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Dallas Fort Worth National Cemetery
Dallas County, Texas

GPS: 32.717383, -96.946686

2000 Mountain Creek Pkwy
Dallas, TX 75211

Published: November 6, 2019
Total records: 63,220

Dallas Fort Worth National Cemetey is owned by the United States, and managed through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

Surnames U

Records linked below were acquired from the U.S. Deparment of Veterans Affairs on November 5, 2019. They include dates of death ranging from Oct 31, 1941 to Mar 24, 2019...

UBERMAN, Jack E Jr, PFC, US ARMY, b. 12/16/1919, d. 10/09/2003, Section COL-A, Row CT4, Site B39, WORLD WAR II
UDD, Dovie Green, b. 05/27/1925, d. 11/27/2015, Section 99, Site 53, Wife of Benjamin Udd
UDING, Thomas Preston, SSGT, US AIR FORCE, b. 06/02/1936, d. 08/08/2017, Section COL-C, Row CT1, Site C65, KOREA, VIETNAM
UECKE, Neil George, HN, US NAVY, b. 10/03/1943, d. 01/08/2018, Section COL-C, Row CT1, Site B143, VIETNAM
UGALDE, Thomas, PFC, US ARMY, b. 11/11/1955, d. 09/29/2008, Section 7, Site 755, VIETNAM
UHL, Charles T, CAPT, US ARMY, b. 12/29/1940, d. 05/22/2005, Section 21, Site 1118, VIETNAM
UHLES, Paul F, LCDR, US NAVY, b. 11/30/1925, d. 03/11/2011, Section COL-B, Row CT3, Site A197, WORLD WAR II, VIETNAM
UITERMARKT, Gerald D, A1C, US AIR FORCE, b. 03/26/1936, d. 05/24/2018, Section COL-C, Row CT1, Site D224
ULLOM, Cecil C D Jr, S1, US NAVY, b. 06/18/1927, d. 08/30/2010, Section 16B, Site 133, WORLD WAR II
ULLOM, Delmar L, CPL, US ARMY, b. 08/08/1931, d. 02/18/2016, Section COL-D, Row CT4, Site E83, KOREA
ULLRICH, Howard C Jr, MSGT, US AIR FORCE, b. 05/17/1937, d. 12/12/2005, Section 14F, Site 178, VIETNAM
ULMER, James T Jr, PO2, US NAVY, b. 07/05/1942, d. 11/01/2004, Section 76, Site 1428, VIETNAM
ULRICH, Benny H, SGT, US MARINE CORPS, b. 10/20/1925, d. 06/01/2005, Section 14D, Site 229, KOREA
ULRICH, Charles H, LTC, US ARMY, b. 05/15/1937, d. 08/03/2010, Section 107, Site 737, VIETNAM
ULRICH, Harrison Richard, CWO2, US ARMY, b. 09/14/1946, d. 07/05/2005, Section 14D, Site 273, VIETNAM
ULRICH, Sharon G, b. 07/13/1946, d. 10/27/2006, Section 14D, Site 273, Wife of Harrison R Ulrich
ULRICK, Alma R Miller, b. 01/03/1912, d. 07/28/2008, Section 7, Site 542, Wife of Harold Melville Ulrick
ULRICK, Harold Melville, CPL, US ARMY AIR FORCES, b. 02/10/1924, d. 07/28/2008, Section 7, Site 542, WORLD WAR II
ULVESTAD, Edward Arnold, S1, US NAVY, b. 03/15/1927, d. 06/12/2013, Section 17B, Site 3, WORLD WAR II
UMBERGER, Harold Brown, SSG, US ARMY, b. 08/20/1922, d. 06/02/2016, Section 17B, Site 776, WORLD WAR II
UMBERGER, Sarah Ann, b. 06/21/1924, d. 03/16/2015, Section 17B, Site 776, Wife of Harold Brown Umberger
