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Dallas Fort Worth National Cemetery
Dallas County, Texas

GPS: 32.717383, -96.946686

2000 Mountain Creek Pkwy
Dallas, TX 75211

Published: November 6, 2019
Total records: 63,220

Dallas Fort Worth National Cemetey is owned by the United States, and managed through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

Surnames Z

Records linked below were acquired from the U.S. Deparment of Veterans Affairs on November 5, 2019. They include dates of death ranging from Oct 31, 1941 to Mar 24, 2019...

ZABEL, James A, MSGT, US AIR FORCE, b. 02/16/1949, d. 11/13/2004, Section 14C, Site 254, VIETNAM
ZABICA, Anton, MSGT, US AIR FORCE, b. 06/26/1929, d. 11/17/2010, Section 107, Site 1441, KOREA, VIETNAM
ZABICA, Edna L, b. 03/09/1934, d. 03/04/2004, Section 107, Site 1441, Wife of Anton Zabica
ZABOJNIK, Bonnie, b. 04/05/1934, d. 01/18/2014, Section 12, Site 27, Wife of Raymond A Zabojnik
ZABOJNIK, Raymond A, SGT, US MARINE CORPS, b. 08/28/1932, d. 03/23/2007, Section 12, Site 27, KOREA
ZACHA, Cheryl Ann, b. 02/24/1948, d. 01/26/2017, Section COL-E, Row CT4, Site A98, Wife of Michael Edward Zacha
ZACHA, David John, SSGT, US AIR FORCE, b. 07/25/1952, d. 09/29/2013, Section COL-D, Row CT2, Site A55, PERSIAN GULF
ZACHA, Edward A, S SGT, US ARMY AIR FORCES, b. 12/07/1920, d. 08/12/2007, Section 15B, Site 94, WORLD WAR II
ZACHARY, Jack A, PVT, US ARMY, b. 08/08/1924, d. 11/06/2011, Section 88, Site 286, WORLD WAR II
ZACHARY, James Lee, COL, US ARMY, b. 12/26/1936, d. 01/18/2014, Section 91, Site 534, VIETNAM
ZACHARY, Mitchell Logan, SP4, US ARMY, b. 07/01/1940, d. 01/04/2018, Section COL-C, Row CT1, Site C124, VIETNAM
ZACHARY, Richard Arlen, PV1, US ARMY, b. 04/24/1931, d. 04/10/2018, Section 93, Site 273
ZACHARY, Sherman D, PFC, US ARMY, b. 06/06/1933, d. 10/12/2003, Section 26, Site 192, KOREA
ZACHARY, Susan Kendall, b. 03/26/1947, d. 06/10/2007, Section COL-C, Row CT1, Site C124, Wife of Mitchell Logan Zachary
ZACHERY, Willie L, TEC 5, US ARMY, b. 07/22/1922, d. 07/23/2001, Section 22, Site 421, WORLD WAR II
ZACHERY, Zelma L, 1ST SGT, US ARMY, b. 11/09/1920, d. 11/02/2016, Section 97, Site 18, WORLD WAR II
ZACHRY, Brandon Joaquin, SP4, 1LT, US ARMY, US ARMY, b. 11/16/1970, d. 09/03/2017, Section 95, Site 670, PERSIAN GULF
ZACKARY, Donald G, SSGT, US AIR FORCE, b. 12/17/1944, d. 01/15/2011, Section 77, Site 940, VIETNAM
ZAFFLE, George T, CAPT, US ARMY, b. 08/14/1919, d. 03/09/2006, Section 77, Site 831, WORLD WAR II
ZAFFLE, Harriet Ruth, b. 09/06/1920, d. 02/11/2016, Section 77, Site 831, Wife of George T Zaffle
ZAHACZEWSKI, Roberta J, b. 01/19/1948, d. 05/09/2011, Section COL-B, Row CT3, Site E201, Wife of Joseph M Zahaczewski
ZAHN, Charles W, MAJ, US ARMY, b. 03/05/1917, d. 08/01/2000, Section 10, Site 777, WORLD WAR II
