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Dallas Fort Worth National Cemetery
Dallas County, Texas

GPS: 32.717383, -96.946686

2000 Mountain Creek Pkwy
Dallas, TX 75211

Published: November 6, 2019
Total records: 63,220

Dallas Fort Worth National Cemetey is owned by the United States, and managed through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

Surnames Q

Records linked below were acquired from the U.S. Deparment of Veterans Affairs on November 5, 2019. They include dates of death ranging from Oct 31, 1941 to Mar 24, 2019...

QUACKENBUSH, John Edward, MAJ, US ARMY, b. 05/30/1955, d. 11/06/2018, Section 18A, Site 915, PERSIAN GULF
QUALLS, Clarence L, A1C, US AIR FORCE, b. 12/26/1931, d. 09/08/2004, Section 21, Site 478, KOREA
QUALLS, George Walter, SM3, US NAVY, b. 06/12/1946, d. 01/06/2015, Section 100, Site 307, VIETNAM
QUALLS, Jerry D, SP5, US ARMY, b. 05/28/1944, d. 03/17/2006, Section 77, Site 905, VIETNAM
QUALLS, Louis W, LCPL, US MARINE CORPS, b. 06/25/1984, d. 11/16/2004, Section 25, Site 111A, IRAQ
QUALLS, Marion Mills Jr, SP5, US ARMY, b. 03/27/1938, d. 07/14/2018, Section COL-C, Row CT2, Site D36
QUALLS, William R, PVT, US ARMY, b. 01/29/1926, d. 07/21/2009, Section 106, Site 882, WORLD WAR II
QUANBECK, Gordon, CPT, US NAVY, b. 05/27/1918, d. 04/26/2008, Section COL-B, Row CT4, Site C55, WORLD WAR II, KOREA
QUANSTROM, Melvin D, PFC, US ARMY, b. 03/21/1925, d. 06/22/2003, Section 25, Site 574, WORLD WAR II
QUANTIC, Helen R, b. 01/07/1924, d. 06/08/2011, Section 86, Site 908, Wife of Myron W Quantic
QUANTIC, Myron W, MM1, US NAVY, b. 07/28/1922, d. 05/20/2015, Section 86, Site 908, WORLD WAR II
QUARLES, Doris Faye, b. 09/13/1920, d. 10/12/2013, Section 25, Site 57, Wife of Gedie Hill Quarles
QUARLES, Gedie Hill, S SGT, TSGT, US ARMY, US AIR FORCE, b. 02/06/1921, d. 11/28/2002, Section 25, Site 57, WORLD WAR II, KOREA
QUARTERMAN, Nathaniel Sr, TSGT, US AIR FORCE, b. 03/14/1934, d. 12/07/2015, Section 99, Site 112, KOREA, VIETNAM
QUAST, Brenda K, b. 03/13/1945, d. 11/28/2008, Section 77, Site 917, Wife of Gerald J Quast
QUATE, David W, SGT, US AIR FORCE, b. 10/14/1946, d. 09/27/2008, Section 7, Site 754, VIETNAM
QUATE, Jess W, SGT, US ARMY, b. 11/12/1915, d. 04/16/2002, Section 11, Site 673, WORLD WAR II
QUATE, Nancy C, b. 07/31/1922, d. 03/16/2004, Section 11, Site 673, Wife of Jess W Quate
QUATTLEBAUM, Ronald Ray, SP4, STSC, US ARMY, US NAVY, b. 09/17/1948, d. 09/25/2002, Section 17A, Site 147, VIETNAM
QUEEN, David Robert, PVT, US ARMY, b. 11/15/1946, d. 12/31/2013, Section 91, Site 477, VIETNAM
QUEEN, Kenneth Lee, BM3, US NAVY, b. 01/01/1943, d. 08/16/2016, Section 98, Site 852, VIETNAM
