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Dallas Fort Worth National Cemetery
Dallas County, Texas

GPS: 32.717383, -96.946686

2000 Mountain Creek Pkwy
Dallas, TX 75211

Published: November 6, 2019
Total records: 63,220

Dallas Fort Worth National Cemetey is owned by the United States, and managed through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

Surnames Kr-Kz

Records linked below were acquired from the U.S. Deparment of Veterans Affairs on November 5, 2019. They include dates of death ranging from Oct 31, 1941 to Mar 24, 2019...

KRAAKEVIK, Joy R, b. 01/27/1941, d. 06/10/2018, Section 76, Site 951, Wife of Robert L Kraakevik
KRAAKEVIK, Robert L, SSGT, US AIR FORCE, b. 09/14/1934, d. 08/04/2005, Section 76, Site 951, KOREA
KRAATZ, Iva L, b. 11/28/1931, d. 02/01/2008, Section 6, Site 393, Wife of John W Kraatz Jr
KRAATZ, John W Jr, CPL, US ARMY, b. 07/04/1931, d. 05/13/2010, Section 6, Site 393, KOREA
KRABILL, Kent L, A1C, US AIR FORCE, b. 11/08/1939, d. 09/25/2012, Section 17A, Site 4, VIETNAM
KRACH, William Ronald, TSGT, US AIR FORCE, b. 05/20/1935, d. 08/19/2014, Section 16B, Site 748, KOREA, VIETNAM
KRAEER, Michael David, PFC, US MARINE CORPS, b. 09/24/1952, d. 07/17/2015, Section 101, Site 231, VIETNAM
KRAFT, Harry K, PVT, US ARMY, b. 05/31/1929, d. 08/05/2004, Section 21, Site 784, KOREA
KRAFT, La Marr Alan, CPL, US ARMY, b. 09/28/1932, d. 01/16/2002, Section COL-B, Row CT4, Site D22, KOREA
KRAFT, Rose Virginia, b. 05/22/1936, d. 11/21/2018, Section 14F, Site 51, Wife of Thomas R Kraft
KRAFT, Thomas R, 1ST LT, US ARMY, b. 09/25/1936, d. 08/14/2005, Section 14F, Site 51
KRAHN, Karen S, b. 07/11/1954, d. 06/30/2003, Section 26, Site 81, Wife of Robert D Krahn
KRAHN, Robert D, OS2, US NAVY, b. 06/06/1950, d. 05/27/2011, Section 26, Site 81
KRAJECK, Jeanette T, b. 09/07/1932, d. 07/22/2016, Section COL-E, Row CT3, Site E86, Wife of James Thomas Krajeck
KRAKOSKY, John Andrew, LCDR, US NAVY, b. 01/02/1934, d. 05/20/2015, Section 100, Site 757
KRAL, Lawrence Thomas, ATR3, US NAVY, b. 01/17/1936, d. 02/21/2018, Section 93, Site 882
KRAMER, Bessie E, b. 09/15/1918, d. 08/30/2004, Section 14E, Site 108, Wife of Raymond A Kramer
KRAMER, Gladys, b. 05/12/1923, d. 05/06/2015, Section 107, Site 722, Wife of Percy H Kramer
KRAMER, Joseph J, PFC, US ARMY, b. 01/15/1926, d. 10/21/2002, Section COL-A, Row CT3, Site A44, WORLD WAR II
KRAMER, Kenneth Dale, CMSGT, US AIR FORCE, b. 07/05/1946, d. 06/26/2013, Section 89, Site 787, PERSIAN GULF, VIETNAM
KRAMER, Percy H, LT COL, US AIR FORCE, b. 12/19/1918, d. 06/26/2010, Section 107, Site 722, WORLD WAR II, KOREA
KRAMER, Raymond A, PFC, US ARMY, b. 11/01/1921, d. 03/15/1986, Section 14E, Site 108, WORLD WAR II
KRAMM, Robert A, SGT, US ARMY AIR FORCES, b. 08/09/1924, d. 07/05/2007, Section 5, Site 120, WORLD WAR II
KRANNICHFELD, James H, COL, US AIR FORCE, b. 06/23/1921, d. 08/23/2007, Section COL-B, Row CT3, Site C71, WORLD WAR II, KOREA, VIETNAM
KRANNICK, Ervin C, SGT, PFC, US ARMY, US MARINE CORPS, b. 03/27/1917, d. 04/10/2001, Section COL-A, Row CT2, Site C76, WORLD WAR II
KRANNICK, Kathleen, CPL, US ARMY, b. 03/31/1920, d. 01/31/2014, Section COL-A, Row CT2, Site C75, WORLD WAR II