ZAHN, Helene, b. 02/19/1933, d. 01/02/2003, Section 17A, Site 418, Wife of John Joseph Zahn
ZAHN, John Joseph, YN2, US NAVY, b. 11/08/1930, d. 06/14/2015, Section 17A, Site 418, KOREA
ZAHN, Margaret, b. 04/18/1923, d. 10/14/2009, Section 10, Site 777, Wife of Charles W Zahn
ZAHNOW, Arthur O, SFC, US ARMY, b. 05/06/1935, d. 01/17/2008, Section 6, Site 317, VIETNAM
ZAICEK, Jimmie Marvin, AB, US AIR FORCE, b. 12/02/1942, d. 01/01/2016, Section COL-D, Row CT4, Site C74, VIETNAM
ZAK, John E, SFC, US ARMY, b. 01/07/1939, d. 12/10/2009, Section 15C, Site 22, VIETNAM
ZAKARIAN, Leo, SGT, US ARMY, b. 08/17/1922, d. 06/15/2005, Section 14F, Site 18, WORLD WAR II
ZAKUTNEY, Walter B, BM3, PO2, US COAST GUARD, US NAVY, b. 07/28/1945, d. 02/26/2009, Section 16A, Site 75, PERSIAN GULF, VIETNAM
ZALESKI, Frank J, SN, US NAVY, b. 04/03/1932, d. 04/03/2006, Section 77, Site 1105, KOREA
ZALESKI, John Francis, AT1, US NAVY, b. 08/12/1925, d. 09/04/2014, Section COL-D, Row CT3, Site A100, WORLD WAR II, KOREA
ZALEWSKI, C Vincent, SP5, US ARMY, b. 10/07/1944, d. 03/11/2011, Section COL-B, Row CT3, Site A177, VIETNAM
ZALKIND, Sidney, PFC, US ARMY, b. 01/04/1926, d. 05/15/2002, Section 22, Site 176, WORLD WAR II
ZAMARRIPA, Patricio Enrique, MA1, US NAVY, b. 08/15/1983, d. 07/07/2016, Section 76, Site 1658S, PERSIAN GULF
ZAMBINO, Gina M, b. 02/20/1968, d. 02/21/1968, Section 21, Site 670, Daughter of Anthony Zambino Jr
ZAMBINO, Judith L, b. 09/16/1938, d. 07/19/2004, Section 21, Site 670, Wife of Anthony Zambino Jr
ZAMORA, Alberto Jr, AB, US AIR FORCE, b. 07/13/1933, d. 05/28/2001, Section 22, Site 660, VIETNAM
ZAMORA, Benito J M, SSG, US ARMY, b. 03/21/1932, d. 10/10/2004, Section 14C, Site 144, KOREA, VIETNAM
ZAMORA, Raul, SP5/SGT, US ARMY, b. 07/04/1935, d. 11/24/2017, Section 95, Site 557
ZAMORA, Raymond J, PFC, CPL, US ARMY, US MARINE CORPS, b. 03/16/1929, d. 09/14/2002, Section 14B, Site 76, KOREA
ZAMORA, Sebastian L, SSGT, US AIR FORCE, b. 01/20/1928, d. 12/27/2000, Section 14A, Site 255, WORLD WAR II, KOREA
ZANDE, Dino Martin, SP4, US ARMY, b. 01/13/1954, d. 10/02/2017, Section 95, Site 845, VIETNAM
ZANDER, Betty, b. 05/14/1927, d. 03/05/2009, Section 6, Site 478, Wife of Edward J Zander
ZANDER, Edmund, MAJ, 2ND LT, US AIR FORCE, US ARMY AIR FORCES, b. 06/16/1925, d. 09/15/2015, Section 101, Site 298, WORLD WAR II
ZANDER, Edward J, PFC, US ARMY, b. 03/17/1923, d. 02/17/2008, Section 6, Site 478, WORLD WAR II
ZANDER, Loreen, b. 04/21/1950, d. 03/08/2005, Section 21, Site 401, Wife of Sande J Zander
ZANECCHIA, Joseph A, STG2, US NAVY, b. 11/18/1945, d. 12/19/2005, Section 14F, Site 176, VIETNAM
ZAPATA, Alicia Minerva, b. 01/04/1927, d. 12/12/2014, Section 92, Site 334, Wife of Ruben D Zapata
ZAPATA, Anselmo V, SP4, US ARMY, b. 04/21/1949, d. 12/17/2009, Section 106, Site 1088, VIETNAM
