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Vivian Cemetery
Vivian, Foard County, Texas

Lat: 34° 03' 24"N, Lon: 99° 57' 40"W

Contributed by Jim Rich, Dec 02, 2011, last edited Dec 06, 2011 [jimrich1935@gmail.com]. Total records = 48.

From Crowell, drive northwest on US 70 for about 15 miles, then east across pasture 0.5 miles. From Vivian, drive southwest for .45mi, turn left onto US 70 and continue for about 0.48 miles and turn left or east across the field, southeast for 0.5 miles.

Vivian was first named Pealorsville after the Pealor family. The cemetery was started at the first school house about 1890. With the exception of a child who was buried on the extreme west side of the cemetery, Mrs. Joseph "Grandma" Pealor was the first to be buried there. Mrs. Jasper Tanner (Vadie Johnson) was the last recorded burial. Apparently no record was kept of the cemetery. Through the records found in "They Loved The Land", the Foard County News obituaries, and the records of the Womack-Manard Funeral Home a beginning was established.

In 1996 the above group braved the elements (it was cold), the weeds, and rattlesnakes and 'walked' the cemetery. A very interesting story is told of the burial of Cam Alto. Those digging the grave hit a huge rock that could not be moved, so much progress had been made and since they did not want to begin again, a very unusual decision was reached, they made the grave in a north and south position instead of the usual east and west.

This account was compiled by Faye Statser from research done by Billy Everson, Mrs. Warren Everson, Leta Jo Haynie, Bill Fish, Mary Fish, John Fish, Clark Hitt, Jo Hitt, and Faye Statser, with technical assistance from myself and completed on Nov 30, 2011.

- Jim Rich

Alto, Cam, d. 1914
Baker, B. W., d. 8/5/1940
Beatty, ??, d. 1932, d/o Charlie
Beatty, Grandma, d. 5/28/1915, m/o L. M.
Beatty, Infant Boy, d. 11/11/1908, age: 24 hour
Beatty, Infant, b. 3/18/1933, d. 3/18/1933, d/o R. N. Jr.
Beatty, Infant, d. 1902, between Salina and Rock
Beatty, Infant, d. 9/16/1926, stillborn, s/o R. N. Jr. & Odessa
Beatty, Mattie C., b. Jan 1932, d. 2/6/1932, d/o F. C.
Beatty, Mattie Charline, d. 2/16/1933, Premature
Beatty, R. N. Jr., no dates, Infant
Beatty, Salina, d. 1915
Branson, Effie, d. 8/10/1903, age: 18 Years
Branson, Valeria Pauline, d. Oct 1912, d/o Richard Lee & Effie Mae Tanner
Carroll, W. C., b. 3/13/1892, d. 6/2/1910, s/o Johnny
Curtis, Mrs. M. E., b. 8/28/1830, d. 1/31/1895
Gray, Baby, d. 2/16/1917, age: 10da, c/o Mr.& Mrs. Andy Gray
Grear, William Haskeu, b. 7/1899, d. 7/28/1895, kicked in stomach by a horse
Gunter, Jackson, b. 9/2/1915, d. 6/8/1920, s/o Collier, Diptheria
Marr, Louisa C., b. 7/3/1843, d. 7/3/1916, born in Arkansas
Nelson, Olaf, no dates, age: 4 mo, s/o O.E. & Katie Walling
Patton, Robert Simpson, d. Jul 1900, later moved to Crowell Cemetery
Patton, Willie, d. 1900, age: 15yr, blood poisoning, later moved to Crowell Cemetery
Pealor, Mrs. Joseph, b. 1/28/1827, d. 4/6/1893, First resident of Vivian to be buried
Reynolds, Elnora, b. 5/12/1935, d. 5/12/1935, d/o Charlie & Fannie Lee
Reynolds, John Henry, b. 2/6/1859, d. 12/23/1919, s/o Rufus King & Pollie, Sheltered and Safe from Sorrow
Reynolds, Lilley Lenora, b. 12/25/1933, d. 6/22/1934, drank coal oil
Tanner, Amanda, b. 4/3/1856, d. 10/7/1897, Mrs. Andrew Jasper, First Wife
Tanner, Andrew Jasper, b. 12/7/1857, d. 1/21/1933, Civil War, Confederate
Tanner, Baby Ray, d. 6/22/1930, c/o Jasper & Virgie, Stillborn
Tanner, Child, b. 10/18/1921, d. 10/21/1921, c/o W.L. & Maggie
Tanner, Child, d. 5/26/1915, age: 6wk, c/o F.H., Fcn
Tanner, J. Koren, b. 9/15/1881, d. 7/26/1911
Tanner, Marvin, b. 1/29/1915, d. 3/19/1915, s/o H. & Willie Akers
Tanner, Marvin, b. 12/29/1914, d. 6/6/1915
Tanner, Mon, no dates
Tanner, Vadie, b. 1869, d. 1/4/1957, Mrs. Andrew Jasper, Second Wife
Tarlton, Carrie Ella, b. 2/4/1889, d. 5/10/1916
Tucker, Frank, d. 4/12/1923, s/o John W. & Emma Tanner
Tucker, Rachel W., b. 3/14/1837, d. 10/13/1912
Vick, Floy, b. 7/17/1917, d. 7/18/1917
Weatherford, Raymond Ernest, d. 2/3/1929, age: 3mo, s/o Ed & Inez
Whatley, J. E., d. 12/9/1923, infant
Whatley, Mary Joe, d. 3/14/1929, age: 2 1/2 day, d/o Raymond & Mollie Tanner
Wright, Eva, b. 6/17/1915, d. 3/3/1917, d/o C.H. & N.M. Reynolds
Young, Mark Elmer, b. 11/22/1897, d. 6/29/1899, s/o V.H. & M.Y.
Young, Mary Emily, b. 9/15/1900, d. 6/16/1902, d/o W.R & Sallie, died from eating green wild plums, "Leaning On The Everlasting Arms"
Young, Nina, b. 10/27/1894, d. 10/13/1898, d/o Mary & Hillary

Blount, Mrs., no dates
Reynolds, Infant, no dates
Snyder, ?---Ret, no dates
Tanner, Twins, no dates
Torres, Twins, no dates

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