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Long Creek Cemetery
Sunnyvale, Dallas County, Texas

Lat: 32° 46' 48"N, Lon: 96° 33' 04"W

Take Collins exit of Highway 80, turn right on Long Creek Dr. Cemetery is across from the Long Creek Baptist Church.

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 66.

Letters appearing in brackets [ ] at the end of each record refer to the person who submitted the record to this website. Please visit the Submitter's Index Page to view the submitter details.

Amburn, Pauline Lewis, b. 11-28-1914, d. 11-29-1934, [LP]
Bannister, Elsie Faye Lewis, b. 4-22-1919, d. 12-26-1966, [LP]
Brannon, Edith, b. 24 Jun 1938, d. 15 Mar 2001, d/o Naomi Ruth Lewis, nee: King, [TD]
Brummett, Carl Chester, b. 11-17-1896, d. 8-5-1970, h/o Ollie Fay Orr Brummett, [LP]
Brummett, Ollie Fay Orr, b. 11-6-1901, d. 5-24-1970, d/o Josie Lewis Cox Orr, [LP]
Coats, James A., b. 8 Aug 1832, d. 2 Mar 1879, Masonic symbol, [WH]
Coats, Martha K. (Smith), b. 27 Nov 1883, d. 15 Oct 1957, Eastern Star symbol, 2nd w/o S. R. Coats, s/w Sim R. Coats, [WH]
Coats, Nancy Ann (Webb), b. 26 Aug 1842, d. 21 Jul 1934, w/o James A. Coats 1st, G. N. Webb 2nd d/o A. W. Webb, [WH]
Coats, Nettie (Paschall), b. 21 Jan 1878, d. 8 Mar 1897, w/o S. R. Coats, m. Nov. 8, 1896, 1st w/o Sim Roy Coats, [WH]
Coats, Sim R. (Roy), b. 24 Sep 1877, d. 14 Nov 1960, Masonic symbol, s/o James A. Coats, s/w Martha K. Coats, [WH]
Cooksey, Thomas Leon, b. 9-19-1938, d. 3-2-1992, [LP]
Cooley, Elmo Earl, b. 2-18-1919, d. 5-12-1946, [LP]
Cooley, Maggie Mae Orr, b. 12-7-1897, d. 5-3-1949, d/o Josie Lewis Cox Orr, [LP]
Cooley, Thomas E., b. 3-9-1895, d. 7-14-1972, h/o Maggie Mae Orr Cooley, [LP]
Crownover, Benjamin, b. 14 Nov 1794, d. 12 Dec 1864, Pvt Mtd Vols ILL Mil War of 1812, DAR tombstone, [WH]
Crownover, Nancy Robin, b. 12 Oct 1798, d. 30 Nov 1866, w/o Benjamin Crownover, DAR tombstone, [WH]
Drake, Chad Hayden, 13 Mar 1981, d. 07 Sep 2004, s/o John and Ginger Drake, h/o Randi, 1st Battalion, 82nd Field Artillery, 1st Calvery Division, [GD]
Dunn, Roxie Lewis, b. 1878, d. 1895, [LP]
Dyer, Larry Dale, b. 11-5-1948, d. 1-6-2000, [LP]
Johnson, Guy M., b. 1-18-1908, d. 10-26-1978, [LP]
Johnson, Ruby Lucille Lewis, b. 8-18-1918, d. 7-18-1967, [LP]
Kedy, Goldie Mae Lewis, b. 11-23-1888, d. 12-24-1975, d/o Sampson Knight Lewis, [LP]
Kedy, Louis Robert, b. 8-1-1882, d. 12-7-1972, [LP]
Lewis, Andrew "Andy", b. 11-9-1894, d. 12-18-1940, [LP]
Lewis, Arthur "Artie", b. 2-14-1903, d. 7-25-1944, [LP]
Lewis, Clara "Cloey" McMillan, b. 6-29-1849, d. 1-20-1936, w/o Sampson Knight Lewis, [LP]
Lewis, Daisy Tucker, b. 1882, d. 1904, [LP]