ZAPATA, Jose A, CPL, US MARINE CORPS, b. 07/28/1948, d. 11/12/2011, Section 88, Site 335, VIETNAM
ZAPATA, Ruben D, S1C, US NAVY, b. 10/09/1924, d. 12/03/2012, Section 92, Site 334, WORLD WAR II
ZAPATKA, Stanley L, A2C, US AIR FORCE, b. 11/29/1940, d. 01/18/2010, Section 106, Site 1358, VIETNAM
ZAPFFE, Jane P, b. 03/30/1922, d. 11/08/2009, Section 16A, Site 280, Wife of Hans H Paulsen
ZARAGOZA, Jose Jr, CPL, US MARINE CORPS, b. 12/06/1949, d. 02/24/2007, Section 12, Site 419, VIETNAM
ZARBO, Lawrence, PFC, US ARMY AIR FORCES, b. 12/24/1922, d. 12/21/2008, Section 16A, Site 27, WORLD WAR II
ZARKOWSKI, Edward E, SGT, US MARINE CORPS, b. 05/27/1943, d. 03/13/2012, Section COL-B, Row CT4, Site C125, VIETNAM
ZARRELLA, John M, SP4, US ARMY, b. 05/05/1924, d. 02/16/2009, Section COL-B, Row CT3, Site E242, WORLD WAR II
ZARYCHTA, Cecilia Bernadette, b. 10/26/1935, d. 09/03/2018, Section COL-C, Row CT2, Site A44, Wife of Leonard John Zarychta
ZASIMOWICH, Audrey A, b. 12/09/1931, d. 06/29/1987, Section 22, Site 604, Wife of Donald A Zasimowich
ZASIMOWICH, Donald A, MSGT, US AIR FORCE, b. 10/24/1931, d. 07/24/2010, Section 22, Site 604, KOREA, VIETNAM
ZASKODA, Rudolph C, QM2, US NAVY, b. 07/11/1932, d. 07/02/2001, Section 22, Site 163, KOREA
ZAUBER, Raymond G, 2ND LT, US ARMY, b. 06/25/1917, d. 07/25/2001, Section 22, Site 366, WORLD WAR II
ZAUNER, Thomas W, YN3, US NAVY, b. 07/19/1930, d. 09/25/2004, Section 21, Site 594, KOREA
ZAVALA, Joe Henry, SP4, US ARMY, b. 10/01/1956, d. 12/12/2016, Section 97, Site 378, VIETNAM
ZAVALA, Santos O, PFC, US ARMY, b. 04/11/1931, d. 11/25/2009, Section 106, Site 955, KOREA
ZAVODNY, Alan M, PFC, US ARMY, b. 10/09/1955, d. 09/14/2006, Section 13, Site 369
ZAWADZKE, Miles Robert, A2C, US AIR FORCE, b. 09/23/1938, d. 03/28/2017, Section 97, Site 670
ZAWLOCKI, Vincent Francis Jr, LT COL, US ARMY, US ARMY, b. 09/10/1941, d. 07/07/2018, Section COL-C, Row CT2, Site D2, VIETNAM
ZAZVORKA, Robert, SGT, US ARMY AIR FORCES, b. 09/12/1918, d. 01/29/2008, Section 6, Site 355, WORLD WAR II
ZDENEK, Shirley Mae, b. 01/03/1931, d. 11/08/2016, Section 17B, Site 794, Wife of Adolph Joseph Zdenek
ZDUNIEWICZ, Steven V, SP4, US ARMY, b. 08/01/1960, d. 07/26/2009, Section 77, Site 301
ZEBLISKY, George John, SP4, US ARMY, b. 01/18/1943, d. 12/16/2014, Section 6, Site 40
ZEBLISKY, Soon Ae, b. 05/30/1938, d. 11/09/2007, Section 6, Site 40, Wife of George J Zeblisky
ZEEB, Gerald William, SSGT, US AIR FORCE, b. 12/17/1938, d. 05/11/2016, Section 98, Site 101, VIETNAM
ZEIGER, Donald E, SK2, US NAVY, b. 08/14/1923, d. 09/03/2011, Section COL-B, Row CT3, Site E244, WORLD WAR II
ZEIGLER, Gaylord Ralph, SP4, US ARMY, b. 06/18/1939, d. 10/12/2014, Section COL-E, Row CT1, Site D23, VIETNAM