KRANTZ, Gordon M, CPL, US MARINE CORPS, b. 02/14/1922, d. 03/16/2013, Section 17A, Site 112, WORLD WAR II
KRANZ, Edward D Sr, 1ST LT, US ARMY AIR FORCES, b. 01/30/1923, d. 01/21/1999, Section COL-A, Row CT4, Site A88, WORLD WAR II
KRANZ, Wilbur J, SGT, US ARMY, b. 04/13/1925, d. 09/07/2007, Section 15B, Site 101, WORLD WAR II
KRAPPEL, Frank, PFC, US ARMY, b. 02/16/1923, d. 05/21/2000, Section 14A, Site 137, WORLD WAR II
KRATZ, Henry L, SP4, US ARMY, b. 09/22/1937, d. 03/21/2011, Section 86, Site 246
KRATZER, Irmgard, b. 06/07/1942, d. 07/16/2016, Section 17B, Site 891, Wife of Robert Bruce Kratzer
KRATZER, Robert Bruce, SO3, US NAVY, b. 08/09/1931, d. 12/09/2003, Section 17B, Site 891, KOREA
KRAUS, James P, SP4, US ARMY, b. 09/28/1944, d. 10/18/2009, Section 106, Site 868, VIETNAM
KRAUS, Robert D Jr, SP4, US ARMY, b. 01/14/1971, d. 12/20/2002, Section 25, Site 361, PERSIAN GULF
KRAUS, Roger Weldon, 1ST LT, US AIR FORCE, b. 01/27/1932, d. 02/15/2012, Section 17B, Site 47
KRAUSE, Rodney R, SGT, US MARINE CORPS, b. 09/22/1926, d. 11/03/2003, Section COL-A, Row CT4, Site A23, WORLD WAR II, KOREA
KRAUSE, Steven William, E-8, US NAVY, b. 08/25/1947, d. 08/12/2013, Section 103, Site 146, VIETNAM
KRAUSE, Thomas R, SP4, US ARMY, b. 02/10/1942, d. 04/25/2001, Section 10, Site 265, VIETNAM
KRAUSE, Virginia L, b. 05/09/1928, d. 06/19/2005, Section COL-A, Row CT4, Site A23, Wife of Rodney R Krause
KRAUSS, Anthony Eugene, SP5, US ARMY, b. 07/15/1944, d. 01/01/2019, Section 94, Site 751, VIETNAM
KRAUSS, David, 2ND LT, US ARMY, b. 02/22/1921, d. 01/29/2005, Section 76, Site 1485, WORLD WAR II
KRAUTER, William P, CPL, US ARMY AIR FORCES, b. 05/09/1922, d. 09/20/2009, Section COL-B, Row CT2, Site B135, WORLD WAR II
KRAVETZ, Joseph Daniel, SP3, US ARMY, b. 12/04/1933, d. 10/26/2016, Section 98, Site 827
KRAWCZYK, Thelma J, b. 03/25/1930, d. 01/23/2006, Section 77, Site 183, Wife of Adam T Krawczyk
KRAWIEC, Francis, SPC, US ARMY, b. 03/28/1947, d. 05/07/2016, Section 98, Site 79, VIETNAM
KREBS, David Michael, SP5, US ARMY, b. 01/07/1947, d. 07/03/2016, Section COL-E, Row CT3, Site B89, VIETNAM
KREBS, Patricia A, LCPL, US MARINE CORPS, b. 07/05/1931, d. 11/25/2010, Section 107, Site 1456, KOREA
KREHMEYER, Ralph A, S2, US NAVY, b. 09/02/1926, d. 01/04/2013, Section 17A, Site 60, WORLD WAR II
KREIG, Carrol J, CPL, US MARINE CORPS, US MARINE CORPS, b. 11/10/1924, d. 05/20/2001, Section 22, Site 588, WORLD WAR II, KOREA
KREIG, Melba L, b. 05/24/1928, d. 06/26/2002, Section 22, Site 588, Wife of Carrol J Kreig
KREIS, David L, LT COL, S2, PVT, US MARINE CORPS, US NAVY, US ARMY, b. 08/05/1927, d. 01/07/1999, Section 14A, Site 18, WORLD WAR II, KOREA, VIETNAM
KREIS, Peggy J, b. 03/05/1927, d. 10/31/2007, Section 14A, Site 18, Wife of David L Kreis
KREJCI, Lane, MAJ, US AIR FORCE, b. 02/03/1939, d. 01/25/2005, Section 14D, Site 64, VIETNAM
KREMPIN, Ervin E, SGT, US MARINE CORPS, b. 09/29/1924, d. 09/20/2006, Section 13, Site 335, WORLD WAR II
KREMPIN, Velma R, b. 05/29/1928, d. 07/17/2009, Section 13, Site 335, Wife of Ervin E Krempin
KRESGE, Hayden G, SP5, US ARMY, b. 04/29/1951, d. 01/21/2005, Section 76, Site 1253, VIETNAM