UMOH, Ivin M, FA, US COAST GUARD, b. 12/14/1986, d. 10/10/2007, Section 5, Site 622, PERSIAN GULF
UMPHRESS, Richard John Jr, PFC, US ARMY, b. 05/29/1947, d. 09/17/2013, Section 89, Site 710, VIETNAM
UMPHRESS, Ronald E, SN, US NAVY, b. 07/24/1943, d. 12/07/2004, Section 14C, Site 241, VIETNAM
UNDERHILL, Arthur W III, RDM2, US NAVY, b. 09/22/1924, d. 01/02/2012, Section 16B, Site 458, WORLD WAR II
UNDERHILL, Elizabeth F, b. 11/06/1928, d. 12/05/2013, Section 16B, Site 458, Wife of Arthur W Underhill III
UNDERWOOD, Bobbie Juanita, b. 08/11/1933, d. 11/10/2013, Section 87, Site 510, Wife of James Anderson Underwood Jr
UNDERWOOD, Dale M, SP5, US ARMY, b. 06/11/1954, d. 01/21/2000, Section 14A, Site 158, VIETNAM
UNDERWOOD, Dennis R, MSGT, US AIR FORCE, b. 05/31/1947, d. 04/09/2009, Section 16A, Site 123, VIETNAM
UNDERWOOD, Dewayne, FN, US NAVY, b. 11/19/1934, d. 10/22/2004, Section COL-A, Row CT2, Site C108, KOREA
UNDERWOOD, Dyllis Jean, b. 05/31/1934, d. 04/23/2015, Section 90, Site 418, Wife of Travis W Underwood
UNDERWOOD, Ellis, CPL, US MARINE CORPS, b. 11/24/1930, d. 02/18/2005, Section 76, Site 1679, KOREA
UNDERWOOD, George Loren, PFC, US ARMY, b. 08/02/1929, d. 03/21/2015, Section 17B, Site 774, KOREA
UNDERWOOD, Harvey Jasper Jr, SP4, US ARMY, b. 11/11/1945, d. 07/25/2012, Section 91, Site 726, VIETNAM
UNDERWOOD, Henry C, US ARMY, b. 10/23/1922, d. 12/28/2012, Section 92, Site 646, WORLD WAR II
UNDERWOOD, James Anderson Jr, FCO3, US NAVY, b. 07/30/1925, d. 01/26/2018, Section 87, Site 510, WORLD WAR II
UNDERWOOD, James Don, RM2, US NAVY, b. 06/29/1952, d. 10/31/2013, Section 87, Site 454
UNDERWOOD, James Earl, PV1, US ARMY, b. 10/12/1938, d. 12/23/2013, Section 91, Site 389
UNDERWOOD, John C, S SGT, US ARMY AIR FORCES, b. 05/21/1919, d. 11/04/2011, Section 88, Site 266, WORLD WAR II
UNDERWOOD, Johnny P, SP5, US ARMY, b. 08/17/1948, d. 10/24/2009, Section COL-B, Row CT2, Site C128, VIETNAM
UNDERWOOD, Joyce M, b. 07/08/1933, d. 06/01/2011, Section 15B, Site 301, Wife of Thomas C Underwood
UNDERWOOD, Junita E, b. 03/03/1920, d. 12/28/2015, Section 88, Site 266, Wife of John C Underwood
UNDERWOOD, Lonnie E Jr, PO1, US NAVY, b. 10/23/1922, d. 11/22/1985, Section 104, Site 374, WORLD WAR II, KOREA
UNDERWOOD, Marvin H II, AN, US NAVY, b. 07/17/1934, d. 09/01/2008, Section COL-B, Row CT1, Site A99, KOREA
UNDERWOOD, Milton V, CMSGT, US AIR FORCE, b. 03/25/1929, d. 12/28/2009, Section 106, Site 1210, WORLD WAR II, KOREA, VIETNAM
UNDERWOOD, Opal L, b. 01/04/1927, d. 11/25/2012, Section 104, Site 374, Wife of Lonnie E Underwood Jr
UNDERWOOD, Robert Jarrell, 1LT, US ARMY, b. 10/23/1937, d. 09/06/2014, Section 102, Site 357, VIETNAM