ZEIGLER, Kathleen Mae, b. 04/06/1923, d. 06/11/2018, Section 93, Site 622, Wife of Clark John Zeigler
ZEIGLER, Patrick A, SPC, US ARMY, b. 11/04/1977, d. 10/27/2001, Section 22, Site 246
ZEILAN, Barbara Ann, b. 06/08/1935, d. 08/16/2005, Section 14F, Site 17, Wife of John A Zeilan
ZEILAN, John A Jr, LCPL, US MARINE CORPS, b. 10/29/1930, d. 01/20/2007, Section 14F, Site 17, KOREA
ZEILLER, Naomi Joyce, b. 03/21/1940, d. 08/05/2016, Section 98, Site 732, Wife of Donald Zeiller
ZELENEVITZ, James Franklin, CTT3, US NAVY, b. 12/10/1949, d. 06/17/2016, Section COL-E, Row CT4, Site C8, VIETNAM
ZELENZ, Joseph B, CPL, US ARMY, b. 03/10/1929, d. 10/02/2010, Section COL-B, Row CT3, Site A158, KOREA
ZELLER, Craig A, SP4, US ARMY, b. 11/17/1951, d. 05/27/2007, Section 12, Site 892, VIETNAM
ZELLER, Dorance Lavern, PFC, US ARMY, b. 08/24/1928, d. 11/01/2013, Section 90, Site 313, KOREA
ZELLER, Dorothy M, b. 09/17/1931, d. 03/23/2012, Section 90, Site 313, Wife of Dorance L Zeller
ZELLNER, Bobby Leon, SP4, US ARMY, b. 04/21/1937, d. 02/06/2018, Section COL-C, Row CT1, Site C145
ZELLNER, Riner E, SP3, US ARMY, b. 01/24/1933, d. 12/21/2008, Section 105, Site 502, KOREA
ZEMCIK, Irene June, b. 06/04/1926, d. 09/07/2007, Section 5, Site 407, Wife of Joseph James Zemcik
ZENO, Willie D, SN, US NAVY, b. 03/28/1929, d. 12/09/2010, Section COL-B, Row CT4, Site D157, KOREA
ZEPEDA, Manuel, SP4, US ARMY, b. 01/18/1957, d. 08/19/2009, Section 106, Site 390, VIETNAM
ZEPEDA, Martin Sr, SSGT, PFC, US AIR FORCE, US ARMY, b. 01/29/1933, d. 04/03/2009, Section 106, Site 28, KOREA, VIETNAM
ZERBACH, Lawrence A, WO2, US ARMY, b. 08/19/1922, d. 08/13/1996, Section COL-E, Row CT4, Site D41, WORLD WAR II, VIETNAM
ZERBACH, Rita B, b. 10/29/1925, d. 11/08/2016, Section COL-E, Row CT4, Site D41, Wife of Lawrence A Zerbach
ZERBE, William P, PVT, US ARMY, b. 03/18/1951, d. 01/07/2010, Section 15C, Site 44, VIETNAM
ZERR, Donna M, b. 11/09/1936, d. 07/28/2016, Section 98, Site 695, Wife of Alfred D Zerr
ZERWER, Robert Eugene, SP4, US ARMY, b. 09/12/1931, d. 09/04/2013, Section 89, Site 586, KOREA
ZEUGIN, Paul Andrew, PFC, US MARINE CORPS, b. 12/19/1948, d. 06/05/2018, Section COL-C, Row CT2, Site A7, VIETNAM
ZGAINER, John E, CMSGT, US AIR FORCE, b. 07/09/1932, d. 12/21/2001, Section 11, Site 503, KOREA, VIETNAM
ZHENG, Constance Xinuan, b. 03/01/2019, d. 03/01/2019, Section 18A, Site 1054, Daughter of Gabriel Baoyin Zheng
ZIEGELBAUER, Alvin F, MSGT, US AIR FORCE, b. 05/22/1929, d. 04/06/2015, Section 13, Site 931, KOREA, VIETNAM
ZIEGELBAUER, Pat, b. 09/07/1931, d. 05/15/2006, Section 13, Site 931, Wife of Alvin F Ziegelbauer
ZIEGLER, Jerry J, SP5, US ARMY, b. 05/08/1947, d. 05/10/2007, Section 12, Site 595, VIETNAM
ZIEGLER, Norman L, PFC, US ARMY, b. 09/23/1933, d. 05/11/2016, Section 17B, Site 678, KOREA
