jodie Virgil, b. 9/6/1904, d. 2/6/1973, [LC]
Walser, Lenora Roxann (Holt), b. 12/28/1880, d. 6/8/1961, #1, [LC]
Walser, Lillie Lenora, b. 3/16/1903, d. 4/13/1972, [LC]
Walser, Lula Kathleen (Gibson), b. 4/30/1916, d. 9/14/1999, [LC]
Walser, Martha Elizabeth (Philley), b. 12/11/1882, d. 7/4/1967, #2, [LC]
Walser, Richard Jonah, b. 6/1/1902, d. 4/28/1912, [LC]
Walser, Robert Euen, b. 5/3/1894, d. 6/22/1955, [LC]
Walser, Thomas Lemuel, b. 4/28/1879, d. 4/28/1973, [LC]
Walser, Wallace Dwight, b. 2/22/1929, d. 2/7/1996, [LC]

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