KRESLER, Charles, AVN CADET, US ARMY AIR FORCES, b. 02/15/1925, d. 12/19/1993, Section COL-A, Row CT1, Site B80, WORLD WAR II
KRESS, Albert R, SP5, US ARMY, b. 03/02/1942, d. 02/06/2011, Section COL-B, Row CT4, Site E105, VIETNAM
KRESSE, Milton Jr, COL, US ARMY, b. 05/23/1928, d. 06/28/2010, Section 107, Site 764, VIETNAM
KRESTA, Gail, b. 05/01/1951, d. 08/13/2013, Section 89, Site 303, Wife of Leon Karl Kresta
KRETSCHMER, Charles J, A2C, US AIR FORCE, b. 06/30/1936, d. 03/05/2004, Section 24, Site 301
KRETZER, Steven P, SMSGT, US AIR FORCE, US AIR FORCE, b. 03/06/1947, d. 03/05/2012, Section COL-B, Row CT4, Site A124, PERSIAN GULF, VIETNAM
KREVOSKY, Joseph, A1C, US AIR FORCE, b. 02/16/1934, d. 02/22/2010, Section 107, Site 222, KOREA
KREVOSKY, Mary Anne, b. 11/18/1936, d. 02/25/2014, Section 107, Site 222, Wife of Joseph Krevosky
KRHOVJAK, Clarence G, PNASN, US NAVY, b. 05/05/1935, d. 08/09/2007, Section 5, Site 281
KRIDER, Bobby J, SSGT, US AIR FORCE, b. 11/23/1930, d. 11/20/2006, Section 13, Site 25, KOREA
KRIDER, Donald Marshall, PFC, US ARMY, b. 12/03/1939, d. 03/07/2017, Section 17B, Site 931, VIETNAM
KRIEG, David Scott, SP4, US ARMY, b. 06/02/1949, d. 01/05/2017, Section 17B, Site 827, VIETNAM
KRIEG, Kevin Drake, SGT, US MARINE CORPS, b. 02/10/1948, d. 04/17/2014, Section 91, Site 565, VIETNAM
KRIEG, Rebecca W, b. 12/30/1923, d. 03/28/2015, Section COL-A, Row CT1, Site C93, Wife of Tom E Krieg
KRIEG, Tom E, CPL, US ARMY, b. 10/10/1923, d. 07/12/1995, Section COL-A, Row CT1, Site C93, WORLD WAR II
KRIEGEL, Arlyn A, CAPT, US AIR FORCE, b. 03/26/1931, d. 07/14/2017, Section 95, Site 346, KOREA, VIETNAM
KRIEGEL, Elizabeth A, b. 07/18/1927, d. 04/22/2018, Section 95, Site 346, Wife of Arlyn A Kriegel
KRIEGER, Jane E, b. 05/05/1930, d. 06/12/2014, Section COL-A, Row CT3, Site D29, Wife of Robert S Krieger
KRIEGER, Robert S, SSGT, US AIR FORCE, b. 11/29/1929, d. 01/05/2003, Section COL-A, Row CT3, Site D29, WORLD WAR II, KOREA, VIETNAM
KRIESE, Marilyn K, b. 01/05/1936, d. 10/29/2005, Section 76, Site 143, Wife of Richard J Kriese
KRIESE, Richard J, SP5, US ARMY, b. 11/08/1933, d. 08/30/2017, Section 76, Site 143
KRIPPNER, Andrew M, PFC, US ARMY, b. 04/22/1991, d. 05/23/2011, Section 16B, Site 249, AFGHANISTAN, PERSIAN GULF
KRIPPS, William H, SP4, US ARMY, b. 10/28/1948, d. 02/06/2002, Section COL-A, Row CT2, Site C10, VIETNAM
KRIST, Richard Dean, US AIR FORCE, b. 02/08/1936, d. 03/22/2014, Section COL-D, Row CT3, Site E32
KRISTOFITZ, Donald C, SP5, US ARMY, b. 09/02/1936, d. 12/31/2000, Section 10, Site 473
KRIVO, Ron M, CPL, US MARINE CORPS, b. 07/27/1930, d. 09/07/2008, Section 7, Site 692, KOREA
KROGER, Henry Charles, SFC, US ARMY, b. 04/06/1931, d. 04/01/2018, Section COL-C, Row CT1, Site D188, KOREA
KROKSH, George A, 1ST LT, US ARMY AIR FORCES, US AIR FORCE, b. 09/08/1921, d. 06/29/2002, Section COL-A, Row CT3, Site A72, WORLD WAR II, KOREA
KROL, Charles Thomas II, CPT, US ARMY, b. 05/14/1922, d. 01/06/2015, Section 15B, Site 373, WORLD WAR II
KROL, Eileen Jane, b. 06/17/1924, d. 10/27/2008, Section 15B, Site 373, Wife of Charles T Krol
KROL, Joseph E, TEC 4, US ARMY, b. 10/18/1926, d. 11/11/2003, Section COL-A, Row CT4, Site D31, WORLD WAR II