ZIELEN, Glyniece I, b. 11/03/1922, d. 02/26/2008, Section COL-B, Row CT2, Site C118, Wife of William E Jakle Jr
ZIELINSKI, Joan, b. 01/05/1933, d. 01/03/2014, Section 21, Site 600, Wife of Louis J Zielinski
ZIELINSKI, Louis J, S1, US NAVY, b. 04/07/1927, d. 03/17/2005, Section 21, Site 600, WORLD WAR II
ZIEMBA, Mildred G, b. 11/06/1930, d. 12/05/2009, Section COL-A, Row CT3, Site C2, Wife of Walter A Ziemba Jr
ZIEMBA, Walter A Jr, CPL, US ARMY, b. 12/13/1932, d. 10/29/2002, Section COL-A, Row CT3, Site C2, KOREA
ZIEMER, Kelly A, PO3, US NAVY, b. 08/02/1927, d. 03/19/2003, Section 25, Site 589, WORLD WAR II
ZIESEMANN, Gunther, AN, US NAVY, b. 01/20/1932, d. 01/11/2007, Section 12, Site 862, KOREA
ZIESEMANN, Marjorie Joyce, b. 10/08/1934, d. 09/30/2016, Section 12, Site 862, Wife of Gunther Ziesemann
ZIGENFUS, Gary C, YN2, US NAVY, b. 12/29/1945, d. 07/08/2011, Section 16B, Site 180, VIETNAM
ZILLIOX, Helen P, b. 07/16/1925, d. 01/10/2013, Section COL-B, Row CT1, Site B67, Wife of William A Zilliox
ZILLIOX, William A, QM2, US NAVY, b. 04/18/1925, d. 05/15/2006, Section COL-B, Row CT1, Site B67, WORLD WAR II
ZILM, Helen Clarice, b. 11/24/1934, d. 12/24/2013, Section 17B, Site 183, Wife of Kawyn Lewis Zilm
ZIMMER, Edith Mae, b. 04/23/1928, d. 09/15/2016, Section 25, Site 262, Wife of William E Zimmer
ZIMMER, William E, TEC 3, US ARMY, b. 01/14/1922, d. 11/23/2002, Section 25, Site 262, WORLD WAR II
ZIMMERLE, Randall L, SP5, US ARMY, b. 06/03/1951, d. 07/09/2007, Section 15B, Site 131, VIETNAM
ZIMMERLE, Terry R, SGT, US ARMY, b. 06/23/1947, d. 11/07/2000, Section COL-A, Row CT1, Site C48, VIETNAM
ZIMMERMAN, Adam N, A1C, US AIR FORCE, b. 12/10/1930, d. 01/24/2013, Section 26, Site 384, KOREA
ZIMMERMAN, Audrey E, b. 01/17/1932, d. 02/04/1992, Section 92, Site 254, Wife of Marvin Zimmerman
ZIMMERMAN, Donald A, COL, SSG, US MARINE CORPS, US MARINE CORPS, b. 06/05/1923, d. 08/08/2010, Section COL-B, Row CT3, Site B117, WORLD WAR II
ZIMMERMAN, Doris A, b. 04/16/1932, d. 08/16/2003, Section 26, Site 384, Wife of Adam Nick Zimmerman
ZIMMERMAN, Fred M, PVT, US ARMY, b. 06/01/1928, d. 12/29/2003, Section COL-A, Row CT4, Site D19, WORLD WAR II
ZIMMERMAN, Glenn R, SFC, US ARMY, b. 08/22/1931, d. 02/06/2010, Section 107, Site 46, KOREA
ZIMMERMAN, James P, SGT, US AIR FORCE, b. 11/26/1950, d. 12/13/2010, Section 107, Site 1550, VIETNAM
ZIMMERMAN, John S, SGT, US MARINE CORPS, b. 12/29/1968, d. 05/04/2007, Section COL-B, Row CT3, Site C20, PERSIAN GULF
ZIMMERMAN, John T, PO3, US NAVY, b. 05/25/1950, d. 10/01/2009, Section COL-B, Row CT2, Site A123, VIETNAM
ZIMMERMAN, John W, ATAN, US NAVY, b. 06/08/1930, d. 10/03/2002, Section COL-A, Row CT3, Site D51, KOREA
ZIMMERMAN, Mae, b. 05/17/1925, d. 12/31/2008, Section COL-B, Row CT3, Site B117, Wife of Donald A Zimmerman