QUEEN, Mary Lois, b. 11/16/1922, d. 10/18/2013, Section COL-D, Row CT2, Site C59, Wife of John Alton Queen
QUENNEVILLE, Richard Patrick, LCPL, US MARINE CORPS, b. 03/17/1937, d. 04/21/2018, Section 18A, Site 635
QUENTIN, Steven D, SP5, US ARMY, b. 09/06/1946, d. 08/10/2009, Section COL-B, Row CT2, Site E102, VIETNAM
QUESADA, George A, CAPT, US ARMY, b. 05/20/1926, d. 07/15/2012, Section 87, Site 375, WORLD WAR II, KOREA, VIETNAM
QUESADA, Michael Ira, A2C, US AIR FORCE, b. 04/24/1937, d. 06/17/2015, Section 101, Site 67, KOREA
QUEZADA, Ramiro, PFC, US MARINE CORPS, b. 10/18/1936, d. 01/15/2015, Section 100, Site 333, VIETNAM
QUICK, Calvin H, SGT, US ARMY, US ARMY, b. 05/07/1921, d. 09/15/2004, Section 21, Site 439, WORLD WAR II, KOREA
QUICK, George, PVT, US ARMY, b. 09/19/1925, d. 06/15/2017, Section 18A, Site 195, WORLD WAR II
QUICK, Josephine A, b. 10/28/1924, d. 12/21/2001, Section 11, Site 504, Wife of Truman T Quick
QUICK, Patsy R, b. 10/10/1933, d. 12/05/2010, Section 11, Site 900, Wife of Thomas C Quick
QUICK, Syble F, b. 08/26/1921, d. 08/28/2011, Section 21, Site 439, Wife of Calvin H Quick
QUICK, Thomas C, SH3, US NAVY, b. 06/20/1933, d. 05/05/2002, Section 11, Site 900, KOREA
QUICK, Truman T, PFC, US ARMY, b. 03/12/1921, d. 10/14/2004, Section 11, Site 504, WORLD WAR II
QUIEL, Alice Jane, b. 08/30/1935, d. 09/02/2017, Section 95, Site 643, Wife of Earl Quiel
QUIEL, Earl, CPL, US ARMY, b. 09/03/1931, d. 12/13/2018, Section 95, Site 643, KOREA
QUIETT, Billy R, CPL, US ARMY, b. 03/23/1929, d. 12/08/2011, Section 88, Site 479
QUIETT, Donneal, SH1, US NAVY, b. 11/04/1935, d. 01/16/2016, Section 99, Site 458, VIETNAM
QUIETT, Ernestine H, b. 04/28/1937, d. 04/03/2018, Section 99, Site 458, Wife of Donneal Quiett
QUIGLEY, Frances Persons, b. 04/14/1929, d. 03/02/2018, Section 93, Site 977, Wife of Quint Q Quigley
QUIGLEY, Quint Q, PFC, US ARMY, b. 11/03/1914, d. 09/29/2002, Section 93, Site 977, WORLD WAR II
QUIGLEY, Thomas W, AMSCS, US NAVY, b. 09/24/1939, d. 03/07/2011, Section 86, Site 343, VIETNAM
QUIGLEY, William Joseph, LT COL, US MARINE CORPS, b. 07/03/1934, d. 01/02/2018, Section 93, Site 232, KOREA, VIETNAM
QUILLIN, Delton L, SSGT, US AIR FORCE, b. 03/31/1931, d. 03/13/2005, Section 21, Site 451, KOREA
QUILLIN, Michael Wayne, PO3, US NAVY, b. 05/21/1954, d. 06/26/2018, Section COL-C, Row CT2, Site B1, VIETNAM
QUINN, Charles Harold Jr, LCPL, US MARINE CORPS, b. 02/13/1960, d. 01/18/2019, Section 96, Site 266
QUINN, Charles Leroy, PHM3, US NAVY, b. 11/08/1926, d. 01/29/2019, Section COL-C, Row CT2, Site E125, WORLD WAR II
QUINN, Ferd D, YN1, US NAVY, b. 11/23/1948, d. 11/14/2008, Section 16A, Site 1, VIETNAM