KROL, Lorraine F, b. 01/04/1929, d. 03/13/2011, Section COL-A, Row CT4, Site D31, Wife of Joseph E Krol
KRONE, Jean E, b. 05/27/1936, d. 03/15/2006, Section COL-B, Row CT1, Site B21, Wife of Carl L Krone
KRONE, Nadine Marie, b. 03/25/1921, d. 11/23/1999, Section 14B, Site 18, Wife of John R Krone
KRONE, Ralph L, LT(JG), US NAVY, b. 05/15/1929, d. 02/26/2005, Section COL-B, Row CT2, Site B43, KOREA
KRONE, William Calvin, SAD3, US NAVY, b. 08/11/1923, d. 01/09/2010, Section 106, Site 1306, WORLD WAR II
KRONENBERGER, Anthony, SFC, US ARMY, b. 06/10/1946, d. 09/02/2010, Section 107, Site 1006, VIETNAM
KROON, William D, 1ST LT, US AIR FORCE, b. 06/28/1932, d. 03/12/2013, Section 92, Site 567, KOREA
KROP, John Michael, MAJ, US AIR FORCE, b. 05/22/1946, d. 09/14/2016, Section 17B, Site 708, VIETNAM
KROPKA, Mark G, MMFN, US NAVY, b. 03/09/1954, d. 12/06/2016, Section COL-C, Row CT1, Site E131, VIETNAM
KROPP, James William, A3C, US AIR FORCE, b. 11/19/1941, d. 05/18/2013, Section 89, Site 486
KROUSE, Joel Life, CPL, US ARMY AIR FORCES, b. 08/06/1925, d. 03/21/2014, Section 91, Site 280, WORLD WAR II
KROUSSAKIS, Evangelos, SGT, US ARMY, b. 07/07/1928, d. 08/24/2005, Section 14F, Site 27, KOREA
KROUT, Ellis, PVT, US ARMY, b. 04/16/1928, d. 10/08/2017, Section 95, Site 70, WORLD WAR II
KRUCKEBERG, Joyce A, b. 03/12/1932, d. 12/25/2011, Section 88, Site 311, Wife of Robert F Kruckeberg
KRUEGER, Alice Marvina, b. 12/07/1941, d. 01/18/2014, Section 91, Site 546, Wife of James T Krueger
KRUEGER, Arnold Gilbert, MSGT, US AIR FORCE, b. 08/03/1928, d. 11/01/2014, Section 102, Site 323, KOREA, VIETNAM
KRUEGER, Doris Elizabeth, b. 03/15/1922, d. 04/21/2016, Section COL-D, Row CT3, Site C28, Wife of Henry George Krueger
KRUEGER, Henry George, PFC, CAPT, US ARMY AIR FORCES, US AIR FORCE, b. 02/26/1921, d. 02/10/2014, Section COL-D, Row CT3, Site C28, WORLD WAR II, KOREA
KRUEGER, James T, SP4, US ARMY, b. 11/10/1933, d. 04/14/2016, Section 91, Site 546, KOREA
KRUEGER, Patsy R, b. 09/26/1927, d. 07/03/2013, Section 103, Site 141, Wife of Sidney A Krueger
KRUEGER, Theodore Robert, SP5, US ARMY, b. 11/30/1945, d. 10/17/2017, Section COL-C, Row CT1, Site E79, VIETNAM
KRUEGER, William Warren, A1C, US AIR FORCE, b. 09/10/1935, d. 05/05/2014, Section COL-D, Row CT3, Site E49, KOREA
KRUG, Juanita F, b. 07/17/1938, d. 03/23/2012, Section 90, Site 312, Wife of James Krug
KRUG, Paul W, EN2, US NAVY, b. 10/04/1924, d. 03/29/2005, Section 21, Site 655, WORLD WAR II
KRUGER, Norman D, PFC, US MARINE CORPS, b. 10/25/1922, d. 05/06/2004, Section 25, Site 818, WORLD WAR II
KRUKOWSKI, Anthony M, PVT, US ARMY, b. 09/12/1941, d. 05/24/2010, Section 23, Site 309, VIETNAM
KRUKOWSKI, Patricia A, b. 03/17/1943, d. 09/30/2002, Section 23, Site 309, Wife of Anthony Krukowski
KRUMDIECK, Frederick G, PFC, US ARMY, b. 03/03/1922, d. 08/10/2011, Section 86, Site 702, WORLD WAR II
KRUMVIEDA, Mary A, b. 05/16/1936, d. 11/24/2008, Section 105, Site 310, Wife of Ronald L Krumvieda
KRUMVIEDA, Ronald L, SCPO, US NAVY, b. 12/10/1937, d. 12/14/2010, Section 105, Site 310, VIETNAM
KRUPA, Bennie J, SGT, US ARMY, b. 09/11/1926, d. 04/30/2000, Section 10, Site 903, KOREA
