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Hoese Cemetery
Santa Clara, Guadalupe County, Texas

29° 30' 47"N, 98° 07' 06"W

Contributed by Jackie Valentien [jrval59@gvec.net] on Jul 22, 2002. Total records = 38.

The cemetery is just north of Santa Clara, and about one mile S of IH-10 on Santa Clara Road.

I do not have the history of this cemetery. It seems to go back to the late 1800's but is still is used occasionally. There is a burial in 1991.

I walked and read it in the summer of 2002. There were several unknowns, or unreadable markers.

- Jackie Valentien

Bolton, Marie C. Pfannstiel, b. 3-03-1865, d. 11-19-1891
Crabill, Allen Ray, b. 1-24-1956, d. 6-18-1978
Hoese, Baby Boy, b. 4-18-1918, d. 10-07-1918
Hoese, Baby, d. 1930
Hoese, Elfrieda Grobe, b. 7-23-1914, d. 3-28-1986
Hoese, Erwin R., b. 5-18-1909, d. 3-17-1969, h/o Elfrieda
Hoese, Friedrich J., b. 12-11-1845, d. 3-09-1935, h/o Marguerite
Hoese, Ida C. Gutz, b. 4-20-1886, d. 10-26-1960
Hoese, Linda Kay, b. 7-06-1954, d. 11-22-1955
Hoese, Marguerite Wieters, b. 8-30-1855, d. 1-29-1932
Hoese, Norman, b. 8-28-1915, d. 11-08-1915
Hoese, Theodore, b. 1895, d. 1954, son of Fred
King, Ernest L. 'Spud', b. 10-19-1911, d. 6-15-1993, h/o Irma, m. 8-2-1964
King, Irma Hoese, b. 9-23-1923, d. 1-26-1999, m. 8-2-1964
Knodel, Ardice I. King, b. 12-07-1941, d. 6-05-1991, m. 9-15-1951
Knodel, Leroy, b. 8-19-1937, d. no date, h/o Ardice, m. 9-15-1951
Magel, J. Heinrich, b. 12-29-1816, d. 5-27-1890
Penshorn, Leona, b. 6-11-1917, d. 6-09-1919
Schultze, Diedrich, b. 10-31-1860, d. 11-09-1914, h/o Maria
Schultze, Maria, b. 5-07-1861, d. 9-04-1953
Sommer, August, b. 5-23-1865, d. 7-26-1896
Sommer, Helene, b. 2-21-1897, d. 7-09-1897
Sommer, Johann, b. 9 -28-1836, d. 7-26-1912, h/o Karoline
Sommer, Karoline Hinze, b. 1-12-1837, d. 10-03-1913
Sommer, Marie Schneider, b. 9-03-1872, d. 3-29-1911
Sommers, Adela Schneider, b. 11-23-1889, d. 5-17-1976
Sommers, Fran Adela, b. 7-04-1873, d. 11-23-1936
Volkmann, Joyline M., b. 3-17-1934, d. no date
Volkmann, Stanfield, Sr., b. 1921, d. 1991
Wieters, Alma, b. 2-10-1885, d. 10-06-1919
Wieters, Dietrich, b. 10-10-1828, d. 12-25-1899, h/o Katharina
Wieters, Edwin, b. 12-17-1900, d. 4-17-1901
Wieters, Elea, b. 10-03-1899, d. 10-06-1899
Wieters, Heinrich D., b. 9-01-1853, d. 3-15-1893
Wieters, Katharina, b. 11-16-1832, d. 4-15-1901
Wolfshohl, Augusta, d. Oct 1892
Wolfshohl, Auguste L., b. 1861, d. 1949
Wolfshohl, Ferdinand, b. 1857, d. 1946, h/o Auguste

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