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Dallas Fort Worth National Cemetery
Dallas County, Texas

GPS: 32.717383, -96.946686

2000 Mountain Creek Pkwy
Dallas, TX 75211

Published: November 6, 2019
Total records: 63,220

Dallas Fort Worth National Cemetey is owned by the United States, and managed through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

Surnames Ju-Jz

Records linked below were acquired from the U.S. Deparment of Veterans Affairs on November 5, 2019. They include dates of death ranging from Oct 31, 1941 to Mar 24, 2019...

JUAREZ, Daniel, SN, US NAVY, b. 07/21/1952, d. 07/15/2013, Section COL-D, Row CT2, Site A19, VIETNAM
JUAREZ, Ofelia M, b. 08/20/1938, d. 08/16/2012, Section 87, Site 634, Wife of Carlos Juarez
JUAREZ, Paul C, SP4, US ARMY, b. 11/24/1939, d. 11/15/2008, Section 105, Site 229
JUAREZ, Roberto E, PFC, PV2, US ARMY, US ARMY, b. 07/16/1930, d. 12/06/2015, Section 99, Site 84, KOREA
JUDD, William Floyd, 1ST LT, US AIR FORCE, b. 07/18/1932, d. 03/03/2017, Section 97, Site 341, KOREA
JUDE, Phyllis M, b. 01/22/1940, d. 10/21/2003, Section 26, Site 229, Wife of Zane M Jude
JUDGE, Eva Klara, b. 12/04/1926, d. 12/27/2014, Section 10, Site 768, Wife of Lawrence H Judge
JUDGE, James Jr, SSGT, US AIR FORCE, b. 07/09/1925, d. 05/29/2006, Section 15A, Site 135, WORLD WAR II, KOREA, VIETNAM
JUDGE, Lawrence H, SSG, US ARMY, b. 07/02/1922, d. 10/21/2000, Section 10, Site 768, WORLD WAR II, KOREA, VIETNAM
JUDIKINAS, Bonnie Dee, b. 10/25/1935, d. 07/22/2013, Section 17B, Site 61, Wife of Robert Francis Judikinas
JUDIKINAS, Robert Francis, SGT, US MARINE CORPS, b. 01/16/1929, d. 08/07/2011, Section 17B, Site 61, WORLD WAR II
JUDKINS, Timothy C, CT2, US NAVY, b. 04/07/1942, d. 04/02/2012, Section 90, Site 360, VIETNAM
JUDSON, Jack Lynwood, COL, US AIR FORCE, b. 09/10/1931, d. 04/17/2017, Section 97, Site 831, VIETNAM
JUDY, Chester Jack, WOJG, US ARMY AIR FORCES, b. 06/19/1915, d. 01/30/2010, Section 106, Site 1425, WORLD WAR II
JUDY, Frank Forest Jr, SGT, US ARMY, b. 01/14/1929, d. 02/04/2018, Section 18A, Site 601, KOREA
JUDY, Robert D, PVT, US MARINE CORPS, b. 05/31/1924, d. 03/19/1997, Section COL-A, Row CT1, Site B8, WORLD WAR II
JUENGERMANN, Raymond Adolph, LTCOL, US ARMY AIR FORCES, b. 07/25/1923, d. 04/07/2018, Section COL-C, Row CT1, Site A235, WORLD WAR II
JULIAN, Charles D, PO3, US NAVY, b. 01/11/1927, d. 02/27/1999, Section 10, Site 947, WORLD WAR II, KOREA
JULIAN, Claude H, S SGT, US ARMY AIR FORCES, b. 03/12/1924, d. 08/27/2012, Section COL-B, Row CT4, Site C207, WORLD WAR II
JULIAN, Mary A, b. 02/28/1930, d. 11/23/2011, Section 10, Site 947, Wife of Charles D Julian
JULIAN, Michael P, PFC, US ARMY, b. 10/10/1948, d. 10/02/2004, Section 76, Site 1588, VIETNAM
JULIAN, Patricia C, b. 01/20/1947, d. 01/26/2016, Section 99, Site 571, Wife of Wayne Alva Julian
JULIEN, James W Sr, SP3, US ARMY, b. 04/15/1935, d. 08/14/2007, Section 5, Site 307, KOREA
JULIEN, Tommy Morrow, SN, US NAVY, b. 02/09/1930, d. 07/31/2015, Section COL-E, Row CT2, Site B46, KOREA
JULIUS, Karl, SP4, US ARMY, b. 01/09/1947, d. 05/14/2016, Section COL-B, Row CT4, Site A193, VIETNAM
JULIUS, Mary, b. 04/20/1956, d. 07/12/2012, Section COL-B, Row CT4, Site A193, Wife of Karl Julius
JUMP, Kenneth H, SSGT, US AIR FORCE, b. 04/24/1930, d. 09/09/2002, Section 23, Site 204, KOREA, VIETNAM
JUMP, Lumey D Jr, A1C, US AIR FORCE, b. 02/05/1933, d. 02/19/2007, Section 12, Site 293, KOREA
JUMP, Peggy M, b. 07/29/1931, d. 12/25/2007, Section 23, Site 204, Wife of Kenneth H Jump
JUMP, Ronald H, MSGT, US MARINE CORPS, b. 03/12/1958, d. 08/17/2012, Section 87, Site 662, PERSIAN GULF