KRUSE, Frank Edward, LTC, US AIR FORCE, b. 01/13/1920, d. 08/06/2016, Section COL-E, Row CT3, Site B87, WORLD WAR II, KOREA, VIETNAM
KRUSE, Michael L, SFC, US ARMY, b. 02/11/1949, d. 09/12/2011, Section COL-B, Row CT3, Site C261, VIETNAM
KRUZENSK, Bernard Anthony Jr, ETCS, US NAVY, b. 12/15/1957, d. 04/04/2018, Section 18A, Site 692, PERSIAN GULF
KRYGER, Henry W, CPL, US ARMY, b. 02/10/1923, d. 12/15/2010, Section 16B, Site 305, WORLD WAR II
KRYGER, Ruth W, b. 12/24/1923, d. 10/26/2011, Section 16B, Site 305, Wife of Henry W Kryger
KRYWALSKI, Robert W, SOG2, US NAVY, b. 09/11/1936, d. 12/04/2003, Section 26, Site 672, KOREA
KRZEMINSKI, Stanley A, A1C, US AIR FORCE, b. 02/02/1937, d. 01/25/2013, Section COL-D, Row CT1, Site D99, KOREA
KRZYPKOWSKI, Andrew, SP4, US ARMY, b. 12/30/1949, d. 10/21/2006, Section 13, Site 181, VIETNAM
KUBAT, Hester J, b. 12/03/1924, d. 05/10/2012, Section 13, Site 671, Wife of Joseph P Kubat
KUBAT, Joseph P, COL, US ARMY, b. 06/07/1921, d. 07/09/2006, Section 13, Site 671, WORLD WAR II, KOREA, VIETNAM
KUBAT, Michael Lewis, SR, US NAVY, b. 09/30/1952, d. 05/04/2018, Section 93, Site 381, VIETNAM
KUBEK, Anthony, PHM2, US NAVY, b. 06/10/1920, d. 06/10/2003, Section 25, Site 375, WORLD WAR II
KUBICA, Robert Lee, SP3, US ARMY, b. 07/26/1933, d. 10/30/2013, Section 87, Site 391, KOREA
KUBICA, Rose, b. 10/08/1927, d. 07/31/2014, Section 87, Site 391, Wife of Robert Lee Kubica
KUBICEK, Ludvik Lee, ETCS, RM3, US COAST GUARD, US NAVY, b. 12/20/1945, d. 12/25/2005, Section 21, Site 1307, PERSIAN GULF, VIETNAM
KUBICKI, Joseph J Jr, T SGT, US ARMY, b. 08/15/1920, d. 06/14/2005, Section 14D, Site 243, WORLD WAR II
KUBICKI, Laurine A, b. 05/09/1926, d. 04/06/2012, Section 14D, Site 243, Wife of Joseph J Kubicki Jr
KUBIK, Gabriel, PFC, US ARMY, b. 08/15/1929, d. 08/24/2006, Section 13, Site 456, WORLD WAR II
KUBLISKI, Edmund A, PFC, US ARMY, b. 02/11/1922, d. 02/12/2013, Section 17A, Site 95, WORLD WAR II
KUBOTA, Linda Michuri, b. 11/12/1933, d. 06/21/2017, Section 88, Site 143, Wife of James L Bollinger
KUCERA, Donald Dean, SSGT, A1C, US AIR FORCE, US AIR FORCE, b. 11/01/1933, d. 04/06/2017, Section COL-C, Row CT1, Site B81, KOREA, VIETNAM
KUDA, Dody, b. 07/30/1924, d. 10/16/2013, Section 15A, Site 141, Wife of Edward G Kuda
KUDA, Edward G, TEC 4, US ARMY, b. 06/03/1920, d. 02/25/2006, Section 15A, Site 141, WORLD WAR II
KUECHMAN, Carol Jean, b. 01/17/1939, d. 06/01/2016, Section 98, Site 244, Wife of Thomas Henry Kuechman
KUEHLER, Clem A, SGT, US ARMY, b. 05/22/1946, d. 01/06/1999, Section 103, Site 125, VIETNAM
KUEHNER, Curtis Wayne, AMN, US AIR FORCE, b. 06/18/1962, d. 09/23/2013, Section 89, Site 685
KUEHNER, William A, CMSGT, US AIR FORCE, b. 06/14/1931, d. 12/12/2008, Section 105, Site 443, VIETNAM
KUELL, Hideko, b. 03/08/1925, d. 11/28/2001, Section 14A, Site 301, Wife of James M Kuell Jr
KUELL, James M Jr, SSGT, US AIR FORCE, b. 05/24/1934, d. 02/03/2001, Section 14A, Site 301, KOREA, VIETNAM
KUENSTLER, Billy J, PHOM3, US NAVY, b. 02/21/1927, d. 01/08/2018, Section COL-C, Row CT1, Site E136, WORLD WAR II
KUENSTLER, Jay H, GM3, US NAVY, b. 01/17/1932, d. 05/06/2013, Section 89, Site 393, KOREA
