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Photo provided by Charlie Ward

Saint Martin Mission Cemetery
Warrenton, Fayette County, Texas

Lat: 30°01'35"N, 96°43'22"W

Submitted by Charlie Ward, Jun 07, 2003 [cccharlie1@aol.com]Total records = 33.

To reach the cemetery drive northeast from Warrenton for little over a mile on Rte 237. The cemetery will be right by the Mission on your left.

This cemetery is owned and maintained by theSaint Martin Mission which has the historical 'World's Smallest Catholic Church.

This cemetery transcription was from data we created during a visit to the cemetery by myself and Hazel Graham on Jul 29, 2001, when we copied all existing headstones. Inscriptions were copied as closely as possible to the lettering on the tombstones. My apologizes if the transcription is incorrect.

- Charlie Ward
Crowley, Laura Holec, b. 31 May 1909, d. None Given, W/o Pete Crowley, married Oct 25, 1949, Same headstone
Crowley, Pete, b. 25 Jun 1910, d. None Given, H/o Laura Holec Crowley, married Oct 25, 1949, Same headstone
Ebner, Teres, b. 1830, d. 24 Jan 1900, Geb 1830, Ges 24 Jan 1900
Fojt, Katrina, b. 25 List 1866, d. 10 List 1951, Same headstone as Martin Fojt
Fojt, Martin, b. 25 Prose 1860, d. 1 Prose 1944, Same headstone as Katrina Fojt
Holec, Anna, b. 1873, d. 1955, Same headstone as Frank Holec
Holec, Frances Amy Vaclavik, b. 24 Jun 1913, d. 4 Sep 1998
Holec, Frank, b. 1874, d. 1947, Same headstone as Anna Holec
Holec, Louise, b. 1900, d. 1966
Kogurei, Martin, b. 1838, d. 27 Dubna Roku 1895
Kovar, Frances, b. 1851, d. 1934
Kovar, Martin, b. Srp 15, 1843, d. Cer 27, 1909, (Nar 15 Srp 1843, Zem 27 Cervcci(?) 1909)
Michalik, Anna, b. 1870, d. 1899, (Matka Zde ochpociuo Upanu zesmila. Rozena 1870, Zem Rela 1899)
Teichmann, Francis, b. Sep 25, 1878, d. 18 Feb 1936, Same stone as Julius Teichmann
Teichmann, Julius, b. Dec 20, 1875, d. 13 Feb 1961, Same stone as Francis Teichmann
Trlicek, Anne, b. None, d. None, Daughter. Same headstone as John Trlicek
Trlicek, Julia, b. 1888, d. 1938, Same headstone as Steve Trlicek
Trlicek, Steve, b. 1854, d. 1938, Same headstone as Julia Trlicek
Trlick, John, b. None, d. None, Father. Same headstone as Annie Trlicek
Vaclavik, John, b. 1877, d. 1951, Same headstone as Mary Vaclavik
Vaclavik, Mary, b. 1876, d. 1951, Same headstone as John Vaclavik
Wagner, Antonie, b. 26 Aug 1913, d. 28 Sep 1994
Wagner, Frank O., b. Sep 16, 1882, d. 4 Nov 1954, Same stone as Hattie Wagner
Wagner, Franz, b. Jahre 1844, d. 21 Apr 1902, (Hierruhtin Frieden. Gob im Jahre 1844, Gest 21 Apr 1902, Guter mann, hier meine thrdnen, Sind die blum en auf dein grab)
Wagner, Hattie, b. Oct 1, 1881, d. 5 Mar 1961, Same stone as Frank O. Wagner
Wagner, Joseph, b. Nov 30, 1834, d. 1 Sep 1904, Geb 30 Nov. 1834, Gest 1 Sep 1904
Wagner, Leo, b. Jan 20, 1805, d. Aug 29, 1893", Geb 20 Jan 1805, Gest 29 Aug 1893, Rune sanft
Wagner, Rosalia, b. Set 1837, d. Marz 31 1914, "R.W." H(atitle) _ Kruger, Deb Set 1837, Dest 31 Marz 1914
Zapalac, Mary, b. 1889, d. 1983, Same headstone as Raymond Zapalac
Zapalac, Raymond, b. 1888, d. 1947, Same headstone as Mary Zapalac
Zetka, Anton, b. Dec 13, 1882, d. 4 Apr 1971, Syn
Zetka, Eva, b. Aug 6, 1839, d. Jan 27, 1892, Matka
Zetka, Jan, b. Oct 3, 1826, d. 4 Nov 1904, Ptec

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