Lewis, David, b. 1916, d. 1938, [LP]
Lewis, Donald Eugene, (died at 7 months), [LP]
Lewis, George Washington, b. 1877, d. 1959, [LP]
Lewis, Geraldine, b. 1925, d. 1926 (infant), [LP]
Lewis, Gus Lynn, b. 7-19-1899, d, 4-8-1971, [LP]
Lewis, James Byron "Dick", b. 8-30-1899, d. 2-14-1970, [LP]
Lewis, James William, b. 11-22-1897, d. 11-8-1958, [LP]
Lewis, Junie Blonde Grisham, b. 4-6-1900, d. 11-29-1984, [LP]
Lewis, Lloyd, b. 23 Aug 1916, d. 23 Aug 1997, s/o George Washington Lewis, [TD]
Lewis, Lois Frances, b. 5-13-1943, d. 10-1943, [LP]
Lewis, Maude Andrews, b. 5-6-1882, d. 8-8-1952, [LP]
Lewis, Monroe, b. 1897, d. 1936, [LP]
Lewis, Namoi Ruth, b. 04 Jun 1914, d. 21 Jun 1976, w/o Lloyd Lewis, nee: McCurdy, [TD]
Lewis, Peter, b. 4-10-1883, d. 05-01-1901, [LP]
Lewis, Ptolmey Wilson, d. 7-8-1950, [LP]
Lewis, Rachel Dunn, b. 3-19-1877, d. 7-27-1906, [LP]
Lewis, Rosa, b. 1884 d. 10-14-1932, [LP]
Lewis, Russell Lynn, b. 1-14-1927, d. 11-29-1969, [LP]
Lewis, Sampson Knight, b. 9-1-1846, d. 9-17-1925, [LP]
Lewis, Stella Mae Vellimon, d. 1945, [LP]
Lewis, Vearley V., b. 1907, d. 1948, [LP]
McCallum, Tida, b. 12-12-1897, d. 10-24-1943, w/o James William Lewis, [LP]
Orr, Josie Lewis Cox, b. 12-20-1868, d. 8-2-1945, d/o Sampson Knight Lewis, [LP]
Patton, Lillian Myrtle Cox (Myrt), b. 2-18-1890, d. 4-29-1982, d/o Josie Lewis Cox Orr, [LP]
Patton, Willie D., b. 5-17-1885, d. 3-4-1930, h/o Lillian Myrtle Cox Patton, [LP]
Ragsdale, Bobby Lynn, b. 9-23-49, d. 1-30-71, s/o Clifton Alton Ragsdale, [LP]
Ragsdale, Charles Lewis, b. 11-1-1947, d. 12-15-1985, s/o Clifton Alton Ragsdale, [LP]
Ragsdale, Clifton Alton (Dan), b. 7-9-1912, d. 8-22-99, [LP]
Ragsdale, Eula Faye Kedy, b. 6-16-1916, d. 8-18-1982, w/o Clifton Alton Ragsdale, [LP]
Ragsdale, Hattie Cox, b. 10-3-1888, d. 7-24-1978, d/o Josie Lewis Cox Orr, [LP]
Ragsdale, Jerry Dale, b. 2-8-1940, s/o Clifton Alton Ragsdale, [LP]
Ragsdale, Nettie Orr, b. 12-7-1895, d. 11-23-1932, d/o Josie Lewis Cox Orr, [LP]
Ragsdale, O.S. "Street", b. 12-26-1891, d. 12-11-1944, h/o Nettie Orr Ragsdale, [LP]
Roberts, Billy Jack, b. 4-26-1949, d. 2-28-1970, s/o Josie Roberts, [JR]
Sealy, Loma Pearl Lewis, b. 10-2-1899, d. 6-1-1961, [LP]
Sealy, Marvin, b. 10-24-1899, d. 8-30-1973, h/o Loma Pearl Lewis Sealy , [LP]
Webb, Capt. A. W, b. 1 May 1811, d. 8 Apr 1891, Capt. A. W. Webb An Old Texan Pioneer, Alexander W. Webb, Masonic symbol, [WH]
Webb, Lucinda (Crownover), b. 23 May 1820, d. 20 May 1879, w/o A. W. Webb, d/o Benjamin Crownover, [WH]
Wimpey, Arlon Monroe, b. 7-30-1934, d. 6-27-1992, [LP]

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