KUESER, Richard A, A1C, US AIR FORCE, b. 08/15/1945, d. 03/30/2008, Section 18A, Site 975, VIETNAM
KUGLER, Cyrus W, CS3, US NAVY, b. 11/06/1947, d. 07/15/2008, Section 7, Site 447, VIETNAM
KUHATSCHEK, Mary Adelaide, b. 09/21/1923, d. 04/05/2017, Section 16B, Site 193, Wife of William H Kuhatschek Jr
KUHATSCHEK, William H Jr, SGT, US ARMY, b. 11/01/1920, d. 08/01/2011, Section 16B, Site 193, WORLD WAR II
KUHFAL, Marion L, b. 06/20/1935, d. 10/06/2013, Section COL-D, Row CT2, Site B75, Wife of Richard Allen Kuhfal
KUHLMAN, Judith W, b. 07/31/1940, d. 12/21/1999, Section 104, Site 376, Wife of Fred W Kuhlman Sr
KUHN, Arnold J, SGT, US ARMY AIR FORCES, b. 05/18/1925, d. 01/20/2011, Section 106, Site 855, WORLD WAR II
KUHN, Betty June, b. 06/09/1928, d. 10/18/2009, Section 106, Site 855, Wife of Arnold J Kuhn
KUHN, Harriet D, b. 09/08/1924, d. 05/26/2005, Section 21, Site 1152, Wife of Karl H Kuhn
KUHN, Karl H, CAPT, US ARMY AIR FORCES, b. 10/28/1923, d. 07/25/2013, Section 21, Site 1152, WORLD WAR II
KUHN, Robert E, AMM3, US NAVY, b. 04/08/1927, d. 11/01/2003, Section 26, Site 311, WORLD WAR II
KUHN, Twyliah R, SSGT, US AIR FORCE, b. 10/03/1930, d. 05/08/2002, Section COL-B, Row CT2, Site B18, KOREA
KUHNS, George, PFC, US ARMY, b. 12/16/1950, d. 01/22/2016, Section 99, Site 441, VIETNAM
KUJALA, John A, SFC, TSGT, US ARMY, US AIR FORCE, US ARMY, b. 08/09/1925, d. 05/06/2001, Section COL-A, Row CT2, Site C81, WORLD WAR II, KOREA
KULAKOFF, Albert, M SGT, US ARMY AIR FORCES, b. 01/27/1919, d. 02/16/2016, Section 22, Site 685, WORLD WAR II
KULAKOFF, Mary R, b. 09/10/1924, d. 05/19/2002, Section 22, Site 685, Wife of Albert Kulakoff
KULAS, Chester W, MAJ, US AIR FORCE, b. 09/04/1932, d. 06/23/2010, Section COL-B, Row CT2, Site A246, KOREA, VIETNAM
KULL, Ethel Ellen, b. 05/03/1920, d. 06/26/2013, Section COL-D, Row CT2, Site E11, Wife of William J Kull
KULWICKI, Virgil F, HM3, US NAVY, b. 01/29/1930, d. 02/15/2016, Section COL-D, Row CT4, Site E82, WORLD WAR II, KOREA
KUMP, Gail D, b. 11/28/1943, d. 03/19/2004, Section 27, Site 470, Wife of Albert H Kump Jr
KUMPA, Celine J, b. 07/03/1915, d. 07/14/2005, Section 76, Site 1179, Wife of William F Kumpa
KUMPA, William F, MSGT, US AIR FORCE, b. 01/10/1921, d. 02/08/2005, Section 76, Site 1179, WORLD WAR II, KOREA
KUMPF, James W, LTCOL, US AIR FORCE, b. 08/22/1929, d. 09/07/2010, Section 107, Site 1084, KOREA, VIETNAM
KUN, Estella I, b. 09/22/1934, d. 07/11/2013, Section 106, Site 165, Wife of Steve J Kun
KUN, Steve J, SSGT, US AIR FORCE, b. 05/29/1930, d. 05/02/2009, Section 106, Site 165, KOREA
KUNDRAT, Edward, WT3, US NAVY, b. 03/06/1927, d. 10/30/2008, Section COL-B, Row CT1, Site E116, WORLD WAR II
KUNECKI, Harry P, PFC, US ARMY, b. 12/30/1923, d. 08/13/2012, Section COL-B, Row CT4, Site E196, WORLD WAR II
KUNKEL, Carol Sue, b. 03/30/1935, d. 10/15/2006, Section 13, Site 213, Wife of Melton Kunkel
KUNKEL, Melton, SGT, US ARMY, b. 03/07/1933, d. 01/15/2015, Section 13, Site 213, KOREA
KUNKEL, Thomas R, SP4, US ARMY, US ARMY, b. 10/26/1946, d. 06/20/2009, Section 106, Site 543, VIETNAM
KUNKLE, David E, SP4, US ARMY, b. 07/08/1948, d. 12/25/2006, Section 77, Site 479, VIETNAM
KUNKLE, William M, SSGT, US AIR FORCE, b. 08/18/1933, d. 11/08/2008, Section 105, Site 178, KOREA