JUMPER, Billy B, SGT, US ARMY, b. 02/06/1930, d. 09/25/2009, Section COL-B, Row CT2, Site A167, KOREA
JUN, Sang T, b. 08/26/1972, d. 10/22/2008, Section 105, Site 87, Husband of Kay L Kennedy
JUNG, Adrian Dee, CPL, US MARINE CORPS, b. 07/04/1958, d. 01/21/2016, Section 99, Site 516
JUNG, Dexter A Jr, PFC, LTJG, US ARMY, US NAVY, b. 08/08/1921, d. 11/15/2008, Section COL-B, Row CT4, Site D64, WORLD WAR II
JUNG, Jim J, SSGT, US AIR FORCE, b. 02/19/1930, d. 03/28/1997, Section COL-B, Row CT2, Site D76, KOREA
JUNG, Thana R, b. 09/10/1925, d. 03/28/2004, Section COL-B, Row CT4, Site D64, Wife of Dexter A Jung Jr
JUNGMAN, Robert William, PFC, US MARINE CORPS, b. 04/07/1951, d. 05/05/2018, Section COL-C, Row CT2, Site D8, VIETNAM
JUNIOR, Betty L, b. 08/24/1945, d. 11/10/2011, Section 21, Site 523, Wife of Charles E Junior
JUNIOR, Linda S, b. 11/02/1949, d. 06/19/2004, Section 21, Site 523, Wife of Charles E Junior
JUNKERT, Floyd, CMSGT, US AIR FORCE, b. 05/07/1940, d. 07/21/2001, Section 11, Site 236, VIETNAM
JUNO, James F, FTG2, US NAVY, b. 10/06/1946, d. 08/01/2012, Section COL-D, Row CT1, Site A6, VIETNAM
JURADO, Lorenzo, SGT, US AIR FORCE, b. 11/24/1951, d. 07/29/2011, Section 86, Site 564, VIETNAM
JUREWICZ, Edmund J, SSGT, US AIR FORCE, b. 10/27/1918, d. 01/17/2006, Section COL-B, Row CT2, Site C86, WORLD WAR II, KOREA, VIETNAM
JUREWICZ, Hideko, b. 05/13/1927, d. 03/24/2015, Section COL-B, Row CT2, Site C86, Wife of Edmund J Jurewicz
JURISCH, Greggory R, LCPL, AEAN, US MARINE CORPS, US NAVY, b. 03/04/1971, d. 03/25/2000, Section 76, Site 276, PERSIAN GULF
JURIST, Rodney Gilbert, 1LT, US ARMY, b. 10/23/1934, d. 05/13/2017, Section COL-C, Row CT1, Site D61
JURLINA, Joseph, SSGT, US ARMY, b. 09/19/1924, d. 12/17/2014, Section 100, Site 118, WORLD WAR II
JURMU, Dennis James, SSG, US ARMY, b. 04/07/1945, d. 02/16/2015, Section COL-E, Row CT1, Site B73, VIETNAM
JUSIEWICZ, Ruth M, CAPT, US ARMY, b. 06/18/1920, d. 03/28/2005, Section 21, Site 606, WORLD WAR II
JUSKO, Vincent R, CAPT, US AIR FORCE, b. 07/29/1932, d. 04/14/2009, Section 16A, Site 165, VIETNAM
JUSTICE, Alvin Jr, SGT, US AIR FORCE, b. 08/15/1947, d. 05/19/2018, Section 93, Site 424, VIETNAM
JUSTICE, Barbara A, b. 11/05/1929, d. 11/20/2016, Section 6, Site 198, Wife of James A Justice Sr
JUSTICE, Christopher II, b. 06/09/1996, d. 12/11/2013, Section 91, Site 156, Son of Christopher Justice
JUSTICE, Dirk A, SGT, US AIR FORCE, b. 09/16/1954, d. 01/16/2012, Section 16B, Site 437, VIETNAM
JUSTICE, James A, PFC, A1C, US ARMY, US AIR FORCE, b. 03/22/1922, d. 09/08/2004, Section 14C, Site 112, WORLD WAR II, KOREA
JUSTICE, James A Sr, S1, US NAVY, b. 05/14/1925, d. 12/22/2007, Section 6, Site 198, WORLD WAR II
JUSTICE, John N, CWO, US AIR FORCE, b. 11/24/1919, d. 05/29/2006, Section 13, Site 863, WORLD WAR II, KOREA
JUSTICE, Maurine, b. 09/18/1914, d. 05/30/2014, Section 7, Site 493, Wife of Milton C Justice
JUSTICE, Milton C, QM1, US NAVY, b. 10/24/1915, d. 07/21/2008, Section 7, Site 493, WORLD WAR II
JUSTICE, Peggy J, b. 05/30/1928, d. 06/13/2016, Section 13, Site 863, Wife of John N Justice
JUSTISS, Glen Antony, TSGT, US AIR FORCE, b. 12/05/1958, d. 10/16/2014, Section 102, Site 204, PERSIAN GULF
JUSTMAN, Merlyn J, PFC, US ARMY, b. 06/30/1929, d. 05/12/2018, Section 93, Site 439, WORLD WAR II
JUSZLI, Frank L, PL SGT, US MARINE CORPS, b. 02/11/1923, d. 06/04/2003, Section 25, Site 327, WORLD WAR II
JUSZLI, Jane Iles, b. 05/22/1925, d. 05/11/2006, Section 25, Site 327, Wife of Frank L Juszli

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