QUINN, Frank R, MM2, US NAVY, b. 06/23/1928, d. 03/30/2009, Section COL-B, Row CT1, Site C166, WORLD WAR II
QUINN, James J Jr, SSG, US ARMY, b. 04/13/1976, d. 11/02/2012, Section COL-B, Row CT4, Site C236, AFGHANISTAN, IRAQ
QUINN, James J, MSGT, US AIR FORCE, b. 08/18/1934, d. 03/17/2003, Section 25, Site 485, KOREA, VIETNAM
QUINN, John Dennis, CPL, US AIR FORCE, b. 01/16/1930, d. 09/22/2013, Section COL-D, Row CT2, Site A80, KOREA
QUINN, Joseph E Jr, CPO, US NAVY, b. 08/09/1943, d. 01/26/2007, Section 12, Site 77, VIETNAM
QUINN, Raymond O, ACMM, US NAVY, b. 10/15/1922, d. 05/27/2001, Section 15B, Site 11, WORLD WAR II
QUINN, Russell H, PFC, US ARMY, b. 01/15/1924, d. 06/08/1999, Section 21, Site 1482, WORLD WAR II
QUINN, Tina Marie, b. 11/15/1967, d. 10/24/2016, Section COL-E, Row CT4, Site B29, Wife of Joseph Edward Quinn III
QUINN, Walter F, PVT, US ARMY, b. 12/19/1957, d. 05/13/2006, Section 13, Site 888
QUINONES, J Uriel, PFC, US ARMY, b. 02/10/1926, d. 05/23/2007, Section COL-A, Row CT4, Site C8, KOREA
QUINONES, Norma F, b. 06/20/1931, d. 01/29/2004, Section COL-A, Row CT4, Site C8, Wife of J Uriel Quinones
QUINONES, William Ramon, SA, US NAVY, b. 04/09/1934, d. 07/27/2017, Section 18A, Site 291, KOREA
QUINONEZ, Adela, b. 11/07/1925, d. 10/12/2007, Section COL-D, Row CT2, Site E61, Wife of Elizardo H Quinonez
QUINONEZ, Elizardo H, PFC, US ARMY, b. 11/24/1924, d. 10/23/2013, Section COL-D, Row CT2, Site E61, WORLD WAR II
QUINTANA, Israel D, FN, US NAVY, b. 11/26/1944, d. 09/08/2009, Section 16B, Site 194, VIETNAM
QUINTANILLA, Julie A, SGT, US ARMY, b. 02/29/1968, d. 09/24/2001, Section 22, Site 412, PERSIAN GULF
QUINTERO, Betty June, b. 02/17/1939, d. 04/17/2018, Section 10, Site 249, Wife of Raul Quintero
QUINTERO, Raul, MSG, US ARMY, US ARMY, b. 11/11/1933, d. 03/13/2001, Section 10, Site 249, KOREA, VIETNAM
QUIRING, Mary E, b. 11/08/1927, d. 03/14/2019, Section 76, Site 765, Wife of Walter O Quiring Jr
QUIRING, Walter O Jr, 1ST LT, US ARMY AIR FORCES, b. 09/01/1924, d. 08/21/2005, Section 76, Site 765, WORLD WAR II
QUIRK, Frederick L, AGCS, US NAVY, b. 04/28/1941, d. 09/20/2005, Section 76, Site 430, VIETNAM
QUIRK, Rosalie, PVT, US ARMY, b. 06/13/1942, d. 01/30/2016, Section 103, Site 273
QUIROZ, Dario A Jr, SP4, US ARMY, b. 04/01/1949, d. 07/01/2004, Section 76, Site 1445, VIETNAM
QUIROZ, Ernest, A2C, US AIR FORCE, b. 04/01/1936, d. 01/30/2008, Section COL-B, Row CT4, Site C23
QUISENBERRY, Carl Graham, CPT, US ARMY, b. 12/10/1939, d. 01/17/2018, Section 93, Site 401, VIETNAM
QUITMEYER, Herman Carl, CDR, US NAVY, b. 08/23/1929, d. 02/21/2018, Section COL-C, Row CT1, Site C152, KOREA, VIETNAM

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