KUNSEMILLER, Karl N, TSGT, US AIR FORCE, b. 11/24/1930, d. 03/27/2015, Section COL-E, Row CT1, Site B86, KOREA, VIETNAM
KUNTZMAN, Jonathan R, SP5, US ARMY, b. 10/20/1946, d. 01/17/2002, Section COL-A, Row CT2, Site A12, VIETNAM
KUNZ, Geraldine M, b. 06/13/1927, d. 10/20/2018, Section 97, Site 863, Wife of William S Kunz
KUNZ, Joseph F, LT COL, US ARMY, b. 05/10/1924, d. 01/31/1997, Section COL-A, Row CT1, Site C33, WORLD WAR II, KOREA
KUNZ, Mae V, b. 10/05/1927, d. 07/21/2008, Section COL-A, Row CT1, Site C33, Wife of Joseph F Kunz
KUNZ, William S, CAPT, US ARMY AIR FORCES, b. 03/16/1924, d. 04/26/2017, Section 97, Site 863, WORLD WAR II
KUNZ, William Thomas Jr, SP4, US ARMY, b. 05/01/1943, d. 12/11/2016, Section COL-C, Row CT1, Site D36
KUNZE, Donald Edwin, LT, US NAVY, b. 06/01/1922, d. 03/03/2014, Section 91, Site 1032, WORLD WAR II, KOREA
KUPPER, Kelton L, A1C, US AIR FORCE, b. 07/04/1940, d. 06/03/2008, Section 77, Site 693, VIETNAM
KURAMOTO, Julio Marcos, SP4, US ARMY, b. 04/25/1943, d. 10/16/2017, Section COL-C, Row CT1, Site C91, VIETNAM
KURAS, Paul Michael, PFC, US ARMY, b. 11/15/1941, d. 10/01/2016, Section 17B, Site 756
KURKJIAN, Terri Ann, b. 01/19/1949, d. 03/15/2003, Section 25, Site 493, Wife of Charles E Kurkjian
KURNEY, Billie R, b. 02/01/1952, d. 06/04/2015, Section 101, Site 8, Wife of William Howard Kurney
KURNEY, William Howard, LCPL, US MARINE CORPS, b. 03/10/1949, d. 09/18/2016, Section 101, Site 8, VIETNAM
KURP, Charles Joseph, CPL, US ARMY, b. 03/18/1926, d. 12/16/2014, Section 100, Site 85, WORLD WAR II
KURTH, Donald E, PO2, COL, US NAVY, US AIR FORCE, b. 06/05/1924, d. 12/01/2008, Section 105, Site 346, WORLD WAR II, KOREA, VIETNAM
KURTH, Ronald Dean, A1C, US AIR FORCE, b. 04/09/1936, d. 04/01/2016, Section COL-E, Row CT3, Site E24, KOREA
KURTZ, Bruce A, AN, US NAVY, b. 10/01/1941, d. 10/06/2002, Section 14B, Site 95, VIETNAM
KURTZ, Howard F, COL, US AIR FORCE, b. 07/11/1917, d. 10/04/2010, Section COL-B, Row CT3, Site A139, WORLD WAR II, KOREA, VIETNAM
KURTZ, John H, A2C, US AIR FORCE, b. 04/29/1939, d. 12/13/2005, Section 14F, Site 173
KURTZ, Milbry A, b. 05/14/1918, d. 01/23/2000, Section COL-B, Row CT3, Site A139, Wife of Howard F Kurtz
KURTZ, Raymond L Jr, SGT, US ARMY, b. 05/20/1916, d. 05/10/2016, Section COL-E, Row CT3, Site B46, WORLD WAR II
KURTZ, Robert E, SFC, US ARMY, b. 01/07/1933, d. 11/02/2007, Section 15B, Site 126, KOREA, VIETNAM
KUSSY, Stanley R, SM3, US NAVY, b. 07/25/1926, d. 01/02/2013, Section COL-D, Row CT1, Site D9, WORLD WAR II
KUSTER, Phyllis A, b. 07/15/1952, d. 11/27/2017, Section 106, Site 809, Wife of Ulrich E Kuster
KUSTER, Ulrich E, LCDR, US NAVY, b. 12/15/1938, d. 10/07/2009, Section 106, Site 809, VIETNAM
KUTACH, Casper J, COX, US NAVY, b. 08/04/1926, d. 10/20/2003, Section 26, Site 178, WORLD WAR II
KUTCH, Deborah G, b. 12/31/1953, d. 12/01/2005, Section 76, Site 51, Wife of Jimmy D Kutch
KUTCHI, John J, SGT, US ARMY, b. 01/31/1946, d. 10/19/2004, Section 76, Site 1430, VIETNAM
KUTZ, Joseph D, PO2, US NAVY, b. 12/05/1921, d. 02/13/2009, Section 16A, Site 93, WORLD WAR II
KUTZ, Mildred G, b. 08/26/1924, d. 07/30/2012, Section 16A, Site 93, Wife of Joseph D Kutz