UNDERWOOD, Thomas C, PFC, US ARMY, b. 11/20/1932, d. 07/04/2008, Section 15B, Site 301, KOREA
UNDERWOOD, Thomas Crotshin, ET1, US NAVY, b. 05/25/1937, d. 12/04/2016, Section 97, Site 311, VIETNAM
UNDERWOOD, Travis W, PFC, US ARMY, b. 08/03/1927, d. 04/18/2012, Section 90, Site 418, WORLD WAR II
UNDERWOOD, Warren G, SFC, US ARMY, US ARMY, b. 10/12/1929, d. 03/30/2005, Section 14D, Site 143, KOREA, VIETNAM
UNSETH, William D, BMSK, US NAVY, b. 06/19/1945, d. 09/30/2009, Section 106, Site 725, VIETNAM
UNTRECHT, Alan A, PFC, US MARINE CORPS, b. 04/16/1928, d. 03/05/2004, Section 14B, Site 378, WORLD WAR II
UNTRECHT, Irene M, b. 05/24/1932, d. 12/30/2018, Section 14B, Site 378, Wife of Alan A Untrecht
UPCHURCH, David Earl, PVT, US ARMY, b. 12/11/1946, d. 02/10/2017, Section 97, Site 133
UPCHURCH, Everette Jr, S2, US NAVY, b. 08/17/1925, d. 10/19/2000, Section 10, Site 813, WORLD WAR II
UPCHURCH, Thelma, b. 09/28/1928, d. 07/18/2004, Section 10, Site 813, Wife of Everette Upchurch Jr
UPSHAW, Altha E, b. 08/03/1919, d. 08/09/2002, Section 11, Site 72, Wife of Owen M Upshaw
UPSHAW, Owen M, PFC, US ARMY, b. 05/21/1912, d. 10/25/2001, Section 11, Site 72, WORLD WAR II
UPTON, Andrew J Jr, AMM2, US NAVY, b. 08/06/1919, d. 07/19/2008, Section 7, Site 496, WORLD WAR II
UPTON, Arlyn J, MSG, US ARMY, b. 12/12/1945, d. 12/26/2015, Section 99, Site 236, VIETNAM
UPTON, Edwin T, PFC, US ARMY, b. 10/10/1928, d. 07/01/2004, Section 76, Site 1443, KOREA
UPTON, Helen Martin, b. 12/31/1921, d. 01/16/2015, Section 7, Site 496, Wife of Andrew J Upton Jr
UPTON, Ronald K Sr, MSGT, A2C, US ARMY, US AIR FORCE, b. 06/12/1935, d. 02/19/2018, Section COL-C, Row CT1, Site B163, KOREA
URBACH, Harold Eugene, SGT, US ARMY, b. 05/16/1925, d. 01/13/2017, Section 97, Site 803, WORLD WAR II
URBAN, Albert F, SGT, US ARMY, b. 02/16/1923, d. 06/22/2001, Section 14A, Site 472, WORLD WAR II
URBAN, Harry R Jr, AM3, US NAVY, b. 08/03/1926, d. 10/03/2010, Section 15C, Site 255, WORLD WAR II
URBAN, Steve J, SSG, US ARMY, b. 07/22/1924, d. 05/08/2004, Section 14B, Site 478, WORLD WAR II, KOREA, VIETNAM
URBAN, Timmie J, b. 04/05/1931, d. 04/04/1999, Section 14B, Site 478, Wife of Steve J Urban
URBANSKI, Raymond Edward, SP5, US ARMY, b. 03/11/1932, d. 01/07/2019, Section 94, Site 803, KOREA
URENDA, Norberta A, b. 08/17/1939, d. 11/05/2014, Section 102, Site 392, Wife of Ruben Simeon Urenda
URESTI, Dolores D, b. 04/12/1942, d. 06/16/2004, Section 21, Site 463, Wife of Pablo Uresti Sr
URESTI, Pablo, PFC, US MARINE CORPS, b. 04/02/1937, d. 10/08/2005, Section 21, Site 463, KOREA
UREY, Harry Bradford Jr, COL, US AIR FORCE, b. 08/01/1923, d. 02/05/2014, Section 91, Site 792, WORLD WAR II, KOREA, VIETNAM
URIBE, Susan Anne, b. 06/01/1943, d. 08/06/2016, Section 98, Site 775, Wife of Edward Ray Uribe