ZIMMERMAN, Marvin, PFC, US ARMY, b. 08/19/1930, d. 02/03/2013, Section 92, Site 254, KOREA
ZIMMERMAN, Paul Richard, ETRSN, US NAVY, b. 12/19/1938, d. 01/14/2017, Section 18A, Site 467
ZIMMERMAN, Peggy J, b. 05/28/1936, d. 08/03/2016, Section 107, Site 46, Wife of Glenn R Zimmerman
ZIMMERMAN, Rodney J, COL, US AIR FORCE, b. 02/20/1932, d. 08/09/2011, Section 86, Site 695, KOREA, VIETNAM
ZIMMET, Emily Elizabeth, b. 11/20/1943, d. 01/05/2017, Section COL-E, Row CT4, Site B90, Wife of Laddie Leroy Zimmet
ZIMMET, Paul, SP3, US ARMY, b. 04/20/1936, d. 05/22/2016, Section COL-E, Row CT3, Site E52
ZINANTI, Danny, SGT, CPO, US ARMY, US NAVY, b. 03/12/1951, d. 05/01/2008, Section 7, Site 126, PERSIAN GULF, VIETNAM
ZINK, Elizabeth J, b. 02/26/1930, d. 10/25/2009, Section COL-B, Row CT2, Site B134, Wife of H Jay Zink
ZIOLA, Gloria Loris, b. 05/08/1936, d. 10/03/2015, Section 101, Site 349, Wife of Norman John Ziola
ZIOLA, Norman John, PFC, US ARMY, b. 03/14/1929, d. 09/26/2015, Section 101, Site 349, KOREA
ZIPPER, Elwood K, PFC, US ARMY, b. 04/10/1931, d. 04/15/2003, Section 22, Site 938, KOREA
ZIPPER, Geraldine, b. 05/23/1938, d. 09/25/2014, Section 22, Site 938, Wife of Elwood K Zipper
ZIRGES, Dorothy L, b. 09/04/1939, d. 10/04/2011, Section COL-B, Row CT3, Site E296, Wife of Ronald R Zirges
ZIRGES, Ronald R, SN, US NAVY, b. 03/13/1942, d. 01/22/2019, Section COL-B, Row CT3, Site E296, VIETNAM
ZISCHKE, James Karl, TSGT, US AIR FORCE, b. 01/04/1941, d. 01/14/2019, Section 94, Site 773, VIETNAM
ZISK, Chester V, CPL, US ARMY, b. 04/05/1924, d. 03/29/2002, Section COL-A, Row CT1, Site D97, WORLD WAR II
ZISK, Lillian E, b. 10/18/1926, d. 02/18/1999, Section COL-A, Row CT1, Site D97, Wife of Chester V Zisk
ZITO, Frank J, PVT, US ARMY, b. 11/14/1930, d. 04/15/2004, Section 26, Site 777, KOREA
ZITO, Michael J, FCSA, US NAVY, b. 11/25/1950, d. 03/20/2009, Section COL-B, Row CT1, Site C165, VIETNAM
ZNANIECKI, Edward Raymond, CPL, US ARMY AIR FORCES, b. 09/21/1922, d. 03/09/2017, Section 98, Site 344, WORLD WAR II
ZNANIECKI, Shirley Louise, b. 03/31/1922, d. 09/14/2016, Section 98, Site 344, Wife of Edward R Znaniecki
ZNASCKO, Paul T, SP3, US ARMY, b. 10/12/1934, d. 12/30/2012, Section 92, Site 643
ZOBEL, Donald W, MSG, US ARMY, b. 03/06/1928, d. 12/23/2011, Section COL-B, Row CT3, Site C293, KOREA, VIETNAM
ZOCH, Henry Milton III, SGT, US MARINE CORPS, b. 10/18/1982, d. 10/18/2014, Section COL-E, Row CT1, Site D25, PERSIAN GULF
ZOCHERT, Delores M, b. 10/28/1951, d. 05/27/2013, Section 89, Site 548, Wife of Leroy Homer Zochert
ZOCHERT, Leroy Homer, CAPT, US AIR FORCE, b. 08/16/1934, d. 11/17/2017, Section 89, Site 548
ZOLDAK, Paul J, PO3, US NAVY, US NAVY, b. 11/12/1945, d. 11/24/2005, Section 76, Site 74, VIETNAM
ZOLLER, Aleroy A, PVT, US ARMY, b. 08/29/1902, d. 08/27/2000, Section 104, Site 113, WORLD WAR II