KUYKENDALL, Anthony D, PFC, US ARMY, b. 07/16/1970, d. 01/05/2004, Section 27, Site 111, PERSIAN GULF
KUYKENDALL, Carroll N, SK1, US NAVY, b. 06/03/1929, d. 11/26/2008, Section 77, Site 777, KOREA
KUYKENDALL, Dudley G, CPL, US ARMY, b. 03/14/1933, d. 05/22/2002, Section 22, Site 796, KOREA
KUYKENDALL, Gary D, SGT, US ARMY, b. 02/01/1950, d. 11/06/2007, Section 6, Site 94, VIETNAM
KUYKENDALL, James D, SSGT, US AIR FORCE, b. 04/22/1930, d. 05/12/2004, Section 25, Site 863, KOREA
KUYKENDALL, Jasper, TEC 5, US ARMY, b. 08/20/1922, d. 10/03/2012, Section 87, Site 441, WORLD WAR II
KUYKENDALL, Melvin, PFC, US ARMY, b. 04/14/1917, d. 12/02/2010, Section 13, Site 816, WORLD WAR II
KUYKENDALL, Michael Bryan, SA, US NAVY, b. 03/19/1955, d. 08/19/2017, Section COL-C, Row CT2, Site C78
KUYKENDALL, Nora E, b. 09/28/1920, d. 06/06/2006, Section 13, Site 816, Wife of Melvin Kuykendall
KUYKENDALL, Robert E, TEC 5, US ARMY, b. 09/21/1926, d. 11/09/2007, Section 6, Site 35, WORLD WAR II
KUYKENDALL, Sherry D, b. 06/01/1945, d. 01/27/2006, Section COL-B, Row CT1, Site D84, Wife of Boyd D Kuykendall
KUYKENDALL, Tommy L, SSG, US ARMY, b. 04/23/1950, d. 12/26/1997, Section COL-B, Row CT2, Site A220, VIETNAM
KUZAWA, Edward S, CDR, US NAVY, b. 06/08/1922, d. 02/22/2004, Section 27, Site 362, KOREA, VIETNAM
KUZMICH, Anna Pazinko, b. 08/30/1929, d. 12/05/2018, Section 91, Site 249, Wife of John Kuzmich
KUZMICH, John, ENGR, US MERCHANT MARINE, b. 10/19/1926, d. 12/25/2013, Section 91, Site 249, WORLD WAR II
KWASNICK, Flossie Mae, b. 04/05/1921, d. 08/31/2009, Section 26, Site 831, Wife of William Kwasnick
KWASNICK, William, LT COL, US AIR FORCE, b. 06/02/1921, d. 05/03/2004, Section 26, Site 831, WORLD WAR II, KOREA, VIETNAM
KYLE, Dorothy, b. 03/12/1942, d. 05/04/2012, Section 90, Site 486, Wife of Ronald R Kyle
KYLE, Hollis G, SP4, US ARMY, b. 03/31/1935, d. 02/05/2007, Section 12, Site 927
KYLE, Terry A, SP3, US ARMY, b. 11/27/1933, d. 03/07/2003, Section 25, Site 344
KYLE, Wanda Jean, b. 11/25/1942, d. 01/24/2009, Section 12, Site 927, Wife of Hollis G Kyle
KYLES, Bobby W, SP4, US ARMY, b. 05/09/1948, d. 05/11/2009, Section 16A, Site 150, VIETNAM
KYLES, Cora Dee, b. 10/01/1945, d. 04/29/2009, Section 106, Site 156, Wife of Troy Lee Kyles
KYLES, William Ellis, SA, US NAVY, b. 08/04/1940, d. 05/17/2016, Section 17B, Site 552
KYRISCH, Chester F Jr, ETR3, US NAVY, b. 09/25/1949, d. 08/05/2011, Section COL-B, Row CT3, Site D237, VIETNAM
KYSER, Billy Richard, CPL, US MARINE CORPS, b. 03/18/1936, d. 10/12/2005, Section 76, Site 349, KOREA
KYSER, Glen J, SP3, US ARMY, b. 03/05/1934, d. 06/26/2001, Section 22, Site 52, KOREA
KYSER, Jack T, CPL, US ARMY, b. 05/28/1929, d. 06/29/2002, Section 23, Site 394, KOREA
KYSER, Robert D, PVT, US ARMY, b. 03/07/1930, d. 07/16/2011, Section 86, Site 466
KYSER, Roy Gene, A2C, US AIR FORCE, b. 07/14/1928, d. 10/08/2014, Section COL-E, Row CT1, Site A32, KOREA
KYSIAK, Carolyn, b. 10/25/1925, d. 04/08/2014, Section 10, Site 191, Wife of Joseph I Kysiak
KYSIAK, Joseph I, SGT, US ARMY, b. 07/03/1922, d. 05/25/2001, Section 10, Site 191, WORLD WAR II

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