URQUIDEZ, Andy J, PFC, US ARMY, b. 04/23/1949, d. 12/09/2012, Section COL-D, Row CT1, Site D63, VIETNAM
URQUIDEZ, Guadalupe Edward, MM3, US NAVY, b. 02/08/1943, d. 09/30/2017, Section 95, Site 855, VIETNAM
USELTON, Eldie Gordon, S1, US NAVY, b. 10/01/1926, d. 10/13/2017, Section 95, Site 99, WORLD WAR II
USELTON, Mary Jo Ann, b. 09/14/1942, d. 01/24/2018, Section COL-C, Row CT1, Site A150, Wife of James Gaylon Uselton
USLETON, Jimmy L, SA, US NAVY, b. 04/15/1947, d. 01/12/2009, Section 105, Site 643, VIETNAM
USRY, Billy R, SP4, US ARMY, b. 06/29/1943, d. 03/17/2006, Section 77, Site 1043, VIETNAM
USSEGLIO, Robert James, COL, US AIR FORCE, b. 11/19/1937, d. 09/18/2018, Section 103, Site 536, VIETNAM
USSERY, Bobby Gene, MAJ, US AIR FORCE, b. 10/18/1930, d. 07/31/2012, Section 87, Site 519, VIETNAM
USSERY, Doris M, b. 07/13/1928, d. 12/28/2002, Section 10, Site 36, Wife of W A Ussery Jr
USSERY, Tomy S, FD3, US COAST GUARD, b. 02/19/1929, d. 05/10/2002, Section 22, Site 642, KOREA
USSERY, W A Jr, 1ST SGT, US ARMY, b. 06/25/1932, d. 04/26/2001, Section 10, Site 36, KOREA, VIETNAM
USSERY, Willis Eugene, BM3, US NAVY, b. 08/12/1943, d. 04/23/2018, Section COL-C, Row CT1, Site D190, VIETNAM
UTESS, Christine E, b. 11/14/1964, d. 09/16/2016, Section 98, Site 472, Wife of Matthew F Gates
UTLEY, Betty J, b. 03/01/1942, d. 12/02/2013, Section 26, Site 162, Wife of William R Utley
UTLEY, James D, SN, US NAVY, b. 04/24/1938, d. 10/23/2001, Section 11, Site 17
UTLEY, Orace O, SP3, US ARMY, b. 06/04/1934, d. 09/06/2013, Section COL-D, Row CT3, Site C48, KOREA
UTLEY, William R, YN3, US COAST GUARD, b. 05/26/1933, d. 08/05/2003, Section 26, Site 162, KOREA
UTT, Clyde E, LTJG, US NAVY, US NAVY, b. 07/23/1925, d. 05/17/2002, Section 88, Site 37, WORLD WAR II, KOREA
UTT, Virginia W, b. 01/02/1931, d. 10/03/2011, Section 88, Site 37, Wife of Clyde E Utt
UTTERBACK, Victor Covington Jr, FLT O, US ARMY AIR FORCES, b. 01/13/1922, d. 05/25/2001, Section COL-E, Row CT4, Site C29, WORLD WAR II
UTZ, Emily, b. 08/25/1925, d. 02/04/2018, Section COL-B, Row CT4, Site C96, Wife of William Roger Utz
UTZ, Roger, M3, US NAVY, b. 11/28/1925, d. 08/06/2008, Section COL-B, Row CT4, Site C96, WORLD WAR II
UZAREWICZ, Irene A, b. 03/17/1935, d. 08/17/2012, Section 17B, Site 227, Wife of Richard Joseph Uzarewicz
UZAREWICZ, Richard Joseph, SSGT, US AIR FORCE, b. 11/01/1936, d. 08/14/2016, Section 17B, Site 227, KOREA
UZZEL, Malcolm Douglas, SP5, US ARMY, b. 03/20/1942, d. 05/29/2018, Section 18A, Site 748, VIETNAM
UZZELL, Ernest B, TEC 5, US ARMY, b. 09/16/1918, d. 08/15/2000, Section 10, Site 345, WORLD WAR II

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