ZOLLER, Beverley Jean, b. 03/24/1942, d. 02/10/2016, Section 99, Site 140, Wife of Donald Harold Zoller
ZOLNEROWICH, Peter, COL, US AIR FORCE, b. 07/01/1930, d. 07/11/2015, Section 101, Site 237, KOREA, VIETNAM
ZOOK, Dean W, PFC, US ARMY, b. 10/25/1930, d. 10/16/2005, Section 76, Site 455, KOREA
ZOOK, Jimmy Doyle, AA, US NAVY, b. 06/27/1953, d. 10/25/2015, Section COL-E, Row CT2, Site A79, VIETNAM
ZORGER, Noel B, S1, US NAVY, b. 06/08/1928, d. 08/11/1999, Section COL-A, Row CT1, Site A9, WORLD WAR II
ZORN, John Francis, CT3, US NAVY, b. 04/09/1932, d. 03/20/2015, Section COL-E, Row CT2, Site E18, KOREA
ZOTTOLA, Richard Peter, SGT, US AIR FORCE, b. 09/11/1946, d. 08/15/2017, Section 18A, Site 872, VIETNAM
ZUBER, Richard Gaston, SP5, US ARMY, b. 08/28/1950, d. 07/27/2017, Section COL-C, Row CT1, Site A43, VIETNAM
ZUBRISKI, Mildred M, b. 09/04/1927, d. 02/06/2018, Section 6, Site 114, Wife of Walter Zubriski
ZUBRISKI, Walter, SGM, US MARINE CORPS, b. 10/18/1927, d. 11/30/2007, Section 6, Site 114, WORLD WAR II, KOREA, VIETNAM
ZUCKER, Robert, LT COL, US AIR FORCE, b. 11/23/1937, d. 12/14/2004, Section 21, Site 105, VIETNAM
ZUCKERMAN, Ivan Jay, SP3, US ARMY, b. 10/18/1931, d. 11/23/2016, Section COL-C, Row CT1, Site B96, KOREA
ZUCKERMAN, Saul Robert, PFC, US ARMY, b. 10/04/1936, d. 05/20/2011, Section 86, Site 776
ZUILKOWSKI, Leo K, M SGT, US ARMY, b. 06/26/1918, d. 12/01/2000, Section COL-A, Row CT1, Site B45, WORLD WAR II, KOREA
ZULLI, John L Jr, TSGT, US AIR FORCE, b. 08/24/1932, d. 09/04/2000, Section 14A, Site 208, KOREA
ZUNIGA, Candelario, PFC, US ARMY, b. 07/06/1945, d. 12/31/2002, Section 24, Site 324, VIETNAM
ZUPAN, William L, SSG, US ARMY, b. 06/16/1927, d. 06/02/2008, Section 15B, Site 280, WORLD WAR II, KOREA, VIETNAM
ZURITA, Manuel Jr, CPL, US ARMY, b. 01/20/1967, d. 04/03/2017, Section 97, Site 713, PERSIAN GULF
ZUROBSKI, Ilva M, b. 08/03/1936, d. 11/06/2010, Section 11, Site 848, Wife of Arnulfo Guedea
ZUROVETZ, Ann F, b. 07/26/1924, d. 12/21/2018, Section 13, Site 285, Wife of Daniel H Zurovetz
ZUROVETZ, Daniel H, TEC 5, US ARMY, b. 06/08/1924, d. 09/29/2006, Section 13, Site 285, WORLD WAR II
ZWEIBAN, Glenn A, PVT, US MARINE CORPS, b. 06/05/1949, d. 03/06/2012, Section 90, Site 213, VIETNAM
ZWERLING, Mark A, SGT, US ARMY, b. 12/14/1944, d. 08/28/2012, Section 87, Site 706, VIETNAM
ZWICK, John G Jr, TEC 4, US ARMY, b. 01/25/1928, d. 01/08/2004, Section 15A, Site 161, WORLD WAR II
ZWICK, Robert Peter, STG2, US NAVY, b. 07/30/1946, d. 04/20/2014, Section 91, Site 577, VIETNAM
ZWICK, Ruth A, b. 01/04/1931, d. 08/21/2015, Section 15A, Site 161, Wife of John G Zwick Jr
ZWILLENBERG, Arno H, PFC, US ARMY, b. 05/26/1922, d. 05/03/2015, Section 100, Site 582, WORLD WAR II

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